EMS Monographs in Mathematics (EMM)

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The EMS Monographs in Mathematics is a book series aimed at mathematicians and scientists. It publishes research monographs from all fields of mathematics. The individual volumes are intended to give a comprehensive and self-contained account of their particular subject. They present mathematical results that are new or have not been accessible previously in the literature.

Edited by: Hugo Duminil-Copin (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS), Bures-sur-Yvette, France), Gerard van der Geer (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Thomas Kappeler (University of Zürich, Switzerland), Paul Seidel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA)

ISSN print 2523-5192, ISSN online 2523-5206

Published in this series:

  1. Arratia, Barbour, Tavaré: Logarithmic combinatorial structures: a probabilistic approach.
  2. Christodoulou: The Formation of Shocks in 3-Dimensional Fluids.
  3. Buyalo, Schroeder: Elements of Asymptotic Geometry.
  4. Christodoulou: The Formation of Black Holes in General Relativity.
  5. Krieger, Schlag: Concentration Compactness for Critical Wave Maps.
  6. Bourguignon et al.: A Spinorial Approach to Riemannian and Conformal Geometry.
  7. Fujiwara, Kato: Foundations of Rigid Geometry I.
  8. Christodoulou: The Shock Development Problem.
  9. Arsénio, Saint-Raymond: From the Vlasov–Maxwell–Boltzmann System to Incompressible Viscous Electro-magneto-hydrodynamics.
  10. Balmer, Dell'Ambrogio: Mackey 2-Functors and Mackey 2-Motives.
  11. Berti, Bolle: Quasi-Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations on the $d$-Dimensional Torus.