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Issue 77/3 (2020)
M.Nowak Strongly Mackey topologies and Radon vector measures go
H.Abo On the discriminant locus of a rank $n-1$ vector bundle on $\mathbb P^{n-1}$ go
B.Dinis, P.Pinto Metastability of the proximal point algorithm with multi-parameters go
M.Bronzi, A.Tahzibi Homoclinic tangency and variation of entropy go
F.Ferreira Weak König’s lemma in herbrandized classical second-order arithmetic go
B.Le Floch, P.LeFloch Compensated compactness and corrector stress tensor for the Einstein equations in $\mathbb T^2$ symmetry go
R.González-López, J.Núñez Endowing evolution algebras with properties of discrete structures go
Issue 77/2 (2020)
J.Kennedy, R.Lang On the eigenvalues of quantum graph Laplacians with large complex $\delta$ couplings go
I.Stewart Overdetermined constraints and rigid synchrony patterns for network equilibria go
D.Bounekhel, M.Bounkhel, M.Bachar State dependent nonconvex sweeping processes in smooth Banach spaces go
M.Sorea Constructing separable Arnold snakes of Morse polynomials go
K.Wang A generalized one phase Stefan problem as a vanishing viscosity limit go
Issue 77/1 (2020)
Q.Sun, X.Yu, H.Li The supremum-involving Hardy-type operators on Lorentz-type spaces go
P.Huang Convergence of a full discrete finite element method for the Korteweg–de Vries equation go
S.Xiang, Y.Cao Global existence for a one-dimensional non-relativistic Euler model with relaxation go
J.Usatine Motivic volumes of fibers of tropicalization go
R.Fernandes, H.da Cruz, D.Salomão The Bruhat order on classes of isotopic Latin squares go
Issue 76/3 (2019)
L.Jolaoso, O.Mewomo On generalized Bregman nonspreading mappings and zero points of maximal monotone operator in a reflexive Banach space go
B.Hamour Some existence results for a quasilinear problem with source term in Zygmund-space go
S.Belhaj, F.Hcini, Y.Zhang A fast method for solving a block tridiagonal quasi-Toeplitz linear system go
K.Ho Stein–Weiss inequalities for radial local Morrey spaces go
A.Cerminara, A.Dimca, G.Ilardi On the Hilbert vector of the Jacobian module of a plane curve go
G.Benedetti, J.Kang On a local systolic inequality for odd-symplectic forms go
D.Paulino, D.Pellegrino, J.Santos Remarks on the Bohnenblust–Hille inequalities go
L.Boccardo, G.Croce The impact of a lower order term in a Dirichlet problem with a singular nonlinearity go
Issue 76/2 (2019)
M.Melo Universal compactified Jacobians go
G.Calussi, E.Carlini, G.Fatabbi, A.Lorenzini On the Hadamard product of degenerate subvarieties go
R.Aimino, J.Freitas Large deviations for dynamical systems with stretched exponential decay of correlations go
D.Spector A noninequality for the fractional gradient go
G.Polat, P.Olver Joint differential invariants of binary and ternary forms go
J.Araújo, M.Kinyon, Y.Robert Varieties of regular semigroups with uniquely defined inversion go
Issue 76/1 (2019)
A.Symeonides Invariant measures for the two-dimensional averaged-Euler equations go
W.Bonomo, P.Varandas $C^1$-generic sectional Axiom A flows have only trivial symmetries go
M.Abdelli, A.Haraux The universal bound property for a class of second order ODEs go
K.Gittins, B.Helffer Courant-sharp Robin eigenvalues for the square and other planar domains go
Issue 75/3 (2018)
D.Gomes, J.Urbano Editorial go
T.Gustafsson, R.Stenberg, J.Videman Nitsche’s method for unilateral contact problems go
N.Bliznyakov, S.Kondratyev An extremal property of lattice polygons go
S.Barbeiro Accuracy of a coupled mixed and Galerkin finite element approximation for poroelasticity go
D.Marcon, J.Rodrigues, R.Teymurazyan Homogenization of obstacle problems in Orlicz–Sobolev spaces go
D.Gomes, J.Costeira, J.Saúde Three-dimensional registration and shape reconstruction from depth data without matching: A PDE approach go
P.Lappicy, J.Pimentel Slowly non-dissipative equations with oscillating growth go
