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Issue 12/4 (2018)
M.Dadarlat, I.Hirshberg, N.Phillips Simple nuclear C*-algebras not equivariantly isomorphic to their opposites go Thanhoffer de Völcsey, M.Van den Bergh Calabi–Yau deformations and negative cyclic homology go
U.Bunke A regulator for smooth manifolds and an index theorem go
P.Hajac, T.Maszczyk Pullbacks and nontriviality of associated noncommutative vector bundles go
M.Doubek, M.Markl Open-closed modular operads, the Cardy condition and string field theory go
X.Chen, C.Ringel Hereditary triangulated categories go
K.van den Dungen Locally bounded perturbations and (odd) unbounded KK-theory go
G.Landi, C.Pagani A class of differential quadratic algebras and their symmetries go
S.Ghasemi, P.Koszmider An extension of compact operators by compact operators with no nontrivial multipliers go
F.Schneider About von Neumann's problem for locally compact groups go
P.Iglesias-Zemmour, J.Laffineur Noncommutative geometry and diffeology: The case of orbifolds go
R.Ponge, H.Wang Noncommutative geometry and conformal geometry. I. Local index formula and conformal invariants go
Issue 12/3 (2018)
P.Hajac, R.Nest, D.Pask, A.Sims, B.Zieliński The $K$-theory of twisted multipullback quantum odd spheres and complex projective spaces go
J.Laubacher, M.Staic, A.Stancu Bar simplicial modules and secondary cyclic (co)homology go
V.Bavula, T.Lu The prime spectrum of the algebra $\mathbb K_q[X,Y]\rtimes U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_2)$ and a classification of simple weight modules go
E.Bédos, T.Omland On reduced twisted group C*-algebras that are simple and/or have a unique trace go
B.Kahng, A.Van Daele Separability idempotents in $C^*$-algebras go
A.Banerjee Quasimodular Hecke algebras and Hopf actions go
N.Kowalzig When Ext is a Batalin–Vilkovisky algebra go
J.Kaad, W.van Suijlekom Riemannian submersions and factorization of Dirac operators go
M.Balagovic, D.Jordan The Harish-Chandra isomorphism for quantum $GL_2$ go
K.Wang On invariants of C*-algebras with the ideal property go
Issue 12/2 (2018)
J.Carrión, M.Dadarlat Almost flat K-theory of classifying spaces go
T.Schick, M.Zadeh Large scale index of multi-partitioned manifolds go
O.Iyama, Y.Nakajima On steady non-commutative crepant resolutions go
C.Bisi, G.Gentili On quaternionic tori and their moduli space go
Y.Liu Modular curvature for toric noncommutative manifolds go
G.Massuyeau, V.Turaev Brackets in representation algebras of Hopf algebras go
T.Seto Toeplitz operators and the Roe–Higson type index theorem go
L.Le Bruyn Brauer–Severi motives and Donaldson–Thomas invariants of quantized threefolds go
M.Aukhadiev An inverse semigroup approach to the C*-algebras and crossed products of cancellative semigroups go
D.Presotto Symmetric noncommutative birational transformations go
Y.Arano, Y.Kubota A categorical perspective on the Atiyah–Segal completion theorem in KK-theory go
Issue 12/1 (2018)
R.Deeley Index theory for manifolds with Baas–Sullivan singularities go
A.Freslon, A.Skalski Wreath products of finite groups by quantum groups go
A.Kaygun, S.Sütlü Hopf-dihedral (co)homology and $L$-theory go
A.Berglund, K.Hess Homotopic Hopf–Galois extensions revisited go
P.Hochs, Y.Song An equivariant index for proper actions II: Properties and applications go
T.Brzeziński, W.Szymański The $C^*$-algebras of quantum lens and weighted projective spaces go
S.Eilers, G.Restorff, E.Ruiz Automorphisms of Cuntz–Krieger algebras go
N.Iyudu, S.Shkarin Two problems from the Polishchuk and Positselski book on quadratic algebras go
S.Roy, T.Timmermann The maximal quantum group-twisted tensor product of C*-algebras go
J.Bichon, S.Neshveyev, M.Yamashita Graded twisting of comodule algebras and module categories go
G.Szabó Strongly self-absorbing C*-dynamical systems. II go
