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Issue 9/1 (2019)
S.Steinerberger Refined Heinz–Kato–Loewner inequalities go
M.Mandich Sub-exponential decay of eigenfunctions for some discrete Schrödinger operators go
A.Deleporte Low-energy spectrum of Toeplitz operators: the case of wells go
M.Kwaśnicki, R.Laugesen, B.Siudeja Pólya's conjecture fails for the fractional Laplacian go
A.Carey, J.Phillips, H.Schulz-Baldes Spectral flow for skew-adjoint Fredholm operators go
B.Bellis Subelliptic resolvent estimates for non-self-adjoint semiclassical Schrödinger operators go
A.Bendikov, W.Cygan, W.Woess Oscillating heat kernels on ultrametric spaces go
A.Sobolev Extreme eigenvalues of an integral operator go
N.Anantharaman, M.Sabri Poisson kernel expansions for Schrödinger operators on trees go
A.Sá Barreto, Y.Wang The scattering operator on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds go
J.Bony, S.Fujiié, T.Ramond, M.Zerzeri Barrier-top resonances for non globally analytic potentials go
L.Provenzano, J.Stubbe Weyl-type bounds for Steklov eigenvalues go
Issue 8/4 (2018)
M.Ingremeau Equidistribution of phase shifts in trapped scattering go
D.Prandi, L.Rizzi, M.Seri Quantum confinement on non-complete Riemannian manifolds go
X.Han Distribution of the nodal sets of eigenfunctions on analytic manifolds go
L.Hartmann, M.Lesch, B.Vertman On the domain of Dirac and Laplace type operators on stratified spaces go
F.Cacciafesta, P.D'Ancona, R.Lucà A limiting absorption principle for the Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients go
M.Adler, K.Engel Spectral theory for structured perturbations of linear operators go
A.Mantile, A.Posilicano, M.Sini Limiting absorption principle, generalized eigenfunctions, and scattering matrix for Laplace operators with boundary conditions on hypersurfaces go
D.Damanik, A.Gorodetski Spectral transitions for the square Fibonacci Hamiltonian go
N.Yesha Uniform distribution of eigenstates on a torus with two point scatterers go
E.Harrell II, J.Stubbe Two-term, asymptotically sharp estimates for eigenvalue means of the Laplacian go
J.Breuer, B.Simon, O.Zeitouni Large deviations and sum rules for spectral theory: a pedagogical approach go
B.Brandolini, F.Chiacchio, E.Dryden, J.Langford Sharp Poincaré inequalities in a class of non-convex sets go
A.Bourget, T.McMillen Asymptotics of determinants of discrete Schrödinger operators go
R.Han, F.Yang Generic continuous spectrum for multi-dimensional quasiperiodic Schrödinger operators with rough potentials go
Issue 8/3 (2018)
J.Royer Local energy decay and diffusive phenomenon in a dissipative wave guide go
D.Buoso, L.Chasman, L.Provenzano On the stability of some isoperimetric inequalities for the fundamental tones of free plates go
D.Cvetković-Ilić, V.Pavlović On surjectivity and denseness of range of the operator $A+CX$ go
F.Tudisco, M.Hein A nodal domain theorem and a higher-order Cheeger inequality for the graph $p$-Laplacian go
S.Chatterjee, J.Galkowski Arbitrarily small perturbations of Dirichlet Laplacians are quantum unique ergodic go
B.Siudeja Nearly radial Neumann eigenfunctions on symmetric domains go
R.Ma, C.Gao, Y.Lu Spectrum theory of second-order difference equations with indefinite weight go
S.Morozov, D.Müller Lieb–Thirring and Cwickel–Lieb–Rozenblum inequalities for perturbed graphene with a Coulomb impurity go
R.Ducatez Anderson localisation for infinitely many interacting particles in Hartree–Fock theory go
S.Bögli Local convergence of spectra and pseudospectra go
G.Berkolaiko, A.Comech Symmetry and Dirac points in graphene spectrum go
