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Issue 57/1 (2021)
Preface to the Special Issue go
S.Mochizuki Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory I: Construction of Hodge Theaters go
S.Mochizuki Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory II: Hodge–Arakelov-Theoretic Evaluation go
S.Mochizuki Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory III: Canonical Splittings of the Log-Theta-Lattice go
S.Mochizuki Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory IV: Log-Volume Computations and Set-Theoretic Foundations go
Issue 56/4 (2020)
M.Coles, S.Gustafson Solitary Waves and Dynamics for Subcritical Perturbations of Energy Critical NLS go
K.Dajani, C.Kalle Invariant Measures, Matching and the Frequency of 0 for Signed Binary Expansions go
F.Duan, B.Shu, Y.Yao The Category $\mathcal O$ for Lie Algebras of Vector Fields (I): Tilting Modules and Character Formulas go
R.Biswal, T.Scrimshaw Existence of Kirillov–Reshetikhin Crystals for Multiplicity-Free Nodes go
S.Tsujimura Combinatorial Belyi Cuspidalization and Arithmetic Subquotients of the Grothendieck–Teichmüller Group go
Issue 56/3 (2020)
G.Mauro, L.Moraes Algebras of Lorch Analytic Mappings Defined on Uniform Algebras go
X.Tang, Z.Huang Cograde Conditions and Cotorsion Pairs go
M.Dettweiler, S.Reiter On the Hodge Theory of the Additive Middle Convolution go
W.Chen Boundedness of Weak Fano Pairs with Alpha-Invariants and Volumes Bounded Below go
M.Cappiello, R.Schulz, P.Wahlberg Lagrangian Distributions and Fourier Integral Operators with Quadratic Phase Functions and Shubin Amplitudes go
I.Ip Positive Representations of Split Real Simply-Laced Quantum Groups go
Issue 56/2 (2020)
V.Cossart, B.Schober A Strictly Decreasing Invariant for Resolution of Singularities in Dimension Two go
S.Chepuri Plabic R-Matrices go
V.Lazić, T.Peternell On Generalised Abundance, I go
T.Masuda On the Relative Bicentralizer Flows and the Relative Flow of Weights of Inclusions of Factors of Type III$_1$ go
Y.Hoshi Frobenius-Projective Structures on Curves in Positive Characteristic go
Issue 56/1 (2020)
M.Braun, Y.Choi, G.Schumacher Kähler Forms for Families of Calabi–Yau Manifolds go
O.Fujino Vanishing and Semipositivity Theorems for Semi-log Canonical Pairs go
P.Kasprzak, P.Sołtan Lattice of Idempotent States on a Locally Compact Quantum Group go
T.Saito On the Mixed Hodge Structures of the Intersection Cohomology Stalks of Complex Hypersurfaces go
H.Neidhardt, A.Stephan, V.Zagrebnov Convergence Rate Estimates for Trotter Product Approximations of Solution Operators for Non-autonomous Cauchy Problems go
A.Rieckers The Regular Ground States of the Linear Boson Field in Terms of Soft Modes go
T.Nosaka Milnor–Orr Invariants from the Kontsevich Invariant go
K.Shimomura A Note on Hopkins' Picard Groups of the Stable Homotopy Categories of $L_n$-Local Spectra go
M.Hirose, H.Murahara, S.Saito Polynomial Generalization of the Regularization Theorem for Multiple Zeta Values go
Issue 55/4 (2019)
F.Colombo, I.Sabadini, D.Struppa, A.Yger Superoscillating Sequences and Hyperfunctions go
S.Azam, M.Soltani, M.Tomie, Y.Yoshii A Graph-Theoretical Classification for Reflectable Bases go
Y.Ike Compact Exact Lagrangian Intersections in Cotangent Bundles via Sheaf Quantization go
S.Takayama Moderate Degeneration of Kähler–Einstein Manifolds with Negative Ricci Curvature go
S.Popa Asymptotic Orthogonalization of Subalgebras in II$_1$ Factors go
T.Nguyen, P.Phạm, T.Phạm Bifurcation Sets and Global Monodromies of Newton Nondegenerate Polynomials on Algebraic Sets go
H.Hauser, S.Perlega Characterizing the Increase of the Residual Order under Blowup in Positive Characteristic go
R.Laterveer The Generalized Franchetta Conjecture for Some Hyperkähler Fourfolds go
M.Oi Endoscopic Lifting of Simple Supercuspidal Representations of Unramified U$_N$ to GL$_N$ go
Issue 55/3 (2019)
J.Bony, N.Espinoza, G.Raikov Spectral Properties of 2D Pauli Operators with Almost-Periodic Electromagnetic Fields go
K.Matsumoto, T.Terasoma Period Map of Triple Coverings of P$^2$ and Mixed Hodge Structures go
M.Itoh, H.Satoh Harmonic Hadamard Manifolds and Gauss Hypergeometric Differential Equations go
S.Ariki, E.Park, L.Speyer Specht Modules for Quiver Hecke Algebras of Type $C$ go
S.Azam, A.Farahmand Parsa Groups of Extended Affine Lie Type go
G.Botelho, V.Fávaro, J.Mujica Absolute Schauder Decompositions and Linearization of Holomorphic Mappings of Bounded Type go
Issue 55/2 (2019)
S.Chung, M.Choi, J.Park Fujita-Type Blow-Up for Discrete Reaction–Diffusion Equations on Networks go
W.Li, J.Xu Weak Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces with Variable Integrability, Summability and Smoothness go
I.Biswas, P.Chaput, C.Mourougane Stability of Restrictions of the Cotangent Bundle of Irreducible Hermitian Symmetric Spaces of Compact Type go
R.Hirakawa, S.Takamura Quotient Families of Elliptic Curves Associated with Representations of Dihedral Groups go
T.Hiroshima $\mathfrak{q}$-Crystal Structure on Primed Tableaux and on Signed Unimodal Factorizations of Reduced Words of Type $B$ go
T.Murotani A $p$-adic Analytic Approach to the Absolute Grothendieck Conjecture go
Issue 55/1 (2019)
Y.Ike, T.Kuwagaki Categorical Localization for the Coherent-Constructible Correspondence go
R.Inoue, T.Lam, P.Pylyavskyy On the Cluster Nature and Quantization of Geometric $R$-Matrices go
Y.Umeta On the Stokes Geometry of a Unified Family of $P_\mathrm J$-Hierarchies (J=I, II, IV, 34) go
A.Brudnyi On the Bass Stable Rank of Stein Algebras go
Y.Zeng, B.Shu Minimal $W$-Superalgebras and the Modular Representations of Basic Lie Superalgebras go
R.Kodera Affine Yangian Action on the Fock Space go
Issue 54/4 (2018)
M.Bellassoued, Y.Kian, É.Soccorsi An Inverse Problem for the Magnetic Schrödinger Equation in Infinite Cylindrical Domains go
B.Jubin A Microlocal Characterization of Lipschitz Continuity go
K.Sawada Pro-$p$ Grothendieck Conjecture for Hyperbolic Polycurves go
N.Gigli Lecture Notes On Differential Calculus on $\sf {RCD}$ Spaces go
Issue 54/3 (2018)
S.Rams, M.Schütt On Enriques Surfaces with Four Cusps go
Y.Shamoto Hodge–Tate Conditions for Landau–Ginzburg Models go
Y.Lee, N.Nakayama Grothendieck Duality and $\mathbb Q$-Gorenstein Morphisms go
Y.Yang On the Admissible Fundamental Groups of Curves over Algebraically Closed Fields of Characteristic $p > 0$ go
Issue 54/2 (2018)
R.Aramian, M.Yousofzadeh The Core of an Extended Affine Lie Superalgebra (A Characterization) go
D.Gobin Inverse Scattering at Fixed Energy on Three-Dimensional Asymptotically Hyperbolic Stäckel Manifolds go
T.Nishitani On the Cauchy Problem for Differential Operators with Double Characteristics, A Transition from Non-effective to Effective Characteristics go
R.Sarkar Eigenfunction of the Laplacian as a Degenerate Case of a Function with its Fourier Transform Supported in an Annulus go
M.Robalo, P.Schapira A Lemma for Microlocal Sheaf Theory in the $\infty$-Categorical Setting go
Y.Arano, Laat, J.Wahl The Fourier Algebra of a Rigid $C^*$-Tensor Category go
Y.Laurent Regularity of a D-Module Along a Submanifold go
M.Dettweiler, C.Sabbah Erratum to Hodge Theory of the Middle Convolution go
Issue 54/1 (2018)
G.Hwang Almost Sure Well-Posedness of Fractional Schrödinger Equations with Hartree Nonlinearity go
V.Aiello, R.Conti, S.Rossi A Look at the Inner Structure of the 2-adic Ring $C^*$‡-algebra and Its Automorphism Groups go
K.Hashizume On the Non-vanishing Conjecture and Existence of Log Minimal Models go
H.Mourtada, A.Reguera Mather Discrepancy as an Embedding Dimension in the Space of Arcs go
I.Angiono A Quantum Version of the Algebra of Distributions of SL$_2$ go
A.Dimca, G.Sticlaru Free and Nearly Free Curves vs. Rational Cuspidal Plane Curves go
S.Yamagami Around Trace Formulas in Non-commutative Integration go
Issue 53/4 (2017)
Y.Taguchi Moduli of Galois Representations go
H.Ito Resonances of the Square Root of the Pauli Operator go
V.Balaji, I.Biswas, Y.Pandey Connections on Parahoric Torsors over Curves go
M.Colţoiu, C.Joiţa Convexity Properties of Intersections of Decreasing Sequences of $q$-Complete Domains in Complex Spaces go
K.Yahiro Radon Transforms of Twisted D-Modules on Partial Flag Varieties go
H.Kodani, M.Morishita, Y.Terashima Arithmetic Topology in Ihara Theory go
Issue 53/3 (2017)
O.Fujino Effective Basepoint-Free Theorem for Semi-Log Canonical Surfaces go
K.Mochizuki, S.Murai Smoothing Properties and Scattering for the Magnetic Schrödinger and Klein–Gordon Equations in an Exterior Domain with Time-Dependent Perturbations go
T.Morifuji, A.Tran Twisted Alexander Polynomials of Hyperbolic Links go
A.Yousofzadeh Paradoxical Partition of Unity for Hypergroups go
A.Castaño Domínguez Exponents of Some One-Dimensional Gauss–Manin Systems go
Issue 53/2 (2017)
O.Fujino Pull-back of Quasi-Log Structures go
T.Bhattacharyya, H.Sau $\Gamma$-Unitaries, Dilation and a Natural Example go
Y.Morita Homogeneous Spaces of Nonreductive Type That Do Not Model Any Compact Manifold go
O.Margetts, R.Srinivasan Non-Cocycle-Conjugate E$_0$-Semigroups on Factors go
J.Kaczorowski, A.Perelli A Weak Converse Theorem for Degree 2 $L$-Functions with Conductor 1 go
Issue 53/1 (2017)
Y.Zeng, B.Shu Finite $W$-Superalgebras and Dimensional Lower Bounds for the Representations of Basic Lie Superalgebras go
Y.Seo The Hadamard Product and the Karcher Mean of Positive Invertible Operators go
F.Hiroshima, T.Ichinose, J.Lőrinczi Kato's Inequality for Magnetic Relativistic Schrödinger Operators go
K.Ho Two-Weight Norm, Poincaré, Sobolev and Stein–Weiss Inequalities on Morrey Spaces go
O.Imanuvilov, M.Yamamoto On Calderón’s Problem for a System of Elliptic Equations go
M.Egeileh, T.Wurzbacher Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds as Ringed Spaces go
E.Artal Bartolo, P.Cassou-Noguès, I.Luengo, A.Melle-Hernández Yano's Conjecture for Two-Puiseux-Pair Irreducible Plane Curve Singularities go
Issue 52/4 (2016)
P.Melliès Dialogue Categories and Chiralities go
B.Hepler, D.Massey Perverse Results on Milnor Fibers inside Parameterized Hypersurfaces go
H.Ikoma Remarks on Arithmetic Restricted Volumes and Arithmetic Base Loci go
K.Wada New Realization of Cyclotomic $q$-Schur Algebras go
Issue 52/3 (2016)
M.Szymik A Non-trivial Ghost Kernel for Complex Projective Spaces with Symmetries go
M.Kashiwara Self-dual t-structure go
A.Kozłowski, K.Yamaguchi The Homotopy Type of Spaces of Polynomials with Bounded Multiplicity go
M.Yousofzadeh Extended Affine Lie Superalgebras go
M.Saïdi On the Section Conjecture over Function Fields and Finitely Generated Fields go
Issue 52/2 (2016)
K.Uchikoshi Singularities of Solutions of Quasilinear Partial Differential Equations in a Complex Domain go
L.Demonet, S.Taniguchi Ice Quivers with Potential Arising from Once-punctured Polygons and Cohen–Macaulay Modules go
Y.Hemmi, H.Nishinobu Mod $p$ Decomposition of $H$-spaces of Low Rank go
Y.Goto, J.Kaneko, K.Matsumoto Pfaffian of Appell's Hypergeometric System $\mathcal F_4$ in Terms of the Intersection Form of Twisted Cohomology Groups go
Issue 52/1 (2016)
Y.Takayama Nahm's Equations, Quiver Varieties and Parabolic Sheaves go
Y.Konishi, S.Minabe Mixed Frobenius Structure and Local Quantum Cohomology go
O.Fujino Basepoint-free Theorem of Reid–Fukuda Type for Quasi-log Schemes go
Y.Ike Microlocal Lefschetz Classes of Graph Trace Kernels go
Issue 51/4 (2015)
H.Sakuma, Y.Fukumoto On Formal Stability of Stratified Shear Flows go
P.Aluffi Multidegrees of Monomial Rational Maps go
F.Hiroshima, I.Sasaki Enhanced Binding of an $N$-particle System Interacting with a Scalar Field II. Relativistic Version go
A.Hora A Diffusive Limit for the Profiles of Random Young Diagrams by Way of Free Probability go
S.Oh The Denominators of Normalized $R$-matrices of Types $A_{2n-1}^{(2)}$, $A_{2n}^{(2)}$, $B_{n}^{(1)}$ and $D_{n+1}^{(2)}$ go
O.Liess, Y.Okada Analytic Singular Support Properties for Integral Operators in Hyperfunctions go
Issue 51/3 (2015)
S.Shimomura The Sixth Painlevé Transcendents and the Associated Schlesinger Equation go
R.Yamagishi Crepant Resolutions of a Slodowy Slice in a Nilpotent Orbit Closure in $\mathfrak {sl}_N(\mathbb C)$ go
D.Carando, M.Mazzitelli Bounded Holomorphic Functions Attaining their Norms in the Bidual go
T.Ibukiyama Structures and Dimensions of Vector Valued Jacobi Forms of Degree Two go
Y.Odaka Compact Moduli Spaces of Kähler–Einstein Fano Varieties go
R.Okayasu, R.Tomatsu Haagerup Approximation Property for Arbitrary von Neumann Algebras go
Issue 51/2 (2015)
J.Bourin, F.Hiai Anti-norms on Finite von Neumann Algebras go
A.Baker Power Operations and Coactions in Highly Commutative Homology Theories go
R.Walters The Bernstein–Sato $b$-function of the Space of Cyclic Pairs go
L.Chacón-Cortes, W.Zúñiga-Galindo Non-local Operators, Non-Archimedean Parabolic-type Equations with Variable Coefficients and Markov Processes go
K.Mochizuki, H.Nakazawa Uniform Resolvent Estimates for Magnetic Schrödinger Operators in a 2D Exterior Domain and their Applications to Related Evolution Equations go
Y.Kagei, N.Makio Spectral Properties of the Linearized Semigroup of the Compressible Navier–Stokes Equation on a Periodic Layer go
A.D'Agnolo, P.Polesello Morita Classes of Microdifferential Algebroids go
Issue 51/1 (2015)
K.Iwaki On WKB Theoretic Transformations for Painlevé Transcendents on Degenerate Stokes Segments go
S.Azam, H.Yamane, M.Yousofzadeh Classification of Finite-Dimensional Irreducible Representations of Generalized Quantum Groups via Weyl Groupoids go
I.Damiani From the Drinfeld Realization to the Drinfeld–Jimbo Presentation of Affine Quantum Algebras: Injectivity go
M.Acosta, J.Becerra Guerrero, D.García, S.Kim, M.Maestre The Bishop–Phelps–Bollobás Property: a Finite-Dimensional Approach go
J.Ansemil, J.López-Salazar, S.Ponte The Spaces of Analytic Functions on Open Subsets of $\mathbb R^{\mathbb N}$ and $\mathbb C^{\mathbb N}$ go
Issue 50/4 (2014)
O.Fujino, T.Fujisawa Variations of Mixed Hodge Structure and Semipositivity Theorems go
X.Fang Non-symmetrizable Quantum Groups: Defining Ideals and Specialization go
S.Vaes Normalizers inside Amalgamated Free Product von Neumann Algebras go
Issue 50/3 (2014)
K.Shimada Locally Compact Separable Abelian Group Actions on Factors with the Rokhlin Property go
Y.Wakabayashi An Explicit Formula for the Generic Number of Dormant Indigenous Bundles go
Y.Saito Elliptic Ding–Iohara Algebra and the Free Field Realization of the Elliptic Macdonald Operator go
J.Teyssier La Construction d’Abbes et Saito pour les Connexions Méromorphes: Aspect Formel en Dimension 1 go
K.Horie, S.Nakamura Propagation of Singularities for Schrödinger Equations with Modestly Long Range Type Potentials go
R.Kato, K.Shimomura, Y.Tatehara Generalized Bousfield Lattices and a Generalized Retract Conjecture go
I.Iwanari Bar Construction and Tannakization go
K.Suzuki Convergences and Projection Markov Property of Markov Processes on Ultrametric Spaces go
Issue 50/2 (2014)
M.Hino Geodesic Distances and Intrinsic Distances on Some Fractal Sets go
Y.Matsui, K.Takeuchi Motivic Milnor Fibers and Jordan Normal Forms of Milnor Monodromies go
J.Chung, D.Kim Ulam Problem for the Sine Addition Formula in Hyperfunctions go
T.Takeishi On Nuclearity of $C*$-algebras of Fell Bundles over Étale Groupoids go
Y.Hoshi On the Field-theoreticity of Homomorphisms between the Multiplicative Groups of Number Fields go
Y.Ozeki, Y.Taguchi On Congruences of Galois Representations of Number Fields go
I.Sasaki Spectral Analysis of the Dirac Polaron go
D.Hai Positive Radial Solutions for Singular Quasilinear Elliptic Equations in a Ball go
Issue 50/1 (2014)
F.Colombo, I.Sabadini, F.Sommen, D.Struppa Twisted Plane Wave Expansions Using Hypercomplex Methods go
S.Hirose On a WKB-Theoretic Transformation for a Completely Integrable System near a Degenerate Point where Two Turning Points Coalesce go
O.Fujino, T.Fujisawa, M.Saito Some Remarks on the Semipositivity Theorems go
N.Yagita Witt Groups of Algebraic Groups go
M.Adachi On the Ampleness of Positive CR Line Bundles over Levi-flat Manifolds go
T.Ito, K.Kawamuro Visualizing Overtwisted Discs in Open Books go
Issue 49/4 (2013)
H.Nagoya Integral Formulas for Quantum Isomonodromic Systems go
M.Yamashita Operator Algebra of Foliations with Projectively Invariant Transverse Measure go
K.De Commer, M.Yamashita A Construction of Finite Index C*-algebra Inclusions from Free Actions of Compact Quantum Groups go
Y.Kawamoto Higher Homotopy Commutativity of $H$-spaces and the Cyclohedra go
M.Dettweiler, C.Sabbah Hodge Theory of the Middle Convolution go
M.Yousofzadeh Central Extensions of Root Graded Lie Algebras go
S.Kondej, D.Krejčiřík Spectral Analysis of a Quantum System with a Double Line Singular Interaction go
E.Lepage Resolution of Nonsingularities for Mumford Curves go
Issue 49/3 (2013)
E.Faber Towards Transversality of Singular Varieties: Splayed Divisors go
H.Nakamura On Arithmetic Monodromy Representations of Eisenstein Type in Fundamental Groups of Once Punctured Elliptic Curves go
M.Fujii The Spherical Growth Series for Pure Artin Groups of Dihedral Type go
B.Leclerc, P.Plamondon Nakajima Varieties and Repetitive Algebras go
T.Takemura, M.Tomisaki Lévy Measure Density Corresponding to Inverse Local Time go
K.Lee, R.Schiffler Positivity for Cluster Algebras of Rank 3 go
Issue 49/2 (2013)
T.Ohsawa Nonexistence of Certain Levi Flat Hypersurfaces in Kähler Manifolds from the Viewpoint of Positive Normal Bundles go
L.García-Raffi, E.Jiménez Fernández, E.Sánchez Pérez A Non-linear Approach to Signal Processing by Means of Vector Measure Orthogonal Functions go
E.Koelink, M.van Pruijssen, P.Román Matrix-valued Orthogonal Polynomials Related to (SU(2)$ \times$ SU(2), diag), II go
D.Popovici Transcendental Kähler Cohomology Classes go
Y.Oshima Localization of Cohomological Induction go
Issue 49/1 (2013)
R.Inoue, O.Iyama, B.Keller, A.Kuniba, T.Nakanishi Periodicities of T-systems and Y-systems, Dilogarithm Identities, and Cluster Algebras I: Type $B_r$ go
R.Inoue, O.Iyama, B.Keller, A.Kuniba, T.Nakanishi Periodicities of T-systems and Y-systems, Dilogarithm Identities, and Cluster Algebras II: Types $C_r$, $F_4$, and $G_2$ go
T.Kuwabara Representation Theory of Rational Cherednik Algebras of Type $\mathbb Z/l \mathbb Z$ via Microlocal Analysis go
L.Moraes, A.Pereira The Hadamard Product in the Space of Lorch Analytic Mappings go
S.Azam, M.Nikouei Weyl Groups Associated with Affine Reflection Systems of Type $A_1$ (Coxeter Type Defining Relations) go
M.Watanabe Inverse Scattering for the Stationary Wave Equation with a Friction Term in Two Dimensions go
N.Nakanishi Quantum Recurrence Relation and Its Generating Functions go
F.Hiroshima, T.Ichinose, J.Lőrinczi Probabilistic Representation and Fall-Off of Bound States of Relativistic Schrödinger Operators with Spin 1/2 go
A.Höring, C.Novelli Mori Contractions of Maximal Length go
Issue 48/4 (2012)
K.Hiroe Generalized Whittaker Functions for Degenerate Principal Series of GL(4, $\mathbb R$) go
A.Moriwaki Zariski Decompositions on Arithmetic Surfaces go
D.Bacani, H.Tahara Existence and Uniqueness Theorem for a Class of Singular Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations go
P.Forré The Kernel of the Reciprocity Map of Simple Normal Crossing Varieties over Finite Fields go
S.Dragomir Some Inequalities of Kato Type for Sequences of Operators in Hilbert Spaces go
R.Aron, P.Rueda Ideals of Homogeneous Polynomials go
O.Imanuvilov, G.Uhlmann, M.Yamamoto Partial Cauchy Data for General Second Order Elliptic Operators in Two Dimensions go
Issue 48/3 (2012)
R.Kodera, K.Naoi Loewy Series of Weyl Modules and the Poincaré Polynomials of Quiver Varieties go
M.Kashiwara Biadjointness in Cyclotomic Khovanov–Lauda–Rouquier Algebras go
F.Hiai, D.Petz From Quasi-Entropy to Various Quantum Information Quantities go
S.Theriault The Homotopy Types of $SU$(3)-gauge Groups over Simply Connected 4-manifolds go
Y.Kasahara Asymptotic Behavior of the Transition Density of an Ergodic Linear Diffusion go
T.Ibukiyama Taylor Expansions of Jacobi Forms and Applications to Explicit Structures of Degree Two go
K.Fukui Commutator Length of Leaf Preserving Diffeomorphisms go
M.Morimoto Deleting and Inserting Fixed Point Manifolds under the Weak Gap Condition go
W.Ebeling, S.Gusein-Zade Equivariant Poincaré Series and Monodromy Zeta Functions of Quasihomogeneous Polynomials go
I.Damiani Drinfeld Realization of Affine Quantum Algebras: the Relations go
T.Ohsawa On Projectively Embeddable Complex-Foliated Structures go
Issue 48/2 (2012)
A.Ruzzi Fano Symmetric Varieties with Low Rank go
D.Croydon Scaling Limit for the Random Walk on the Largest Connected Component of the Critical Random Graph go
O.Fujino Minimal Model Theory for Log Surfaces go
K.Ichinobe, M.Miyake Decomposition of Solutions of the Cauchy Problem of a Quasi-Homogeneous Partial Differential Equation go
H.Ando, Y.Matsuzawa On Polish Groups of Finite Type go
M.Colţoiu, C.Joiţa, M.Tibăr $q$-Convexity Properties of the Coverings of a Link Singularity go
N.Abe Generalized Jacquet Modules of Parabolically Induced Representations go
N.Saito Errata to 'On the Stokes Equation with the Leak and Slip Boundary Conditions of Friction Type: Regularity of Solutions' go
Issue 48/1 (2012)
R.Schilling, T.Uemura On the Structure of the Domain of a Symmetric Jump-type Dirichlet Form go
S.Tajima, Y.Nakamura Algebraic Local Cohomology Classes Attached to Unimodal Singularities go
P.Huang, N.Lam, T.To Super Duality and Homology of Unitarizable Modules of Lie Algebras go
H.Kihara, N.Oda Homotopical Presentations and Calculations of Algebraic $K_0$-Groups for Rings of Continuous Functions go
Y.Fukuma A Numerical Characterization of Polarized Manifolds $(X,\mathcal{L})$ with $K_{X}=-(n-i)\mathcal{L}$ by the $i$th Sectional Geometric Genus and the $i$th $\Delta$-genus go
H.Ohashi Hutchinson–Weber Involutions Degenerate Exactly when the Jacobian is Comessatti go
X.Sun, Y.Chen Multidegrees of Tame Automorphisms in Dimension Three go
Y.Hamada, T.Ōkaji, Y.Takei Problème de Cauchy et Goursat Analytique go
H.Shimomura Unitary Representations of the Group of Diffeomorphisms via Restricted Product Measures with Infinite Mass II go
A.Kirillov, T.Maeno Affine Nil-Hecke Algebras and Braided Differential Structure on Affine Weyl Groups go
