EMS bookstore FAQ

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How do I use the Shopping Cart?

The EMS has developed its own shopping cart ordering system. You may select and add items individually or in batches to submit your order electronically. You may add and delete items at any time before you verify and submit your order. To add one or more items on a page to your shopping cart, simply click on the button next to the item you wish to order. Click "Back to previous page" to continue shopping, or "View shopping cart" to see the list of items you selected. Then opt to "Update shopping Cart" (add, delete or adjust quantity of items), "Empty shopping Cart" (clear items from your shopping cart), or "Proceed" (verify your order and submit it electronically) by clicking on those buttons at any time.


Is my online order secure?

Yes, the EMS secure checkout system uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that encrypts transmissions. SSL requires Netscape 2.0 (or higher), Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 (or higher) or another web browser that supports SSL technology.


Are there alternative ordering options?

Orders placed via the EMS Bookstore are secure, but there are other options available. All require your name, billing and shipping address, credit card information or pre-payment (or a request for a Pro Forma), EMS membership indicated (to receive the EMS member discount when applicable), and items ordered. For orders by mail, you are encouraged to use the order form or write to: orders@ems-ph.org


Are EMS member prices available on the EMS Bookstore?

The EMS Bookstore displays the list price. Discounts will be deducted by the EMS from the total, according to membership specified in the "Comments" field. Bookstores, Agents and Distributors should write to info@ems-ph.org to establish qualifications for special discounts and terms.

As a benefit of membership, individual members (including members of societies with reciprocity agreements such as the American, Australian and Canadian Societies) receive a discount of 20 percent off EMS publications. An individual member may purchase only a single copy of a book at a discount, and may purchase one subscription at the discounted rate for personal use only. EMS Institutional members are also entitled to discounts.


What is the "Comments" box for on the Order checkout screen?

To ensure proper fulfillment of your order, please enter information such as your membership in the EMS, an EMS member society or a society with a reciprocal agreement, your status as an author or editor of an EMS book or an editor of an EMS journal, your status as a bookstore, or other customer information that may entitle you to a discount. This is also where you should note special shipping or delivery instructions.


What forms of payment do you accept on the EMS Bookstore?

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted on the EMS Bookstore. Advance payments can be made by bank transfer or by check. The full bank connection is detailed on the order form or on pro forma invoices.


If I pay by credit card, when will my card be charged?

All items on your order being paid by credit card will be charged upon receipt of the order.


What is a pro forma invoice?

A pro forma invoice is a price quote. You may select this from among the options on the pull-down menu of payment methods on the order checkout screen. The EMS will then send you a pro forma invoice via the postal service that will list the items you requested at the price to which you are entitled (list, EMS member) plus shipping and handling. Then prepayment is required before the item is shipped. You may want to select the pro forma invoice option if you need to be reimbursed, or in advance of a book's publication date.


What are the shipping options within Europe, and how long will it take to get my order?

For orders being shipped within Europe, the standard rates are as follows:
  • Standard (7-10 business days) -- 5.00 Euro for the first item, and 1.00 Euro for each additional item
  • Express (1-3 business days) -- 10.00 Euro for the first item, and 2.00 Euro for each additional item
For orders being shipped outside Europe, the standard rates are as follows:
  • International Standard Surface (4-10 weeks*) -- 7.50 Euro for the first item, and 1.50 Euro for each additional item
  • International Air (7-21 business days*) -- 15.00 Euro for the first item, and 5.00 Euro for each additional item

* Depending upon your country's internal delivery methods and customs requirements, additional time may be needed.


What if my order includes multiple items, each with different availability?

Items will be shipped to you as they become available, and usual per item/per additional item charges will be applied, depending on the shipping options chosen. Your full shipping charges will be assessed at the time the first shipment is made. So, for example, if you order three items by Standard shipping in Europe, with two items in stock and one available in three weeks, the two items in stock will ship immediately and you will be charged 7.00 Euro (5.00 Euro for the first item, and 1.00 Euro each for the two additional items). When your third item is available, it will be shipped with no additional charge.


Are special shipping options available?

We will try to accommodate special requests. Please contact our customer service representatives at orders@ems-ph.org.


How are customs fees handled?

Shipping costs do not include duty fees, taxes, or clearing charges levied by the destination country. The EMS recommends that you contact your local customs office if you would like more information on customs duties in your country.


Are returns allowed?

Returns should be agreed upon individually. If you want to return a book, please contact directly the order fulfilment service under the address on your invoice.

See also our Notice on revocation rights.


More questions?

Visit the online Books Order Information, or send a mail to: orders@ems-ph.org.