A.Klein, C.Tsang Eigensystem bootstrap multiscale analysis for the Anderson model go
Issue 8/2 (2018)
S.Ariturk An annulus and a half-helicoid maximize Laplace eigenvalues go
R.Costin, H.Park, W.Schlag The Weber equation as a normal form with applications to top of the barrier scattering go
H.Kovařík, B.Ruszkowski, T.Weidl Melas-type bounds for the Heisenberg Laplacian on bounded domains go
E.Ouhabaz A "milder" version of Calderón's inverse problem for anisotropic conductivities and partial data go
J.Zhao, G.Shi, J.Yan The discrete spectrum of Schrödinger operators with $\delta$-type conditions on regular metric trees go
J.Behrndt, J.Rohleder, S.Stadler Eigenvalue inequalities for Schrödinger operators on unbounded Lipschitz domains go
L.Fanelli, V.Felli, M.Fontelos, A.Primo Frequency-dependent time decay of Schrödinger flows go
R.Chang Quantum ergodicity of Wigner induced random spherical harmonics go
A.Berdnikov Bounds on multiplicities of Laplace operator eigenvalues on surfaces go
D.Mosić, D.Djordjević The gDMP inverse of Hilbert space operators go
L.Fanelli, D.Krejčiřík, L.Vega Spectral stability of Schrödinger operators with subordinated complex potentials go
G.Ford, A.Hassell, L.Hillairet Wave propagation on Euclidean surfaces with conical singularities. I: Geometric diffraction go
E.Milman Spectral estimates, contractions and hypercontractivity go
P.Charron A Pleijel-type theorem for the quantum harmonic oscillator go
M.Choulli, Y.Kian, É.Soccorsi Stability result for elliptic inverse periodic coefficient problem by partial Dirichlet-to-Neumann map go
Issue 8/1 (2018)
A.Baranov, D.Yakubovich Completeness of rank one perturbations of normal operators with lacunary spectrum go
A.Aleman, J.Viola On weak and strong solution operators for evolution equations coming from quadratic operators go
C.Marx, L.Shou, J.Wellens Subcritical behavior for quasi-periodic Schrödinger cocycles with trigonometric potentials go
K.Kaleta, M.Kwaśnicki, J.Lőrinczi Contractivity and ground state domination properties for non-local Schrödinger operators go
A.Durán, la Iglesia Differential equations for discrete Jacobi–Sobolev orthogonal polynomials go
Y.Kian A multidimensional Borg–Levinson theorem for magnetic Schrödinger operators with partial spectral data go
A.Jollivet, V.Sharafutdinov An inequality for the Steklov spectral zeta function of a planar domain go
C.Garoni Spectral distribution of PDE discretization matrices from isogeometric analysis: the case of $L^1$ coefficients and non-regular geometry go
Issue 7/4 (2017)
G.Di Gesù, D.Le Peutrec Small noise spectral gap asymptotics for a large system of nonlinear diffusions go
A.El Soufi, E.Harrell II, S.Ilias, J.Stubbe On sums of eigenvalues of elliptic operators on manifolds go
D.Cvetković-Ilić Fredholm consistency of upper-triangular operator matrices go
M.Agranovsky Ruled nodal surfaces of Laplace eigenfunctions and injectivity sets for the spherical mean Radon transform in $\mathbb R^3$ go
D.Damanik, J.Fillman, M.Lukic Limit-periodic continuum Schrödinger operators with zero measure Cantor spectrum go
S.Ivanov, A.Petkov, D.Vassilev The Obata sphere theorems on a quaternionic contact manifold of dimension bigger than seven go
M.Kha, P.Kuchment, A.Raich Green's function asymptotics near the internal edges of spectra of periodic elliptic operators. Spectral gap interior go
E.Toprak A weighted estimate for two dimensional Schrödinger, matrix Schrödinger, and wave equations with resonance of the first kind at zero energy go
Issue 7/3 (2017)