J.Borcea, R.Bøgvad, B.Shapiro Corrigendum: "Homogenized Spectral Problems for Exactly Solvable Operators: Asymptotics of Polynomial Eigenfunctions" go
Issue 47/4 (2011)
Z.Lin, J.Xiao, G.Zhang Representations of Tame Quivers and Affine Canonical Bases go
A.Skalski Noncommutative Topological Entropy of Endomorphisms of Cuntz Algebras II go
T.Akita Periodicity for Mumford–Morita–Miller Classes of Surface Symmetries go
J.Najnudel, A.Nikeghbali On Some Properties of Universal Sigma-Finite Measures Associated with a Remarkable Class of Submartingales go
M.Yoshino Asymptotic Property of Divergent Formal Solutions in Linearization of Singular Vector Fields go
Issue 47/3 (2011)
Y.Sano Matroids on Convex Geometries: Subclasses, Operations, and Optimization go
C.Schnell Local Duality and Polarized Hodge Modules go
O.Fujino Fundamental Theorems for the Log Minimal Model Program go
A.Balinsky, W.Evans, T.Umeda The Dirac-Hardy and Dirac-Sobolev inequalities in $L^1$ go
T.Hayama Néron Models of Green–Griffiths–Kerr and log Néron Models go
Issue 47/2 (2011)
T.Kimura, Y.Ishii, I.Ryu, M.Hamada, Y.Kurosawa, M.Ouchi, T.Kamiyoshi On M. Sato's Classification of Some Reductive Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces go
T.Mochizuki Asymptotic Behaviour of Variation of Pure Polarized TERP Structure go
B.Feigin, M.Jimbo, T.Miwa Gelfand-Zetlin basis, Whittaker Vectors and a Bosonic Formula for the ${\mathfrak{sl}}_{n+1}$ Principal Subspace go
K.Cho, A.Mironov, A.Nakayashiki Baker–Akhiezer Modules on the Intersections of Shifted Theta Divisors go
M.Aganagic, H.Ooguri, C.Vafa, M.Yamazaki Wall Crossing and M-Theory go
T.Kobayashi Algebraic Analysis of Minimal Representations go
F.Loeser Microlocal Geometry and Valued Fields go
B.Eynard, M.Mulase, B.Safnuk The Laplace Transform of the Cut-and-Join Equation and the Bouchard–Mariño Conjecture on Hurwitz Numbers go
Issue 47/1 (2011)
Preface go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai Professor Mikio Sato and Microlocal Analysis go
B.McCoy Mikio Sato and Mathematical Physics go
T.Barnet-Lamb, D.Geraghty, M.Harris, R.Taylor A Family of Calabi–Yau Varieties and Potential Automorphy II go
S.Guillermou dg-Methods for Microlocalization go
L.Boutet de Monvel Asymptotic Equivariant Index of Toeplitz Operators on the Sphere go
T.Kawai, Y.Takei WKB analysis of higher order Painlevé equations with a large parameter. II. Structure theorem for instanton-type solutions of $(P_J)_m$ (J= I, 34, II-2 or IV) near a simple $P$-turning point of the first kind go
A.D'Agnolo, S.Guillermou, P.Schapira Regular holonomic $\mathscr{D}{[\mspace{-1mu}[\hbar]\mspace{-1mu}]}$-modules go
Y.Ihara On Certain Arithmetic Functions M (s; z1; z2) Associated with Global Fields: Analytic Properties go
L.Göttsche, H.Nakajima, K.Yoshioka Donaldson = Seiberg–Witten from Mochizuki's Formula and Instanton Counting go
C.Tracy, H.Widom Painlevé Functions in Statistical Physics go
T.Koike, Y.Takei On the Voros Coefficient for the Whittaker Equation with a Large Parameter – Some Progress around Sato's Conjecture in Exact WKB Analysis go
Issue 46/4 (2010)
K.Mochizuki Uniform Resolvent Estimates for Magnetic Schrödinger Operators and Smoothing Effects for Related Evolution Equations go
M.Lein, M.Măntoiu, S.Richard Magnetic Pseudodifferential Operators with Coefficients in C*-Algebras go
V.Maillot, D.Rössler Une Conjecture sur la Torsion des Classes de Chern des Fibrés de Gauss–Manin go
Y.Hoshi Existence of Nongeometric Pro-p Galois Sections of Hyperbolic Curves go
E.Lepage Tempered Fundamental Group and Metric Graph of a Mumford Curve go
Issue 46/3 (2010)
T.Ohsawa A Tower of Riemann Surfaces whose Bergman Kernels Jump at the Roof go
M.Granger, M.Schulze On the Symmetry of b-Functions of Linear Free Divisors go
S.Azam, H.Yamane, M.Yousofzadeh A Finite Presentation of Universal Coverings of Lie Tori go
S.Yasuda Non-negativity of the Fourier Coefficients of Eta Products Associated to Regular Systems of Weights go
G.Raikov Low Energy Asymptotics of the Spectral Shift Function for Pauli Operators with Nonconstant Magnetic Fields go
R.Dalmasso An Overdetermined Problem for an Elliptic Equation go
H.Aoi, T.Yamanouchi Hecke von Neumann Algebra of Ergodic Discrete Measured Equivalence Relations go
D.Carando, D.Galicer Extending Polynomials in Maximal and Minimal Ideals go
C.Profeta Penalization of a Positively Recurrent Diffusion by an Exponential Function of its Local Time go
S.Sen Segal–Bargmann Transform and Paley–Wiener Theorems on Motion Groups go
Issue 46/2 (2010)
A.Pál A Rigid Analytical Regulator for the K2 of Mumford Curves go
A.Pál On the Kernel and the Image of the Rigid Analytic Regulator in Positive Characteristic go
A.Pál The Rigid Analytical Regulator and K2 of Drinfeld Modular Curves go
T.Moriyama Deformations of Transverse Calabi–Yau Structures on Foliated Manifolds go
H.Kawanoue, K.Matsuki Toward Resolution of Singularities over a Field of Positive Characteristic (The Idealistic Filtration Program)
Part II. Basic invariants associated to the idealistic filtration and their properties
S.Tsuchioka Hecke–Clifford Superalgebras and Crystals of Type Dl(2) go
Issue 46/1 (2010)
M.Gros, B.Le Stum, A.Quirós A Simpson Correspondence in Positive Characteristic go
K.Saito Limit Elements in the Configuration Algebra for a Cancellative Monoid go
E.Feliu Adams Operations on Higher Arithmetic K-theory go
Y.Choi, H.Lee, H.Song Denseness of Norm-Attaining Mappings on Banach Spaces go
A.Lascoux, P.Pragacz Thom Polynomials and Schur Functions: The Singularities A3(−) go
G.Botelho, D.Pellegrino, P.Rueda Dominated Bilinear Forms and 2-homogeneous Polynomials go
V.Vâjâitu A Characterization of Stein Completion of 0-normal Coronae go
Issue 45/4 (2009)
H.Yagisita Existence and Nonexistence of Traveling Waves for a Nonlocal Monostable Equation go
H.Yagisita Existence of Traveling Wave Solutions for a Nonlocal Bistable Equation: An Abstract Approach go
S.Oi Gauss Hypergeometric Functions, Multiple Polylogarithms, and Multiple Zeta Values go
Y.Ozeki Torsion Points of Abelian Varieties with Values in Infinite Extensions over a p-adic Field go
H.Fuse, T.Ohsawa On a Curvature Property of Effective Divisors and Its Application to Sheaf Cohomology go
M.Hennings, D.Dubin On Hansen’s Version of Spectral Theory and the Moyal Product go
I.Iwanari Logarithmic Geometry, Minimal Free Resolutions and Toric Algebraic Stacks go
Issue 45/3 (2009)
Y.Hoshi Absolute Anabelian Cuspidalizations of Configuration Spaces of Proper Hyperbolic Curves over Finite Fields go
L.Sahu, M.Schürmann, K.Sinha Unitary Processes with Independent Increments and Representations of Hilbert Tensor Algebras go
S.Mori, Y.Prokhorov On ℚ-Conic Bundles, III go
Y.Shitanda A Fixed Point Theorem and Equivariant Points for Set-valued Mappings go
Y.Saito, M.Shiota On Hecke Algebras Associated with Elliptic Root Systems and the Double Affine Hecke Algebras go
S.Kuroda Automorphisms of a Polynomial Ring Which Admit Reductions of Type I go
Y.Miyaoka Counting Lines and Conics on a Surface go
Issue 45/2 (2009)
A.Aguiar, L.Moraes Reflexivity of Spaces of Polynomials on Direct Sums of Banach Spaces go
J.Park, J.Kim, S.Chung The p-Schrödinger Equations on Finite Networks go
J.Ansemil, R.Aron, S.Ponte Representation of Spaces of Entire Functions on Banach Spaces go
H.Tahara Coupling of Two Partial Differential Equations and its Application, II — the Case of Briot-Bouquet Type PDEs — go
A.Kishimoto C*-Crossed Products by R, II go
M.Skeide Unit Vectors, Morita Equivalence and Endomorphisms go
A.Ibort, P.Linares, J.Llavona On the Representation of Orthogonally Additive Polynomials in ℓp go
J.Borcea, R.Bøgvad, B.Shapiro Homogenized Spectral Problems for Exactly Solvable Operators: Asymptotics of Polynomial Eigenfunctions go
S.Ma Resolution of Operator Singularities via the Mixed-Variable Method go
T.Hattori The Essential Spectrum of the Laplacian on Manifolds with Ends go
T.Torrelli Intersection Homology D-Module and Bernstein Polynomials Associated with a Complete Intersection go
Issue 45/1 (2009)
Preface go
H.Hida ℒ-Invariant of the Symmetric Powers of Tate Curves go
A.Abbes, T.Saito Analyse Micro-Locale $\ell$-Adique en Caractéristique $p > 0$ le Cas d’un Trait go
D.Burns Algebraic p-Adic L-Functions in Non-Commutative Iwasawa Theory go
M.Kim The Unipotent Albanese Map and Selmer Varieties for Curves go
M.Saïdi, A.Tamagawa A Prime-to-p Version of Grothendieck’s Anabelian Conjecture for Hyperbolic Curves over Finite Fields of Characteristic p > 0 go
T.Kashio, H.Yoshida On p-Adic Absolute CM-Periods II go
S.Mochizuki The Étale Theta Function and Its Frobenioid-Theoretic Manifestations go
Issue 44/4 (2008)
S.Ōuchi The Asymptotic Behavior of Singular Solutions of Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain go
S.Parui, R.Sarkar Beurling’s Theorem and LpLq Morgan’s Theorem for Step Two Nilpotent Lie Groups go
K.Fukui On the First Homology of the Groups of Foliation Preserving Diffeomorphisms for Foliations with Singularities of Morse Type go
F.Hazama Discrete Tomography through Distribution Theory go
P.Domański, M.Langenbruch Vector Valued Hyperfunctions and Boundary Values of Vector Valued Harmonic and Holomorphic Functions go
A.Cadoret On the Profinite Regular Inverse Galois Problem go
N.Abe Jacquet Modules of Principal Series Generated by the Trivial K-Type go
Y.Hemmi, H.Nishinobu, K.Ogi The Action of the Steenrod Algebra on the Cohomology of p-Compact Groups go
S.Cheng, W.Wang Brundan–Kazhdan–Lusztig and Super Duality Conjectures go
Issue 44/3 (2008)
P.Polesello Classification of Deformation Quantization Algebroids on Complex Symplectic Manifolds go
L.Barchini, A.Kable, R.Zierau Conformally Invariant Systems of Differential Equations and Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces of Heisenberg Parabolic Type go
N.Enomoto, M.Kashiwara Symmetric Crystals for gl go
Y.Ihara On “M-Functions” Closely Related to the Distribution of L'/L-Values go
S.Mori, Y.Prokhorov On ℚ-conic Bundles, II go
Issue 44/2 (2008)
Preface go
L.Tráng, B.Teissier On the Mathematical Work of Professor Heisuke Hironaka go
T.Oda Professor Heisuke Hironaka’s Contribution in Promoting Mathematical Sciences and Bringing up Talent in New Generations go
V.Balaji, J.Kollár Holonomy Groups of Stable Vector Bundles go
E.Feigin, B.Feigin, M.Jimbo, T.Miwa, Y.Takeyama A φ1,3-Filtration of the Virasoro Minimal Series M(p, p') with 1 < p'/p < 2 go
Y.Namikawa Flops and Poisson Deformations of Symplectic Varieties go
S.Mori, Y.Prokhorov On ℚ-conic Bundles go
A.Moriwaki Rigidity of Log Morphisms go
Y.Miyaoka The Orbibundle Miyaoka–Yau–Sakai Inequality and an Effective Bogomolov–McQuillan Theorem go
Y.Kawamata Flops Connect Minimal Models go Fernex, L.Ein, S.Ishii Divisorial Valuations via Arcs go
S.Boucksom, C.Favre, M.Jonsson Valuations and Plurisubharmonic Singularities go
K.Oguiso Mordell–Weil Groups of a Hyperk¨hler a Manifold—A Question of F. Campana go
A.Némethi Lattice Cohomology of Normal Surface Singularities go
N.Hayasaka, A.Yukie On the Density of Unnormalized Tamagawa Numbers of Orthogonal Groups I go
E.Bierstone, P.Milman Functoriality in Resolution of Singularities go
L.Tráng Simple Rational Polynomials and the Jacobian Conjecture go
O.Villamayor U. Elimination with Applications to Singularities in Positive Characteristic go
K.Liu, X.Sun, S.Yau Good Geometry on the Curve Moduli go
Issue 44/1 (2008)
M.Yousofzadeh A Presentation of Lie Tori of Type B go
W.Zúñiga-Galindo Corrigendum to “Decay of Solutions of Wave-type Pseudo-differential Equations over p-adic Fields” go
F.Hiai, Y.Ueda Notes on Microstate Free Entropy of Projections go
T.Ueda Simultaneous Linearization of Holomorphic Maps with Hyperbolic and Parabolic Fixed Points go
M.Eastham, K.Schmidt Asymptotics of the Spectral Density for Radial Dirac Operators with Divergent Potentials go
S.Azam, V.Shahsanaei On the Presentations of Extended Affine Weyl Groups go
Retraction Notice go
Issue 43/4 (2007)
T.Ohsawa An Interpolation Theorem on Cycle Spaces for Functions Arising as Integrals of Closed Forms go
M.Yoshino Convergent and Divergent Solutions of Singular Partial Differential Equations with Resonance or Small Denominators go
S.Chung, D.Kim, N.Lee Poisson Equations with Nonlinear Source Terms on Networks go
A.Brudnyi On Holomorphic L2 Functions on Coverings of Strongly Pseudoconvex Manifolds go
M.Okado Existence of Crystal Bases for Kirillov–Reshetikhin Modules of Type D go
N.Fujino Scalar Conservation Laws with Vanishing and Highly Nonlinear Diffusive-Dispersive Terms go
O.Emanouilov (Imanuvilov), M.Yamamoto Carleman Estimates for the Lamé System with Stress Boundary Condition go
S.Dragomir Inequalities for Some Functionals Associated with Bounded Linear Operators in Hilbert Spaces go
S.Bannai, H.Tokunaga A Note on Embeddings of S4 and A5 into the Two-dimensional Cremona Group and Versal Galois Covers go
T.Harada Klyachko’s Theorem in Semi-finite von Neumann Algebras go
G.Botelho, D.Pellegrino, P.Rueda On Composition Ideals of Multilinear Mappings and Homogeneous Polynomials go
Y.Shibukawa Dynamical Yang–Baxter Maps with an Invariance Condition go
K.Mochizuki, T.Motai On Decay-nondecay and Scattering for Schrödinger Equations with Time Dependent Complex Potentials go
D.Panyushev Semi-Direct Products of Lie Algebras and their Invariants go
Issue 43/3 (2007)
L.Prelli Proper Stacks go
H.Tahara Coupling of Two Partial Differential Equations and its Application go
V.Iftimie, M.Măntoiu, R.Purice Magnetic Pseudodifferential Operators go
G.Morando An Existence Theorem for Tempered Solutions of D-Modules on Complex Curves go
M.Saïdi Galois Covers of Degree p and Semi-Stable Reduction of Curves in Mixed Characteristics go
J.Ferrer On the Zero-Set of Real Polynomials in Non-Separable Banach Spaces go
S.Chung, Y.Chung, J.Kim Diffusion and Elastic Equations on Networks go
M.Fujii, H.Ochiai An Expression of Harmonic Vector Fields on Hyperbolic 3-Cone-Manifolds in Terms of Hypergeometric Functions go
Y.Kagei Asymptotic Behavior of the Semigroup Associated with the Linearized Compressible Navier–Stokes Equation in an Infinite Layer go
S.Hamada Numerical Solutions of Serrin’s Equations by Double Exponential Transformation go
H.Kawanoue Toward Resolution of Singularities over a Field of Positive Characteristic—Part I. Foundation; the language of the idealistic filtration go
Issue 43/2 (2007)
T.Banica, B.Collins Integration over Compact Quantum Groups go
Y.Kamiya, K.Shimomura Picard Groups of Some Local Categories go
C.Donati-Martin, M.Yor Further Examples of Explicit Krein Representations of Certain Subordinators go
N.Lerner, Y.Morimoto On the Fefferman–Phong Inequality and a Wiener-type Algebra of Pseudodifferential Operators go
J.Seoane-Sepulveda Explicit Constructions of Dense Common Hypercyclic Subspaces go
M.Roychowdhury Irrational Rotation of the Circle and the Binary Odometer are Finitarily Orbit Equivalent go
S.Azam, V.Shahsanaei Simply Laced Extended Affine Weyl Groups (A Finite Presentation) go
T.Takiguchi Structure of Quasi-analytic Ultradistributions go
S.Tajima A New Look at the Local Solvability Condition of Inhomogeneous Ordinary Differential Equations go
H.Minami Remarks on Framed Bordism Classes of Classical Lie Groups go
Y.Yasutomi Modified Elastic Wave Equations on Riemannian and Kähler Manifolds go
S.Kuroda Estimates of Kato–Temple Type for n-dimensional Spectral Measures go
M.Iida Errata : Spherical Functions of the Principal Series Representation of Sp(2, ℝ) as Hypergeometric Functions of C2 type (Publ. RIMS, Kyoto Univ. 32 (1996), 689-727) go
Issue 43/1 (2007)
K.Kürsten, E.Wagner An Operator-theoretic Approach to Invariant Integrals on Quantum Homogeneous SUn,1-spaces go
A.Albanese, J.Bonet Ultradifferentiable Fundamental Kernels of Linear Partial Differential Operators on Non-quasianalytic Classes of Roumieu Type go
M.Elkadi, A.Yger Residue Calculus and Applications go
H.Yamane Representations of a ℤ/3ℤ-Quantum Group go
S.Morrison Mochizuki’s Crys-Stable Bundles: A Lexicon and Applications go
F.Castro-Jiménez, M.Granger A Flatness Property for Filtered D-modules go
T.Morifuji A Torres Condition for Twisted Alexander Polynomials go
S.Yazaki Motion of Nonadmissible Convex Polygons by Crystalline Curvature go
K.Diederich, T.Ohsawa On the Displacement Rigidity of Levi Flat Hypersurfaces—The Case of Boundaries of Disc Bundles Over Compact Riemann Surfaces go
H.Ohashi On the Number of Enriques Quotients of a K3 Surface go
H.Isozaki The -theory for Inverse Problems Associated with Schrödinger Operators on Hyperbolic Spaces go
T.Aoki, T.Iizuka Classification of Stokes Graphs of Second Order Fuchsian Differential Equations of Genus Two go
Issue 42/4 (2006)
C.Donati-Martin, M.Yor Some Explicit Krein Representations of Certain Subordinators, Including the Gamma Process go
M.Hirokawa Infrared Catastrophe for Nelson’s Model—Non-Existence of Ground State and Soft-Boson Divergence go
C.Roucairol The Irregularity of the Direct Image of Some D-modules go
M.Hibino Formal Gevrey Theory for Singular First Order Quasi-Linear Partial Differential Equations go
M.Inaba, K.Iwasaki, M.Saito Moduli of Stable Parabolic Connections, Riemann–Hilbert Correspondence and Geometry of Painlevé Equation of Type VI, Part I go
Issue 42/3 (2006)
S.Albeverio, A.Daletskii L2-Betti Numbers of Infinite Configuration Spaces go
B.Chen Infinite Dimensionality of the Middle L2-cohomology on Non-compact Kähler Hyperbolic Manifolds go
G.Pisier A Similarity Degree Characterization of Nuclear C-algebras go
S.Alinhac On the Morawetz–Keel–Smith–Sogge Inequality for the Wave Equation on a Curved Background go
M.Wood Belyi-Extending Maps and the Galois Action on Dessins d’Enfants go
Y.Yoshii Lie Tori—A Simple Characterization of Extended Affine Lie Algebras go
J.Stix A General Seifert–Van Kampen Theorem for Algebraic Fundamental Groups go
Y.Yano On the Occupation Time on the Half Line of Pinned Diffusion Processes go
C.Sabbah Monodromy at Infinity and Fourier Transform II go
K.Yano Excursion Measure Away from an Exit Boundary of One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes go
Issue 42/2 (2006)
N.Nakanishi Computations of Nambu–Poisson Cohomologies: Case of Nambu–Poisson Tensors of Order 3 on ℝ4 go
T.Ohsawa On the Levi-flats in Complex Tori of Dimension Two go
T.Ohsawa Supplement to “On the Levi-flats in Complex Tori of Dimension Two” go
K.Sakai, T.Yamada On Flatness and Tameness of Classes of Impartial Games go
C.Lin, S.Dragomir On High-power Operator Inequalities and Spectral Radii of Operators go
C.Fernández, A.Galbis Superposition in Classes of Ultradifferentiable Functions go
J.Ginibre, G.Velo Long Range Scattering for the Maxwell–Schrödinger System with Large Magnetic Field Data and Small Schrödinger Data go
W.Zúñiga-Galindo Decay of Solutions of Wave-type Pseudo-differential Equations over p-adic Fields go
M.Morimoto Equivariant Surgery Theory for Homology Equivalences under the Gap Condition go
D.Carando, V.Dimant, P.Sevilla-Peris Limit Orders and Multilinear Forms on ℓp Spaces go
M.Ito Another Proof of Gustafson’s Cn-type Summation Formula via ‘Elementary’ Symmetric Polynomials go
Y.Matsui Radon Transforms of Constructible Functions on Grassmann Manifolds go
S.Kaji Low Rank Cohomology of the Classifying Spaces of Gauge Groups over 3-manifolds go
S.Kato On the Combinatorics of Unramified Admissible Modules go
Y.Konishi Integrality of Gopakumar–Vafa Invariants of Toric Calabi–Yau Threefolds go
Issue 42/1 (2006)
J.Schürmann On the Dimension Formula for the Hyperfunction Solutions of Some Holonomic D-modules go
P.Ruiz Gordoa, A.Pickering, J.Prada Integration via Modification: A Method of Reduction of Order for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations go
M.Acosta Boundaries for Spaces of Holomorphic Functions on C(K) go
D.Sherman On the Structure of Isometries between Noncommutative Lp Spaces go
K.Yamaguchi The Topology of the Space of Holomorphic Maps with Bounded Multiplicity go
N.Sugimine, M.Takei Remarks on Central Limit Theorems for the Number of Percolation Clusters go
H.Nasu Obstructions to Deforming Space Curves and Non-reduced Components of the Hilbert Scheme go
N.Kita, J.Segata Time Local Well-posedness for the Benjamin–Ono Equation with Large Initial Data go
Y.Konishi Pole Structure of Topological String Free Energy go
S.Mochizuki Semi-graphs of Anabelioids go
Issue 41/4 (2005)
Preface go
K.Hayami Variable Transformations for Nearly Singular Integrals in the Boundary Element Method go
J.Lyness A Prototype Four-Dimensional Galerkin-Type Integral go
J.Maina, K.Matsui Elastic Multi-layered Analysis Using DE-Integration go
G.Monegato, L.Scuderi Numerical Integration of Functions with Endpoint Singularities and/or Complex Poles in 3D Galerkin Boundary Element Methods go
M.Mori Discovery of the Double Exponential Transformation and Its Developments go
A.Nurmuhammad, M.Muhammad, M.Mori Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problems Based on the Double Exponential Transformation go
H.Ogata A Numerical Integration Formula Based on the Bessel Functions go
T.Ooura A Double Exponential Formula for the Fourier Transforms go
H.Takahasi Complex Function Theory and Numerical Analysis go
Y.Yamamoto Double-Exponential Fast Gauss Transform Algorithms for Pricing Discrete Lookback Options go
Issue 41/3 (2005)
T.Kobayashi Multiplicity-free Representations and Visible Actions on Complex Manifolds go
L.García-Raffi, D.Ginestar, E.Sánchez Pérez Vector Measure Orthonormal Systems and Self-weighted Functions Approximation go
T.Ohsawa On a Curvature Condition that Implies a Cohomology Injectivity Theorem of Kollár–Skoda Type go
Y.Tang, L.Zhou Hopf Bifurcation and Stability of a Competition Diffusion System with Distributed Delay go
Y.Takeda Higher Arithmetic K-Theory go
T.Ibukiyama Positivity of Eta Products—a Certain Case of K. Saito’s Conjecture go
H.Matui Approximate Conjugacy and Full Groups of Cantor Minimal Systems go
T.Ohta Nilpotent Orbits of ℤ4-Graded Lie Algebra and Geometry of Moment Maps Associated to the Dual Pair (U(p, q), U(r, s)) go
D.Krejčiřík, J.Kříž On the Spectrum of Curved Planar Waveguides go
R.Dalmasso Weak Solution of a Singular Semilinear Elliptic Equation in a Bounded Domain go
Y.Tadokoro The Harmonic Volumes of Hyperelliptic Curves go
