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Issue 36/3 (2020)
R.Leitão Almgren’s frequency formula for an extension problem related to the anisotropic fractional Laplacian go
F.Cantero Morán, M.Silvero Extreme Khovanov spectra go
Y.Kian Determination of non-compactly supported electromagnetic potentials in an unbounded closed waveguide go
D.Iglesias, J.Yepes Nicolás On discrete Borell–Brascamp–Lieb inequalities go
I.Birindelli, G.Galise, H.Ishii Towards a reversed Faber–Krahn inequality for the truncated Laplacian go
I.Holmes, P.Ivanisvili, A.Volberg The sharp constant in the weak (1,1) inequality for the square function: a new proof go
K.Kobayashi, J.Lind, A.Starnes Effect of random time changes on Loewner hulls go
Ł.Kosiński, J.McCarthy Extensions of bounded holomorphic functions on the tridisk go
D.Impera, M.Rimoldi, A.Savo Index and first Betti number of $f$-minimal hypersurfaces and self-shrinkers go
F.Pacella, G.Tralli Overdetermined problems and constant mean curvature surfaces in cones go
T.Katsura, M.Schütt Zariski K3 surfaces go
F.De Anna, S.Scrobogna A global well-posedness result for the Rosensweig system of ferrofluids go
R.Torres, Q.Xue On compactness of commutators of multiplication and bilinear pseudodifferential operators and a new subspace of BMO go
Issue 36/2 (2020)
F.Polizzi, P.Sabatino, B.Sciunzi A weak comparison principle in tubular neighbourhoods of embedded manifolds go
K.Hidano, J.Jiang, S.Lee, C.Wang Weighted fractional chain rule and nonlinear wave equations with minimal regularity go
B.Perthame, N.Vauchelet, Z.Wang The flux limited Keller–Segel system; properties and derivation from kinetic equations go
V.Mazorchuk, V.Miemietz, X.Zhang Pyramids and 2-representations go
L.Dieulefait Automorphy of $m$-fold tensor products of GL(2) go
H.Hezari, G.Rivière Equidistribution of toral eigenfunctions along hypersurfaces go
T.Bui, P.D'Ancona, F.Nicola Sharp $L^p$ estimates for Schrödinger groups on spaces of homogeneous type go
R.Rubio, C.Tipler The Lie group of automorphisms of a Courant algebroid and the moduli space of generalized metrics go
S.Zhang The exact power law for Buffon’s needle landing near some random Cantor sets go
E.Girondo, G.González-Diez, R.Hidalgo, G.Jones Zapponi-orientable dessins d’enfants go
N.Gigli, E.Pasqualetto On the notion of parallel transport on RCD spaces go
O.Bakas, E.Latorre, D.Rincón M., J.Wright A class of multiparameter oscillatory singular integral operators: endpoint Hardy space bounds go
Issue 36/1 (2020)
G.Bessa, V.Gimeno, L.Jorge Green functions and the Dirichlet spectrum go
D.Han-Kwan, É.Miot, A.Moussa, I.Moyano Uniqueness of the solution to the 2D Vlasov–Navier–Stokes system go
P.Zalesskiĭ, T.Zapata Profinite extensions of centralizers and the profinite completion of limit groups go
P.Ivanisvili, A.Volberg Poincaré inequality 3/2 on the Hamming cube go
R.Kesler $L^p$ estimates for semi-degenerate simplex multipliers go
M.Fernández, V.Muñoz, J.Sánchez On SO(3)-bundles over the Wolf spaces go
M.Cavalcante, D.Ferreira de Oliveira Lower bounds for the index of compact constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb R^3$ and $\mathbb S^3$ go
M.Rudnev, I.Shkredov, S.Stevens On the energy variant of the sum-product conjecture go
D.Veniani Symmetries and equations of smooth quartic surfaces with many lines go
L.Ambrosio, G.Stefani Heat and entropy flows in Carnot groups go
J.Llibre, D.Novaes, I.Zeli Limit cycles of piecewise polynomial perturbations of higher dimensional linear differential systems go
Issue 35/7 (2019)
M.Christ Near-extremizers of Young’s inequality for Euclidean groups go
O.Balkanova, D.Frolenkov Convolution formula for the sums of generalized Dirichlet $L$-functions go
A.Rüland Quantitative invertibility and approximation for the truncated Hilbert and Riesz transforms go
S.Faraji, A.Grigor'yan On biparabolicity of Riemannian manifolds go
F.Fontenele, F.Xavier Finding umbilics on open convex surfaces go
A.Kachmar, N.Raymond Tunnel effect in a shrinking shell enlacing a magnetic field go
F.Gmeineder, B.Raiță On critical $L^p$-differentiability of BD-maps go
A.Cauli, F.Nicola, A.Tabacco Strichartz estimates for the metaplectic representation go
J.Buttcane The arithmetic Kuznetsov formula on GL(3), I: The Whittaker case go
M.Kell On Cheeger and Sobolev differentials in metric measure spaces go
J.Madrid Endpoint Sobolev and BV continuity for maximal operators, II go
P.Candela, D.González-Sánchez, Roton A Plünnecke–Ruzsa inequality in compact abelian groups go
E.Andruchow, G.Corach, L.Recht The Poincaré half-space of a C$^*$-algebra go
R.Albuquerque A fundamental differential system of Riemannian geometry go
Issue 35/6 (2019)
R.Korte, P.Lahti, X.Li, N.Shanmugalingam Notions of Dirichlet problem for functions of least gradient in metric measure spaces go
L.Hitruhin Joint rotational and stretching multifractal spectra of mappings with integrable distortion go
A.Aleman, S.Pott, M.Reguera Characterizations of a limiting class $B_\infty$ of Békollé–Bonami weights go
X.Xiao, Z.Xu A large sieve inequality of Elliott–Montgomery–Vaughan type for automorphic forms on GL$_3$ go
A.Brudnyi On properties of geometric preduals of ${\mathbf C^{k,\omega}}$ spaces go
M.Alfonseca, M.Cordier, D.Ryabogin On bodies in $\mathbb R^5$ with directly congruent projections or sections go
F.Fanelli, I.Gallagher Asymptotics of fast rotating density-dependent incompressible fluids in two space dimensions go
M.Cavalcante, C.Muñoz Stability of KdV solitons on the half-line go
C.Judge, R.Lyons Upper bounds for the spectral function on homogeneous spaces via volume growth go
C.Alves, R.Duarte, M.Souto A Berestycki–Lions type result and applications go
S.Cingolani, K.Tanaka Semi-classical states for the nonlinear Choquard equations: existence, multiplicity and concentration at a potential well go
Issue 35/5 (2019)
I.Mundet i Riera Automorphisms of generic gradient vector fields with prescribed finite symmetries go
N.Garofalo, X.Ros-Oton Structure and regularity of the singular set in the obstacle problem for the fractional Laplacian go
V.Ambrosio Concentrating solutions for a class of nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equations in $\mathbb R^N$ go
E.Chasseigne, O.Ley, T.Nguyen A priori Lipschitz estimates for solutions of local and nonlocal Hamilton–Jacobi equations with Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator go
A.Castaño Domínguez Dwork families and $\mathcal D$-modules go
P.Mattila, L.Venieri A comparison of Euclidean and Heisenberg Hausdorff measures go
A.Martini, A.Ottazzi, M.Vallarino A multiplier theorem for sub-Laplacians with drift on Lie groups go
G.Ricarte, R.Teymurazyan, J.Urbano Singularly perturbed fully nonlinear parabolic problems and their asymptotic free boundaries go
Y.Miyamoto, J.Sánchez, V.Vergara Multiplicity of bounded solutions to the $k$-Hessian equation with a Matukuma-type source go
A.Lerner A weak type estimate for rough singular integrals go
Issue 35/4 (2019)
A.Baranov, H.Woracek Stability of order and type under perturbation of the spectral measure go
M.Aschenbrenner, A.Thamrongthanyalak Whitney’s extension problem in o-minimal structures go
M.Lee, J.Ok Nonlinear Calderón–Zygmund theory involving dual data go
S.Dipierro, O.Savin, E.Valdinoci Definition of fractional Laplacian for functions with polynomial growth go
D.Chatzakos Mean value results and $\Omega$-results for the hyperbolic lattice point problem in conjugacy classes go
M.Corrêa, A.Muniz Polynomial bounds for automorphisms groups of foliations go
B.Kloeckner, G.Kuperberg The Cartan–Hadamard conjecture and the Little Prince go
M.Izquierdo, L.Jiménez, A.Rojas Decomposition of Jacobian varieties of curves with dihedral actions via equisymmetric stratification go
Issue 35/3 (2019)
B.Franchi, F.Montefalcone, E.Serra Gaffney–Friedrichs inequality for differential forms on Heisenberg groups go
D.Müller, F.Ricci, J.Wright A maximal restriction theorem and Lebesgue points of functions in $\mathcal F(L^p)$ go
C.Jao, R.Killip, M.Vișan Mass-critical inverse Strichartz theorems for 1d Schrödinger operators go
W.Choi, S.Kim Minimal energy solutions to the fractional Lane–Emden system: Existence and singularity formation go
F.Bayart, Y.Heurteaux Multifractal phenomena and packing dimension go
L.Reis Existence results on $k$-normal elements over finite fields go
L.Beznea, L.Ignat, J.Rossi From Gaussian estimates for nonlinear evolution equations to the long time behavior of branching processes go
D.Heath-Brown, G.Micheli Irreducible polynomials over finite fields produced by composition of quadratics go
O.Calvo-Andrade, A.Molinuevo, F.Quallbrunn On the geometry of the singular locus of a codimension one foliation in $\mathbb P^n$ go
M.Esteban, M.Lewin, É.Séré Domains for Dirac–Coulomb min-max levels go
E.Bonnetier, H.Zhang Characterization of the essential spectrum of the Neumann–Poincaré operator in 2D domains with corner via Weyl sequences go
M.Fernández-Fernández On the local monodromy of $A$-hypergeometric functions and some monodromy invariant subspaces go
Issue 35/2 (2019)
N.Dias, J.Prata Quantum mappings acting by coordinate transformations on Wigner distributions go
L.Pierce, P.Yung A polynomial Carleson operator along the paraboloid go
C.Demeter, S.Guo, F.Shi Sharp decouplings for three dimensional manifolds in $\mathbb R^5$ go
J.Souto A remark about critical sets in $\mathbb R^3$ go
K.Fässler, A.Lukyanenko, J.Tyson Heisenberg quasiregular ellipticity go
M.Casals-Ruiz, I.Kazachkov, A.Zakharov On commensurability of right-angled Artin groups I: RAAGs defined by trees of diameter 4 go
F.Albiac, J.Ansorena, Ó.Ciaurri, J.Varona Unconditional and quasi-greedy bases in $L_p$ with applications to Jacobi polynomials Fourier series go
K.Baur, K.Fellner, M.Parsons, M.Tschabold Growth behaviour of periodic tame friezes go
C.Bénéteau, D.Khavinson, C.Liaw, D.Seco, B.Simanek Zeros of optimal polynomial approximants: Jacobi matrices and Jentzsch-type theorems go
Issue 35/1 (2019)
L.Hernández-Corbato, F.Presas The conjugation method in symplectic dynamics go
D.Li On Kato–Ponce and fractional Leibniz go
L.Deleaval, C.Kriegler Dimension free bounds for the vector-valued Hardy–Littlewood maximal operator go
A.Degtyarev Smooth models of singular $K3$-surfaces go
D.Guedes de Figueiredo, J.Gossez, H.Ramos Quoirin, P.Ubilla Elliptic equations involving the $p$-Laplacian and a gradient term having natural growth go
Q.Chen, C.Miao, X.Zheng The two-dimensional Euler equation in Yudovich and bmo-type spaces go
P.Auscher, M.Mourgoglou Representation and uniqueness for boundary value elliptic problems via first order systems go
Issue 34/4 (2018)
C.Liu, A.Perälä, L.Zhou Two-sided norm estimates for Bergman-type projections with an asymptotically sharp lower bound go
D.Hernández Serrano Topological recursion, topological quantum field theory and Gromov–Witten invariants of BG go
H.Lee, E.Samei, N.Spronk $p$-Fourier algebras on compact groups go
K.Yamazaki On the Navier–Stokes equations in scaling-invariant spaces in any dimension go
J.Chen, G.Lu Hörmander type theorem on bi-parameter Hardy spaces for bi-parameter Fourier multipliers with optimal smoothness go
L.Molinet, D.Pilod, S.Vento Unconditional uniqueness for the modified Korteweg–de Vries equation on the line go
M.Camporino, A.Pacetti Congruences between modular forms modulo prime powers go
A.DelaTorre, M.González Isolated singularities for a semilinear equation for the fractional Laplacian arising in conformal geometry go
Z.Błaszczyk, J.Carrasquel-Vera Topological complexity and efficiency of motion planning algorithms go
P.Caldiroli, A.Iacopetti Existence of isovolumetric $\mathbb S^2$-type stationary surfaces for capillarity functionals go
A.McIntosh, S.Monniaux Hodge–Dirac, Hodge-Laplacian and Hodge–Stokes operators in $L^p$ spaces on Lipschitz domains go
Z.Chen, R.Song, X.Zhang Stochastic flows for Lévy processes with Hölder drifts go
A.Dubickas, M.Sha Multiplicative dependence of the translations of algebraic numbers go
M.Andreatta Lifting weighted blow-ups go
H.Alencar, G.Silva Neto Isoperimetric inequalities and monotonicity formulas for submanifolds in warped products manifolds go
A.Carocca, M.Romero Rojas On Galois group of factorized covers of curves go
L.Battaglia, A.Pistoia A unified approach of blow-up phenomena for two-dimensional singular Liouville systems go
Issue 34/3 (2018)
P.Jaming, Y.Lyubarskii, E.Malinnikova, K.Perfekt Uniqueness for discrete Schrödinger evolutions go
A.Belotto da Silva Local monomialization of a system of first integrals of Darboux type go
L.Boccardo, B.Pellacci Critical points of non-regular integral functionals go
M.Arnaudon, M.Bonnefont, A.Joulin Intertwinings and generalized Brascamp–Lieb inequalities go
J.Koivisto Characterising Sobolev inequalities by controlled coarse homology and applications for hyperbolic spaces go
M.Blair, G.Ford, J.Marzuola $L^p$-bounds on spectral clusters associated to polygonal domains go
K.Castro, M.Chang Multiplicative energy of polynomial images of intervals modulo $q$ go
K.Kinneberg Lower bounds for codimension-1 measure in metric manifolds go
C.De Lellis, D.Inauen, L.Székelyhidi Jr. A Nash–Kuiper theorem for $C^{1,\frac{1}{5}-\delta}$ immersions of surfaces in 3 dimensions go
A.Borichev, L.Golinskii, S.Kupin On zeros of analytic functions satisfying non-radial growth conditions go
