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Issue 40/3 (2021)
A.Lyaghfouri A Note on Lipschitz Continuity of the Solutions of a Class of Elliptic Free Boundary Problems go
F.Balaadich, E.Azroul Existence of Solutions to the $A$-Laplace System via Young Measures go
M.Kirane, B.Torebek Maximum Principle for Space and Time-Space Fractional Partial Differential Equations go
J.Fan, Y.Zhou Uniform regularity for the isentropic Hall-MHD system go
C.Zhuo Complex interpolation of Besov-type spaces on domains go
M.Wasem Equidimensional Isometric Extensions go
Issue 40/2 (2021)
S.Gerbi, C.Kassem, A.Mortada, A.Wehbe Numerical Study of the Stabilization of 1D Locally Coupled Wave Equations go
X.Zhong Global Strong Solution of Nonhomogeneous Bénard System with Large Initial Data and Vacuum in a Bounded Domain go
K.Kefi, K.Saoudi, M.AL-Shomrani A Kirchhoff $p(x)$-Biharmonic Problem Involving Singular Nonlinearities and Navier Boundary Conditions go
Y.Mizuta, T.Ohno, T.Shimomura Weak Estimates for the Maximal and Riesz Potential Operators in Central Herz–Morrey Spaces on the Unit Ball go
F.Albuquerque On a Weighted Adachi–Tanaka Type Trudinger–Moser Inequality in Nonradial Sobolev Spaces go
A.Fiorenza, M.Formica, T.Roskovec, F.Soudský Detailed Proof of Classical Gagliardo–Nirenberg Interpolation Inequality with Historical Remarks go
B.Selmi Multifractal Geometry of Slices of Measures go
Issue 40/1 (2021)
B.Besoy, F.Cobos The Equivalence Theorem for Logarithmic Interpolation Spaces in the Quasi-Banach Case go
Y.Chang, Y.Wei Pseudo $S$-Asymptotically Bloch Type Periodicity with Applications to Some Evolution Equations go
J.Caballero, B.López, K.Sadarangani Existence and Uniqueness of Positive Solutions for a Singular Second-Order Integral Boundary Value Problem go
S.Gerbi, C.Kassem, A.Mortada, A.Wehbe Exact Controllability and Stabilization of Locally Coupled Wave Equations: Theoretical Results go
M.Ruzhansky, B.Sabitbek, D.Suragan Principal Frequency of $p$-Sub-Laplacians for General Vector Fields go
A.de Araujo, L.Faria, E.Leite, O.Miyagaki Positive Solutions for Non-Variational Fractional Elliptic Systems with Negative Exponents go
Issue 39/4 (2020)
M.Ali, A.Nouy Singular Value Decomposition in Sobolev Spaces: Part II go
X.Zhai Global Wellposedness and Large Time Behavior of Solutions to the Hall-Magnetohydrodynamics Equations go
M.Aloisio, S.Carvalho, C.de Oliveira Category Theorems for Schrödinger Semigroups go
D.Duong, K.Dung, N.Chuong Vector Valued Maximal Carleson Type Operators on the Weighted Lorentz Spaces go
E.D'Aniello, L.Moonens Differentiating Orlicz Spaces with Rectangles Having Fixed Shapes in a Set of Directions go
P.Benevieri, A.Calamai, M.Furi, M.Pera Global Persistence of the Unit Eigenvectors of Perturbed Eigenvalue Problems in Hilbert Spaces go
Issue 39/3 (2020)
T.Liang Fractional Orlicz–Sobolev Extension/Imbedding on Ahlfors $n$-Regular Domains go
E.D'Aniello, M.Maiuriello On Some Generic Small Cantor Spaces go
V.Ambrosio Fractional $p\&q$ Laplacian Problems in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$ with Critical Growth go
B.Stroffolini Partial Regularity Results for Quasimonotone Elliptic Systems with General Growth go
M.Ali, A.Nouy Singular Value Decomposition in Sobolev Spaces: Part I go
Issue 39/2 (2020)
J.Rodríguez-López New Fixed Point Theorem for Discontinuous Operators in Cones and Applications go
D.Herlea, D.O'Regan, R.Precup Harnack Type Inequalities and Multiple Solutions in Cones of Nonlinear Problems go
S.Zsuppán Connections Between Optimal Constants in some Norm Inequalities for Differential Forms go
J.Hassan, S.Messaoudi, M.Zahri Existence and New General Decay Results for a Viscoelastic Timoshenko System go
G.Beltritti, J.Rossi Nonlocal Averages in Space and Time Given by Medians and the Mean Curvature Flow go
Issue 39/1 (2020)
J.Liu, D.Yang, W.Yuan Littlewood–Paley Characterizations of Weighted Anisotropic Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces via Averages on Balls II go
O.Bouchala Measures of Non-Compactness and Sobolev–Lorentz Spaces go
E.Sánchez Pérez, P.Tradacete $p$-Regularity and Weights for Operators Between $L^p$-Spaces go
H.Luo, G.Dai Global Bifurcation from Intervals for Problems with Pucci's Operator go
Z.Ye Blow-Up Criterion of Strong Solution with Vacuum for the 2D Nonhomogeneous Density-Temperature-Dependent Boussinesq Equations go
R.Racke, Y.Ueda The Cauchy Problem for Thermoelastic Plates with Two Temperatures go
Issue 38/4 (2019)
A.Kalauch, H.Malinowski Order Continuous Operators on Pre-Riesz Spaces and Embeddings go
J.Liu, D.Yang, W.Yuan Littlewood–Paley Characterizations of Weighted Anisotropic Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces via Averages on Balls I go
P.Fernández-Martínez, E.Brandani da Silva New Young Inequalities and Applications go
C.Meyer, L.Susu Analysis of a Viscous Two-Field Gradient Damage Model II: Penalization Limit go
X.Liu Blow-Up Phenomena for the Periodic Two-Component Degasperis–Procesi System go
A.Fiscella, H.Mirzaee Fractional $p$-Laplacian Problems with Hardy Terms and Critical Exponents go
Issue 38/3 (2019)
C.Meyer, L.Susu Analysis of a Viscous Two-Field Gradient Damage Model I: Existence and Uniqueness go
F.Baaske, H.Schmeisser On the Existence and Uniqueness of Mild and Strong Solutions of a Generalized Nonlinear Heat Equation go
D.Bugajewska, S.Reinwand Some Remarks on Multiplier Spaces II: BV-Type Spaces go
J.Daněček, E.Viszus On Morrey and BMO Regularity for Gradients of Minima of Certain Non-Differentiable Functionals go
A.Betiuk, T.Domínguez Benavides, M.Japón Existence of Fixed Points in a Class of Convex Sets go
Issue 38/2 (2019)
D.Bugajewska, S.Reinwand Some Remarks on Multiplier Spaces I: Classical Spaces go
M.Benchohra, N.Rezoug, Y.Zhou Semilinear Mixed Type Integro-Differential Evolution Equations via Kuratowski Measure of Noncompactness go
L.Berezansky, E.Braverman On Stability of Delay Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients with Applications go
C.Hamburger Partial Regularity of Solutions of Nonlinear Superelliptic Systems with Subquadratic Growth go
Y.Wu, B.Ge, O.Miyagaki Existence Results for the Klein–Gordon–Maxwell System in Rotationally Symmetric Bounded Domains go
L.Li, F.Albuquerque A Nonlinear Klein–Gordon– Maxwell System in $\mathbb{R}^{2}$ Involving Singular and Vanishing Potentials go
Issue 38/1 (2019)
Z.Aliyev, S.Hasanova Global Bifurcation of Positive Solutions of Semi-Linear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Indefinite Weight go
M.Starčević Higher Order Approximations to the Navier–Stokes Flow in a Rough Boundary Domain go
P.Hobus, J.Saal Triebel–Lizorkin–Lorentz Spaces and the Navier–Stokes Equations go
P.Harjulehto, P.Hästö Boundary Regularity under Generalized Growth Conditions go
B.López, J.Rocha, K.Sadarangani Lyapunov Type Inequality for a Nonlinear Fractional Hybrid Boundary Value Problem go
L.Boulton, H.Melkonian A Multi-Term Basis Criterion for Families of Dilated Periodic Functions go
Issue 37/4 (2018)
F.Harder Legendre Forms in Reflexive Banach Spaces go
M.Petrache, R.Züst Coefficient Groups Inducing Nonbranched Optimal Transport go
X.Chen Well-Posedness of the Keller–Segel System in Fourier–Besov–Morrey Spaces go
M.Khader, B.Said-Houari Optimal Decay Rate of Solutions to Timoshenko System with Past History in Unbounded Domains go
J.Tyagi A Note on Leighton's Variational Lemma for Fractional Laplace Equations go
G.Vainikko Positive Solution of Lighthill-Type Equations go
Issue 37/3 (2018)
V.Phung Continuity and Convergence Properties of Integral Means of Bojanov–Xu Interpolation go
A.Deitmar On Haar Systems for Groupoids go
V.Kokilashvili, A.Meskhi One-Sided Operators in Grand Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces go
C.Anh, D.Thanh, N.Toan Averaging of Nonclassical Diffusion Equations with Memory and Singularly Oscillating Forces go
A.Benaissa, H.Benkhedda Energy Decay of Solutions to a Wave Equation with a Dynamic Boundary Dissipation of Fractional Derivative Type go
Z.Wen, Z.Ye On the Global Existence of Strong Solution to the 3D Damped Boussinesq Equations with Zero Thermal Diffusion go
S.Nicaise Stabilization of a Drude/Vacuum Model go
Issue 37/2 (2018)
O.Domínguez Sharp Estimates of the Norms of Embeddings between Besov Spaces go
V.Lomadze An Easy Approach to Distributions and Operational Calculus go
C.Pötzsche, R.Skiba Global Continuation of Homoclinic Solutions go
Y.Zhou, L.Peng Topological Structure of Solutions Sets for Semilinear Evolution Inclusions go
P.Laurençot, C.Walker Finite Time Singularity in a MEMS Model Revisited go
E.Cardoso Jr., F.Natali, A.Pastor Well-Posedness and Orbital Stability of Periodic Traveling Waves for Schamel's Equation go
Issue 37/1 (2018)
J.Buescu, A.Paixão, C.Oliveira Propagation of Regularity and Positive Definiteness: a Constructive Approach go
K.Kefi On the Robin Problem with Indefinite Weight in Sobolev Spaces with Variable Exponents go
S.Chen, L.Li Infinitely many Solutions for Klein–Gordon–Maxwell System with Potentials Vanishing at Infinity go
X.Wang Planar Traveling Waves of Mono-Stable Reaction-Diffusion Equations go
B.Feng, X.Yuan, J.Zheng Global Well-Posedness for the Gross–Pitaevskii Equation with Pumping and Nonlinear Damping go
H.Yassine Stability of Global Bounded Solutions to a Nonautonomous Nonlinear Second Order Integro-Differential Equation go
M.Pinto, G.Robledo A Grobman–Hartman Theorem for Differential Equations with Piecewise Constant Arguments of Mixed Type go
Issue 36/4 (2017)
A.Canale, A.Rhandi, C.Tacelli Kernel Estimates for Schrödinger Type Operators with Unbounded Diffusion and Potential Terms go
D.Bugajewska, G.Infante, P.Kasprzak Solvability of Hammerstein Integral Equations with Applications to Boundary Value Problems go
A.Hirsch, W.Reichel Existence of Cylindrically Symmetric Ground States to a Nonlinear Curl-Curl Equation with Non-Constant Coefficients go
A.Mielke, C.Patz Uniform Asymptotic Expansions for the Fundamental Solution of Infinite Harmonic Chains go
S.Zoalroshd A Characterization of Circles by Single Layer Potentials go
A.Ghaani Farashahi Multivariate Wave-Packet Transforms go
Issue 36/3 (2017)
N.Papageorgiou, V.Rădulescu Superlinear, Noncoercive Asymmetric Robin Problems with Indefinite, Unbounded Potential go
B.Lai, L.Zhang Gelfand Type Elliptic Problem Involving Advection go
K.Ammari, S.Gerbi Interior Feedback Stabilization of Wave Equations with Dynamic Boundary Delay go
F.Bakharev, S.Matveenko, S.Nazarov Examples of Plentiful Discrete Spectra in Infinite Spatial Cruciform Quantum Waveguides go
E.Braverman, B.Karpuz On Different Types of Stability for Linear Delay Dynamic Equations go
Issue 36/2 (2017)
A.Akbulut, V.Guliyev, T.Noi, Y.Sawano Generalized Hardy–Morrey Spaces go
T.Rao Coproximinality for Quotient Spaces go
Y.Sawano, T.Shimomura Boundedness of the Generalized Fractional Integral Operators on Generalized Morrey Spaces over Metric Measure Spaces go
L.Ding, L.Li Two Nontrivial Solutions for the Nonhomogenous Fourth Order Kirchhoff Equation go
L.Gasiński, L.Klimczak, N.Papageorgiou Nonlinear Dirichlet Problems with no Growth Restriction on the Reaction go
K.Ammari, A.Bchatnia, K.El Mufti Non-Uniform Decay of the Energy of some Dissipative Evolution Systems go
Issue 36/1 (2017)
A.Guven Approximation by Riesz Means of Hexagonal Fourier Series go
A.Akbulut, V.Guliyev, T.Noi, Y.Sawano Generalized Morrey Spaces – Revisited go
J.Zheng, B.Feng, P.Zhao Regularity of Minimizers in the Two-Phase Free Boundary Problems in Orlicz–Sobolev Spaces go
R.Agarwal, D.O'Regan, S.Hristova Stability with Initial Time Difference of Caputo Fractional Differential Equations by Lyapunov Functions go
B.Rzepka On Local Attractivity and Asymptotic Stability of Solutions of Nonlinear Volterra–Stieltjes Integral Equations in Two Variables go
P.Benevieri, A.Calamai, M.Furi, M.Pera On the Persistence of the Eigenvalues of a Perturbed Fredholm Operator of Index Zero under Nonsmooth Perturbations go
Issue 35/4 (2016)
M.Kovaleva, I.Popov Harnack's Inequality for Stokes Graph go
A.Gastel Partial Regularity of Polyharmonic Maps to Targets of Sufficiently Simple Topology go
L.Del Pezzo, A.Quaas Global Bifurcation for Fractional $p$-Laplacian and an Application go
G.Bonanno, G.D'Aguì Two Non-Zero Solutions for Elliptic Dirichlet Problems go
G.Vainikko Which Functions are Fractionally Differentiable? go
N.Chuong, D.Duong, H.Hung Bounds for the Weighted Hardy-Cesàro Operator and its Commutator on Morrey-Herz Type Spaces go
Issue 35/3 (2016)
G.Bellomonte, C.Trapani Riesz-Like Bases in Rigged Hilbert Spaces go
B.Hu, L.Khoi, R.Zhao Topological Structure of the Spaces of Composition Operators on Hilbert Spaces of Dirichlet Series go
A.Michalak On Superposition Operators in Spaces of Regular and of Bounded Variation Functions go
J.Ezquerro, M.Hernández-Verón A Modification of the Lipschitz Condition in the Newton–Kantorovich Theorem go
P.Gurevich, M.Väth Stability for Semilinear Parabolic Problems in $L_2$ and $W^{1,2}$ go
G.Peralta Stabilization of Viscoelastic Wave Equations with Distributed or Boundary Delay go
Issue 35/2 (2016)
V.Kolyada, J.Soria Mixed Norms and Iterated Rearrangements go
T.Roskovec Sobolev Embedding Theorem for Irregular Domains and Discontinuity of $p \to p^*(p,n)$ go
S.Byun, L.Softova Parabolic Obstacle Problem with Measurable Data in Generalized Morrey Spaces go
R.Wang, Z.Liu, Y.Zhou The Profile of Blow-Up for a Neumann Problem of Nonlocal Nonlinear Diffusion Equation with Reaction go
G.Molica Bisci, F.Tulone An Existence Result for Fractional Kirchhoff-Type Equations go
S.Czapor, R.McLenaghan An Example of a Non-Trivial, Non-Self-Adjoint Huygens Differential Equation in Four Independent Variables go
S.Nazarov, K.Ruotsalainen A Rigorous Interpretation of Approximate Computations of Embedded Eigenfrequencies of Water Waves go
Issue 35/1 (2016)
A.Osękowski Sharp Logarithmic Inequalities for Hardy Operators go
L.Barreira, L.Popescu, C.Valls Nonautonomous Dynamics with Discrete Time and Topological Equivalence go
A.Boscaggin, M.Garrione Resonant Sturm–Liouville Boundary Value Problems for Differential Systems in the Plane go
F.Della Pietra, N.Gavitone Sharp Estimates and Existence for Anisotropic Elliptic Problems with General Growth in the Gradient go
G.Wachsmuth Optimal Control of Quasistatic Plasticity with Linear Kinematic Hardening III: Optimality Conditions go
Issue 34/4 (2015)
L.Di Piazza, G.Porcello Radon–Nikodým Theorems for Finitely Additive Multimeasures go
G.Wachsmuth Optimal Control of Quasistatic Plasticity with Linear Kinematic Hardening II: Regularization and Differentiability go
B.Ge, C.Zhang Existence of a Positive Solution to Kirchhoff Problems Involving the Fractional Laplacian go
L.Gasiński, D.O'Regan, N.Papageorgiou Positive Solutions for Nonlinear Nonhomogeneous Robin Problems go
R.Wang, Q.Xiang, Y.Zhou Asymptotic Almost Periodicity to Some Evolution Equations go
N.Ahmad, H.Khalid, A.Zada Uniform Exponential Stability of Discrete Semigroup and Space of Asymptotically Almost Periodic Sequences go
A.Zamani, M.Moslehian, M.Frank Angle Preserving Mappings go
Issue 34/3 (2015)
L.Gasiński, A.Ochal, M.Shillor Variational-Hemivariational Approach to a Quasistatic Viscoelastic Problem with Normal Compliance, Friction and Material Damage go
J.Fan, A.Alsaedi, Y.Fukumoto, T.Hayat, Y.Zhou A Regularity Criterion for the Density-Dependent Hall-Magnetohydrodynamics go
R.Farwig, M.Pokorný A Linearized Model for Compressible Flow past a Rotating Obstacle: Analysis via Modified Bochner–Riesz Multipliers go
G.Abdeljabbar Multiplicity of Nontrivial Solutions of a Class of Fractional $p$-Laplacian Problem go
D.Campbell, S.Hencl, F.Konopecký The Weak Inverse Mapping Theorem go
L.Angeloni, G.Vinti A Characterization of Absolute Continuity by means of Mellin Integral Operators go
M.Lancia, V.Durante, P.Vernole Density Results for Energy Spaces on some Fractafolds go
Issue 34/2 (2015)
K.Lätt, A.Pedas, G.Vainikko A Smooth Solution of a Singular Fractional Differential Equation go
C.Komo Uniqueness Criteria and Strong Solutions of the Boussinesq Equations in Completely General Domains go
J.Zheng, B.Feng, Z.Zhang Regularity of Solutions to the $G$-Laplace Equation Involving Measures go
J.Rossmann Behavior of Solutions of the Neumann Problem for the Poisson Equation near Straight Edges go
P.Kogut, O.Kupenko, G.Leugering Optimal Control in Matrix-Valued Coefficients for Nonlinear Monotone Problems: Optimality Conditions II go
H.Chihara, E.Onodera A Fourth-Order Dispersive Flow into Kähler Manifolds go
Issue 34/1 (2015)
I.Asekritova, F.Cobos, N.Kruglyak Interpolation of Closed Subspaces and Invertibility of Operators go
G.Moroșanu On a Class of Second-Order Differential Inclusions on the Positive Half-Line go
C.Guo, D.O'Regan, C.Wang, R.Agarwal Existence of Homoclinic Orbits of Superquadratic Second-Order Hamiltonian Systems go
X.Liu Local Well-Posedness of a Coupled Camassa-Holm System in Critical Spaces go
L.Berselli, D.Catania On the Well-Posedness of the Boussinesq Equations with Anisotropic Filter for Turbulent Flows go
P.Kogut, O.Kupenko, G.Leugering Optimal Control in Matrix-Valued Coefficients for Nonlinear Monotone Problems: Optimality Conditions I go
K.Runovski, H.Schmeisser Moduli of Smoothness Related to Fractional Riesz-Derivatives go
Issue 33/4 (2014)
M.Křepela Convolution in Rearrangement-Invariant Spaces Defined in Terms of Oscillation and the Maximal Function go
M.Waurick $G$-Convergence of Linear Differential Equations go
R.Wang, T.Wang, Y.Zhou Blow-Up Profiles for a Semilinear Chemotaxis System Arising in Biology go
C.Zhu Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for the Time-Delayed Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation go
J.Höwing Standing Solitary Euler-Korteweg Waves are Unstable go
J.Simsen, M.Simsen, M.Teixeira Primo On $p_s(x)$-Laplacian Parabolic Problems with Non-Globally Lipschitz Forcing Term go
G.Lv, X.Wang Stability of Traveling Wave Fronts for Nonlocal Delayed Reaction Diffusion Systems go
J.Skonieczna Viscoelastic Fluid Model with Nonhomogeneous Boundary Conditions go
Issue 33/3 (2014)
L.Zhang, N.Zhang, L.Li Blow-Up Solutions and Global Existence for a Kind of Quasilinear Reaction-Diffusion Equations go
S.Mokeddem, K.Mansour Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions for $p$-Laplacian Wave Equation with $m$-Laplacian Dissipation go
M.Grasselli, D.Pražák Regularity Results for a Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes System with Shear Dependent Viscosity go
G.Afrouzi, M.Mirzapour, N.Chung Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for Kirchhoff Type Problems Involving $p(x)$-Biharmonic Operators go
A.Dutkiewicz On the Convergence of Successive Approximations for a Fractional Differential Equation in Banach Spaces go
P.Fima Approximation by Polyhedral $G$ Chains in Banach Spaces go
G.Herzog, P.Kunstmann Kuratowski's Measure of Noncompactness with Respect to Thompson's Metric go
R.Chiappinelli, M.Furi, M.Pera Topological Persistence of the Unit Eigenvectors of a Perturbed Fredholm Operator of Index Zero go
Issue 33/2 (2014)
B.Li, M.Bownik, D.Yang, W.Yuan A Mean Characterization of Weighted Anisotropic Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces go
T.Iida, Y.Sawano, H.Tanaka Atomic Decomposition for Morrey Spaces go
Z.Grande Pointwise Limits of Sequences of Right-Continuous Functions and Measurability of Functions of Two Variables go
J.Yao Existence and Stability of Periodic Planar Standing Waves in Phase-Transitional Elasticity with Strain-Gradient Effects II: Examples go
A.Benaissa, B.Khaldi On a Singular Class of Hamiltonian Systems in Dimension Two go
J.Rossmann Asymptotics of Solutions of the Poisson Equation near Straight Edges go
Issue 33/1 (2014)
J.Yao Existence and Stability of Periodic Planar Standing Waves in Phase-Transitional Elasticity with Strain-Gradient Effects I: General Theory go
Y.Ye Existence and Nonexistence of Global Solutions for Higher-Order Nonlinear Viscoelastic Equations go
A.Miroshnikov, A.Tzavaras Convergence of Variational Approximation Schemes for Elastodynamics with Polyconvex Energy go
T.Zając Solvability of Fractional Integral Equations on an Unbounded Interval through the Theory of Volterra-Stieltjes Integral Equations go
E.D'Aniello, T.Steele Self-Similarity in the Collection of ω-Limit Sets go
S.Reich, A.Zaslavski Asymptotic Behavior of Inexact Infinite Products of Nonexpansive Mappings in Metric Spaces go
W.Aziz, N.Merentes, J.Sánchez A Note on the Composition of Regular Functions go
Issue 32/4 (2013)
S.Goebbels A Sharp Error Estimate for Numerical Fourier Fransform of Band-Limited Functions Based on Windowed Samples go
J.Eichhorn, C.Wang Sobolev Theorems for Cusp Manifolds go
A.Fiscella, R.Servadei, E.Valdinoci A Resonance Problem for Non-Local Elliptic Operators go
P.Kogut, G.Leugering Matrix-Valued $L^1$-Optimal Controls in the Coefficients of Linear Elliptic Problems go
J.Bao, F.Wang, C.Yuan Transportation Cost Inequalities for Neutral Functional Stochastic Equations go
P.Cavaliere, P.de Lucia, H.Weber Approximation of Finitely Additive Functions with Values in Topological Groups go