R.Frank, B.Simon Eigenvalue bounds for Schrödinger operators with complex potentials. II go
R.Henry, D.Krejčiřík Pseudospectra of the Schrödinger operator with a discontinuous complex potential go
E.Korotyaev Resonances for 1d Stark operators go
S.Molchanov, L.Zheng Cluster expansion of the resolvent for the Schrödinger operator on non-percolating graphs with applications to Simon–Spencer type theorems and localization go
V.Bonnaillie-Noël, F.Hérau, N.Raymond Semiclassical tunneling and magnetic flux effects on the circle go
P.Patie, M.Savov Cauchy problem of the non-self-adjoint Gauss–Laguerre semigroups and uniform bounds for generalized Laguerre polynomials go
M.Goffeng, E.Schrohe Spectral flow of exterior Landau–Robin hamiltonians go
A.Hassell, V.Ivrii Spectral asymptotics for the semiclassical Dirichlet to Neumann operator go
R.Carlson Quantum Cayley graphs for free groups go
Issue 7/2 (2017)
A.Girouard, I.Polterovich Spectral geometry of the Steklov problem (Survey article) go
K.Tao, M.Voda Hölder continuity of the integrated density of states for quasi-periodic Jacobi operators go
J.Fillman, M.Lukic Spectral homogeneity of limit-periodic Schrödinger operators go
A.Joye Density of states for random contractions go
M.Egidi, O.Post Asymptotic behaviour of the Hodge Laplacian spectrum on graph-like manifolds go
H.Hezari, G.Rivière Quantitative equidistribution properties of toral eigenfunctions go
P.Briet, A.Martinez Estimates on the molecular dynamics for the predissociation process go
P.Hintz Resonance expansions for tensor-valued waves on asymptotically Kerr–de Sitter spaces go
A.Boutet de Monvel, L.Zielinski Asymptotic behavior of large eigenvalues of Jaynes–Cummings type models go
Issue 7/1 (2017)
V.Petkov, G.Vodev Asymptotics of the number of the interior transmission eigenvalues go
M.Goldberg, W.Green Dispersive estimates for higher dimensional Schrödinger operators with threshold eigenvalues. II: The even dimensional case go
A.Elgart, S.Sodin The trimmed Anderson model at strong disorder: localisation and its breakup go
G.Poliquin Superlevel sets and nodal extrema of Laplace–Beltrami eigenfunctions go
M.Langer, M.Strauss Spectral properties of unbounded $J$-self-adjoint block operator matrices go
M.Gil' Rotations of eigenvectors under unbounded perturbations go
J.Fillman Spectral homogeneity of discrete one-dimensional limit-periodic operators go
A.Boumenir A solvability condition for a tokamak problem go
F.Bei, B.Güneysu, J.Müller Scattering theory of the Hodge–Laplacian under a conformal perturbation go
V.Chulaevsky, Y.Suhov Efficient Anderson localization bounds for large multi-particle systems go
Issue 6/4 (2016)
D.Vassiliev Preface to the Special Issue in Memory of Yuri Safarov go
Z.Avetisyan, Y.Fang, D.Vassiliev Spectral asymptotics for first order systems go
P.Bérard, B.Helffer The weak Pleijel theorem with geometric control go
M.van den Berg, K.Gittins On the number of Courant-sharp Dirichlet eigenvalues go
A.Carey, F.Gesztesy, G.Levitina, R.Nichols, D.Potapov, F.Sukochev Double operator integral methods applied to continuity of spectral shift functions go
J.Delgado, M.Ruzhansky, B.Wang Grothendieck–Lidskii trace formula for mixed-norm and variable Lebesgue spaces go
A.Gover, A.Hassannezhad, D.Jakobson, M.Levitin Zero and negative eigenvalues of the conformal Laplacian go
A.Hassannezhad, G.Kokarev, I.Polterovich Eigenvalue inequalities on Riemannian manifolds with a lower Ricci curvature bound go
L.Kapitanski, A.Laptev On continuous and discrete Hardy inequalities go