W.Damián, M.Hormozi, K.Li New bounds for bilinear Calderón–Zygmund operators and applications go
K.Barański, N.Fagella, X.Jarque, B.Karpińska Connectivity of Julia sets of Newton maps: a unified approach go
H.Kawanoue, K.Matsuki A new strategy for resolution of singularities in the monomial case in positive characteristic go
T.Iwabuchi, T.Matsuyama, K.Taniguchi Boundedness of spectral multipliers for Schrödinger operators on open sets go
A.Björn, J.Björn, T.Sjödin The Dirichlet problem for $p$-harmonic functions with respect to arbitrary compactifications go
A.Enciso, D.Hartley, D.Peralta-Salas Dislocations of arbitrary topology in Coulomb eigenfunctions go
A.Rojas-León Explicit local multiplicative convolution of $\ell$-adic sheaves go
S.Delladio Structure of tangencies to distributions via the implicit function theorem go
A.Volberg, P.Zorin-Kranich Sparse domination on non-homogeneous spaces with an application to $A_p$ weights go
E.Gallardo-Gutiérrez, J.Partington $C_0$-semigroups of $2$-isometries and Dirichlet spaces go
Issue 34/2 (2018)
L.Saloff-Coste, T.Zheng Isoperimetric profiles and random walks on some permutation wreath products go
P.Kim, R.Song, Z.Vondraček Accessibility, Martin boundary and minimal thinness for Feller processes in metric measure spaces go
J.Bonet, J.Taskinen Solid hulls of weighted Banach spaces of entire functions go
G.Figueiredo, A.Suárez Some remarks on the comparison principle in Kirchhoff equations go
H.Kang, M.Putinar Spectral permanence in a space with two norms go
A.Jiménez-Vargas The approximation property for spaces of Lipschitz functions with the bounded weak* topology go
G.Cherubini, M.Risager On the variance of the error term in the hyperbolic circle problem go
J.Lierl Parabolic Harnack inequality on fractal-type metric measure Dirichlet spaces go
E.Carneiro, R.Finder, M.Sousa On the variation of maximal operators of convolution type II go
M.Dindoš, S.Hwang The Dirichlet boundary problem for second order parabolic operators satisfying a Carleson condition go
E.Nursultanov, S.Tikhonov, N.Tleukhanova Norm convolution inequalities in Lebesgue spaces go
F.Turiel, A.Viruel Smooth torus actions are described by a single vector field go
L.Barreira, J.Li, C.Valls Topological entropy of irregular sets go
D.Alonso, J.Bastero The variance conjecture on hyperplane projections of the $\ell_p^n$ balls go
M.Cailotto, L.Fiorot Algebraic connections vs. algebraic $\mathcal D$-modules: regularity conditions go
M.Magliaro, L.Mari, M.Rigoli On a paper of Berestycki–Hamel–Rossi and its relations to the weak maximum principle at infinity, with applications go
S.Rohde, H.Tran, M.Zinsmeister The Loewner equation and Lipschitz graphs go
Issue 34/1 (2018)
S.Scrobogna Highly rotating fluids with vertical stratification for periodic data and vanishing vertical viscosity go
W.Hu, C.Xi Derived equivalences and stable equivalences of Morita type, II go
A.Peterson Estimates for the Szegő projection on uniformly finite-type subdomains of $\mathbb C^2$ go
B.Barrios, L.Del Pezzo, J.García-Melián, A.Quaas A priori bounds and existence of solutions for some nonlocal elliptic problems go
D.Beltran A Fefferman–Stein inequality for the Carleson operator go
S.Benzoni-Gavage, D.Chiron Long wave asymptotics for the Euler–Korteweg system go
J.Azzam, M.Mourgoglou Tangent measures and absolute continuity of harmonic measure go
V.Lie On the boundedness of the bilinear Hilbert transform along “non-flat” smooth curves. The Banach triangle case $(L^r, 1 ≤ r < \infty)$ go
P.Zhang, Z.Zhang Global well-posedness of 3-D inhomogeneous Navier–Stokes system with ill-prepared initial data go
A.Galbis, E.Jordá Composition operators on the Schwartz space go
L.Dieulefait, E.Soto On congruences between normalized eigenforms with different sign at a Steinberg prime go
P.Rabier $L^p$ regularity of homogeneous elliptic differential operators with constant coefficients on $\mathbb R^N$ go
P.Guihéneuf Model sets, almost periodic patterns, uniform density and linear maps go
M.Cao, Q.Xue, K.Yabuta Corrigendum to “On multilinear fractional strong maximal operator associated with rectangles and multiple weights” [Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 33 (2017), no. 2, 555–572] go
Issue 33/4 (2017)
G.Allaire, A.Piatnitski On the asymptotic behaviour of the kernel of an adjoint convection-diffusion operator in a long cylinder go
C.Boyd, A.Brown Geometry of spaces of real polynomials of degree at most $n$ go
G.Rémond Variétés abéliennes et ordres maximaux go
D.Alonso, M.Hernández Cifre, A.Martínez Fernández Bounding the integral of powered $i$-th mean curvatures go
N.Lam, G.Lu, L.Zhang Equivalence of critical and subcritical sharp Trudinger–Moser–Adams inequalities go
J.Itikawa, J.Llibre, D.Novaes A new result on averaging theory for a class of discontinuous planar differential systems with applications go
Y.Ding, X.Lai $L^1$-Dini conditions and limiting behavior of weak type estimates for singular integrals go
J.Olsen, P.Villarroya Endpoint estimates for compact Calderón–Zygmund operators go
D.Angella, A.Otal, L.Ugarte, R.Villacampa Complex structures of splitting type go
C.Dartyge, D.Gómez-Pérez Various approaches for the study of the complexity of some families of pseudorandom subsets go
L.Päivärinta, M.Salo, E.Vesalainen Strictly convex corners scatter go
K.Nyström, M.Strömqvist On the parabolic Lipschitz approximation of parabolic uniform rectifiable sets go
D.Oliveira e Silva, C.Thiele Estimates for certain integrals of products of six Bessel functions go
E.Carneiro, D.Foschi, D.Oliveira e Silva, C.Thiele A sharp trilinear inequality related to Fourier restriction on the circle go
O.Broche, Á.del Río Polynomials of degree 4 defining units go
Issue 33/3 (2017)
G.Carron Riesz transform on manifolds with quadratic curvature decay go
L.De Carli, D.Gorbachev, S.Tikhonov Pitt inequalities and restriction theorems for the Fourier transform go
R.Baker, P.Pollack Clusters of primes with square-free translates go
M.Keller, H.Lenz, M.Schmidt, R.Wojciechowski Note on uniformly transient graphs go
S.Kolasiński Higher order rectifiability of measures via averaged discrete curvatures go
B.Driver, J.Semko Controlled rough paths on manifolds I go
E.Soultanis Homotopy classes of Newtonian maps go
N.Andruskiewitsch, G.Carnovale, G.García Finite-dimensional pointed Hopf algebras over finite simple groups of Lie type III. Semisimple classes in PSL$_n(q)$ go
Y.Meyer Measures with locally finite support and spectrum go
B.Heidaryan, A.Rajaei Some non-Pólya biquadratic fields with low ramification go
E.Randles, L.Saloff-Coste Convolution powers of complex functions on $\mathbb Z^d$ go
Issue 33/2 (2017)
S.Dipierro, X.Ros-Oton, E.Valdinoci Nonlocal problems with Neumann boundary conditions go
J.Angulo Pava, E.Cardoso Jr., F.Natali Stability properties of periodic traveling waves for the intermediate long wave equation go
J.Nuño Ballesteros, M.Romero Fuster, F.Sánchez-Bringas Curvature locus and principal configurations of submanifolds of Euclidean space go
C.Badea, L.Suciu, D.Timotin Classes of contractions and Harnack domination go
E.Nikolidakis Extremal sequences for the Bellman function of the dyadic maximal operator go
J.Dávila, L.López Ríos, Y.Sire Bubbling solutions for nonlocal elliptic problems go
J.Spruck, L.Xiao A note on star-shaped compact hypersurfaces with prescribed scalar curvature in space forms go
M.Cao, Q.Xue, K.Yabuta On multilinear fractional strong maximal operator associated with rectangles and multiple weights go
B.Avelin, T.Lukkari A comparison principle for the porous medium equation and its consequences go
S.Hencl, V.Tengvall Sharpness of the differentiability almost everywhere and capacitary estimates for Sobolev mappings go
A.Chang The Whitney extension theorem in high dimensions go
B.Street Sobolev spaces associated to singular and fractional Radon transforms go
Issue 33/1 (2017)
R.Bartolo, A.Candela, J.Flores Connectivity by geodesics on globally hyperbolic spacetimes with a lightlike Killing vector field go
A.Herbert-Voss, M.Hirn, F.McCollum Computing minimal interpolants in $C^{1,1}(\mathbb R^d)$ go
L.Xiao Sharp estimates for trilinear oscillatory integrals and an algorithm of two-dimensional resolution of singularities go
N.Hung Characters of $p’$-degree and Thompson’s character degree theorem go
M.Castrillón López, I.Luján Homogeneous structures of linear type on $\epsilon$-Kähler and $\epsilon$-quaternion Kähler manifolds go
E.Lorenzo García Twists of non-hyperelliptic curves go
A.Costa, P.Cristofori, A.Porto The double of the doubles of Klein surfaces go
D.Bakry, O.Zribi Hypergroup properties for the deltoid model go
A.Pratelli, G.Saracco On the generalized Cheeger problem and an application to 2d strips go
M.Ritoré Continuity of the isoperimetric profile of a complete Riemannian manifold under sectional curvature conditions go
N.Papageorgiou, V.Rădulescu Multiplicity theorems for nonlinear nonhomogeneous Robin problems go
A.Schikorra, D.Spector, J.Van Schaftingen An $L^1$-type estimate for Riesz potentials go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel, G.Luli Interpolation of data by smooth nonnegative functions go
Y.Ou Multi-parameter singular integral operators and representation theorem go
S.Bortz, S.Hofmann Harmonic measure and approximation of uniformly rectifiable sets go
B.De La Rosa Navarro, J.Frías Medina, M.Lahyane, I.Moreno Mejía, O.Osuna Castro Erratum to “A geometric criterion for the finite generation of the Cox rings of projective surfaces” go
Issue 32/4 (2016)
I.Shparlinski Polynomial values in small subgroups of finite fields go
P.Müller, S.Müller Interpolatory estimates, Riesz transforms and wavelet projections go
N.Tzvetkov, N.Visciglia Well-posedness and scattering for nonlinear Schrödinger equations on $\mathbb R^d \times \mathbb T$ in the energy space go
L.Liu, P.Sjögren A characterization of the Gaussian Lipschitz space and sharp estimates for the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Poisson kernel go
A.Dooley, K.Hare, M.Roginskaya On $L^p$-improving measures go
V.Franceschi, R.Monti Isoperimetric problem in $H$-type groups and Grushin spaces go
A.Rosén A local $Tb$ theorem for matrix weighted paraproducts go
C.Gallarati, E.Lorist, M.Veraar On the $\ell^s$-boundedness of a family of integral operators go
M.Arnaud, P.Berger The non-hyperbolicity of irrational invariant curves for twist maps and all that follows go
A.Farina, B.Sciunzi Qualitative properties and classification of nonnegative solutions to $-\Delta u=f(u)$ in unbounded domains when $f(0) < 0$ go
P.Shumyatsky On profinite groups with commutators covered by nilpotent subgroups go
N.Lev, A.Olevskii Quasicrystals with discrete support and spectrum go
A.Iannizzotto, S.Mosconi, M.Squassina Global Hölder regularity for the fractional $p$-Laplacian go
G.Kozma, S.Nitzan Combining Riesz bases in $\mathbb R^d$ go
E.Le Donne, X.Xie Rigidity of fiber-preserving quasisymmetric maps go
G.Speight Lusin approximation and horizontal curves in Carnot groups go
D.Chamorro, S.Menozzi Fractional operators with singular drift: smoothing properties and Morrey–Campanato spaces go
Issue 32/3 (2016)
B.Liu, P.Smith Global wellposedness of the equivariant Chern–Simons–Schrödinger equation go
S.Le Coz, Y.Martel, P.Raphaël Minimal mass blow up solutions for a double power nonlinear Schrödinger equation go
V.Magnani, M.Scienza Regularity estimates for convex functions in Carnot–Carathéodory spaces go
F.Bastin, C.Esser, S.Jaffard Large deviation spectra based on wavelet leaders go
D.De Silva, O.Savin Boundary Harnack estimates in slit domains and applications to thin free boundary problems go
J.Martell, D.Mitrea, I.Mitrea, M.Mitrea The Dirichlet problem for elliptic systems with data in Köthe function spaces go
C.Sogge, S.Zelditch Focal points and sup-norms of eigenfunctions go
C.Sogge, S.Zelditch Focal points and sup-norms of eigenfunctions II: the two-dimensional case go
O.Saari Parabolic BMO and global integrability of supersolutions to doubly nonlinear parabolic equations go
P.D'Ancona, F.Nicola Sharp $L^p$ estimates for Schrödinger groups go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel, G.Luli Fitting a Sobolev function to data III go
Issue 32/2 (2016)
L.Frerick, E.Jordá, J.Wengenroth Whitney extension operators without loss of derivatives go
S.Li, R.Schul An upper bound for the length of a traveling salesman path in the Heisenberg group go
M.Greenblatt Estimates for Fourier transforms of surface measures in $\mathbb R^3$ and PDE applications go
L.Guth Degree reduction and graininess for Kakeya-type sets in $\mathbb R^3$ go
J.Olsen, M.Reguera On a sharp estimate for Hankel operators and Putnam’s inequality go
R.Garbit, K.Raschel On the exit time from a cone for random walks with drift go
M.Aaltonen Monodromy representations of completed coverings go
A.Geroldinger, W.Schmid The system of sets of lengths in Krull monoids under set addition go
J.Azzam Bi-Lipschitz parts of quasisymmetric mappings go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel, G.Luli Fitting a Sobolev function to data II go
Issue 32/1 (2016)
P.Pucci, S.Saldi Critical stationary Kirchhoff equations in $\mathbb R^N$ involving nonlocal operators go
R.Alaifari, L.Pierce, S.Steinerberger Lower bounds for the truncated Hilbert transform go
T.Iwaniec, A.Koski, J.Onninen Isotropic $p$-harmonic systems in 2D Jacobian estimates and univalent solutions go