Issue 32/3 (2013)
J.Johnsen, S.Munch Hansen, W.Sickel Characterisation by Local Means of Anisotropic Lizorkin-Triebel Spaces with Mixed Norms go
C.Bardaro, I.Mantellini Asymptotic Formulae for Linear Combinations of Generalized Sampling Operators go
R.Boţ, B.Hofmann, P.Mathé Regularizability of Ill-Posed Problems and the Modulus of Continuity go
L.Sapa Implicit Difference Methods for Differential Functional Parabolic Equations with Dirichlet's Condition go
D.Hai On a Singular Logistic Equation with the $p$-Laplacian go
G.Vainikko A Smooth Solution to a Linear System of Singular ODEs go
Issue 32/2 (2013)
B.Nowakowski, W.Zajączkowski Very Weak Solutions to the Boundary-Value Problem of the Homogeneous Heat Equation go
I.Popov Model of Point-Like Window for Electromagnetic Helmholtz Resonator go
U.Aßmann, A.Rösch Identification of an Unknown Parameter Function in the Main Part of an Elliptic Partial Differential Equation go
R.Gratwick Universal Singular Sets and Unrectifiability go
H.Henríquez, M.Pierri Approximate Controllability of Systems Determined by Almost Sectorial Operators go
L.Olszowy Existence of Mild Solutions for Semilinear Nonlocal Cauchy Problems in Separable Banach Spaces go
Y.Mizuta, A.Nekvinda, T.Shimomura Hardy Averaging Operator on Generalized Banach Function Spaces and Duality go
Issue 32/1 (2013)
W.Guochun Existence of Solutions of Inverse Problems for Elliptic Complex Equations with Degenerate Curve in Multiple Connected Domains go
Y.Penel, S.Dellacherie, O.Lafitte Theoretical Study of an Abstract Bubble Vibration Model go
E.Issoglio Transport Equations with Fractal Noise - Existence, Uniqueness and Regularity of the Solution go
R.Mandel, W.Reichel Distributional Solutions of the Stationary Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation: Singularities, Regularity and Exponential Decay go
F.Cobos, L.Fernández-Cabrera, P.Silvestre Limiting $J$-Spaces for General Couples go
L.Angeloni Approximation Results with Respect to Multidimensional φ-Variation for Nonlinear Integral Operators go
Issue 31/4 (2012)
L.Mastroeni, M.Matzeu Strong Solutions for Two-Sided Parabolic Variational Inequalities Related to an Elliptic Part of p-Laplacian Type go
G.Moscariello, A.Passarelli di Napoli, M.Porzio Existence of Infinite Energy Solutions of Degenerate Elliptic Equations go
J.Zheng, P.Zhao A Remark on Hausdorff Measure in Obstacle Problems go
S.Messaoudi, A.Al-Shehri General Boundary Stabilization of Memory-Type Thermoelasticity with Second Sound go
K.Zumbrun 2-Modified Characteristic Fredholm Determinants, Hill’s Method, and the Periodic Evans Function of Gardner go
D.Borisov, I.Veselić Spectral Gaps for Self-Adjoint Second Order Operators go
Issue 31/3 (2012)
Y.Xiong Blow-up and Polynomial Decay of Solutions for a Viscoelastic Equation with a Nonlinear Source go
B.Said-Houari Diffusion Phenomenon for Linear Dissipative Wave Equations go
F.Genoud An Inhomogeneous, $L^2$-Critical, Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation go
J.Lope, M.Roque, H.Tahara On the Unique Solvability of Certain Nonlinear Singular Partial Differential Equations go
M.Pierre, J.Vovelle A Kinetic Approach in Nonlinear Parabolic Problems with $L^1$-Data go
D.Breit, O.Schirra Korn-Type Inequalities in Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces Involving the Trace-Free Part of the Symmetric Gradient and Applications to Regularity Theory go
F.Leonetti, E.Mascolo Local Boundedness for Vector Valued Minimizers of Anisotropic Functionals go
Issue 31/2 (2012)
D.Eremin, D.Ivanov, I.Popov Regular Potential Approximation for $\delta$-Perturbation Supported by Curve of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator on the Sphere go
M.Väth Continuity and Differentiability of Multivalued Superposition Operators with Atoms and Parameters II go
D.Edmunds, J.Lang Coincidence and Calculation of some Strict $s$-Numbers go
M.Kabanava Characterization of Besov Spaces on Nested Fractals by Piecewise Harmonic Functions go
E.Braverman, B.Karpuz On Monotonicity of Nonoscillation Properties of Dynamic Equations in Time Scales go
A.Matas, J.Merker Strong Solutions of Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Equations go
L.Zhang, N.Yamazaki, C.Zhai Optimal Control Problem of Positive Solutions to Second Order Impulsive Differential Equations go
Issue 31/1 (2012)
E.Shcherbakov Equilibrium State of a Pendant Drop with Inter-phase Layer go
H.Aydi Limiting Vorticities for Superconducting Thin Films go
P.Kogut, G.Leugering Optimal $L^1$-Control in Coefficients for Dirichlet Elliptic Problems: $H$-Optimal Solutions go
F.Mamedov, Y.Zeren On equivalent conditions for the general weighted Hardy type inequality in space $L^{p(\cdot)}$ go
M.Kružík, J.Zimmer On an Extension of the Space of Bounded Deformations go
M.Väth Continuity and Differentiability of Multivalued Superposition Operators with Atoms and Parameters I go
Issue 30/4 (2011)
N.Pan Global Existence and Nonexistence of Solution to a Nonlinear Wave Equation go
J.Gawinecki, W.Zajączkowski Global Non-Small Data Existence of Spherically Symmetric Solutions to Nonlinear Viscoelasticity in a Ball go
S.Challal, A.Lyaghfouri Removable Sets for A-Harmonic Functions go
A.Nekvinda, L.Pick Duals of Optimal Spaces for the Hardy Averaging Operator go
L.Arlotti, B.Lods, M.Mokhtar-Kharroubi On Perturbed Substochastic Semigroups in Abstract State Spaces go
Issue 30/3 (2011)
B.Georgieva Symmetries of the Generalized Variational Functional of Herglotz for Several Independent Variables go
S.Krömer On Compactness of Minimizing Sequences Subject to a Linear Differential Constraint go
E.Ko, E.Lee, R.Shivaji Multiplicity Results for Classes of Infinite Positone Problems go
P.Henning, M.Ohlberger A Note on Homogenization of Advection-Diffusion Problems with Large Expected Drift go
M.Bendahmane, M.Chrif, S.El Manouni An Approximation Result in Generalized Anisotropic Sobolev Spaces and Applications go
R.Černý, P.Gurka, S.Hencl Concentration-Compactness Principle for Generalized Trudinger Inequalities go
Issue 30/2 (2011)
O.Makarenkov, L.Malaguti, P.Nistri On the Behavior of Periodic Solutions of Planar Autonomous Hamiltonian Systems with Multivalued Periodic Perturbations go
A.Laurain, S.Nazarov, J.Sokolowski Singular Perturbations of Curved Boundaries in Three Dimensions. The Spectrum of the Neumann Laplacian go
S.Frigeri On the Convergence to Stationary Solutions for a Semilinear Wave Equation with an Acoustic Boundary Condition go
J.Escher, B.Matioc On the Parabolicity of the Muskat Problem: Well-Posedness, Fingering, and Stability Results go
C.Capone, A.Fiorenza, G.Karadzhov, W.Nazeer The Riesz Potential Operator in Optimal Couples of Rearrangement Invariant Spaces go
A.Bandyopadhyay Endogeny for the Logistic Recursive Distributional Equation go
Issue 30/1 (2011)
A.Gogatishvili, J.Neves, B.Opic Compact Embeddings of Bessel-Potential-Type Spaces into Generalized Hölder Spaces Involving k-Modulus of Smoothness go
D.Yang, W.Yuan Dual Properties of Triebel-Lizorkin-Type Spaces and their Applications go
F.Farroni, R.Giova, F.Murat An Example of a Functional which is Weakly Lower Semicontinuous on $W_0^{1,p}$ for every $p>2$ but not on $H_0^1$ go
E.Klimova Some Non-Local Boundary-Value Problems and their Relationship to Problems for Loaded Equations go
Y.Zhou, S.Gala Regularity Criteria in Terms of the Pressure for the Navier-Stokes Equations in the Critical Morrey-Campanato Space go
G.Łysik Formal Solutions of Second Order Evolution Equations go
Z.Kamont Implicit Difference Schemes for Evolution Functional Differential Equations go
Issue 29/4 (2010)
M.Wagner Smoothness Properties of the Lower Semicontinuous Quasiconvex Envelope go
T.Kopaliani A Characterization of Some Weighted Norm Inequalities for Maximal Operators go
L.Gasiński, N.Papageorgiou Existence of Three Nontrivial Smooth Solutions for Nonlinear Resonant Neumann Problems Driven by the p-Laplacian go
A.Dutkiewicz, S.Szufla On the Aronszajn Property for an Implicit Differential Equation of Fractional Order go
Q.Sun A Necessary Condition for the Instantaneous Shrinking Property of Solutions to a Semilinear Heat Equation go
J.García-Melián, J.Rossi, J.Sabina de Lis Layer Profiles of Solutions to Elliptic Problems under Parameter-Dependent Boundary Conditions go
P.Drábek, S.Rasouli A Quasilinear Eigenvalue Problem with Robin Conditions on the Non-Smooth Domain of Finite Measure go
R.Estrada, J.Vindas On the Point Behavior of Fourier Series and Conjugate Series go
Issue 29/3 (2010)
J.Appell, J.Banaś, N.Merentes Measures of Noncompactness in the Study of Asymptotically Stable and Ultimately Nondecreasing Solutions of Integral Equations go
C.Schneider Trace Operators in Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces go
M.Mortad Commutativity up to a Factor: More Results and the Unbounded Case go
H.Ishii, Y.Matsumura Non-Local Hamilton-Jacobi Equations Arising in Dislocation Dynamics go
D.Wachsmuth, T.Roubíček Optimal Control of Planar Flow of Incompressible Non-Newtonian Fluids go
Issue 29/2 (2010)
U.Raitums Representations of Relaxations of Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems for Elliptic Systems go
T.Bárta Delayed Quasilinear Evolution Equations with BV-Coefficients go
A.Mustaţă, A.Naughton Regularity and Derivative Bounds for a Convection-Diffusion Problem with Neumann Boundary Conditions on Characteristic Boundaries go
K.Ho Littlewood–Paley Theory for the Differential Operator ∂2/∂x122/∂x22 − ∂2/∂x32 go
V.Ferone, E.Giarrusso, B.Messano, M.Posteraro Estimates for Blow-Up Solutions to Nonlinear Elliptic Equations with p-Growth in the Gradient go
D.Edmunds, P.Gurka Entropy Numbers of Limiting Embeddings of Logarithmic Sobolev Spaces into Exponential Spaces go
Issue 29/1 (2010)
R.Menike, K.Kuttler, M.Shillor Dynamic Adhesive Contact of a Membrane go
R.Denk, R.Racke, Y.Shibata Local Energy Decay Estimate of Solutions to the Thermoelastic Plate Equations in Two- and Three-Dimensional Exterior Domains go
P.Winkert Entire Extremal Solutions for Elliptic Inclusions of Clarke’s Gradient Type go
I.Birindelli, F.Demengel Uniqueness of the First Eigenfunction for Fully Nonlinear Equations: the Radial Case go
A.Gołaszewska, J.Turo On Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations with State Dependent Delays in Several Variables go
E.D’Aniello, P.de Lucia Approximate Differentiability Almost Everywhere go
C.Chu Some Comparison Theorems on Eigenvalues for One Dimensional Schrödinger Operators with Applications go
Issue 28/4 (2009)
M.Šilhavý, J.Eisner, M.Väth Global Bifurcation for a Reaction-Diffusion System with Inclusions go
J.Janas, S.Naboko, E.Sheronova Asymptotic Behavior of Generalized Eigenvectors of Jacobi Matrices in the Critical (“Double Root”) Case go
S.Umarov, S.Steinberg Variable Order Differential Equations with Piecewise Constant Order-Function and Diffusion with Changing Modes go
P.Benevieri, A.Calamai, M.Furi, M.Pera Delay Differential Equations on Manifolds and Applications to Motion Problems for Forced Constrained Systems go
J.Banaś, L.Olszowy On a Class of Measures of Noncompactness in Banach Algebras and Their Application to Nonlinear Integral Equations go
Issue 28/3 (2009)
A.Ranjbar-Motlagh Generalized Rademacher–Stepanov Type Theorem and Applications go
V.Le, D.Motreanu On Nontrivial Solutions of Variational-Hemivariational Inequalities with Slowly Growing Principal Parts go
S.Aizicovici, S.Reich, A.Zaslavski Asymptotic Behavior of Approximate Solutions to Evolution Equations in Banach Spaces go
J.Kačur, B.Malengier, R.Van Keer On the Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Approximation of a System of Nonlinear Parabolic PDEs go
C.Tan, L.Yan Local Tb Theorem on Spaces of Homogeneous Type go
M.Bulíček, V.Fišerová Existence Theory for Steady Flows of Fluids with Pressure and Shear Rate Dependent Viscosity, for Low Values of the Power-Law Index go
Issue 28/2 (2009)
N.Winter W2,p- and W1,p-Estimates at the Boundary for Solutions of Fully Nonlinear, Uniformly Elliptic Equations go
C.Tudor Wong–Zakai Type Approximations for Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by a Fractional Brownian Motion go
G.Prokert, E.Vondenhoff Non-Trivial Self-Similar Extinction Solutions for a 3D Hele–Shaw Suction Problem go
F.Tröltzsch, I.Yousept Source Representation Strategy for Optimal Boundary Control Problems with State Constraints go
G.Vainikko Error Estimates for the Cardinal Spline Interpolation go
P.Wang, F.Yu, Y.Cui Strongly Extreme Points in Musielak–Orlicz Spaces with the Orlicz Norm go
E.Tamási Eigenvalue Distribution of Semi-Elliptic Operators in Anisotropic Sobolev Spaces go
Issue 28/1 (2009)
S.Kawashima, W.Yong Decay Estimates for Hyperbolic Balance Laws go
X.Qin, Z.Yao Global Smooth Solutions of Viscous Compressible Real Flows with Density-Dependent Viscosity go
F.Giannetti, G.Pisante Existence of Solutions for some Quasiaffine PDEs go
J.Daněček, O.John, J.Stará Remarks on C1,γ-Regularity of Weak Solutions to Elliptic Systems with BMO Gradients go
T.Shaposhnikova Description of Pointwise Multipliers in Pairs of Besov Spaces B1k(ℝn) go
F.Müller Growth Estimates for the Gradient of an H-Surface Near Singular Points of the Boundary Configuration go
H.Henríquez, C.Landero H. A Generation Result for Cosine Functions of Operators go
L.Castro, A.Silva Invertibility of Matrix Wiener–Hopf plus Hankel Operators with Symbols Producing a Positive Numerical Range go
Issue 27/4 (2008)
S.Benzoni-Gavage, D.Serre, K.Zumbrun Transition to Instability of Planar Viscous Shock Fronts: the Refined Stability Condition go
I.Rus, A.Petrusel, M.Serban Fibre Picard Operators on Gauge Spaces and Applications go
H.Hudzik, L.Szymaszkiewicz Basic Topological and Geometric Properties of Orlicz Spaces over an Arbitrary Set of Atoms go
S.Luckhaus Uniform Rectifiability from Mean Curvature Bounds go
M.Romeo Superposition Operator in a Space of Infinitely Differentiable Functions go
M.Ragusa, A.Tachikawa Regularity of Minimizers of some Variational Integrals with Discontinuity go
T.Schmidt, L.Xu Some Limit Results on the Haar–Fisz Transform for Inhomogeneous Poisson Signals go
J.Gishe, M.Ismail Resultants of Chebyshev Polynomials go
Issue 27/3 (2008)
A.Schlömerkemper About Solutions of Poisson's Equation with Transition Condition in Non-Smooth Domains go
J.Appell, C.Chen, S.TSENG, M.Väth Iterative Approximation for a Boundary Value Problem Arising for the Electrical Potential on a Cylindrical Double Layer go
G.Wen, Z.Xu Discontinuous Irregular Oblique Derivative Problems for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations of Second Order go
M.Oh Numerical Survey on Hyperbolicity of the Homogenized Equation for Van Der Waals Gas in Eulerian Coordinates go
F.Lanzara, V.Maz'ya, G.Schmidt Approximate Approximations with Data on a Perturbed Uniform Grid go
A.Rogozhin, B.Silbermann Kernel Dimension of Singular Integral Operators with Piecewise Continuous Coefficients on the Unit Circle go
F.Altomare, V.Leonessa, I.Rasa On Bernstein–Schnabl Operators on the Unit Interval go
Issue 27/2 (2008)
S.Nazarov, M.Specovius-Neugebauer Artificial Boundary Conditions for the Stokes and Navier–Stokes Equations in Domains that are Layer-Like at Infinity go
A.Khludnev, G.Leugering Unilateral Contact Problems for two Perpendicular Elastic Structures go
A.Benaissa, S.Mokeddem Decay Estimates of Solutions to the Cauchy Problem for a Wave Equation with a Bounded Nonlinear Dissipation go
S.Cherednichenko, A.Rösch Error Estimates for the Regularization of Optimal Control Problems with Pointwise Control and State Constraints go
A.Kepczyńska Implicit Difference Methods for Quasilinear Differential Functional Equations on the Haar Pyramid go
C.Hsia, T.Ma, S.Wang Attractor Bifurcation of Three-Dimensional Double-Diffusive Convection go
Issue 27/1 (2008)
E.Onodera Bilinear Estimates Associated to the Schrödinger Equation with a Nonelliptic Principal Part go
K.Zumbrun A Sharp Stability Criterion for Soliton-Type Propagating Phase Boundaries in Korteweg's Model go
M.Bergner, S.Fröhlich On Two-Dimensional Immersions of Prescribed Mean Curvature in Rn go
V.Mityushev, S.Rogosin On the Riemann–Hilbert Problem with a Piecewise Constant Matrix go
I.Fernandes, X.Mujica Weighted Norm Inequality for a Maximal Operator on Homogeneous Space go
J.Álvarez-Dios, M.Chipot, J.García, M.Muñiz On a Singular Perturbation Problem for a Class of Variational Inequalities go
S.Moura, J.Neves, M.Piotrowski Growth Envelopes of Anisotropic Function Spaces go
D.Göhde Remarks on Generalized Contractions go
Issue 26/4 (2007)
F.Scalas Nontangential Limits of Poisson Integrals Associated to Dunkl Operators for Dihedral Groups go
P.Vieira, C.Kubrusly Multiplicative Perturbation by Contractions and Uniform Stability go
A.Boumenir Interpolation and Transmutation go
H.Engler Asymptotic Self-Similarity for Solutions of Partial Integro-Differential Equations go
N.Chernyavskaya, L.Shuster Conditions for Correct Solvability of a Simplest Singular Boundary Value Problem of General Form. II go
M.Alaoui, D.Meskine, A.Souissi On the Limiting Regularity Result of some Nonlinear Elliptic Equations go
J.Luo Stochastic Comparison of Solutions of Stochastic Functional Differential Equations go
S.Stevic On Ren-Kähler's Paper "Hardy-Littlewood Inequalities and Qp-Spaces", Z. Anal. Anwendungen 24 (2005), 375 – 388 go
M.Abu Risha, M.Annaby, M.Ismail, Z.Mansour Linear q-Difference Equations go
Y.Fang, N.Huang Estimates of Approximate Solutions and Well-Posedness in Vector Optimization go
Issue 26/3 (2007)
G.Manzi The Wulff Problem for Diffuse Interfaces go
G.Cardone, A.Corbo Esposito, S.Pastukhova Homogenization of Scalar Problem for a Combined Structure with Singular or Thin Reinforcement go
A.Benkirane, M.Chrif, S.El Manouni Existence Results for Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Equations of Infinite Order go
F.Bagarello, A.Inoue, C.Trapani Completely Positive Invariant Conjugate-Bilinear Maps in Partial *-Algebras go
J.Betancor, J.Farina A Note on Compactness of Commutators for Fractional Integrals Associated with Nondoubling Measures go
J.Duda Metric and ω*-Differentiability of Pointwise Lipschitz Mappings go
H.Henríquez, E.Hernández M., J.dos Santos Asymptotically Almost Periodic and Almost Periodic Solutions for Partial Neutral Integrodifferential Equations go
Issue 26/2 (2007)
A.Visintin Two-Scale Convergence of First-Order Operators go
J.Elschner, M.Yamamoto Uniqueness in Determining Polygonal Periodic Structures go
A.Almeida, S.Samko Pointwise Inequalities in Variable Sobolev Spaces and Applications go
J.Caballero, B.López, K.Sadarangani Existence of Nondecreasing and Continuous Solutions for a Nonlinear Integral Equation with Supremum in the Kernel go
X.Yang, K.LO Quasi-Periodic Solutions in Nonlinear Asymmetric Oscillations go
B.Yang Positive Solutions to a Boundary Value Problem for the Beam Equation go
D.Trong, P.Quan, T.Khanh, N.Tuan A Nonlinear Case of the 1-D Backward Heat Problem: Regularization and Error Estimate go
D.Borowska, H.Przybycien, R.Urbanski On Summands Properties and Minkowski Subtraction go
Issue 26/1 (2007)
V.Knopova On a Boundary-Value Problem for Pseudo-Differential Operators and its Relation to Jump Processes go
H.Lü, Y.Xie Existence and Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for Singular p-Laplacian Equations go
A.Karlovich Asymptotics of Determinants and Traces of Toeplitz Matrices with Symbols in Weighted Wiener Algebras go
S.Bahri On the Extension of a Certain Class of Carleman Operators go
F.Cobos, L.Fernández-Cabrera, A.Manzano, A.Martínez Logarithmic Interpolation Spaces between Quasi-Banach Spaces go
Y.Cui, H.Hudzik, M.Wisla, M.Zou Extreme Points and Strong U-Points in Musielak–Orlicz Sequence Spaces Equipped with the Orlicz Norm go
F.Andreano, R.Grande Maximal Characterization of Locally Summable Functions go
H.König The New Maximal Measures for Stochastic Processes go
Issue 25/4 (2006)
P.Mathé What do we Learn from the Discrepancy Principle? go
G.Porru, A.Safoui, S.Vernier-Piro Best Possible Maximum Principles for Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations go
R.Griesse Lipschitz Stability of Solutions to Some State-Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems go
S.Stevic Composition Operators between H and α-Bloch Spaces on the Polydisc go
K.Benmeriem, C.Bouzar Colombeau Generalized Functions and Solvability of Differential Operators go
Z.Lingling Blow-up of Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations go
A.Pedas, G.Vainikko Integral Equations with Diagonal and Boundary Singularities of the Kernel go
L.Hailong, M.Toda Elaboration of Some Results of Srivastava and Choi go
S.Hizliyel The Hilbert Problem for Generalized Q-Holomorphic Functions go
Issue 25/3 (2006)
A.Caetano, W.Farkas Local Growth Envelopes of Besov Spaces of Generalized Smoothness go
R.Estrada Regularization of Hyperfunctions go
M.Benchohra, L.Gorniewicz, S.Ntouyas, A.Ouahab Controllability Results for Nondensely Defined Semilinear Functional Differential Equations go
