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The annual subscription rates are given on the individual journals' pages. A current list of all rates can be downloaded here. Also, a complete journals catalog is available for download.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Current subscribers will, of course, be notified of such changes.

Terms of electronic access

The European Mathematical Society Publishing House has a very simple policy regarding online access - every subscriber has immediately full access to the entire electronic edition of the respective journal, as far as available, for the duration of the subscription. With the cancellation of a subscription these rights terminate but the subscribers keep access to contents they have paid for ("perpetual access").

Access is allowed from the IP address range(s) given by the customer, which are to cover no more than the universitiy's proper domain. At present, we do not request signature of any license agreement or such. However, the European Mathematical Society Publishing House is included on the Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) registry which provides general guidelines of handling electronic content in good faith. The European Mathematical Society Publishing House encourages its subscribers to endorse this project.

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The journals may be ordered from your bookseller, subscription agency, or directly from the publisher. Please use our order form or address orders (end users in any country except Brazil, Peoples' Republic of China, France and India, see below) and correspondence to:
European Mathematical Society Publishing House
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Email: Fei Weiting

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The countries of Brazil and France are covered by country-wide consortia agreements.

Bank connections (journal and e-book orders only):

Account owner: Europaeische Stiftung fuer Mathematik
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CH-8098 Zürich, Switzerland
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Account no.
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IBAN: DE72 6809 0000 0022 4617 02

Changes of Address

Please report any change of address at least 4 weeks before it is to take effect, giving both current and future address, and the title of the journal.


Claims for issues not received should be made promptly - at the very latest immediately upon receipt of the issue succeeding the missing issue.

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Back volumes of the journals are available at the current subscription rate per volume.

Sample Copies

Please use our order form or ask for sample issues free of charge at subscriptions@ems.press. Moreover, a free sample issue of each journal is available online on the journals platform, marked as such in the corresponding list of all its issues.