F.Cagnetti Rigidity for perimeter inequalities under symmetrization: State of the art and open problems go
L.Nurbekyan, J.Saúde Fourier approximation methods for first-order nonlocal mean-field games go
Issue 75/2 (2018)
J.Almeida, O.Klíma Towards a pseudoequational proof theory go
O.Kneuss, W.Neves On flows generated by vector fields with compact support go
A.Bandeira, A.Perry, A.Wein Notes on computational-to-statistical gaps: predictions using statistical physics go
Issue 75/1 (2018)
I.Bomze On minimal Hölder gaps and Shannon entropy balance go
D.Ramos Ricci flow on cone surfaces go
H.Lee, Y.Len Bitangents of non-smooth tropical quartics go
Issue 74/4 (2017)
A.Sernadas, J.Rasga, C.Sernadas On probability and logic go
O.Rouby Berezin–Toeplitz quantization and complex Weyl quantization of the torus $\mathbb T^2$ go
Issue 74/3 (2017)
J.Araújo, P.Cameron Special issue on computational algebra go
J.Jonušas, J.Mitchell, M.Pfeiffer Two variants of the Froidure–Pin Algorithm for finite semigroups go
A.Hulpke Finding intermediate subgroups go
M.Aljohani, J.Bamberg, P.Cameron Synchronization and separation in the Johnson schemes go
L.Soicher On classifying objects with specified groups of automorphisms, friendly subgroups, and Sylow tower groups go
F.Araújo, M.Kinyon Commutativity theorems for groups and semigroups go
A.d'Azevedo Breda, J.Dos Santos Dos Santos A new class of monohedral pentagonal spherical tilings with GeoGebra go
Issue 74/2 (2017)
S.Ariturk, R.Laugesen Optimal stretching for lattice points under convex curves go
H.Kröner Approximation rates for regularized level set power mean curvature flow go
P.Gothen, R.Zúñiga-Rojas Stratifications on the moduli space of Higgs bundles go
T.Fernandes, C.Sabbah Relative Riemann–Hilbert correspondence in dimension one go
V.Hernández-Santamaría, L.de Teresa, A.Poznyak Corrigendum and addendum to ‘‘Hierarchic control for a coupled parabolic system’’, Portugaliae Math. 73 (2016), 2: 115–137 go
J.De Koninck, F.Luca Corrigendum to ‘‘Positive integers divisible by the product of their nonzero digits’’, Portugaliae Math. 64 (2007), 1: 75–85 go
Issue 74/1 (2017)
M.Hintermüller, C.Rautenberg On the uniqueness and numerical approximation of solutions to certain parabolic quasi-variational inequalities go
S.Ulbrich, J.Ziems Adaptive multilevel trust-region methods for time-dependent PDE-constrained optimization go
A.Agrawal, R.Hoppe Optimization of plane wave directions in plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Helmholtz equation go
Issue 73/4 (2016)
S.Serfaty Large systems with Coulomb interactions: Variational study and statistical mechanics go
E.Davoli, I.Fonseca Periodic homogenization of integral energies under space-dependent differential constraints go
M.Khovanov Linearization and categorification go
A.Huber-Klawitter Differential forms in algebraic geometry – A new perspective in the singular case go
Issue 73/3 (2016)
M.Cambrainha, C.Matheus Typical symplectic locally constant cocycles over certain shifts of countable type have simple Lyapunov spectra go
D.Jensen The locus of Brill–Noether general graphs is not dense go
M.Bakuradze, A.Gamkrelidze, J.Gubeladze Affine hom-complexes go
J.Wise A hyperelliptic Hodge integral go
J.Fatelo, N.Martins-Ferreira Internal monoids and groups in the category of commutative cancellative medial magmas go
Issue 73/2 (2016)
D.Krejčiřík The Hardy inequality and the heat flow in curved wedges go
V.Hernández-Santamaría, L.de Teresa, A.Poznyak Hierarchic control for a coupled parabolic system go
R.Ball, J.Picado, A.Pultr On an aspect of scatteredness in the point-free setting go
W.Arriagada, J.Fialho Parametric rigidness of germs of analytic unfoldings with a Hopf bifurcation go
Issue 73/1 (2016)
M.Matusik, P.Rybka Oscillating facets go
A.Bento, C.Silva Nonuniform dichotomic behavior: Lipschitz invariant manifolds for difference equations go