D.Bugajewski, T.Diagana, C.Mahop Asymptotic and Pseudo Almost Periodicity of the Convolution Operator and Applications to Differential and Integral Equations go
M.Möller, V.Pivovarchik Spectral Properties of a Fourth Order Differential Equation go
K.Runovski, I.Rystsov, H.Schmeisser Computational Aspects of a Method of Stochastic Approximation go
L.Hoai, W.Tutschke Associated Spaces Defined by Ordinary Differential Equations go
S.Trickovic, M.Vidanovic, M.Stankovic On the Summation of Series in Terms of Bessel Functions go
F.Brackx, R.Delanghe Corrigendum to: On Harmonic Potential Fields and the Structure of Monogenic Functions, Z. Anal. Anw. 22 (2003)(2), 261-27 go
Issue 25/2 (2006)
M.Kirane, N.Tatar Nonexistence of Solutions to a Hyperbolic Equation with a Time Fractional Damping go
M.Steller A Gauss-Bonnet Formula for Metrics with Varying Signature go
H.Hudzik, W.Kowalewski, G.Lewicki Approximative Compactness and Full Rotundity in Musielak-Orlicz spaces and Lorentz-Orlicz spaces go
S.Yakubovich The Plancherel and Hausdorff–Young Type Theorems for an Index Transformation go
N.Chernyavskaya, L.Shuster Conditions for Correct Solvability of a Simplest Singular Boundary Value Problem of General Form. I go
X.Yang Existence of Periodic Solutions of a Class of Planar Systems go
J.Ezquerro, M.Hernández Fewer Convergence Conditions for the Halley Method go
Y.Fang, N.Huang An Existence Result for a Class of Extended Inclusion Problems with Applications to Equilibrium Problems go
Issue 25/1 (2006)
M.Oh, K.Zumbrun Low-Frequency Stability Analysis of Periodic Traveling-Wave Solutions of Viscous Conservation Laws in Several Dimensions go
M.Lecumberry Compactness and Sobolev-Poincaré Inequalities for Solutions of Kinetic Equations go
M.Grasselli, H.Petzeltová, G.Schimperna Long Time Behavior of Solutions to the Caginalp System with Singular Potential go
D.Edmunds, P.Gurka, B.Opic Non-Compact and Sharp Embeddings of Logarithmic Bessel Potential Spaces into Hölder-Type Spaces go
B.Gebauer The Factorization Method for Real Elliptic Problems go
J.Janno, A.Lorenzi A Parabolic Integro-Differential Identification Problem in a Barrelled Smooth Domain go
Issue 24/4 (2005)
J.Banasiak Birth-and-Death Type Systems with Parameter and Chaotic Dynamics of some Linear Kinetic Models go
N.Papageorgiou, E.Papageorgiou Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems Involving the p-Laplacian and p-Laplacian-Like Operators go
X.Yang Boundedness in Asymmetric Oscillations at Resonance go
J.SHEN, J.LI Impulsive Control for Stability of Volterra Functional Differential Equations go
A.Favaron Identification of Memory Kernels Depending on Time and on an Angular Variable go
S.Bernstein, K.Gürlebeck, L.Reséndis O., L.Tovar S. Dirichlet and Hardy Spaces of Harmonic and Monogenic Functions go
R.de Almeida, R.Kraußhar On the Asymptotic Growth of Entire Monogenic Functions go
V.Ha Higher Order Teodorescu Operators and Cauchy-Pompeiu Type Formulas go
P.Cerejeiras, M.Ferreira, U.Kähler Monogenic Wavelets Over the Unit Ball go
K.Kou, T.Qian Shannon Sampling in the Clifford Analysis Setting go
V.Kokilashvili, A.Meskhi On Some Weighted Inequalities for Fractional Integrals on Nonhomogeneous Spaces go
S.PARK Comments on the Michael Selection Problem in Hyperconvex Metric Spaces go
M.Dalai Recurrence Relations for the Lerch Φ-Function and Applications go
Issue 24/3 (2005)
R.Gorenflo, S.Umarov Cauchy and Nonlocal Multi-Point Problems for Distributed Order Pseudo-Differential Equations, Part One go
P.Kaplický Regularity of Flows of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Subject to Dirichlet Boundary Conditions go
V.Kravchenko On the Relationship between p-Analytic Functions and the Schrödinger Equation go
G.Anger, G.Metafune, D.Pallara, R.Schnaubelt Lp-Theory for Elliptic Operators on R^d with Singular Coefficients go
J.Janno, L.von Wolfersdorf A General Class of Autoconvolution Equations of the Third Kind go
L.Castro, B.Zhang Invertibility of Convolution Operators in Problems of Wave Diffraction by a Strip with Reactance and Dirichlet Conditions go
J.Betancor Hypoellipticity of Hankel Convolution Equations in DL1-Type Spaces go
B.Messirdi, A.Senoussaoui Parametrix du Problème de Cauchy C-infinity Hyperbolique Muni d'un Système d'Ordres de Leray-Volevîc go
T.Hein Some Analysis of Tikhonov Regularization for the Inverse Problem of Option Pricing in the Price-Dependent Case go
D.Constales, R.Kraußhar Hilbert Spaces of Solutions to Polynomial Dirac Equations, Fourier Transforms and Reproducing Kernel Functions for Cylindrical Domains go
C.Cui, S.Wen General Orlicz-Pettis Theorem go
H.Shatery, J.Zafarani Vector Valued Baire Functions go
Issue 24/2 (2005)
L.Berg, L.von Wolfersdorf On a Class of Generalized Autoconvolution Equations of the Third Kind go
I.Simonenko, O.Zabroda Finite Truncations of Generalized One-Dimensional Discrete Convolution Operators and Asymptotic Behavior of the Spectrum. The Matrix Case go
P.Lamberti, M.Lanza de Cristoforis A Global Lipschitz Continuity Result for a Domain Dependent Dirichlet Eigenvalue Problem for the Laplace Operator go
Z.HE Double Positive Solutions of Three-Point Boundary Value Problems for p-Laplacian Difference Equations go
J.Lope, J.Escaner IV, C.Arceo On the Unique Solvability of a Volevic System of Linear Equations with General Singularity go
M.Nowak Mackey Topologies on Vector-Valued Function Spaces go
H.Begehr, D.Schmersau The Schwarz Problem for Polyanalytic Functions go
C.Ebmeyer, M.Steinhauer, W.Liu Global Regularity in Fractional Order Sobolev Spaces for the p-Laplace Equation on Polyhedral Domains go
G.Ren, U.Kähler Hardy-Littlewood Inequalities and Q_p-Spaces go
S.TSENG, P.WANG, W.CHEUNG, C.Chen Integral Inequalities in Higher Dimensional Spaces go
M.Navascués Fractal Polynomial Interpolation go
P.WANG, H.LIAN, Y.Wu Global Asymptotic Stability of High-Order Delay Hopfield Neural Networks with Time-Varying Coefficients go
Issue 24/1 (2005)
N.Jacob, R.Schilling Function Spaces as Dirichlet Spaces (About a Paper by Maz'ya and Nagel) go
I.Kmit Delta Waves for a Strongly Singular Initial-Boundary Hyperbolic Problem with Integral Boundary Condition go
M.Fabian, A.Novotný, H.Petzeltová On a Class of Physically Admissible Variational Solutions to the Navier-Stokes-Fourier System go
A.Rösch, D.Wachsmuth Regularity of the Adjoint State for the Instationary Navier-Stokes Equations go
R.Racke, Y.Wang Asymptotic Behavior of Discontinuous Solutions to Thermoelastic Systems with Second Sound go
P.Benevieri, M.Furi, M.Martelli, M.Pera Atypical Bifurcation Without Compactness go
A.Lyaghfouri A Regularity Result for the Heterogeneous Evolution Dam Problem go
J.Bory Reyes, R.Abreu Blaya Cauchy Transform and Rectifiability in Clifford Analysis go
Y.Zhou Global Nonexistence for a Quasilinear Evolution Equation with a Generalized Lewis Function go
J.Grzybowski Minimal Quasidifferential of a Piecewise Linear Function in R^3 go
Issue 23/4 (2004)
A.Fiorenza, G.Karadzhov Grand and Small Lebesgue Spaces and Their Analogs go
H.Hudzik, W.Kowalewski On Some Local Geometric Properties in Musielak-Orlicz Function Spaces go
P.Jain, S.Kaushik, L.Vashisht Banach Frames for Conjugate Banach Spaces go
A.Aizpuru, A.Gutiérrez Dávila Uniform Convergence in Topological Groups go
I.Marrero On Representation, Boundedness and Convergence of Hankel-K{Mp}' Generalized Functions go
S.Tikhonov On Generalized Lipschitz Classes and Fourier Series go
T.Donchev, M.Kamenskii, M.Quincampoix Averaging of Perturbed One Sided Lipschitz Differential Inclusions go
S.Stevic Weighted Integrals of Holomorphic Functions on the Polydisc II go
M.Fang, L.Lundin Compression Molding II: Existence of the Solution for a Hele-Shaw Type Model go
L.Payne, G.Philippin Decay Bounds for Solutions of Second Order Parabolic Problems and their Derivatives III go
I.Pryadko On the Cauchy Problem for Systems Containing Locally Explicit Equations go
J.Gawinecki, G.Kirchner, J.Lazuka The Fundamental Matrix of the System of Linear Micropolar Elasticity go
P.Oja, D.Saveljeva Quadratic Spline Collocation for Volterra Integral Equation go
Issue 23/3 (2004)
V.Rabinovich, S.Roch Wiener Algebras of Operators, and Applications to Pseudodifferential Operators go
G.Nguetseng Homogenization Structures and Applications II go
D.Knees On the Regularity of Weak Solutions of Quasi-Linear Elliptic Transmission Problems on Polyhedral Domains go
P.Giesl On the Basin of Attraction of Limit Cycles in Periodic Differential Equations go
S.Stevic Weighted Integrals of Holomorphic Functions on the Polydisc go
D.Praetorius Analysis of the Operator Δ^-1div Arising in Magnetic Models go
S.ZHANG, Y.Wang Well-Posedness and Asymptotics for Initial Boundary Value Problems of Linear Relaxation Systems in One Space Variable go
J.Henderson, C.Tisdell Boundary Data Smoothness for Solutions of Three Point Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations go
Issue 23/2 (2004)
S.Hencl Explicit Upper Bound for Entropy Numbers go
I.Lahiri Weighted Sharing of Three Values go
M.Barakat, T.Constantinescu Tensor Algebras and Displacement Structure. III: Asymptotic Properties go
S.Domachowski, J.Gulgowski A Global Bifurcation Theorem for Convex-Valued Differential Inclusions go
N.Huang, J.Li F-Implicit Complementarity Problems in Banach Spaces go
S.Mecheri Another Version of Maher's Inequality go
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Partial Integro-Differential Equations with Correlation-Convolution Integral II go
Y.Amirat, A.Ziani Asymptotic Behavior of the Solutions of an Elliptic-Parabolic System Arising in Flow in Porous Media go
A.Rösch Error Estimates for Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Control Constraints go
S.Koziel Hyperbolic Functional Differential Systems with Unbounded Delay go
D.Ang, D.Trong Identification of Cavities in a Three Dimensional Elastic Body go
N.Tatar Corrigendum to: A Wave Equation with Fractional Damping go
Issue 23/1 (2004)
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Partial Integro-Differential Equations with Correlation-Convolution Integral I go
M.Kouche, N.Tatar Extinction and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to a System Arising in Biology go
M.Boella Asymptotic Behavior of a Vibrating Membrane Model go
G.Łysik Non-Analyticity in Time of Solutions to the KdV Equation go
G.Gabor Strict Equilibria of Multi-Valued Maps and Common Fixed Points go
U.Freiberg, M.Lancia Energy Form on a Closed Fractal Curve go
G.Hörmann Hölder-Zygmund Regularity in Algebras of Generalized Functions go
M.Nair, U.Tautenhahn Lavrentiev Regularization for Linear Ill-Posed Problems under General Source Conditions go
M.Lindner Classes of Multiplication Operators and Their Limit Operators go
V.Muresan Existence, Uniqueness and Data Dependence for the Solutions of some Integro-Differential Equations of Mixed Type in Banach Space go
Issue 22/4 (2003)
M.Bebendorf A Note on the Poincaré Inequality for Convex Domains go
N.Chaudhuri Bounds for the Best Constant in an Improved Hardy-Sobolev Inequality go
S.Hencl Absolutely Continuous Functions of Several Variables and Quasiconformal Mappings go
Y.Fang, N.Huang, J.Kim A System of Multi-Valued Generalized Order Complementarity Problems in Ordered Metric Spaces go
Y.Cui, H.Hudzik, R.Pluciennik Extreme Points and Strongly Extreme Points in Orlicz Spaces Equipped with the Orlicz Norm go
J.Boos, M.Zeltser Sequences of 0's and 1's. Classes of Concrete `big' Hahn Spaces go
R.Precup Fixed Point Theorems for Decomposable Multi-Valued Maps and Applications go
N.Papageorgiou, F.Papalini Existence and Relaxation for Finite-Dimensional Optimal Control Problems Driven by Maximal Monotone Operators go
V.Kokilashvili, S.Samko On Sobolev Theorem for Riesz-Type Potentials in Lebesgue Spaces with Variable Exponent go
P.Harjulehto, P.Hästö, M.Koskenoja The Dirichlet Energy Integral on Intervals in Variable Exponent Sobolev Spaces go
D.Trong, T.Lien Reconstructing an Analytic Function Using Truncated Lagrange Polynomials go
S.Ding Integral Estimates for the Laplace-Beltrami and Green's Operators Applied to Differential Forms on Manifolds go
Y.Zhou Non-Oscillatory Solutions of Higher Order Nonlinear Neutral Delay Difference Equation go
Y.Liu, W.Ge Solvability of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for Fourth-Order Nonlinear Differential Equations at Resonance go
S.Comparato A Simple Proof of the Mountain Circle Theorem go
Issue 22/3 (2003)
X.Wu Michael Selection Problem in Hyperconvex Metric Spaces go
H.Phú Fixed-Point Properties of Roughly Contractive Mappings go
Z.Liang, L.Zhang, S.Li Fixed Point Theorems for a Class of Mixed Monotone Operators go
N.Huy, D.Dung, N.Khanh On a Class of Inclusions in Ordered Spaces go
K.Gelfert Maximum Local Lyapunov Dimension Bounds the Box Dimension. Direct Proof for Invariant Sets on Riemannian Manifolds go
V.Kravchenko, H.Oviedo On a Quaternionic Reformulation of Maxwell's Equations for Chiral Media and its Applications go
T.Champion, L.De Pascale Homogenization of Dirichlet Problems with Convex Bounded Constraints on the Gradient go
N.Tatar A Wave Equation with Fractional Damping go
P.Benevieri, M.Furi, M.Pera, M.Spadini About the Sign of Oriented Fredholm Operators between Banach Spaces go
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Linear Integral Equations and Systems with Sum and Difference Kernel go
R.Agarwal, H.Lü, D.O'Regan A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Positive Solutions to the Singular p-Laplacian go
G.Wanka, R.Boţ, S.Grad Multiobjective Duality for Convex Semidefinite Programming Problems go
Issue 22/2 (2003)
F.Brackx, R.Delanghe On Harmonic Potential Fields and the Structure of Monogenic Functions go
T.Qian, F.Sommen Deriving Harmonic Functions in Higher Dimensional Spaces go
T.Hatziafratis Expansions of Certain del bar Closed Forms via Fourier-Laplace Transform go
C.Ambrozie, F.Vasilescu Operator-Theoretic Positivstellensätze go
V.Rabinovich Pseudodifferential Operators on R^n with Variable Shifts go
D.Walsh Criteria for Membership of the Mean Lipschitz Spaces go
S.Gatti, D.Pierotti Solvability of a Plane Elliptic Problem for the Flow in a Channel with a Surface-Piercing Obstacle go
M.Bricchi, S.Moura Complements on Growth Envelopes of Spaces with Generalized Smoothness in the Sub-Critical Case go
Y.Fang, N.Huang Fixed Points for Multi-Valued Mixed Increasing Operators in Ordered Banach Spaces with Applications to Integral Inclusions go
M.Benchohra, E.Gatsori, L.Gorniewicz, S.Ntouyas Controllability Results for Evolution Inclusions with Non-Local Conditions go
D.Rachinskii, K.Schneider Delayed Loss of Stability in Systems with Degenerate Linear Parts go
S.Fröhlich A Note on μ-Stable Surfaces with Prescribed Constant Mean Curvature go
G.Lewicki, G.Marino Approximation by Superpositions of a Sigmoidal Function go
S.Marchi Erratum to: C^(1, α) Local Regularity for the Solutions of the p-Laplacian on the Heisenberg Group for 2 ≤ p < 1 + Squareroot(5) go
Issue 22/1 (2003)
B.Micherda Bernstein's 'Lethargy' Theorems in SF-Spaces go
M.Marchi Invariant Measures in Quasi-Metric Spaces go
A.Carbone, P.Zabrejko Explicit and Implicit Complementarity Problems in a Hilbert Space go
R.Agarwal, D.O'Regan Integrable Singularities and Weakly Sequentially Continuous Maps go
D.Yang T1 Theorems on Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces on Spaces of Homogeneous Type and Their Applications go
G.Nguetseng Homogenization Structures and Applications I go
A.El Hamidi Necessary Conditions for Local and Global Solvability of Non-Diagonal Degenerate Systems go
J.Fernandes, J.Groisman, S.Melo Harnack Inequality for a Class of Degenerate Elliptic Operators go
K.Khmelnytskaya, V.Kravchenko, V.Rabinovich Quaternionic Fundamental Solutions for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems and Application go
M.Kirane, N.Tatar Exponential Growth for a Fractionally Damped Wave Equation go
S.Stevic The Generalized Libera Transform on Hardy, Bergman and Bloch Spaces on the Unit Polydisc go
S.Trickovic, M.Stankovic, V.Aleksic On Closed Form Expressions for Trigonometric Series and Series Involving Bessel or Struve Functions go
M.Nair, E.Schock, U.Tautenhahn Morozov's Discrepancy Principle under General Source Conditions go
W.Krabs, G.Sklyar, J.Wozniak On the Set of Reachable States in the Problem of Controllability of Rotating Timishenko Beams go
A.Kalauch On Positive-off-Diagonal Operators on Ordered Normed Spaces go
F.Luterotti, U.Stefanelli Errata and Addendum to: Existence Result for the One-Dimensional Full Model of Phase Transitions go
Issue 21/4 (2002)
J.Grzybowski, H.Przybycien, R.Urbanski On Summands of Closed Bounded Convex Sets go
A.Martellotti, A.Sambucini The Finitely Additive Integral of Multifunctions with Closed and Convex Values go
S.Reich, A.Zaslavski The Set of Divergent Infinite Products in a Banach Space is $\sigma$-Porous go
V.Didenko, A.Korenovskyy, S.Lee On the Spectral Radius of Convolution Dilation Operators go
R.Martínez-Avendaño, P.Yuditskii Non-Compact $\lambda$-Hankel Operators go
M.Väth On the Minimal Displacement Problem of $\gamma$-Lipschitz Maps and $\gamma$-Lipschitz Retractions onto the Sphere go
D.Karasev, V.Nogin $L_p-L_q$ Estimates for the Bochner-Riesz Operator of Complex Order go
B.Brighi On a Similarity Boundary Layer Equation go
A.Baranowska, Z.Kamont Numerical Method of Lines for First Order Partial Differential-Functional Equations go
R.Bader, N.Papageorgiou On the Problem of Periodic Evolution Inclusions of the Subdifferential Type go
R.Joosten Bifurcation of Homoclinic Solutions for Hamiltonian Systems go
A.Carbone, P.Zabrejko Some Remarks on Complementarity Problems in a Hilbert Space go
Y.Liu, W.Ge Existence and Asymptotic Behavior of Positive Solutions of a Non-Autonomous Food-Limited Model with Unbounded Delay go
S.Pilipović, B.Stanković Wiener-Type Tauberian Theorems for Fourier Hyperfunctions go
V.Thao Estimates for Quasiconformal Mappings onto Canonical Domains (II) go
K.Asano, W.Tutschke An Extended Cauchy-Kovalevskaya Problem and its Solution in Associated Spaces go
L.Berg On the Asymptotics of Nonlinear Difference Equations go
Issue 21/3 (2002)
M.Pakzad On Topological Singular Set of Maps with Finite 3-Energy into $S^3$ go
B.Damyanov Results on Balanced Products of Distributions in Colombeau Algebra go
D.Constales, R.Kraußhar Representation Formulas for the General Derivatives of the Fundamental Solution to the Cauchy-Riemann Operator in Clifford Analysis and Applications go
G.Ren, U.Kähler Weighted Hölder Continuity of Hyperbolic Harmonic Bloch functions go
T.Constantinescu, J.Johnson Tensor Algebras and Displacement Structure II: Non-Commutative Szegö Polynomials go
S.Yakubovich Index Transforms Associated with Bessel and Lommel Functions go
A.Krasnosel'skii, N.Kuznetsov, D.Rachinskii On Resonant Differential Equations with Unbounded Non-Linearities go
K.Joseph Exact Solution of a System of Generalized Hopf Equations go
D.Edmunds, A.Meskhi Potential-Type Operators in $L^{p(x)}$ Spaces go
E.D'Aniello Level Sets of Hölder Functions and Hausdorff Measures go
L.Mezrag Comparison of Non-Commutative 2- and $p$-Summing Operators from $B(l_2)$ into $OH$ go
E.Grigoryeva, A.Klyachin, V.Miklyukov Problem of Functional Extension and Space-Like Surfaces in Minkowski Space go
M.Frigon, D.O'Regan A Leray-Schauder Alternative for Mönch Maps on Closed Subsets of Fréchet Spaces go
G.Gatica Solvability and Galerkin Approximations of a Class of Nonlinear Operator Equations go
K.Balla, R.März A Unified Approach to Linear Differential Algebraic Equations and their Adjoints go
L.Berezansky, E.Braverman On Oscillation of a Differential Equation with Infinite Number of Delays go
V.Adamchik A Certain Series Associated with Catalan’s Constant go
Issue 21/2 (2002)
P.Casazza, O.Christensen, S.Li, A.Lindner Riesz-Fischer Sequences and Lower Frame Bounds go
F.Al-Musallam, V.Kim Tuan A Modified and a Finite Index Weber Transforms go
F.Luterotti, U.Stefanelli Existence Result for the One-Dimensional Full Model of Phase Transitions go
V.Rabinovich Pseudodifferential Operators with Analytic Symbols and Estimates for Eigenfunctions of Schrödinger Operators go
N.Huy, N.Thanh, T.Thanh Extremal Solutions for a Class of Unilateral Problems go
L.von Wolfersdorf On the Solutions of a Quadratic Integral and an Integral-Differential Equation go
J.Janno, A.Lorenzi Recovering Degenerate Kernels in Hyperbolic Integro-Differential Equations go
F.Colombo, D.Guidetti A Unified Approach to Nonlinear Integro-Differential Inverse Problems of Parabolic Type go
J.Janno, L.von Wolfersdorf A General Inverse Problem for a Memory Kernel in One-Dimensional Viscoelasticity go
M.Furi, A.Vignoli An Extension of the Notion of Zero-Epi Maps to the Context of Topological Spaces go
G.Barsegian, H.Begehr, I.Laine Stability Phenomenon for Generalizations of Algebraic Differential Equations go
B.Zhang, L.Zhao Oscillations for Certain Difference Equations with Continuous Variable go
J.Ohriska Oscillation Theorems for Non-Canonical Self-Adjoint Differential Equations of Second Order go
H.Alzer Inequalities for the Tail of the Exponential Series go
Corrigendum go
Issue 21/1 (2002)
