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The EMS Package

Institutes and Libraries who subscribe to all EMS Journals (including Oberwolfach Reports, excluding Algebraic Geometry and the EMS Newsletter which are both freely available online; see list) benefit from a 20% discount on the cumulated list price (currently 5960.00 EURO). The full package therefore is currently available for 4768.00 EURO.

Subscribers to the EMS Package can add printed copies of individual journals at Deep Discount Prices (DDP), that is, the difference between the “print+online” and “online only” prices; see individual journals pages or price list for details.

The EMS+MSP Joint Package

The EMS Publishing House and Mathematical Science Publishers are pleased to announce that, beginning with the 2016 subscription season, we will offer the EMS+MSP Joint Package – a bundle combining, at a significant discount, the EMS Package above together with the mathematics journals owned by MSP and the new Annals of K-Theory. Electronic subscriptions to all these journals, purchased separately, would cost about 9245 € or 11000 US$.

The EMS+MSP Joint Package is available for 6270 € or 6990 US$. Printed copies of individual journals can be ordered individually at Deep Discount Prices directly from the journal’s respective publisher.

The EMS Package and the EMS+MSP Joint Package can be ordered, like any subscription, directly through the EMS Publishing House, any bookseller or subscription agent. Please address orders and correspondence to:

EMS Publishing House, ETH-Zentrum SEW A27, CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland
email: subscriptions@ems-ph.org

The EMS+MSP Joint Package can also be ordered directly through MSP:

Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 798 Evans Hall #3840, c/o University of California Berkeley, CA 94720-3840, USA
email: contact@msp.org

For general conditions please refer to our order information.