Issue 41/2 (2005)
C.Trapani, F.Tschinke Partial *-algebras of Distributions go
O.Fujino On Termination of 4-fold Semi-stable Log Flips go
K.Wingberg Free Product Decomposition of Galois Groups of Number Fields go
V.Iftimie Uniqueness and Existence of the Integrated Density of States for Schrödinger Operators with Magnetic Field and Electric Potential with Singular Negative Part go
T.Aoki, Y.Ohno Sum Relations for Multiple Zeta Values and Connection Formulas for the Gauss Hypergeometric Functions go
H.Tahara, H.Yamazawa Structure of Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Gérard–Tahara Type go
J.Ferrer An Approximate Rolle’s Theorem for Polynomials of Degree Four in a Hilbert Space go
J.Chung, D.Kim Conditionally Positive Definite Hyperfunctions go
K.Konno Projected Canonical Curves and the Clifford Index go
R.Camalès Explicit Formulation of the Solution of Hamada–Leray–Wagschal’s Theorem go
S.Shirai Eigenvalue Asymptotics for the Maass Hamiltonian with Decreasing Electric Potentials go
B.Grecu, R.Ryan Schauder Bases for Symmetric Tensor Products go
A.Kamita The b-functions for Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces of Commutative Parabolic Type and Universal Generalized Verma Modules go
Issue 41/1 (2005)
S.Tajima, Y.Nakamura Algebraic Local Cohomology Classes Attached to Quasi-Homogeneous Hypersurface Isolated Singularities go
D.Dubin, M.Hennings The Damped Oscillator: A Locally Convex Formulation go
I.Waschkies Microlocal Riemann–Hilbert Correspondence go
S.Richard Spectral and Scattering Theory for Schrödinger Operators with Cartesian Anisotropy go
R.Honegger, A.Rieckers Some Continuous Field Quantizations, Equivalent to the C*-Weyl Quantization go
D.Barlet Interaction de Strates Consécutives II go
S.Doi Smoothness of Solutions for Schrödinger Equations with Unbounded Potentials go
M.Kashiwara Level Zero Fundamental Representations over Quantized Affne Algebras and Demazure Modules go
O.Fujino Addendum to “Termination of 4-fold Canonical Flips” go
Issue 40/4 (2004)
S.Caenepeel, L.Faddeev Shift Operator for Nonabelian Lattice Current Algebra go
K.Habiro Cyclotomic Completions of Polynomial Rings go
A.Kirillov An Invitation to the Generalized Saturation Conjecture go
V.Alexeev Compactified Jacobians and Torelli Map go
K.Ohkitani A Survey on a Class of Exact Solutions of the Navier–Stokes Equations and a Model for Turbulence go
A.Tamagawa Resolution of Nonsingularities of Families of Curves go
K.Saito Polyhedra Dual to the Weyl Chamber Decomposition: A Précis go
C.Donati-Martin, Y.Doumerc, H.Matsumoto, M.Yor Some Properties of the Wishart Processes and a Matrix Extension of the Hartman–Watson Laws go
M.Mimura Pattern Formation in Consumer-Finite Resource Reaction-Diffusion Systems go
Issue 40/3 (2004)
B.Feigin, E.Feigin Schubert Varieties and the Fusion Products go
M.Émery, M.Yor A Parallel between Brownian Bridges and Gamma Bridges go
J.Kollár Specialization of Zero Cycles go
Y.Takei Toward the Exact WKB Analysis for Higher-Order Painlevé Equations — The Case of Noumi–Yamada Systems go
I.Ojima Temperature as Order Parameter of Broken Scale Invariance go
S.Kang, J.Kim, D.Shin Crystal Bases for Quantum Classical Algebras and Nakajima’s Monomials go
T.Kumagai Heat Kernel Estimates and Parabolic Harnack Inequalities on Graphs and Resistance Forms go
S.Mochizuki The Geometry of Anabelioids go
H.Stapp Correspondence and Analyticity go
K.Fabricius, B.McCoy Functional Equations and Fusion Matrices for the Eight Vertex Model go
M.Saito Filtrations on Chow Groups and Transcendence Degree go
T.Ohtsuki A Cabling Formula for the 2-Loop Polynomial of Knots go
A.Voros From Exact-WKB towards Singular Quantum Perturbation Theory go
M.Hasegawa The Uniformity Principle on Traced Monoidal Categories go
A.Tamura Applications of Discrete Convex Analysis to Mathematical Economics go
N.Joshi The Second Painlevé Hierarchy and the Stationary KdV Hierarchy go
T.Kawai String and Vortex go
A.D'Agnolo, P.Schapira On Twisted Microdifferential Modules I. Non-existence of Twisted Wave Equations go
Issue 40/2 (2004)
S.Thangavelu On Theorems of Hardy, Gelfand–Shilov and Beurling for Semisimple Groups go
N.Saito On the Stokes Equation with the Leak and Slip Boundary Conditions of Friction Type: Regularity of Solutions go
M.Röckner, T.Zhang Sample Path Large Deviations for Diffusion Processes on Configuration Spaces over a Riemannian Manifold go
Y.Fujimoto Decomposition Problem on Endomorphisms of Projective Varieties go
H.Yamane A Serre-type Theorem for the Elliptic Lie Algebras with Rank ≥ 2 go
S.Shimomura Poles and α-points of Meromorphic Solutions of the First Painlevé Hierarchy go
S.Ogawa, A.Kohatsu-Higa A BPE Model for the Burgers Equation go
E.Getzler The Equivariant Toda Lattice go
J.Okuda, K.Ueno Relations for Multiple Zeta Values and Mellin Transforms of Multiple Polylogarithms go
M.Suwa Distributions of Exponential Growth with Support in a Proper Convex Cone go
Issue 40/1 (2004)
G.Chacón, V.Montesinos, A.Octavio A Note on the Intersection of Banach Subspaces go
C.Boyd, S.Dineen, M.Venkova Q-reflexive Locally Convex Spaces go
N.Ueki Wegner Estimates and Localization for Gaussian Random Potentials go
R.Dalmasso An Inverse Problem for an Elliptic Equation go
B.Feigin, M.Jimbo, T.Miwa, E.Mukhin, Y.Takeyama Fermionic Formulas for (k, 3)-admissible Configurations go
B.Feigin, M.Jimbo, T.Miwa, E.Mukhin, Y.Takeyama Particle Content of the (k, 3)-configurations go
J.Llavona, L.Moraes The Aron–Berner Extension for Polynomials Defined in the Dual of a Banach Space go
O.Fujino Termination of 4-fold Canonical Flips go
S.Ōuchi Existence of Solutions with Asymptotic Expansion of Linear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain go
Issue 39/4 (2003)
F.Hazama On the General Hodge Conjecture for Abelian Varieties of CM-type go
K.Ichinobe Integral Representation for Borel Sum of Divergent Solution to a Certain Non-Kowalevski Type Equation go
H.Furusho The Multiple Zeta Value Algebra and the Stable Derivation Algebra go
M.Finkelberg, D.Gaitsgory, A.Kuznetsov Uhlenbeck Spaces for A2 and Affine Lie Algebra sln go
T.Ogiwara, K.Nakamura Spiral Traveling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations Related to a Model of Spiral Crystal Growth go
K.Kobayashi A Remark on the Fast Gauss Transform go
T.Torrelli Bernstein Polynomials of a Smooth Function Restricted to an Isolated Hypersurface Singularity go
Issue 39/3 (2003)
P.Robinson Polarized States on the Weyl Algebra go
P.Gordoa, N.Joshi, A.Pickering A New Technique in Nonlinear Singularity Analysis go
T.Oda, M.Tsuzuki Automorphic Green Functions Associated with the Secondary Spherical Functions go
K.Yamaguchi Configuration Space Models for Spaces of Maps from a Riemann Surface to Complex Projective Space go
S.Cheng, W.Wang Lie Subalgebras of Differential Operators on the Super Circle go
Y.Hamada Problème de Cauchy Analytique I go
Issue 39/2 (2003)
T.Sudo The Structure of Group C-algebras of the Generalized Dixmier Groups go
O.Emanouilov (Imanuvilov), M.Yamamoto Carleman Inequalities for Parabolic Equations in Sobolev Spaces of Negative Order and Exact Controllability for Semilinear Parabolic Equations go
A.Shirai A Maillet Type Theorem for First Order Singular Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations go
S.Shirai Eigenvalue Asymptotics for the Schrödinger Operator with Steplike Magnetic Field and Slowly Decreasing Electric Potential go
M.Mizuo Noncommutative Sobolev Spaces, C Algebras and Schwartz Distributions Associated with Semicircular Systems go
S.Aida On a Certain Semiclassical Problem on Wiener Spaces go
W.Ebeling The Poincaré Series of Some Special Quasihomogeneous Surface Singularities go
Issue 39/1 (2003)
Y.Kondratiev, E.Lytvynov, M.Röckner The Heat Semigroup on Configuration Spaces go
H.Shiga, T.Yamaguchi Principal Bundle Maps via Rational Homotopy Theory go
Y.Takeyama Form Factors of SU(N) Invariant Thirring Model go
H.Yagisita Backward Global Solutions Characterizing Annihilation Dynamics of Travelling Fronts go
R.Aron, D.García, M.Maestre On Norm Attaining Polynomials go
Y.Ono, K.Yamaguchi Group Actions on Spaces of Rational Functions go
F.De Blasi, P.Georgiev Hukuhara’s Topological Degree for non Compact Valued Multifunctions go
Issue 38/4 (2002)
M.Tomari Multiplicity of Filtered Rings and Simple K3 Singularities of Multiplicity Two go
S.Chung Quasianalyticity of Positive Definite Continuous Functions go
B.Schulze Operators with Symbol Hierarchies and Iterated Asymptotics go
T.Akasaka An Integral PBW Basis of the Quantum Affine Algebra of Type A2(2) go
G.Hofmann On Inner Characterizations of Pseudo-Krein and Pre-Krein Spaces go
Issue 38/3 (2002)
N.Nakayama Global Structure of an Elliptic Fibration go
E.Kaikina, K.Kato, P.Naumkin, T.Ogawa Wellposedness and Analytic Smoothing Effect for the Benjamin–Ono Equation go
Issue 38/2 (2002)
K.Koufany Contractions of Angles in Symmetric Cones go
D.Sagaki Crystal Bases, Path Models, and a Twining Character Formula for Demazure Modules go
H.Ishida, K.Yagdjian On a Sharp Levi Condition in Gevrey Classes for Some Infinitely Degenerate Hyperbolic Equations and Its Necessity go
Y.Hashimoto, T.Hoshino, T.Matsuzawa Non-isotropic Gevrey Hypoellipticity for Grushin Operators go
A.Shimomura Asymptotic Distribution of Negative Eigenvalues for Three Dimensional Pauli Operators with Nonconstant Magnetic Fields go
K.Fujiwara, K.Ohshika The Second Bounded Cohomology of 3-manifolds go
T.Mine The Uniqueness of the Integrated Density of States for the Schrödinger Operators for the Robin Boundary Conditions go
K.Mochizuki, I.Trooshin Inverse Problem for Interior Spectral Data of the Dirac Operator on a Finite Interval go
Y.Ando Invariants of Fold-maps via Stable Homotopy Groups go
Issue 38/1 (2002)
J.Hellmich, R.Honegger, C.Köstler, B.Kümmerer, A.Rieckers Couplings to Classical and Non-Classical Squeezed White Noise as Stationary Markov Processes go
Y.Fujimoto Endomorphisms of Smooth Projective 3-Folds with Non-Negative Kodaira Dimension go
E.Croc, V.Iftimie Scattering Theory for a Stratified Acoustic Strip with Short- or Long-Range Perturbations go
S.Tsujimoto On a Discrete Analogue of the Two-Dimensional Toda Lattice Hierarchy go
N.Nakazawa, S.Wakabayashi On Hypoellipticity of the Operator exp[−|x1|−σ] D12 + x14 D22 + 1 go
R.Okayasu Cuntz–Krieger–Pimsner Algebras Associated with Amalgamated Free Product Groups go
M.Kadowaki Resolvent Estimates and Scattering States for Dissipative Systems go
T.Kobayashi L2 and L Estimates of the Solutions for the Compressible Navier–Stokes Equations in a 3D Exterior Domain go
Issue 37/4 (2001)
G.Helminck, J.van de Leur Geometric Bäcklund–Darboux Transformations for the KP Hierarchy Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
M.Lourenço, L.Moraes A Class of Polynomials from Banach Spaces into Banach Algebras Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
H.Ito, H.Tamura Scattering by Magnetic Fields at Large Separation Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
M.Hibino Gevrey Asymptotic Theory for Singular First Order Linear Partial Differential Equations of Nilpotent Type — Part II Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
H.Yamane Errata to “On Defining Relations of Affine Lie Superalgebras and Affine Quantized Universal Enveloping Superalgebras” Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
E.Koelink, J.Stokman Fourier Transforms on the Quantum SU(1,1) Group Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
Issue 37/3 (2001)
T.Caraballo, K.Liu Asymptotic Exponential Stability for Diffusion Processes Driven by Stochastic Differential Equations in Duals of Nuclear Spaces go
M.Nakamura, T.Ozawa The Cauchy Problem for Nonlinear Klein–Gordon Equations in the Sobolev Spaces Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
C.Donati-Martin, H.Matsumoto, M.Yor Some Absolute Continuity Relationships for Certain Anticipative Transformations of Geometric Brownian Motions Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
P.Gordoa, N.Joshi, A.Pickering On a Generalized 2 + 1 Dispersive Water Wave Hierarchy Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
S.Helmke, P.Slodowy On Unstable Principal Bundles over Elliptic Curves go
F.Bagarello Fixed Points in Topological *-Algebras of Unbounded Operators Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
K.Matsumoto Theta Constants Associated with the Cyclic Triple Coverings of the Complex Projective Line Branching at Six Points Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
K.Mochizuki, H.Nakazawa Energy Decay of Solutions to the Wave Equations with Linear Dissipation Localized Near Infinity Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
K.Obitsu The Asymptotic Behavior of Eisenstein Series and a Comparison of the Weil–Petersson and the Zograf–Takhtajan Metrics Klein-Gordon equations is studied in the Sobolev space Hs = Hs( go
Issue 37/2 (2001)
T.Monteiro Fernandes Propagation of the Irregularity of a Microdifferential System go
D.Pahk, B.Sohn Analytic Representation of Generalized Tempered Distributions by Wavelets go
M.Uchida On the Micro-Hyperbolic Boundary Value Problem for Systems of Differential Equations go
F.Xu On a Conjecture of Kac–Wakimoto go
M.Morimoto G-surgery on 3-dimensional Manifolds for Homology Equivalences go
O.Liess, Y.Okada, N.Tose Hartogs' Phenomena for Microfunctions with Holomorphic Parameters go
Issue 37/1 (2001)
J.Böckenhauer, D.Evans, Y.Kawahigashi Longo–Rehren Subfactors Arising from α-induction go
V.Colin Specialization of Formal Cohomology and Asymptotic Expansions go
Y.Takeyama The q-twisted Cohomology and the q-hypergeometric Function at |q|=1 go
K.Ichinobe The Borel Sum of Divergent Barnes Hypergeometric Series and its Application to a Partial Differential Equation go
Issue 36/6 (2000)
D.Siersma, M.Tibăr Singularities at Infinity and their Vanishing Cycles, II. Monodromy go
F.Bagarello, C.Trapani Morphisms of Certain Banach C*-Modules go
S.Ruijsenaars Hilbert Space Theory for Reflectionless Relativistic Potentials go
Issue 36/5 (2000)
J.Sjöstrand Asymptotic Distribution of Eigenfrequencies for Damped Wave Equations go
T.Ushijima On the Approximation of Blow-up Time for Solutions of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations go
K.Kawamuro A Rohlin Property for One-parameter Automorphism Groups of the Hyperfinite II1 Factor go
Issue 36/4 (2000)
S.Ōuchi Asymptotic Expansion of Singular Solutions and the Characteristic Polygon of Linear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain go
C.Lin Bounds of Operator Functions and Furuta Inequalities go
M.Kashiwara Invariant Sheaves go
P.Robinson The Generalized Fock Implementation of Complex Orthogonal Transformations go
T.Baker Zero actions and energy functions for perfect crystals go
Issue 36/3 (2000)
K.Fukui, A.Mori Codimension Two Compact Hausdorff Foliations by Hyperbolic Surfaces Are Not Stable go
A.D'Agnolo, C.Marastoni Real Forms of the Radon–Penrose Transform go
K.Saito, D.Yoshii Extended Affine Root System IV (Simply-Laced Elliptic Lie Algebras) go
T.Hayakawa Blowing Ups of 3-dimensional Terminal Singularities, II go
Issue 36/2 (2000)
K.Nakamoto Representation Varieties and Character Varieties go
K.Uchikoshi Cauchy Problems for Mixed-Type Operators go
T.Hayashi Harmonic Function Spaces of Probability Measures on Fusion Algebras go
T.Itoh, M.Nagisa Schur Products and Module Maps on B() go
K.Goodearl, T.Lenagan, L.Rigal The First Fundamental Theorem of Coinvariant Theory for the Quantum General Linear Group go
T.Koike On the Exact WKB Analysis of Second Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations with Simple Poles go
Issue 36/1 (2000)
H.Aso Conjugacy of Z2-subshifts and Textile Systems go
F.Prosmans Derived Categories for Functional Analysis go
N.Kawazumi, Y.Shibukawa The Meromorphic Solutions of the Bruschi–Calogero Equation go
H.Yamada Elliptic Root System and Elliptic Artin Group go
G.Pedersen Operator Differentiable Functions go
Issue 35/6 (1999)
L.De Carli, T.Ōkaji Strong Unique Continuation Property for the Dirac Equation go
H.Kalf, O.Yamada Note on the Paper “Strong Unique Continuation Property for the Dirac Equation” by De Carli and Ōkaji go
A.Kubo On the Spherically Symmetric Solution to the Mixed Problem for a Weakly Hyperbolic Equation of Second Order go
T.Miwa, Y.Takeyama, V.Tarasov Determinant Formula for Solutions of the Quantum Knizhnik–Zamolodchikov Equation Associated with Uq(sln) at |q| = 1 go
M.Hibino Divergence Property of Formal Solutions for Singular First Order Linear Partial Differential Equations go
M.Matsuda A Generalization of the Radon–Nikodym Property in Dual Banach Spaces, Fragmentedness, and Differentiability of Convex Functions go
Issue 35/5 (1999)
F.Neuman A Theorem of Tits, Normalizers of Maximal Tori and Fibrewise Bousfield–Kan Completions go
R.Agarwal, D.O'Regan Coincidence Points for Perturbations of Linear Fredholm Maps of Index Zero go
S.Chung, Y.Yeom An Integral Transformation and its Applications to Harmonic Analysis on the Space of Solutions of the Heat Equation go
J.Heo Hilbert C*-Module Representation on Haagerup Tensor Products and Group Systems go
M.Denker, H.Sato Sierpiński Gasket as a Martin Boundary II — (The Intrinsic Metric) go
F.Xu Algebraic Coset Conformal Field Theories II go
Issue 35/4 (1999)
D.Barlet Multiple Poles at Negative Integers for ∫Afλ in the Case of an Almost Isolated Singularity go
H.Hauser, J.Risler Dérivations et Idéaux Réels Invariants go
T.Morioka Régularité des Ondes élastiques dans la Région Glancing des Ondes P go
H.Chen, H.Tahara On Totally Characteristic Type Non-linear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain go
J.Frot Correspondance d'Andreotti–Norguet et D-Modules go
Y.Dermenjian, V.Iftimie Méthodes à N Corps pour un Problème de Milieux Pluristratifiés Perturbés go
Issue 35/3 (1999)
H.Yamane On Defining Relations of Affine Lie Superalgebras and Affine Quantized Universal Enveloping Superalgebras go
F.Hirosawa Energy Decay for a Degenerate Hyperbolic Equation with a Dissipative Term go
K.Takemura, D.Uglov Representations of the Quantum Toroidal Algebra on Highest Weight Modules of the Quantum Affine Algebra of Type glN go
M.Dijkhuizen, J.Stokman Some Limit Transitions between BC Type Orthogonal Polynomials Interpreted on Quantum Complex Grassmannians go
N.Hayashi, P.Naumkin, H.Uchida Large Time Behavior of Solutions for Derivative Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations go
T.Hayakawa Blowing Ups of 3-dimensional Terminal Singularities go
Issue 35/2 (1999)
P.Robinson The Berezin Calculus go
P.Robinson Polynomial Weyl Representations go
P.Nang D-Modules Associated to the Group of Similitudes go
V.Ezhov, A.Isaev Canonical Isomorphism of Two Lie Algebras Arising in CR-geometry go
H.Aoki Automorphic Forms on the Expanded Symmetric Domain of Type IV go
K.Igari Propagation of Singularities in the Ramified Cauchy Problem for a Class of Operators with Non-involutive Multiple Characteristics go
C.Lin The Furuta Inequality and an Operator Equation for Linear Operators go
T.Takahashi Characterization of the Pull-Back of D-Modules go
Correction to 'Existence theorems for ordered variants of Weyl quantization' go
Issue 35/1 (1999)
D.Dubin, M.Hennings, T.Smith Existence Theorems for Ordered Variants of Weyl Quantization go
E.Cline, B.Parshall, L.Scott Generic and q-Rational Representation Theory go
B.Krötz The Plancherel Theorem for Biinvariant Hilbert Spaces go
Issue 34/6 (1998)
M.Rouleux Resonances for a Semi-Classical Schrödinger Operator Near a Non Trapping Energy Level go
T.Iguchi On the Irrotational Flow of Incompressible Ideal Fluid in a Circular Domain with Free Surface go
K.Ishiguro Pairings of p-Compact Groups and H-Structures on the Classifying Spaces of Finite Loop Spaces go
Y.Li, S.Shaw Infinite Differentiability of Hermitian and Positive C-Semigroups and C-Cosine Functions go
K.Ha Atomic Positive Linear Maps in Matrix Algebras go
Y.Takei Singular-perturbative Reduction to BIrkhoff Normal Form and Instanton-Type Formal Solutions of Hamiltonian Systems go
Issue 34/5 (1998)
T.Oaku, S.Yamazaki Higher-Codimensional Boundary Value Problems and F-Mild Microfunctions —Local and Microlocal Uniqueness— go
A.Nakayashiki Integral and Theta Formulae for Solutions of slN Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov Equation at Level Zero go
Issue 34/4 (1998)
S.Ōuchi Singular Solutions with Asymptotic Expansion of Linear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domain go
T.Hinokuma, H.Shiga Topology of the Configuration Space of Polygons as a Codimension One Submanifold of a Torus go
M.Hennings, D.Dubin, T.Smith Dequantization Techniques for Weyl Quantization go
H.Ito An Inverse Scattering Problem for Dirac Equations with Time-Dependent Electromagnetic Potentials go
Issue 34/3 (1998)
M.Lachowicz On the Hydrodynamic Limit of the Enskog Equation go
K.Schmidt, O.Yamada Spherically Symmetric Dirac Operators with Variable Mass and Potentials Infinite at Infinity go
V.Lakshmibai, P.Magyar Standard Monomial Theory for Bott-Samelson Varieties of GL (n) go
T.Kinoshita Gevrey Wellposedness of the Cauchy Problem for the Hyperbolic Equations of Third Order with Coefficients Depending Only on Time go
K.Komiya Equivariant Maps between Representation Spheres of a Torus go
M.Nishizawa On a Solution of a q-Difference Analogue of Laurieella's D-Type Hypergeometric Equation with |q| = 1 go
Issue 34/2 (1998)
C.Kassel, M.Wambst Algèbre Homologique des N-Complexes et Homologie de Hochschild aux Racines de l'Unité go
P.Loi Commuting Squares and the Classification of Finite Depth Inclusions of AFD Type IIIλ Factors, λ ∈ (0, 1) go
H.Biosca, J.Briancon, P.Maisonobe, H.Maynadier Espaces Conormaux Relatifs II Modules Différentiels go
K.Takeuchi Microlocal Inverse Image and Bimicrolocalization go
Y.Saito Quantum Toroidal Algebras and Their Vertex Representations go
H.Yamane Singularities in Fuchsian Cauchy Problems with Holomorphic Data go
Issue 34/1 (1998)
P.Robinson Quadratic Weyl Representations go
K.Guruprasad Some Remarks on the Symplectic Pairing on the Moduli Space of Representations of the Fundamental Group of Surfaces go
T.Shirai A Trace Formula for Discrete Schrödinger Operators go
T.Kobayashi Singular Solutions and Prolongation of Holomorphic Solutions to Nonlinear Differential Equations go