T.Constantinescu, J.Johnson Tensor Algebras and Displacement Structure I. The Schur Algorithm go
V.Kravchenko Quaternionic Reformulation of Maxwell Equations for Inhomogeneous Media and New Solutions go
I.Sabadini, F.Sommen Special First Order Systems in Clifford Analysis and Resolutions go
F.Ali Mehmeti, M.Bochniak, S.Nicaise, A.Sändig Quasilinear Elliptic Systems of Second Order in Domains with Corners and Edges: Nemytskij Operator, Local Existence and Asymptotic Behaviour go
R.Bader, W.Merz Local Existence Result of the Dopant Diffusion in Arbitrary Space Dimensions go
M.Lancia A Transmission Problem with a Fractal Interface go
A.Montanari, D.Morbidelli Sobolev and Morrey Estimates for Non-Smooth Vector Fields of Step Two go
H.Abels $L_q-L_r$-Estimates for Non-Stationary Stokes Equations in an Aperture Domain go
D.Drihem, M.Moussai Some Embeddings into the Multiplier Spaces Associated to Besov and Lizorkin-Triebel Spaces go
A.Musesti, M.Squassina Asymptotics of Solutions for fully Nonlinear Elliptic Problems at Nearly Critical Growth go
M.Furi Stably Solvable Maps are Unstable under Small Perturbations go
T.Linß Solution Decompositions for Linear Convection-Diffusion Problems go
N.Hang On the Optimality for Cascade Connection of Passive Scattering Systems and the Best Minorant Outer Function go
H.Phú, T.Long Orienting Method for Obstacle Problems go
S.Mazouzi, N.Tatar Global Existence for some Integro-Differential Equations with Delay Subject to Non-Local Conditions go
G.Mingzhe, W.Shongrong, H.Leping On the Hilbert Inequality With Weights go
T.Sato Die Nevanlinna-Charakteristik von algebroiden Funktionen und ihren Ableitungen go
Issue 20/4 (2001)
O.Christensen Linear Combinations of Frames and Frame Packets go
P.Krejcí, A.Vladimirov Lipschitz Continuity of Polyhedral Skorokhod Maps go
M.Girardi, L.Mastroeni, M.Matzeu Existence and Regularity Results for Non-Negative Solutions of some Semilinear Elliptic Variational Inequalities via Mountain Pass Techniques go
C.Kuttler Free Boundary Problem for a One-Dimensional Transport Equation go
S.Gatti Automatic Control of the Temperature in Phase Change Problems with Memory go
M.Grillot, P.Grillot Asymptotical Behavior of Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations in $R^N$ go
Y.Amirat, O.Bodart Boundary Layer Correctors for the Solution of Laplace Equation in a Domain with Oscillating Boundary go
T.Mel'nyk Hausdorff Convergence and Asymptotic Estimates of the Spectrum of a Perturbed Operator go
M.Bildhauer, M.Fuchs, G.Mingione A Priori Gradient Bounds and Local $C^{1, \alpha}$-Estimates for (Double) Obstacle Problems under Non-Standard Growth Conditions go
G.Grün On Bernis’ Interpolation Inequalities in Multiple Space Dimensions go
M.Garaev, K.Kueh $L_1$-Norms of Exponential Sums and the Corresponding Additive Problem go
R.Kraußhar On a New Type of Eisenstein Series in Clifford Analysis go
D.Rachinskii Iteration Procedures of Shuttle Iteration Type in Continuous Non-Monotone Problems go
G.Herzog Differential-Functional Inequalities for Bounded Vector-Valued Functions go
Y.Zhou, Y.Huang Existence of Non-Oscillatory Solutions of Second-Order Neutral Delay Difference Equations go
D.Bugajewska On Topological Structure of Solution Sets for Delay and Functional-Differential Equations go
Issue 20/3 (2001)
B.Sciunzi On the Three “Essential” Critical Values Theorem go
J.Appell, E.De Pascale, A.Vignoli A Semilinear Furi-Martelli-Vignoli Spectrum go
R.Kumar, K.Ahmad, L.Debnath On Fourier Transforms of Wavelet Packets go
M.Bildhauer A Note on Degenerate Variational Problems with Linear Growth go
S.Bernard Entropy Solution for a Hyperbolic Equation go
S.Marchi $C^{1,\alpha}$ Local Regularity for the Solutions of the $p$-Laplacian on the Heisenberg Group for $2≤p<1+\sqrt5$ go
I.Kmit, G.Hörmann Semilinear Hyperbolic Systems with Singular Non-Local Boundary Conditions: Reflection of Singularities and Delta Waves go
S.Heinze Wave Solutions to Reaction-Diffusion Systems in Perforated Domains go
M.Winkler On the Cauchy Problem for a Degenerate Parabolic Equation go
S.Ding Parametric Weighted Integral Inequalities for A-Harmonic Tensors go
J.Andres, L.Malaguti, V.Taddei Floquet Boundary Value Problems for Differential Inclusions: a Bound Sets Approach go
R.Agarwal, D.O'Regan, V.Lakshmikantham Quadratic Forms and Nonlinear Non-Resonant Singular Second Order Boundary Value Problems of Limit Circle Type go
A.Lepin, F.Sadyrbaev The Upper and Lower Functions Method for Second Order Systems go
D.Trong Crack Detection in Plane Semilinear Elasticity go
M.Ismail Orthogonality and Completeness of $q$-Fourier Type Systems go
B.Damyanov Some Distributional Products of Mikusiński Type in the Colombeau Algebra $\mathcal G(R^m)$ go
Issue 20/2 (2001)
W.Luxemburg, M.Väth The Existence of Non-Trivial Bounded Functionals Implies the Hahn-Banach Extension Theorem go
G.Loaiza, J.López Molina, M.Rivera Characterization of the Maximal Ideal of Operators Associated to the Tensor Norm Defined by an Orlicz Function go
F.Bagarello, A.Inoue, C.Trapani Unbounded $C$*-Seminorms and *-Representations of Partial *-Algebras go
J.Wolf Partial Regularity of Weak Solutions to Nonlinear Elliptic Systems Satisfying a Dini Condition go
J.Hu Nonlinear Diffusion Equations on Bounded Fractal Domains go
M.Kirane, N.Tatar Convergence Rates for a Reaction-Diffusion System go
V.Pata Hyperbolic Limit of Parabolic Semilinear Heat Equations with Fading Memory go
L.Heinrich On the Asymptotic Behaviour of the Integral $$\int^{\infty}_0 e^{itx} (\frac {1}{x^{\alpha}} – \frac {1}{[x^{\alpha}]+1} dx (t \rightarrow 0)$$ and Rates of Convergence to $\alpha$-Stable Limit Laws go
P.Kogut, G.Leugering On $S$-Homogenization of an Optimal Control Problem with Control and State Constraints go
M.Petzoldt Regularity Results for Laplace Interface Problems in Two Dimensions go
L.Berg, M.Krüppel Eigenfunctions of Two-Scale Difference Equations and Appell Polynomials go
L.Berezansky, E.Braverman On Oscillation of Equations with Distributed Delay go
A.Mshimba The Generalized Riemann Problem of Linear Conjugation for Polyanalytic Functions of Order $n$ in $W_{n,p}(D)$ go
A.Mshimba The Generalized Riemann Problem of Linear Conjugation for Non-Homogeneous Polyanalytic Equations of Order $n$ in $W_{n,p}(D)$ go
L.Klotz An Interpolation Problem for Hilbert-Schmidt Operator-Valued Stationary Processes go
Issue 20/1 (2001)
R.Bader A Topological Fixed-Point Index Theory for Evolution Inclusions go
P.Cerejeiras, K.Gürlebeck, U.Kähler, H.Malonek A Quaternionic Beltrami-Type Equation and the Existence of Local Homeomorphic Solutions go
S.Lal, S.Bhattacharya, C.Sreedhar Complex 2-Normed Linear Spaces and Extension of Linear 2-Functionals go
K.Oelschläger A Sequence of Integro-Differential Equations Approximating a Viscous Porous Medium Equation go
A.Rougirel Blow-Up and Convergence Results for a One-Dimensional Non-Local Parabolic Problem go
A.Bychowska, H.Leszczyński Parabolic Equations with Functional Dependence go
G.Schmidt Boundary Integral Operators for Plate Bending in Domains with Corners go
S.Nazarov, K.Pileckas On the Fredholm Property of the Stokes Operator in a Layer-Like Domain go
C.Stuart, G.Vuillaume A Discretised Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem with Many Spurious Branches of Solutions go
S.Saitoh, V.Kim Tuan, M.Yamamoto Conditional Stability of a Real Inverse Formula for the Laplace Transform go
M.Miettinen, U.Raitums On $C^1$-Regularity of Functions that Define $G$-Closure go
A.Tiero On Inequalities of Korn, Friedrichs, Magenes-Stampacchia-Necas and Babuska-Aziz go
Y.Zhou, B.Zhang Classification and Existence of Non-Oscillatory Solutions of Second-Order Neutral Delay Difference Equations go
M.Stankovic, M.Vidanovic, S.Trickovic Some Series over the Product of Two Trigonometric Functions and Series Involving Bessel Functions go
Issue 19/4 (2000)
F.Sommen On a Generalization of Fueter’s Theorem go
V.Kravchenko A New Approach for Describing Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media go
Y.Wang, M.Oberguggenberger Semilinear Geometric Optics for Generalized Solutions go
L.Wei-an, C.Hua Viscosity Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Degenerated Elliptic Equations of Second Order go
V.Felli Asymptotic Justification of the Conserved Phase-Field Model with Memory go
F.Bagagiolo, A.Visintin Hysteresis in Filtration through Porous Media go
L.Berg, M.Krüppel On a Simple System of Discrete Two-Scale Difference Equations go
N.Long, N.Nghia On a System of Functional Equations in a Multi-Dimensional Domain go
N.Long, B.Dung, H.Hung A Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem for a Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Operator in Weighted Sobolev Spaces go
Z.Balanov, W.Krawcewicz, A.Kushkuley, P.Zabrejko On a Local Lipschitz Constant of the Maps Related to $LU$-Decomposition go
S.Kirsch Univalent Functions with Range Restrictions go
C.Chu Some Properties of Legendre Functions and Related Applications go
D.Motreanu, V.Motreanu Coerciveness Property for a Class of Non-Smooth Functionals go
Issue 19/3 (2000)
K.Kürsten, E.Wagner On Representations of Partial *-Algebras Based on $\mathfrak B$-Weights go
G.Farkas, B.Garay A Non-Differentiability Result for the Inversion Operator between Sobolev Spaces go
V.Kravchenko A New Method for Obtaining Solutions of the Dirac Equation go
Z.Burinska, K.Runovski, H.Schmeisser On the Method of Approximation by Families of Linear Polynomial Operators go
A.Zayed, V.Kim Tuan Paley-Wiener-Type Theorem for a Class of Integral Transforms Arising from a Singular Dirac System go
R.Farwig, A.Novotný, M.Pokorný The Fundamental Solution of a Modified Oseen Problem go
A.Kuz'min Solvability of a Boundary Value Problem for Transonic Flow in a Nozzle go
G.Schindlmayr Capillary Surfaces in Non-Cylindrical Domains go
J.Johnsen Traces of Besov Spaces Revisited go
D.Haroske On More General Lipschitz Spaces go
N.Jacob, R.Schilling Fractional Derivatives Non-Symmetric and Time-Dependent Dirichlet Forms and the Drift Form go
H.Srivastava, M.Glasser, V.Adamchik Some Definite Integrals Associated with the Riemann Zeta Function go
E.D'Aniello, U.Darji On the Existence of $C^1$ Functions with Perfect Level Sets go
D.O'Regan A Multiplicity Fixed Point Theorem in Fréchet Spaces go
E.Thandapani, I.Arockiasamy Some Oscillation and Non-Oscillation Theorems for Fourth Order Difference Equations go
A.Rhodius On Ergodicity Coefficients of Infinite Stochastic Matrices go
K.Hayasida A slight modification to: On some Improperly Posed Problem for a Degenerate Nonlinear Parabolic Equation go
Issue 19/2 (2000)
T.Okon Choquet Theory in Metric Spaces go
V.Kisil Umbral Calculus and Cancellative Semigroup Algebras go
V.Wünsch Some New Conformal Covariants go
G.Bruno, A.Pankov On Convolution Operators in the Spaces of Almost Periodic Functions and $L^p$ Spaces go
T.Kilpeläinen, J.Malý Sobolev Inequalities on Sets with Irregular Boundaries go
H.Nguyen, M.Juniewicz, J.Zieminska $CM$-Selectors for Pairs of Oppositely Semicontinuous Multifunctions and Some Applications to Strongly Nonlinear Inclusions go
K.Hayasida On some Improperly Posed Problem for a Degenerate Nonlinear Parabolic Equation go
M.Kružík, T.Roubíček Weierstrass-Type Maximum Principle for Microstructure in Micromagnetics go
J.Gawinecki Local Existence of the Solution to the Initial-Boundary Value Problem in Nonlinear Thermodiffusion in Micropolar Medium go
M.Kirane, N.Tatar Non-Existence Results for a Semilinear Hyperbolic Problem with Boundary Condition of Memory Type go
M.Brokate, I.Collings, A.Pokrovskii, F.Stagnitti Asymptotically Stable Almost-Periodic Oscillations in Systems with Hysteresis Nonlinearities go
J.Janno, L.von Wolfersdorf Inverse Problems for Memory Kernels by Laplace Transform Methods go
P.Wong, R.Agarwal Multiple Solutions for a System of $(n_i, p_i) Boundary Value Problems go
W.Tutschke Identity Surfaces go
A.Mohammed The Classical and the Modified Neumann Problems for the Inhomogeneous Pluriholomorphic System in Polydiscs go
A.Lindner A Universal Constant for Exponential Riesz Sequences go
G.Stamov On the Existence of Almost Periodic Lyapunov Functions for Impulsive Differential Equations go
S.Marano Existence Results for the Equation $– \Delta u = f(x, u) in \mathbb R^n$ go
Y.Luchko Asymptotics of Zeros of the Wright Function go
Issue 19/1 (2000)
T.Chryssakis Geometry of Numerical Ranges in Locally $m$-Convex *-Algebras go
M.Leitz-Martini, M.Wollenberg Notes on Modular Conjugations of von Neumann Factors go
L.Arlotti On $B$-Bounded Semigroups as a Generalization of $C_0$-Semigroups go
J.Andres, G.Gabor, L.Gorniewicz Topological Structure of Solution Sets to Multi-Valued Asymptotic Problems go
J.Müller, K.Hadeler Monotonicity of the Number of Passages in Linear Chains and of the Basic Reproduction Number in Epidemic Models go
J.Tervo, M.Nihtilä Exponential Stability of a Nonlinear Distributed Parameter System go
V.Turunen Commutator Characterization of Periodic Pseudodifferential Operators go
D.Trong, D.Ang Domain Identification for Semilinear Elliptic Equations in the Plane: the Zero Flux Case go
J.Gawinecki, P.Kacprzyk, B.Bar-Joseph Initial-Boundary Value Problem for Some Coupled Nonlinear Parabolic System of Partial Differential Equations Appearing in Thermodiffusion in Solid Body go
W.Krabs, G.Sklyar On the Stabilizability of a Slowly Rotating Timoshenko Beam go
G.Hörmann, M.Kunzinger Regularized Derivatives in a 2-Dimensional Model of Self-Interacting Fields with Singular Data go
W.Kohl On a Class of Parabolic Integro-Differential Equations go
M.Biroli, N.Tchou Relaxation for Dirichlet Problems Involving a Dirichlet Form go
L.Berg, M.Krüppel De Rham’s Singular Function and Related Functions go
M.Damm Konstruktive Verzweigungstheorie für Halbeigenwerte go
J.vom Scheidt, H.Starkloff, R.Wunderlich Asymptotic Expansions of Integral Functionals of Weakly Correlated Random Processes go
S.Effati, A.Kamyad, R.Kamyabi-Gol On Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control Problems go
A.Lepin, A.Myshkis Extension of the Bernstein Condition to Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations of General Form go
Issue 18/4 (1999)
V.Thao Estimates for Quasiconformal Mappings onto Canonical Domains go
H.Begehr, D.Dai Spatial Riemann Problem for Analytic Functions of Two Complex Variables go
U.Kähler On Direct Decomposition of the Space $\mathcal L_p(\Omega)$ go
L.De Pascale Limits of Inner Superposition Operators and Young Measures go
E.Biberdorf, M.Väth On the Spectrum of Orthomorphisms and Barbashin Operators go
W.Farkas The Behaviour of the Eigenvalues for a Class of Operators Related to some Self-Affine Fractals in $\mathbb R^2$ go
J.Lovíšek Optimal Control of a Variational Inequality with Application to the Kirchhoff Plate Having Small Flexural Rigidity go
F.Mošna, J.Nečas Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations with Dissipative Temporal and Spatial Non-Local Memory go
T.Mel'nyk Homogenization of the Poisson Equation in a Thick Periodic Junction go
L.Lundin, A.Panchenko Acoustics of a Stratified Poroelastic Composite go
H.Altenbach, P.Deuring, K.Naumenko A System of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations Describing Creep Behaviour of Thin-Walled Shells go
K.Amano, S.Saitoh, A.Syarif A Real Inversion Formula for the Laplace Transform in a Sobolev Space go
S.Mataloni Representation Formulas for Non-Symmetric Dirichlet Forms go
V.Rabinovich Potential Type Operators on Curves with Vorticity Points go
G.Mingione, F.Siepe Full $C^{1, \alpha}$-Regu1arity for Minimizers of Integral Functionals with $L$ log $L$-Growth go
A.Szukala A Kneser-Type Theorem for the Equation $x^{(m)} = f(t,x)$ in Locally Convex Spaces go
Y.Wang, B.Zhang Oscillations of Certain Delay Integro-Differential Equations go
G.Mingzhe On the Hubert Inequality go
S.Guo, F.Qi Recursion Formulae for $\sum^n_{m=1} m^k$ go
Issue 18/3 (1999)
.Tadie On Uniqueness Conditions for Decreasing Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations go
Y.Cheng Some Surprising Results on a One-Dimensional Elliptic Boundary Value Blow-Up Problem go
C.Ebmeyer Mixed Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Elliptic Systems in n-Dimensional Lipschitzian Domains go
Y.Rakotondratsimba A Characterization of a Two-Weight Inequality for Discrete Two-Dimensional Hardy Operators go
J.Appell, M.Väth, A.Vignoli Compactness and Existence Results for Ordinary Differential Equations in Banach Spaces go
H.Nguyen Existence Theorems for Boundary Value Problems for Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Systems go
A.Mshimba The Generalized Riemann-Hilbert Boundary Value Problem for Non-Homogeneous Polyanalytic Differential Equation of Order $n$ in the Sobolev Space $W_{n,p}(D)$ go
V.Moroz, P.Zabrejko On Hammerstein Equations with Natural Growth Conditions go
S.Leonardi, J.Málek, J.Nečas, M.Pokorný On Axially Symmetric Flows in $mathbb R^3$ go
N.Macheras, K.Musiał, W.Strauss On Products of Admissible Liftings and Densities go
V.Didenko, B.Silbermann On Real and Complex Spectra in some Real C*-Algebras and Applications go
G.Vainikko An Integral Operator Representation of Classical Periodic Pseudodifferential Operators go
D.O'Regan A General Coincidence Theory for Set-Valued Maps go
M.Väth A Compactness Criterion of Mixed Krasnoselskii-Riesz Type in Regular ideal Spaces of Vector Functions go
M.Bernardi, C.Bondioli On Some Dimension Problems for Self-Affine Fractals go
N.Stavrakakis, N.Zographopoulos Global Bifurcation Results for a Semilinear Biharmonic Equation on all of $\mathbb R^N$ go
A.Göpfert, C.Tammer, C.Zălinescu A New Minimal Point Theorem in Product Spaces go
S.Kostadinov, G.Stamov Affinity Integral Manifolds for Impulsive Differential Equations go
I.Argyros Concerning the Convergence of a Modified Newton-Like Method go
F.Qi, J.Mei Some Inequalities of the Incomplete Gamma and Related Functions go
Issue 18/2 (1999)
J.Albrecht, P.Klein On the Matrix Norm Subordinate to the Holder Norm go
E.Wegert, A.Vasudeva Murthy Blow-Up in a Modified Constantin-Lax-Majda Model for the Vorticity Equation go
H.Begehr, G.Wen Oblique Derivative Problems for Elliptic Systems of Second Order Equations in Infinite Domains go
M.Goebel, F.Sachweh On the Autonomous Nemytskij Operator in Hölder Spaces go
R.Gorenflo, F.Mainardi Approximation of Levy-Feller Diffusion by Random Walk go
M.Grasselli Determining the Relaxation Kernel in Nonlinear One-Dimensional Viscoelasticity go
B.Hofmann, G.Fleischer Stability Rates for Linear Ill-Posed Problems with Compact and Non-Compact Operators go
J.Janno Nonlinear Equations with Operators Satisfying Generalized Lipschitz Conditions in Scales go
R.Kress On the Low Wave Number Behavior of Two-Dimensional Scattering Problems for an Open Arc go
E.Meister, K.Rottbrand Initial Dirichlet Problem for Half-Plane Diffraction: Global Formulae for its Generalized Eigenfunctions, Explicit Solution by the Cagniard-de Hoop Method go
A.Ramm Property C for Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications to Inverse Scattering go
W.Sprössig On Operators and Elementary Functions in Clifford Analysis go
H.Begehr Iterated Integral Operators in Clifford Analysis go
S.Bernstein Nonlinear Singular Integral Equations Involving the Hilbert Transform in Clifford Analysis go
H.Brunner The Discretization of Neutral Functional Integro-Differential Equations by Collocation Methods go
A.Lorenzi A Multidimensional Identification Problem Related to a Hyperbolic Integro-Differential Equation go
W.Krabs, G.Sklyar On the Controllability of a Slowly Rotating Timoshenko Beam go
U.Tautenhahn, R.Gorenflo On Optimal Regularization Methods for Fractional Differentiation go
K.Malanowksi, F.Tröltzsch Lipschitz Stability of Solutions to Parametric Optimal Control Problems for Parabolic Equations go
G.Wanka, U.Krallert Duality for Optimal Control-Approximation Problems with Gauges go
Issue 18/1 (1999)
F.Camilli A Note on Convergence of Level Sets go
D.Ang, R.Gorenflo, D.Trong A Multi-Dimensional Hausdorff Moment Problem: Regularization by Finite Moments go
A.Plichko, V.Shevchik On Restriction Properties of Multiplication Operators go
M.Nair On Morozov’s Method for Tikhonov Regularization as an Optimal Order Yielding Algorithm go
F.Fidaleo, T.Isola The Canonical Endomorphism for Infinite Index Inclusions go
G.Prokert On Evolution Equations for Moving Domains go
Z.Kamont Hyperbolic Functional-Differential Equations with Unbounded Delay go
C.Tian, B.Zhang Frequent Oscillation of a Class of Partial Difference Equations go
J.Turo Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to a Class of Stochastic Functional Partial Differential Equations via Integral Contractors go
A.Fakharzadeh, J.Rubio Global Solution of Optimal Shape Design Problems go
Issue 17/4 (1998)
G.Marino, G.Lewicki, P.Pietramala Finite Chainability, Locally Lipschitzian and Uniformly Continuous Functions go
C.Swartz, C.Stuart Orlicz-Pettis Theorems for Multiplier Convergent Series go
N.Bi, L.Debnath, Q.Sun Asymptotic Behavior of $M$-Band Scaling Functions of Daubechies Type go
A.Iannelli On Nonlinear Model of the Vibrating Membrane go
