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Issue 142/0 (2019)
E.Türkan Implications of the index of a fixed point subgroup go
P.Sworowski On some variational measures related to the wide Denjoy integral and its counterparts go
O.Kegel, M.Kuzucuoğlu Corrigendum and addendum to “Centralizers of finite subgroups in Hall’s universal group” go
L.Christensen, P.Thompson Pure-minimal chain complexes go
M.Hassanzadeh, Z.Mostaghim Groups with few self-centralizing subgroups which are not self-normalizing go
J.Rojas, D.Lira The maximal number of skew lines on Schur’s quartic go
C.Deninger, A.Mellit $\mathbb ZR$ and rings of Witt vectors $W_S(R)$ go
J.Mandallena A necessary and sufficient condition for $C^1$-regularity of solutions of one-dimensional variational obstacle problems go
Z.Aghajari, G.Rezaeezadeh On the intersection of non-normal maximal subgroups of a finite group go
S.Matsuda $\pi$-exponentials for generalized twisted ramified Witt vectors go
C.Dubussy Enhanced Laplace transform and holomorphic Paley-Wiener-type theorems go
T.Bhattacharya, L.Marazzi A Phragmén–Lindelöf property of viscosity solutions to a class of doubly nonlinear parabolic equations. Bounded case go
Issue 141/0 (2019)
T.Puthenpurakal On the monotonicity of Hilbert functions go
T.Wilde Zeros of irreducible characters of metabelian $p$-groups go
B.Hu, J.Huang, A.Skiba On the generalized $\sigma$-Fitting subgroup of finite groups go
M.Geck On the values of unipotent characters in bad characteristic go
G.Du, P.Niu, J.Han Regularity results for quasilinear degenerate elliptic obstacle problems in Carnot groups go
A.Stocka Finite groups with the pp-embedding property go
D.Franco, M.Alves On the singular spectrum of tempered ultrahyperfunctions corresponding to proper convex cones go
N.Flowers, T.Wakefield Twisted cyclic groups go
B.Wehrfritz On hypercentre-by-polycyclic-by-nilpotent groups go
N.Battikh, H.Issaoui Structures d’algèbre de Gerstenhaber–Voronov sur les formes différentielles non commutatives go
M.Özavşar Nadler mappings in cone $b$-metric spaces over Banach algebras go
V.Alexandru, M.Vâjâitu, A.Zaharescu Generating sets of Galois equivariant Krasner analytic functions go
P.Hubschmid, E.Viada An Addendum to the elliptic torsion anomalous conjecture in codimension 2 go
S.Bach, V.Melani The derived moduli stack of shifted symplectic structures go
C.Enomoto, K.Yoshida Cleanness of Cohen–Macaulay monomial ideal generated by at most five elements go
Issue 140/0 (2018)
S.Marini, M.Nacinovich Mostow’s fibration for canonical embeddings of compact homogeneous CR manifolds go
A.Getmanenko A result on a singular Cauchy problem with a radial point revisited using microdifferential calculus go Giovanni, M.Trombetti Countable recognizability and residual properties of groups go
R.Laterveer Algebraic cycles on a very special EPW sextic go
S.Friedenberg, P.Wolf A brief journey through extensions of rational groups go
J.Bellier-Millès Complex manifolds as families of homotopy algebras go
P.Gille Semisimple groups that are quasi-split over a tamely ramified extension go
A.Sawkmie, M.Singh On the uniqueness of the factorization of power digraphs modulo $n$ go
H.Noormohammadi, A.Rahimi Cohen–Macaulayness and sequentially Cohen–Macaulayness of monomial ideals go
H.Yu On generalized $\Pi$-property of subgroups of finite groups go
Issue 139/0 (2018)
C.Huyghe, T.Schmidt Algèbres de distributions et $\mathcal D$-modules arithmétiques go
B.Kahn Motifs et adjoints go
J.Gao, X.Guo On $W$-$S$-permutable subgroups of finite groups go
W.Guo, C.Zhang, A.Skiba, D.Sinitsa On $H_{\sigma}$-permutably embedded subgroups of finite groups go