E.Sawyer, C.Shen, I.Uriarte-Tuero A two weight theorem for $\alpha$-fractional singular integrals with an energy side condition go
G.David Bi-Lipschitz pieces between manifolds go
L.Malý Fine properties of Newtonian functions and the Sobolev capacity on metric measure spaces go
R.Musina, A.Nazarov Non-critical dimensions for critical problems involving fractional Laplacians go
A.Benini A note on repelling periodic points for meromorphic functions with a bounded set of singular values go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel, G.Luli Fitting a Sobolev function to data I go
Issue 31/4 (2015)
B.De La Rosa Navarro, J.Frías Medina, M.Lahyane, I.Moreno Mejía, O.Osuna Castro A geometric criterion for the finite generation of the Cox rings of projective surfaces go
Y.Guo, L.Zhang Energy estimates for a class of semilinear elliptic equations on half Euclidean balls go
A.Brudnyi, D.Kinzebulatov Towards Oka–Cartan theory for algebras of holomorphic functions on coverings of Stein manifolds. II go
S.Mongodi Positive metric currents and holomorphic chains in Hilbert spaces go
P.Ara, K.Rangaswamy Leavitt path algebras with at most countably many irreducible representations go
A.Garbagnati, M.Penegini K3 surfaces with a non-symplectic automorphism and product-quotient surfaces with cyclic groups go
A.Lozano-Robledo Division fields of elliptic curves with minimal ramification go
L.Dang Ky Endpoint estimates for commutators of singular integrals related to Schrödinger operators go
Q.Chen, C.Miao, Z.Zhang On the ill-posedness of the compressible Navier–Stokes equations in the critical Besov spaces go
G.Jones, D.Singerman, P.Watson Symmetries of quasiplatonic Riemann surfaces go
F.Podestà The index of symmetry of a flag manifold go
J.Barceló, M.Folch-Gabayet, S.Pérez-Esteva, A.Ruiz, M.Cruz Vilela A Born approximation from backscattering data for live loads in Lamé system go
T.Äkkinen, K.Rajala Exponential integrability of mappings of finite distortion go
R.Dietmann, C.Elsholtz Hilbert cubes in arithmetic sets go
Issue 31/3 (2015)
J.Fernando, J.Gamboa On the Krull dimension of rings of continuous semialgebraic functions go
J.Li, J.Pipher, L.Ward Dyadic structure theorems for multiparameter function spaces go
A.Greenleaf, A.Iosevich, B.Liu, E.Palsson A group-theoretic viewpoint on Erdős–Falconer problems and the Mattila integral go
M.Mecchia, A.Seppi Fibered spherical 3-orbifolds go
P.Gorkin, S.Pott, B.Wick Thin sequences and their role in $H^p$ theory, model spaces, and uniform algebras go
P.Auscher, A.McIntosh, A.Morris Calderón reproducing formulas and applications to Hardy spaces go
I.Bailleul Flows driven by rough paths go
A.Bendikov, L.Saloff-Coste, M.Salvatori, W.Woess Brownian motion on treebolic space: escape to infinity go
J.Moya-Pérez, J.Nuño Ballesteros Gauss words and the topology of map germs from $\mathbb R^3$ to $\mathbb R^3$ go
A.Brudnyi, D.Kinzebulatov Towards Oka–Cartan theory for algebras of holomorphic functions on coverings of Stein manifolds I go
C.Bishop, C.Dumitrașcu Dynamical dessins are dense go
H.Aikawa Intrinsic ultracontractivity via capacitary width go
I.Holopainen, J.Ripoll Nonsolvability of the asymptotic Dirichlet problem for some quasilinear elliptic PDEs on Hadamard manifolds go
Issue 31/2 (2015)
K.Coulembier, H.De Bie Conformal symmetries of the super Dirac operator go
J.Guo Lattice points in rotated convex domains go
Y.Qiu On the effect of rearrangement on complex interpolation for families of Banach spaces go
E.Cordero, F.Nicola, L.Rodino Exponentially sparse representations of Fourier integral operators go
M.Hernández Cifre, J.Yepes Nicolás On the roots of generalized Wills $\mu$-polynomials go
N.Marola, M.Miranda Jr., N.Shanmugalingam Boundary measures, generalized Gauss–Green formulas, and mean value property in metric measure spaces go
A.Brudnyi Differential calculus on topological spaces with weak Markov structure I go
A.Avilés, F.Cabello Sánchez, J.Castillo, M.González, Y.Moreno $\aleph$-injective Banach spaces and $\aleph$-projective compacta go
S.Brivio A note on theta divisors of stable bundles go
L.Grafakos, D.He, N.Kalton, M.Mastyło Multilinear paraproducts revisited go
M.Mirek Roth's theorem in the Piatetski-Shapiro primes go
F.Abou Shakra On 2D nonlinear Schrödinger equation on non-trapping exterior domains go
V.Banica, M.González, M.Sáez Some constructions for the fractional Laplacian on noncompact manifolds go
A.Barton The Dirichlet problem with BMO boundary data and almost-real coefficients go
Issue 31/1 (2015)
S.Favorov, L.Golinskii Blaschke-type conditions on unbounded domains, generalized convexity, and applications in perturbation theory go
R.Oset Sinha, F.Tari Projections of surfaces in $\mathbb R^4$ to $\mathbb R^3$ and the geometry of their singular images go
L.Kazarin, A.Martínez-Pastor, M.Pérez-Ramos On the product of two $\pi$-decomposable groups go
E.Teixeira, R.Leitão Regularity and geometric estimates for minima of discontinuous functionals go
K.Büyükboduk On the anticyclotomic Iwasawa theory of CM forms at supersingular primes go
T.Krainer, G.Mendoza Elliptic systems of variable order go
A.Björn, J.Björn Obstacle and Dirichlet problems on arbitrary nonopen sets in metric spaces, and fine topology go
P.Gressman Scalar oscillatory integrals in smooth spaces of homogeneous type go
A.Elduque Fine gradings and gradings by root systems on simple Lie algebras go
L.Berselli, L.Bisconti On the existence of almost-periodic solutions for the 2D dissipative Euler equations go
M.Avendaño, J.Ortigas-Galindo Interpolation of ideals go
P.Mastrolia, D.Monticelli On the relation between conformally invariant operators and some geometric tensors go
P.Abry, M.Clausel, S.Jaffard, S.Roux, B.Vedel The hyperbolic wavelet transform: an efficient tool for multifractal analysis of anisotropic fields go
E.Bujalance, F.Cirre, M.Conder Extensions of finite cyclic group actions on bordered surfaces go
Issue 30/4 (2014)
D.Gómez-Pérez, A.Ostafe, I.Shparlinski On irreducible divisors of iterated polynomials go
B.Coskunuzer, T.Etgü Uniqueness of area minimizing surfaces for extreme curves go
C.Le Merdy $H^{\infty}$ functional calculus and square function estimates for Ritt operators go
O.Beznosova, A.Reznikov Equivalent definitions of dyadic Muckenhoupt and reverse Hölder classes in terms of Carleson sequences, weak classes, and comparability of dyadic $L$ log $L$ and $A_\infty$ constants go
P.Bérard, P.Castillon Inverse spectral positivity for surfaces go
A.Martini, D.Müller A sharp multiplier theorem for Grushin operators in arbitrary dimensions go
Y.Hu, X.Li Discrete Fourier restriction associated with Schrödinger equations go
A.Ayache, J.Hamonier Linear multifractional stable motion: fine path properties go
P.Baroni, V.Bögelein Calderón–Zygmund estimates for parabolic $p(x, t)$-Laplacian systems go
J.Brown, Huef Centers of algebras associated to higher-rank graphs go
E.Nikolidakis The geometry of the dyadic maximal operator go
C.Muscalu Calderón commutators and the Cauchy integral on Lipschitz curves revisited III. Polydisc extensions go
A.Parmeggiani, K.Pravda-Starov Semiclassical hypoelliptic estimates with a loss of many derivatives go
F.Acquistapace, F.Broglia, A.Nicoara A Nullstellensatz for Łojasiewicz ideals go
H.Jung, J.Koo, D.Shin Application of Weierstrass units to relative power integral bases go
Issue 30/3 (2014)
P.Bienaimé Existence locale et effet régularisant précisés pour des équations non linéaires de type Schrödinger go
J.Rebelo, H.Reis Uniformizing complex ODEs and applications go
C.Fefferman, G.Luli The Brenner–Hochster–Kollár and Whitney problems for vector-valued functions and jets go
P.Pankka, J.Wu Geometry and quasisymmetric parametrization of Semmes spaces go
A.Seeger A weak type bound for a singular integral go
T.Hytönen, M.Lacey, I.Parissis A variation norm Carleson theorem for vector-valued Walsh–Fourier series go
F.Temur A Fourier restriction estimate for surfaces of positive curvature in $\mathbb{R}^6$ go
J.Donaire, J.Llorente, A.Nicolau Boundary values of harmonic gradients and differentiability of Zygmund and Weierstrass functions go
R.Mazurek, M.Ziembowski On a characterization of distributive rings via saturations and its applications to Armendariz and Gaussian rings go
C.Muscalu Calderón commutators and the Cauchy integral on Lipschitz curves revisited II. The Cauchy integral and its generalizations go
Issue 30/2 (2014)
E.Artal Bartolo, J.Cogolludo-Agustín, A.Libgober Depth of cohomology support loci for quasi-projective varieties via orbifold pencils go
F.Wang, L.Xu Log-Harnack inequality for Gruschin type semigroups go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel, G.Luli The structure of Sobolev extension operators go
S.Sulaiman Inviscid limit for the axisymmetric stratified Navier–Stokes system go
R.Hovila Transversality of isotropic projections, unrectifiability, and Heisenberg groups go
A.Hassell, P.Lin The Riesz transform for homogeneous Schrödinger operators on metric cones go
D.Gómez-Pérez, A.Nicolás, A.Ostafe, D.Sadornil Stable polynomials over finite fields go
M.De Falco, Giovanni, C.Musella, N.Trabelsi Groups with restrictions on subgroups of infinite rank go
E.Beretta, E.Francini, S.Vessella Size estimates for the EIT problem with one measurement: the complex case go
J.Conlon, M.Guha Stochastic variational formulas for solutions to linear diffusion equations go
M.Christ, D.Oliveira e Silva On trilinear oscillatory integrals go
J.Clarke de la Cerda, C.Tudor Hitting times for the stochastic wave equation with fractional colored noise go
S.Lee, I.Seo On inhomogeneous Strichartz estimates for the Schrödinger equation go
C.Muscalu Calderón commutators and the Cauchy integral on Lipschitz curves revisited I. First commutator and generalizations go
Issue 30/1 (2014)
G.Kozma A graph counterexample to Davies’ conjecture go
A.Ballester-Bolinches, J.Cossey, R.Esteban-Romero On the abnormal structure of finite groups go
A.Degtyarev The Alexander module of a trigonal curve go
D.Vogt Restriction spaces of $A^\infty$ go
P.Portal Maximal and quadratic Gaussian Hardy spaces go
F.Baudoin, B.Kim Sobolev, Poincaré, and isoperimetric inequalities for subelliptic diffusion operators satisfying a generalized curvature dimension inequality go
N.Gozlan, C.Roberto, P.Samson Hamilton Jacobi equations on metric spaces and transport entropy inequalities go
L.Ribes, P.Zalesskiĭ Normalizers in groups and in their profinite completions go
M.Busaniche, D.Mundici Bouligand–Severi tangents in MV-algebras go
X.Liang Global regularity for minimal sets near a $\mathbb{T}$-set and counterexamples go
S.Astashkin, G.Curbera A weighted Khintchine inequality go
J.González-Dávila Harmonicity and minimality of distributions on Riemannian manifolds via the intrinsic torsion go
J.Mazón, E.Jordá, J.Toledo An optimal transportation problem with a cost given by the Euclidean distance plus import/export taxes on the boundary go
F.Martín, M.Umehara, K.Yamada Flat surfaces in hyperbolic 3-space whose hyperbolic Gauss maps are bounded go
F.Turiel, A.Viruel Finite $C^{\infty}$-actions are described by a single vector field go
H.Koehler On filling minimality of simple Finsler manifolds go
G.Alberti, S.Bianchini, G.Crippa On the $L^p$-differentiability of certain classes of functions go
X.Li Erratum to to “Riesz transforms on forms and $L^p$-Hodge decomposition on complete Riemanian manifolds“ go
Editors’ note on the paper to “Closed ideals of $A^\infty$ and a famous problem of Grothendieck” by S. R. Patel go
Issue 29/4 (2013)
Y.Han, C.Lin, G.Lu, Z.Ruan, E.Sawyer Hardy spaces associated with different homogeneities and boundedness of composition operators go
M.Ionescu, L.Rogers, R.Strichartz Pseudo-differential operators on fractals and other metric measure spaces go
P.De Poi, R.Di Gennaro, G.Ilardi On varieties with higher osculating defect go
E.González-Jiménez, X.Xarles Five squares in arithmetic progression over quadratic fields go
V.Lie On the boundedness of the Carleson operator near $L^1$ go
J.Manzano Estimates for constant mean curvature graphs in $M\times\mathbb{R}$ go
D.Fetcu, H.Rosenberg On complete submanifolds with parallel mean curvature in product spaces go
J.Bertoin, D.Dufresne, M.Yor Some two-dimensional extensions of Bougerol’s identity in law for the exponential functional of linear Brownian motion go
S.Treil Commutators, paraproducts and BMO in non-homogeneous martingale settings go
M.McGarvey, L.Oliveira, I.Todorov Normalisers of operator algebras and tensor product formulas go
M.Fernández-Fernández Exponential growth of rank jumps for A-hypergeometric systems go
P.Harrington, A.Raich Defining functions for unbounded $C^m$ domains go
V.Coti Zelati, M.Nolasco Ground states for pseudo-relativistic Hartree equations of critical type go
G.Albanese, L.Alías, M.Rigoli A general form of the weak maximum principle and some applications go
F.Golse, B.Perthame Optimal regularizing effect for scalar conservation laws go
Issue 29/3 (2013)
F.Fité, J.Lario The twisting representation of the L-function of a curve go
J.Bennett, N.Bez, S.Gutiérrez Transversal multilinear Radon-like transforms: local and global estimates go
A.Olofsson, A.Wennman An operator inequality for weighted Bergman shift operators go
J.Burillo, S.Cleary The automorphism group of Thompson’s group $F$: subgroups and metric properties go