J.Voloch Generators of finite fields with powers of trace zero and cyclotomic function fields go
N.Daleo, J.Hauenstein, L.Oeding Computations and equations for Segre-Grassmann hypersurfaces go
Issue 72/4 (2015)
F.Ali Mehmeti, K.Ammari, S.Nicaise Dispersive effects and high frequency behaviour for the Schrödinger equation in star-shaped networks go
M.Chrif, S.El Manouni, F.Mokhtari Strongly anisotropic elliptic problems with regular and $L^1$ data go
A.Martins, O.Neto On the group of germs of contact transformations go
S.Lopes, J.Lourenço A multiparameter family of irreducible representations of the quantum plane and of the quantum Weyl algebra go
Issue 72/2 (2015)
H.Beirão da Veiga, J.Rodrigues To the Jubilee of João Paulo de Carvalho Dias on the Occasion of his Seventieth Anniversary go
T.Li, B.Rao On the exactly synchronizable state to a coupled system of wave equations go
L.Bufford, I.Fonseca A note on two scale compactness for $p = 1$ go
G.Allaire, M.Palombaro, J.Rauch A bound on the group velocity for Bloch wave packets go
S.Antontsev, S.Shmarev On the Cauchy problem for evolution $p(x)$-Laplace equation go
J.Díaz, J.Hernández Positive and nodal solutions bifurcating from the infinity for a semilinear equation: solutions with compact support go
J.Rodrigues, L.Santos Solutions for linear conservation laws with gradient constraint go
A.Haraux On the strong oscillatory behavior of all solutions to some second order evolution equations go
H.Frid A note on the stochastic weakly* almost periodic homogenization of fully nonlinear elliptic equations go
P.LeFloch, S.Xiang Existence and uniqueness results for the pressureless Euler–Poisson system in one spatial variable go
R.Ferreira, M.Mascarenhas, A.Piatnitski Spectral analysis in thin tubes with axial heterogeneities go
T.Guerra, A.Sequeira, J.Tiago Existence of optimal boundary control for the Navier–Stokes equations with mixed boundary conditions go
H.Beirão da Veiga On some regularity results for the stationary Stokes system and the 2 – $D$ Euler equations go
Issue 72/1 (2015)
A.Alphonse, C.Elliott, B.Stinner An abstract framework for parabolic PDEs on evolving spaces go
G.Kudryavtseva, V.Mazorchuk On multisemigroups go
Issue 71/3 (2014)
L.Sanchez, S.Terracini Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Miguel Ramos go
J.Van Schaftingen Interpolation inequalities between Sobolev and Morrey–Campanato spaces: A common gateway to concentration-compactness and Gagliardo–Nirenberg interpolation inequalities go
M.Willem Analytical inequalities and isoperimetric constants go
A.Fonda Existence and uniqueness of solutions for semilinear equations involving anti-selfadjoint operators go
R.Ortega A forced pendulum equation without stable periodic solutions of a fixed period go
V.Bouchez, J.Mawhin Boundary value problems for a class of first order quasilinear ordinary differential equations go
P.Esposito, A.Pistoia Blowing-up solutions for the Yamabe equation go
L.Barreira, C.Valls Robustness of dichotomies and trichotomies for difference equations go
D.Bonheure, E.Moreira dos Santos, H.Tavares Hamiltonian elliptic systems: a guide to variational frameworks go
Issue 71/2 (2014)
I.Barbedo, D.Cardoso, D.Cvetković, P.Rama, S.Simić A recursive construction of the regular exceptional graphs with least eigenvalue –2 go
Y.Chen, C.Liu, R.Zhang Classification of three-dimensional complex $\omega$-Lie algebras go
J.Gutt Normal forms for symplectic matrices go
P.Exner, A.Minakov, L.Parnovski Asymptotic eigenvalue estimates for a Robin problem with a large parameter go
Issue 71/1 (2014)
I.Denisova Global L2-solvability of a problem governing two-phase fluid motion without surface tension go
S.Samieinia Discrete convexity built on differences go
S.Heidarkhani, S.Khademloo, A.Solimaninia Multiple solutions for a perturbed fourth-order Kirchhoff type elliptic problem go
