EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics (ELM)

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EMS Series of Lectures in Mathematics is a book series aimed at students, professional mathematicians and scientists. It publishes polished notes arising from seminars or lecture series in all fields of pure and applied mathematics, including the reissue of classic texts of continuing interest. The individual volumes are intended to give a rapid and accessible introduction into their particular subject, guiding the audience to topics of current research and the more advanced and specialized literature.

Edited by: Ari Laptev (Imperial College, London, UK)

ISSN print 2523-5176, ISSN online 2523-5184

Published in this series:

  1. Wehrheim: Uhlenbeck Compactness .
  2. Ekedahl: One Semester of Elliptic Curves.
  3. Matveev: Lectures on Algebraic Topology.
  4. Várilly: An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry.
  5. Müller: Differential Harnack Inequalities and the Ricci Flow.
  6. del Barrio, Deheuvels, van de Geer: Lectures on Empirical Processes.
  7. Taimanov: Lectures on Differential Geometry.
  8. Mohlenkamp, Pereyra: Wavelets, Their Friends, and What They Can Do for You.
  9. Payne, Thas: Finite Generalized Quadrangles.
  10. Holden et al.: Splitting Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Rough Solutions.
  11. Harada: “Moonshine” of Finite Groups.
  12. Neretin: Lectures on Gaussian Integral Operators and Classical Groups.
  13. Calaque, Rossi: Lectures on Duflo Isomorphisms in Lie Algebra and Complex Geometry.
  14. Carmeli, Caston, Fioresi: Mathematical Foundations of Supersymmetry.
  15. Triebel: Faber Systems and Their Use in Sampling, Discrepancy, Numerical Integration.
  16. Thas: A Course on Elation Quadrangles.
  17. Khalkhali: Basic Noncommutative Geometry.
  18. Grébert, Kappeler: The Defocusing NLS Equation and Its Normal Form.
  19. Sergeev: Lectures on Universal Teichmüller Space.
  20. Aschenbrenner, Friedl, Wilton: 3-Manifold Groups.
  21. Triebel: Tempered Homogeneous Function Spaces.
  22. Bringmann et al.: Four Faces of Number Theory.
  23. Cavicchioli, Hegenbarth, Repovš: Higher-Dimensional Generalized Manifolds: Surgery and Constructions.
  24. Barilari, Boscain, Sigalotti (Eds): Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics on sub-Riemannian Manifolds.
  25. Barilari, Boscain, Sigalotti (Eds): Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics on sub-Riemannian Manifolds.
  26. Dal’Bo, Ledrappier, Wilkinson (Eds): Dynamics Done with Your Bare Hands.
  27. Triebel: PDE Models for Chemotaxis and Hydrodynamics in Supercritical Function Spaces.
  28. Michel, Weber: Higher-Dimensional Knots According to Michel Kervaire.
  29. Kessar, Malle, Testerman (Eds): Local Representation Theory and Simple Groups.
  30. Triebel: Function Spaces with Dominating Mixed Smoothness.
  31. Ciliberto: Classification of Complex Algebraic Surfaces.