K.Fukui Commutators of Foliation Preserving Homeomorphisms for Certain Compact Foliations go
A.Kubo Global Existence in Time and Decay Property of Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Semilinear Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order in the Interior Domain go
Issue 33/6 (1997)
R.Honegger, A.Rieckers Squeezing of Optical States on the CCR-Algebra go
C.Mourougane Images Directes de Fibres en Droites Adjoints go
T.Constantinescu, A.Gheondea Representations of Hermitian Kernels by Means of Krein Spaces go
Y.Saburi A Complex Analytic Study on the Theory of Fourier Series on Compact Lie Groups go
H.Shimomura 1-Cocycles for Rotationally Invariant Measures go
A.Nakayashiki On the Thomae Formula for ZN Curves go
Issue 33/5 (1997)
H.Wang The Exactness Theorem for Floer Homology go
C.Menezes An Upper Bound for the Characteristic Variety of an Induced D-Module go
T.Nishitani Strongly Hyperbolic Systems of Maximal Rank go
T.Matsuzawa Gevrey Hypoellipticity for Grushin Operators go
H.Yamane Nonlinear Singular First Order Partial Differential Equations Whose Characteristic Exponent Takes a Positive Integral Value go
K.Ueno, M.Nishizawa Multiple Gamma Functions and Multiple q-Gamma Functions go
T.Akasaka, M.Kashiwara Finite-Dimensional Representations of Quantum Affine Algebras go
Issue 33/4 (1997)
A.Tani, T.Nishiyama Solvability of Equations for Motion of a Vortex Filament with or without Axial Flow go
Y.Komori Semialgebraic Description of Teichmiiller Space go
V.Vedernikov A Family of Rank-2 Mathematical Instanton Bundles on P3 go
S.Yamazaki Goursat Problem for a Microdifferentlal Operator of Fuchsian Type and Its Application go
C.Sabbah Monodromy at Infinity and Fourier Transform go
L.Baracco, G.Zampieri Analytic Discs Attached to Manifolds with Boundary go
A.Hora The Cut-Off Phenomenon for Random Walks on Hamming Graphs with Variable Growth Conditions go
F.Hansen A Correction to: 'Operator Convex Functions of Several Variables' go
Issue 33/3 (1997)
K.Nishiuchi A Note on the Approximation Entropies of Certain Shifts go
S.Shimizu Scattering Theory for Elastic Wave Propagation Problems in Perturbed Stratified Media II go
Y.Umezu Normal Quintic Surfaces which are Birationally Enriques Surfaces go
Y.Adachi On the Relation between Tautly Imbedded On the Relation between Tautly Imbedded Space Modulo an Analytic Subset S and Hyperbolically Imbedded Space Modulo S go
R.Pink The Mumford-Tate Conjecture for Drinfeld-Modules go
D.Zhang Normal Algebraic Surfaces with Trivial Tricanonical Divisors go
F.Hansen Operator Convex Functions of Several Variables go
E.Paul Connectedness of the Fibers of a Liouvillian Function go
J.van Diejen On Certain Multiple Bailey, Rogers and Dougall Type Summation Formulas go
Issue 33/2 (1997)
N.Sato Fourier Transform for Paragroups and Its Application to the Depth Two Case go
T.Kumagai Short Time Asymptotic Behaviour and Large Deviation for Brownian Motion on Some Affine Nested Fractals go
W.Heinrichs Topological Tensor Products of Unbounded Operator Algebras on Frechet Domains go
K.Taniguchi On Uniqueness of Commutative Rings of Weyl Group Invariant Differential Operators go
J.Ding, T.Miwa Quantum Current Operators-I Zeros and Poles of Quantum Current Operators and the Condition of Quantum Integrability go
J.Ding, B.Feigin Quantum Current Operators-II Difference Equations of Quantum Current Operators and Quantum Parafermion Construction go
K.Saito, T.Takebayashi Extended Affine Root Systems III (Elliptic Weyl Groups) go
Issue 33/1 (1997)
M.Kapovich, J.Millson Hodge Theory and the Art of Paper Folding go
A.Gyoja Theory of Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces, II, A Supplement go
V.Bist, H.Vasudeva Second Order Perturbation Bounds go
N.Nakanishi Poisson Cohomology of Plane Quadratic Poisson Structures go
C.Frønsdal Generalization and Exact Deformations of Quantum Groups go
A.Schmidt On p-Adic Zeta-Functions Associated to the Positive Topology of Algebraic Number Fields go
S.Tarama Local Uniqueness in the Cauchy Problem for Second Order Elliptic Equations with Non-Lipschitzian Coefficients go
Issue 32/6 (1996)
S.Mochizuki A Theory of Ordinary p-Adic Curves go
Issue 32/5 (1996)
G.Hofmann On Algebraic #-Cones in Topological Tensor Algebras II. Closed Hulls and Extremal Rays go
T.Bhattacharyya On Tuples of Commuting Compact Operators go
S.Roan Picard Groups of Hypersurfaces In Toric Varieties go
I.Shimada Plcard-Lefschetz Theory for the Universal Coverings of Complements to Affine Hypersurfaces go
M.Miyake, M.Yoshino Necessary Conditions for Fredholmness of Partial Differential Operators of Irregular Singular Type go
Issue 32/4 (1996)
H.Kurose, H.Nakazato Geometric Construction of *-Representations of the Weyl Algebra with Degree 2 go
M.Arai, J.Uchiyama Growth Order of Eigenfunctions of Schrödinger Operators with Potentials Admitting Some Integral Conditions I — General Theory — go
M.Arai, J.Uchiyama Growth Order of Eigenfunctions of Schrödinger Operators with Potentials Admitting Some Integral Conditions II — Applications — go
H.Shimomura Canonical Representations Generated by Translationally Quasi-invariant Measures go
K.Dajani, A.Dooley The Mean Ratio Set for ax + b Valued Cocycles go
M.Iida Spherical Functions of the Principal Series Representations of Sp(2, R) as Hypergeometric Functions of C2-Type go
Issue 32/3 (1996)
Y.Shitanda Cancellation and Non Cancellation Phenomena for Infinite Complexes go
K.Mochizuki, H.Nakazawa Energy Decay and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Wave Equations with Linear Dissipation go
D.Pask, I.Raeburn On the K-Theory of Cuntz-Krieger Algebras go
H.Chihara The Initial Value Problem for Cubic Semilinear Schrödinger Equations go
M.Matsuda On Localized Weak Precompactness in Banach Spaces go
K.Watanabe An Application of Orthoisomorphisms to Non-Commutative Lp-Isometries go
A.Fujii, M.Ohta Asymptotic Behavior of Blowup Solutions of a Parabolic Equation with the p-Laplacian go
S.Gefter Outer Automorphism Group of the Ergodic Equivalence Relation Generated by Translations of Dense Subgroup of Compact Group on its Homogeneous Space go
H.Yamane The Essential Singularity of the Solution of a Ramified Characteristic Cauchy Problem go
Issue 32/2 (1996)
M.Aimar, A.Intissar, J.Paoli Critères de Complétude des Vecteurs Propres Généralisés d'une Classe d'Opérateurs Non Auto-adjoints Compacts ou à Résolvante Compacte et Applications go
T.Suzuki Differential Equations Associated to the SU(2) WZNW Model on Elliptic Curves go
N.Xi Irreducible Modules of Quantized Enveloping Algebras at Roots of 1 go
K.Takeuchi Binormal Deformation and Bimicrolocalization go
B.Jefferies The Feynman Representation for the Dirac Propagator with a Radially Symmetric Potential go
T.Hayashi Compact Quantum Groups of Face Type go
M.Choda Reduced Free Products of Completely Positive Maps and Entropy for Free Product of Automorphisms go
Issue 32/1 (1996)
M.Kashiwara Quantization of Contact Manifolds go
L.Humberstone Classes of Valuations Closed under Operations Galois-dual to Boolean Sentence Connectives go
F.Bagarello, C.Trapani CQ*-Algebras: Structure Properties go
P.McCann, A.Carey A Discrete Model of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect go
D.Pahk, B.Sohn On the Solvability of Convolution Equations in Beurling's Distributions go
K.Morisugi, H.Oshima Cohomology Classification of Self Maps of Sphere Bundles over Spheres go
Issue 31/6 (1995)
H.Koseki, T.Oda Whittaker Functions for the Large Discrete Series Representations of SU(2, 1) and Related Zeta Integrals go
M.Taniguchi A Remark on Singular Perturbation Methods via the Lyapunov-Schmidt Reduction go
K.Thomsen Traces, Unitary Characters and Crossed Products by ℤ go
A.Chin The Cohomology Rings of Some p-Groups go
H.Minami On the K-theory of the Projective Symplectic Groups go
M.Uchida A Generalization of Bochner's Tube Theorem in Elliptic Boundary Value Problems go
J.Boman Microlocal Quasianalyticity for Distributions and Ultradistributions go
S.Tsukuda Notes on the Group of S1 Equivariant Homeomorphisms go
H.Ito High-energy Behavior of the Scattering Amplitude for a Dirac Operator go
Issue 31/5 (1995)
H.Chihara Global Existence of Small Solutions to Semilinear Schrödinger Equations with Gauge Invariance go
M.Proksch, G.Reents, S.Summers Quadratic Representations of the Canonical Commutation Relations go
C.Jäkel, G.Hörmann Galilei Invariant Molecular Dynamics go
S.Chung, D.Kim Distributions with Exponential Growth and Boehner-Schwartz Theorem for Fourier Hyperfunctions go
J.Yoshida On the Geometry of Differential Equations Associated with the Theta-zerovalue go
V.Chari Minimal Affinizations of Representations of Quantum Groups: the Rank 2 Case go
A.Danilenko The Topological Structure of Polish Groups and Groupoids of Measure Space Transformations go
H.Araki, K.Sinha, V.Sunder On Boundedness and ∥•∥p Continuity of Second Quantisation go
T.Yamanoshita On the Group of S1-equivariant Homeomorphisms of the 3-Sphere go
Issue 31/4 (1995)
L.Accardi, A.Frigerio, Y.Lu The Quantum Weak Coupling Limit (II): Langevin Equation and Finite Temperature Case go
L.Thanh, M.Oka Estimation of the Number of the Critical Values at Infinity of a Polynomial Function f: C2C go
Y.Hara Circle Actions and Higher Elliptic Genera go
S.Goto Symmetric Flat Connections, Triviality of Loi's Invariant and Orbifold Subfactors go
Y.Li, S.Shaw Hermitian and Positive C-Semigroups on Banach Spacest go
S.Katayama Global Existence for Systems of Nonlinear Wave Equations in Two Space Dimensions, II go
N.Obata Generalized Quantum Stochastic Processes on Fock Space go
A.Hénaut Systèmes Différentiels, Nombre de Castelnuovo et Rang des Tissus de Cn go
M.Kusuda Norm Additivity Conditions for Normal Linear Functionals on von Neumann Algebras go
K.Komiya Equivariant K-Theory and Maps between Representation Spheres go
Issue 31/3 (1995)
S.Mochizuki The Geometry of the Compactification of the Hurwitz Scheme go
T.Gramchev, M.Yoshino WKB Analysis to Global Solvability and Hypoellipticity go
P.Sankaran, P.Vanchinathan Small Resolutions of Schubert Varieties and Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials go
Y.Kawahigashi Classification of Paragroup Actions on Subfactors go
C.Winsløw The Flow of Weights in Subfactor Theory go
T.Watanabe The Chern Character of the Symmetric Space El go
Issue 31/2 (1995)
G.Duchamp, D.Krob, A.Lascoux, B.Leclerc, T.Scharf, J.Thibon Euler-Poincaré Characteristic and Polynomial Representations of Iwahori-Hecke Algebras go
A.Tamagawa The Eisenstein Quotient of the Jacobian Variety of a Drinfeld Modular Curve go
S.Ruijsenaars Action-angle Maps and Scattering Theory for Some Finite-dimensional Integrable Systems. III. Sutherland Type Systems and their Duals go
Issue 31/1 (1995)
I.Satake Automorphisms of the Extended Affine Root System and Modular Property for the Flat Theta Invariants go
T.Murakami, S.Yamagami On Types of Quasifree Representations of Clifford Algebras go
I.James Fibrewise Compactly-Generated Spaces go
P.Biane Representations of Unitary Groups and Free Convolution go
S.Mochizuki On Semi-Positivity and Filtered Frobenius Crystals go
L.Baggett, A.Carey, W.Moran, P.Ohring General Existence Theorems for Orthonormal Wavelets, an Abstract Approach go
H.Tsunogai On Some Derivations of Lie Algebras Related to Galois Representations go
H.Yoshihara Quotients of Abelian Surfaces go
M.Morimoto Equivariant Surgery Theory: Construction of Equivariant Normal Maps go
F.Hansen, G.Pedersen Perturbation Formulas for Traces on C*-algebras go
Issue 30/6 (1994)
S.Ruijsenaars Action-angle Maps and Scattering Theory for Some Finite-dimensional Integrable Systems. II. Solitons, Antisolitons, and their Bound States go
Y.Yoshino, K.Kato Auslander Modules and Quasi-Homogeneity of Local Rings go
R.Ashino On the Admissibility of Singular Perturbations in Cauchy Problems II go
S.Nishizaki Simply Typed Lambda Calculus with First-Class Environments go
W.Heinrichs On Unbounded Positive *-Representationson Fréchet-Domains go
J.Wierzbicki An Estimate of the Depth from an Intermediate Subfactor go
Issue 30/5 (1994)
M.Reid Nonnormal del Pezzo Surfaces go
Y.Shiozaki On H Well-Posed Cauchy Problems for Some Weakly Hyperbolic Pseudo-differential Equations go
C.Berenstein, R.Gay, A.Vidras Division Theorems in Spaces of Entire Functions with Growth Conditions and their Applications to PDE of Infinite Order go
D.Evans, J.Gould Presentations of AF Algebras Associated to T-Graphs go
T.Masuda, Y.Nakagami A von Neumann Algebra Framework for the Duality of the Quantum Groups go
Y.Okazaki, Y.Takahashi The Converse of Minlos' Theorem go
Issue 30/4 (1994)
Y.Morimoto Erratum to 'Non-Hypoellipticity for Degenerate Elliptic Operators' go
A.Inoue, W.Karwowski Cyclic Generalized Vectors for Algebras of Unbounded Operators go
S.Yokura A Generalized Grothendieck-RIemann-Roch Theorem for Hirzebruch's χy-Characteristic and Ty-Characteristic go
H.Okamoto, M.Shoji Remarks on the Bifurcation of Two Dimensional Capillary-Gravity Waves of Finite Depth go
G.Hofmann On the Cones of α- and Generalized α-Positivity for Quantum Field Theories with Indefinite Metric go
K.Konno On the Irregularity of Special Non-Canonical Surfaces go
Y.Kato Rings of Fractions of B (H) go
Issue 30/3 (1994)
A.Gyoja Highest Weight Modules and bFunctions of Semi-invariants go
G.Helminck, A.Helminck The Structure of Hilbert Flag Varieties go
P.Sankaran, P.Vanchinathan Small Resolutions of Schubert Varieties in Symplectic and Orthogonal Grassmannians go
M.Nazarov, V.Tarasov Yangians and Gelfand-Zetlin Bases go
D.Dubin, M.Hennings, T.Smith Quantization in Polar Coordinates and the Phase Operator go
Issue 30/2 (1994)
Y.Okada Solvability of Convolution Operators go
S.Rao Representations of Witt Algebras go
J.Chung, S.Chung, D.Kim A Characterization for Fourier Hyperfunctions go
Y.Saito PBW Basis of Quantized Universal Enveloping Algebras go
T.Hara Oriented Z4 Actions without Stationary Points go
H.Watanabe Operators Characterized by Certain Cauchy-Schwarz Type Inequalities go
N.Oda Fibrewise Hopf Construction and Hoo Formula for Pairings go
N.Oda Fibrewise Decomposition of Generalized Suspension Spaces and Loop Spaces go
B.Jefferies A Process Associated with the Radially Symmetric Dirac Equation go
A.Weinstein Classical Theta Functions and Quantum Tori go
V.Chari, A.Premet Indecomposable Restricted Representations of Quantum sl2 go
Issue 30/1 (1994)
M.Arai, O.Yamada On Non-real Eigenvalues of Schrödinger Operators in a Weighted Hilbert Space go
H.Yamane Quantized Enveloping Algebras Associated with Simple Lie Superalgebras and Their Universal R-matrices go
M.Shrivastava Generalised Mean Averaging Interpolation by Discrete Cubic Splines go
N.Dai The Singularities of Type Ak of Holonomic Systems go
R.Honegger, A.Rieckers Quantized Radiation States from the Infinite Dicke Model go
K.Shimomura, M.Yokotani Existence of the Greek Letter Elements in the Stable Homotopy Groups of E(n)*-Localized Spheres go
D.Evans, Y.Kawahigashi The E7 Commuting Squares Produce D10 as Principal Graph go
Issue 29/6 (1993)
S.Takayama Ample Vector Bundles on Open Algebraic Varieties go
J.Dorfmeister, J.Szmigielski Riemann-Hilbert Factorizations and Inverse Scattering for the AKNS-Equation with L1-Potentials I go
T.Aoki, J.Yoshida Microlocal Reduction of Ordinary Differential Operators with a Large Parameter go
E.Scholz, W.Timmermann Local Derivations, Automorphisms and Commutativity Preserving Maps on ℒ+ (D) go
S.Yokura An Extension of Baum-Fulton-MacPherson's Riemann-Roch Theorem for Singular Varieties go
S.Katayama Global Existence for Systems of Nonlinear Wave Equations in Two Space Dimensions go
Issue 29/5 (1993)
R.Speicher Free Convolution and the Random Sum of Matrices go
A.ter Elst, D.Robinson Subcoercive and Subelliptic Operators on Lie Groups: Variable Coefficients go
H.Ito High-Energy Behavior of Total Scattering Cross Sections for 3-body Quantum Systems go
S.Kusuoka A Remark on Arbitrage and Martingale Measure go
A.Frigerio, G.Grillo Asymptotic Behaviour of Time-Inhomogeneous Evolutions on von Neumann Algebras go
S.Hara Filtering Problems for Conditionally Linear Systems with Non-Gaussian Initial Conditions go
H.Tamura Scattering Theory for N-Particle Systems with Stark Effect: Asymptotic Completeness go
Issue 29/4 (1993)
S.Chen General Integral Representation of the Holomorphic Functions on the Analytic Subvariety go
K.Saito On a Linear Structure of the Quotient Variety by a Finite Reflexion Group go
B.Konopelchenko, W.Oevel An r-Matrix Approach to Nonstandard Classes of Integrable Equations go
N.Oda Pairings in Categories go
N.Dai Théorème de Division et Stabilité de Systèmes Holonomes go
S.Naito The Strong Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand Resolution for Generalized Kac-Moody Algebras, I — The Existence of the Resolution go
Issue 29/3 (1993)
A.Gyoja Further Generalization of Generalized Verma Modules go
Y.Shitanda Phantom Maps and Monoids of Endomorphisms of K(Z,m) x Sn go
J.Matsuzawa Root Systems and Periods on Hirzebruch Surfaces go
J.Lang Purely Inseparable Extensions of Complete Intersections go
K.Shimakawa Note on the Equivariant K-Theory Spectrum go
K.Hattori, T.Hattori, S.Kusuoka Self-avoiding Paths on the Three Dimensional Sierpinski Gasket go
Issue 29/2 (1993)
O.Neto Blow up for a Holonomic System go
K.Handa Topes of Oriented Matroids and Related Structures go
G.Hofmann An Explicit Realization of a GNS Representation in a Krein-Space go
K.Kim, S.Chung, D.Kim Fourier Hyperfunctions as the Boundary Values of Smooth Solutions of Heat Equations go
R.Glassey, W.Strauss Asymptotic Stability of the Relativistic Maxwellian go
Issue 29/1 (1993)
H.Tamura Asymptotic Completeness for Four-Body Schrödinger Operators with Short-Range Interactions go
E.Bernardi The Cauchy Problem for Hyperbolic Operators with Triple Involutive Characteristics go
M.Saito Finiteness of Mordell-Weil Groups of Kuga Fiber Spaces of Abelian Varieties go
S.Ōuchi The Behaviour of Solutions with Singularities on a Characteristic Surface to Linear Partial Differential Equations in the Complex Domains go
R.Gérard, H.Tahara Solutions Holomorphes et Singulières d'Équations aux Dérivées Partielles Singulières Non Linéaires go
A.Hora Remarks on the Shuffling Problem for Finite Groups go
J.Rosay, W.Rudin Growth of Volume in Fatou-Bieberbach Regions go
Issue 28/6 (1992)
G.Komatsu, T.Nishitani Continuation of Bicharacteristics for Effectively Hyperbolic Operators go
C.Hayashi The Word Problem for Groups with Regular Relations – Improvement of the Knuth-Bendix Algorithm go
K.Tachizawa Eigenvalue Asymptotics of Schrödinger Operators with Only Discrete Spectrum go
G.Benkart, D.Britten, F.Lemire Projection Maps for Tensor Products of gl(r, C)-Representations go
Y.Sekine An Inclusion of Type III Factors with Index 4 Arising from an Automorphism go
K.Schmüdgen Operator Representations of q2 go
T.Sano On Orthogonality of Two Subfactors Constructed from Factor Maps go
S.Yamagami Algebraic Aspects in Modular Theory go
Issue 28/5 (1992)
D.Zhang Noether's Inequality for Non-complete Algebraic Surfaces of General Type, II go
P.Podlés Complex Quantum Groups and Their Real Representations go
H.Osaka A Class of Extremal Positive Maps in 3 x 3 Matrix Algebras go
J.Antoine, A.Inoue, C.Trapani On the Regularity of the Partial 0*-Algebras Generated by a Closed Symmetric Operator go
Y.Shibukawa Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients for Uq(su(1,1)) and Uq(sl(2)), and Linearization Formula of Matrix Elements go
S.Woronowicz, S.Zakrzewski Quantum Lorentz Group Having Gauss Decomposition Property go
M.Shrivastava Discrete Cubic Interpolatory Splines go
M.Izumi Goldman's Type Theorem for Index 3 go
A.Fujiki An L2 Dolbeault Lemma and Its Applications go
Issue 28/4 (1992)
J.Dorfmeister, J.Szmigielski Principal Fiber Bundle Interpretation of the KP-Hierarchy go
T.Yamanouchi Crossed Products by Groupoid Actions and Their Smooth Flows of Weights go
Y.Morimoto, T.Morioka Some Remarks on Hypoelliptic Operators which are not Micro-hypoelliptic go
W.Mlak, J.Stochel A Note on Coherent States Related to Weighted Shifts go
R.Aebi Itô's Formula for Non-Smooth Functions go
H.Tanaka Some Descriptive-Set-Theoretical Problems in Complexity Theory go
N.Iwase, A.Kono, M.Mimura Generalized Whitehead Spaces with Few Cells go
T.Yamanouchi Dual Weights on Crossed Products by Groupoid Actions go
Issue 28/3 (1992)
T.Ozawa, Y.Tsutsumi Existence and Smoothing Effect of Solutions for the Zakharov Equations go
S.Fujii On the Uniqueness for the Cauchy Problem for Elliptic Equations with Triple Characteristics go
T.Teruya Index for von Neumann Algebras with Finite Dimensional Centers go
G.Hofmann On Algebraic #-Cones In Topological Tensor-Algebras, I Basic Properties and Normality go
K.Diederich, T.Ohsawa A Continuity Principle for the Bergman Kernel Function go
Issue 28/2 (1992)
K.Shinkai, K.Taniguchi Fundamental Solution for a Degenerate Hyperbolic Operator in Gevrey Classes go
Y.Hasegawa A Remark on the C-Goursat Problem II go
Y.Oshime Canonical Forms of 3 x 3 Strongly and Nonstrictly Hyperbolic Systems with Complex Constant Coefficients go
M.Hirakawa A Generalization of φ-conditional Expectation and Operator Valued Weight go
H.Kosaki Unitarily Invariant Norms under Which the Map A → |A| Is Lipschitz Continuous go
S.Mutangadura Implementation of Comparative Probability by States go
Issue 28/1 (1992)
J.Chabrowski Multiple Solutions for a Class of Non-local Problems for Semilinear Elliptic Equations go
T.Kakita On the Whitney-Schwartz Theorem go
S.Tsunoda, D.Zhang Noether's Inequality for Non-complete Algebraic Surfaces of General Type go
V.Gorbunov, N.Ray Orientations of Spin Bundles and Symplectic Cobordism go
T.Hayashi Quantum Deformation of Classical Groups go
N.Oda Pairings and Copairings in the Category of Topological Spaces go
M.Saito On the Injectivity of Cycle Maps go
T.Morioka Some Remarks on Microhypoelliptic Operators of Infinitely Degenerate Type go
T.Takata Invariants of 3-Manifolds Associated with Quantum Groups and Verlinde's Formula go
Issue 27/6 (1991)
L.Schmitt Quotients of Local Banach Algebras are Local Banach Algebras go
W.Vogel On Multiplicities of Non-isolated Intersection Components go