R.Oberlin Bounds on the Walsh model for $M^{q,*}$ Carleson and related operators go
S.Merenkov, K.Wildrick Quasisymmetric Koebe uniformization go
K.Yan, Z.Yin Initial boundary value problems for the two-component shallow water systems go
J.Martín-Morales Monodromy zeta function formula for embedded $\mathbf{Q}$-resolutions go
L.Ambrosio, N.Gigli, G.Savaré Density of Lipschitz functions and equivalence of weak gradients in metric measure spaces go
J.Wei, S.Yan Infinitely many nonradial solutions for the Hénon equation with critical growth go
M.Bateman Single annulus $L^p$ estimates for Hilbert transforms along vector fields go
J.Gill, S.Rohde On the Riemann surface type of random planar maps go
R.Servadei, E.Valdinoci Lewy–Stampacchia type estimates for variational inequalities driven by (non)local operators go
Issue 29/2 (2013)
Z.Balogh, E.Durand-Cartagena, K.Fässler, P.Mattila, J.Tyson The effect of projections on dimension in the Heisenberg group go
A.Reznikov Sharp weak type estimates for weights in the class $A_{p_1, p_2}$ go
F.Urbano Second variation of one-sided complete minimal surfaces go
A.Miyachi, N.Tomita Minimal smoothness conditions for bilinear Fourier multipliers go
A.Bailey Boundedness of maximal operators of Schrödinger type with complex time go
M.Abate, F.Bracci, T.Suwa, F.Tovena Localization of Atiyah classes go
G.Bessa, S.Pigola, A.Setti Spectral and stochastic properties of the $f$-Laplacian, solutions of PDEs at infinity and geometric applications go
E.Lauret, R.Miatello, J.Rossetti Strongly isospectral manifolds with nonisomorphic cohomology rings go
D.Frey Paraproducts via $H^{\infty}$-functional calculus go
F.Brock, A.Mercaldo, M.Posteraro On isoperimetric inequalities with respect to infinite measures go
A.ter Elst, E.Ouhabaz Partial spectral multipliers and partial Riesz transforms for degenerate operators go
R.Tessera Isoperimetric profile and random walks on locally compact solvable groups go
A.Iosevich, M.Kolountzakis Size of orthogonal sets of exponentials for the disk go
Issue 29/1 (2013)
J.Bourgain, M.Korobkov, J.Kristensen On the Morse–Sard property and level sets of Sobolev and BV functions go
X.Zhang Well-posedness and large deviation for degenerate SDEs with Sobolev coefficients go
C.Liaw, S.Treil Regularizations of general singular integral operators go
F.Lasheras, R.Roy Relating the Freiheitssatz to the asymptotic behavior of a group go
A.Baernstein II, A.Solynin Monotonicity and comparison results for conformal invariants go
K.Gröchenig, E.Malinnikova Phase space localization of Riesz bases for $L^2(\mathbb{R}^d)$ go
A.Garbagnati, A.Sarti On symplectic and non-symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces go
M.Conder, G.Jones, M.Streit, J.Wolfart Galois actions on regular dessins of small genera go
X.Duong, S.Hofmann, D.Mitrea, M.Mitrea, L.Yan Hardy spaces and regularity for the inhomogeneous Dirichlet and Neumann problems go
D.Yang, S.Yang Real-variable characterizations of Orlicz–Hardy spaces on strongly Lipschitz domains of $\mathbb{R}^n$ go
G.Hong, Z.Yin Wavelet approach to operator-valued Hardy spaces go
F.Ben Nasr, J.Peyrière Revisiting the multifractal analysis of measures go
C.Ng On genuine infinite algebraic tensor products go
N.Zobin, V.Bolotnikov Boundary asymptotic expansions of analytic self-maps of the unit disk go
R.Hidalgo Lowest uniformizations of compact Klein surfaces go
Issue 28/4 (2012)
Y.Sire Existence and asymptotics of travelling waves in a thermo-diffusive model in half cylinders. Part I: Neumann boundary conditions go
Y.Bugeaud On the expansions of a real number to several integer bases go
D.Benko, P.Dragnev, V.Totik Convexity of harmonic densities go
H.Martikainen Vector-valued non-homogeneous Tb theorem on metric measure spaces go
G.Leonardi, S.Rigot, D.Vittone Isodiametric sets in the Heisenberg group go
P.Haïssinsky, C.Dumitrașcu Quasisymmetrically inequivalent hyperbolic Julia sets go
J.Dziubański, J.Zienkiewicz On Hardy spaces associated with certain Schrödinger operators in dimension 2 go
J.Zahl $L^3$ estimates for an algebraic variable coefficient Wolff circular maximal function go
P.Sanjay, S.Thangavelu Revisiting Riesz transforms on Heisenberg groups go
D.Chamorro, P.Lemarié-Rieusset Quasi-geostrophic equations, nonlinear Bernstein inequalities and $\alpha$-stable processes go
A.Naor, O.Neiman Assouad’s theorem with dimension independent of the snowflaking go
V.Kovač Boundedness of the twisted paraproduct go
S.Bock, K.Gürlebeck, R.Lávička, V.Souček Gelfand–Tsetlin bases for spherical monogenics in dimension 3 go
C.Fefferman, B.Klartag Erratum: Fitting a $C^m$-smooth function to data II go
Issue 28/3 (2012)
D.Herron, D.Meyer Quasicircles and bounded turning circles modulo bi-Lipschitz maps go
A.Nagel, F.Ricci, E.Stein, S.Wainger Singular integrals with flag kernels on homogeneous groups, I go
A.Dickenstein, F.Martínez, L.Matusevich Nilsson solutions for irregular A-hypergeometric systems go
E.Teixeira, L.Zhang An elliptic variational problem involving level surface area on Riemannian manifolds go
A.Elduque, M.Kochetov Gradings on the exceptional Lie algebras $F_4$ and $G_2$ revisited go
G.Occhetta, V.Paterno Rationally cubic connected manifolds II go
D.Potapov, F.Sukochev, Q.Xu On the vector-valued Littlewood–Paley–Rubio de Francia inequality go
Y.Do, C.Muscalu, C.Thiele Variational estimates for paraproducts go
D.Bakry, F.Bolley, I.Gentil, P.Maheux Weighted Nash inequalities go
Issue 28/2 (2012)
P.Fougères, C.Roberto, B.Zegarliński Sub-gaussian measures and associated semilinear problems go
S.Gautam On curvature and the bilinear multiplier problem go
M.Asayama, S.Izumiya, A.Tamaoki, H.Yıldırım Slant geometry of spacelike hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space and de Sitter space go
L.Funar, F.Lasheras, D.Repovš Groups which are not properly 3-realizable go
C.Fefferman Nearly optimal interpolation of data in $C^2 (\mathbb{R}^2)$. Part I go
T.Kuusi, G.Mingione Potential estimates and gradient boundedness for nonlinear parabolic systems go
P.Lindqvist On the time derivative in an obstacle problem go
X.Guitart Abelian varieties with many endomorphisms and their absolutely simple factors go
Issue 28/1 (2012)
M.Gutiérrez, B.Olea Semi-Riemannian manifolds with a doubly warped structure go
S.Valdimarsson A multilinear generalisation of the Hilbert transform and fractional integration go
P.Lefèvre, D.Li, H.Queffélec, L.Rodríguez Piazza Some revisited results about composition operators on Hardy spaces go
G.Mauceri, S.Meda, P.Sjögren Endpoint estimates for first-order Riesz transforms associated to the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator go
A.Borichev, Y.Tomilov Boundary uniqueness of harmonic functions and spectral subspaces of operator groups go
J.Gamboa, G.Gromadzki On the set of fixed points of automorphisms of bordered Klein surfaces go
S.Delladio Functions of class $C^1$ subject to a Legendre condition in an enhanced density set go
P.Głowacki Invertibility of convolution operators on homogeneous groups groups go
D.Koh, C.Shen Sharp extension theorems and Falconer distance problems for algebraic curves in two dimensional vector spaces over finite fields go
C.Bishop Tree-like decompositions of simply connected domains go
A.Ancona On positive harmonic functions in cones and cylinders go
I.Shparlinski On the restricted divisor function in arithmetic progressions go
M.Moussai Composition operators on Besov algebras go
C.Draper Fontanals A non-computational approach to the gradings on $\mathfrak{f}_4$ go
C.Fefferman, F.Ricci Some examples of $C^\infty$ extension by linear operators go
Issue 27/3 (2011)
J.González Rovira Finiteness of endomorphism algebras of CM modular abelian varieties go
C.Scheven Partial regularity for subquadratic parabolic systems by $\mathcal{A}$-caloric approximation go
J.Cañizo, S.Mischler Regularity, local behavior and partial uniqueness for self-similar profiles of Smoluchowski’s coagulation equation go
M.Badger Harmonic polynomials and tangent measures of harmonic measure go
J.Wei Auslander bounds and homological conjectures go
M.Murata Nonnegative solutions of the heat equation on rotationally symmetric Riemannian manifolds and semismall perturbations go
F.Morgan, S.Howe, N.Harman Steiner and Schwarz symmetrization in warped products and fiber bundles with density go
E.Caponio, M.Javaloyes, M.Sánchez On the interplay between Lorentzian Causality and Finsler metrics of Randers type go
J.Pipher, L.Ward, X.Xiao Geometric-arithmetic averaging of dyadic weights go
S.Patel Closed ideals of $A^\infty$ and a famous problem of Grothendieck go
M.Godoy Molina, I.Markina Sub-Riemannian geometry of parallelizable spheres go
V.Casarino, P.Ciatti, S.Secco Product kernels adapted to curves in the space go
B.Stovall $L^p$ improving multilinear Radon-like transforms go
Issue 27/2 (2011)
Y.Chen, Y.Ding, R.Li $L^2$ boundedness for maximal commutators with rough variable kernels go
R.Ponge A new hypoelliptic operator on almost CR manifolds go
Ó.Blasco, M.Pavlović Coefficient multipliers on Banach spaces of analytic functions go
J.Hiriart-Urruty, M.López, M.Volle The $\varepsilon$-strategy in variational analysis: illustration with the closed convexification of a function go
C.Lin, G.Nakamura, J.Wang Quantitative uniqueness for second order elliptic operators with strongly singular coefficients go
G.Lerman, J.Whitehouse High-dimensional Menger-type curvatures. Part I: Geometric multipoles and multiscale inequalities go
T.Hytönen Pseudo-localisation of singular integrals in $L^p$ go
G.Chinni A proof of hypoellipticity for Kohn’s operator via FBI go
L.Guijarro, G.Walschap Submetries vs. submersions go
G.Aranda Pino, K.Crow The center of a Leavitt path algebra go
B.Street Multi-parameter Carnot-Carathéodory balls and the theorem of Frobenius go
Issue 27/1 (2011)
F.Charve, V.Ngo Global existence for the primitive equations with small anisotropic viscosity go
Z.Mebkhout Le théorème du symbole total d’un opérateur différentiel p-adique d’échelon h ≥ 0 go
N.Huet Isoperimetry for spherically symmetric log-concave probability measures go
D.Beltiţă, J.Galé Universal objects in categories of reproducing kernels go
L.Tabera Alonso Tropical plane geometric constructions: a transfer technique in Tropical Geometry go
V.Caselles, A.Chambolle, M.Novaga Regularity for solutions of the total variation denoising problem go
D.Ruiz, G.Vaira Cluster solutions for the Schrödinger-Poisson-Slater problem around a local minimum of the potential go
R.Côte, Y.Martel, F.Merle Construction of multi-soliton solutions for the $L^2$-supercritical gKdV and NLS equations go
R.Mazzeo, F.Pacard Constant curvature foliations in asymptotically hyperbolic spaces go
O.Kansanen, R.Korte Strong $A_\infty$-weights are $A_\infty$-weights on metric spaces go
C.Fefferman, A.Israel The Jet of an Interpolant on a Finite Set go
Issue 26/3 (2010)
T.Isobe Topological and analytical properties of Sobolev bundles. II. Higher dimensional cases go
J.Nuño Ballesteros, M.Romero Fuster Contact properties of codimension 2 submanifolds with flat normal bundle go
Z.Mebkhout, L.Narváez Macarro Le Théorème du symbole total d'un opérateur différentiel $p$-adique go
I.Assani, Z.Buczolich The $(L^1,L^1)$ bilinear Hardy-Littlewood function and Furstenberg averages go
Y.Sugiyama Aronson-Bénilan type estimate and the optimal Hölder continuity of weak solutions for the 1-D degenerate Keller-Segel systems go
Q.Chen, C.Miao, Z.Zhang Well-posedness in critical spaces for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with density dependent viscosities go
C.Demeter On some maximal multipliers in $L^p$ go
A.Farina, E.Valdinoci Overdetermined problems in unbounded domains with Lipschitz singularities go
M.Contreras, S.Díaz-Madrigal, P.Gumenyuk Loewner chains in the unit disk go
M.Dindoš, D.Rule Elliptic equations in the plane satisfying a Carleson measure condition go
N.Juillet A counterexample for the geometric traveling salesman problem in the Heisenberg group go
L.Mari, M.Rigoli Maps from Riemannian manifolds into non-degenerate Euclidean cones go
C.Fefferman The $C^m$ Norm of a Function with Prescribed Jets I go
Issue 26/2 (2010)
A.Kasue Convergence of metric graphs and energy forms go
F.Brackx, H.De Schepper, D.Eelbode, V.Souček The Howe dual pair in Hermitean Clifford analysis go
X.Li Riesz transforms on forms and $L^p$-Hodge decomposition on complete Riemannian manifolds go
A.Bandyopadhyay, J.Steif, Á.Timár On the cluster size distribution for percolation on some general graphs go
Z.Chen, T.Kumagai A priori Hölder estimate, parabolic Harnack principle and heat kernel estimates for diffusions with jumps go
J.Workman End-point estimates and multi-parameter paraproducts on higher dimensional tori go
G.Aranda Pino, D.Martín Barquero, C.Martín González, M.Siles Molina Socle theory for Leavitt path algebras of arbitrary graphs go
R.Hidalgo Lowest uniformizations of closed Riemann orbifolds go
G.Li, I.Salavessa Bernstein-Heinz-Chern results in calibrated manifolds go
J.Taskinen, J.Virtanen Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces with locally integrable symbols go
I.Bejenaru, S.Herr, D.Tataru A convolution estimate for two-dimensional hypersurfaces go
Issue 26/1 (2010)
T.Duyckaerts, S.Roudenko Threshold solutions for the focusing 3D cubic Schrödinger equation go