J.Lagacé, L.Parnovski A generalised Gauss circle problem and integrated density of states go
E.Lakshtanov, B.Vainberg On reconstruction of complex-valued once differentiable conductivities go
L.Li, A.Strohmaier Heat kernel estimates for general boundary problems go
A.Pushnitski, D.Yafaev Spectral asymptotics for compact self-adjoint Hankel operators go
D.Robert Irregular time-dependent perturbations of quantum Hamiltonians go
J.Sjöstrand, M.Vogel Large bidiagonal matrices and random perturbations go
A.Sobolev On a coefficient in trace formulas for Wiener–Hopf operators go
S.Zelditch Logarithmic lower bound on the number of nodal domains go
M.Zworski Resonances for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds: Vasy’s method revisited go
Issue 6/3 (2016)
P.Perry Global well-posedness and long-time asymptotics for the defocussing Davey–Stewartson II equation in $H^{1,1}(\mathbb C)$ go
P.Freitas, J.Kennedy Summation formula inequalities for eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators go
J.Barbaroux, J.Faupin, J.Guillot Spectral theory near thresholds for weak interactions with massive particles go
R.Froese, D.Lee, C.Sadel, W.Spitzer, G.Stolz Localization for transversally periodic random potentials on binary trees go
D.Damanik, M.Lemm, M.Lukic, W.Yessen On anomalous Lieb–Robinson bounds for the Fibonacci XY chain go
K.Mroz, A.Strohmaier Riesz means of the counting function of the Laplace operator on compact manifolds of non-positive curvature go
M.Gebert, H.Küttler, P.Müller, P.Otte The exponent in the orthogonality catastrophe for Fermi gases go
Issue 6/2 (2016)
R.Hagger On the spectrum and numerical range of tridiagonal random operators go
D.Borthwick, T.Weich Symmetry reduction of holomorphic iterated function schemes and factorization of Selberg zeta functions go
G.Raikov Spectral asymptotics for waveguides with perturbed periodic twisting go
D.Elton Approximate zero modes for the Pauli operator on a region go
D.Damanik, M.Goldstein, M.Lukic The spectrum of a Schrödinger operator with small quasi-periodic potential is homogeneous go
Issue 6/1 (2016)
A.Carey, A.Rennie, F.Sukochev, D.Zanin Universal measurability and the Hochschild class of the Chern character go
Y.Ershova, I.Karpenko, A.Kiselev Isospectrality for graph Laplacians under the change of coupling at graph vertices go
J.Behrndt, J.Rohleder Titchmarsh–Weyl theory for Schrödinger operators on unbounded domains go
R.Ismagilov On the spectra of the Sturm–Liouville operator with the fast oscillating potential go
V.Kozlov, J.Thim Hadamard type asymptotics for eigenvalues of the Neumann problem for elliptic operators go
Y.Bonthonneau A note on the resonance counting function for surfaces with cusps go
K.Krupchyk, G.Uhlmann Inverse boundary problems for polyharmonic operators with unbounded potentials go
B.Pelloni, D.Smith Evolution PDEs and augmented eigenfunctions. Half-line go
Issue 5/4 (2015)
I.Egorova, E.Kopylova, G.Teschl Dispersion estimates for one-dimensional discrete Schrödinger and wave equations go
J.Behrndt, G.Grubb, M.Langer, V.Lotoreichik Spectral asymptotics for resolvent differences of elliptic operators with $\delta$ and $\delta^{\prime}$-interactions on hypersurfaces go
M.Hansmann On non-round points of the boundary of the numerical range and an application to non-selfadjoint Schrödinger operators go
J.Oldfield Two-term Szegő theorem for generalised anti-Wick operators go
L.Geisinger Convergence of the density of states and delocalization of eigenvectors on random regular graphs go
M.van den Berg, R.Hempel, J.Voigt $L_1$-estimates for eigenfunctions of the Dirichlet Laplacian go