A.Gyoja Theory of Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces without Regularity Condition go
N.Honda On the Reconstruction Theorem of Holonomlc Modules In the Gevrey Classes go
H.Okamoto An Algorithm for Computing a Nondegenerate Hysteresis Point go
M.Izumi Application of Fusion Rules to Classification of Subfactors go
M.Koike A Note on Hypoellipticity of Degenerate Elliptic Operators go
Issue 27/5 (1991)
T.Imai, K.Mochizuki On Blow-up of Solutions for Quasilinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations go
I.Cherednik Monodromy Representations for Generalized Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov Equations and Hecke Algebras go
I.Cherednik Integral Solutions of Trigonometric Knlzhnik-Zamolodchikov Equations and Kac-Moody Algebras go
S.Yokura An Extension of Deligne-Grothendieck-MacPherson's Theory C* of Chern Classes for Singular Algebraic Varieties go
S.Blamey, L.Humberstone A Perspective on Modal Sequent Logic go
H.Tsuchihashi Simple K3 Singularities Which Are Hypersurface Sections of Toric Singularities go
R.Kane, D.Notbohm Elementary Abelian p Subgroups of Lie Groups go
G.Hofmann On the Closed Hull of Subsets of Inductive Limits go
M.Matsuda A Characterization of Pettis Sets in Dual Banach Spaces go
Issue 27/4 (1991)
M.Toma On the Existence of Simple Reducible Vector Bundles on Complex Surfaces of Algebraic Dimension Zero go
R.Ashino On Nagumo's HsStability in Singular Perturbations go
S.Bezuglyi, V.Golodets Weak Equivalence and the Structures of Cocycles of an Ergodic Automorphism go
T.Sumi Finlteness Obstructions of Equivariant Fibrations go
E.Date, M.Jimbo, K.Miki, T.Miwa New R Matrices Associated with Cyclic Representations of Uq(A2(2)) go
T.Matsui On Ground State Degeneracy of Z2 Symmetric Quantum Spin Models go
T.Ueda Neighborhood of a Rational Curve with a Node go
Issue 27/3 (1991)
P.Levy-Bruhl Spectre D'Operateurs de Schrödinger avec Potentiel et Champ Magnétique Polynomiaux go
R.Suzuki On Blow-up Sets and Asymptotic Behavior of Interfaces of One Dimensional Quasilinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations go
J.Antoine, A.Inoue, C.Trapani Partial *-Algebras of Closable Operators. II. States and Representations of Partial *-Algebras go
K.Saito A Generalization of Eichler Integrals and Certain Local Systems over Spin Riemann Surfaces go
M.Choda, F.Hiai Entropy for Canonical Shifts. II go
T.Takebe Representation Theoretical Meaning of the Initial Value Problem for the Toda Lattice Hierarchy II go
T.Ohsawa Supplement to 'Hodge Spectral Sequence on Compact Kähler Spaces' go
A.D'Agnolo Inverse Image for the Functor μ hom go
Issue 27/2 (1991)
S.Fujii On the Uniqueness of Solution to the Cauchy Problem for Elliptic Equations in Two Variables go
M.Saito D-Modules on Analytic Spaces go
K.Hayakawa, Y.Iso High-order Uniform Convergence Estimation of Boundary Solutions for Laplace's Equation go
E.Date, M.Jimbo, K.Miki, T.Miwa Cyclic Representations of Uq(sl(n+1, C) at qN=1 go
Issue 27/1 (1991)
M.Kametani On Multi-valued Analytic Solutions of First Order Non-linear Cauchy Problems go
Y.Fujimoto Finiteness of Numbers of Curves on a Minimal Surface with κ=1 go
Y.Okazaki, Y.Takahashi The Structure of the Quasi-invariant Set of a Linear Measure go
R.Speicher Stochastic Integration on the Full Fock Space with the Help of a Kernel Calculus go
Issue 26/6 (1990)
F.Hansen The Moyal Product and Spectral Theory for a Class of Infinite Dimensional Matrices go
J.Murakami The Representation of the q-analogue of Brauer's Centralizer Algebras and the Kauffman Polynomial of Links go
S.Aida Support Theorem for Diffusion Processes on Hilbert Spaces go
K.Hannabuss, W.Weiss The Structure and Represenation of a C*-Algebra Associated to the Super-Poincaré Group go
R.Gérard, H.Tahara Holomorphic and Singular Solutions of Nonlinear Singular First Order Partial Differential Equations go
M.Kusuda G-Central States of Almost Periodic Type on C*-Algebras go
R.Schaflitzel Decompositions of Regular Representations of the Canonical Commutation Relations go
Issue 26/5 (1990)
S.Ōuchi An Integral Representation of Singular Solutions and Removable Singularities of Solutions to Linear Partial Differential Equations go
B.Ziemian, H.Kolakowski Second Microlocalization and the Mellin Transformation go
A.Teta Quadratic Forms for Singular Perturbations of the Laplacian go
T.Fujita, A.Iwatsuka Some Asymptotic Estimates of Transition Probability Densities for Generalized Diffusion Processes with Self-similar Speed Measures go
A.Iwatsuka Essential Self-Adjointness of the Schrödinger Operators with Magnetic Fields Diverging at Infinity go
H.Shimomura Remark to the Ergodic Decomposition of Measures go
M.Nagase Remarks on the L2-Dolbeault Cohomology Groups of Singular Algebraic Surfaces and Curves go
Issue 26/4 (1990)
M.Murata On Construction of Martin Boundaries for Second Order Elliptic Equations go
Y.Takahashi Absolute Continuity of Poisson Random Fields go
Y.Yamasaki On Norm-Dependent Positive Definite Functions go
Y.Sekine Flows of Weights of Crossed Products of Type III Factors by Discrete Groups go
K.Ueno, T.Takebayashi, Y.Shibukawa Construction of Gelfand-Tsetlin Basis for Uq(gl(N+l))-modules go
A.Némethi, A.Zaharia On the Bifurcation Set of a Polynomial Function and Newton Boundary go
S.Shaw Solvability of Linear Functional Equations in Lebesgue Spaces go
Y.Ohyama Self-duality and Integrable Systems go
T.Nakashima A Basis of Symmetric Tensor Representations for the Quantum Analogue of the Lie Algebras Bn, Cn and Dn go
Issue 26/3 (1990)
J.Uchiyama, O.Yamada Sharp Estimates of Lower Bounds of Polynomial Decay Order of Eigenfunctions go
H.Nishimura Some Corrections on My Paper 'Some Connections between Heyting Valued Set Theory and Algebraic Geometry - Prolegomena to Intuitionistic Algebraic Geometry go
J.Lang Purely Inseparable Extensions of Unique Factorization Domains go
H.Kazama, T.Umeno ∂ Cohomology of Complex Lie Groups go
P.Martin Representations of Graph Temperley-Lieb Algebras go
T.Aoki Quantized Contact Transformations and Pseudodifferential Operators of Infinite Order go
K.Boyadzhiev Some Inequalities for Generalized Commutators go
N.Honda, P.Schapira A Vanishing Theorem for Holonomic Modules with Positive Characteristic Varieties go
P.Schapira Vanishing in Highest Degree for Solutions of D-Modules and Perverse Sheaves go
I.Ozeki On the Microlocal Structure of the Regular Prehomogeneous Vector Space Associated with SL(5) x GL(4) go
Issue 26/2 (1990)
M.Uchida, G.Zampieri Second Microlocalization at the Boundary and Microhyperbolicity go
M.Saito Mixed Hodge Modules go
G.Lohöfer, D.Mayer On a Theorem by Florek and Slater on Recurrence Properties of Circle Maps go
J.Antoine, A.Inoue, C.Trapani Partial *-Algebras of Closable Operators. I. The Basic Theory and the Abelian Case go
R.Honegger, A.Rieckers The General Form of non-Fock Coherent Boson States go
Issue 26/1 (1990)
Y.Fujimoto On Rational Elliptic Surfaces with Multiple Fibers go
K.Saito Extended Affine Root Systems II (Flat Invariants) go
M.Taniguchi A Systematization of the L2-well-posed Mixed Problem and Its Applications to the Mixed Problem for Weakly Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order (II) go
A.Fujiki, G.Schumacher The Moduli Space of Extremal Compact Kähler Manifolds and Generalized Well-Petersson Metrics go
H.Tahara Solvability In Distributions for a Class of Singular Differential Operators, III go
A.Yonemura Newton Polygons and Formal Gevrey Classes go
Issue 25/6 (1989)
T.Ozawa, N.Hayashi Lower Bounds for Order of Decay or of Growthin Time for Solutions to Linear and Non-linear Schrödinger Equations go
Y.Shibata, H.Soga Scattering Theory for the Elastic Wave Equation go
M.Saito Duality for Vanishing Cycle Functors go
P.Jorgensen Extensions and Index of Hermitian Representations go
R.Ashino On the Weak Admissibility of Singular Perturbations in Cauchy Problems go
D.Dubin, M.Hennings Regular Tensor Algebras go
D.Dubin, M.Hennings Symmetric Tensor Algebras and Integral Decompositions go
Issue 25/5 (1989)
M.Tomari, K.Watanabe Filtered Rings, Filtered Blowing-Ups and Normal Two-Dimensional Singularities with 'Star-Shaped' Resolution go
K.Hasegawa Spin Module Versions of Weyl's Reciprocity Theorem for Classical Kac-Moody Lie Algebras — An Application to Branching Rule Duality go
K.Ikeda The Super-Toda Lattice Hierarchy go
Issue 25/4 (1989)
T.Ozawa New Lp Estimates for Solutions to the Schrödinger Equations and Time Asymptotic Behavior of Observables go
T.Ozawa Lower Lp-Bounds for Scattering Solutions of the Schrödinger Equations go
H.Yamada Extended Affine Lie Algebras and their Vertex Representations go
G.Nakamura, Y.Shibata, K.Tanuma Whispering Gallery Waves in a Neighborhood of a Higher Order Zero of the Curvature of the Boundary go
Y.Shitanda On the Maunder Type Theorems in the Ex-homotopy Category go
M.Imaoka On the Adams Filtration of a Generator of the Free Part of πs*(Qn) go
S.Kusuoka Dirichlet Forms on Fractals and Products of Random Matrices go
Issue 25/3 (1989)
P.Simeonov, D.Bainov Orbital Stability of the Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Systems with Impulse Effect go
Y.Fujimoto A Remark on the Decomposition of Abelian Fiber Spaces over Curves go
A.Yamaguchi On the p-Regularlty of Stiefel Manifolds go
R.Sakamoto Local Existence Theorems and Blow-up of Solutions for Quasi-linear Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems in a Domain with Characteristic Boundary Generated by Initial Data go
K.Morisugi Lifting Problem of η and Mahowald's Element ηj go
H.Nakahara Proofs and Programs: A Naïve Approach to Program Extraction go
T.Kawai, T.Matsuzawa On the Boundary Value of a Solution of the Heat Equation go
T.Ohsawa On the Infinite Dimensionality of the Middle L2 Cohomology of Complex Domains go
H.Yamane A PoIncare-BIrkhoff-Witt Theorem for Quantized Universal Enveloping Algebras of Type AN go
Issue 25/2 (1989)
K.Kajitani, S.Wakabayashi Microhyperbolic Operators in Gevrey Classes go
S.Nakamura Singularities of the Scattering Kernel for Two Convex Obstacles go
K.Shimakawa Infinite Loop G-Spaces Associated to Monoidal G-Graded Categories go
C.Ouyang Some Classes of Functions with Exponential Decay in the Unit Ball of Cn go
G.Lassner, G.Lassner Qu*-Algebras and Twisted Product go
K.Miyajima Kuranishi Family of Vector Bundles and Algebraic Description of the Moduli Space of Einstein-Hermitian Connections go
Issue 25/1 (1989)
S.Kosarew, C.Okonek Global Moduli Spaces and Simple Holomorphic Bundles go
Y.Iso Uniform Convergence Theorems of Boundary Solutions for Laplace's Equation go
G.Price Endomorphisms of Certain Operator Algebras go
A.Kozłowski Transfers in the Group of Multiplicative Units of the Classical Cohomology Ring and Stiefel-Whitney Classes go
H.Shimomura On the Distributions of Logarithmic Derivative of Differentiate Measures on R go
C.Hosono On an Unsatisfiability-satisfiability Prover go
J.Stochel, F.Szafraniec On Normal Extensions of Unbounded Operators. III. Spectral Properties go
L.Papiez Remarks on Functional Integral Representations of Quantum Evolutions for Systems with Electromagnetic Fields go
A.Jensen High Energy Resolvent Estimates for Generalized Many-Body Schrödinger Operators go
Issue 24/6 (1988)
S.Gefter, V.Golodets Fundamental Groups for Ergodic Actions and Actions with Unit Fundamental Groups go
M.Saito Modules de Hodge Polarisables go
A.Tsuboi Solvable and Nilpotent Structures go
M.Nagase Pure Hodge Structure of the Harmonic L2-Forms on Singular Algebraic Surfaces go
Issue 24/5 (1988)
J.Sekiguchi The Orders of Invariant Eigendistributions go
D.Applebaum Stopping Unitary Processes in Fock Space go
Y.Friedman, J.Hakeda Additivity of Quadratic Maps go
M.Taniguchi C Ill-Posedness of the Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order go
S.Bhatt On Bounded Part of an Algebra of Unbounded Operators go
A.Hora On a Banach Space of Functions Associated with a Homogeneous Additive Process go
K.Hayakawa Convergence of Finite Difference Scheme and Analytic Data go
T.Huruya, S.Kye Fubini Products of C*-algebras and Applications to C*-exactness go
K.Inoue On a Geometric Realization of A(2) go
C.Berenstein, D.Struppa Dirichlet Series and Convolution Equations go
N.Oda, Y.Shitanda Equivariant Phantom Maps go
Issue 24/4 (1988)
P.Schapira, G.Zampieri Microfunctions at the Boundary and Mild Microfunctions go
C.Pöppe, D.Sattinger Fredholm Determinants and the τ Function for the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Hierarchy go
S.Rana Discrete Cubic X-Splines go
K.Uchikoshi Symbol Theory of Microlocal Operators go
K.Kürsten Duality for Maximal Op*-Algebras on Fréchet Domains go
H.Nishimura Heyting Valued Considerations on Some Fundamental Existence Theorems in Modern Analysis go
A.Hamasaki Cohomologies of Lie Algebras of Formal Vector Fields Preserving a Foliation go
T.Watanabe On the Mod p J-Homology of Complex Projective Space go
F.Hiai Minimizing Indices of Conditional Expectations onto a Subfactor go
Issue 24/3 (1988)
H.Shiga On the representation of the Picard modular function by θ constants I-II go
Y.Nakagami Spectral Analysis in Krein Spaces go
S.Yamagami On Factor Decomposition of an Ergodic Groupoid go
Y.Laurent, T.Monteiro Fernandes Systèmes Différentiels Fuchsiens le Long d'une Sous-Variété go
P.D'Ancona Gevrey Well-Posedness of an Abstract Cauchy Problem of Weakly Hyperbolic Type go
T.Nishitani Involutive System of Effectively Hyperbolic Operators go
Issue 24/2 (1988)
S.Takanobu Diagonal Short Time Asymptotics of Heat Kernels for Certain Degenerate Second Order Differential Operators of Hörmander Type go
A.Gheondea Canonical Forms of Unbounded Unitary Operators in Krein Spaces go
H.Nishimura Heyting Valued Set Theory and Fibre Bundles go
B.Park, S.Hitotumatu A New Method Using the Circles of Curvature for Solving Equations in R1 go
T.Ohsawa An Extension of Hodge Theory to Kähler Spaces with Isolated Singularities of Restricted Type go
T.Ohsawa On the Extension of L2 Holomorphic Functions II go
S.Shaw Asymptotic Behavior of Pseudo-Resolvents on Some Grothendieck Spaces go
F.Kittaneh Notes on Some Inequalities for Hilbert Space Operators go
J.Fuji, M.Fuji On Operator Inequalities due to Ando-Kittaneh-Kosaki go
K.Morisugi Stable Maps to Projective Spaces go
Issue 24/1 (1988)
A.Fujiki Finite Automorphism Groups of Complex Tori of Dimension Two go
K.Shimakawa Uniqueness of Products In Higher Algebraic K-Theory go
K.Mikami, A.Weinstein Moments and Reduction for Symplectic Groupoids go
A.Fujiki, G.Schumacher The Moduli Space of Kähler Structures on a Real Compact Symplectic Manifold go
Issue 23/6 (1987)
C.Parenti, H.Tahara Asymptotic Expansions of Distribution Solutions of Some Fuchsian Hyperbolic Equations go
A.Dishliev, D.Bainov Continuous Dependence on the Initial Condition of the Solution of a System of Differential Equations with Variable Structure and with Impulses go
M.van Doorn, A.van den Essen Dn-Modules with Support on a Curve go
Y.Morimoto The Uncertainty Principle and Hypoelliptic Operators go
T.Moh On a Stability Theorem for Local Uniformlzation In Characteristic p* go
J.Uchiyama Polynomial Growth or Decay of Elgenfunctlons of Second-order Elliptic Operators go
B.Helffer On a Conjecture of P. Jorgensen and W. Klink go
N.Shimada Errata to 'An MU-analogue of the Lambda Algebra' go
M.Amasaki Curves In P3 Whose Ideals Are Simple in a Certain Numerical Sense go
R.Powers A Non Spatial Continuous Semigroup of *-Endomorphisms of B(h) go
Y.Hemmi Homotopy Associative Finite H-Spaces and the Mod 3 Reduced Power Operations go
Issue 23/5 (1987)
V.Golodets, S.Sinelshchikov Outer Conjugacy for Actions of Continuous Amenable Groups go
K.Mochizuki, T.Motai The Scattering Theory for the Nonlinear Wave Equation with Small Data, II go
H.Shimomura An Aspect of DIfferentlable Measures on go
D.Domínguez Sur les Classes Caractéristiques des Sous-Feuilletages go
T.Tanisaki Hodge Modules, Equlvarlant K-Theory and Hecke Algebras go
T.Ohsawa On the Rigidity of Noncompact Quotients of Bounded Symmetric Domains go
M.Fannes Non-translation Invariant Product States of Classical Lattice Systems go
Issue 23/4 (1987)
M.Kondo Solutions for Forte's Conjectures go
M.Nakashima Pseudo-Runge-Kutta Processes go
T.Ohsawa Hodge Spectral Sequence and Symmetry on Compact Kähler Spaces go
H.Flenner, S.Kosarew On Locally Trivial Deformations go
B.Park, S.Hitotumatu A Study on New Muller's Method go
A.Inoue An Unbounded Generalization of the Tomita-Takesaki Theory II go
Y.Okazaki, Y.Takahashi The Ergodicity of the Convolution μ*υ on a Vector Space go
K.Maruyama The Stable Cohomotopy Ring of G2 go
Issue 23/3 (1987)
N.Iwase On the Splitting of Mapping Spaces between Classifying Spaces I go
K.Hayasida On the Dirichlet Problem for Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Degenerate Coefficients go
T.Ozawa Remarks on the Space-Time Behavior of Scattering Solutions to the Schrödinger Equations go
Y.Nishimura Entire Functions of Several Complex Variables Bounded Outside a Set of Finite Volume go
H.Nishimura Some Connections between Heyting Valued Set Theory and Algebraic Geometry —Prolegomena to Intuitionistic Algebraic Geometry— go
A.Kishimoto Type I Orbits In the Pure States of a C*-dynamical System, II go
J.Bingener Splitting Theorems for PO-Complexes go
J.Bingener Analytic Moduli Spaces as Orbit Spaces go
J.Bingener Local Moduli Spaces In Analytic Geometry go
J.Bingener Local Moduli for Strictly Pseudoconvex Spaces go
P.Idziak Undecidability of Free Pseudo-Complemented Semilattlces go
D.Struppa, C.Berenstein On the Fabry-Ehrenpreis-Kawal Gap Theorem go
Issue 23/2 (1987)
S.Itoh, H.Uryu Conditions for Well-posedness in Gevrey Classes of the Cauchy Problems for Fuchsian Hyperbolic Operators II go
T.Ohsawa A Vanishing Theorem for Proper Direct Images go
O.Adelman On the Brownian Curve and its Circumscribing Sphere go
T.Ohsawa Hodge Spectral Sequence on Compact Kähler Spaces go
Y.Yamasaki, A.Hora Differentiable Shifts for Measures on Infinite Dimensional Spaces go
R.Williams Local Time and Excursions of Reflected Brownian Motion in a Wedge go
A.Kishimoto Type I Orbits in the Pure States of a C*-dynamical System go
K.Miyajima Subellipticity at Higher Degree of a Boundary Condition Associated with Construction of the Versal Family of Strongly Pseudo-Convex Domains go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai The Poincaré Lemma for Variations of Polarized Hodge Structure go
I.Naruki On Confluence of Singular Fibers in Elliptic Fibrations go
F.Kittaneh, H.Kosaki Inequalities for the Schatten p-norm V go
Issue 23/1 (1987)
J.Chabrowski On the Dirichlet Problem For Degenerate Elliptic Equations go
D.Applebaum Fermion Ito's Formula II: The Gauge Process in Fermion Fock Space go
A.Kubo Mixed Problems for Singular and Degenerate Hyperbolic Equations go
N.Tose The 2-Microlocal Canonical Form for a Class of Microdifferential Equations and Propagation of Singularities go
S.Woronowicz Twisted SU(2) Group. An Example of a Non-Commutative Differential Calculus go
K.Komiya Equivariant Controllable Cutting-Pasting and Cobordism with Vector Fields go
Y.Ando On the Higher Thorn Polynomials of Morin Singularities go
K.Iriye On the Ranks of Homotopy Groups of a Space go
Issue 22/6 (1986)
L.Schmitt The Radon-Nikodym theorem for Lp-spaces of W*-algebras go
S.Ukai, K.Asano Steady Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation for a Gas Flow past an Obstacle, II. Stability go
F.Löffler, W.Timmermann On the Structure of the State Space of Maximal Op*-algebras go
J.Uchiyama Decay Order of Eigenfunctions of Second-order Elliptic Operators in an Unbounded Domain, and its Applications go
P.Alberti Completely Positive Stochastic Linear Maps Over AFD-Factors and Unitary Mixing on Generating U.H.F.-Subalgebras go
S.Kanemaki, W.Królikowski, O.Suzuki A Gauge Theory for the Kadomtsev-Peviashvili System go
Y.Morimoto Criteria for Hypoellipticity of Differential Operators go
K.Fukui Stability and Instability of Certain Foliations of 4-Manifolds by Closed Orientable Surfaces go
P.Alberti Completely Positive Linear Maps in a Concept of Majorization on Certain Operator Algebras go
N.Shimada An MU-analogue of the Lambda Algebra go
Issue 22/5 (1986)
S.Takanobu On the Uniqueness of Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations with Singular Drifts go
M.van Doorn Modules with Regular Singularities over Filtered Rings go
A.Yamaguchi Note on the EIlenberg-Moore Spectral Sequence go
H.Oshima, K.Tsukiyama On the Group of Equivariant Self Equivalences of Free Actions go
K.Shimomura, Z.Yosimura BP-Hopf Module Spectrum and BP*-Adams Spectral Sequence go
K.Takasaki Aspects of Integrability In Self-Dual Einstein Metrics and Related Equations go
M.Kashiwara A Study of Variation of Mixed Hodge Structure go
Issue 22/4 (1986)
V.Golodets Actions of T-Groups on Lebesgue Spaces and Properties of Full Factors of Type I1 go
Y.Nakagami Tomita's Spectral Analysis in Krein Spaces go
D.Robinson Smooth Cores of Lipschitz Flows go
F.Löffler, W.Timmermann Singular States on Maximal Op*-algebras go
F.Mathot Integral Decomposition of Partial *-Algebras of Closed Operators go
A.Inoue An Unbounded Generalization of the Tomita-Takesaki Theory go
A.Yamaguchi The Homology of Double Loop Spaces of Complex Stiefel Manifolds go
H.Nishimura Heyting Valued Set Theory and Sato Hyperfunctions go
Issue 22/3 (1986)
M.Muro Microlocal Analysis and Calculations on Some Relatively Invariant Hyperfunctions Related to Zeta Functions Associated with the Vector Spaces of Quadratic Forms go
K.Abe On Lie Algebras of Vector Fields on Smooth Orbifolds go
C.Batty Passive Quasi-free States of the CAR Algebra with Discrete Hamiltonians go
J.Antoine, W.Karwowski Partial *-Algebras of Closed Linear Operators In Hilbert Space (Addendum/Erratum to Vol.21, No. 1, 1985, 205-236) go
T.Watanabe The Chern Character on the Odd Spinor Groups go
A.Ikunishi Derivations In Covariant Representations of C*-aIgebras go
A.Kono On the Cohomology of the 2-connected Cover of the Loop Space of Simple Lie Groups go
A.Kono, M.Harada Cohomology Mod 2 of the Classifying Space of Spinc(n) go
M.Matsuda A Characterization of Weak Radon-Nikodym Sets In Dual Banach Spaces go
T.Ueda Domains of Holomorphy In Segre Cones go
T.Hara On Wall Manifolds with (ε)-Free Involutions go