Issue 11/4 (2017)
M.Yamashita Monodromy of the Gauss–Manin connection for deformation by group cocycles go
A.Rizzardo Representability of cohomological functors over extension fields go
P.Jara, J.López Peña, D.Ştefan Koszul pairs and applications go
L.Grimley, V.Nguyen, S.Witherspoon Gerstenhaber brackets on Hochschild cohomology of twisted tensor products go
H.Liu Smooth crossed product of minimal unique ergodic diffeomorphism of odd sphere go
F.Cabello Sánchez The noncommutative Kalton–Peck spaces go
D.Guido, T.Isola Spectral triples for nested fractals go
R.Kaufmann, J.Lucas Decorated Feynman categories go
D.Rogalski, S.Sierra, J.Stafford Ring-theoretic blowing down. I go
P.Fima, K.Mukherjee, I.Patri On compact bicrossed products go
E.Gardella Crossed products by compact group actions with the Rokhlin property go
G.Tabuada $\mathbb A^1$-homotopy invariants of corner skew Laurent polynomial algebras go
Issue 11/3 (2017)
W.Zhang A note on the Lichnerowicz vanishing theorem for proper actions go
S.Quddus Cohomology of $\mathcal A_θ^\mathrm {alg} \rtimes \mathbb Z_2$ and its Chern–Connes pairing go
T.Raedschelders, M.Van den Bergh The representation theory of non-commutative $\mathcal O$(GL$_2)$ go
U.Battisti, J.Seiler Boundary value problems with Atiyah–Patodi–Singer type conditions and spectral triples go
J.Cuadra, E.Meir Orders of Nikshych's Hopf algebra go
G.Faonte $\mathcal A_{\infty}$-functors and homotopy theory of dg-categories go
K.Chao, H.Wang Langlands functorality in $K$-theory for $C^*$-algebras. I. Base change go
J.Kaad Differentiable absorption of Hilbert $C^*$-modules, connections, and lifts of unbounded operators go
C.Flori, T.Fritz (Almost) C*-algebras as sheaves with self-action go
A.Cazzaniga, A.Morrison, B.Pym, B.Szendrői Motivic Donaldson–Thomas invariants of some quantized threefolds go
M.Benameur, J.Heitsch A symbol calculus for foliations go
A.Buss, R.Meyer Crossed products for actions of crossed modules on C*-algebras go
Issue 11/2 (2017)
T.Brzeziński, A.Sitarz Smooth geometry of the noncommutative pillow, cones and lens spaces go
P.Albin, E.Leichtnam, R.Mazzeo, P.Piazza The Novikov conjecture on Cheeger spaces go
J.Arnlind, M.Wilson Riemannian curvature of the noncommutative 3-sphere go
E.Green, S.Schroll, N.Snashall, R.Taillefer The Ext algebra of a Brauer graph algebra go
A.Yashinski The Gauss–Manin connection for the cyclic homology of smooth deformations, and noncommutative tori go
K.Schwieger, S.Wagner Part II, Free actions of compact groups on C*-algebras go
E.Beggs, S.Majid Spectral triples from bimodule connections and Chern connections go
G.Horel Factorization homology and calculus à la Kontsevich Soibelman go
G.Sharygin, D.Talalaev Deformation quantization of integrable systems go
J.Lescure, D.Manchon, S.Vassout About the convolution of distributions on groupoids go
T.Rainone Finiteness and paradoxical decompositions in C*-dynamical systems go
Issue 11/1 (2017)
M.Marcolli, G.Tabuada Bost–Connes systems, categorification, quantum statistical mechanics, and Weil numbers go
P.Schauenburg Some quasitensor autoequivalences of Drinfeld doubles of finite groups go
H.Moscovici, B.Rangipour Hopf algebras and universal Chern classes go
X.Chen, A.Eshmatov, F.Eshmatov, S.Yang The derived non-commutative Poisson bracket on Koszul Calabi–Yau algebras go
B.Antieau Étale twists in noncommutative algebraic geometry and the twisted Brauer space go
M.Lesch Divided differences in noncommutative geometry: Rearrangement Lemma, functional calculus and expansional formula go
B.Liu Functoriality of equivariant eta forms go
B.Le Grignou From homotopy operads to infinity-operads go
M.Caspers, P.Fima Graph products of operator algebras go
Issue 10/4 (2016)
D.Gurevich, P.Saponov Derivatives in noncommutative calculus and deformation property of quantum algebras go