F.Bracci, G.Gentili, P.Poggi-Corradini Valiron’s construction in higher dimension go
A.Ayache, S.Jaffard Hölder exponents of arbitrary functions go
M.Erdoğan, R.Oberlin Estimates for the X-ray transform restricted to 2-manifolds go
P.Bernard On the Conley decomposition of Mather sets go
M.Cowling, B.Demange, M.Sundari Vector-valued distributions and Hardy’s uncertainty principle for operators go
A.Björn, J.Björn, M.Parviainen Lebesgue points and the fundamental convergence theorem for superharmonic functions on metric spaces go
P.Domański Real analytic parameter dependence of solutions of differential equations go
G.Arena, A.Caruso, A.Causa Taylor Formula on step two Carnot Groups go
D.Li, J.Rodrigo Wellposedness and regularity of solutions of an aggregation equation go
D.Li, J.Rodrigo, X.Zhang Exploding solutions for a nonlocal quadratic evolution problem go
E.Le Donne, V.Magnani Measure of submanifolds in the Engel group go
M.Bramanti Singular integrals in nonhomogeneous spaces: $L^2$ and $L^p$ continuity from Hölder estimates go
Issue 25/3 (2009)
M.Pereyra Haar multipliers meet Bellman functions go
C.Draper Fontanals, C.Martín González Gradings on the Albert algebra and on $\mathfrak{f}_4$ go
C.Kenig, Y.Martel Asymptotic stability of solitons for the Benjamin-Ono equation go
D.Levin, T.Lyons A signed measure on rough paths associated to a PDE of high order: results and conjectures go
A.Nobile Algorithmic equiresolution of deformations of embedded varieties go
F.Bernicot Uniform estimates for paraproducts and related multilinear multipliers go
A.Durand Random fractals and tree-indexed Markov chains go
S.Shao Sharp linear and bilinear restriction estimates for paraboloids in the cylindrically symmetric case go
Issue 25/2 (2009)
C.Fefferman, B.Klartag An example related to Whitney extension with almost minimal $C^m$ norm go
E.Gallardo-Gutiérrez, P.Gorkin Cyclic Blaschke products for composition operators go
A.Carbery, S.Wainger, J.Wright Triple Hilbert transforms along polynomial surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^4$ go
R.Schul Bi-Lipschitz decomposition of Lipschitz functions into a metric space go
M.Miettinen Adams inequality on metric measure spaces go
M.Dindoš, T.Wall The sharp $A_p$ constant for weights in a reverse-Hölder class go
G.Hu, D.Yang, D.Yang $h^1$, bmo, blo and Littlewood-Paley $g$-functions with non-doubling measures go
B.Matei, Y.Meyer A variant of compressed sensing go
K.Hidano Small solutions to semi-linear wave equations with radial data of critical regularity go
I.Holopainen, S.Markvorsen, V.Palmer $p$-Capacity and $p$-Hyperbolicity of Submanifolds go
M.Cárdenas, F.Lasheras, A.Quintero, D.Repovš One-relator groups and proper 3-realizability go
L.Bernal-González, A.Bonilla, M.Calderón-Moreno, J.Prado-Bassas Universal Taylor series with maximal cluster sets go
F.Broglia, F.Pieroni The Nullstellensatz for real coherent analytic surfaces go
Issue 25/1 (2009)
C.Fefferman Extension of $C^{m, \omega}$-Smooth Functions by Linear Operators go
C.Fefferman, B.Klartag Fitting a $C^m$-Smooth Function to Data II go
C.Fefferman The $C^m$ Norm of a Function with Prescribed Jets II go
Issue 24/3 (2008)
C.Demeter, M.Lacey, T.Tao, C.Thiele The Walsh model for $M_2^*$ Carleson go
A.Ballester-Bolinches, L.Kurdachenko, J.Otal, T.Pedraza Infinite groups with many permutable subgroups go
F.Bayart The linear fractional model on the ball go
R.Tessera Large-scale Sobolev inequalities on metric measure spaces and applications go
J.Etayo Gordejuela, E.Martínez The real genus of the alternating groups go
S.Izumiya, F.Tari Projections of hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic space to hyperhorospheres and hyperplanes go
A.Melekoğlu, D.Singerman Reflections of regular maps and Riemann surfaces go
L.Tabera Alonso Tropical resultants for curves and stable intersection go
A.Clément, J.Scherer Homology exponents for $H$-spaces go
C.Ueno A note on boundaries of open polynomial images of $\mathbb R^2$ go
R.Deville, J.Jaramillo Almost classical solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations go
S.Polidoro, M.Ragusa Harnack inequality for hypoelliptic ultraparabolic equations with a singular lower order term go
Y.Cho, S.Hong, J.Kim, C.Yang Multiparameter singular integrals and maximal operators along flat surfaces go
O.Guédon, S.Mendelson, A.Pajor, N.Tomczak-Jaegermann Majorizing measures and proportional subsets of bounded orthonormal systems go
Issue 24/2 (2008)
E.Bujalance, F.Cirre, J.Gamboa, G.Gromadzki On the number of ovals of a symmetry of a compact Riemann surface go
L.Desvillettes, K.Fellner Entropy methods for reaction-diffusion equations: slowly growing a-priori bounds go
M.Gállego, P.Hauck, M.Pérez-Ramos Soluble products of connected subgroups go
P.Germain Global infinite energy solutions of the critical semilinear wave equation go
A.Schuster, D.Varolin Interpolation and Sampling for Generalized Bergman Spaces on finite Riemann surfaces go
Y.Chen, Y.Ding $L^2$ boundedness for commutator of rough singular integral with variable kernel go
S.Junca Geometric optics with critical vanishing viscosity for one-dimensional semilinear initial value problems go
B.Bennewitz Non-uniqueness in a free boundary problem go
D.Arcoya, P.Martínez-Aparicio Quasilinear equations with natural growth go
A.Jaikin-Zapirain On the verbal width of finitely generated pro-$p$ groups go
M.Henk, M.Hernández Cifre Notes on the roots of Steiner polynomials go
P.Hajłasz, P.Koskela, H.Tuominen Measure density and extendability of Sobolev functions go
F.Bethuel, R.Jerrard, D.Smets On the NLS dynamics for infinite energy vortex configurations on the plane go
T.Gómez, I.Sols Stable Higgs $G$-sheaves go
Issue 24/1 (2008)
J.Fernández A moduli approach to quadratic $\mathbb{Q}$-curves realizing projective mod $p$ Galois representations go
S.Alvarez-Andrade Some asymptotic properties of the hybrids of empirical and partial-sum processes go
B.Choe, H.Koo, Y.Lee Sums of Toeplitz products with harmonic symbols go
A.Montesinos-Amilibia Transformations between surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^4$ with flat normal and/or tangent bundles go
S.Pigola, M.Rigoli, A.Setti A finiteness theorem for the space of $L^{p}$ harmonic sections go
F.Gesztesy, H.Holden, G.Teschl The algebro-geometric Toda hierarchy initial value problem for complex-valued initial data go
J.Arrieta, A.Jiménez-Casas, A.Rodríguez-Bernal Flux terms and Robin boundary conditions as limit of reactions and potentials concentrating at the boundary go
O.Villamayor U. Rees algebras on smooth schemes: integral closure and higher differential operator go
B.Krötz, S.Thangavelu, Y.Xu Heat kernel transform for nilmanifolds associated to the Heisenberg group go
D.Deng, X.Duong, A.Sikora, L.Yan Comparison of the classical BMO with the BMO spaces associated with operators and applications go
D.Bonheure, J.Van Schaftingen Bound state solutions for a class of nonlinear Schrödinger equations go
X.Massaneda, P.Thomas Sampling Sets for the Nevanlinna class go
F.Andreu, V.Caselles, J.Mazón Erratum: A Parabolic Quasilinear Problem for Linear Growth Functionals go
Issue 23/3 (2007)
C.Capone, D.Cruz-Uribe, A.Fiorenza The fractional maximal operator and fractional integrals on variable $L^p$ spaces go
J.Wilson The intrinsic square function go
M.Leyton A., R.Hidalgo On uniqueness of automorphisms groups of Riemann surfaces go
E.Järvenpää, M.Järvenpää, K.Rogovin, S.Rogovin, N.Shanmugalingam Measurability of equivalence classes and MEC$_p$-property in metric spaces go
M.Pavlović Lipschitz conditions on the modulus of a harmonic function go
F.Avkhadiev, K.Wirths The punishing factors for convex pairs are $2^{n-1}$ go
A.Brudnyi, Y.Brudnyi A universal Lipschitz extension property of Gromov hyperbolic spaces go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset The Navier–Stokes equations in the critical Morrey–Campanato space go
T.Rivoal Convergents and irrationality measures of logarithms go
M.Hernández Cifre, P.Herrero Piñeyro Optimizing geometric measures for fixed minimal annulus and inradius go
T.Hytönen Littlewood-Paley-Stein theory for semigroups in UMD spaces go
J.Parcet Weak type estimates associated to Burkholder’s martingale inequality go
G.Li, S.Peng, S.Yan A new type of solutions for a singularly perturbed elliptic Neumann problem go
Ș.Costea Strong $A_{\infty}$-weights and scaling invariant Besov capacities go
L.Dieulefait The level 1 weight 2 case of Serre’s conjecture go
K.Hara, T.Lyons Smooth rough paths and applications to Fourier analysis go
Issue 23/2 (2007)
A.Rojas Group actions on Jacobian varieties go
M.Dostanić Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight go
F.Ferrari, B.Franchi, H.Pajot The Geometric Traveling Salesman Problem in the Heisenberg Group go
N.Bournaveas, S.Gutiérrez On the regularity of averages over spheres for kinetic transport equations in hyperbolic Sobolev spaces go
J.Lewis, K.Nyström On a Parabolic Symmetry Problem go
H.Abidi Equation de Navier-Stokes avec densité et viscosité variables dans l’espace critique go
N.Dungey Properties of centered random walks on locally compact groups and Lie groups go
B.Klartag, N.Zobin $C^1$ extensions of functions and stabilization of Glaeser refinements go
G.Kozma Percolation, Perimetry, Planarity go
S.Bermudo, C.Mancera, P.Paúl, V.Vasyunin Quasi-similarity of contractions having a 2 × 1 characteristic function go
C.Muscalu Paraproducts with flag singularities I. A case study go
Issue 23/1 (2007)
F.Mouton Local Fatou theorem and the density of energy on manifolds of negative curvature go
D.Preiss, T.Toro Stability of Lewis and Vogel’s result go
A.Elduque The Magic Square and Symmetric Compositions II go
T.Byczkowski, P.Graczyk, A.Stós Poisson kernels of half–spaces in real hyperbolic spaces go
A.Ballester-Bolinches, R.Esteban-Romero On minimal non-supersoluble groups go
P.Fima Comparing homologies: Čech's theory, singular chains, integral flat chains and integral currents go
P.Juutinen, G.Lu, J.Manfredi, B.Stroffolini Convex functions on Carnot groups go
G.Verchota Nonvariational layer potentials with respect to H¨older continuous vector fields go
P.Hästö On the density of continuous functions in variable exponent Sobolev space go
I.Gentil, A.Guillin, L.Miclo Modified logarithmic Sobolev inequalities in null curvature go
P.Batchourine, C.Fefferman The volume near the zeroes of a smooth function go
C.Fefferman The Structure of Linear Extension Operators for $C^m$ go
E.Kowalski, O.Robert, J.Wu Small gaps in coefficients of $L$-functions and $\mathfrak{B}$-free numbers in short intervals go
A.Ayache, S.Jaffard, M.Taqqu Wavelet construction of Generalized Multifractional processes go
D.Chae On the Regularity Conditions for the Navier-Stokes and Related Equations go
P.Cameron, J.Cilleruelo, O.Serra On monochromatic solutions of equations in groups go
Issue 22/3 (2006)
L.Saloff-Coste, W.Woess Transition operators on co-compact $G$-spaces go
S.Pigola, M.Rigoli, A.Setti Some non-linear function theoretic properties of Riemannian manifolds go
H.Gzyl, L.Recht A geometry on the space of probabilities II. Projective spaces and exponential families go
Ž.Čučković, J.McNeal Special Toeplitz operators on strongly pseudoconvex domains go
K.Nam, D.Zheng, C.Zhong $m$-Berezin transform and compact operators go
P.Assouad, T.Quentin de Gromard Recouvrements, derivation des mesures et dimensions go
M.Sedghi Asymptotic behaviour of monomial ideals on regular sequences go
C.Muscalu, J.Pipher, T.Tao, C.Thiele Multi-parameter paraproducts go
D.Oberlin Restricted Radon Transforms and Unions of Hyperplanes go
F.Barthe, P.Cattiaux, C.Roberto Interpolated inequalities between exponential and Gaussian, Orlicz hypercontractivity and isoperimetry go
X.Li Uniform Bounds for the Bilinear Hilbert Transforms, II go
Issue 22/2 (2006)
F.Luca Arithmetic properties of positive integers with fixed digit sum go
Y.Fuertes, M.Streit Genus 3 normal coverings of the Riemann sphere branched over 4 points go
G.Bourdaud, M.Lanza de Cristoforis, W.Sickel Superposition operators and functions of bounded p-variation go
T.Hmidi Poches de tourbillon singulières dans un fluide faiblement visqueux go
H.Gzyl, L.Recht A geometry on the space of probabilities I. The finite dimensional case go
G.Li, G.Zheng The existence of positive solution to some asymptotically linear elliptic equations in exterior domains go
X.Li Riesz transforms for symmetric diffusion operators on complete Riemannian manifolds go
M.Erdoğan On Falconer’s Distance Set Conjecture go
A.Fraysse, S.Jaffard How smooth is almost every function in a Sobolev space? go
D.Bakry, M.Ledoux A logarithmic Sobolev form of the Li-Yau parabolic inequality go
K.Gröchenig Time-Frequency Analysis of Sjöstrand’s Class go
G.Bourdaud, Y.Meyer Le calcul fonctionnel sous-linéaire dans les espaces de Besov homogènes go
Issue 22/1 (2006)
J.Bruna, A.Olevskii, A.Ulanovskii Completeness in $L^1 (\mathbb R)$ of discrete translates go
A.Telcs Random walks on graphs with volume and time doubling go
A.Sobolev Asymptotics of the integrated density of states for periodic elliptic pseudo-differential operators in dimension one go
A.Granero An extension of the Krein-Šmulian Theorem go
M.Bonforte, G.Grillo Super and ultracontractive bounds for doubly nonlinear evolution equations go
D.Dutkay, P.Jorgensen Wavelets on Fractals go