P.Chojecki Weak local-global compatibility and ordinary representations go
C.Zhang, L.Zhang, J.Huang On an open problem about $\pi$-quasi-$\mathfrak{F}$-groups go
C.Li, J.Huang, B.Hu Some sufficient conditions for $p$-nilpotence of a finite group go
L.Barbieri-Viale, M.Prest Definable categories and $\mathbb T$-motives go
M.Tărnăuceanu, M.Lazorec Cyclic subgroup commutativity degrees of finite groups go
G.He, P.Zhao The isoperimetric problem in the Grushin space $\mathbb{R}^{h+1}$ with density $|x|^p$ go
P.Keef Nunke’s problem for abelian $p$-groups of uncountable length go
Issue 138/0 (2017)
A.Pratelli, E.Radici On the piecewise approximation of bi-Lipschitz curves go
D.Bubboloni Graph homomorphisms and components of quotient graphs go
D.Bubboloni, M.Iranmanesh, S.Shaker Quotient graphs for power graphs go
G.Cimatti Remark on the equations of axially symmetric gravitational fields go
S.Breaz, G.Călugăreanu Strongly inert subgroups of abelian groups go
S.Alavi, A.Daneshkhah, A.Jafari On groups with the same character degrees as almost simple groups with socle Mathieu groups go
R.Brandl, G.Corsi Tani, L.Serena On finite $p$-groups minimally of class greater than two go
M.Cuntz, B.Mühlherr, C.Weigel Simplicial arrangements on convex cones go
A.Marchese Lusin type theorems for Radon measures go
B.Ben El Krafi, M.Mamouni On the Theriault conjecture for self homotopy equivalences go
D.Franetič Local loop near-rings go
K.Bahmanpour, K.Divaani-Aazar Weakly Laskerian rings versus Noetherian rings go
H.Yu A note on $S$-semipermutable subgroups of finite groups go
L.Gharbi, M.Ben Boubaker Positive solutions of singular semilinear elliptic problems in NTA-cones go
O.Kegel, M.Kuzucuoğlu Centralizers of finite subgroups in Hall’s universal group go
Issue 137/0 (2017)
D.Abramovich, B.Fantechi Configurations of points on degenerate varieties and properness of moduli spaces go
X.Lu Example of minimizer of the average-distance problem with non closed set of corners go
M.Foroudi Ghasemabadi, A.Iranmanesh, M.Ahanjideh A new characterization of some families of finite simple groups go
R.Alizade, Y.Durğun Test modules for flatness go
G.Rezaeezadeh, Z.Aghajari Cyclic non-$S$-permutable subgroups and non-normal maximal subgroups go
P.Chojecki, C.Sorensen Weak local-global compatibility in the $p$-adic Langlands program for $U(2)$ go
P.Chojecki, C.Sorensen Strong local-global compatibility in the $p$-adic Langlands program for $U(2)$ go
Y.Yamaura A construction of a uniform continuous minimizing movement associated with a singular functional go
V.Vougalter, V.Volpert Existence of stationary solutions for some integro-differential equations with superdiffusion go
H.Alzer, G.Jameson A harmonic mean inequality for the digamma function and related results go
R.Shankar Pathak, A.Singh Wavelet transform of Beurling–Björck type ultradistributions go
A.Chin, K.Qua Primary group rings go
A.Langer, T.Zink A comparison of logarithmic overconvergent de Rham–Witt and log-crystalline cohomology for projective smooth varieties with normal crossing divisor go
C.Acciarri, P.Shumyatsky Coverings of commutators in profinite groups go
Issue 136/0 (2016)
B.McCann On finite $p$-groups that are the product of a subgroup of class two and an abelian subgroup of order $p^3$ go
A.Jevnikar New existence results for the mean field equation on compact surfaces via degree theory go
W.Tomaszewski On laws of the form $ab\equiv ba$ equivalent to the abelian law go
M.Pellegrini, A.Zalesski Irreducible characters of finite simple groups constant at the $p$-singular elements go
X.He, S.Li, Y.Wang On BNA-normality and solvability of finite groups go