W.Velte On Inequalities of Friedrichs and Babuska-Aziz in Dimension Three go
E.Avgerinos, N.Papageorgiou Solutions and Periodic Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations with Non-Monotone Perturbations go
N.Chemetov Uniqueness Results for the Full Frémond Model of Shape Memory Alloys go
Y.Cui, H.Hudzik, R.Pluciennik On Some Uniform Convexities and Smoothness in Certain Sequence Spaces go
T.Hatziafratis Note on the Fourier-Laplace Transform of $\overline{\partial}$-Cohomology Classes go
R.Grande Fourier Multipliers for Besicovitch Spaces go
E.Chthterbakov Free Boundary Value Problem for the Axisymmetric Fluid’s Flow with Surface Tension and Wedging Forces go
H.Fischer Explicit Calculation of Some Polynomials Introduced by W. Gautschi go
G.Wirsching Balls in Constrained Urns and Cantor-Like Sets go
L.Berg, M.Krüppel Cantor Sets and Integral-Functional Equations go
D.Trong Domain Identification for a Nonlinear Elliptic Equation go
Issue 17/3 (1998)
V.Kravchenko On the Dirac Operator with an Electromagnetic Potential go
L.Klotz Orthogonal Projection and Restricted Subordination of Hubert-Schmidt Operator-Valued Stationary Processes go
O.Zaytsev On Strong Closure of Sets of Feasible States Associated with Families of Elliptic Operators go
L.Castro, F.Speck Regularity Properties and Generalized Inverses of Delta-Related Operators go
W.Kratz An Extremal Problem Related to the Maximum Modulus Theorem for Stokes Functions go
A.Passerini, G.Thäter The Stokes System in Domains with Outlets of Bounded and Connected Cross-Sections go
V.Maz'ya, A.Soloviev $L_p$-Theory of Boundary Integral Equations on a Contour with Inward Peak go
H.Glaeske, S.Yakubovich On the Stabilization of the Inversion of Some Kontorovich-Lebedev Like Integral Transforms go
P.Wong, R.Agarwal On Two-Point Right Focal Eigenvalue Problems go
W.Grecksch, V.Anh Approximation of Stochastic Differential Equations with Modified Fractional Brownian Motion go
H.Voigt Semi-Infinite Transportation Problems go
J.Hu The Riemann Problem for a Two-Dimensional Hyperbolic System of Nonlinear Conservation Laws: Multiplication of Distribution Solutions go
F.Fidaleo Some Operator Ideals in Non-Commutative Functional Analysis go
Issue 17/2 (1998)
V.Kravchenko, R.Castillo P. On the Kernel of the Klein-Gordon Operator go
M.Dörfner On a Theorem of Hernández and Nashed go
E.De Pascale, P.Zabrejko Convergence of the Newt on- Kantorovich Method under Vertgeim Conditions: a New Improvement go
D.O'Regan Fixed Point Theory for Weakly Contractive Maps with Applications to Operator Inclusions in Banach Spaces Relative to the Weak Topology go
A.Kalitvin Spectral Properties of Partial Integral Operators of Volterra and Volterra-Fredholm Type go
Y.Khidirov Degree Theory for Variational Inequalities in Complementary Systems go
G.Grillo On Persson’s Theorem in Local Dirichiet Spaces go
E.Barkova, P.Zabrejko On the Solvability of Linear Differential Equations with Unbounded Operators in Banach Spaces go
P.Krutitskii The 2-Dimensional Dirichiet Problem in an External Domain with Cuts go
D.Popovici On the Geometric Structure of Minimal Dilations on Hilbert $C*$-Modules go
M.Fuchs, V.Osmolovski Variational Integrals on Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces go
G.Posta Spectral Asymptotics for Variational Fractals go
E.Francini, A.Greco Blow-Up in Exterior Domains: Existence and Star-Shapedness go
R.Iannacci, A.Bersani, G.Dell'Acqua, P.Santucci Embedding Theorems for Sobolev-Besicovitch Spaces of Almost Periodic Functions go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein, K.Müller An Analysis of the Block Structure of Certain Subclasses of $j_{qq}$-Inner Functions go
I.Ginchev, A.Hoffmann The Hausdorff Nearest Circle to a Convex Compact Set in the Plane go
S.Nenov Impulsive Controllability and Optimization Problems Lagrange’s Method and Applications go
E.Thandapani, L.Ramuppillai Oscillation Theorems for Certain Class of Nonlinear Difference Equations go
Issue 17/1 (1998)
C.Chen, A.Kalitvin On Uryson Operators with Partial Integrals in Lebesgue Spaces with Mixed Norm go
V.Turunen, G.Vainikko On Symbol Analysis of Periodic Pseudo differential Operators go
M.Väth Complete Continuity of Some Nonlinear Volterra Operator in Banach Spaces go
V.Geyler, I.Chudaev Schrödinger Operators with Moving Point Perturbations and Related Solvable Models of Quantum Mechanical Systems go
L.Softova An Integral Estimate for the Gradient for a Class of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations in the Plane go
C.Cavaterra An Inverse Problem for a Viscoelastic Timoshenko Beam Model go
M.Chipot, J.Filo An Example of Blowup for a Degenerate Parabolic Equation with a Nonlinear Boundary Condition go
E.Liflyand, W.Trebels On Asymptotics for a Class of Radial Fourier Transforms go
Y.Rakotondratsimba Weighted Inequalities of Weak Type for the Fractional Integral Operator go
B.Fiedler A Characterization of the Dependence of the Riemannian Metric on the Curvature Tensor by Young Symmetrizers go
L.Berg, M.Krüppel On the Solution of an Integral-Functional Equation with a Parameter go
H.Fischer On Generating Orthogonal Polynomials for Discrete Measures go
V.Boichenko, A.Franz, G.Leonov, V.Reitmann Hausdorff and Fractal Dimension Estimates for Invariant Sets of Non-Injective Maps go
R.Klötzler Strong Duality for Transportation Flow Problems go
U.Felgenhauer, M.Wagner Essential Properties of $L^{\infty}$-functions go
Issue 16/4 (1997)
G.Calvaruso, L.Vanhecke Special Ball-Homogeneous Spaces go
Y.Rakotondratsimba Weighted Norm Inequalities for Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integrals of Order Less than One go
M.Frank, V.Manuilov, E.Troitsky On Conditional Expectations Arising from Group Actions go
D.O'Regan A Note on Fixed Point Theorems in Shells of Banach Spaces for Weakly Condensing Operators go
Y.Wang Nonlinear Geometric Optics for Shock Waves Part II: System Case go
R.Spielmann A Semilinear Elliptic Equation with Dirac Measure as Right-Hand Side go
K.Doppel, W.Herfort, K.Pflüger A Nonlinear Beam Equation Arising in the Theory of Elastic Bodies go
M.Uiterdijk On a Theorem by W. von Wahl go
B.Hofmann, U.Tautenhahn On Ill-Posedness Measures and Space Change in Sobolev Scales go
M.Dobrowolski, H.Roos A Priori Estimates for the Solution of Convection-Diffusion Problems and Interpolation on Shishkin Meshes go
F.Sommen, P.Van Lancker A Product for Special Classes of Monogenic Functions and Tensors go
E.Hoy On Bernstein’s Theorem for Quasiminimal Surfaces Part II go
Issue 16/3 (1997)
J.Boos, T.Leiger ’Restricted’ Closed Graph Theorems go
R.Cheng, L.Klotz Hardy Spaces on Products of Halfplanes and Prediction of Homogeneous Random Fields go
E.Stepanov Bifurcation from Simple Eigenvalue for Functional-Differential Equations go
M.Frank A Multiplier Approach to the Lance-Blecher Theorem go
S.Roch, P.Santos, B.Silbermann Finite Section Method in some Algebras of Multiplication and Convolution Operators and a Flip go
Y.Wang Nonlinear Geometric Optics for Shock Waves Part I: Scalar Case go
G.Anichini, G.Conti About the Existence of Solutions of a Boundary Value Problem for a Carathéodory Differential System go
M.Lanza de Cristoforis Differentiability Properties of the Autonomous Composition Operator in Sobolev Spaces go
M.Lancia, M.Marchi Liouville Theorems for Fuchsian-Type Operators on the Heisenberg Group go
K.Runovski, W.Sickel Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund-Type Inequalities Trigonometric Interpolation on Non-Uniform Grids and Unconditional Schauder Bases in Besov Spaces on the Torus go
L.Schroderus Convergence Results for Discrete Trigonometric Collocation Methods with Product Integration in Hölder-Zygmund Spaces go
D.Schott About Strongly Fejér Monotone Mappings and Their Relaxations go
K.Diethelm Peano Kernels of Non-Integer Order go
P.Krutitskii The Skew Derivative Problem in the Exterior of Open Curves in a Plane go
E.Thandapani, R.Arul Oscillation and Non-Oscillation Theorems for a Class of Second Order Quasilinear Difference Equations go
C.Tudor, M.Tudor Approximate Solutions for Multiple Stochastic Equations with Respect to Semimartingales go
H.Bor On the Local Property of Factored Fourier Series go
Issue 16/2 (1997)
T.Hatziafratis, A.Tsarpalias On the Integral Giving the Degree of a Map and a Rouché Type Theorem go
P.Yuditskii The Character-Automorphic Nehari Problem: Non-Uniqueness Criterion and some Extremal Solutions go
Y.Rakotondratsimba Weighted Inequalities for the Fractional Maximal Operator in Lorentz Spaces via Atomic Decomposition of Tent Spaces go
M.Biroli, N.Tchou Asymptotic Behaviour of Relaxed Dirichiet Problems Involving a Dirichlet-Poincar Form go
M.Günther, G.Prokert Existence Results for the Quasistationary Motion of a Free Capillary Liquid Drop go
P.Krutitskii The Neumann Problem for the 2-D Helmholtz Equation in a Multiply Connected Domain with Cuts go
W.Watzlawek Remarks on Analytic Solutions of Leray-Volevich-Coupled Systems go
C.Chur-jen, M.Väth On the $\mathcal L$-Characteristic of the Superposition Operator in Lebesgue Spaces with Mixed Norm go
A.Kufner, C.Simader Hardy Inequalities for Overdetermined Classes of Functions go
J.Corvellec A General Approach to the Min-Max Principle go
F.Gazzola, V.Pata A Uniform Attractor for a Non-Autonomous Generalized Navier-Stokes Equation go
B.Zhang, B.Yang Equivalence of Oscillation of a Class of Neutral Differential Equations and Ordinary Differential Equations go
T.Człapiński On the Mixed Problem for Quasilinear Partial Differential-Functional Equations of the First Order go
D.Bugajewski On some Applications of Theorems on the Spectral Radius to Differential Equations go
Issue 16/1 (1997)
S.Helgason Paul Günther’s Work on Hadamard’s Conjecture go
P. Günther: List of Publications go
M.Belger, R.Schimming, V.Wünsch A Survey on Huygens’ Principle go
W.Anderson, R.McLenaghan, T.Walton An Explicit Determination of the Non-self-adjoint Wave Equations that Satisfy Huygens’ Principle on Petrov Type III Background Space-times go
V.Wünsch On Huygens’ Principle for the Hodge-de Rham Equations with Lorentzian Gauge go
M.Belger, K.Beyer Some Remarks on Geodesic and Curvature Preserving Mappings go
R.Schuster About Systems of Differential Equations Related to Geodesic Double Differential Forms Mean Values and Harmonic Spaces Part I go
M.Burkhardt Remark on the Normal Forms of Diversors of Second Order Differential Equations of Normal Hyperbolic Type go
W.Kühnel, H.Rademacher Conformal Completion of $\mathbb U(n)$-invariant Ricci-Flat Kãhler Metrics at Infinity go
L.Schwachhöfer On Affine Connections whose Holonomy is a Tensor Representation go
E.Miersemann On the Capillary Surface in a Wide Circular Tube go
B.Fiedler A Use of Ideal Decomposition in the Computer Algebra of Tensor Expressions go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein On Some Interrelations between the Generalized Nehari Problem for the Carathéodory Class and Prediction Theory go
H.Rossberg, M.Riedel, B.Ramachandran Characterization of the Exponential Distribution by Properties of the Difference $X_{k+s:n} – X_{k:n}$ of Order Statistics go
J.vom Scheidt, S.Mehlhose, R.Wunderlich Distribution Approximations for Nonlinear Functionals of Weakly Correlated Random Processes go
J.vom Scheidt, U.Wöhrl Nonlinear Vibration Systems with Two Parallel Random Excitations go
Issue 15/4 (1996)
Y.Shu-Xiang On the Existence of Connecting Orbits go
S.Kupin Lifting Theorem as a Special Case of Abstract Interpolation Problem go
P.Dintelmann Fourier Multipliers between Weighted Anisotropic Function Spaces. Part II: Besov-Triebel Spaces go
K.Lancaster, D.Siegel Behavior of a Bounded Non-Parametric $H$-Surface Near a Reentrant Corner go
V.Geyler, V.Demidov On the Green Function of the Landau Operator and its Properties Related to Point Interactions go
R.Rau Hyperbolic Linear Skew-Product Semiflows go
L.Skrzypczak Heat Semi-Group and Function Spaces on Symmetric Spaces of Non-Compact Type go
W.Grecksch, A.Wadewitz Approximation of Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations by Discontinuous Galerkin Methods go
M.Pozio, A.Tesei On a Class of Nonlinear Neumann Problems of Parabolic Type: Blow-Up of Solutions go
J.Janno, L.von Wolfersdorf On a Class of Multilinear Operator Equations go
M.Gil' Stability of Linear Evolution Equations in Lattice Normed Spaces go
U.Tautenhahn Optimal Stable Solution of Cauchy Problems for Elliptic Equations go
V.Moroz, P.Zabrejko A Variant of the Mountain Pass Theorem and its Application to Hammerstein Integral Equations go
E.Henkel $\epsilon k^0$-Subdifferentia1s of Convex Functions go
I.Dreier On the Uncertainty Principle for Positive Definite Densities go
S.Varošanec, J.Pečarić, J.Šunde Some Discrete Inequalities go
Issue 15/3 (1996)
W.Tutschke, H.Vasudeva Compactness of an Integro-Differential Operator of Cauchy-Kovalevskaya Theory go
D.O'Regan A Continuation Method for Weakly Condensing Operators go
P.Dintelmann Fourier Multipliers between Weighted Anisotropic Function Spaces. Part I: Besov Spaces go
A.Rösch Fréchet Differentiability of the Solution of the Heat Equation with Respect to a Nonlinear Boundary Condition go
W.Reichel Radial Symmetry for an Electrostatic, a Capillarity and some Fully Nonlinear Overdetermined Problems on Exterior Domains go
C.Ebmeyer A Non-Degeneracy Property for a Class of Degenerate Parabolic Equations go
R.Mahnke Asymptotics of the Solution of an Integral Equation to Transmission Problems with Singular Perturbed Boundary go
U.Mertins On the Convergence of the Goerisch Method for Self-Adjoint Eigenvalue Problems with Arbitrary Spectrum go
E.Casas, F.Tröltzsch, A.Unger Second Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions for a Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Control Problem go
H.Akça, L.Berezansky, E.Braverman On Linear Integro-Differential Equations with Integral Impulsive Conditions go
Z.Trzaska Fibonacci Polynomials their Properties and Applications go
C.Frappier, M.Qazi Asymptotic Inequalities Related to the Maximum Modulus of a Polynomial go
A.Drwalewska A Generalization of the Weierstrass Theorem go
E.De Pascale, G.Marino, G.Metafune On the Method of Backward Steps of Carathéodory-Tonelli go
Issue 15/2 (1996)
V.Boju, L.Funar A Note on the Bonnet-Myers Theorem go
F.Sommen Monogenic Functions of Higher Spin go
K.Gürlebeck, U.Kähler On a Spatial Generalization of the Complex $\Pi$-Operator go
N.Yerzakova On Measures of Non-Compactness in Regular Spaces go
Y.Rakotondratsimba Weighted Inequalities for the Fractional Maximal Operator and the Fractional Integral Operator go
K.Frischmuth, J.Rossmann On the Dirichlet Problem for the Ekman Equation go
A.Augustynowicz, H.Leszczyński On $x$-Analytic Solutions to the Cauchy Problem for Partial Differential Equations with Retarded Variables go
R.Schumann Regularity for a Variational Inequality with a Pseudo differential Operator of Negative Order go
V.Pluschke Local Solutions to Quasilinear Parabolic Equations without Growth Restrictions go
J.Appell, E.De Pascale, A.Kalitvin, P.Zabrejko On the Application of the Newton–Kantorovich Method to Nonlinear Partial Integral Equations go
J.Matero Boundary-Blow-Up Problems in a Fractal Domain go
M.Dörfner A Numerical Range for Nonlinear Operators in Smooth Banach Spaces go
A.Noack, V.Reitmann Hausdorif Dimension Estimates for Invariant Sets of Time-Dependent Vector Fields go
U.Tautenhahn, T.Schröter On Optimal Regularization Methods for the Backward Heat Equation go
I.Gavrilyuk, V.Makarov Representation and Approximation of the Solution of an Initial Value Problem for a First Order Differential Equation in Banach Spaces go
S.Gähler, D.Matel-Kaminska Convergence Structures in Numerical Analysis go
H.Bor On Absolute Summability Factors go
Issue 15/1 (1996)
A.Carbone On a Fixed Point Theorem by Brosowski and Singh go
A.Pechtl Vector-Valued Integration in $BK$-Spaces go
D.Alpay, V.Bolotnikov, P.Loubaton An Interpolation Problem with Symmetry and Related Questions go
A.Gheondea Contractive Intertwining Dilations of Quasi-Contractions go
S.Hassi, J.Top On some Subclasses of Nevanlinna Functions go
V.Valmorin A New Algebra of Periodic Generalized Functions go
Y.Rakotondratsimba Weighted Inequalities for the Fractional Integral Operators on Monotone Functions go
R.Finn, J.Marek The Modified Canonical Proboscis go
J.Marschall Nonregular Pseudo-Differential Operators go
J.Gawinecki, N.Ortner, P.Wagner On the Fundamental Solution of the Operator of Dynamic Linear Thermodiffusion go
S.Leonardi, I.Skrypnik A Necessary Condition to Regularity of a Boundary Point for a Degenerate Quasilinear Parabolic Equation go
H.Behnke A Numerically Rigorous Proof of Curve Veering in an Eigenvalue Problem for Differential Equations go
D.Ruch, P.Van Fleet On Multipower Equations: Some Iterative Solutions and Applications go
H.Fischer On the Condition of Orthogonal Polynomials via Modified Moments go
N.Papageorgiou On the Variational Stability of a Class of Nonlinear Parabolic Optimal Control Problems go
Issue 14/4 (1995)
P.Deguire, X.Yuan Maximal Elements and Coincident Points for Couple-Majorized Mappings in Product Topological Vector Spaces go
J.Ryan Conformally Covariant Operators in Clifford Analysis go
V.Katsnelson, G.Weiss A Counterexample in Hardy Spaces with an Application to Systems Theory go
J.Blot, P.Cartigny Bounded Solutions and Oscillations of Concave Lagrangian Systems in Presence of a Discount Rate go
A.Ivanov Existence and Uniqueness of a Regular Solution of the Cauchy- Dirichlet Problem for Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Equations go
B.Scarpellini $\mathcal L^2$-Perturbations of Space-Periodic Equilibria of Navier-Stokes go
K.Pflüger Semilinear Elliptic Problems with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions in Unbounded Domains go
M.Chipot, F.Voirol On a Class of Nonlinear Elliptic Problems with Neumann Boundary Conditions Growing Like a Power go
L.Mastroeni, M.Matzeu An Integro-Differential Parabolic Variational Inequality Connected with the Problem of the American Option Pricing go
E.Ermolova Ljapunov-Bohl-Exponent und Greensche Funktion für eine Masse von Integro-Differentialgleichungen go
C.Chur-jen On a Generalized Integro-Differential Equation of Barbashin Type go
U.Yüksel An Example for Different Associated Spaces in the Case of Pseudoanalytic Functions go
Issue 14/3 (1995)
P.Berglez On the Representation of Generalized Analytic Vectors go
A.Ionescu On the Operator-Valued Nevanlinna-Pick Problem go
V.Bolotnikov Degenerate Stieltjes Moment Problem and Associated $J$-Inner Polynomials go
T.Okon A Generalized Topological Degree in Admissible Linear Spaces go
L.von Wolfersdorf, J.Janno On a Class of Nonlinear Convolution Equations go
F.Gazzola An Attractor for a 3D Navier-Stokes Type Equation go
S.Chen On Solvability of a Parabolic System Arising in Physical Oceanography go
G.Wen Initial-Mixed Boundary Value Problems for Parabolic Complex Equations of Second Order with Measurable Coefficients go
G.Grün Degenerate Parabolic Differential Equations of Fourth Order and a Plasticity Model with Non-Local Hardening go
H.Gittel A Variational Approach to Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Nonlinear Systems of Mixed Type go
O.Kelle, G.Vainikko A Fully Discrete Galerkin Method for Integral and Pseudo differential Equations on Closed Curves go
P.McCoy Solving Boundary Value Problems with "Average" Data Sampled on an Arc go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer, S.Jiong On the Discrete Spectrum of Ordinary Differential Operators in Weighted Function Spaces go
L.Berg Generalized Euler-Frobenius Polynomials go
A.Vignoli, P.Zabrejko Erratum to the paper: Some Remarks on the Hildebrandt-Graves Theorem go
Issue 14/2 (1995)
M.Brzezina On Continuous Capacities go
D.Alpay, J.Leblond Loewner Interpolation in Matrix Hardy Classes go
G.Peltri On the Decomposition of Unitary Operators into a Product of Finitely Many Positive Operators go
R.Heersink, W.Tutschke On Associated and Co-Associated Complex Differential Operators go
G.Freiling, G.Jank Non-Symmetric Matrix Riccati Equations go
F.Weissbaum Some Results on Non-Coercive Variational Problems and Applications go
S.Zimmermann, U.Mertins Variational Bounds to Eigenvalues of Self-Adjoint Eigenvalue Problems with Arbitrary Spectrum go
H.Esser, S.Goebbels, R.Nessel On the Sharpness of Error Bounds for the Numerical Solution of Initial Boundary Value Problems by Finite Difference Schemes go
A.Neubauer, O.Scherzer A Convergence Rate Result for a Steepest Descent Method and a Minimal Error Method for the Solution of Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems go
A.Göpfert, C.Tammer A New Maximal Point Theorem go
R.Klötzler Optimal Transportation Flows go
B.Shklyar Some Properties of the Attainable Set for the Abstract Control Problem with Application to Controllability go
Issue 14/1 (1995)
V.Kravchenko On a Biquaternionic Bag Model go
I.Keglević On a Property of Harmonic Functions go
N.Macheras, W.Strauss Products of Lower Densities go
M.Frank, V.Manuilov Diagonalizing 'Compact' Operators on Hilbert W*-Modules go