L.Del Pezzo, C.Mosquera, E.Jordá Existence, uniqueness and decay rates for evolution equations on trees go
Issue 70/4 (2013)
R.Bianconi, G.Ferreira, E.Silva Bounded theories for polyspace computability go
P.Engel, A.Viorel, C.Rohde A low-order approximation for viscous-capillary phase transition dynamics go
Issue 70/3 (2013)
Ľ.Holá, D.Holý Relations between minimal usco and minimal cusco maps go
G.Afrouzi, A.Hadjian, V.Rădulescu Variational analysis for Dirichlet impulsive differential equations with oscillatory nonlinearity go
E.Ballico Multiple points, scheme rank and symmetric tensor rank go
B.Şahin Warped product pointwise semi-slant submanifolds of Kähler manifolds go
A.Paiva Rigidity index preservation of regular holonomic $\mathcal{D}$-modules under Fourier transform go
Issue 70/2 (2013)
M.Delgado, V.Fernandes Rees quotients of numerical semigroups go
A.Cattaneo, B.Dherin, A.Weinstein Integration of Lie algebroid comorphisms go
R.Albuquerque Variations of gwistor space go
M.del Hoyo Lie groupoids and their orbispaces go
Issue 70/1 (2013)
L.Boza, E.Fedriani, J.Núñez Outerplanarity without accumulation in the cylinder and the Möbius Band go
A.de Araujo Another approach on an elliptic equation of Kirchhoff type go
P.Amorim, M.Figueira Convergence of a finite difference method for the KdV and modified KdV equations with $L^2$ data go
F.Cheniour, N.Mahdou When every principal ideal is flat go
J.Yang Tropical Severi varieties go
Issue 69/4 (2012)
S.Anvariyeh, B.Davvaz, S.Mirvakili Construction of $n$-ary $(H,G)$-hypergroups go
L.Gallardo, O.Rahavandrainy On perfect polynomials over $\mathbb{F}_p$ with $p$ irreducible factors go
M.Rashid Class $wA(s,t)$ operators and quasisimilarity go
A.Sghir, H.Ouahhabi Regularities and limit theorems of some additive functionals of symmetric stable process in some anisotropic Besov spaces go
K.Auinger Krohn–Rhodes complexity of Brauer type semigroups go
Issue 69/3 (2012)
D.Edidin, D.Fulghesu Normalization of the 1-stratum of the moduli space of stable curves go
E.Catsigeras, H.Enrich Equilibrium states and SRB-like measures of $C^1$-expanding maps of the circle go
L.Szalay Diophantine equations with binary recurrences associated to the Brocard–Ramanujan problem go
X.Zhao, C.Liu Global attractor for a nonlinear model with periodic boundary value condition go
P.Druet The classical solvability of the contact angle problem for generalized equations of mean curvature type go
Issue 69/2 (2012)
E.Figueroa, A.Hill, D.Iusco, R.Ryham Cutting corners in Michell trusses go
B.Banaschewski, A.Pultr Completion and Samuel compactification of nearness and uniform frames go
A.Boscaggin Periodic solutions to superlinear planar Hamiltonian systems go
A.Ouédraogo, M.Maliki, J.De Dieu Zabsonré Uniqueness of entropy solution for general anisotropic convection-diffusion problems go
M.de Carvalho, F.Moreira Sharkovskii order for non-wandering points go
Issue 69/1 (2012)
P.Cabau Strong projective limit of Banach Lie algebroids go
I.Ben Arbi Rate of decay to 0 of the solutions to a nonlinear parabolic equation go
R.Reis, M.Weiss Smooth maps to the plane and Pontryagin classes. Part I: Local aspects go
G.Bergman More Abelian groups with free duals go
A.de Araujo Periodic solutions for a third-order differential equation without asymptotic behavior on the potential go
Issue 68/4 (2011)
H.Sabzrou Scarf lattice ideals go
M.Spera A note on n-gerbes and transgressions go
M.Kanso Global existence of small solutions to the Kerr–Debye model for the three-dimensional Cauchy problem go
A.Berget Two results on the rank partition of a matroid go
E.Lee Cross varieties of aperiodic monoids with central idempotents go
M.Monsalve, M.Raydan Newton’s method and secant methods: A longstanding relationship from vectors to matrices go
Issue 68/3 (2011)
A.Zaslavski Agreeable solutions of variational problems go
E.Barreiro A universal enveloping algebra of Malcev superalgebras go