B.Wehrfritz Automorphisms of finite order of nilpotent groups IV go
B.Cahen Berezin transform and Stratonovich–Weyl correspondence for the multi-dimensional Jacobi group go
G.Afrouzi, M.Mirzapour, N.Chung Existence and multiplicity of solutions for a $p(x)$-Kirchhoff type equation go
G.Urzúa $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein smoothings of surfaces and degenerations of curves go
A.Bandini, F.Caldarola Stabilization for Iwasawa modules in $\mathbb Z_p$-extensions go
A.Ayachi, M.Aissaoui, H.Guebbaï, H.Fujita Yashima Système d’équations décrivant certains mouvements stationnaires en une dimension d’un gaz visqueux et calorifère go
L.Zhang, X.Chen, W.Guo On $\pi\mathfrak{F}$-supplemented subgroups of a finite group go
A.Czapliński, M.Dumnicki, Ł.Farnik, J.Gwoździewicz, M.Lampa-Baczyńska, G.Malara, T.Szemberg, J.Szpond, H.Tutaj-Gasińska On the Sylvester–Gallai theorem for conics go
H.Kaneko On the number of nonzero digits in the beta-expansions of algebraic numbers go
D.Caro Hard Lefschetz theorem in $p$-adic cohomology go
J.Asadollahi, T.Dehghanpour, R.Hafezi On the existence of Gorenstein projective precovers go
B.Cahen Berezin transform and Stratonovich–Weyl correspondence for the multi-dimensional Jacobi group (addendum) go
U.Albrecht On the existence of maximal $\mathcal S$-closed submodules go
Issue 135/0 (2016)
L.Dai, J.Dong On Kaplansky’s sixth conjecture go
T.Puthenpurakal On the intersection of annihilator of the Valabrega–Valla module go
T.Takahashi Projection of a nonsingular plane quintic curve and the dihedral group of order eight go
H.Belhireche, M.Aissaoui, F.Ellaggoune Solution globale de l’équation de coagulation des gouttelettes en chute avec le vent horizontal go
G.Gromadzki, E.Kozłowska-Walania On dimensions of the real nerve of the moduli space of Riemann surfaces of odd genus go
E.Solak Classification of a class of torsion-free abelian groups go
L.Mao Strongly FP-injective and strongly flat functors go
H.Chen A Poincaré lemma for Whitney–de Rham complex go
U.Albrecht, G.Scible Finitely generated modules and chain rings go
G.Cimatti The thermistor problem with Robin boundary condition go
X.Yi Characterizations of hypercyclically embedded subgroups of finite groups go
D.Mazzoleni Boundedness of minimizers for spectral problems in $\mathbb R^N$ go
O.Schnürer, W.Soergel Proper base change for separated locally proper maps go
A.Caranti A simple construction for a class of $p$-groups with all of their automorphisms central go
Issue 134/0 (2015)
C.Lazda Relative fundamental groups and rational points go
S.Ohkawa On logarithmic nonabelian Hodge theory of higher level in characteristic $p$ go
P.Ziegler Mordell–Lang in positive characteristic go
M.Hien, C.Sabbah The local Laplace transform of an elementary irregular meromorphic connection go
A.Connes, C.Consani The cyclic and epicyclic sites go
A.Iovita, A.Marmora On the continuity of the finite Bloch–Kato cohomology go
Issue 133/0 (2015)
N.Bagis, M.Glasser Evaluations of a continued fraction of Ramanujan go
F.Ivorra Mixed Hodge complexes and higher extensions of mixed Hodge modules on algebraic varieties go
C.Li, X.Yu, N.Tang Finite $p$-supersoluble groups with some $E$-$S$-supplemented subgroups go
P.Loth Pure injective and $\ast$-pure injective LCA groups go
R.Atanasov, M.Budden, J.Lambert Character difference digraphs over finite fields go
R.Hafezieh, P.Spiga Groups having complete bipartite divisor graphs for their conjugacy class sizes go
R.Richard Des $\pi$-exponentielles I: vecteurs de Witt annulés par Frobenius et algorithme de (leur) rayon de convergence go
