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Issue 3/3 (2020)
G.Reeves, J.Xu, I.Zadik The all-or-nothing phenomenon in sparse linear regression go
G.Bet, K.Bogerd, R.Castro, R.van der Hofstad Detecting a botnet in a network go
O.Lepski, G.Rebelles Structural adaptation in the density model go
Issue 3/2 (2020)
R.Gribonval, G.Blanchard, N.Keriven, Y.Traonmilin Compressive statistical learning with random feature moments go
R.Gribonval, G.Blanchard, N.Keriven, Y.Traonmilin Statistical learning guarantees for compressive clustering and compressive mixture modeling go
Issue 3/1 (2020)
A.Boumezoued, M.Hoffmann, P.Jeunesse Nonparametric adaptive inference of birth and death models in a large population limit go
T.Cesari, R.Colomboni A nearest neighbor characterization of Lebesgue points in metric measure spaces go
Issue 2/3 (2019)
Y.De Castro, C.Lacour, T.Pham Ngoc Adaptive estimation of nonparametric geometric graphs go
N.Holden, R.Pemantle, Y.Peres, A.Zhai Subpolynomial trace reconstruction for random strings and arbitrary deletion probability go
T.Lattimore Improved regret for zeroth-order adversarial bandit convex optimisation go
Issue 2/2 (2019)
J.Liu, R.van Handel, S.Verdú Second-order converses via reverse hypercontractivity go
K.Abraham, R.Nickl On statistical Calderón problems go
Issue 2/1 (2019)
Y.Polyanskiy, Y.Wu Application of the information-percolation method to reconstruction problems on graphs go
A.Bandeira, J.Niles-Weed, P.Rigollet Optimal rates of estimation for multi-reference alignment go
L.Addario-Berry, P.Maillard The algorithmic hardness threshold for continuous random energy models go
Issue 1/3 (2018)
E.Abbe, L.Massoulié, A.Montanari, A.Sly, N.Srivastava Group synchronization on grids go
J.Bruna, S.Mallat Multiscale sparse microcanonical models go
C.Giraud, N.Verzelen Partial recovery bounds for clustering with the relaxed $K$-means go
A.Ben-Hamou, R.Oliveira, Y.Peres Estimating graph parameters with random walks go
Issue 1/2 (2018)
K.Ray, J.Schmidt-Hieber The Le Cam distance between density estimation, Poisson processes and Gaussian white noise go
A.Juditsky, A.Nemirovski Near-optimality of linear recovery from indirect observations go
Issue 1/1 (2018)
A.Dalalyan, M.Sebbar Optimal Kullback–Leibler aggregation in mixture density estimation by maximum likelihood go
Y.Wu, P.Yang Sample complexity of the distinct elements problem go
S.Bubeck, R.Eldan Exploratory distributions for convex functions go