P.da Silva, C.Vasconcellos On the stabilization and controllability for a third order linear equation go
M.Car Sums of seventh powers in the polynomial ring $\mathbb{F}_{2^{m}}[T]$ go
P.Vuillermot, W.Wreszinski Product approximations for solutions to a class of evolution equations in Hilbert space go
E.Ait Ben Hassi, F.Ammar Khodja, A.Hajjaj, L.Maniar Null controllability of degenerate parabolic cascade systems go
Issue 68/2 (2011)
A.Ben Amar, J.Garcia-Falset Fixed point theorems for 1-set weakly contractive and pseudocontractive operators on an unbounded domain go
R.Ortega Linear motions in a periodically forced Kepler problem go
B.Steinberg On the endomorphism monoid of a profinite semigroup go
D.Marques The Fibonacci version of the Brocard–Ramanujan Diophantine equation go
M.Nathanson Bi-Lipschitz equivalent metrics on groups, and a problem in additive number theory go
C.da Luz, G.Perla Menzala Uniform decay rates of coupled anisotropic elastodynamic/Maxwell equations with nonlinear damping go
Issue 68/1 (2011)
M.Bessa, J.Rocha Denseness of ergodicity for a class of volume-preserving flows go
S.Nicaise, S.Rebiai Stabilization of the Schrödinger equation with a delay term in boundary feedback or internal feedback go
D.Catania, P.Secchi Global existence for two regularized MHD models in three space-dimension go
A.Alfakih, P.Charron, V.Piccialli, H.Wolkowicz Euclidean distance matrices, semidefinite programming and sensor network localization go
J.Voloch Special divisors of large dimension on curves with many points over finite fields go
S.Challal, A.Lyaghfouri On the porosity of the free boundary in the $p(x)$-obstacle problem go
Issue 67/4 (2010)
V.Vieira Fávaro, M.Matos, D.Pellegrino On Lorentz nuclear homogeneous polynomials between Banach spaces go
C.Ronse The poset of closure systems on an infinite poset: detachability and semimodularity go
E.Abadoğlu, E.Ortaçgil Intrinsic characteristic classes of a local Lie group go
M.Ramalho Bounded lattice structured discriminator varieties go
N.Hiramatsu, G.Kato Urcohomologies and cohomologies of N-complexes go
J.Freitas Exponential decay of hyperbolic times for Benedicks–Carleson quadratic maps go
M.Moskowitz An extension of Minkowski’s theorem to simply connected 2-step nilpotent groups go
Issue 67/3 (2010)
M.Laforest, P.LeFloch Diminishing functionals for nonclassical entropy solutions selected by kinetic relations go
T.Björk, R.Gaspar Interest rate theory and geometry go
A.Fink, B.Giraldo Bijections between noncrossing and nonnesting partitions for classical reflection groups go
L.Prelli On the homological dimension of o-minimal and subanalytic sheaves go
Issue 67/2 (2010)
Editorial go
M.Abreu Kähler–Sasaki geometry of toric symplectic cones in action-angle coordinates go
J.Kollár Holomorphic and pseudo-holomorphic curves on rationally connected varieties go
A.Marian, D.Oprea GL Verlinde numbers and the Grassmann TQFT go
M.Gross, R.Pandharipande Quivers, curves, and the tropical vertex go
A.Weinstein Symplectic categories go
Issue 67/1 (2010)
O.Kihel, F.Luca, A.Togbé Variants of the Diophantine equation n! + 1 = y2 go
M.Car Sums of (2r + 1)-th powers in the polynomial ring F2m[T] go
P.Han Regularity and decay properties of weak solutions to Navier–Stokes equations in general domains go
S.Samieinia The number of continuous curves in digital geometry go
M.González-Burgos, L.de Teresa Controllability results for cascade systems of m coupled parabolic PDEs by one control force go
L.Gallardo, O.Rahavandrainy Errata to: “On splitting perfect polynomials over Fp2 go
Issue 66/4 (2009)
P.Bundschuh Series of reciprocal products with factors from linear recurrence sequences go
D.Martínez Torres The geometry of 2-calibrated manifolds go
G.Chatzarakis, C.Philos, I.Stavroulakis An oscillation criterion for linear difference equations with general delay argument go