B.Liao About the obstacle to proving the Baum–Connes conjecture without coefficient for a non-cocompact lattice in $Sp_4$ in a local field go
S.Mahanta Symmetric monoidal noncommutative spectra, strongly self-absorbing $C^*$-algebras, and bivariant homology go
G.Kasparov Elliptic and transversally elliptic index theory from the viewpoint of $KK$-theory go
V.Lafforgue Un analogue non archimédien d'un résultat de Haagerup et lien avec la propriété (T) renforcée go
B.Ward Maurer–Cartan elements and cyclic operads go
D.Kussin Weighted noncommutative regular projective curves go
J.Chuang, A.Lazarev, W.Mannan Koszul–Morita duality go
S.Barlak $K$-theory for the crossed products by certain actions of $\mathbb Z^2$ go
M.Braverman, S.Cecchini Spectral theory of von Neumann algebra valued differential operators over non-compact manifolds go
P.Kasprzak, R.Meyer, S.Roy, S.Woronowicz Braided quantum SU(2) groups go
Issue 10/3 (2016)
Y.Liu, G.Zhou The Batalin–Vilkovisky structure over the Hochschild cohomology ring of a group algebra go
R.Meyer, S.Roy, S.Woronowicz Quantum group-twisted tensor products of C*-algebras. II go
T.Takeishi Irreducible representations of Bost–Connes systems go
V.Lunts, O.Schnürer Matrix factorizations and semi-orthogonal decompositions for blowing-ups go
V.Lunts, O.Schnürer Matrix factorizations and motivic measures go
T.Banica A duality principle for noncommutative cubes and spheres go
C.Dumitrașcu On an intermediate bivariant $K$-theory for $C^*$-algebras go
R.Meyer Comparison of KE-theory and KK-theory go
M.Enock, T.Timmermann Measured quantum transformation groupoids go
Issue 10/2 (2016)
C.Kassel, A.Masuoka The Noether problem for Hopf algebras go
A.Kaygun, S.Sütlü Hopf-cyclic cohomology of quantum enveloping algebras go
H.Huang Invariant subsets under compact quantum group actions go
C.Wulff Coarse co-assembly as a ring homomorphism go
A.Kumjian, D.Pask, A.Sims Simplicity of twisted $C^*$-algebras of higher-rank graphs and crossed products by quasifree actions go
F.D'Andrea, L.Dąbrowski The Standard Model in noncommutative geometry and Morita equivalence go
S.Yalin Moduli stacks of algebraic structures and deformation theory go
A.Aubert, P.Baum, R.Plymen, M.Solleveld Geometric structure for the principal series of a split reductive $p$-adic group with connected centre go
R.Deeley Analytic and topological index maps with values in the $K$-theory of mapping cones go
H.Abbaspour On the Hochschild homology of open Frobenius algebras go
R.Bocklandt, F.Galluzzi, F.Vaccarino The Nori–Hilbert scheme is not smooth for 2-Calabi–Yau algebras go
M.Markl Modular envelopes, OSFT and nonsymmetric (non-$\Sigma$) modular operads go
Issue 10/1 (2016)
P.Hekmati, J.Mickelsson Projective families of Dirac operators on a Banach Lie groupoid go
F.Arici, J.Kaad, G.Landi Pimsner algebras and Gysin sequences from principal circle actions go
B.Iochum, T.Masson Crossed product extensions of spectral triples go
S.Brain, B.Mesland, W.van Suijlekom Gauge theory for spectral triples and the unbounded Kasparov product go
M.Finn-Sell On the Baum–Connes conjecture for Gromov monster groups go
D.Presotto, M.Van den Bergh Noncommutative versions of some classical birational transformations go
N.Neumann, W.van Suijlekom Perturbation semigroup of matrix algebras go
A.Gorokhovsky, H.Moriyoshi, P.Piazza A note on the higher Atiyah–Patodi–Singer index theorem on Galois coverings go
R.Ponge, H.Wang Noncommutative geometry and conformal geometry, II. Connes–Chern character and the local equivariant index theorem go
Y.Wang The noncommutative infinitesimal equivariant index formula, Part II go
Issue 9/4 (2015)
M.Engliš, K.Falk, B.Iochum Spectral triples and Toeplitz operators go
F.Arici, S.Brain, G.Landi The Gysin sequence for quantum lens spaces go
A.Harju Spectral triples on proper étale groupoids go