S.Kawashima, A.Watanabe, M.Maeji, Y.Shizuta On Cabannes* 32-Velocity Models of the Boltzmann Equation go
M.Kondo Errata: A Correction to 'The Completeness Theorems for Some Intuitionistic Logics In Terms of Interval Semantics' go
Issue 22/2 (1986)
K.Ueno On Foliations Associated with Differential Equations of Conformal Type go
E.Brüning When is a Field a Jacobi-Field? A Characterization of States on Tensor Algebras go
S.Nakano Extension of Holomorphic Functions with Growth Conditions go
A.Tsuchiya, Y.Kanie Fock Space Representations of the Virasoro Algebra – Intertwining Operators go
N.Elezovic Radonification Problem for Cylindrical Measures on Tensor Products of Banach Spaces go
H.Jakobsen Conformal Covariantes go
T.Masuda Cyclic Cohomology of A[X] and A[X, X–1] go
Issue 22/1 (1986)
T.Mandai Generalized Levi Conditions for Weakly Hyperbolic Equations - An Attempt to Treat the Degeneracy with Respect to the Space Varlables go
Y.Morimoto Non-Hypoellipticlty for Degenerate Elliptic Operators go
Y.Ito Stationary Fourier Hyperprocesses go
T.Yamanoshita On the Spaces of Self Homotopy Equivalences for Fibre Spaces II go
C.Matsuoka Jensen Measures and Maximal Functions of Uniform Algebras go
J.Mukai On the Stable Homotopy of the Real Projective Space of Even Low Dimension go
Y.Takahashi, Y.Okazaki 0-1 Laws of a Probability Measure on a Locally Convex Space go
O.Bratteli, D.Evans, F.Goodman, P.Jorgensen A Dichotomy for Derivations on ???n go
R.Schrader Reflection Positivity for the Complementary Series of SL(2n, ) go
H.Matsunaga, H.Minami Forgetful Homomorphisms In Equivariant K-Theory go
K.Kürsten The Completion of the Maximal Op*-Algebra on a Frechet Domain go
Issue 21/6 (1985)
C.Sutherland A Borel Parametrlzatlon of Polish Groups go
C.Sutherland, M.Takesaki Actions of Discrete Amenable Groups and Groupoids on von Neumann Algebras go
T.Nogi A Mathematical One-Dimensional Model of Supercooling Solidification go
B.Iochum, H.Kosaki Linear Radon-NIkodym Theorems for Linear Radon-NIkodym Theorems for on JEW and W* Algebras go
M.Hennings The Weyl Transformation and Quantisation for Locally Compact Abelian Groups go
M.Semenov-Tian-Shansky Dressing Transformations and Poisson Group Actions go
T.Masuda, T.Natsume Cyclic Cohomology of Certain Affine Schemes go
J.Uchiyama Lower Bounds of Decay Order of Eigenfunctlons of Second-order Elliptic Operators go
A.Kono, K.Ishitoya Squaring Operations in the 4-Connective Fibre Spaces over the Classifying Spaces of the Exceptional Lie Groups go
B.Jefferies Remarks on the Feynman Representation go
G.Lohöfer, D.Mayer Zero's of Exponential Sums and Best Diophantine Approximations go
K.Hannabuss, M.Hennings Some Aspects of Normal Quantisation go
Issue 21/5 (1985)
H.Isozaki, H.Kitada A Remark on the Micro-local Resolvent Estimates for Two Body Schrödinger Operators go
T.Nogi A Difference Scheme for Solving Two Phase Stefan Problem of Heat Equation go
T.Kobayashi, M.Matsuda On Saab's Characterizations of Weak Radon-Nikodym Sets go
T.Kobayashi On Zq-Equivariant Immersions for q=2rr go
S.Itoh On a Sufficient Condition for Well-posedness In Gevrey Classes of Some Weakly Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems go
P.Jorgensen, W.Klink Quantum Mechanics and Nilpotent Groups. I. The Curved Magnetic Field go
O.Bratteli, T.Digernes, F.Goodman, D.Robinson Integration In Abelian C*-Dynamical Systems go
O.Bratteli, G.Elliott, D.Robinson The Characterization of Differential Operators by Locality: Dissipations and Ellipticity go
H.Nishimura Boolean Valued Decomposition Theory of States go
S.Hayashi Self-similar Sets as Tarski's Fixed Points go
Issue 21/4 (1985)
K.Naito A System of Quasi Variational Inequalities and Its Application to Reaction Diffusion Equations go
S.Nakane Non-Uniqueness in the Cauchy Problem for Partial Differential Operators with Multiple Characteristics, II go
S.Izumi A Measure of Integrity for Local Analytic Algebras go
J.Ermine Développements Asymptotiques et Microfonctions dans les Classes de Gevrey go
M.Amasaki Examples of Nonslngular Irreducible Curves Which Give Reducible Singular Points of red(Hd,g) go
D.Petz Quasi-entropies for States of a von Neumann Algebra go
J.Alcántara-Bode On Grothendieck's Problem of Topologies go
J.Kwak Some Cyclic Group Actions on a Homotopy Sphere and the Parallelizability of Its Orbit Spaces go
K.Diederich, T.Ohsawa Harmonic Mappings and Disc Bundles over Compact Kahler Manifolds go
M.Nagata A Condition In Constructing Chain Homotopies go
T.Mandai On the C-well-posedness of Goursat Problems go
M.Kashiwara The Asymptotic Behavior of a Variation of Polarized Hodge Structure go
C.Kessler Examples of Extremal Lattice Fields without the Global Markov Property go
Issue 21/3 (1985)
H.Tanaka, M.Izumi, N.Takahashi Some Hierarchies of Relativized Time-Bounded Complexity Classes go
M.Sato Theory of Symbolic Expressions, II go
G.Ekhaguere On Central Limit Theorems in Probability Gage Spaces go
B.Gaveau, J.Moulinier Régularité des Mesures et Perturbations Stochastiques de Champs de Vecteurs sur des Espaces de Dimension Infinie go
P.Alberti On the Simultaneous Transformation of Density Operators by Means of a Completely Positive, Unity Preserving Linear Map go
T.Huruya Decompositions of Linear Maps Into Non-Separable C*-Algebras go
A.Frigerio Covariant Markov Dilations of Quantum Dynamical Semigroups go
Issue 21/2 (1985)
M.Nakashima Some Implicit Fourth and Fifth Order Methods with Optimum Processes for Numerical Initial Value Problems go
M.Ozawa Conditional Probability and A Posteriori States in Quantum Mechanics go
M.Tomari A pg-Formula and Elliptic Singularities go
H.Uryu Conditions for Well-Posedness in Gevrey Classes of the Cauchy Problems for Fuchsian Hyperbolic Operators go
A.Iwatsuka Examples of Absolutely Continuous Schrödinger Operators in Magnetic Fields go
Y.Yamasaki Theory of Connexes, II go
H.Shimomura Rotationally-Quasi-Invariant Measures on the Dual of a Hilbert Space go
K.Takegoshi A Remark to go
F.Uchida Construction of a Continuous SL(3, ) Action on 4-Sphere go
G.Price Extremal Traces on Some Group-Invariant C*-Algebras, II go
Issue 21/1 (1985)
T.Nishitani Weakly Hyperbolic Cauchy Problem for Second Order Opeators go
J.Noguchi Hyperbolic Fibre Spaces and Mordell's Conjecture over Function Fields go
Y.Morita Stability Changes of Periodic Solutions to a Coupled Nonlinear Equation with Time Delay go
K.Saito Extended Affine Root Systems I (Coxeter transformations) go
H.Nishimura Some Applications of Boolean Valued Set Theory to Abstract Harmonic Analysis on Locally Compact Groups go
K.Baumann, G.Hegerfeldt A Noncommutative Marcinkiewicz Theorem go
J.Antoine, W.Karwowski Partial *-Algebras of Closed Linear Operators In Hilbert Space go
T.Sasaki Cramer-type Formula for the Polynomial Solutions of Coupled Linear Equations with Polynomial Coefficients go
Issue 20/6 (1984)
A.Carey Some Infinite Dimensional Groups and Bundles go
M.McAsey, E.Venturino, K.Saito Equivalence Classes of Invariant Subspaces in Nonselfadjoint Crossed Products go
A.Connes, G.Skandalis The Longitudinal Index Theorem for Foliations go
T.Urabe On Quartic Surfaces and Sextic Curves with Singularities of type E8, T2,3,7, E12 go
Y.Yamasaki A Simple Proof of Kwapien's Theorem go
K.Saito The Root System of Sign (1, 0, 1) go
Issue 20/5 (1984)
T.Ohsawa Boundary Behavior of the Bergman Kernel Function on Pseudoconvex Domains go
D.Bainov, A.Myshkis, A.Zahariev On an Abstract Analog of the Bellmann-Gronwall Inequality go
R.Streater Convergence of the Iterated Boltzmann Map go
T.Masuda Groupoid Dynamical Systems and Crossed Product, I — The Case of W*-Systems go
T.Masuda Groupoid Dynamical Systems and Crossed Product, II — The Case of C*-Systems go
K.Morisugi Stable Self Maps of the Quaternionic (Quasi-) Projective Space go
A.Fujiki Coarse Moduli Space for Polarized Compact Kähler Manifolds go
T.Mandai On Exceptional Cases of Cauchy Problems for Fuchslan Partial Differential Operators go
T.Ohsawa On the Domain of Existence for P-pluriharmonlc Functions go
W.Wilson The Hopf Ring for Morava K-Theory go
W.Wilson Brown-Peterson Metastability and the Bendersky-Davis Conjecture go
K.Takegoshi Stability of Kähler Metrics in Deformations of Non-Compact Complex Manifolds of Dimension Two go
J.Yngvason On the Locality Ideal In the Algebra of Test Functions for Quantum Fields go
K.Hirata, A.Kono On the Algebraic K-Cohomology of Lens Spaces go
H.Nishimura An Approach to the Dimension Theory of Continous Geometry from the Standpoint of Boolean Valued Analysis go
Issue 20/4 (1984)
M.Wong On an Abstract Differential Equation and Its Application to Positive Eigenvalues of Schrödinger Operators go
S.Nakano, T.Ohsawa Strongly Pseudoconvex Manifolds and Strongly Pseudoconvex Domains go
J.Mukai The Order of the Attaching Class in the Suspended Quaternionic Quasi-Projective Space go
M.Shiota Piecewise Linearization of Real Analytic Functions go
M.Amasaki On the Structure of Arithmetically Buchsbaum Curves in P3k go
M.Imaoka, K.Morisugi On the Stable Hurewicz Image of Some Stunted Projective Spaces, I go
M.Imaoka, K.Morisugi On the Stable Hurewicz Image of Some Stunted Projective Spaces, II go
G.Patrizio Real and Complex Monge-Ampère Equations and the Geometry of Strictly Convex Domains go
J.Lin On the Hopf Algebra Structure of the mod 2 Cohomology of a Finite H-Space go
A.Kono On the Mod p Decomposition of Q(CP) go
Issue 20/3 (1984)
M.Sakai, R.Usmani Biquadratic Spline Approximations go
N.Minami On the I(G)-adic Topology of the Burnside Ring of Compact Lie Groups go
A.Fujiki On the Douady Space of a Compact Complex Space in the Category C(???), II go
K.Taniguchi Fourier Integral Operators in Gevrey Class on Rn and the Fundamental Solution for a Hyperbolic Operator go
N.Iwasaki The Cauchy Problem for Effectively Hyperbolic Equations (A Standard Type) go
J.Lindsay Ortho-Independent States of the C. C. R. Algebra go
K.Kozima A Remark on the Segal-Becker Theorem go
T.Ohsawa Global Realization of Strongly Pseudoconvex CR Manifolds go
R.Hudson, P.Ion, K.Parthasarathy Time-Orthogonal Unitary Dilations and Noncommutative Feynman-Kac Formulae, II go
Y.Kato, K.Aomoto Jacobi-Perron Algorithms, Bi-Orthogonal Polynomials and Inverse Scattering Problems go
T.Kori Théorèmes de Dualité sur la Frontière Fortement Pseudoconvexe. II, Dualité d'Alexandroff go
M.Kondo The Completeness Theorems for Some Intuitionistic Epistemic Logics In Terms of Interval Semantics go
T.Ohsawa Completeness of Noncompact Analytic Spaces go
Issue 20/2 (1984)
K.Amano, G.Nakamura Branching of Singularities for Degenerate Hyperbolic Operators go
H.Araki On the XY-Model on Two-Sided Infinite Chain go
H.Kazama ∂ Cohomology of (H,C)-Groups go
M.Kashiwara The Riemann-Hilbert Problem for Holonomic Systems go
A.Furukawa, T.Sasaki Theory of Multiple Polynomial Remainder Sequence go
A.Hamasaki Continuous Cohomologies of Lie Algebras of Formal G-Invariant Vector Fields and Obstructions to Lifting Foliations go
Issue 20/1 (1984)
M.Tomari A Geometric Characterization of Normal Two-Dimensional Singularities of Multiplicity Two with pa ≤ 1 go
T.Ohsawa Vanishing Theorems on Complete Kähler Manifolds go
M.Nakashima Implicit Pseudo-Runge-Kutta Processes go
H.Matsunaga Classical Lie Group Actions on π-Manifolds go
G.Nishida Hecke Functors and the Equivariant Dold-Thom Theorem go Cannière Functional Dependence between the Hamiltonian and the Modular Operator Associated with a Faithful Invariant State of a W*-Dynamical System go
S.Yamagami A Note on Hilbert C*-Modules Associated with a Foliation go
H.Shimomura Quasi-Invariant Measures on the Orthogonal Group over the Hilbert Space go
C.Batty, A.Carey, D.Evans, D.Robinson Extending Derivations go
T.Masuda A Note on a Theorem of A. Connes on Radon-Nikodym Cocycles go
M.Sakai A Posteriori Improvement of Cubic Spline Approximate Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problem go
H.Oshima A Remark on Almost-Quaternlon Substructures on the Sphere go
J.Sekiguchi The Nilpotent Subvariety of the Vector Space Associated to a Symmetric Pair go
D.Robinson On Positive Semigroups go
Issue 19/3 (1983)
Y.Giga Weak and Strong Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Initial Value Problem go
K.Hirose, M.Takahashi A Formal System for Specification Analysis of Concurrent Programs go
N.Iwasaki The Cauchy Problem for Hyperbolic Equations with Double Characteristics go
M.Jimbo, T.Miwa Solitons and Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai Microlocal Analysis go
S.Kida Turbulence and Singularity of the Velocity Field go
H.Matano, M.Mimura Pattern Formation in Competition-Diffusion Systems in Nonconvex Domains go
M.Mori A Method for Evaluation of the Error Function of Real and Complex Variable with High Relative Accuracy go
N.Nakanishi Manifestly Covariant Canonical Formalism of Quantum Gravity - Systematic Presentation of the Theory go
I.Naruki Some Invariants for Conies and Their Applications go
G.Nishida On the S1-Segal Conjecture go
T.Oda Hironaka's Additive Group Scheme, II go
T.Ohsawa Cohomology Vanishing Theorems on Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
T.Oshima A Definition of Boundary Values of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations with Regular Singularities go
K.Saito Period Mapping Associated to a Primitive Form go
Y.Takahashi An Ergodic-Theoretical Approach to the Chaotic Behaviour of Dynamical Systems go
J.Tomiyama Recent Development of the Theory of Completely Bounded Maps between C*-Algebras go
T.Ushijima A Semi-Group Theoretical Analysis of a Finite Element Method for a Linearized Viscous Shallow-Water System go
Issue 19/2 (1983)
S.Watanabe Hybrid Manipulations for the Solution of Systems of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations go
N.Lohoue Une Classe d'Opérateurs Différentiels Invariants sur le Groupe de Heisenberg go
A.Carey, W.Moran On the Group Theoretic Approach to the Canonical Anticommutation Relations go
M.Fannes, J.Quaegebeur Central Limits of Product Mappings between CAR-Algebras go
M.Amasaki Preparatory Structure Theorem for Ideals Defining Space Curves go
K.Ueno, Y.Nakamura Transformation Theory for Anti-Self-Dual Equations go
S.Milusheva, D.Bainov Justification of Partially-Multiplicative Averaging for a Class of Functional-Differential Equations with Impulses go
M.Kamata On the Completion of the G-Equivaliant Unitary Cobordism Rings of G-Spaces go
K.Schmüdgen On the Heisenberg Commutation Relation II go
T.Masuda LpSpaces for von Neumann Algebra with Reference to a Faithful Normal Semifinite Weight go
J.Foit Abstract Twisted Duality for Quantum Free Fermi Fields go
K.Hirata On the Cohomology of Algebraic K-Spectra over Finite Fields go
R.Darling Convergence of Martingales on a Riemannlan Manifold go
S.Hashimoto On the Connective K-Homology Groups of the Classifying Spaces BZ/pr go
H.Ishimoto Homotopy Classification of Connected Sums of Sphere Bundles over Spheres, III go
C.Burdet, C.Duval, M.Perrin Chronoprojectlve Cartan Structures on Four-Dimensional Manifolds go
T.Funaki The Diffusion Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation of Maxwellian Molecules go
Issue 19/1 (1983)
D.Gonçalves The Mod-5 Splitting of the Compact Exceptional Lie Group E8 go
M.Sakai, R.Usmani Quadratic Spline and Two-Point Boundary Value Problem go
M.Itoh On the Moduli Space of Anti-Self-Dual Yang–Mills Connections on Kähler Surfaces go
M.Arai On Essential Selfadjointness, Distinguished Selfadjoint Extension and Essential Spectrum of Dirac Operators with Matrix Valued Potentials go
K.Ueno Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras Acting on Chiral Fields and the Riemann-Hilbert Problem go
T.Ohno Asymptotic Behaviors of Dynamical Systems with Random Parameters go
A.Ikunishi Derivations in C*-Algebras Commuting with Compact Actions go
H.Isozaki On the Existence of Solutions to Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Equations go
A.Fujiki On a Holomorphic Fiber Bundle with Meromorphic Structure go
M.Sakai, R.Usmani Spline Solutions for Nonlinear Fourth-Order Two-Point Boundary Value Problems go
T.Mandai Necessary Conditions for Well-Posedness of the Flat Cauchy Problem and theRegularity-Loss of Solutions go
S.Hayashi Extracting Lisp Programs from Constructive Extracting Lisp Programs from Constructive Mathematics Based on Lisp go
A.Fujiki On a Compact Complex Manifold In C without Holomorphic 2-Forms go
H.Shimomura Remark to the Previous Paper 'Ergodic Decomposition of Quasi-Invariant Measures' go
A.Fujiki Relative Algebraic Reduction and Relative Albanese Map for a Fiber Space in C go
M.Hagiya A Proof Description Language and Its Reduction System go
T.Nishino L'Existence d'une Fonction Analytique sur une Variété Analytique Complexe à Dimension Quelconque go
K.Takegoshi Global Regularity and Spectra of Laplace-Beltrami Operators on Pseudoconvex Domains go
H.Nishimura A Cut-Free Sequential System for the Propositional Modal Logic of Finite Chains go
M.Yasuo On the Spaces O(4n/Sp and Sp(n)/O, and the Bott Maps go
R.Kobayashi A Mathematical One-Dimensional One-Phase Model of Supercooling Solidification go
G.Price Extensions of Quasi-Free Derivations on the CAR algebra go
P.Combe, R.Rodriguez, M.Sirugue, M.Sirugue-Collin High Temperature Behaviour of Quantum Mechanical Thermal Functional go
Issue 18/3 (1982)
M.Nakashima On Pseudo-Runge-Kutta Methods with 2 and 3 Stages go
S.Tajima Analyse Microlocale sur les Variétés de Cauchy-Riemann et Problème du Prolongement des Solutions Holomorphes des Équations aux Dérivées Partielles go
K.Mochizuki, J.Uchiyama Time Dependent Representations of the Stationary Wave Operators for 'Oscillating' Long-Range Potentials go
M.Arai, O.Yamada Essential Self-Adjointness and Invariance of the Essential Spectrum for Dirac Operators go
Y.Ito On the Oka-Cartan-Kawai Theorem B for the Sheaf ??? go
M.Shiota Real Algebraic Realization of Characteristic Classes go
M.Spivakovsky A Counterexample to HIronaka's 'Hard' Polyhedra Game go
H.Araki, J.Jurzak On a Certain Class of *-Algebras of Unbounded Operators go
D.Evans Entropy of Automorphisms of AF Algebras go
C.Batty Invariant States for Strongly Positive Operators on C*-Algebras go
S.Kawai On the Instability of a Minimal Surface in a 4-Manifold Whose Curvature Lies in the Interval (1/4, 1] go
E.Date, M.Jimbo, M.Kashiwara, T.Miwa Transformation Groups for Soliton Equations - Euclidean Lie Algebras and Reduction of the KP Hierarchy go
E.Date, M.Jimbo, M.Kashiwara, T.Miwa Quasi- Periodic Solutions of the Orthogonal KP Equation - Transformation Groups for Soliton Equations V go
A.Kishimoto, D.Robinson On Unbounded Derivations Commuting with a Compact Group of *-Automorphisms go
M.Jimbo Monodromy Problem and the Boundary Condition for Some Painlevé Equations go
A.Fujiki Projectivity of the Space of Divisors on a Normal Compact Complex Space go
K.Takegoshi On Weakly 1-Complete Surfaces without Non-Constant Holomorphic Functions go
T.Ohsawa A Stein Domain with Smooth Boundary Which Has a Product Structure go
K.Hirata, A.Kono On the Bott Cannibalistic Classes go
S.Araki Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory and Idempotents of Burnside Rings go
Issue 18/2 (1982)
T.Aoki Invertibility for Microdifferential Operators of Infinite Order go
A.Fujiki A Coherency Theorem for Direct Images with Proper Supports in the Case of a 1-Convex Map go
S.Ukai, K.Asano On the Cauchy Problem of the Boltzmann Equation with a Soft Potential go
T.Yamamoto A Posteriori Componentwise Error Estimate for a Computed Solution of a System of Linear Equations go
J.Alcantara Order Properties of a Class of Tensor Algebras go
K.Takegoshi Representation Theorems of Cohomology on Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
T.Mandai On Energy Inequalities and Regularity of Solutions to Weakly Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems go
M.O'uchi Actions of Semigroups on Borel Spaces and von Neumann Algebras of Groupoids of Type II1 go
K.Abe Pursell-Shanks Type Theorem for Orbit Spaces of G-Manifolds go
H.Araki, S.Yamagami On Quasi-equivalence of Quasifree States of the Canonical Commutation Relations go
H.Araki, T.Masuda Positive Cones and Lp-Spacesfor von Neumann Algebras go
L.Ehrenpreis, T.Kawai Poisson's Summation Formula and Hamburger's Theorem go
H.Nishimura Semantical Analysis of Constructive PDL go
M.Kamata Actions on Invariant Spheres around Isolated Fixed Points of Actions of Cyclic Groups go
A.Kono Uniqueness of the Infinite Loop Space Structures on Connective Fibre Spaces of BSO go
Issue 18/1 (1982)
N.Nakanishi The First Cohomology Groups of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras go
K.Ishihara Finite Element Approximations Applied to the Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem Δu = bu2 go
M.Osikawa Centralizer of an Ergodic Measure Preserving Transformation go
H.Yosihara Gravity Waves on the Free Surface of an Incompressible Perfect Fluid of Finite Depth go
L.Accardi, A.Frigerio, J.Lewis Quantum Stochastic Processes go
S.Izumiya On Versality for Unfoldlngs of Smooth Section Germs go
R.Henrichs Decomposition of Invariant States and Nonseparable C*-Algebras go
M.Murayama On the G-Homotopy Types of G-ANR's go
T.Ohsawa Isomorphism Theorems for Cohomology Groups of Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
H.Nishimura Prepositional Dynamic Logic for Concurrent Programs go
B.Ek Euclidean Quantum Fields with Spin on an Indefinite Inner Product State Space go
K.Kuroda The Probabilistic Treatment of Phase Separations In Lattice Models Composed of More Than Two Types of Particles go
H.Ishimoto Homotopy Classification of Connected Sums of Sphere Bundles over Spheres, II go
T.Mitsui Runge-Kutta Type Integration Formulas Including the Evaluation of the Second Derivative, Part I go
B.Gaveau, E.Mazet Divergence des Fonctionnelles de M. Kac et Diffusion Quantique go
H.Kosaki Linear Radon-Nikodym Theorems for States on a von Neumann Algebra go
T.Nishino L'Existence d'une Fonction Analytique sur une Variété Analytique Complexe à Deux Dimensions go
Issue 17/3 (1981)
J.Jurzak Unbounded Operator Algebras and BF-Spaces go
Y.Yamasaki Theory of Connexes, I go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai On Holonomic Systems of Microdifferential Equations, III. Systems with Regular Singularities go
T.Ohsawa Supplement to 'Weakly 1-Complete Manifold and Levi Problem' go