A.Haraux The best constant for an almost critical Sobolev imbedding go
Issue 66/3 (2009)
L.Gallardo, O.Rahavandrainy On splitting perfect polynomials over Fp2 go
W.Chu Abel’s method on summation by parts and well-poised bilateral 5ψ5-series identities go
M.Cailotto, L.Fiorot Algebraic connections vs. algebraic D-modules: inverse and direct images go
H.Alzer Inequalities for Riemann’s zeta function go
D.Hamroun Existence of solutions to a one-dimensional model of bounded piezoelectric material go
E.dos Santos On the existence of positive solutions for a nonhomogeneous elliptic system go
T.Aliziane, L.Hadjadj, M.Moulay Nonlinear reaction diffusion systems of degenerate parabolic type go
L.Canto e Castro, S.Dias Asymptotic distribution of certain statistics relevant to the fitting of max-semistable models go
Issue 66/2 (2009)
L.Gallardo, O.Rahavandrainy There is no odd perfect polynomial over F2 with four prime factors go
R.Meštrović, Ž.Pavićević A note on common range of a class of co-analytic Toeplitz operators go
A.Zaslavski Examples of optimal solutions of infinite horizon variational problems arising in continuum mechanics go
D.Franco Holomorphic extension theorem for tempered ultrahyperfunctions go
E.Bisognin, V.Bisognin, J.Pereira Exponential stabilization of periodic solutions of a system of KdV equations go
F.Crispo A note on the global regularity of steady flows of generalized Newtonian fluids go
L.Arruda Nonlinear stability properties of periodic travelling wave solutions of the classical Korteweg–de Vries and Boussinesq equations go
Issue 66/1 (2009)
H.Liang, G.Wang Existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions for a delay differential equation with piecewise constant arguments go
D.Ma, S.Sun Existence of solutions for a third-order boundary value problem with p-Laplacian operator and nonlinear boundary conditions go
E.Azroul, H.Redwane, M.Rhoudaf Existence of a renormalized solution for a class of nonlinear parabolic equations in Orlicz spaces go
D.Dobbs A class of integral domains whose integral closures are small submodules of the quotient field go
C.Tunç Stability criteria for certain third order nonlinear delay differential equations go
G.Ferreira The counting hierarchy in binary notation go
C.Mendes Multilinear functionals of Schatten class type and approximation numbers go
G.Anello An existence theorem for a perturbed singular elliptic problem go
A.Pojidaev, P.Saraiva On simple Filippov superalgebras of type B(0, n), II go
Issue 65/4 (2008)
L.Biasco, E.Valdinoci (Quasi)periodic solutions in (in)finite dimensional Hamiltonian systems with applications to celestial mechanics and wave equation go
R.Manfrin Quadratic forms for the Liouville equation wtt + λ2a(t)w = 0 with applications to Kirchhoff equation go
A.Cernea On the solution set of some classes of nonconvex nonclosed differential inclusions go
G.Wang, S.Cheng A remark on multiple solutions for a nonlinear eigenvalue problem go
J.Ginibre, G.Velo Uniqueness at infinity in time for the Maxwell–Schrödinger system with arbitrarily large asymptotic data go
F.Belarbi, A.Bouchentouf Study of the maximal throughput of multiclass queueing systems go
Editorial Notice on “Decay of solutions of some nonlinear equations” by Mohammed Aassila [Portugaliae Mathematica, Vol. 60, No. 4 (2003), 389–409] go
Issue 65/3 (2008)
M.Sidi Ammi On periodic solutions of a nonlinear singular differential equation go
H.Vernaeve The local structure of nonstandard representatives of distributions go
S.Najib Irréductibilité et spécialisation des polynômes go
V.Narciso, A.Cousin Local solutions for a Timoshenko system in noncylindrical domains go
S.Castro Symmetry and bifurcation of periodic solutions in Neumann boundary value problems go
P.Amorim, P.LeFloch Sharp estimates for periodic solutions to the Euler–Poisson–Darboux equation go
Issue 65/2 (2008)
