EMS Series of Congress Reports (ECR)

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EMS Series of Congress Reports publishes volumes originating from conferences or seminars focusing on any field of pure or applied mathematics. The individual volumes include an introduction into their subject and review of the contributions in this context. Articles are required to undergo a refereeing process and are accepted only if they contain a survey or significant results not published elsewhere in the literature.

ISSN print 2523-515X, ISSN online 2523-5168

Published in this series:

  1. Skowroński (Ed.): Trends in Representation Theory of Algebras and Related Topics.
  2. Cortiñas et al. (Eds): K-Theory and Noncommutative Geometry.
  3. Faber, van der Geer, Looijenga (Eds): Classification of Algebraic Varieties.
  4. Blath, Imkeller, Rœlly (Eds): Surveys in Stochastic Processes.
  5. Skowroński, Yamagata (Eds): Representations of Algebras and Related Topics.
  6. Pragacz (Ed.): Contributions to Algebraic Geometry.
  7. Faber, Farkas, de Jong (Eds): Geometry and Arithmetic.
  8. Kawamata (Ed.): Derived Categories in Algebraic Geometry.
  9. Benson, Krause, Skowroński (Eds): Advances in Representation Theory of Algebras.
  10. Campillo, Kuhlmann, Teissier (Eds): Valuation Theory in Interaction.
  11. Krause et al. (Eds): Representation Theory – Current Trends and Perspectives.
  12. Dittrich, Kovařík, Laptev (Eds): Functional Analysis and Operator Theory for Quantum Physics.
  13. Buczyński, Michałek, Postinghel (Eds): Schubert Varieties, Equivariant Cohomology and Characteristic Classes.
  14. Gesztesy et al. (Eds): Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, and Stochastic Analysis.
  15. Baake, Götze, Hoffmann (Eds): Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics.
  16. Böckle et al. (Eds): $t$-Motives: Hodge Structures, Transcendence and Other Motivic Aspects.
  17. Baake, Wakolbinger (Eds): Probabilistic Structures in Evolution.
  18. Exner et al. (Eds): Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Theory, and Mathematical Physics.