L.Lanzani, O.Méndez The Poisson’s problem for the Laplacian with Robin boundary condition in non-smooth domains go
J.Tyson, J.Wu Quasiconformal dimensions of self-similar fractals go
L.Maniccia, M.Mughetti SAK Principle for a class of Grushin-type operators go
C.Scheven, P.Newstead On Clifford’s theorem for rank-3 bundles go
F.Cobos, T.Kühn, T.Schonbek Compact embeddings of Brézis-Wainger type go
L.Zhao Oscillations of Hecke eigenvalues at shifted primes go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Point fixe d’une application non contractante go
S.Nagaoka On Hilbert modular forms modulo $p$: explicit ring structure go
Issue 21/3 (2005)
G.Laville, L.Randriamihamison Logarithmic derivative of the Euler $\Gamma$-function in Clifford analysis go
J.Franchi Asymptotic windings over the trefoil knot go
E.Bendito, Á.Carmona, A.Encinas Potential Theory for Schrödinger operators on finite networks go
C.Baranger, C.Mouhot Explicit spectral gap estimates for the linearized Boltzmann and Landau operators with hard potentials go
F.Cabello Sánchez, R.García The bidual of a tensor product of Banach spaces go
R.Danchin Estimates in Besov spaces for transport and transport-diffusion equations with almost Lipschitz coefficients go
Z.Buczolich Solution to the gradient problem of C. E. Weil go
M.Contreras, S.Díaz-Madrigal Fractional iteration in the disk algebra: prime ends and composition operators go
N.Dungey High order regularity for subelliptic operators on Lie groups of polynomial growth go
P.Bonfert-Taylor, G.Martin Quasiconformal groups of compact type go
A.Bonfiglioli, F.Uguzzoni A note on lifting of Carnot groups go
X.Bardina, C.Florit Approximation in law to the $d$-parameter fractional Brownian sheet based on the functional invariance principle go
J.Rossetti, A.Szczepański Generalized Hantzsche-Wendt flat manifolds go
M.Pramanik, C.Yang $L^p$ decay estimates for weighted oscillatory integral operators on $\mathbb{R}$ go
Issue 21/2 (2005)
A.Bravo, S.Encinas, O.Villamayor U. A Simplified Proof of Desingularization and Applications go
M.Rigoli, M.Salvatori, M.Vignati Some Remarks on the Weak Maximum Principle go
Ó.Blasco, S.Pott Dyadic BMO on the bidisk go
M.Bramanti, L.Brandolini Estimates of BMO type for singular integrals on spaces of homogeneous type and applications to hypoelliptic PDEs go
E.Pustylnik Extreme cases of weak type interpolation go
C.Fefferman A Generalized Sharp Whitney Theorem for Jets go
T.Mitsis Corrigenda: $(n,2)$-sets have full Hausdorff dimension (Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 20 (2004), no. 2, 381-393) go
A.Nagel, E.Stein Corrigenda: On the product theory of singular integrals (Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 20 (2004), no. 2, 531-561) go
Issue 21/1 (2005)
W.Wang, C.Xu The Cauchy problem for viscous shallow water equations go
O.Calvo-Andrade, V.Muñoz, F.Presas Codimension one symplectic foliations go
A.Carriazo, L.Fernández, M.Hans-Uber Minimal Slant Submanifolds of the smallest dimension in $S$-manifolds go
K.Tachizawa Weighted Sobolev-Lieb-Thirring inequalities go
S.Krausshar, J.Ryan Clifford and Harmonic Analysis on Cylinders and Tori go
M.Vela Resolution of a family of Galois embedding problems with cyclic kernel go
Y.Hamidoune, A.Plagne A multiple set version of the $3k-3$ Theorem go
V.Felli A note on the existence of $H$-bubbles via perturbation methods go
M.Paicu Équation anisotrope de Navier-Stokes dans des espaces critiques go
M.Fabian, P.Hájek, V.Montesinos, V.Zizler A quantitative version of Krein’s Theorem go
X.Pang, S.Nevo, L.Zalcman Quasinormal Families of Meromorphic Functions go
E.Royer, J.Wu Taille des valeurs de fonctions $L$ de carrés symétriques au bord de la bande critique go
C.Fefferman Interpolation and extrapolation of smooth functions by linear operators go
Issue 20/3 (2004)
R.Hidalgo, R.Rodríguez Real Schottky Uniformizations and Jacobians of May Surfaces go
A.Böttcher, A.Poznyak, E.Ramírez de Arellano Algebras of Toeplitz operators with oscillating symbols go
M.González, A.Nicolau Multiplicative Square Functions go
R.Hidalgo Maximal real Schottky groups go
A.Arnold, J.López, P.Markowich, J.Soler An analysis of quantum Fokker–Planck models: A Wigner function approach go
R.Carles, J.Rauch Focusing of spherical nonlinear pulses in ${\mathbb R}^{1+3}$, II. Nonlinear caustic go
F.Bouchut, F.Golse, C.Pallard Nonresonant smoothing for coupled wave + transport equations and the Vlasov-Maxwell system go
C.Ackermann, G.Lorang, B.Roynette Independence of time and position for a random walk go
F.Cirre On a subvariety of the moduli space go
Issue 20/2 (2004)
Y.Lee Polynomial growth harmonic functions on complete Riemannian manifolds go
V.Kolokol'tsov, R.Schilling, A.Tyukov Estimates for multiple stochastic integrals and stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations go
T.Mitsis $(n,2)$-sets have full Hausdorff dimension go
A.Ayache Hausdorff dimension of the graph of the Fractional Brownian Sheet go
M.Alejandre, A.Ballester-Bolinches, J.Cossey, M.Pedraza-Aguilera On some permutable products of supersoluble groups go
A.Cianchi Optimal Orlicz-Sobolev embeddings go
A.Elduque The Magic Square and Symmetric Compositions go
V.Kokilashvili, S.Samko Maximal and Fractional Operators in Weighted $L^{p(x)}$ Spaces go
K.Hare, W.Yee The Singularity of Orbital Measures on Compact Lie Groups go
A.Nagel, E.Stein On the product theory of singular integrals go
D.Suárez Approximation and symbolic calculus for Toeplitz algebras on the Bergman space go
P.Caldiroli, R.Musina Existence of H-bubbles in a perturbative setting go
Issue 20/1 (2004)
M.Barlow Which values of the volume growth and escape time exponent are possible for a graph? go
M.Badiale, E.Serra Critical nonlinear elliptic equations with singularities and cylindrical symmetry go
L.Damascelli, F.Gladiali Some nonexistence results for positive solutions of elliptic equations in unbounded domains go
C.Chu, N.Wong Isometries between C*-algebras go
V.Jiménez López, G.Soler López Transitive flows on manifolds go
M.Carro, J.Martín Endpoint estimates from restricted rearrangement inequalities go
G.Citti, G.Tomassini Levi equation for almost complex structures go
H.Movasati Abelian integrals in holomorphic foliations go
E.Freire, A.Gasull, A.Guillamon A characterization of isochronous centres in terms of symmetries go
L.Brandolese Asymptotic behavior of the energy and pointwise estimates for solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations go
M.Porzio, Ó.López-Pouso Application of accretive operators theory to evolutive combined conduction, convection and radiation go
S.Moritoh, T.Yamada Two–microlocal Besov spaces and wavelets go
J.Langley, J.Rossi Meromorphic functions of the form $f(z) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty a_n/(z - z_n)$ go
Issue 19/3 (2003)
D.Drasin, S.Sastry Periodic Quasiregular Mappings of Finite Order go
A.Benassi, D.Roux Elliptic Self-Similar Stochastic Processes go
H.Shahgholian Analysis of the free boundary for the $p$-parabolic variational problem $(p\ge 2)$ go
J.Barral Poissonian products of random weights: Uniform convergence and related measures go
J.Kauhanen, P.Koskela, J.Malý, J.Onninen, X.Zhong Mappings of finite distortion: Sharp Orlicz-conditions go
E.Chasseigne, J.Vázquez The Pressure Equation in the Fast Diffusion Range go
S.Blunck, P.Kunstmann Calderón-Zygmund theory for non-integral operators and the $H^{\infty}$ functional calculus go
P.Poggi-Corradini Backward-iteration sequences with bounded hyperbolic steps for analytic self-maps of the disk go
J.Carrillo, R.McCann, C.Villani Kinetic equilibration rates for granular media and related equations: entropy dissipation and mass transportation estimates go
A.Seeger, S.Wainger Singular Radon transforms and maximal functions under convexity assumptions go
Issue 19/2 (2003)
S.Abhyankar Galois theory of special trinomials go
E.Briales-Morales, A.Campillo-López, P.Pisón-Casares, A.Vigneron-Tenorio Minimal Resolutions of Lattice Ideals and Integer Linear Programming go
E.Casas-Alvero, R.Peraire Perturbing plane curve singularities go
E.Diáz, R.Fernández-Mateos, D.Fernández-Ternero, J.Núñez Graphs associated with nilpotent Lie algebras of maximal rank go
S.Encinas, O.Villamayor U. A new Proof of Desingularization over fields of characteristic zero go
M.Fernández Lebrón, L.Narváez Macarro Conservation of the noetherianity by perfect transcendental field extensions go
N.Franco, J.González-Meneses Computation of Centralizers in Braid groups and Garside groups go
S.González, C.Martínez Nonassociative Algebras: Some Applications go
Á.Granja, C.Rodríguez Proximity relations for real rank one valuations dominating a local regular ring go
G.Greuel A Computer Algebra Solution to a Problem in Finite Groups go
F.Gudiel Rodríguez, L.Narváez Macarro Explicit models for perverse sheaves go
M.Hartillo Hermoso Slopes of hypergeometric systems of codimension one go
F.Herrera Govantes, M.Olalla Acosta, J.Vicente Córdoba Valuations in fields of power series go
K.Kiyek, J.Stückrad Integral Closure of Monomial Ideals on Regular Sequences go
O.Laudal Noncommutative algebraic geometry go
M.Lejeune-Jalabert, A.Reguera The Denef-Loeser series for toric surface singularities go
B.Martin Modular Deformations and Space Curve Singularities go
Z.Mebkhout La théorie des équations différentielles $p$-adiques et le Théorème de la monodromie $p$-adique go
T.Moh An Application of Algebraic Geometry to Encryption: Tame Transformation Method go
A.Todorov Local and Global Theory of the Moduli of Polarized Calabi-Yau Manifolds go
J.Tornero Some geometric aspects of Puiseux surfaces go
C.Wall Chains on the Eggers tree and polar curves go
Issue 19/1 (2003)
A.Carbery, F.Ricci, J.Wright Maximal functions and singular integrals associated to polynomial mappings of $\mathbb{R}^n$ go
A.Bonami, B.Demange, P.Jaming Hermite functions and uncertainty principles for the Fourier and the windowed Fourier transforms go
L.Päivärinta, A.Panchenko, G.Uhlmann Complex geometrical optics solutions for Lipschitz conductivities go
F.Gesztesy, H.Holden Algebro-Geometric Solutions of the Camassa–Holm hierarchy go
I.Markina On coincidence of $p$-module of a family of curves and $p$-capacity on the Carnot group go
I.Gallagher, F.Planchon On global solutions to a defocusing semi-linear wave equation go
S.Machihara, K.Nakanishi, T.Ozawa Small global solutions and the nonrelativistic limit for the nonlinear Dirac equation go
Y.Meyer, T.Rivière A partial regularity result for a class of Stationary Yang-Mills Fields in high dimension go
M.Erdoğan Mapping properties of the elliptic maximal function go
A.Cohen, W.Dahmen, I.Daubechies, R.DeVore Harmonic Analysis of the space BV go
Issue 18/3 (2002)
K.Izuchi Outer and inner vanishing measures and division in $H^\infty + C$ go Meyer, B.Roynette, P.Vallois, M.Yor On independent times and positions for Brownian motions go
H.Koch, W.Sickel Pointwise multipliers of Besov spaces of smoothness zero and spaces of continuous functions go
C.Bishop Quasiconformal mappings of $Y$-pieces go
C.Bishop Non-rectifiable limit sets of dimension one go
J.Kinnunen, V.Latvala Lebesgue points for Sobolev functions on metric spaces go
H.Al-Qassem, Y.Pan $L^p$ estimates for singular integrals with kernels belonging to certain block spaces go
P.Laurençot, S.Mischler Global existence for the discrete diffusive coagulation-fragmentation equations in $L^1$ go
M.Iranzo, J.Medina, F.Pérez-Monasor Some questions on quasinilpotent groups and related classes go
Issue 18/2 (2002)
M.Nielsen Size properties of wavelet packets generated using finite filters go
L.Skrzypczak Rotation invariant subspaces of Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin space: compactness of embeddings, smoothness and decay of functions go
J.Gruet Nevanlinna theory, fuchsian functions and brownian motion windings go
A.Mohammed Harnack’s inequality for solutions of some degenerate elliptic equations go
J.Ortega-Cerdà Multipliers and weighted $\overline{\partial}$ estimates go
L.Ward Translation averages of dyadic weights are not always good weights go
F.Cabello Sánchez, L.Molnár Reflexivity of the isometry group of some classical spaces go
L.Alías, J.Malacarne Constant scalar curvature hypersurfaces with spherical boundary in Euclidean space go
N.Arcozzi, R.Rochberg, E.Sawyer Carleson measures for analytic Besov spaces go
Issue 18/1 (2002)
L.Aloui, M.Khenissi Stabilisation pour l'Équation des Ondes dans un Domaine Extérieur go
H.Farag On the 1/2-Problem of Besicovitch: quasi-arcs do not contain sharp saw-teeth go
J.Anker, P.Bougerol, T.Jeulin The infinite Brownian loop on a symmetric space go
L.Wang A Regularity Theorem for Curvature Flows go
C.Thiele A uniform estimate for quartile operators go
F.Andreu, V.Caselles, J.Mazón A Parabolic Quasilinear Problem for Linear Growth Functionals go
J.Benamou, F.Castella, T.Katsaounis, B.Perthame High Frequency limit of the Helmholtz Equations go
J.Wenzel Uniformly convex operators and martingale type go
J.Bak, D.Oberlin, A.Seeger Two endpoint bounds for generalized Radon transforms in the plane go
Issue 17/3 (2001)
A.Petrosyan Convexity and uniqueness in a free boundary problem arising in combustion theory go
T.Goudon, M.Saad Parabolic equations involving 0th and 1st order terms with $L^1$ data go
M.Rigoli, A.Setti Liouville type theorems for $\varphi$-subharmonic functions go