J.Sremr Weak theorems on differential inequalities for two-dimensional functional differential systems go
R.Carles On the Cauchy problem in Sobolev spaces for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with potential go
X.Mujica τ(p;q)-summing mappings and the domination theorem go
L.Gallardo Every strict sum of cubes in F4[t] is a strict sum of 6 cubes go
S.Ducret, M.Troyanov Steiner's invariants and minimal connections go
W.Chu, C.Jia Bivariate classical and q-series transformations go
P.Korman An exact multiplicity result for a class of symmetric problems go
S.Tumurbat, D.Mendes, A.Mekei On radicals and polynomial rings go
H.Albuquerque, A.Elduque, J.Pérez-Izquierdo Wedderburn quasialgebras go
V.Vieira Fávaro The Fourier–Borel transform between spaces of entire functions of a given type and order go
Issue 65/1 (2008)
O.Nakoulima A revision of J.-L. Lions’ notion of sentinels go
A.Berboucha A generalisation of Cartwright’s Theorem: nonautonomous differential equations case go
M.Bounkhel, T.Haddad An existence result for a new variant of the nonconvex sweeping process go
R.Yahia-Djouadi, D.Hernane-Boukari, D.Teniou A free boundary problem for a torrential flow go
D.Ma, X.Chen Existence and iteration of positive solution for a multi-point boundary value problem with a p-Laplacian operator go
A.Banerjee Uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing two sets with finite weight go
L.Aharouch, E.Azroul, A.Benkirane Existence of solutions for degenerated problems in L1 having lower order terms with natural growth go
P.Danchev Generalized Dieudonné and Hill criteria go
X.Zhang, M.Feng, W.Ge Triple positive solution to the one-dimensional p-Laplacian equation go
Issue 64/4 (2007)
H.Beirão da Veiga Remarks on the Navier–Stokes evolution equations under slip type boundary conditions with linear friction go
L.Tartar Qu'est-ce que l'homogénéisation? go
J.Almeida, J.Costa, M.Zeitoun Complete reducibility of systems of equations with respect to R go
M.Cámara, A.dos Santos, P.dos Santos Lax equations, factorization and Riemann–Hilbert problems go
P.LeFloch, C.Mardare Definition and stability of Lorentzian manifolds with distributional curvature go
Issue 64/3 (2007)
P.Habets, M.Ramalho A monotone method for fourth order boundary value problems involving a factorizable linear operator go
G.Moroșanu, D.Souroujon, S.Tersian Homoclinic solutions of a fourth-order travelling wave ODE go
M.Las Vergnas The Tutte polynomial of a morphism of matroids 4. Computational complexity go
A.Avila, M.Viana Simplicity of Lyapunov spectra: a sufficient criterion go
Issue 64/2 (2007)
M.Car Euler constants for the ring of S-integers of a function field go
M.Grillot, P.Grillot The influence of domain geometry in the boundary behavior of large solutions of degenerate elliptic problems go
Y.Hashem Zahran A class of high order TVD schemes for systems of conservation laws go
G.Botelho, D.Pellegrino Coincidence situations for absolutely summing non-linear mappings go
B.Aqzzouz, R.Nouira Compléments sur les opérateurs précompacts et faiblements compacts positifs
Complement on positive precompact and weakly compact operators
J.Hong, P.LeFloch A version of the Glimm method based on generalized Riemann problems go
., S.Furtado Congruence and A-1A* go
Issue 64/1 (2007)
G.Wang, S.Cheng Notes on periodic solutions of discrete steady state systems go
A.Gaur Spectra in Banach and locally convex algebras go
L.Gallardo, O.Rahavandrainy Perfect polynomials over F4 with less than five prime factors go
M.Daoulatli Local energy decay for the nonlinear dissipative wave equation in an exterior domain go
V.Khan, M.Khan, S.Uddin Totally umbilical semi-invariant submanifolds of a nearly trans-Sasakian manifold go
J.De Koninck, F.Luca Positive integers divisible by the product of their nonzero digits go
Y.Qin, Y.Wu, F.Liu On the Cauchy problem for a one-dimensional compressible viscous polytropic ideal gas go