M.Michalska, W.Mozgawa $\alpha$-isoptics of a triangle and their connection to $\alpha$-isoptic of an oval go
S.Kiani, H.Maimani, M.Pournaki, S.Yassemi Classification of rings with unit graphs having domination number less than four go
M.Marini, B.Ruffini On a class of weighted Gauss-type isoperimetric inequalities and applications to symmetrization go
S.Kondo Almost-periodic solution of linearized Hasegawa–Wakatani equations with vanishing resistivity go
A.Alahmadi, A.Facchini, N.Khanh Tung Automorphism-invariant modules go
Issue 132/0 (2014)
.Adimurthi, S.Ghoshal, G.Gowda Finer regularity of an entropy solution for 1-d scalar conservation laws with non uniform convex flux go
G.Afrouzi, N.Chung, S.Shakeri Positive solutions for a semipositone problem involving nonlocal operator go
S.Baishya, A.Das Harmonic numbers and finite groups go
F.Behrouzi Almost periodic functions on groupoids go
S.Fukasawa, K.Miura Galois points for a plane curve and its dual curve go
A.Jumani, C.Zamfirescu, T.Zamfirescu Lattice graphs with non-concurrent longest cycles go
T.Krämer Perverse sheaves on semiabelian varieties go
L.Liang, G.Yang Stability of Cartan–Eilenberg Gorenstein categories go
S.Liu NSE characterization of projective special linear group $L_5(2)$ go
Y.Tian Classicality of overconvergent Hilbert eigenforms: case of quadratic residue degrees go
N.Tuneski, M.Darus, E.Gelova Simple sufficient conditions for bounded turning go
D.Yu, J.Li, G.Chen, Y.Chen A characterization of automorphism groups of simple $K_3$-groups go
S.Zhang, Y.Han, J.Dou A class of Caffarelli–Kohn–Nirenberg type inequalities on the H-type group go
Issue 131/0 (2014)
P.Antonini Boundary integral for the Ramachandran index go
L.Fuchs, S.Lee When all reduced strongly flat modules are projective go
D.Calaque A PBW theorem for inclusions of (sheaves of) Lie algebroids go
Y.Hu, S.Morra, B.Schraen Sur la fidélité de certaines représentations de GL$_2(F)$ sous une algèbre d'Iwasawa go
H.Simpson, S.Spector A product property of Sobolev spaces with application to elliptic estimates go
L.Ezquerro, X.Li, Y.Li Finite groups with some CAP-subgroups go
T.Abe Explicit calculation of Frobenius isomorphisms and Poincaré duality in the theory of arithmetic $\mathcal D$-modules go
A.Banerjee On the Lie transformation algebra of monoids in symmetric monoidal categories go
J.Robinson, W.Sadowski A local smoothness criterion for solutions of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations go
M.Sango, C.Tadmon On global well-posedness for the Einstein-Maxwell-Euler system in Bondi coordinates go
A.López Martín Poincaré polynomials of stable map spaces to Grassmannians go
M.Fujimori Connectedness of the Tannakian group attached to semi-stable multiple filtrations go
R.Colombo, E.Rossi On the micro-macro limit in traffic flow go
M.Dugas, K.Aceves, B.Wagner Localizations of tensor products go
C.Vallejo Rodríguez A criterium for monomiality go
A.Magni, C.Mantegazza A note on Grayson's theorem go
H.Ahmadi, B.Taeri A graph related to the join of subgroups of a finite group go
Issue 130/0 (2013)
C.Contou-Carrère Jacobienne locale d'une courbe formelle relative go
D.Raimundo Regularity for elliptic pairs over $\mathbb C [[\hbar ]]$ go
T.Ma, Y.Song Hopf $\pi$-Crossed Biproduct and Related Coquasitriangular Structures go
E.Brugallé, N.Puignau Behavior of Welschinger Invariants Under Morse Simplifications go
V.Caselles, K.Jalalzai, M.Novaga On the Jump set of Solutions of the Total Variation Flow go
J.Wang, D.Liao, Z.Yu Hölder Continuity for Sub-Elliptic Systems Under the Sub-Quadratic Controllable Growth in Carnot Groups go
P.Sosna Fourier-Mukai Partners of Canonical Covers of Bielliptic and Enriques Surfaces go