T.Tao, J.Wright Endpoint multiplier theorems of Marcinkiewicz type go
E.Marmolejo Olea Morera type problems in Clifford analysis go
P.Baldi, E.Cassadio Tarabusi, A.Figà-Talamanca, M.Yor Non-symmetric hitting distributions on the hyperbolic half-plane and subordinated perpetuities go
S.Buckley, A.Stanoyevitch Weak slice conditions, product domains, and quasiconformal mappings go
S.Rohde Quasicircles modulo bilipschitz maps go
W.Bailey, Jr. Moduli of certain Fano 4-folds go
Issue 17/2 (2001)
C.Albanese, L.Seco Harmonic analysis in value at risk calculations go
A.Vogel, J.Lewis On pseudospheres that are quasispheres go
E.Damek, A.Hulanicki, R.Urban Martin boundary for homogeneous riemannian manifolds of negative curvature at the bottom of the spectrum go
D.Williams Path-wise solutions of stochastic differential equations driven by Lévy processes go
S.Benachour, B.Roynette, P.Vallois Branching process associated with 2d-Navier Stokes equation go
I.Laba, T.Tao An X-ray transform estimate in $\mathbb R^n$ go
L.Almeida, Y.Guo Dynamical instability of symmetric vortices go
Issue 17/1 (2001)
D.Mitrea, J.Lewis Square functions of Calderón type and applications go
N.Depauw Solutions des équations de Navier-Stokes incompressibles dans un domaine exterieur go
H.Bahouri, I.Gallagher Paraproduit sur le groupe de Heisenberg et applications go
C.Thiele The maximal quartile operator go
D.Simpelaere Multi-multifractal decomposition of digraph recursive fractals go
C.Donati-Martin, R.Ghomrasni, M.Yor On certain Markov processes attached to exponential functionals of Brownian motion; application to Asian options go
Issue 16/3 (2000)
I.Slavutskii On the generalized Bernoulli numbers that belong to unequal characters go
M.Bidaut-Véron, L.Vivier An elliptic semilinear equation with source term involving boundary measures: the subcritical case go
G.Gromadzki On ovals on Riemann surfaces go
V.Shklover Schiffer problem and isoparametric hypersurfaces go
M.Eie Jacobi-Eisenstein series of degree two over Cayley numbers go
W.Hebisch Spectral multipliers on metabelian groups go
G.Furioli, P.Lemarié-Rieusset, E.Terraneo Unicité dans $L^3 (\mathbb R^3)$ et d'autres espaces fonctionnels limites pour Navier-Stokes go
Issue 16/2 (2000)
W.Hoh Pseudo differential operators with negative definite symbols of variable order go
N.Shanmugalingam Newtonian spaces: An extension of Sobolev spaces to metric measure spaces go
R.Danchin Evolution d'une singularité de type cusp dans une poche de tourbillon go
S.Jaffard Construction of functions with prescribed Hölder and chirp exponents go
B.Sleeman, H.Chen On nonisometric isospectral connected fractal domains go
S.Semmes Measure-preserving quality within mappings go
Issue 16/1 (2000)
M.Cannone, F.Planchon On the regularity of the bilinear term for solutions to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations go
P.Lindqvist, J.Manfredi, E.Saksmann Superharmonicity of nonlinear ground states go
J.Wilson Global orthogonality implies local almost-orthogonality go
P.Charollois A geometric classification of Lie groups go
G.David, P.Mattila Removable sets for Lipschitz harmonic functions in the plane go
X.Duong, A.McIntosh Corrigenda: Singular integral operators with non-smooth kernels on irregular domains go
Issue 15/3 (1999)
J.Donaire, C.Pommerenke On radial behaviour and balanced Bloch functions go
K.Dyakonov Absolute values of BMOA functions go
A.Iosevich Maximal averages over flat radial hypersurfaces go
L.Almeida Topological sectors for Ginzburg-Landau energies go
B.Allibert, S.Micu Controllability of analytic functions for a wave equation coupled with a beam go
L.Bugliaro, G.Graf, C.Fefferman A Lieb-Thirring bound for a magnetic Pauli Hamiltonian, II go
J.Aparicio, Á.Granja, T.Sánchez-Giralda On proximity relations for valuations dominating a two-dimensional regular local ring go
Issue 15/2 (1999)
X.Duong, A.McIntosh Singular integral operators with non-smooth kernels on irregular domains go
P.MacManus Catching sets with quasicircles go
J.Dziubański, J.Zienkiewicz Hardy space $H^1$ associated to Schrödinger operator with potential satisfying reverse Hölder inequality go
D.Müller, E.Stein $L^p$-estimates for the wave equation on the Heisenberg group go
C.Villani Regularity estimates via the entropy dissipation for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation without cut-off go
V.Alvarez, D.Pestana, J.Rodríguez Isoperimetric inequalities in Riemann surfaces of infinite type go
Issue 15/1 (1999)
D.Iftimie The resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations in anisotropic spaces go
A.Ayache Construction of non separable dyadic compactly supported orthonormal wavelet bases for $L^2 (\mathbb R^2)$ of arbitrarily high regularity go
N.Jacob, R.Schilling Some Dirichlet spaces obtained by subordinate reflected diffusions go
D.Marshall, W.Smith The angular distribution of mass by Bergman functions go
E.Le Page, M.Peigné Local limit theorems on some non unimodular groups go
D.Bakry, Z.Qian Harnack inequalities on a manifold with positive or negative Ricci curvature go
T.Delmotte Parabolic Harnack inequality and estimates of Markov chains on graphs go
Issue 14/3 (1998)
N.Sadovskaia, R.Ramírez Inverse problems in the theory of analytic planar vector go
L.Brandolini, M.Rigoli, G.Travaglini Average decay of Fourier transforms and geometry of convex sets go
T.Wolff A mixed norm estimate for the X-ray transform go
P.Hajłasz, J.Kinnunen Hölder quasicontinuity of Sobolev functions on metric spaces go
D.Yakubovich Subnormal operators of finite type II. Structure theorems go
Issue 14/2 (1998)
T.Lyons Differential equations driven by rough signals go
P.Carmona, F.Petit, M.Yor Beta-gamma random variables and intertwining relations between certain Markov processes go
G.David Unrectictifiable 1-sets have vanishing analytic capacity go
Issue 14/1 (1998)
F.Ribaud Cauchy problem for semilinear parabolic equations with initial data in $H^s_p(\mathbb R^n)$ go
F.Bouchut, L.Desvillettes A proof of the smoothing properties of the positive part of Boltzmann's kernel go
A.Fan Moyenne de localisation fréquentielle des paquets d'ondelettes go
F.Planchon Asymptotic behavior of global solutions to the Navier–Stokes equations in $\mathbb R^3$ go
D.Yakubovich Subnormal operators of Xia's model and real algebraic curves in $\mathbb C^2$ go
A.Carbery, F.Ricci, J.Wright Maximal functions and Hilbert transforms associated to polynomials go
T.Paul, A.Uribe Weighted Weyl estimates near an elliptic trajectory go
M.Eie, K.Lai On Bernoulli identities and applications go
Issue 13/3 (1997)
P.Lions, G.Toscani Diffusive limit for finite velocity Boltzmann kinetic models go
M.Cannone A generalization of a theorem by Kato on Navier-Stokes equations go
M.Hagelberg, R.Hidalgo Some generalized Coxeter groups and their orbifolds go
J.Conlon, P.Olsen Estimates on the solution of an elliptic equation related to Brownian motion with drift (II) go
Issue 13/2 (1997)
D.Kateb, P.Lemarié-Rieusset The phase of the Daubechies filters go
A.Magyar $L^p$-bounds for spherical maximal operators on $\mathbb Z^n$ go
S.Treil, A.Volberg, D.Zheng Hilbert transform, Toeplitz operators and Hankel operators, and invariant $A_\infty$ weights go
Y.Lyubarskii, K.Seip Complete interpolating sequences for Paley-Wiener spaces and Muckenhoupt's ($A_p$) condition go
N.Enriquez, Y.Le Jan Statistic of the winding of geodesics on a Riemann surface with finite area and constant negative curvature go
A.Ho A note on eigenvalues of ordinary differential operators go
M.Lacey The bilinear Hilbert transform is pointwise finite go
Issue 13/1 (1997)
P.Sjögren, F.Soria Rough maximal functions and rough singular integral operators applied to integrable radial functions go
A.Benassi, D.Roux, S.Jaffard Elliptic gaussian random processes go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Fonctions d'échelles interpolantes, polynômes de Bernstein et ondelettes non stationnaires go
P.Jones, N.Katz, A.Vargas Checkerboards, Lipschitz functions and uniform rectifiability go
N.Katz, M.Pereyra On the two weights problem for the Hilbert transform go
Issue 12/3 (1996)
T.Bhattacharya, A.Weitsman Bounds for capacities in terms of asymmetry go
D.Oberlin An endpoint estimate for some maximal operators go
L.Hervé Transformée en paquets d'ondelettes des signaux stationnaires: comportement asymptotique des densités spectrales go
M.Rakowski, I.Spitkovsky Spectral factorization of measurable rectangular matrix functions and the vector-valued Riemann problem go
J.Heinonen The boundary absolute continuity of quasiconformal mappings II go
S.Semmes Quasisymmetry, measure and a question of Heinonen go
J.Heinonen A theorem of Semmes and the boundary absolute continuity in all dimensions go
P.Charollois Analysis on Lie groups go
Issue 12/2 (1996)
S.Durand Etude de la vitesse de convergence de l'algorithme en cascade dans la construction des ondelettes d'Ingrid Daubechies go
Z.Balogh, A.Volberg Boundary Harnack Principle for separated semihyperbolic repellers, harmonic measure applications go
S.Semmes On the nonexistence of bilipschitz parameterizations and geometric problems about $A_\infty$-weights go
O.Barraza Self-similar solutions in weak $L^p$-spaces of the Navier-Stokes equations go
S.Jaffard The spectrum of singularities of Riemann's function go
T.Kilpeläinen, X.Xu On the uniqueness problem for quasilinear elliptic equations involving measures go
A.Perelli Goldbach numbers represented by polynomials go
J.Fernandes, B.Franchi Existence and properties of the Green function for a class of degenerate parabolic equations go
A.Cohen, I.Daubechies A new technique to estimate the regularity of refinable functions go
Issue 12/1 (1996)
A.Bonami, S.Durand, G.Weiss Wavelets obtained by continuous deformations of the Haar wavelet go
C.Fefferman, L.Seco The spin of the ground state of an atom go
M.Mesmoudi Correspondances géodésiques entre les surfaces euclidiennes à singularités coniques go
B.Korenblum, J.McCarthy The range of Toeplitz Operators on the ball go
J.Peetre, S.Thangavelu, N.Wallin Generalized Fock spaces, interpolation, multipliers, circle geometry go
A.Gatto, C.Segovia, S.Vági On fractional differentiation and integration on spaces of homogeneous type go
P.Charollois The heat kernel on Lie groups go
S.Semmes Good metric spaces without good parameterizations go
Issue 11/3 (1995)
G.Bourdaud Ondelettes et espaces de Besov go
V.Adolfsson, L.Escauriaza, C.Kenig Convex domains and unique continuation at the boundary go
R.Kaufman, J.Wu Two problems on doubling measures go
H.Alexander, J.Bruna Pluriharmonic interpolation and hulls of $C^1$ curves in the unit sphere go
P.Lindqvist A criterion of Petrowsky's kind for a degenerate quasilinear parabolic equation go
T.Huuskonen, J.Partanen, J.Väisälä Bilipschitz extensions from smooth manifolds go
R.Tahraoui Générateurs infinitésimaux et propiétés géométriques pour certaines équations complètement non linéaires go
T.Wolff An improved bound for Kakeya type maximal functions go
C.Pittet Følner Sequences in Polycyclic Groups go
T.Coulhon, L.Saloff-Coste Variétés riemanniennes isométriques à l'infini go
Issue 11/2 (1995)
W.Wang A remark on gradients of harmonic functions go
R.Dalmasso Uniqueness of positive solutions of nonlinear second order systems go
C.Lin $L^p$ multipliers and their $H^1$-$L^1$ estimates on the Heisenberg group go
S.Dobyinsky La "version ondelettes" du théorème du Jacobien go
É.Séré Localisation fréquentielle des paquets d'ondelettes go
W.Bergweiler, A.Eremenko On the singularities of the inverse to a meromorphic function of finite order go
F.Suárez Multipliers of de Branges-Rovnyak spaces in $H^2$ go
F.Chamizo, H.Iwaniec On the Sphere Problem go
L.Hervé Comportement asymptotique dans l'algorithme de transformée en ondelettes. Lien avec la régularité de l'ondelette go
J.Anderson, D.Khavinson, H.Shapiro Analytic continuation of Dirichlet series go
Issue 11/1 (1995)
J.Conlon, J.Redondo Estimates on the solution of an elliptic equation related to Brownian motion with drift go
M.Andersson, H.Carlsson Formulas for approximate solutions of the $\partial \bar{\partial}$-equation in a strictly pseudoconvex domain go
A.Nahmod Hiperbolic singular integral operators go
M.Eie Fourier coefficients of Jacobi forms over Cayley numbers go
V.Mayer Trajectoires de groupes à 1-paramètre de quasi-isométries go
A.Córdoba, C.Fefferman, L.Seco Weyl sums and atomic energy oscillations go
Issue 10/3 (1994)
D.Mitrea On singular integrals of Calderón-type in $\mathbb R^n$, and BMO go
C.Fefferman Reconstructing a neural net from its output go
S.Benzoni-Gavage, D.Serre Compacité par compensation pour une classe de systèmes hyperboliques de $p ≥ 3$ lois de conservation go
R.Heyman Interpolation of finite order entire functions go
M.Pereyra On the resolvents of dyadic paraproducts go
C.Li, A.McIntosh, T.Qian Clifford algebras, Fourier transforms and singular convolution operators on Lipschitz surfaces go
Issue 10/2 (1994)
J.Fernández-Acuña A characterization of 2-knots groups go
E.Fabes, C.Gutiérrez, R.Scotto Weak-type estimates for the Riesz transforms associated with the gaussian measure go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Projecteurs invariants, matrices de dilatation, ondelettes et analyses multi-résolutions go
É.Séré Bases orthonormées de paquets d'ondelettes go