Issue 5/3 (2015)
V.Iftimie, R.Purice The Peierls–Onsager effective Hamiltonian in a complete gauge covariant setting: determining the spectrum go
A.Gordon Absence of $l^1$ eigenfunctions for lattice operators with fast local periodic approximation go
A.Sakhnovich Inverse problem for Dirac systems with locally square-summable potentials and rectangular Weyl functions go
T.Christiansen Lower bounds for resonance counting functions for Schrödinger operators with fixed sign potentials in even dimensions go
K.Datchev, S.Dyatlov, M.Zworski Resonances and lower resolvent bounds go
N.Popoff The model magnetic Laplacian on wedges go
Issue 5/2 (2015)
S.Fournais, M.Persson Sundqvist A uniqueness theorem for higher order anharmonic oscillators go
A.Elgart, D.Schmidt Eigenvalue counting inequalities, with applications to Schrödinger operators go
A.Gordon Imperfectly grown periodic medium: absence of localized states go
M.Choulli, É.Soccorsi An inverse anisotropic conductivity problem induced by twisting a homogeneous cylindrical domain go
A.Komech, E.Kopylova On the eigenfunction expansion for Hamilton operators go
W.Rundell, P.Sacks Inverse eigenvalue problem for a simple star graph go
N.Filonov, A.Sobolev On the spectrum of an "even" periodic Schrödinger operator with a rational magnetic flux go
A.Klein, S.Nguyen Bootstrap multiscale analysis and localization for multi-particle continuous Anderson Hamiltonians go
Issue 5/1 (2015)
J.Bourgain, E.Bourgain-Chang A note on Lyapunov exponents of deterministic strongly mixing potentials go
A.Lunyov, M.Malamud On the completeness and Riesz basis property of root subspaces of boundary value problems for first order systems and applications go
R.Bhatia, T.Jain Inertia of the matrix $[(p_i+p_j)^r]$ go
W.Liu, X.Yuan Anderson localization for the almost Mathieu operator in the exponential regime go
V.Georgescu, C.Gérard, D.Häfner Resolvent and propagation estimates for Klein–Gordon equations with non-positive energy go
I.Binder, M.Goldstein, M.Voda On fluctuations and localization length for the Anderson model on a strip go
R.Petrides On a rigidity result for the first conformal eigenvalue of the Laplacian go
Issue 4/4 (2014)
A.Vasy Resolvents, Poisson operators and scattering matrices on asymptotically hyperbolic and de Sitter spaces go
D.Burago, S.Ivanov, Y.Kurylev A graph discretization of the Laplace–Beltrami operator go
J.Eckhardt, F.Gesztesy, R.Nichols, G.Teschl Supersymmetry and Schrödinger-type operators with distributional matrix-valued potentials go
J.You, S.Zhang, Q.Zhou Point spectrum for quasi-periodic long range operators go
O.Szehr Eigenvalue estimates for the resolvent of a non-normal matrix go
M.Lukic Square-summable variation and absolutely continuous spectrum go
R.Lai Uniqueness and stability of Lamé parameters in elastography go
Issue 4/3 (2014)
S.Klein Localization for quasiperiodic Schrödinger operators with multivariable Gevrey potential functions go
T.Ourmières-Bonafos Dirichlet eigenvalues of cones in the small aperture limit go
D.Borthwick, C.Crompton Resonance asymptotics for Schrödinger operators on hyperbolic space go
M.Ganesh, T.Thompson Spectral properties of Schrödinger operators on superconducting surfaces go
S.Nakamura A Remark on the Mourre theory for two body Schrödinger operators go
R.Bedoya, Oliveira, A.Verri Complex $\Gamma$-convergence and magnetic Dirichlet Laplacian in bounded thin tubes go
Issue 4/2 (2014)
P.Kurasov, S.Naboko Rayleigh estimates for differential operators on graphs go