O.Kowalski, F.Prüfer A Classification of Special Riemannian 3-Manifolds with Distinct Constant Ricci Eigenvalues go
G.Bayada, M.Boukrouche, M.Talibi The Transient Lubrication Problem as a Generalized Hele-Shaw Type Problem go
A.Vignoli, P.Zabrejko Some Remarks on the Hildebrandt-Graves Theorem go
J.Appell, O.Diallo Problèmes aux limites pour des equations intégro-différentielles de type Barbachine go
W.Sickel, H.Triebel Hölder Inequalities and Sharp Embeddings in Function Spaces of $B^s_{pq}$ and $F^s_{pq}$ Type go
H.Fischer Recurrence Coefficients of Orthogonal Polynomials with Respect to Some Self-Similar Singular Distributions go
L.Berezansky, E.Braverman Preservation of the Exponential Stability under Perturbations of Linear Delay Impulsive Differential Equations go
S.Varošanec, J.Pečarić Gauss’ and Related Inequalities go
T.Rudek On a Comparison Theorem for Second Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations go
Issue 13/4 (1994)
M.Jiménez, E.López, J.Rückmann Sequential Convergence in the Space of Absolutely Riemann Integrable Functions go
S.Ramaswamy A Further Result on Analyticity of some Kernels go
D.Alpay, V.Bolotnikov The Carathéodory-Féjer Interpolation Problem in Hardy Classes go
V.Kravchenko, V.Kravchenko On some Nonlinear Equations Generated by Fueter Type Operators go
A.Andrian On the Existence of Solution of a System of Partial Differential Equations go
C.Bandle, A.Brillard Nonlinear Elliptic Equations Involving Critical Sobolev Exponents: Asymptotic Analysis via Methods of Epi-Convergence go
M.Kunze On the Uniqueness and Asymptotic Behaviour of Plasma Corners go
R.Hausding On Two Parameter Identification Problems Arising from a Special Form of Computerized Tomography go
G.Lüttgens The Comparison of Two Error Estimates for Approximate Solutions of the Poisson Equation go
A.Zabrejko, P.Zabrejko Chebyshev Polynomial Iterations and Approximate Solutions of Linear Operator Equations go
S.Prössdorf, J.Saranen A Fully Discrete Approximation Method for the Exterior Neumann Problem of the Helmholtz Equation go
T.Schröter, U.Tautenhahn On the Optimality of Regularization Methods for Solving Linear Ill-Posed Problems go
I.Ginchev The Hausdorff Nearest Circle to a Triangle go
W.Breckner Derived Sets in Multiobjective Optimization go
S.Rolewicz, S.Wen On Lower Semicontinuity and Metric Upper Semicontinuity of Nemytskii Set-Valued Operators go
M.Hanke Asymptotic Expansions for Regularization Methods of Linear Fully Implicit Differential-Algebraic Equations go
Issue 13/3 (1994)
J.Boos, K.Grosse-Erdmann, T.Leiger $L_{\varphi}$-Spaces and some Related Sequence Spaces go
V.Katsnelson An Embedding Theorem for Functions whose Fourier Transforms are Weighted Square Summable go
S.Wright Homogenization of the Stokes Equations with General Random Coefficients go
F.Brock Steiner Symmetrization and Periodic Solutions of Boundary Value Problems go
K.Gürlebeck, A.Hommel On Fundamental Solutions of the Heat Conduction Difference Operator go
R.Finn, T.Leise On the Canonical Proboscis go
A.Pedas, G.Vainikko The Smoothness of Solutions to Nonlinear Weakly Singular Integral Equations go
Z.Kamont, H.Leszczyński Uniqueness Result for the Generalized Entropy Solutions to the Cauchy Problem for First-Order Partial Differential-Functional Equations go
B.Marx Some Bifurcation Results Including Banach Space Valued Parameters go
M.Hanke Asymptotic Expansions for Regularization Methods of Linear Fully Implicit Differential-Algebraic Equations go
V.Kim Tuan, R.Gorenflo The Grünwald-Letnikov Difference Operator and Regularization of the Weyl Fractional Differentiation go
S.Ramaswamy Analyticity of some Kernels go
W.Hui-Feng, Y.Shu-Xiang On the Existence of Closed Orbits for a Differential System go
Issue 13/2 (1994)
R.Zaharopol On the Nakano Individual Convergence go
M.Fuchs On Stationary Incompressible Norton Fluids and some Extensions of Korn’s Inequality go
M.Ramaswamy, S.Ramaswamy Perron’s Method and Barrier Functions for the Viscosity Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem for some Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations go
E.Miersemann Asymptotic Formulas for Small Sessile Drops go
A.Dijksma, S.Marcantognini, H.de Snoo A Schur Type Analysis of the Minimal Unitary Hubert Space Extensions of a Krein Space Isometry whose Defect Subspaces are Hubert Spaces go
R.Schuster Spectral Estimates for Compact Hyperbolic Space Forms and the Selberg Zeta Function for $p$-Spectra II go
M.Valdivia, J.Schmets On the Existence of Holomorphic Functions Having Prescribed Asymptotic Expansions go
S.Roch Spline Approximation Methods Cutting Off Singularities go
E.Thandapani, S.Pandian On the Oscillatory Behaviour of Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Difference Equations go
M.Drakhlin, E.Litsyn On a Representation of the General Solution of a Functional-Differential Equation go
Issue 13/1 (1994)
A.Paolucci On the $K$-Theory Groups of Certain Crossed Product $C*$-A1gebras go
M.Oberguggenberger, Y.Wang Generalized Solutions to Conservation Laws go
V.Maz'ya, J.Rossmann On the Behaviour of Solutions to the Dirichiet Problem for Second Order Elliptic Equations near Edges and Polyhedral Vertices with Critical Angles go
U.Hamann Approximation by Linear Combinations of Fundamental Solution of Elliptic Systems of Partial Differential Operators go
T.Gegelia, L.Jentsch Uniqueness Theorems in Linear Theory of Microporous Solids go
S.Chen Multiple Solutions of a Nonlinear Boundary Layer Problem go
R.Verma General Approximation-Solvability of Nonlinear Equations Involving $\mathcal A$-regular Operators go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein On Spectral Factorization and Generalized Nehari Problems go
V.Bolotnikov Tangential Carathéodory-Fejer Interpolation for Stieltjes Functions at Real Points go
T.Constantinescu, A.Gheondea Extending Chains of Factorizations and Minimal Negative Signatures go
C.Bardaro, G.Vinti Modular Convergence Theorems in Fractional Musielak-Orlicz Spaces go
P.Köhler Estimating Remainder Functionals by the Moduli of Smoothness go
Issue 12/4 (1993)
D.Byun, S.Saitoh A Real Inversion Formula for the Laplace Transform go
E.Ifantis, C.Kokologiannaki Location of the Complex Zeros of Bessel Functions and Lommel Polynomials go
J.Tervo Some Classes of Essentially Maximal Operators go
L.Zhou On the Volume Infimum for Liquid Bridges go
W.Sprössig, E.Venturino The Treatment of Window Problems by Transform Methods go
F.Penzel, I.Spitkovsky Generalized Abel Integral Operators on Spaces with Rooney Weights go
J.Appell, M.Väth Weakly Singular Hammerstein-Volterra Operators in Orlicz and Hölder Spaces go
A.Scholl On the Nonlinear Tricomi Problem go
P.Junghanns, U.Weber On the Solvability of Nonlinear Singular Integral Equations go
M.Costabel, V.Ervin, E.Stephan Quadrature and Collocation Methods for the Double Layer Potential on Polygons go
D.Luu, W.Oettli Necessary Optimality Conditions for Non-Smooth Minimax Problems go
H.Roos, R.Vulanović A Higher Order Uniform Convergence Result for a Turning Point Problem go
A.Borzymowski A Nonlinear Neumann-Type Problem of a System of High Order Hyperbolic Integro-Differential Equations go
L.von Wolfersdorf On Optimality Conditions in some Control Problems for Memory Kernels in Viscoelasticity go
I.Gavrilyuk A Class of One-Dimensional Variational Inequalities and Difference Schemes of Arbitrary Given Degree of Accuracy go
M.Greguš, D.Sišoláková Behaviour of Solutions of a Third Order Differential Equation go
Issue 12/3 (1993)
J.Banasiak, J.Szczepaniak On Regularity of Solutions to Inner Obstacle Problems go
B.Fischer, R.Finn Existence Theorems and Measurement of the Capillary Contact Angle go
R.Gellrich Free Boundary Value Problems for the Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations in Domains with Noncompact Boundaries go
L.Golinskii Schur Functions, Schur Parameters and Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein On the Largest Minorants Associated with a Matrix-Valued Caratheodory Function and Spectral Factorization go
P.Alegria Schur Algorithm for the Integral Representations of Lacunary Hankel Forms go
L.Bezuglaya, V.Katsnelson The Sampling Theorem for Functions with Limited Multi-Band Spectrum I go
D.Hardin, P.Massopust Fractal Interpolation Functions from $R^n$ into $R^m$ and their Projections go
I.Gavrilyuk Exact Difference Schemes and Difference Schemes of Arbitrary Given Degree of Accuracy for Generalized One-Dimensional Third Boundary Value Problems go
Q.Sun Sequence Spaces and Stability of Integer Translates go
L.Berg Asymptotic Developments of the Solutions of the Translation Equation go
Issue 12/2 (1993)
P.Massopust Smooth Interpolating Curves and Surfaces Generated by Iterated Function Systems go
D.Alpay, V.Bolotnikov Two-Sided Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation for a Class of Matrix-Valued Functions go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein On the Weyl Matrix Balls Associated with Nondegenerate Matrix-Valued Carathéodory Functions go
C.Withalm Interdependent Components of Generating Systems in the Theory of Pseudo-Holomorphic Functions go
P.Schatte On Transformations of Distribution Functions on the Unit Interval - a Generalization of the Gauß-Kuzmin-Lévy Theorem go
M.Belger Eigenva1ue Distribution of Invariant Linear Second Order Elliptic Differential Operators with Constant Coefficients go
F.Brock Axially Symmetric Flow with Finite Cavities II go
U.Kangro The Smoothness of the Solution to a Two-Dimensional Integral Equation with Logarithmic Kernel go
H.Schachtzabel, H.Braunss, B.Hofmann On the Solution of an Ill-Posed Non-Linear Fredholm Integral Equation Connected with an Inverse Problem of Thin Film Optics go
G.Vainikko, K.Kunisch Identifiability of the Transmissivity Coefficient in an Elliptic Boundary Value Problem go
L.Lundin, G.Wen Integral and Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Systems of Composite Type go
R.Verma, L.Debnath On Approximation-Solvability of Nonlinear Equations in Reflexive Banach Spaces go
S.Kostadinov, D.Schott About Integral Equivalence between Linear and Nonlinear Operator Impulsive Differential Equations in a Banach Space go
C.Hamburger The Optimal Runner: a Control Problem with Phase Constraint go
L.Pickenhain Observations on the preceding paper of C. Hamburger: The Optimal Runner: a Control Problem with Phase Constraint go
Issue 12/1 (1993)
R.Johnson, C.Neugebauer Properties of BMO Functions whose Reciprocals are also BMO go
J.Boos, T.Leiger Some New Classes in Topological Sequence Spaces Related to $L_r$-Spaces and an Inclusion Theorem for K(X)-Spaces go
V.Katsnelson Weithed Spaces of Pseudocontinuable Functions and Approximations by Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles go
K.Beyer, M.Günther On a Singular Perturbation Problem for Rotating Magnetic Fluids go
A.Böttcher, I.Spitkovsky On a Theorem of Rooney Concerning the Spectrum of the Singular Integral Operator go
F.Brock Axially Symmetric Flow with Finite Cavities I go
L.Li Strong Approximation of Spherical Functions by Cesàro Means go
R.Maleev Norms of Best Smoothness in Orlicz Spaces go
N.Papageorgiou Continuous Dependence Results for Subdifferential Inclusions go
K.Eppler On the Existence of Optimal Solutions for Time-Optimal Semilinear Parabolic Boundary Control Problems go
H.Kraut An Existence Theorem for Control Problems with Unbounded Control Domain go
W.Beekmann, S.Chang $\lambda$-Convergence and $\lambda$-Conullity go
Issue 11/4 (1992)
H.Embacher, G.Grübl, M.Oberguggenberger Products of Distributions in Several Variables and Applications to Zero–Mass QED$_2$ go
P.Alberti A Study on the Geometry of Pairs of Positive Linear Forms, Algebraic Transition Probability and Geometrical Phase over Non-Commutative Operator Algebras (II) go
D.Arov, B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein On Some Completion Problems for Various Subclasses of $j_{pq}$-inner Functions go
H.Kalex On the Flow of a Temperature-Dependent Bingham Fluid in Non-Smooth Bounded Two-Dimensional Domains go
L.Lundin, W.Guochun Numerical Solutions for Some Free Boundary Value Problems Occuring in Planar Fluid Dynamics go
W.Grecksch A Stochastic Nonlinear Evolution Equation go
M.Balk, W.Tutschke Boundary Theorems of the Gehring-Lohwater and Plessner Type for Polyanalytic Functions go
S.Pickenhain Sufficiency Conditions for Weak Local Minima in Multidimensional Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Control-State Restrictions go
Issue 11/3 (1992)
P.Alberti A Study on the Geometry of Pairs of Positive linear Forms, Algebraic Transition Probability and Geometrical Phase over Non - Commutative Operator Algebras (I) go
M.Frank Spectral and Polar Decomposition in AW*-Algebras go
R.Schuster Spectral Estimates for Compact Hyperbolic Space Forms and the Selberg Zeta Function for $p$-Spectra. Part I go
S.Schot The Green’s Function Method for the Supported Plate Boundary Value Problem go
W.Kratz, A.Lindae A Representation Formula for Three-Dimensional Stokes Flows go
J.Appell, A.Carbone, P.Zabrejko A Note on the Existence and Uniqueness of Holder Solutions of Nonlinear Singular Integral Equations go
R.Kieser, B.Kleemann, A.Rathsfeld On a Full Discretization Scheme for a Hypersingular Boundary Integral Equation over Smooth Curves go
V.Isernhagen Error Bounds for Projection-Type Iterative Methods in Solving Linear Operator Equations go
P.Kröger A Counterexample for $L^1$-Estimates for Parabolic Differential Equations go
E.Wagner Error Bounds for the Truncation of Countable Linear Differential Systems Arising from Birth-Death Processes go
I.Foltyńska Oscillatory Solutions of a System of $n$ Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations of Second Order with Deviating Arguments go
E.Thandapani Oscillation Criteria for Certain Second Order Difference Equations go
H.Rudolph The SILP-Relaxation Method in Optimal Control: General Boundary Conditions II go
Issue 11/2 (1992)
B.Bordin, D.Lass Fernandes Singular Integral Operators with Operator-Valued Kernels on Spaces of Homogeneous Type go
A.Mshimba On a Mapping Property of Some Singular Integral Operators in Sobolev-Slobodecky Spaces go
V.Maz'ya, R.Mahnke Asymptotics of the Solution of a Boundary Integral Equation Under a Small Perturbation of a Corner go
V.Tsekanovskii On Classes of Stieltjes Type Operator-Valued Functions with Gaps go
V.Didenko Approximate Solution of Bisingular Integro-Differential Equations go
H.Tuan On the Continuous Dependence on Parameter of the Solution Set of Differential Inclusions go
K.Schüffler On the Dirichlet and the Riemann-Hilbert Problem on Möbius Strips go
R.Schuster A Generalization of the Barnes $G$-Function go
A.Abou-El-Eln, A.Sadek On the Boundedness and Periodicity of a Certain Differential Equation of Fifth Order go
F.Benkert On the Perturbation of Critical Values of Maximum-Minimum Type go
A.Abuladze, R.Klötzler Distributional Controls in Processes with Hammerstein Type Integral Equations go
D.Zagrodny General Sufficient Conditions for the Convexity of a Function go
D.Mitrinovic, J.Pečarić, L.Persson On a General Inequality with Applications go
Issue 11/1 (1992)
R.Finn, T.Vogel On the Volume Infimum for Liquid Bridges go
R.Illge On Massless Fields with Arbitrary Spin go
S.Jiang On a Generalization of the Spaces of Quasi-Constant Curvature go
J.Puhl A Remark on Interpolation with Generalized Parameters go
A.Lebre, E.Meister, F.Teixeira Some Results on the Invertibility of Wiener-Hopf-Hankel Operators go
S.Askhabov Singular Integral Equations with Monotone Nonlinearity in Complex Lebesgue Spaces go
L.von Wolfersdorf Some Classes of Nonlinear Mixed Volterra and Singular Integral Equations go
H.Ugowski On Certain Singular Ordinary Differential Equations of the First Order in Banach Spaces go
G.Leonov, V.Reitmann Convergent Solutions of Ordinary and Functional-Differential Pendulum-Like Equations go
M.Greguš On a Nonlinear Binomial Equation of Third Order go
M.Stojanović On the Optimal Convergence go
B.Büttgenbach, G.Lüttgens, R.Nessel An Explicit Representation of the Remainder of some Newton-Cotes Formulas in Terms of Higher Order Differences go
H.Rudolph The SILP-Relaxation Method in Optimal Control I: General Boundary Conditions go
Issue 10/4 (1991)
J.Schu A Fixed Point Theorem for Non-Expansive Mappings on Star-Shaped Domains go
R.Grząślewicz Exposed Operators in $\mathcal B (C(X), C(Y))$ go
S.Handrock-Meyer Determination of a Real Parameter in the Coefficient of a Quasilinear Elliptic Differential Equation go
S.Bernstein Operator Calculus for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Unbounded Domains go
K.Doppel, B.Schomburg Regularity of Solutions of the Weak Floating Beam Problem go
P.Berglez Zur Darstellung von Lösungen bei Systemen partieller Differentialgleichungen, insbesondere be! isolierten Singularitäten go
J.Marschall Weighted $L^P$-Estimates for Pseudo-Differential Operators with Non-Regular Symbols go
P.Knabner, L.von Wolfersdorf Travelling Wave Solutions of a System of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations with Integral Term go
C.Grossmann Semianalytic Discretization of Weakly Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Variable Coefficients go
F.Duzaar, M.Fuchs Einige Bemerkungen über die Existenz orientierter Mannigfaltigkeiten mit vorgeschriebener mittlerer Krümmungsform go
R.Klötzler Über eine Veraligemeinerung der Legendre-Hadamardschen Bedingung auf restringierte Variationsprobleme go
S.Kirsch Über den $p$-Modul eines mehrfach zusammenhängenden Vierecks und quasikonforme Abbildungen go
W.Sickel Some Remarks on Trigonometric Interpolation on the $n$-Torus go
C.Kokologiannaki, P.Siafarikas Non-Existence of Complex and Purely Imaginary Zeros of a Transcendental Equation Involving Bessel Functions go
E.Hoy Zum Bernsteinschen Satz für Quasiminimalflächen go
Issue 10/3 (1991)
B.Duggal A Generalized Commutativity Theorem go
P.Takác Domains of Attraction of Generic $\omega$-Limit Sets for Strongly Monotone Semiflows go
H.Abesser, J.Steigenberger On Structure Preserving Transformations in Hamiltonian Control Systems go
D.Gronau On the Structure of the Solutions of the Jabotinsky Equations in Banach Spaces go
V.Yakubovich Stability of Nonlinear Systems with Periodically Nonstationary Linear Part go
J.Nečas, M.Růžička A Dynamic Problem of Thermoelasticity go
Y.Shen, B.Zhang On the Periodic Solution Process to the Stochastic Model of Single Species go
K.Schneider Existence and Approximation Results to the Cauchy Problem for a Class of Differential-Algebraic Equations go
E.Hoy Über eine Erweiterung des Liouvilleschen Satzes go
I.Argyros On an Application of a Modification of the Zincenko Method to the Approximation of Implicit Functions go
S.Pickenhain, K.Tammer Sufficient Conditions for Local Optimality in Multidimensional Control Problems with State Restrictions go
U.Flemmig, H.Poppe On an Algorithm for Optimal Control Using an Augmented Hamiltonian go
R.Klötzler A Strengthening of a Lemma on Continuous Families of Closed Convex Sets go
Issue 10/2 (1991)
L.Bragg Transmutations and Ascent go
J.Tervo On the Ranges of Realizations in Distribution Spaces go
P.Wagner On the Quasi-Asymptotic Expansion of the Causal Fundamental Solution of Hyperbolic Operators and Systems go
T.Człapiński On the Cauchy Problem for Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems of Partial Differential-Functional Equations of the First Order go
A.Langenbach Über ein eindimensionales Modell der finiten Elastostatik go
L.von Wolfersdorf On the Linearization of the Satsuma-Mimura Diffusion Equation in the Spatial Periodic Case go
S.Askhabov, M.Betilgiriev A-Priori Estimates for the Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Convolution Equations go
M.Michalski On a Certain Differential Equation of Non-Integer Order go
H.Bauch Paley-Wiener-Sätze auf kompakten topologischen Gruppen go
O.Föllinger Eine Beziehung zwischen den Algebren verallgemeinerter Distributionen von Colombeau und Ivanov go
H.Glaeske, D.Müller Abelsche Sätze für die Laplace-Transformation von Distributionen go
M.Tasche Accelerating Convergence of Univariate and Bivariate Fourier Approximations go
P.Schatte, K.Nagasaka A Note on Benford’s Law for Second Order Linear Recurrences with Perodical Coefficients go
G.Maess, K.Frischmuth Parametric Quadratic Splines with Minimal Curvature go
M.Oberguggenberger Correction to Products of Distributions: Nonstandard Methods go
Issue 10/1 (1991)
F.Móricz Double Walsh Series with Coefficients of Bounded Variation go
W.Erben, G.Grimeisen Integration by Means of Riemann Sums in Banach Spaces II go
V.Kozlov On Asymptotics of the Green Function and Poisson Kernels of a Mixed Parabolic Problem in a Cone II (in Russian) go
G.Zhicheng On a Free Boundary Problem Modelling Thermal Oxidation of Silicon go
U.Hamann Approximation durch Lösungen elliptischer Randwertprobleme auf offenen Mengen II go
A.Nowakowski, A.Rogowski Duality for Nonlinear Abstract Evolution Differential Equations go
M.Goebel, D.Oestreich Optimal Control of a Nonlinear Singular Integral Equation Arising in Electrochemical Machining go