Issue 17/2 (1981)
T.Urabe Duality of Numerical Characters of Polar Loci go
T.Urabe Generalized Plücker Formulae go
M.Shiota On the Unique Factorization Property of the Ring of Nash Functions go
N.Sasakura Cohomology with Polynomial Growth and Completion Theory go
A.Kono Induced Representations of Compact Lie Groups and the Adams Operations go
A.Kono On the Order of Certain Elements of J(X) and the Adams Conjecture go
S.Koike On ν-Sufficiency (h)-Regularity go
C.Iwasaki, N.Iwasaki Parametrix for a Degenerate Parabolic Equation and its Application to the Asymptotic Behavior of Spectral Functions for Stationary Problems go
H.Terao On Betti Numbers of Complement of Hyperplanes go
T.Miwa Clifford Operators and Riemann's Monodromy Problem go
A.Fujiki Deformation of Uniruled Manifolds go
T.Miwa Painlevé Property of Monodromy Preserving Deformation Equations and the Analyticity of τ Functions go
K.Takegoshi, T.Ohsawa A Vanishing Theorem for Hp(X, Ωq (B)) on Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
A.Fujiki A Theorem on Bimeromorphic Maps of Kähler Manifolds and Its Applications go
Issue 17/1 (1981)
Y.Morita A p-Adic Theory of Hyperfunctions, I go
S.Nagamachi The Theory of Vector Valued Fourier Hyperfunctions of Mixed Type, I go
S.Nagamachi The Theory of Vector Valued Fourier Hyperfunctions of Mixed Type, II go
T.Terada Quelques Propriétés Géométriques du Domaine de F1 et le Groupe de Tresses Colorées go
T.Ohsawa On Hp,q(X,E) of Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
O.Suzuki A New Class of Domains of Holomorphy (III) (Reinhardt domains of holomorphy on a 3-dimensional analytic set with a (ℂ*)2-action) go
M.Jimbo, T.Miwa, M.Sato Supplement to Holonomic Quantum Fields, IV go
T.Ohsawa Weakly 1-Complete Manifold and Levi Problem go
M.Osikawa, Y.Oono Chaos in C0-Endomorphism of Interval go
J.Alcantara, D.Dubin I*-Algebras and their Applications go
K.Tsuboi Eta Invariants and Conformal Immersions go
H.Suzuki Construction of Transverse Projectable Connections in Some Foliated Bundles go
M.Pinsky Homogenization in Stochastic Differential Geometry go
Y.Yamasaki The Projectivity of Y-Games go
K.Fukui Pursell-Shanks Type Theorem for Free G-Manifolds go
H.Tanaka Left Transformation Languages go
H.Nishimura Arithmetical Completeness in First-Order Dynamic Logic for Concurrent Programs go
K.Takegoshi A Generalization of Vanishing Theorems Generalization of Vanishing Theorems go
Issue 16/3 (1980)
T.Tayoshi Wave Operators In the Scattering Problem Related to Non-Finite Obstacles go
A.Fujiki Duality of Mixed Hodge Structures of Algebraic Varieties go
M.Murayama S-Duality in τ-Cohomology Theories go
Y.Yamasaki Translationally Invariant Measure on the Infinite Dimensional Vector Space go
G.Faltings Some Theorems about Formal Functions go
M.Bendersky Some Calculations In the Unstable Adams-Novikov Spectral Sequence go
Y.Yamasaki Quasi-Invariance of Measures on an Infinite Dimensional Vector Space and the Continuity of the Characteristic Functions go
T.Mitsui The Initial-Value Adjusting Method for Problems of the Least Squares Type of Ordinary Differential Equations go
T.Akahori, K.Miyajima Complex Analytic Construction of the Kuranishi Family on a Normal Strongly Pseudo-Convex Manifold, II go
K.Sugahara On the Diameter of Compact Homogeneous Riemannian Manifolds go
T.Nakamura On the Synthesis Problems of the Semimodular State Chart Theory. I. Distributive Chart go
T.Nakamura On the Synthesis Problems of the Semimodular State Chart Theory. II. Semimodular Chart go
F.Hansen Selfpolar Norms on an Indefinite Inner Product Space go
D.Evans On On go
T.Ohsawa On Complete Kähler Domains with C1-Boundary go
Issue 16/2 (1980)
T.Nogi A Difference Scheme for Solving Two Phase Stefan Problem of Heat Equation go
H.Nishimura A Study of Some Tense Logics by Gentzen's Sequential Method go
S.Kageyama, Y.Ogura On a Limit Theorem for Branching One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes go
T.Miyoshi Elastic-Plastic Vibration of a Rod go
R.Ishimura Théorèmes d'Existence et d'Approximation pour les Equations aux Dérivées Partielles Linéaires d'Ordre Infini go
H.Nishimura Interval Logics with Applications to Study of Tense and Aspect in English go
T.Nishino, M.Suzuki Sur les Singularités Essentielles et Isolées des Applications Holomorphes à Valeurs dans une Surface Complexe go
M.Nagata On the Uniqueness of Dyer-Lashof Operations on the Bott Periodicity Spaces go
T.Mitsui On the Convergence of the Initial-Value Adjusting Method for Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo Holonomic Quantum Fields, V go
T.Ichinose A Product Formula and Its Application to the Schrödinger Equation go
K.Abe On the Homotopy Types of the Groups of Equivariant Diffeomorphisms go
Issue 16/1 (1980)
M.Yasugi Gentzen Reduction Revisited go
M.Arai Elgenfunctlon Expansions Associated with the Schrodinger Operators with Long-Range Potentials go
Y.Shibata Liouville Type Theorem for a System {P(D), Bj(D), j = 1, ... p} of Differential Operators with Constant Coefficients in a Half Space go
C.Sutherland Cohomology and Extensions of von Neumann Algebras, I go
C.Sutherland Cohomology and Extensions of von Neumann Algebras, II go
Y.Kasahara, S.Kotani, H.Watanabe On the Green Functions of 1-Dimensional Diffusion Processes go
M.Enock, J.Schwartz Produit Croisé d'une Algèbre de von Neumann par une Algèbre de Kac, II go
Y.Kawamata An Equisingular Deformation Theory via Embedded Resolution of Singularities go
U.Küchler Some Asymptotic Properties of the Transition Densities of One-Dimensional Quasidiffusions go
U.Küchler On Parabolic Functions of One-Dimensional Quasidiffusions go
T.Ohno A Weak Equivalence and Topological Entropy go
G.Elliott Some Simple C*-Algebras Constructed As Crossed Products with Discrete Outer Automorphism Groups go
Issue 15/3 (1979)
H.Soga Mixed Problems In a Quarter Space for the Wave Equation with a Singular Oblique Derivative go
S.Wakabayashi Propagation of Singularities of Fundamental Solutions of Hyperbolic Mixed Problems go
T.Ikebe, H.Isozaki Completeness of Modified Wave Operators for Long-Range Potentials go
H.Uryu The Cauchy Problem for Hyperbolic Systems with Variable Multiple Characteristics go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai Monodromy Structure of Solutions of Holonomic Systems of Linear Differential Equations is Invariant under the Deformation of the System go
T.Kakita, K.Nishihara, C.Tamamura Time Decay and Scattering for Some Nonlinear Wave Equation go
T.Kawai Extended Landau Variety and the Singularity Spectrum of Position-Space Feynman Amplitudes go
M.Hamana Injective Envelopes of Operator Systems go
K.Ueno A Remark on the Automorphism Pseudo-Group of a Differential Equation of Immersion Type go
A.Fujiki Fixed Points of the Actions on Compact Kähler Manifolds go
N.Ikeda, S.Manabe Integral of Differential Forms along the Path of Diffusion Processes go
T.Ohsawa Finiteness Theorems on Weakly 1-complete Manifolds go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo Holonomic Quantum Fields IV go
Issue 15/2 (1979)
Z.Koshiba On the General Form of Yamaguti-Nogi-Vaillancourt's Stability Theorem go
M.Miyake On Cauchy-Kowalevskrs Theorem for General Systems go
M.Miyake Reduction to the First Order Systems of the Kowalevskian Systems in the of Sense of Volevič go
Y.Shibata A Characterization of the Hyperbolic Mixed Problems in a Quarter Space for Differential Operators with Constant Coefficients go
H.Matano Asymptotic Behavior and Stability of Solutions of Semilinear Diffusion Equations go
S.Tarama Un Exemple dans le Problème de Cauchy pour les Équations Faiblement Hyperboliques go
R.Sakamoto On a Sufficient Condition for Well-posedness of Weakly Hyperbolic Cauchy Problems go
K.Kajitani Cauchy Problem for Non-Strictly Hyperbolic Systems go
T.Kawai, M.Kashiwara On Holonomlc Systems for ???? go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo Holonomic Quantum Fields III go
Issue 15/1 (1979)
E.Zini Surjectivité dans les Espaces en Dualité go
K.Yanagi A Common Fixed Point Theorem for a Sequence of Multivalued Mappings go
A.Bensoussan, P.Lions, G.Papanicolaou Boundary Layers and Homogenizatlon of Transport Processes go
T.Nogi A Mathematical Model of Spherical Nucleus In the Undercooling State of Metal go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo Holonomic Quantum Fields. II — The Riemann-Hilbert Problem go
T.Urabe On Hironaka's Monoideal go
Issue 14/3 (1978)
J.McClendon Classifying Subgroups of Solvable Groups go
T.Watanabe On the Spectral Representation of Holomorphic Functions on Some Domain go
R.Kertz Random Evolutions with Underlying Semi-Markov Processes go
T.Akahori Intrinsic Formula for Kuranishi's ∂bφ go
Y.Nishimura Immersion Analytique d'une Famille de Surfaces de Riemann Ouvertes go
K.Abe On The Equivariant Isotopy Classes of Some Equivariant Imbeddings of Spheres go
T.Matumoto On the Minimal Ordered Morse Functions on Compact Simply-Connected Manifolds go
A.Nakanishi Classification of SO(3)-Actions on Five Manifolds go
M.Mori An IMT-Type Double Exponential Formula for Numerical Integration go
M.Choda Extensions of the Inner Automorphism Group of a Factor go
R.Holley, D.Stroock Generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes and Infinite Particle Branching Brownian Motions go
T.Akahori Complex Analytic Construction of the Kuranishi Family on a Normal Strongly Pseudo-Convex Manifold go
Issue 14/2 (1978)
M.Mimura, T.Nishida On a Certain Semilinear Parabolic System Related to the Lotka-Volterra Ecological Model go
S.Wakabayashi Microlocal Parametrlces for Hyperbolic Mixed Problems in the Case Where Boundary Waves Appear go
K.Nishiwada On Local Characterization of Wave Front Sets in Terms of Boundary Values of Holomorphic Functions go
M.Matsuda On General Denting Points and the Unique Positive Extension of Certain Positive Linear Functionals go
N.Yagita On an Invariant Defined by Using P(w)*(–) Theory go
Y.Yamasaki Theory of Division Games go
H.Shimomura Ergodic Decomposition of Quasi-Invariant Measures go
A.Kishimoto, H.Takai Some Remarks on C*-Dynamical Systems with a Compact Abelian Group go
K.Ishihara A Mixed Finite Element Method for the Biharmonic Eigenvalue Problems of Plate Bending go
T.Kawai, G.Nakamura Microlocal Properties of Local Elementary Solutions for Cauchy Problems for a Class of Hyperbolic Linear Differential Operators go
K.Ichihara Some Global Properties of Symmetric Diffusion Processes go
Y.Kanie Cohomologies of Lie Algebras of Vector Fields with Coefficients In Adjoint Representations Foliated Case go
K.Ito Canonical Linear Transformation on Fock Space with an Indefinite Metric go
Issue 14/1 (1978)
A.Fujiki Closedness of the Douady Spaces of Compact Kähler Spaces go
Y.Higuchi On Limiting Gibbs States of the Two-Dimensional Ising Models go
M.Ikawa Mixed Problems for the Wave Equation III. Exponential Decay of Solutions go
T.Yano On the Theory of b-Functions go
S.Araki, M.Murayama G-Homotopy Types of G-Complexes and Representations of G-Cohomology Theories go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo Holonomic Quantum Fields I go
Issue 13/3 (1977)
D.Bainov, G.Sarafova On an Application of the Averaging Method for Nonlinear Systems of Integro Differential Equations go
H.Isozaki On the Long-Range Stationary Wave Operator go
M.Mimura, G.Nishida, H.Toda Mod p Decomposition of Compact Lie Groups go
T.Ueda Modifications Continues des Variétés de Stein go
H.Ono On Some Intuitionistic Modal Logics go
M.Mori A Finite Element Method for Solving the Two Phase Stefan Problem in One Space Dimension go
M.Mimura, M.Mori The Squaring Operations in the Eilenberg-Moore Spectral Sequence and the Classifying Space of an Associative H-Space, I go
A.Kishimoto On the Fixed Point Algebra of a UHF Algebra under a Periodic Automorphism of Product Type go
T.Mitsui Investigation of Numerical Solutions of Some Nonlinear Quasiperiodic Differential Equations go
L.Gårding Corrections to the article Sharp Fronts of Paired Oscillatory Integrals go
Issue 13/2 (1977)
K.Kitahara Asymptotic Wave Functions and Energy Distributions for Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems of First Order go
Y.Higuchi Remarks on the Limiting GIbbs States on a (d+1)-Tree go
A.Matsumura Global Existence and Asymptotics of the Solutions of the Second-Order Quasilinear Hyperbolic Equations with the First-Order Dissipation go
M.Sato A Study of Kripke-type Models for Some Modal Logics by Gentzen's Sequential Method go
T.Kasai Computational Complexity of Multitape Turing Machines and Random Access Machines go
O.Suzuki A New Class of Domains of Holomorphy (I). The concepts of boundary resolutions and L-manifolds go
O.Suzuki A New Class of Domains of Holomorphy (II). Domains of holomorphy on a three dimensional Stein space with an isolated singularity go
A.Kishimoto Remarks on Compact Automorphism Groups of a Certain von Neumann Algebra go
Issue 13/1 (1977)
N.Ito, M.Mori Isomorphism of a Piecewise Linear Transformation to a Markov Automorphism go
I.Naruki Some Remarks on Isolated Singularity and Their Application to Algebraic Manifolds go
K.Ishihara Convergence of the Finite Element Method Applied to the Eigenvalue Problem Δu + λu = 0 go
M.Ikawa Problèmes Mixtes pour l'Équation des Ondes II go
K.Kakié Algebraic Structures of Characteristics in Involutive Systems of Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations go
M.Osikawa Notes on Minimality and Ergodicity of Compact Abelian Group Extensions of Dynamics go
M.Osikawa Point Spectra of Non-Singular Flows go
H.Araki Relative Entropy for States of von Neumann Algebras II go
A.Tani On the First Initial-Boundary Value Problem of Compressible Viscous Fluid Motion go
G.Nakamura The Singularities of Solutions of the Cauchy Problems for Systems Whose Characteristic Roots Are Non-Uniform Multiple go
M.Fukushima On an Lp-Estimate of Resolvents of Markov Processes go
N.Ikeda, S.Nakao, Y.Yamato A Class of Approximations of Brownian Motion go
S.Uchiyama A Five-Square Theorem go
Issue 12/99 (1976)
G.Bengel Wave Front Sets and Singular Supports of Convolutions go
J.Bony Propagation of Analytic and Differentlable Singularities for Solutions of Partial Differential Equations go
J.Bros Analytic Completion and Decomposability Properties In Tubold Domains go
J.Chazarain Reflection of C Singularities for a Class of Operators With Multiple Characteristics go
L.Gårding Sharp Fronts of Paired Oscillatory Integrals go
V.Guillemin Sojourn Times and Asymptotic Properties of the Scattering Matrix go
D.Iagolnitzer Macrocausality, Unitarity and Discontinuity Formulae in S-Matrix Theory go
A.Kaneko On Continuation of Regular Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations go
J.Kantor Singularities and Newton Polygons go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai Holonomic Systems of Linear Differential Equations and Feynman Integrals go
M.Kashiwara, T.Kawai, H.Stapp Micro-Analytic Structure of the S-Matrix and Related Functions go
K.Kataoka A Micro Local Approach to General Boundary Value Problems go
T.Kawai, H.Stapp Discontinuity Formula and Sato's Conjecture go
H.Komatsu Irregularity of Characteristic Elements and Hyperbolicity go
Z.Mebkhout Local Cohomology of Analytic Spaces go
K.Minemura, T.Oshima Boundary Value Problem with Regular SIngurarlty and Helgason-Okamoto Conjecture go
T.Miwa, T.Oshima, M.Jimbo Introduction to Microlocal Analysis go
M.Muro Microlocal Calculus and Fourier Transforms go
S.Nagamachi, N.Mugibayashi Quantum Field Theory in Terms of Fourier Hyperfunctions go
N.Nakanishi Complex-dimensional Integral and Light-cone Singularities go
D.Olive Progress In Analytic S-Matrix Theory go
P.Pallu de la Barrière Existence and Continuation of Holomorphic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations go
F.Pham Caustics and Microfunctions go
T.Regge Old Problems and New Hopes in S-Matrix Theory go
K.Saito On Boundary Values of Hypergeometric Functions of Several Variables go
M.Sato, T.Miwa, M.Jimbo, T.Oshima Holonomy Structure of Landau Singularities and Feynman Integrals go
P.Schapira Propagation at the Boundary and Reflection of Analytic Singularities of Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations I. go
J.Sekiguchi Zonal Spherical Functions on Some Symmetric Spaces go
Y.Siu The Uniformization Problem for Complex Manifolds go
H.Tahara The Structure of Local Solutions of Partial Differential Equations of the Fuchsian Type go
T.Yano On the Holonomic System of fs and b-Function go
O.Zavialov S-matrix and Renormalization go
Y.Zinoviev On Lorentz Invariant Distributions go
Issue 12/3 (1976)
H.Ishitani A Central Limit Theorem for the Subadditive Process and Its Application to Products of Random Matrices go
M.Takahashi A Foundation of Finite Mathematics go
Y.Kobayashi, K.Kobayasi On Perturbation of Non-Linear Equations in Banach Spaces go
Y.Nakagami Dual Action on a von Neumann Algebra and Takesaki's Duality for a Locally Compact Group go
H.Shimomura Linear Transformation of Quasi-Invariant Measures go
Y.Kasahara Limit Theorems of Occupation Times for Markov Processes go
M.Tomisaki On the Asymptotic Behaviors of Transition Probability Densities of One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes go
Issue 12/2 (1976)
M.Tabata Higher-Order Approximate Solutions of Neumann Problems by Isoparametric Finite Element Method with Relevant Lumping Operator go
M.Matsumura Asymptotic Behavior at Infinity for Green's Functions of First Order Systems with Characteristics of Nonunlform Multiplicity go
S.Goldberg Mappings of Nonpositively Curved Manifolds go
K.Mochizuki Scattering Theory for Wave Equations with Dissipative Terms go
A.Debiard, B.Gaveau, E.Mazet Théorèmes de Comparaison en Géométrie Riemannienne go
S.Kasahara On Some Generalizations of the Banach Contraction Theorem go
O.Suzuki Supplement to Pseudoconvex Domains on a Kähler Manifold with Positive Holomorphic Bisectional Curvature go
S.Kotani On Asymptotic Behaviour of the Spectra of a One-Dimensional Hamiltonlan with a Certain Random Coefficient go
H.Yamahara On the Cauchy Problem for Weakly Hyperbolic Systems go
M.Nisio On a Non-Linear Semi-Group Attached to Stochastic Optimal Control go
M.Mori Stability and Convergence of a Finite Element Method for Solving the Stefan Problem go
Issue 12/1 (1976)
A.Ikunishi, Y.Nakagami On Invariants G(σ) and Γ(σ) for an Automorphism Group of a von Neumann Algebra go
F.Nakajima Existence and Stability of Almost Periodic Solutions in Almost Periodic Systems go
M.Shiota Some Results on Formal Power Series and Differentiable Functions go
M.Ikawa Problèmes Mixtes pour l'Equation des Ondes go
T.Muramatu On the Dual of Besov Spaces go
K.Ishitoya, A.Kono, H.Toda Hopf Algebra Structure of mod 2 Cohomology of Simple Lie Groups go
A.Matsumura On the Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Semi-linear Wave Equations go
O.Suzuki Pseudoconvex Domains on a Kahler Manifold with Positive Holomorphic Bisectional Curvature go
T.Kawai Extension of Solutions of Systems of Linear Differential Equations go
T.Nishida, K.Imai Global Solutions to the Initial Value Problem for the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation go
K.Shimakawa Remarks on the Coefficient Ring of Quaternionic Oriented Cohomology Theories go
S.Takeuchi Cohomological Dimension of Homogeneous Spaces of Complex Lie Groups go
N.Shimada, N.Yagita Multiplications in the Complex Bordism Theory with Singularities go
S.Watanabe A Correction to: Formula Manipulations Solving Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (II) go
Issue 11/3 (1975)
N.Iwasaki A Sufficient Condition for the Existence and the Uniqueness of Smooth Solutions to Boundary Value Problems for Elliptic Systems go
H.Shimomura Some New Examples of Quasi-Invariant Measures on a Hilbert Space go
O.Yamada Eigenfunction Expansions and Scattering Theory for Dirac Operators go
M.Miyake Hypoelliptic Degenerate Evolution Equations of the Second Order go
H.Ishimoto On the Classification of some (n-3)-Connected (2n-1)-Manifolds go
H.Shimomura An Aspect of Quasi-Invariant Measures on ℝ go
T.Kawai Vanishing of Cohomology Groups on Completely k-Convex Sets go
S.Wakabayashi Analytic Wave Front Sets of the Riemann Functions of Hyperbolic Mixed Problems in a Quarter-Space go
H.Araki Relative Entropy of States of von Neumann Algebras go
K.Sugahara On the Diameter of Certain Riemannian Manifolds go
H.Takai On a Fourier Expansion In Continuous Crossed Products go
T.Aikawa A Correction to: The Products in the Steenrod Rings of the Complex and Symplectic Cobordism Theories go
Issue 11/2 (1975)
H.Ishitani The Central Limit Theorem for Piecewise Linear Transformations go
S.Watanabe Formula Manipulations Solving Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (II) go
A.Inoue On a Mixed Problem for d'Alembertian with a Mixed Boundary Condition — An Example of Moving Boundary go
K.Nishihara, Y.Sagisaka, M.Tsutsumi Some Uniqueness Theorems for First Order Hyperbolic Systems go
S.Wakabayashi Singularities of the Riemann Functions of Hyperbolic Mixed Problems in a Quarter-Space go
A.Kaneko On Linear Exceptional Sets of Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients go
K.Ueno Existence and Equivalence Theorems of Automorphic Systems go
T.Yoshida On Smooth Semifree S1 Actions on Cohomology Complex Projective Spaces go
H.Oshima On Stable Homotopy Types of Some Stunted Spaces go
K.Kitagawa, T.Sadamatsu A Remark on a Necessary Condition of the Cauchy-Kowalevski Theorem go
A.Kono, M.Mimura Cohomology mod 2 of the Classifying Space of PSp(4n+2) go
T.Ikebe Spectral Representation for Schrödinger Operators with Long-Range Potentials, II — Perturbation by Short-Range Potentials go
Issue 11/1 (1975)
P.Ion, T.Kawai Theory of Vector-Valued Hyperfunctions go
R.Nagasawa Some Remarks on One-Dimensional Local Domains go
T.Hamachi, Y.Oka, M.Osikawa Flows Associated with Ergodic Non-Singular Transformation Groups go
N.Sanekata Some Remarks on the Abstract Cauchy Problem go
S.Wakabayashi Eigenfunction Expansions for Symmetric Systems of First Order in the Half-Space ℝ+n go
S.Wakabayashi The Principle of Limit Amplitude for Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems of First Order in the Half-Space ℝ+n go
J.Tomiyama Tensor Products and Approximation Problems of C*-Algebras go