B.Helffer, T.Hoffmann-Ostenhof Minimal partitions for anisotropic tori go
M.Kolb, D.Krejčiřík The Brownian traveller on manifolds go
Y.Canzani, D.Jakobson, J.Toth On the distribution of perturbations of propagated Schrödinger eigenfunctions go
R.Laugesen, B.Siudeja Sharp spectral bounds on starlike domains go
R.Henry Spectral instability for even non-selfadjoint anharmonic oscillators go
A.Nazarov, D.Stolyarov, P.Zatitskiy The Tamarkin equiconvergence theorem and a first-order trace formula for regular differential operators revisited go
A.Elgart, A.Klein Ground state energy of trimmed discrete Schrödinger operators and localization for trimmed Anderson models go
D.Potapov, F.Sukochev, D.Zanin Krein's trace theorem revisited go
Issue 4/1 (2014)
R.Frank Cwikel's theorem and the CLR inequality go
I.Moale, P.Yuditskii Spectral sets of periodic matrices related to the strong moment problem go
J.Qi, S.Chen A priori bounds and existence of non-real eigenvalues of indefinite Sturm–Liouville problems go
J.Galkowski Quantum ergodicity for a class of mixed systems go
M.Karpukhin Spectral properties of bipolar surfaces to Otsuki tori go
M.Strauss The Galerkin method for perturbed self-adjoint operators and applications go
A.Levitt Best constants in Lieb-Thirring inequalities: a numerical investigation go
E.Hunsicker, N.Roidos, A.Strohmaier Scattering theory of the $p$-form Laplacian on manifolds with generalized cusps go
Issue 3/4 (2013)
P.Exner, D.Barseghyan Spectral estimates for Dirichlet Laplacians and Schrödinger operators on geometrically nontrivial cusps go
A.Komech, E.Kopylova, S.Kopylov On nonlinear wave equations with parabolic potentials go
A.Laptev, M.Solomyak On spectral estimates for two-dimensional Schrödinger operators go
D.Bulger, A.Pushnitski The spectral density of the scattering matrix of the magnetic Schrödinger operator for high energies go
E.Shargorodsky On the limit behaviour of second order relative spectra of self-adjoint operators go
A.Kachmar, A.Khochman Spectral asymptotics for magnetic Schrödinger operators in domains with corners go
B.Colbois, A.Girouard, M.Iversen Uniform stability of the Dirichlet spectrum for rough outer perturbations go
A.Pushnitski, D.Yafaev A multichannel scheme in smooth scattering theory go
Issue 3/3 (2013)
Y.Neretin Difference Sturm–Liouville problems in the imaginary direction go
C.Fernández, S.Richard, R.Tiedra de Aldecoa Commutator methods for unitary operators go
J.Taylor Convergence of Dirichlet eigenvalues for elliptic systems on perturbed domains go
O.Chervova, R.Downes, D.Vassiliev The spectral function of a first order elliptic system go
H.Behncke, D.Hinton Spectral theory of higher order differential operators by examples go
J.Bony, V.Petkov Semiclassical estimates of the cut-off resolvent for trapping perturbations go
N.Dombrowski, N.Raymond Semiclassical analysis with vanishing magnetic fields go
Issue 3/2 (2013)
A.Gordon A spectral alternative for continuous families of self-adjoint operators go
M.Lukic Schrödinger operators with slowly decaying Wigner–von Neumann type potentials go
E.Basor, T.Ehrhardt Fredholm and invertibility theory for a special class of Toeplitz + Hankel operators go
M.Solomyak On a class of spectral problems on the half-line and their applications to multi-dimensional problems go
Issue 3/1 (2013)
I.Binder, M.Voda An estimate on the number of eigenvalues of a quasiperiodic Jacobi matrix of size $n$ contained in an interval of size $n^{–C}$ go
L.Marin, H.Schulz-Baldes Scattering zippers and their spectral theory go