I.Argyros On an Iterative Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Operator Equations go
S.Michlin Quadrature Formula, FEM-Approximation (in Russian) go
M.Krbec, L.Pick On Imbeddings between Weighted Orlicz Spaces go
Issue 9/6 (1990)
W.Erben, G.Grimeisen Integration by Means of Riemann Sums in Banach Spaces I go
K.Schüffler Minimalflächen auf Möbius-Bändern go
R.Schuster On a Lattice Problem for Geodesic Double Differential Forms in the $n$-Dimensional Hyperbolic Space go
J.Daněček On the Interior Regularity of Weak Solutions to Nonlinear Elliptic Systems of Second Order go
B.Amosov On the approximate solution of elliptic pseudodifferential equations on a smooth closed curve go
J.Rossmann The Asymptotics of the Solutions of Linear Elliptic Variational Problems in Domains with Edges go
K.Beyer Die Gleichgewichtsform eines Ferrofluid-Tropfens in zweiter Näherung go
Issue 9/5 (1990)
J.Ryan Iterated Dirac Operators in $\mathbb C^n$ go
H.Junek Maximal Op*-Algebras on DF-Domains go
E.Wegert, L.von Wolfersdorf Potential Flow Past a Circular Cylinder with Permeable Surface and Nonlinear Filtration Law go
V.Headley Elliptic Oscillation Theory go
L.Jentsch Zur klassischen Kontaktaufgabe der Elastostatik go
R.Schumann Zur Regularität einer Kontakt-Randwertaufgabe go
E.Miersemann On the Singular Behaviour of Fluid in a Vertical Wedge go
H.Beckert Ein Fixpunktsatz für mehrdeutige konvexe Abbildungen auf der Sphäre go
H.Beckert Ein Fixpunktsatz für mehrdeutige nichtazyklische Abbildungen auf der Sphäre go
Issue 9/4 (1990)
U.Hamann Approximation durch Lösungen elliptischer Randwertprobleme auf offenen Mengen I go
L.von Wolfersdorf Travelling Wave Solutions of a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation with Integral Term go
E.Wegert On the Global Solvability of the Diffusion Equation of Satsuma and Mimura go
P.Schatte On Uniform Limitability and Banach Limits go
D.Schott Convergence Statements for Projection Type Linear Iterative Methods with Relaxations go
J.Prestin, S.Prössdorf Error Estimates in Generalized Trigonometric Hölder-Zygmund Norms go
E.Wagner Asymptotische Entwicklungen der Gaußschen hypergeometrischen Funktion für unbeschränkte Parameter go
H.Schell Asymptotische Entwicklungen der konfluenten hypergeometrischen Funktionen $U(a, b, z)$ und $M (a, b, z)$ für große Werte von $b$ und $z$ go
R.Riedel Zur Konvergenzbeschleunigung von Reihen mit logarithmischer Konvergenz go
Issue 9/3 (1990)
N.Lar'kin, M.Schneider A Stabilization Method for the Tricomi Problem go
D.Göhde Perturbation of Temperature Fields by a Small Inclusion go
U.Hamann Approximation durch Lösungen elliptischer Randwertprobleme auf nichtglatten Gebietsrändern go
I.Popovici, D.Vuza Factoring Compact Operators and Approximable Operators go
N.Osmolovskii Investigation of extremals in a generalized isoperimetric problem by means of higher-order conditions go
V.Pudei Die Struktur der Extremallösungen von linearen Differentialgleichungen $n$-ter Ordnung go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer Monotonicity Properties of Oscillatory Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations go
Issue 9/2 (1990)
D.Constales The Bergman and Szegö Kernels for Separately Monogenic Functions go
P.Drábek, T.Runst On the Existence of Solutions of a Semilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problem with Superlinear Nonlinearities go
B.Krause An Existence Theorem for General Control Problems of Nonlinear Evolution Equations of First Order go
K.Quasthoff Bifurcation and Stability of Capillary-Gravity Waves go
A.Sändig Error Estimates for Finite-Element Solutions of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Non-Smooth Domains go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer, T.Schott On the Existence of Conjugate Points for Sturm–Liouville Differential Equations go
M.Frank Self-Duality and $C*$-Reflexivity of Hilbert $C*$-Moduli go
E.Hoy Eine Liniennorm zur Konstruktion quasikonformer Abbildungen go
R.Kühne, A.Rhodius A Characterization of Pobrushin’s Coefficient of Ergodicity go
H.Herold Explizite Lösungen einer Klasse nichtlinearer partieller Differentialgleichungen go
Issue 9/1 (1990)
R.Schimming, D.Matel-Kaminska The Volume Problem for Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds go
Y.Karlovich, V.Kravchenko, G.Litvinchuk On Noethericity and Mikhlin Symbols of Operators of the Type of Singular Integral Operators with Shift (in Russian) go
M.Günther Zur lokalen Lösbarkeit nichtlinearer Differentialgleichungen vom gemischten Typ go
P.Oswald On Function Spaces Related to Finite Element Approximation Theory go
B.Schmalfuss Langzeitverhalten einer parabolischen Evolutionsgleichung mit zufälligen Einflüssen go
B.Fritzsche, B.Kirstein A Nehari Type ProbIem for Matricial Schur Functions go
R.Riedel Konvergenzbeschleunigung bei Potenzreihen durch asymptotische Entwicklung der Restsummen go
Issue 8/6 (1989)
R.Douglas, K.Wojciechowski Analytic Realization of Relative K-Homology on Manifolds with Boundary and Pairing with K-Cohomology go
M.Chlebík, J.Král Removable Singularities of the Functional Wave Equation go
A.Levin, V.Maz'ya Asymptotics of the densities of harmonic potentials near the apex of a cone (in Russian) go
R.Chichinadze, T.Gegelia Solution in Quadratures of the Basic Problems of Thermoelasticity for a Sphere and a Spherical Cavity go
R.Kluge Zur Regularisierung des Systems, bestehend aus den Reynolds-Gleichungen und dem $k-\varepsilon$-Modell der Turbulenz go
N.Kopachevskii, S.Krein A problem of the flow of a viscous fluid (in Russian) go
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Nonlinear Singular Integro-Differential Equations go
L.Berg Overdetermined Systems of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations go
Issue 8/5 (1989)
J.Tervo Some Properties of Pseudo-Differential Operators with Amplitude $Q(x, y, \xi$) go
P.Wagner Bernstein-Sato-Polynome und Faltungsgruppen zu Differentialoperatoren go
K.Schmüdgen A Note on the Strong-Operator Topology or Countably Generated $O$-Vector Spaces go
F.Tröltzsch On the Semigroup Approach for the Optimal Control of Semilinear Parabolic Equations Including Distributed and Boundary Control go
E.Wagner Lösungsapproximation und Fehlerabschätzungen für ein unendliches System linearer, gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen mit konstanter Bandmatrix go
E.Hoy Variationscharakterisierungen für gewisse quasikonforme Abbildungen go
S.Filippi, F.Schöne Über die Halbierung der Ordnung bei reziproken Polynomen und Anwendungen go
M.Michalski Multipoint Problem for an Extraordinary Differential Equation go
Issue 8/4 (1989)
S.Roch, B.Silbermann A. Symbol Calculus for the Algebra Generated by Shift Operators go
E.Meister, F.Speck The Explicit Solution of Elastodynamical Diffraction Problems by Symbol Factorization go
I.Mogilevskii, V.Solonnikov Solvability of a noncoercive initial-boundary value problem for the Stokes system in Hölder classes of functions (the half-space case) (in Russian) go
A.Koshelev, S.Chelkak, V.Chistyakov Regularity of solutions of some problems in mathematical physics (in Russian) go
I.Sloan, W.Wendland A Quadrature-Based Approach to Improving the Collocation Method for Splines of Even Degree go
G.Gatica, G.Hsiao The Coupling of Boundary Element and Finite Element Methods for a Nonlinear Exterior Boundary Value Problem go
Issue 8/3 (1989)
S.Prössdorf, A.Rathsfeld Quadrature and Collocation Methods for Singular Integral Equations on Curves with Corners go
H.Widom On the Singular Values of Toeplitz Matrices go
V.Paatashvili On the Noethericity of linear singular integral equations in weighted Lebesgue spaces go
M.Agranovich, A.Markus On Spectral Properties of Elliptic Pseudo-Differential Operators Far from Self-Adjoint Ones go
H.Triebel Local Approximation Spaces go
A.Langenbach Über lipschitzstetige implizite Funktionen go
Issue 8/2 (1989)
U.Dierkes A Geometric Maximum Principle for Surfaces of Prescribed Mean Curvature in Riemannian Manifolds go
T.Martin Ein Gitterpunktproblem in der hyperbolischen Ebene go
F.Prüfer The Spectrum and Quadrature Formulas of Spherical Space Forms go
V.Kozlov Asymptotics of the Green function and Poisson kernels of a mixed parabolic problem in a cone. I. go
A.Herwig Elliptische Randwertprobleme zweiter Ordnung in Gebieten mit einer Fehlstelle go
M.Malarski Traces of Anisotropic Sobolev Spaces with Mixed $L_p$-Norms on Hyperplanes go
S.Pilipović On the Behaviour of the Distributional Stieltjes Transformation at the Origin go
A.Timofeev Faktorisierung eines Differentialoperators unendlicher Ordnung in verallgemeinerten Ableitungen go
A.Dishliev, D.Bainov Continuous Dependence of the Solution of a System of Differential Equations with Impulses on the Initial Condition go
Issue 8/1 (1989)
V.Friedrich, U.Tautenhahn Regularized Parameter Identification in Elliptic Boundary Value Problems go
H.Goering, L.Tobiska Finite-Element Methods for Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Boundary Value Problems and its Application to the Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations go
E.Griepentrog, R.März Basic Properties of Some Differential-Algebraic Equations go
C.Wisotzki Behandlung Fredholmscher Integralgleichungen mit schwachen Singularitäten und Unstetigkeiten erster Art in den Kernfunktionen go
U.Streit Error Estimates for the Explicit Finite Difference Method Solving the Stefan Problem go
H.Leopold On Besov Spaces of Variable Order of Differentiation go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer Comparison Theorems for Nonself-Adjoint Differential Equations of Second Order go
F.Benkert On the Number of Stable Local Minima of Some Functionals go
Issue 7/6 (1988)
G.Anger Herbstschule "Inverse Probleme" go
G.Anger Zur Interpretation von Meßergebnissen go
H.Gründemann Zur Entwicklung von Randintegralgleichungen für eine Aufgabenklasse der mathematischen Physik go
S.Handrock-Meyer Inverse Probleme für die Wärmeleitungsgleichung go
B.Hofmann An Improved Multi-Parameter Adjustment Algorithm for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems go
H.Jochmann Interpretation of Variations of the Earth’s Vector of Rotation Using Inverse Solution go
H.Kaiser, H.Kaiser Identifikation von Interferenzschichtsystemen go
E.Kleine On the Identification of the Adiabatic Equation of State in Compressible Gas Flow go
H.Schachtzabel Phasenrekonstruktion für Stapel homogener dielektrischer Schichten gleicher optischer Dicke - eine Ambiguitätsstudie go
U.Tautenhahn On Parameter Identification for Ordinary Differential Equations go
Issue 7/5 (1988)
P.Rózsa István Fenyö (1917–1987) go
A.Dubovitskii, V.Dubovitskii Pointwise nontriviality of the maximum principle in problems with phase constraints (in Russian) go
R.Klötzler Steuerungstheoretische Behandlung einer Schachtelaufgabe go
W.Schirotzek, H.Scheffler Necessary Optimality Conditions for Nonsmooth Problems with Operator Constraints go
H.Phú Regulare Aufgaben der optimalen Steuerung mit linearen Zustandsrestriktionen go
R.Schuster A Lattice Problem for Differential Forms in Euclidean Spaces go
M.Hanke On the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation of the Carrier Transport in Semiconductors II: Numerical Approximation of Solutions go
H.Triebel How to Measure Smoothness of Distributions on Riemannian Symmetric Manifolds and Lie Groups? go
Issue 7/4 (1988)
P.Butzer, H.Kirschfink General Limit Theorems with $o$-Rates and Markov Processes under Pseudo-Moment Conditions go
K.Schmüdgen Spaces of Continuous Sesquilinear Forms Associated with Unbounded Operator Algebras go
M.Hanke On the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation of the Carrier Transport in Semiconductors I: Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions go
T.Kaszynski, W.Krawcewicz Solvability of Boundary Value Problems for the Inclusion $u_{tt} - u_{zz} \in g(t, x, u)$ via the Theory of Multi-Valued A-Proper Maps go
M.Oberguggenberger Products of Distributions: Nonstandard Methods go
H.Mevissen, R.Nessel, E.van Wickeren A Quantitative Bohman–Korovkin Theorem and its Sharpness for Riemann Integrable Functions go
M.Majchrowski On Nonlocal Problems for Pseudoparabolic Equations go
Issue 7/3 (1988)
M.Freund The Degree of Rational Approximation to Meromorphic Functions go
R.Schimming An Explicit Expression for the Korteweg–de Vries Hierarchy go
M.Fuchs Höhere Integrierbarkeit und Regularität für eine Kiasse freier Randwertprobleme go
R.Edmunds Inequalities between Entropy and Approximation Numbers of Compact Maps go
F.Cobos, D.Edmunds CIarkson's InequaIities, Besoy Spaces and Triebel–Sobolev Spaces go
M.Schröder On the Spectrum of Schrödinger Operators at the Half Space with a Certain Class of Boundary Conditions go
S.Dümmel, S.Handrock-Meyer Uniqueness of the Solution of an lnverse Problem for a Quasilinear Parabolic Equation in Divergence Form go
B.Hofmann On the Analysis of a Particular Volterra-Stieltjes Convolution Integral Equation go
F.Benkert On the Reduction Procedure for a Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation go
R.Klötzler Zur Anwendung des Pontrjaginschen Maximumprinzips bei distributiver Steuerung auf eine geometrische Aufgabenklasse go
S.Pickenhain Zum Vergleich verschiedener Dualitätsbegriffe aus der Sicht der Steuerungstheorie go
Issue 7/2 (1988)
S.Prössdorf Widmung: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Solomon G. Michlin zum 80. Geburtstag go
J.Tervo On Solvability of Linear Partial Differential Equations in Local Spaces $\mathcal B^{\mathrm {loc}}_{p,k} (G)$ go
T.Kerimov, V.Maz'ya, A.Novruzov A criterion for the regularity of the infinitely distant point for the Zaremba problem in a half-cylinder (in Russian) go
J.Turo Generalized Solutions of the Cauchy Problem for a Ionlinear Functional Partial Differential Equation go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer Nodal Domains for One- and Two-Dimensional Elliptic Differential Equations go
D.Petrov Bifurcation values of the parameters in a problem on forced oscillations in control systems with delays (in Russian) go
B.Dittmar Stekloffsche Eigenwerte und konforme Abbildungen go
L.von Wolfersdorf Steady State Solutions of the Satsuma-Mimura Diffusion Equation go
M.Reissig Ein abstraktes nichtlineares Cauchy-Kowalewskaja-Theorem mit singulären Koeffizienten II go
E.Ifantis, P.Siafarikas A Differential Equation for the Positive Zeros of the Function $\alpha J_v(z) + \gamma zJ_v'(z)$ go
Issue 7/1 (1988)
W.Timmermann On Commutators in Algebras of Unbounded Operators go
S.Ôta On a Singular Part of an Unbounded Operator go
P.Butzer, H.Kirschfink The Conditional Lindeberg–Trotter Operator in the Resolution of Limit Theorems with Rates for Dependent Random Variables. Applications to Markovian Processes go
J.Tervo On $\mathcal B_{p,k}$-Boundedness and Compactness of Linear Pseudo-Differential Operators go
K.Gröger, N.Strecker A Free Boundary Value Problem Modeling Thermal Oxidation of Silicon go
K.Beyer Gieichgewichtsfiguren magnetischer Flüssigkeiten go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer On the Elliptic Sturmian Theory for General Domains go
V.Warstat A Variational Principle for General Polymer Systems go
Issue 6/6 (1987)
B.Scarpellini Stability Properties of Space Periodic Standing Waves go
P.Esser Second Microlocalization and Propagation Theorems for the Wave Front Sets go
K.Quasthoff Die Bevorzugung hexagonaler Strukturen bei symmetrischen Oberflächenformen magnetischer Flüssigkeiten go
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Nonlinear Generalized Riemann-Hilbert-Poincaré Problems for Holomorphic Functions go
S.Prössdorf, A.Rathsfeld Stabilitätskriterien für Näherungsverfahren bei singulären Integralgleichungen in $L^p$ go
R.Schumann The Convergence of Rothe’s Method for Parabolic Differential Equations go
G.Leonov, V.Reitmann Dissipativität und globale Stabilität des komplexen Lorenz-Systems go
Issue 6/5 (1987)
R.Illge Zur Gültigkeit des Huygensschen Prinzips bei hyperbolischen Differentialgleichungssytemen in statischen Raum-Zeiten go
T.Mazumdar On Certain Higher Order Riccati-Type Operator Equations with Possibly Unbounded Operator Coefficients go
H.Schell Über das asymptotische Verhalten des Fermi–Dirac-Integrals go
W.Voigt Two-Sided Estimations for Nonlinear Parabolic Systems with Functionals go
H.Gittel Studies On Transonic Flow Problems by Nonlinear Variational Inequalities go
M.Günther Über zwei spezielle inverse Probleme der Potentialtheorie go
K.Morgenthal Ein Oszillationskriterum go
K.Bauer Integro-Differentialoperatoren bei formal hyperbolischen Differentialgleichungen go
Issue 6/4 (1987)
G.Conti, R.Iannacci, M.Nkashama Nonuniform Conditions for Periodic Solutions of Forced Liénard Systems with Distinct Delays go
N.Isakov Some problems in the theory of approximately differentiable functions (in Russian) go
L.Angermann Die Grundgleichungen der inneren Elektronik - ein Evolutionsproblem im Banach-Raum go
R.Schimming, J.Kowolik On Polyharmonic Riemannian Manifolds go
S.Pilipović, B.Stanković Abelian Theorem for the Distributional Stieltjes Transform go
G.Vainikko On the Optimality of Methods for Ill-Posed Problems go
R.Klötzler, S.Pickenhain Universale Rettungskurven II go
H.Phú Zur Lösung des linearisierten Knickstab-Problems mit beschränkter Ausbiegung go
Issue 6/3 (1987)
J.Appell, E.De Pascale, P.Zabrejko An Application of B. N. Sadovskij’s Fixed Point Principle to Nonlinear Singular Equations go
J.Heinrich Globale Existenz und Eindeutigkeit starker Lösungen für ein Gleichungssystem, das den Ladungstransport in einem Halbleiter beschreibt go
A.Müller-Rettkowski Über Gleichungen vom gemischt-zusammengesetzten Typ go
E.Wegert, L.von Wolfersdorf On a Class of Quasi-Linear Riemann-Hilbert Problems go
H.Girlich Zur Modellierung stochastischer Randwertprobleme partieller Differentialgleichungen go
E.Mieloszyk Operational Calculus and Boundary Value Problem for an Abstract Differential Equation go
B.Krause Translationshomogene statistische Lösungen dér Navier–Stokesschen Gleichungen in einem dreidimensionalen Kanalgebiet go
S.Hahn A General Random Fixed Point Theorem for Upper Semicontinuous Multivalued 1-Set-Contractions go
S.Gähler ERRATUM to Contribution to the Theory of Generalized Derivatives. Z. Anal. Anw. 5 (1986), 367-376. go
Issue 6/2 (1987)
N.Tu Lokale Darstellungen differenzierbarer Funktionen auf Banachräumen go
J.Socolowsky, J.Bergmann Eine gemischte Randwertaufgabe für stationäre Mehrschichtenströmungen go
Z.Kamont, K.Prządka On Solutions of First-Order Partial Differential-Functional Equations in an Unbounded Domain go
G.Bruckner, R.Kluge On a Coupled System of Partial Differential Equations go
H.Triebel Pseudo-Differential Operators in $F^s_{p,q}$-Spaces go
I.Fenyö Zusammenhang zwischen einer Integrodifferentialgleichung und einer Funktionalgleichung go
S.Pickenhain Dualität bei Steuerungsproblemen mehrfacher Integrale go
P.Senf, D.Vladimirov Automorphismen auf Produkten Boolescher Algebren go
T.Mikosch On the Convergence of Some Random Series go
Issue 6/1 (1987)
H.Begehr, G.Hsiao A Priori Estimates or Elliptic Systems go
P.Berglez Über funktionentheoretische Eigenschaften der Lösungen gewisser elliptischer Differentialgleichungen go
M.Reissig Ein abstraktes nichtlineares Cauchy–Kowalewskaja-Theorem mit singulären Koeffizienten I go
H.Begehr Der Satz von Cauchy–Kowalewski für hyperanalytische Funktionen go
A.Crodel Nichtlineare Evolutionsgleichungen für $q$-holomorphe Vektoren go
V.Vlakov, A.Prudnikov, D.Volkov Solution of the Dirichlet problem in a domain with a boundary containing a rounded corner (in Russian) go
F.Sommen Martinelli–Bochner Type Formulae in Complex Clifford Analysis go
L.von Wolfersdorf Some Recent Developments in the Theory of Nonlinear Singular Integral Equations go
H.Snyder, R.Wilkerson A New Computer-Assisted Analytic Method for the Dirichlet and Neumann Problems go
Issue 5/6 (1986)
K.Schmüdgen Topological Realizations of Calkin Algebras on Frechet Domains of Unbounded Operator Algebras go
M.Günther Zwei Versionen von verallgemeinerten Sätzen über implizite Funktionen go
M.Fuchs The Green Matrix for Strongly Elliptic Systems of Second Order with Continuous Coefficients go
H.Herrler Entartete lineare elliptische Differentialgleichungen und anisotrope Sobolewräume: Regularität schwacher Lösungen go
G.Freiling Necessary Conditions for the Uniform Convergence and Abel-Summability of Eigenfunction Expansions with Irregular Ordinary Differential Bundles go
W.Thämelt Invarianzeigenschaften bei Variationsproblemen mit nichtdifferenzierbaren Integranden go
B.Dittmar Extremalprobleme quasikonformer Abbildungen der Ebene als Steuerungsprobleme go
Issue 5/5 (1986)
L.Jentsch Über ebene Bimetallprobleme für das Aussengebiet mit verschiedenen Rand- und Kontaktbedingungen go
W.Grecksch Approximation einer parabolischen Itogleichung go
H.Leopold Boundedness of Anisotropic Pseudo-Differential Operators in Function Spaces of Besov–Hardy–Sobolev Type go
S.Dümmel Uniqueness Theorems for the Determination of a Coefficient in a Quasilinear Parabolic Equation go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer Comparison Theorems for Conjugate Points of Sturm-Liouville Differential Equations go