H.Alzer, J.Sándor On a Divisibility Problem go
G.Rémond, C.Zehrt-Liebendörfer Le théorème de Schanuel pour un corps non commutatif go
Issue 129/0 (2013)
E.Bettio, G.Busetto, E.Jabara Automorfismi involutori di $p$-gruppi finiti go
T.De Medts, A.Maróti Perfect numbers and finite groups go
M.Patassini On the (non-)Contractibility of the Order Complex of the Coset Poset of an Alternating Group go
M.Ghadermazi, O.Karamzadeh, M.Namdari On the Functionally Countable Subalgebra of $C(X)$ go
S.Huang An Identity on Partial Generalized Automorphisms of Prime Rings go
M.Goldman A Geometric Approach for Convexity in Some Variational Problem in the Gauss Space go
S.Fukasawa Complete Determination of the Number of Galois Points for a Smooth Plane Curve go
M.Salimi, E.Tavasoli, S.Yassemi The Amalgamated Duplication of a Ring Along a Semidualizing Ideal go
C.Hill, M.Nacinovich Non Completely Solvable Systems of Complex First Order PDE's go
G.Yang, Z.Liu, L.Liang On Gorenstein Flat Preenvelopes of Complexes go
Q.Chen, D.Wang The Category of Partial Doi-Hopf Modules and Functors go
M.Merad, H.Belhireche, H.Fujita Yashima Solution stationnaire de l'équation de coagulation de gouttelettes en chute avec le vent horizontal go
J.Dou, Y.Han Ostrowski Type Inequalities Related to the Generalized Baouendi-Grushin Vector Fields go
W.Guo, A.Skiba, N.Yang $SE$-Supplemented Subgroups of Finite Groups go
A.Pál Curves which do not Become Semi-Stable After any Solvable Extension go
B.Cahen Berezin Quantization and Holomorphic Representations go
Issue 128/0 (2012)
A.Iovita Foreword go
L.Berger Central Characters for Smooth Irreducible Modular Representations of GL$_2$ ($Q_p$) go
K.Kedlaya, J.Tuitman Effective Convergence Bounds for Frobenius Structures on Connections go
N.Tsuzuki A Note on the First Rigid Cohomology Group for Geometrically Unibranch Varieties go
J.Bost, G.Freixas i Montplet Semi-Abelian Schemes and Heights of Cycles in Moduli Spaces of Abelian Varieties go
C.Deninger, D.Wegner Horizontal Factorizations of Certain Hasse-Weil Zeta Functions - a Remark on a Paper by Taniyama go
P.Colmez Une construction de $B^+_{\mathrm {dR}}$ go
F.Andreatta, A.Iovita Semistable Sheaves and Comparison Isomorphisms in the Semistable Case go
P.Berthelot Rigid Cohomology and de Rham-Witt Complexes go
Y.André Uniform Sheaves and Differential Equations go
Issue 127/0 (2012)
Y.Kaya On the Components of the Push-out Space with Certain Indices go
M.Seveso The Arithmetic Theory of Local Constants for Abelian Varieties go
N.Demni, D.Lépingle Brownian Motion, Reflection Groups and Tanaka Formula go
G.Cimatti Functional Solutions for a Plane Problem in Magnetohydrodinamics go
F.Kellil, G.Rousseau Opérateurs invariants sur un immeuble affine de type $\tilde B_n (n\ge3)$ go
F.Dumitrescu Another Look at Connections go
N.Kryuchkov Generalized Cotorsion Locally Compact Abelian Groups go
S.Takagi $\mathscr{A}$-Schemes and Zariski-Riemann Spaces go
T.Nakagawa Riccati Differential Equation for Hypergeometric Differential Equation go
S.Achimescu, V.Alexandru, N.Popescu, M.Vâjâitu, A.Zaharescu The Behaviour of Rigid Analytic Functions around Orbits of Elements of $\mathbb{C}_p$ go
U.Dardano, S.Rinauro Inertial Automorphisms of an Abelian Group go
C.Ndiaye, R.Schätzle A Convergence Theorem for Immersions with $L^2$-Bounded Second Fundamental Form go
B.Wehrfritz On the Fixed-Point Set and Commutator Subgroup of an Authomorphism of a Group of Finite Rank go
Issue 126/0 (2011)
H.Yoshihara A Note on Minimal Galois Embeddings of Abelian Surfaces go
P.Lella, M.Roggero Rational Components of Hilbert Schemes go