L.Grubišić, V.Kostrykin, K.Makarov, K.Veselić The Tan 2$\Theta$ Theorem for indefinite quadratic forms go
W.Yessen Spectral analysis of tridiagonal Fibonacci Hamiltonians go
Issue 2/4 (2012)
L.Boulton, N.Boussaïd, M.Lewin Generalized Weyl theorems and spectral pollution in the Galerkin method go
N.Filonov, I.Kachkovskiy Polynomials of almost normal arguments in $C^*$-algebras go
B.Simanek A new approach to ratio asymptotics for orthogonal polynomials go
S.Haeseler, M.Keller, D.Lenz, R.Wojciechowski Laplacians on infinite graphs: Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions go
Issue 2/3 (2012)
F.Gesztesy, R.Nichols An abstract approach to weak convergence of spectral shift functions and applications to multi-dimensional Schrödinger operators go
J.Bogoya, A.Böttcher, A.Poznyak Eigenvalues of Hermitian Toeplitz matrices with polynomially increasing entries go
M.Marletta, R.Scheichl Eigenvalues in spectral gaps of differential operators go
R.Seiringer Absence of bound states implies non-negativity of the scattering length go
Issue 2/2 (2012)
M.Könenberg, E.Stockmeyer Localization of two-dimensional massless Dirac fermions in a magnetic quantum dot go
S.Chandler-Wilde, E.Davies Spectrum of a Feinberg–Zee random hopping matrix go
S.Dyatlov Microlocal limits of Eisenstein functions away from the unitarity axis go
A.Martinez, L.Nédélec Optimal lower bound of the resonance widths for a Helmholtz tube-shaped resonator go
Issue 2/1 (2012)
L.Miller Resolvent conditions for the control of unitary groups and their approximations go
A.Ilyin Lieb–Thirring inequalities on some manifolds go
J.Inglis Spectral inequalities for operators on H-type groups go
J.Marklof, Z.Rudnick Almost all eigenfunctions of a rational polygon are uniformly distributed go
Issue 1/4 (2011)
H.Kovařík Eigenvalue bounds for two-dimensional magnetic Schrödinger operators go
R.Joly How opening a hole affects the sound of a flute go
A.Klein, C.Sadel Ballistic behavior for random Schrödinger operators on the Bethe strip go
B.Mityagin, A.Sobolev A family of anisotropic integral operators and behavior of its maximal eigenvalue go
Issue 1/3 (2011)
V.Bruneau, P.Miranda, G.Raikov Discrete spectrum of quantum Hall effect Hamiltonians I. Monotone edge potentials go
S.Fournais, B.Helffer, M.Persson Superconductivity between $H_{C_2}$ and $H_{C_3}$ go
G.Rozenblum On lower eigenvalue bounds for Toeplitz operators with radial symbols in Bergman spaces go
J.Behrndt, R.Möws, C.Trunk Eigenvalue estimates for singular left-definite Sturm–Liouville operators go
M.Shamis Some connections between almost periodic and periodic discrete Schrödinger operators with analytic potentials go
Issue 1/2 (2011)
L.Golinskii, A.Kheifets, P.Yuditskii On the scattering problem in Ryckman's class of Jacobi matrices go
R.Nichols, G.Stolz Spectral properties of the discrete random displacement model go
G.Grubb Spectral asymptotics for Robin problems with a discontinuous coefficient go
S.Molchanov, B.Vainberg Non-random perturbations of the Anderson Hamiltonian go
R.Hempel, M.Kohlmann Spectral properties of grain boundaries at small angles of rotation go
A.Pushnitski Scattering matrix and functions of self-adjoint operators go
Issue 1/1 (2011)
A.Aleksandrov, V.Peller Trace formulae for perturbations of class $\boldsymbol{{\boldsymbol S}_m}$ go
A.Greenleaf, Y.Kurylev, M.Lassas, G.Uhlmann Approximate Quantum and Acoustic Cloaking go
B.Simon On the Removal of Finite Discrete Spectrum by Coefficient Stripping go
L.Geisinger, A.Laptev, T.Weidl Geometrical Versions of improved Berezin–Li–Yau Inequalities go