D.Krug, A.Torchinsky A weighted version of Journé's Lemma go
A.Carbery, S.Ziesler Hilbert transforms and maximal functions along rough flat curves go
A.Grigor'yan Heat kernel upper bounds on a complete non-compact manifold go
G.Lu The sharp Poincaré inequality for free vector fields: an endpoint result go
Issue 10/1 (1994)
A.Sebbar Décompositions dans certaines algèbres de Fréchet de fonctions holomorphes go
Y.Han Calderón-type Reproducing Formula and the $Tb$ Theorem go
J.Vance, S.Wainger, J.Wright The Hilbert transform and maximal function along nonconvex curves in the plane go
P.Koskela An inverse Sobolev lemma go
I.Holopainen Rough isometries and $p$-harmonic functions with finite Dirichlet integral go
S.Thangavelu A Paley-Wiener theorem for step two nilpontent Lie groups go
A.Ancona Convexity at infinity and Brownian motion on manifolds with unbounded negative curvature go
Issue 9/3 (1993)
C.Fefferman, L.Seco Aperiodicity of the Hamiltonian flow in the Thomas-Fermi potential go
P.Lions, T.Paul Sur les mesures de Wigner go
Issue 9/2 (1993)
S.Grellier Complex tangential characterizations of Hardy-Sobolev Spaces of holomorphic functions go
A.Böttcher, I.Spitkovsky Wiener-Hopf integral operators with $PC$ symbols on spaces with Muckenhoupt weight go
G.Pisier Interpolation between $H^p$ Spaces and non-commutative generalizations, II go
T.Coulhon, L.Saloff-Coste Isopérimétrie pour les groupes et les variétés go
D.Andreucci, M.Korten Initial traces of solutions to a one-phase Stefan problem in an infinite strip go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Ondelettes generalisées et fonctions d'échelle à support compact go
N.Jacob Further pseudodifferential operators generating Feller semigroups and Dirichlet forms go
Issue 9/1 (1993)
P.Charollois Semigroup Commutators under differences, II go
A.Cohen, I.Daubechies Non-separable bidimensional wavelet bases go
H.Kim Exceptional modular form of weight 4 on an exceptional domain contained in $\mathbb C^27$ go
Issue 8/3 (1992)
R.Brown, Z.Shen Boundary value problems in Lipschitz cylinders for three-dimensional parabolic systems go
B.Villa Un problema de valores propios para un sistema parabólico periódico y aplicaciones go
S.Wu A wavelet characterization for weighted Hardy Spaces go
A.Cohen, J.Conze Regularité des bases d'ondelettes et mesures ergodiques go
G.Lu Weighted Poincaré and Sobolev inequalities for vector fields satisfying Hörmander's condition and applications go
J.Otal Sur la géometrie symplectique de l'espace des géodésiques d'une variété à courbure négative go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Sur l'existence des analyses multi-résolutions en théorie des ondelettes go
Issue 8/2 (1992)
I.Holopainen, S.Rickman A Picard type theorem for quasiregular mappings of $\mathbb R^n$ into $n$-manifolds with many ends go
P.Auscher, P.Tchamitchian Conjecture de Kato sur les ouverts de $\mathbb R$ go
L.Shanzhen, Z.Yan Criterion on $L^p$-Boundedness for a class of Oscillatory Singular Integrals with rough Kernels go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Analyses multi-résolutions non orthogonales, commutation entre projecteurs et derivation et ondelettes vecteurs à divergence nuIIe go
M.González Uniformly Perfect Sets, Green's Function, and Fundamental Domains go
Issue 8/1 (1992)
P.Charollois Semigroup Commutators under Differences go
R.Coifman, L.Grafakos Hardy Space Estimates for Multilinear Operators, I go
L.Grafakos Hardy Space Estimates for Multilinear Operators, II go
U.Dinger Weak Type (1,1) Estimates of the Maximal Function for the Laguerre Semigroup in Finite Dimensions go
J.Peetre On the $S_4$-Norm of a Hankel Form go
Issue 7/3 (1991)
G.Lu Covering Lemmas and HMO Estimates for Eigenfunctions on Riemannian Surfaces go
J.Fernandes Mean value and Harnack inequalities for a certain class of degenerate parabolic equations go
E.Laeng Analytic Dependence of Orthogonal Polynomials go
O.Salinas Harnack Inequality and Green Function for a Certain Class of Degenerate Elliptic Differential Operators go
Issue 7/2 (1991)
Y.Meyer Ondelettes sur l'intervalle go
S.Thangavelu Spherical Means on the Heisenberg Group and a Restriction Theorem for the Symplectic Fourier Transform go
P.Lemarié-Rieusset Fonctions à support compact dans les analyses multi-résoIutions go
B.Lotto, D.Sarason Multiplicative structure of de Branges' spaces go
Issue 7/1 (1991)
A.Haraux, S.Jaffard Pointwise and Spectral Control of Plate Vibrations go
J.Lewis, A.Vogel On Pseudospheres go
Y.Pan Hardy Spaces and Oscillatory Singular Integrals go
B.Guerch, L.Véron Local Properties of Stationary Solutions of some Nonlinear Singular Schr6dinger Equations go
Issue 6/4 (1990)
G.Mauceri, S.Meda Vector-Valued Multipliers on Stratified Groups go
T.Wolff Unique Continuation for $|\Delta u| ≤ V \; |\bigtriangledown u|$ and Related Problems go
A.Youssfi Corrigenda: Continuité-Sobolev de Certains Opérteurs Paradifférentiels go
Issue 6/3 (1990)
A.Cohen Construction de Bases D'Ondelettes $\alpha$-Höldériennes go
A.Montesinos-Amilibia Sur les Variétés Riemanniennes à Flot Géodésique Topologiquement Transitif go
A.Youssfi Continuité-Sobolev de Certains Opérateurs Paradifférentiels go
Issue 6/2 (1990)
S.Thangavelu Hermite Expansions on $\mathbb R^{2n}$ for Radial Functions go
S.Thangavelu Littlewood-Paley-Stein Theory of $\mathbb C^n$ and Weyl Multipliers go
Issue 6/1 (1990)
A.Bahri, Y.Li On a Min-Max Procedure for the Existence of a Positive Solution for Certain Scalar Field Equations in $\mathbb R^N$ go
Y.Han, E.Sawyer Para-Accretive Functions, the Weak Boundedness Property and the $Tb$ Theorem go
J.Guillot Global Existence of Solutions for the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation of Semiconductor Physics go
Issue 5/4 (1989)
P.Auscher, P.Tchamitchian Bases D'Ondelettes sur les Courbes Corde-Arc, Noyau de Cauchy et Espaces de Hardy Associés go
H.Cendra, E.Lacomba Variational Characterization of Equations of Motion in Bundles of Embeddings go
M.Zuluaga Existence of Solutions for some Elliptic Problems with Critical Sobolev Exponents go
Issue 5/3 (1989)
J.Heinonen Quasiconformal Mappings Onto John Domains go
J.Carmona, J.Cufí, C.Pommerenke On the Angular Boundedness of Bloch Functions go
Issue 5/2 (1989)
J.Fernández Domains with Strong Barrier go
V.Cossart Polyèdre Caractéristique et Éclatements Combinatoires go
Issue 5/1 (1989)
T.Iwaniec, J.Manfredi Regularity of $p$-Harmonic Functions on the Plane go
R.Brummelhuis A Microlocal F. and M. Riesz Theorem with Applications go
D.Shea, A.Weitsman An Extremal Property of Entire Functions with Positive Zeros go
Issue 4/3 (1988)
C.Fefferman, J.Kohn Estimates of Kernels on Three-Dimensional $CR$ Manifolds go
G.Martin Infinite Group Actions on Spheres go
N.Trudinger Comparison Principles and Pointwise Estimates for Viscosity Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations go
K.Astala Calderón's Problem for Lipschitz Classes and the Dimension of Quasicircles go
Issue 4/2 (1988)
J.Journé A Regularity Lemma for Functions of Several Variables go
J.Kahane Sur la Distribution des Fonctions Dérivées go
A.Baernstein II An Extremal Problem for Certain Subharmonic Functions in the Plane go
M.Christ Inversion in Some Algebras of Singular Integral Operators go
E.Fabes, N.Garofalo, S.Marin-Malave, S.Salsa Fatou Theorems for Some Nonlinear Elliptic Equations go
J.Gilbert, M.Murray $H^p$-Theory on Euclidean Space and the Dirac Operator go
J.Mateu, J.Verdera $BMO$ Harmonic Approximation in the Plane and Spectral Synthesis for Hardy-Sobolev Spaces go
A.Carbery, F.Soria Almost-Everywhere Convergence of Fourier Integrals for Functions in Sobolev Spaces, and an $L^2$-Localisation Principle go
S.Kamin, J.Vázquez Fundamental Solutions and Asymptotic Behaviour for the $p$-Laplacian Equation go
Issue 4/1 (1988)
A.Córdoba José Luis Rubio de Francia (1949–88). Semblanza de su vida y obra go
B.Dahlberg, C.Kenig Non-Negative Solutions to Fast Diffusions go
Y.Meyer Constructions de Bases Orthonormées d'Ondelettes go
M.Frazier, R.Torres, G.Weiss The Boundedness of Calderón-Zygmund Operators on the Spaces $\dot{F}^{\alpha, q}_p$ go
G.David Morceaux de Graphes Lipschitziens et Intégrales Singulières sur une Surface go
P.Jones Lipschitz and bi-Lipschitz Functions go
P.Ahern, J.Bruna Maximal and Area Integral Characterizations of Hardy-Sobolev Spaces in the Unit Ball of $\mathbb C^n$ go
S.Semmes Interpolation of Banach Spaces, Differential Geometry and Differential Equations go
A.Sánchez-Calle $L^p$ Estimates for Degenerate Elliptic Equations go
Issue 3/3 (1987)
P.Lions, P.Souganidis, J.Vázquez The Relation Between the Porous Medium and the Eikonal Equations in Several Space Dimensions go
S.Chanillo, J.Strömberg, R.Wheeden Norm Inequalities for Potential-Type Operators go
D.Shafer Structural Stability and Generic Properties of Planar Polynomial Vector Fields go
T.Miyake On the Spaces of Eisenstein Series of Hilbert Modular Groups go
G.Li Eigenvalue Problems of Quasilinear Elliptic Systems on $R^n$ go
B.Viviani An Atomic Decomposition of the Predual of BMO$(\rho)$ go
J.Fontanillas, F.Varela Global Models of Riemannian Metrics go
A.Ros Compact Hypersurfaces with Constant Higher Order Mean Curvatures go
J.Pipher Oblique Derivative Problems for the Laplacian in Lipschitz Domains go
Issue 3/2 (1987)
L.Caffarelli A Harnack Inequality Approach to the Regularity of Free Boundaries. Part I: Lipschitz Free Boundaries are $C^{1, \alpha}$ go
P.Tchamitchian Biorthogonalité et Théorie des Opérateurs go
C.Kenig, J.Pipher Hardy Spaces and the Dirichlet Problem on Lipschitz Domains go
R.Johnson, C.Neugebauer Homeomorphisms Preserving $A_p$ go
Issue 3/1 (1987)
S.Thangavelu Multipliers for Hermite Expansions go
M.Christ Weak Type Endpoint Bounds for Bochner-Riesz Multipliers go
G.Corach, H.Porta Total Curvature of Non-Differentiable Curves go
S.Janson, J.Peetre, R.Rochberg Hankel Forms and the Fock Space go
Issue 2/4 (1986)
D.Aronson, L.Caffarelli Optimal Regularity for One-Dimensional Porous Medium Flow go
M.Karel Special Values of Hilbert Modular Functions go
A.Carbery Variants of the Calderón-Zygmund Theory for $L^p$-spaces go
H.Porta, L.Recht Forms Equivalent to Curvatures go
J.Álvarez, M.Milman Vector Valued Inequalities for Strongly Singular Calderón-Zygmund Operators go
Issue 2/3 (1986)
H.McKean Geometry of KDV (1): Addition and the Unimodular Spectral Classes go
C.Gupta On Kolchin's Theorem go
B.Dahlberg, C.Kenig Non-Negative Solutions of Generalized Porous Medium Equations go
H.Sussmann A Weak Regularity Theorem for Real Analytic Optimal Control Problems go
M.Zinsmeister Problèmes de Dirichlet, Neumann, Calderón dans les quasidisques pour les classes holderiennes go
G.Soares de Souza, R.O'Neil, G.Sampson Several Characterizations for the Special Atom Spaces with Applications go
Issue 2/2 (1986)
A.Córdoba, J.Rubio de Francia Estimates for Wainger's Singular Integrals Along Curves go
C.Fefferman, la Llave Relativistic Stability of Matter - I go
H.Cordes On the Two-Fold Symbol Chain of a C*-Algebra of Singular Integral Operators on a Polycylinder go
Issue 2/1 (1986)
P.Lemarié-Rieusset, Y.Meyer Ondelettes et bases hilbertiennes go
L.Caffarelli, L.Nirenberg, J.Spruck The Dirichlet Problem for the Degenerate Monge-Ampère Equation go
E.Spanier Cohomology Theories on Compact and Locally Compact Spaces go
M.Cotlar, C.Sadosky Lifting Properties, Nehari Theorem and Paley Lacunary Inequality go
T.Kato, S.Cui Well-Posedness of the Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations in the Lebesgue Spaces $L^p_s(\mathbb R^2)$ go
R.Fefferman Fourier Analysis in Several Parameters go
I.Segal Poincaré-Invariant Structures in the Solution Manifold of a Nonlinear Wave Equation go
Issue 1/4 (1985)
G.David, J.Journé, S.Semmes Opérateurs de Calderón-Zygmund, fonctions para-accrétives et interpolation go
A.Haraux, V.Komornic Oscillations of Anharmonic Fourier Series and the Wave Equation go
M.Christ A Convolution Inequality Concerning Cantor-Lebesgue Measures go
J.Muñoz Masqué Poincaré-Cartan Forms in Higher Order Variational Calculus on Fibred Manifolds go
B.Carl, T.Kühn Local Entropy Moduli and Eigenvalues of Operators in Banach Spaces go
Issue 1/3 (1985)
G.Shimura On the Eisenstein Series of Hilbert Modular Groups go
É.Fouvry, G.Tenenbaum Sur la corrélation des fonctions de Piltz go
J.Journé Calderón-Zygmund Operators on Product Spaces go
L.Rudolph Special Positions for Surfaces Bounded by Closed Braids go
Issue 1/2 (1985)
J.Rubio de Francia A Littlewood-Paley Inequality for Arbitrary Intervals go
J.Sotomayor Stable Planar Polynomial Vector Fields go
C.Fefferman Singular Integrals on Product $H^p$ Spaces go
P.Garabedian On the Boundary Values of Harmonic Functions go
R.Zimmer On Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups and Elliptic Geometric Structures go
P.Lions The Concentration-Compactness Principle in the Calculus of Variations. The Limit Case, Part 2 go
Issue 1/1 (1985)
C.Fefferman The Atomic and Molecular Nature of Matter go
D.Heath-Brown The Ternary Goldbach Problem go
L.Caffarelli, A.Friedman Regularity of Boundary of a Capillary Drop on an Inhomogeneous Plane and Related Variational Problems go
W.Baily Arithmetic Hilbert Modular Functions II go
K.Murasugi Polynomial Invariants of 2-component Links go
P.Lions The Concentration-Compactness Principle in the Calculus of Variations. The limit case, Part 1 go