O.Suzuki Neighborhoods of a Compact Non-Singular Algebraic Curve Imbedded in a 2-Dimensional Complex Manifold go
O.Suzuki Simple Proofs of Nakano's Vanishing Theorem and Kazama's Approximation Theorem for Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds go
Y.Kanie Cohomologies of Lie Algebras of Vector Fields with Coefficients in Adjoint Representations Case of Classical Type go
F.Kikuchi Convergence of the ACM Finite Element Scheme for Plate Bending Problems go
K.Abe On Semi-Free Finite Group Actions on Homotopy Spheres go
Issue 10/3 (1974)
T.Aikawa The Products in the Steenrod Rings of the Complex and Sympletic Cobordism Theories go
Y.Kitada Semi-Free Circle Actions on Spinc-Manifolds go
H.Soga Boundary Value Problems with Oblique Derivative go
M.Ikawa Sur les Problèmes Mixtes pour l'Equation des Ondes go
A.Kono, M.Mimura On the Cohomology of the Classifying Spaces of PSU(4n+2) and PO(4n+2) go
G.Elliott Derivations Determined by Multipliers on Ideals of a C*-Algebra go
H.Kawarada On Solutions of Initial-Boundary Problem for u1 = uxx + 1/1-u go
Y.Kanie Cohomologies of Lie Algebras of Vector Fields with Coefficients in Adjoint Representations Hamiltonian Case go
K.Kiso On Deformations of Solutions of Involutlve Partial Differential Equations go
Issue 10/2 (1974)
S.Tanaka Non-linear Schrödinger Equation and Modified Korteweg-de Vries Equation; Construction of Solutions in Terms of Scattering Data go
T.Kako Approximation of Exterior Dirichlet Problems; Convergence of Wave and Scattering Operators go
S.Tanaka Korteweg-de Vries Equation; Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions go
Y.Yamasaki Kolmogorov's Extension Theorem for Infinite Measures go
H.Shimomura On the Construction of Invariant Measure over the Orthogonal Group on the Hilbert Space by the Method of Cayley Transformation go
J.Uchiyama Lower Bounds of Growth Order of Solutions of Schrodinger Equations with Homogeneous Potentials go
Y.Nakagawa A New Class of Knots with Property P go
K.Nishiwada Singular Supports of Solutions of Partial Differential Equations in a Slab Domain go
A.Fujiki On the Blowing Down of Analytic Spaces go
S.Mizohata On Cauchy-Kowalevski's Theorem; A Necessary Condition go
T.Miwa Propagation of Micro-analyticity for Solutions of Pseudo-differential Equations, I go
N.Aoki, H.Totoki Ergodic Automorphisms of T Are Bernoulli Transformations go
B.Al-Hashimi, F.Brenneman On a Cartan Formula for the Algebraic Steenrod Operations Associated with a Pair of Hopf Algebras go
M.Kashiwara On the Maximally Overdetermined System of Linear Differential Equations, I go
Issue 10/1 (1974)
H.Araki One-parameter Family of Radon-Nikodym Theorems for States of a von Neumann Algebra go
H.Borchers Characterization of Inner *-Automorphisms of W*-Algebras go
Y.Ogura Spectral Representation for Continuous State Branching Processes go
M.Sato On the Periods of Certain Pseudorandom Sequences go
M.Taniguchi Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Systems of First Order II go
S.Nakano Vanishing Theorems for Weakly 1-Complete Manifolds, II go
Y.Nakagami Infinite Tensor Products of Operators go
N.Kenmochi, S.Oharu Difference Approximation of Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Semigroups of Nonlinear Operators go
A.Tani On the First Initial-Boundary Value Problem of the Generalized Burgers' Equation go
S.Isonaga Une Remarque sur le Prolongement Analytique d'une Fonction Méromorphe go
M.Miyake A Remark on Cauchy-Kowalevski's Theorem go
M.Mori Approximation of Exponential Function of a Matrix by Continued Fraction Expansion go
H.Ono A Formal System of Partial Recursive Functions go
A.Fujiki On Resolutions of Cyclic Quotient Singularities go
Issue 9/3 (1973)
H.Kawarada Stefan-Type Free Boundary Problems for Heat Equations go
R.Van Dooren Orbit Computation in Celestial Mechanics by Urabe's Method go
T.Nogi A Difference Scheme for Solving the Stefan Problem go
M.Yamaguti, A.Yoshikawa On Some Further Properties of Solutions to a Certain Semi-linear System of Partial Differential Equations go
K.Kajitani Strongly Hyperbolic Systems with Variable Coefficients go
K.Igari Well-Posedness of the Cauchy Problem for Some Evolution Equations go
C.Watanabe On Normality of a Family of Holomorphic Functions go
T.Hara On the Asymptotic Behavior of the Solutions of Some Third and Fourth Order Non-Autonomous Differential Equations go
K.Masuda On the Growth of Solutions of Nonlinear Diffusion Equation ut = Δu + F(u) go
Z.Yosimura On Cohomology Theories of Infinite CW-complexes, III go
Z.Yosimura, H.Takahasi On Cohomology Theories of Infinite CW-complexes, IV go
H.Takahasi, M.Mori Double Exponential Formulas for Numerical Integration go
Issue 9/2 (1973)
K.Kajitani Sur la Condition Nécessaire du Problème Mixte Bien Posé pour les Systèmes Hyperboliques à Coefficients Variables go
I.Kubo, H.Murata, H.Totoki On the Isomorphism Problem for Endomorphisms of Lebesgue Spaces, I go
I.Kubo, H.Murata, H.Totoki On the Isomorphism Problem for Endomorphisms of Lebesgue Spaces, II go
I.Kubo, H.Murata, H.Totoki On the Isomorphism Problem for Endomorphisms of Lebesgue Spaces, III go
M.Shiota On Germs of DIfferentiable Functions In Two Variables go
T.Muramatu On Besov Spaces and Sobolev Spaces of Generalized Functions Defined on a General Region go
Y.Saito The Principle of Limiting Absorption for the Nonselfadjoint Schrödinger Operator in N (N ≠ 2) go
N.Seto Bargmann's Inequalities In Spaces of Arbitrary Dimension go
M.Shiota On Canonical Forms of Singularities of C* Function Germs of Higher Codlmension go
T.Kakita Time Periodic Solutions of Some Non-linear Evolution Equations go
K.Igari Degenerate Parabolic Differential Equations go
T.Shiga, Y.Takahashi Ergodic Properties of the Equilibrium Process Associated with Infinitely Many Markovian Particles go
Issue 9/1 (1973)
H.Araki Structure of Some von Neumann Algebras with Isolated Discrete Modular Spectrum go
M.Choda On Types over von Neumann Subalgebras and the Dye Correspondence go
T.Hayashi On Derivation Trees of Indexed Grammars – An Extension of the uvwxy-Theorem go
H.Araki, G.Elliott On the Definition of C*-algebras go
M.Shiota Differentiable Functions Equivalent to Analytic Functions go
M.Shiota Transformations of Germs of Differentiable Functions through Changes of Local Coordinates go
M.Sato Characterization of Pseudo-Boolean Models by Boolean Models and Its Applications to Intermediate Logics go
A.Zachariou A Polynomial Subalgebra of the Cohomology of the Steenrod Algebra go
H.Araki Relative Hamiltonian for Faithful Normal States of a von Neumann Algebra go
H.Ishimoto On the Classification of (n-2)-connected 2n-manifolds with Torsion Free Homology Groups go
Issue 8/3 (1972)
S.Tanaka On the N-tuple Wave Solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation go
S.Tanaka Some Remarks on the Modified Korteweg-de Vries Equations go
H.Araki Normal Positive Linear Mappings of Norm 1 from a von Neumann Algebra into Its Commutant and Its Application go
M.Taniguchi Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Systems of First Order go
Z.Yosimura On Cohomology Theories of Infinite CW-complexes, II go
I.Miyadera, S.Oharu, N.Okazawa Generation Theorems of Semi-Groups of Linear Operators go
O.Yamada On the Principle of Limiting Absorption for the Dirac Operator go
T.Ikebe A Spectral Theory for the Reduced Wave Equation with a Complex Refractive Index go
M.Miyake A Uniqueness Theorem for Initial-value Problems go
H.Ono A Study of Intermediate Predicate Logics go
Issue 8/2 (1972)
M.Tsutsumi Existence and Nonexistence of Global Solutions for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations go
M.Miyake On the Initial-value Problems with Data on a Characteristic Surface for Linear Systems of First Order Equations go
R.Sakamoto L2-well-posedness for Hyperbolic Mixed Problems go
Z.Yosimura On Cohomology Theories of Infinite CW-complexes, I go
K.Ueno Automorphic Systems and Lie-Vessiot Systems go
H.Araki Bures Distance Function and a Generalization of Sakai's Non-commutative Radon-Nikodym Theorem go
H.Araki, Y.Nakagami A Remark on an Infinite Tensor Product of von Neumann Algebras go
T.Tayoshi The Asymptotic Behavior of the Solutions of ( + λ) u = 0 in a Domain with the Unbounded Boundary go
H.Uesaka The Green Function for ((equation)) in the Exterior Domain and Its Application to the Eigenfunction Expansion go
Issue 8/1 (1972)
T.Hosoi, H.Ono Axiomatization of Models for Intermediate Logics Constructed with Boolean Models by Piling Up go
Y.Shinohara A Geometric Method for the Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations and Its Application to Nonlinear Oscillations go
I.Naruki Localization Principle for Differential Complexes and Its Application go
S.Hitotumatu On the Limit for the Representation by the Sum of Two Abundant Numbers go
H.Ono Some Results on the Intermediate Logics go
Y.Yamasaki Invariant Measure of the Infinite Dimensional Rotation Group go
Y.Yamasaki Projective Limit of Haar Measures on O(n) go
Y.Kametaka On a Nonlinear Bessel Equation go
K.Yosida Abstract Potential Operators on Hilbert Space go
K.Masuda Anti-Locality of the One-half Power of Elliptic Differential Operators go
Issue 7/3 (1971)
H.Ishimoto Representing Handlebodies by Plumbing and Surgery go
G.Maruyama Some Aspects of Ornstein's Theory of Isomorphism Problems in Ergodic Theory go
S.Ito, H.Murata, H.Totoki Remarks on the Isomorphism Theorems for Weak Bernoulli Transformations In General Case go
Y.Saito The Principle of Limiting Absorption for Second-order Differential Equations with Operator-valued Coefficients go
M.Arai Absolute Continuity of Hamiltonian Operators with Repulsive Potentials go
A.Fujiki, S.Nakano Supplement to "On the Inverse of Monoidal Transformation" go
M.Sato Grundy Functions and Linear Games go
H.Langer, L.Partzsch, D.Schütze Über verallgemeinerte gewöhnliche Differentialoperatoren mit nichtlokalen Randbedingungen und die von ihnen erzeugten Markov-Prozesse go
Issue 7/2 (1971)
S.Oharu Semigroups of Linear Operators in a Banach Space go
T.Muramatu On Imbedding Theorems for Besov Spaces of Functions Defined in General Regions go
T.Nogi A Difference Method for Boundary Value Problems of the Third Kind go
M.Tsutsumi On Global Solutions of the Generalized Korteweg-de Vrles Equation go
M.Sakai Piecewise Cubic Interpolation and Two-Point Boundary Value Problems go
S.Isonaga Construction of Local Elementary Solutions for Linear Partial Differential Operators with Real Analytic Coefficients (I) go
S.Isonaga Construction of Local Elementary Solutions for Linear Partial Differential Operators with Real Analytic Coefficients (II) go
M.Ikawa Mixed Problem for a Hyperbolic System of the First Order go
A.Nakaoka On Boundary Value Problems for Elliptic Equations Degenerating on the Boundary go
Issue 7/1 (1971)
Y.Saito Eigenfunction Expansions Associated with Second-order Differential Equations for Hilbert Space-valued Functions go
K.Hayashida On a Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Equations with Discontinuous Boundary Conditions go
Y.Nakagami Covariance Operators of Skew Distributions go
H.Ono On the Finite Model Property for Kripke Models go
H.Komatsu, S.Isonaga Boundary Values of Hyperfunction Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations go
H.Araki, M.Shiraishi On Quasifree States of the Canonical Commutation Relations (I) go
H.Araki On Quasifree States of the Canonical Commutation Relations (II) go
T.Mori, S.Watanabe, T.Yamada On Neutron Branching Processes go
K.Kajitani Initial-Boundary Value Problems for First Order Hyperbolic Systems go
Issue 6/3 (1970)
H.Araki On Quasifree States of CAR and Bogoliubov Automorphisms go
H.Araki Asymptotic Ratio Set and Property L'λ go
H.Ono Kripke Models and Intermediate Logics go
H.Araki A Remark on Bures Distance Function Remark on Bures Distance Function go
S.Nakano On the Inverse of Monoidal Transformation go
K.Kasahara On Weak Well-posedness of Mixed Problems for Hyperbolic Systems go
T.Muramatu On Besov Spaces of Functions Defined In General Regions go
Issue 6/2 (1970)
S.Tanaka On Asymptotic Solutions of the Functional Difference Equations Associated with Some Nonlinear Difference Equations go
K.Hayashida A Remark on the Elliptic Boundary Value Problem in an Angular Domain go
Y.Nakagami Infinite Tensor Products of von Neumann Algebras, II go
M.Matsumura Uniform Estimates of Elementary Solutions of First Order Systems of Partial Differential Equations go
Y.Ogura Spectral Representation for Branching Processes with Immigration on the Real Half Line go
T.Miyoshi A posteriori Error Estimates of Galerkin-approxirnate Solutions to the Third Boundary Value Problem for Elliptic Differential Equations go
M.Kumazawa Existence Theorems of Permanent Gravity Waves on Water of Uniform Depth go
Y.Hamada On the Propagation of Singularities of the Solution of the Cauchy Problem go
Issue 6/1 (1970)
R.Sakamoto Iterated Hyperbolic Mixed Problems go
K.Hayashida Iterated Hyperbolic Mixed Problems Fourth Order Elliptic Equations go
S.Watanabe Formula Manipulations Solving Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (I) go
I.Naruki Holomorphic Extension Problem for Standard Real Submanifolds of Second Kind go
J.Uchiyama Corrections to "Finiteness of the Number of Discrete Eigenvalues of the Schrodinger Operator for a Three Particle System" go
J.Uchiyama Finiteness of the Number of Discrete Eigenvalues of the Schrodinger Operator for a Three Particle System go
J.Uchiyama On the Existence of the Discrete Eigenvalue of the Schrödinger Operator for the Negative Hydrogen Ion go
Issue 5/3 (1969)
H.Suzuki Improving Estimates for Differential Operators in Two Independent Variables go
M.Matsumura Comportement Asymptotique de Solutions de Certains Problèmes Mixtes pour des Systèmes Hyperboliques Symétriques à Coefficients Constants go
H.Araki Factorizable Representation of Current Algebra go
Y.Ogura Spectral Representation for Branching Processes on the Real Half Line go
Issue 5/2 (1969)
R.Vaillancourt A Strong Form of Yamaguti and Nogi's Stability Theorem for Friedrichs' Scheme go
M.Ikawa A Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order with a First Order Derivative Boundary Condition go
T.Kano A Necessary Condition for the Well-posedness of the Cauchy Problem for the First Order Hyperbolic System with Multiple Characteristics go
H.Sato A Family of One-parameter Subgroups of ϑ(Sr) Arising from the Variable Change of the White Noise go
N.Iwasaki Local Decay of Solutions for Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems with Dissipative and Coercive Boundary Conditions in Exterior Domains go
K.Mochizuki Spectral and Scattering Theory for Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems in an Exterior Domain go
K.Mochizuki The Principle of Limiting Amplitude for Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems in an Exterior Domain go
N.Shimada, H.Uehara, F.Brenneman, A.Iwai Triple Cohomology of Algebras and Two Term Extensions go
Issue 5/1 (1969)
Y.Shinohara A Geometric Method of Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations and Error Estimation by Urabe's Proposition go
M.Mimura On the Cauchy Problem for a Simple Degenerate Diffusion System go
Y.Hamada The Singularities of the Solutions of the Cauchy Problem go
S.Izumi Some Inequalities on Means and Covariance go
J.Uchiyama Finiteness of the Number of Discrete Eigenvalues of the Schrödinger Operator for a Three Particle System go
H.Ishimoto On the Structure of (n—1)-connected 2n-dimensional π-manifolds go
M.Urabe Numerical Investigation of Subharmonic Solutions to Buffing's Equation go
Issue 4/3 (1968)
M.Urabe The Degenerate Case of Boundary Value Problems Associated with Weakly Nonlinear Differential Systems go
H.Araki A Classification of Factors, II go
T.Hida, I.Kubo, H.Nomoto, H.Yoshizawa On Projective Invariance of Brownian Motion go
Issue 4/2 (1968)
K.Suzuki The First Boundary Value and Eigenvalue Problems for Degenerate Elliptic Equations, I go
H.Berens, P.Butzer, S.Pawelke Limitierungsverfahren von Reihen mehrdimensionaler Kugelfunktionen und deren Saturationsverhalten go
Y.Kametaka On the Stability of Modified Friedrichs Scheme for the Mixed Problem for Symmetric Hyperbolic System go
M.Kohno On the Calculation of the Approximate Values of Stokes' Multipliers go
S.Sakai Asymptotically Abelian II1-Factors go
M.Matsumura Comportement des Solutions de Quelques Problèmes Mixtes pour Certains Systèmes Hyperboliques Symétriques à Coefficients Constants go
H.Araki Multiple Time Analyticity of a Quantum Statistical State Satisfying the KMS Boundary Condition go
H.Araki, H.Miyata On KMS Boundary Condition go
H.Araki On the Diagonalization of a Bilinear Hamiltonian by a Bogoliubov Transformation go
T.Ikebe Wave Operators for —Δ in a Domain with Non-Finite Boundary go
K.Mochizuki Eigenfunction Expansions Associated with the Schrodinger Operator with a Complex Potential and the Scattering Theory go
O.Takenouchi On Type Classification of Factors Constructed as Infinite Tensor Products go
T.Ikebe, T.Tayoshi Wave and Scattering Operators for Second-Order Elliptic Operators in R3 go
T.Ushijima Note on the Spectrum of Some Schrödinger Operators go
S.Mizohata, Y.Ohya Sur la Condition de E. E. Levi Concernant des Équations Hyperboliques go
I.Naruki The HoIomorpIc Equivalence Problem for a Class of Reinhardt Domains go
Issue 4/1 (1968)
Y.Kametaka On the Stability of Finite Difference Schemes Which Approximate Regularly Hyperbolic Systems with Nearly Constant Coefficients go
H.Uehara, F.Brenneman On a Cotriple Homology in a Fibred Category go
J.Greever On Some Generalized Compactness Properties go
H.Araki, E.Woods A Classification of Factors go
M.Hukuhara Families Knesériennes et le Problème aux Limites, II go
T.Miyoshi On the Convergence of Ritz-Galerkin's Method go
Issue 3/3 (1967)
M.Arai On the essential spectrum of the many-particle Schrodinger operator with combined Zeeman and Stark effect go
T.Okano A remark on complex analytic families of complex tori go
K.Suzuki The first boundary value problem and the first eigenvalue problem for the elliptic equations degenerate on the boundary go
M.Kohno The convergence condition of a series appearing in connection problems and the determination of Stokes' multipliers go
Y.Kato Sur les systemes differentiels hypoelliptiques a coefficients variables go
N.Kikuchi On contingent equations satisfying the Caratheodory type conditions go
N.Iwasaki On the principle of limiting amplitude go
T.Muramatu On imbedding theorems for Sobolev spaces and some of their generalization go
K.Asano, Y.Shizuta On the theory of linear equations and Fredholm determinants go
Issue 3/2 (1967)
M.Yamaguti, T.Nogi An algebra of pseudo difference schemes and its applications go
S.Sakai Derivations of uniformly hyperfinite C*-algebras go
N.Kikuchi On some fundamental theorems of contingent equations in connection with the control problems go
T.Kusano On the decay for large ∣x∣ of solutions of parabolic equations with unbounded coefficients go
M.Kurihara On a Harnack inequality for nonlinear parabolic equations go
M.Hukuhara Familles kneseriennes et le probleme aux limites pour l'equation differentielle ordinaire du second ordre go
Issue 3/1 (1967)
S.Hitotumatu On a method of acceleration of convergence go
H.Tanaka Some results in the effective descriptive set theory go
T.Okano On some fields of meromorphic functions on fibers go
M.Matsuda Cartan-Kuranishl's prolongation of differential systemscombined with that of Lagrange and Jacobi go
N.Kikuchi Control problems of contingent equation go
J.Uchiyama On the spectra of Integral operators connected with Boltzmann and Schrodinger operators go
M.Hukuhara Un theoreme d'existence pour une equation aux derivees partielles parapolique non lineaire, II go
M.Hukuhara Quelques remarques sur le memoire de P. Painleve: sur les equations differentielles dont l'integrale generale est uniforme go
Issue 2/3 (1966)
M.Iwano On the study of a singular point of Briot-Bouquet type of a system of ordinary nonlinear differential equations go
S.Yosida Hukuhara's problem for equations of evolution go
T.Terada Sur une certaine condition sous laquelle une fonction de plusieurs variables complexes est holomorphe go
A.Kuwagaki Sur les equations fonctionnelles generalisees de Cauchy et quelques equations qui s'y rattachent go
I.Amemiya, H.Araki A remark on Piron's paper go
K.Hayashida On the uniqueness in Cauchy's problem for elliptic equations go
H.Araki, E.Woods Addenda: Complete Boolean algebras of type I factors go
Issue 2/2 (1966)
H.Araki, E.Woods Complete Boolean algebras of type I factors go
M.Matsuda Orthogonality of generalized eigenfunctions in Weil's expansion theorem go
Y.Saito Some remarks on the orthogonality of generalized eigenfunctions for singular second-order differential equations go
M.Kohno A two points connection problem involvinglogarithmic polynomials go
Issue 2/1 (1966)
W.Harris Jr. On a theorem of S. Tanaka go
W.Harris Jr., S.Tanaka On difference equations containing a parameter go
M.Iwano On a singular point of Briot-Bouquet type of a system of two ordinary nonlinear differential equations go
J.Uchiyama On the discrete eigenvalues of themany-particle system go
Y.Ogura Some extensions of Cartan-Behnke-Stein's theorem go
Issue 1/2 (1965)
M.Hukuhara La propriété de Kneser globale go
Y.Saito On the diagonalization of the measure matrix in the eigenfunction expansion for ordinary differential equations of the second order go
Y.Umemura, N.Kono Infinite dimensional Lapiacian and spherical harmonics go
A.Iwai, N.Shimada A remark on resolutions for Hopf algebras go
W.Harris Jr., T.Helvig Marginal and conditional distributions of singular distributions go
M.Iwano, K.Okubo On a set of convergent solutions for a system of second order linear difference equations go
L.Grimm, W.Harris Jr. On nonlinear difference equations go
S.Nakano Extension problem of complex line bundles for Kähler surfaces go
Issue 1/1 (1965)
Y.Umemura Measures on infinite dimensional vector spaces go
Y.Umemura Carriers of continuous measures in a Hilbertian norm go
A.Orihara On some integral formulae containing Bessel functions go
K.Asano On semi-linear parabolic partial differential equations go
K.Okubo A connection problem involving a logarithmic function go