F.Veneziano Quadratic Integral Solutions to Double Pell Equations go
A.Dujella, T.Pejkovič Root Separation for Reducible Monic Quartics go
C.Li Finite Groups with Weakly $s$-Semipermutable Subgroups go
D.Caro Stabilité de l'holonomie sans structure de Frobenius: cas des courbes go
S.Gabelli, G.Picozza Star Stability and Star Regularity for Mori Domains go
A.Martins, T.Monteiro Fernandes Formal Extension of the Whitney Functor and Duality go
P.Keef Realization Theorems for Valuated $p^n$-Socles go
P.Sworowski On Riemann-Type Definition for the Wide Denjoy Integral go
S.Alavi, A.Daneshkhah, H.Tong-Viet, T.Wakefield Huppert's Conjecture for $Fi_{23}$ go
A.Azarang, O.Karamzadeh Which Fields Have No Maximal Subrings? go
K.Oliveira, P.Shumyatsky, C.Sica On Groups of Odd Order Admitting an Elementary 2-Group of Automorphisms go
P.Antonini Generalized Dirac Operators on Lorentzian Manifolds and Propagation of Singularities go
H.Smith Groups with all Subgroups Subnormal or Nilpotent-by-Chernikov go
Issue 125/0 (2011)
G.Palatucci Subcritical Approximation of the Sobolev Quotient and a Related Concentration Result go
A.Calabri, M.Murakami, E.Stagnaro Examples of Threefolds with Kodaira Dimension 1 or 2 go
H.Martini, W.Mozgawa An Integral Formula Related to Inner Isoptics go
R.Farwig, H.Kozono, H.Sohr Global Weak Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations with Nonhomogeneous Boundary Data and Divergence go
M.Ashraf, A.Khan Commutativity of *-Prime Rings with Generalized Derivations go
J.Cossey, S.Stonehewer On the Rarity of Quasinormal Subgroups go
Y.Fukuma On Quasi-Polarized Manifolds Whose Sectional Genus is Equal to the Irregularity go
M.Farrokhi D.G. Some Results on the Partition of Groups go
M.Hongan, N.ur Rehman, R.Al-Omary Lie Ideals and Jordan Triple Derivations in Rings go
B.Bertrand, E.Brugallé, G.Mikhalkin Tropical Open Hurwitz Numbers go
L.Prelli Conic Sheaves on Subanalytic Sites and Laplace Transform go
D.Robinson The Schur Multiplier of a Generalized Baumslag-Solitar Group go
Issue 124/0 (2010)
A.d'Azevedo Breda, P.Ribeiro, A.Santos Dihedral F-Tilings of the Sphere by Equilateral and Scalene Triangles-I go
U.Albrecht Right Utumi P.P.-Rings go
E.Paolini, L.Ulivi The Steiner Problem for Infinitely Many Points go
S.Hamdous, L.Manca, H.Fujita Yashima Mesure invariante pour le système d'équations stochastiques du modèle de proie-prédateur avec diffusion spatiale go
M.Stanković, S.Minčić, L.Velimirović, M.Zlatanović On Equitorsion Geodesic Mappings of General Affine Connection Spaces go
L.Granieri Metric Currents and Geometry of Wasserstein Spaces go
U.Schlickewei Stability of Tautological Vector Bundles on Hilbert Squares of Surfaces go
B.Wehrfritz Periodic-by-Nilpotent Linear Groups go
R.Gupta, A.Sharfuddin Screen Transversal Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Cosymplectic Manifolds go
E.Büyükașik, E.Mermut, S.Özdemir Rad-Supplemented Modules go
V.Gol'dshtein, M.Troyanov A Short Proof of the Hölder-Poincaré Duality for $L_p$-Cohomology go
G.Tralli Levi Curvature with Radial Symmetry: a Sphere Theorem for Bounded Reinhardt Domains of $\mathbb C^2$ go
O.Puglisi Simple Groups with Prescribed Local Structure go
A.Fathi, M.Zavidovique Ilmanen's Lemma on Insertion of $\mathbb C^{1,1} Functions go
P.Bernard Lasry-Lions Regularization and a Lemma of Ilmanen go
V.Lukyanenko, A.Skiba Finite Groups in which $\tau$-Quasinormality is a Transitive Relation go
Issue 123/0 (2010)
F.Incensi GIT Quotients of Products of Projective Planes go
T.Dube Contracting the Socle in Rings of Continuous Functions go
M.Maican A Duality Result for Moduli Spaces of Semistable Sheaves Supported on Projective Curves go