E.Krauss A Variational Principle for Equations and Inequalities with Maximal Monotone Operators go
L.Chong On the Stability Property for a General Form of Variational Inequalities go
S.Kirsch Ein transfiniter Durchmesser bei quasikonformen Normalabbildungen mehrfach zusammenhängender Gebiete go
H.Bauch Zum Begriff der Analytizität auf zusammenhängenden Iokalkompakten Gruppen go
H.Phú Einige notwendige Optimalitätsbedingungen für einfache reguläre Aufgaben der optimalen Steuerung go
D.Edmunds, A.Kufner, J.Rákosník ERRATUM to: Embeddings of Sobolev Spaces with Weights of Power Type go
Issue 5/4 (1986)
U.Raitums The maximum principle in optimal control problems for an elliptic equation (in Russian) go
R.Kluge, S.Unger Ein System stationärer partieller Differentialgleichungen des Ladungsträgertransportes in Halbleitern go
E.Krauss Maximal Monotone Operators and Saddle Functions I go
N.Tan Some Applications of Degree Theory to Bifurcation Problems go
S.Gähler Contribution to the Theory of Generalized Derivatives go
A.Göpfert, C.Gerth Über die Skalarisierung und Dualisierung von Vektoroptimierungsproblemen go
Issue 5/3 (1986)
H.Gittel Existenz- und Eindeutigkeitsbeweis zur Lösung des Goursat-Problems für quasilineare hyperbolische Systeme erster Ordnung mittels Differenzenverfahren go
H.Herrler Entartete lineare elliptische Differentialgleichungen und anisotrope Sobolewräume: Existenz schwacher Lösungen go
S.Carl Lösung semilinearer parabolischer Rand- AnIangswertprobleme durch monotone Iteration im Sobolevraum $W_2^{1,1} (Q_T)$ go
E.Wegert Zum Beweis einer Jackson-Typ-Ungleichung mit Hilfe spezieller Kommutatoren go
E.Wagner Asymptotische Darstellungen der hypergeometrischen Funktion für grosse Parameter unterschiedlicher Grössenordnung go
W.Römisch On the Convergence of Measurable Selections and an Application to Approximations in Stochastic Optimization go
Issue 5/2 (1986)
B.Apanasov Deformations of Hyperbolic Structures without the Completeness Condition go
L.Berg On the Majorization Method for Holomorphic Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations go
J.Bryčkov, H.Glaeske, O.Maričev Die Produktstruktur einer Klasse von Integraltransformationen go
K.Gürlebeck Hypercomplex Factorization of the Helmholtz Equation go
K.Habetha Eine Definition des Kroneckerindexes im $\mathbb R^{n+1}$ mit Hilfe der Cliffordanalysis go
G.Khimshiashvili Polysingular Operators and the Topology of Invertible Singular Operators go
E.Lanckau Bergman-Vekua Operators and "Generalized Axially Symmetric Potential Theory" go
V.Pluschke An Existence Theorem for a Quasilinear Hyperbolic Boundary Value Problem Solved by Semidiscretization in Time go
S.Ruscheweyh Non-Negative Trigonometric Polynomials with Constraints go
T.Tonev Generalized-Analytic Coverings in the Spectrum of a Uniform Algebra go
W.Tutschke On an Abstract Nonlinear Cauchy-Kowalewski Theorem – a Variant of L. Nirenberg’s and T. Nishida’s Proof go
Issue 5/1 (1986)
D.Dubin, J.Sotelo-Campos A Theory of Quantum Measurement Based on the CCR Algebra L$^+(\mathcal W)$ go
R.Klötzler Universale Rettungskurven I go
R.Funke Zur Regularität schwacher Lösungen thermoelastischer Variationsprobleme für stückweise stetige, anisotrope Körper unter Kopplungsbedingungen go
M.Fuchs Ein Regularitätssatz für ein lineares System von Variationsungleichungen mit einer Halbraumnebenbedingung go
U.Hamann, G.Wildenhain Approximation by Solutions of Elliptic Equations go
A.Hoffmann Eine Parallelogrammungleichung zum Exponenten $\gamma \in [1, 2]$ für Normen go
J.Friedrich On Strong Unboundedness of Symmetric Operators go
Issue 4/6 (1985)
A.Uhlmann Die Cartan-Algebra der äusseren Differentialformen als Supermannigfaltigkeit: Automorphismen, Jordan-Automorphismen und ihre Realisierung als Diffeomorphismen go
G.Anger, E.Kleine Some Special Inverse Problems for the Laplace Equation and the Helmholtz Equation go
V.Kokilashvili, J.Rákosník Weighted Inequalities for Vector-Valued Anisotropic Maximal Functions go
K.Morgenthal Über einen Vergleichssatz go
F.Tröltzsch On Duality and the Maximum Principle for Continuous Linear Programming Problems go
L.Berg Interpolation by Special Exponential Polynomials go
P.Sorjonen Generalized Resolvents of an lsometric Operator in a Pontrjagin Space go
T.Runst Para-Differential Operators in Spaces of Triebel-Lizorkin and Besov Type go
Issue 4/5 (1985)
L.von Wolfersdorf A Class of Nonlinear Singular Integral and Integro-differential Equations with Hilbert Kernel go
E.Zeidler Ein ailgemeines Bifurkationstheorem go
K.Beyer Bifurcation and Stability of Cellular States in Magnetic Fluids go
E.Miersemann On Capillary Free Surfaces without Gravity go
L.Jentsch Über ebene Bimetallprobleme mit verschiedenen Kontaktbedingungen und Dirichletschen Randbedingungen go
J.Maul On a Non-Classical Boundary Value Problem in Linear Plane Elasticity go
D.Göhde Singulare Störung von Randwertproblemen durch ein kleines Loch im Gebiet go
Issue 4/4 (1985)
A.Göpfert, G.Wanka, J.Wanka Approximation durch Lösungen partieller Differentialgleichungen go
M.Feistauer, J.Nečas On the Solvability of Transonic Potential Flow Problems go
R.Finn On the Pendant Liquid Drop go
P.Günther The Poisson Formula for Euclidean Space Groups and some of its Applications II. The Jacobi Transformation for Flat Manifolds go
J.Frehse Bernstein-Sätze nullter Ordnung und Liouville-Sätze für eine Klasse elliptischer Gleichungen go
G.Lassner, G.Lassner Twistprodukt und Quasi-*-AIgebren go
R.Klötzler Konvexe Bereiche kleinster Oberfläche bei gegebener Dicke go
Issue 4/3 (1985)
H.Rossberg Generalization of Cramér’s and Linnik’s Factorization Theorems in the Continuation Theory of Distribution Functions go
M.Fritzsche Über die Struktur maximaler Ideale in LMC*-Algebren go
C.Bandle A Note on Optimal Domains in a Reaction-Diffusion Problem go
D.Oestreich Das Poincarésche Randsteuerproblem bei elliptischen Differentialgleichungen zweiter Ordnung go
K.Hoffmann, H.Kornstaedt, J.Sprekels Automatische Steuerung freier Ränder bei Stefan-Problemen durch Thermostatkontrollen am festen Rand go
R.Schimming Riemannian Manifolds for which a Power of the Radius is $k$-harmonic go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer, S.Werler A Necessary and Sufficient Discreteness Condition for the Spectrum of a two Term Differential Operator of Higher Order go
W.Richter Laplace-Gauss Integrals, Gaussian Measure Asymptotic Behaviour and Probabilities of Moderate Deviations go
H.Birndt, W.Richter Vergleichende Betrachtungen zur Bestimmung des asymptotischen Verhaltens mehrdimensionaler Laplace-Gauss-Integrale go
E.Schock Ritz-Regularization versus Least-Square-Regularization. Solution Methods for Integral Equations of the First Kind go
Issue 4/2 (1985)
S.Aldashev Some local and nonlocal boundary value problems for hyperbolic equations (in Russian) go
K.Morgenthal Über das asymptotische Verhalten der Lösungen einer linearen Differentialgleichung mit Nachwirkung go
M.Studniarski Mean Value Theorem for Functions Possessing First Order Convex Approximations. Applications in Optimization Theory go
A.Dubovitskii, A.Milyutin The maximum principle in linear problems with mixed convex constraints (in Russian) go
Issue 4/1 (1985)
M.Goebel, N.Begashaw Coefficient Control in a Linear Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation go
R.Hofmann Eine Verallgemeinerung des Ritz-Prozesses go
D.Edmunds, A.Kufner, J.Rákosník Embeddings of Sobolev Spaces with Weights of Power Type go
H.Triebel A Remark on a Paper by D. E. Edmunds, A. Kufner and J. Râkosnfk go
G.Baumbach Lorentz-Folgenräume mit logarithmischem Gewicht go
J.Heinrich Zur Lösbarkeit der Anfangs-Randwertaufgabe $\frac{\partial}{\partial t} u-D(x, t, u) \Delta u = f$ im Sobolew-Raum go
H.Gittel Über das Goursat-Problem für quasilineare hyperbolische Systeme partieller Differentialgleichungen erster Ordnung mit zwei unabhängigen Variablen go
G.Berger Asymptotische Eigenwertverteilung des Laplace-Operators in bestimmten unbeschränkten Gebieten mit Neumannschen Randbedingungen und Restgliedabschätzungen go
Issue 3/6 (1984)
H.Gajewski, H.Sparing On the Limit of some Diffusion-Reaction System with Small Parameter go
W.Kliesch Zur numerischen Bestimmung des Abbildungsgrades im $\mathbb R^n$ II go
E.Hoy Orthonormalreihenentwicklungen für gewisse quasikonforme Normalabbildungen go
L.von Wolfersdorf Zur Unität der Lösung der Theodorsenschen Integralgleichung der konformen Abbildung go
H.Phú Zur Stetigkeit der Lösung der adjungierten Gleichung bei Aufgaben der optimalen Steuerung mit Zustandsbeschränkungen go
L.Chong On the Existence of Solutions for a General Form of Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities go
G.Forti Redundancy Conditions for the Functional Equation $f(x + h(x)) = f(x) + f(h(x))$ go
S.Kirsch Extremalprinzipien zur Charakterisierung von quasikonformen Normalabbildungen und ihre Anwendung zur Abschätzung von Gebietsfunktionalen go
J.Kolomý Remarks on Duality Mapping and the Lax-Milgram Property go
Issue 3/5 (1984)
L.von Wolfersdorf On Strongly Nonlinear Poincaré Boundary Value Problems for Harmonic Functions go
R.Schimming Konforminvarianten vom Gewicht –1 elnes Zusammenhanges oder Eichfeldes go
A.Müller-Rettkowski Ein Randwertproblem für eine nichtlineare Gleichung gemischtenTyps im $\mathbb R^3$ go
K.Doppel, N.Jacob On an Evolution Equation for a Non-Hypoelliptic Linear Partial Differential Operator from Stochastics go
Z.Sasvári Einige Bemerkungen über die Fortsetzung positiv definiter Funktionen go
T.Burchuladze Three-dimensional dynamic problems of the nonclassical theory of thermoelasticity (in Russian) go
J.Heinrich Einige Bemerkungen zur Anfangs-Randwertaufgabe $\frac{\partial}{\partial t} u - h(x, t) \Delta u =f$ mit meßbarem Koeffizienten go
Issue 3/4 (1984)
J.Eichhorn Abschätzungen für das Spektrum von $\Delta_p$ auf Räumen konstanter Krümmung go
R.Schimming, G.Teumer Spektrale Geometrie und Huygenssches Prinzip für Tensorfelder und Differentialformen II go
D.Göhde Interior Estimates for Singularly Perturbed Problems go
E.Chrzanowski Nonlocal Nonlinear Problems for One-Dimensional Parabolic System go
W.Kliesch Zur numerischen Bestimmung des Abbildungsgrades im $\mathbb R^n$ I go
H.Englisch, K.Kürsten Infinite Representability of Schrödinger Operators with Ergodic Potential go
E.Müller-Pfeiffer A Remark on the Qualitative Spectral Theory or Sturm-Liouville Operators go
G.Schmidt The Convergence of Galerkin and Collocation Methods with Splines for Pseudodifferential Equations on Closed Curves go
Issue 3/3 (1984)
A.Böttcher Fredholmness and finite section method for Toeplitz operators in $l^p (Z_+ \times Z_+)$ with piecewise continuous symbols II go
H.Glaeske, K.Stallknecht Eine Verallgemeinerung der Lambert-Transformation (II) go
E.Wagner Asymptotische Entwicklungen der hypergeometrischen Funktionen $F(a, b, c; z)$ für $|a| \to \infty$ und konstante $b, c, z$ go
E.Pfeifer, A.Rauhöft Über Grundlösungen von Differenzenoperatoren go
H.Glaeske, O.Maričev The Laguerre Transform of some Elementary Functions go
K.Kürsten Lokale Reflexivität und lokale Dualität von Ultraprodukten für halbgeordnete Banachräume go
G.Freiling Zur Vollständigkeit des Systems der Eigenfunktionen irregulärer Eigenwertprobleme mit $\lambda$-abhängigen Randbedingungen go
W.Grecksch Parabolische Regularisierung einer hyperbolischen Itogleichung go
Issue 3/2 (1984)
A.Böttcher Fredholmness and finite section method for Toeplitz operators in $l^p (Z_+ \times Z_+)$ with piecewise continuous symbols I go
H.Glaeske, K.Stallknecht Eine Verallgemeinerung der Lambert-Transformation I go
S.Kirsch Lageabschätzung für einen Kondensator minimaler Kapazität go
U.Raitums Necessary optimality conditions for systems described by nonlinear elliptic equations. II (in Russian) go
H.Schmeisser Maximal inequalities and Fourier multipliers for spaces with mixed quasinorms. Applications go
V.Totik Some properties of a new kind of modulus of smoothness go
L.Berg Asymptotische Abschätzung der Inversen Toeplitzscher Bandmatrizen im Grenzfall go
Issue 3/1 (1984)
G.Mandzhavidze, W.Tutschke Some estimates of the norms of derivatives of holomorphic functions, and their application to initial value problems (in Russian) go
K.Bauer Riemannfunktionen and Differentialoperatoren go
E.Hoy Flächensätze für quasikonform fortsetzbare Abbildungen go
C.Gupta, J.Mawhin Asymptotic conditions at the two first eigenvalues for the periodic solutions of Liénard differential equations and an inequality of E. Schmidt go
G.Altenburg Eine Realisierung der Theorie der abstrakten Besov-Räume $B_q^s(A) (s > 0, 1 \leq q \leq \infty$) und der Lebesgue-Räume $H^s_{p, \mu}$ auf der Grundlage Besselscher Differentialoperatoren go
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G.Bruckner On the existence of the solution of an abstract optimization problem related to a quasi-variational inequality go
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Issue 2/6 (1983)
J.Maul Mixed contact problems in plane elasticity II go
G.Wildenhain Uniform approximation by solutions of general boundary value problems for elliptic equations of arbitrary order I go
V.Maz'ya, B.Plamenevskii The first boundary value problem for classical equations of mathematical physics in domains with piecewise smooth boundaries. II (in Russian) go
W.Sperber Zur Existenz einer Lösung für ein bestimmtes parabolisches Randsteuerproblem go
H.Roos, L.Tobiska Singularly perturbed elliptic problems of second order with a singular line go
Issue 2/5 (1983)
K.Beyer Oberflächeninstabilitäten magnetischer Flüssigkeiten go
A.Dezin Invariant forms and some structural properties of the hydrodynamic Euler equations (in Russian) go
H.Englisch One-dimensional Schrödinger Operators with Ergodic Potential go
H.Schell Gleichmässige asymptotische Entwicklungen für unvollständige Integrale go
H.Triebel Modulation Spaces on the Euclidean $n$-Space go
J.Wanka Lösung von Kontaktaufgaben bei parabolischen Randanfangswertproblemen go
Issue 2/4 (1983)
J.Kolomý On the Kellogg method and its variants for finding of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of linear self-adjoint operators go
W.Eichenauer Zur zeitminimalen Randsteuerung einer homogenen schwingenden Saite go
E.Lanckau Bergmansche Integraloperatoren für instationäre Prozesse in der Ebene go
N.Zmitrenko An example of a gas dynamics dissipative system with reverse time direction (in Russian) go
A.Mikhailov Properties of solutions unbounded in time of diffusion equations (in Russian) go
V.Maz'ya, B.Plamenevskii The first boundary value problem for classical equations of mathematical physics in domains with piecewise-smooth boundaries. I (in Russian) go
E.Miersemann Quasilineare elliptische Differentialgleichungen zweiter Ordnung in mehrdimensionalen Gebieten mit Kegelspitzen go
E.Semenov, B.Tsirelson The problem of smallness of operator blocks in $L_p$ spaces (in Russian) go
H.Meister Zur lokalen Lipschitzstetigkeit der Bellmanschen Funktion für Steuerprobleme mit linearen Zustandsgleichungen go
Issue 2/3 (1983)
P.de Mottoni, A.Schiaffino, A.Tesei On stable space dependent stationary solutions of a competition system with diffusion go
J.Maul Mixed Contact Problems in Plane Elasticity go
L.Päivärinta Pseudo differential operators in Hardy–Triebel spaces go
S.Ackermann Axiomatische Bifurkationstheorie go
L.Berg Taylor’s Expansion in a Distribution Algebra go
E.Herbst Ein Kapazitätsbegriff für gewichtete Sobolewräume go
D.Vladimirov, P.Senf Partitions of totally disconnected compact spaces (in Russian) go
Issue 2/2 (1983)
P.Butzer, D.Schulz General Random Sum Limit Theorems for Martingales with large $\mathcal O$-Rates go
F.Fehér The Marcinkievicz Interpolation Theorem for Rearrangement-Invariant Function Spaces and Applications go
W.Arendt, C.D'Antoni A Spectral Mapping Theorem for Representations of Compact Groups go
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D.Schott Zur Konvergenz von Iterationsverfahren mit affinen Operatoren go
H.Schell Gleichmässige asymptotische Entwicklungen für Parameterintegrale mit zwei reellen Parametern go
A.Pomp Normabschätzungen für die Inversen von Toeplitz-Matrizen go
Issue 2/1 (1983)
E.Lanckau On the representation of Bergman–Vekua-operators for three-dimensional equations go
J.Mamedov, G.Berger, H.Dörner Eine Methode zur näherungsweisen Lösung einer Randwertaufgabe einer linearen gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichung 2. Ordnung go
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L.von Wolfersdorf On a Boundary Value Problem for a Special Class of First Order Semilinear Elliptic Systems in the Plane go
D.Oestreich Existenzsätze für einige Randsteuerprobleme bei verallgemeinerten analytischen Funktionen go
D.Sosna Existent einer schwachen Lösung eines eñtarteten parabolischen Rand-Anfangswertproblems zwischen schwachen Ober- und Unterlösungen go
R.Klötzler Dualität bei Steuerungsproblemen und zugeordneten Flussproblemen II go
E.Weihert Maximale Strömungen vollergodischer Automorphismen mit quasidiskretem Spektrum go
J.Donig A Note on the Invertibility of Generalized Wiener–Hopf Operators go
Issue 1/6 (1982)
T.Iwaniec Extremal inequalities in Sobolev spaces and quasiconformal mappings go
B.Gollan On the optimal value function of optimal control problems go
E.Wagner, L.von Wolfersdorf A regularization method in the Cauchy problem for holomorphic functions go
B.Silbermann Lokale Theorie des Reduktionsverfahrens für singuläre Integralgleichungen go
J.Maul Zur Lösung räumlicher Probleme der Elastizitätstheorie für torusberandete Gebiete mit Potentialen vom Typ der einfachen Schicht go
W.Kampowsky Optimalitätsbedingungen für Prozesse in Evolutionsgleichungen $n$-ter Ordnung go
Issue 1/5 (1982)
S.Meyer Die Methode der Grenzschichtverbesserung für eine Masse entarteter gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen go
H.Schell Gleichmässige asymptotische Darstellungen für Parameterintegrale mit zwei reellen Parametern go
P.Oja The Galerkin method for parabolic equations with operators of local type (in Russian) go
P.Drábek Nonlinear noncoercive equations and applications go
L.Jentsch Über ein Bimetallproblem in der Ebene go
Issue 1/4 (1982)
F.Tröltzsch On some parabolic boundary control problems with constraints on the control and functional-constraints on the state go
S.Pickenhain Starke Dualität bei verallgemeinerten Steuerproblemen go
L.Berg Differentiationsalgebren mit einem kubischen Element go
K.Kürsten Über zufällige Störungen einer Basis aus Exponentialfunktionen im Raum $L_2 [-\pi, \pi]$ go
H.Junek Factorization of operators mapping (F)-spaces into (DF)-spaces go
R.Klötzler Dualität bei Steuerungsproblemen und zugeordneten Flussproblemen I go
E.Miersemann Zur Regularität verallgemeinerter Lösungen von quasilinearen elliptischen Differentialgleichungen zweiter Ordnung in Gebieten mit Ecken go
R.Schumann The Galerkin approximation for quasilinear elliptic equations with rapidly (or slowly) increasing coefficients go
T.de Paly On a Class of Generalized $K$-Entropies and Bernoulli Shifts go
Issue 1/3 (1982)
E.Wagner Asymptotische Darstellungen der hypergeometrischen Funktionen für grosse Werte eines Parameters go
H.Benker, S.Kossert Remarks on quadratic optimal control problems in Hilbert spaces go
M.Vishik, A.Komech Strong solutions of a two-dimensional stochastic Navier-Stokes system and corresponding Kolmogorov equations (in Russian) go
W.Berndt Solution of a degenerated elliptic equation of second order in an unbounded domain go
T.de Paly On Entropy-Like Invariants for Dynamical Systems go
M.Fritzsche On the existence of dense ideals in LMC*-algebras go
M.Willem Remarks on the dual least action principle go
Issue 1/2 (1982)
A.Böttcher, B.Silbermann Über das Reduktionsverfahren für diskrete Wiener-Hopf-Gleichungen mit unstetigem Symbol go
D.Przeworska-Rolewicz Theorems on polynomials in right invertible operators go
A.Felgenhauer Verbindungsregeln (matching rules) für Projektoren in linearen Räumen go
A.Böttcher Toeplitz determinants with piecewise continuous generating function go
D.Schott, W.Peters Über Nullräume, Wertebereiche und Relationen von Operatoren, die bei instationären IterationsverIahren zur Lösung linearer Gleichungen auftreten go
W.Hackbusch A note on the penalty correction method go
R.Schimming Spektrale Geometrie und Huygenssches Prinzip für Tensorfelder und Differentialformen I go
Issue 1/1 (1982)
Geleitwort / Inhalt Beiträge zur Analysis go
P.Günther The Poisson formula for Euclidean space groups and some of its applications I go
M.Krbec Modular Interpolation Spaces I go
K.Häsler Obere und untere Schranken vollergodischer dynamischer Systeme mit quasidiskretem Spektrum go
W.Dickmeis, R.Nessel On Counterexamples for Rates of Convergence concerning Numerical Solutions of Initial Value Problems go
R.Mazurek On some class of holomorphie functions of several complex variables go
R.Riedel Asymptotische Darstellung verallgemeinerter Fourierintegrale IV go
V.Reitmann Über die Beschränktheit der Lösungen diskreter nichtstationärer Phasensysteme go