A.Altomani, C.Hill, M.Nacinovich, E.Porten Holomorphic Extension from Weakly Pseudoconcave CR Manifolds go
S.Tang, P.Niu Morrey Estimates for Parabolic Nondivergence Operators of Hörmander Type go
Ö.Gölbași, E.Koç Notes on Generalized $(\sigma,\tau)$-Derivation go
P.Příhoda Fair-Sized Projective Modules go
S.Öztürk Kaptanoglu Structure and Detection Theorems for $k[C_2\times C_4]$-Modules go
V.Caselles, A.Chambolle, M.Novaga Some Remarks on Uniqueness and Regularity of Cheeger Sets go
A.Arikan, N.Trabelsi On Certain Characterizations of Barely Transitive Groups go
H.Chen GAGA for DQ-Algebroid go
B.Taeri Cycles and Bipartite Graph on Conjugacy Class of Groups go
Y.Li On Cover-Avoiding Subgroups of Sylow Subgroups of Finite Groups go
Issue 122/0 (2009)
A.Popescu, S.Sultana Relative Spectral Norm on Algebraic Numbers go
M.Suzuki Analytic Solutions of Second Order Nonlinear Difference Equations All of Whose Eigenvalues are 1 go
E.Ortega-Torres, M.Rojas-Medar On the Regularity for Solutions of the Micropolar Fluid Equations go
A.Amini, B.Amini, A.Facchini Weak Krull-Schmidt for Infinite Direct Sums of Cyclically Presented Modules over Local Rings go
V.De Filippis, M.Tammam El-Sayid A Note on Posner's Theorem with Generalized Derivations on Lie Ideals go
E.Jabara Gruppi fattorizzati da sottogruppi ciclici go
S.Hamdous, H.Fujita Yashima Mesure invariante pour le système d'équations stochastiques du modèle de competition avec diffusion spatiale go
I.Venturi Rigid Two-Step Nilpotent Lie Groups Relative to Multicontact Structures go
A.Lemenant On the Homogeneity of Global Minimizers for the Mumford-Shah Functional when $K$ is a Smooth Cone go
S.Breaz Commutativity Criterions Using Normal Subgroup Lattices go
F.Wei, Z.Xiao Generalized Derivations on (Semi-)Prime Rings and Noncommutative Banach Algebras go
L.Rubió i Pons Fibrant Presheaves of Spectra and Guillén-Navarro Extension go
J.Etesse Relèvements de schémas et algèbres de Monsky-Washnitzer: Théorèmes d'équivalences set de pleine fidélité II go
D.Caro Sur la compatibilité à Frobenius de l'isomorphisme de dualité relative go
Issue 121/0 (2009)
F.Ateş, A.Çevik Knit Products of Some Groups and Their Applications go
E.Stagnaro A Threefold with $p_g=0$ and $P_2=2$ go
D.Stankovský Idempotent Subreducts of Semimodules over Commutative Semirings go
H.Morita, A.Wachi, J.Watanabe Zero-dimensional Gorenstein Algebras with the Action of the Symmetric Group go
D.D'Angeli, A.Donno A Group of Automorphisms of the Rooted Dyadic Tree and Associated Gelfand Pairs go
Y.Fukuma Sectional Invariants of Scroll over a Smooth Projective Variety go
G.Gaiffi, M.Grassi A Geometric Realization of $sl(6, \mathbb C)$ go
M.Badii The Thermistor Obstacle Problem with Periodic Data go
A.Arikan A Property of Generalized McLain Groups go
F.Bottacin Atiyah Classes and Closed Forms on Moduli Spaces of Sheaves go
A.Conca, C.Krattenthaler, J.Watanabe Regular Sequences of Symmetric Polynomials go
M.Rossi, G.Valla On the Chern Number of a Filtration go
D.Bazzanella A Note on Primes Between Consecutive Powers go
G.De Philippis, E.Paolini A Short Proof of the Minimality of Simons Cone go
B.Dhara, R.Sharma Right Sided Ideals and Multilinear Polynomials with Derivation on Prime Rings go
E.Martinengo Local Structure of Brill-Noether Strata in the Moduli Space of Flat Stable Bundles go
Issue 120/0 (2008)
J.Muñoz Masqué, M.Rosado María The Problem of Invariance for Covariant Hamiltonians go
F.Kellil, G.Rousseau Etude du Spectre Pour Certains Noyaux sur un Arbre go
U.Albrecht Finitely Presented Modules over Right Non-Singular Rings go
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