M.Dadarlat, U.Pennig A Dixmier–Douady theory for strongly self-absorbing $C^\ast$-algebras II: the Brauer group go
A.Banerjee Action de Hopf sur les opérateurs de Hecke modulaires tordus go
J.Bhowmick, C.Voigt, J.Zacharias Compact quantum metric spaces from quantum groups of rapid decay go
M.Kreusch Bott type periodicity for the higher octonions go
H.Huang, Y.Yang Quasi-quantum linear spaces go
S.Raum, M.Weber Easy quantum groups and quantum subgroups of a semi-direct product quantum group go
A.Agore, G.Militaru Jacobi and Poisson algebras go
M.Velásquez A configuration space for equivariant connective K-homology go
S.Barlak, D.Enders, H.Matui, G.Szabó, W.Winter The Rokhlin property vs. Rokhlin dimension 1 on unital Kirchberg algebras go
Issue 9/3 (2015)
M.Towers Poisson and Hochschild cohomology and the semiclassical limit go
S.Gong Finite part of operator K-theory for groups with rapid decay go
D.Bulacu, B.Torrecillas On Frobenius and separable algebra extensions in monoidal categories: applications to wreaths go
A.Brothier, S.Vaes Families of hyperfinite subfactors with the same standard invariant and prescribed fundamental group go
S.Deprez, K.Li Property A and uniform embedding for locally compact groups go
M.Benameur, V.Mathai Spectral sections, twisted rho invariants and positive scalar curvature go
G.Tabuada $\mathbf A^1$-homotopy theory of noncommutative motives go
C.Galindo, I.Gutiérrez, B.Uribe Multiplicative structures on the twisted equivariant K-theory of finite groups go
J.Skukalek The Higson–Mackey analogy for finite extensions of complex semisimple groups go
B.Rangipour, S.Sütlü Characteristic classes of foliations via SAYD-twisted cocycles go
G.Lechner, R.Verch Linear hyperbolic PDEs with noncommutative time go
Issue 9/2 (2015)
G.Tabuada Bivariant cyclic cohomology and Connes’ bilinear pairings in noncommutative motives go
S.Chemla, F.Gavarini Duality functors for quantum groupoids go
M.Hinz, D.Kelleher, A.Teplyaev Metric and spectral triples for Dirichlet and resistance forms go
S.Carpi, R.Hillier, R.Longo Superconformal nets and noncommutative geometry go
P.Chakraborty, S.Guin Equivalence of two approaches to Yang–Mills on noncommutative torus go
F.Fathizadeh, M.Khalkhali Scalar curvature for noncommutative four-tori go
D.Angella, A.Tomassini Inequalities à la Frölicher and cohomological decompositions go
T.Covolo Cohomological approach to the graded Berezinian go
P.Etingof Galois bimodules and integrality of PI comodule algebras over invariants go
M.Land The analytical assembly map and index theory go
S.Azzali, S.Goette, T.Schick Large time limit and local $L^2$-index theorems for families go
Issue 9/1 (2015)
P.Clare C*-algebraic intertwiners for principal series: case of SL(2) go
H.Dao, O.Iyama, R.Takahashi, C.Vial Non-commutative resolutions and Grothendieck groups go
T.Timmermann Measured quantum groupoids associated to proper dynamical quantum groups go
J.Kaad, R.Nest A transformation rule for the index of commuting operators go
E.Vasselli Presheaves of symmetric tensor categories and nets of $C^*$-algebras go
S.Yu The Dolbeault dga of the formal neighborhood of the diagonal go
J.Alm, S.Merkulov Grothendieck–Teichmüller group and Poisson cohomologies go
A.Pirkovskii Holomorphically finitely generated algebras go
Issue 8/4 (2014)
M.Lapidus, J.Sarhad Dirac operators and geodesic metric on the harmonic Sierpinski gasket and other fractal sets go
S.Wagner On noncommutative principal bundles with finite abelian structure group go
B.Jacelon, W.Winter $\mathcal{Z}$ is universal go
S.Natale On weakly group-theoretical non-degenerate braided fusion categories go
R.Bentmann Kirchberg $X$-algebras with real rank zero and intermediate cancellation go
A.Yekutieli Combinatorial descent data for gerbes go
C.Cibils, M.Redondo, A.Solotar On universal gradings, versal gradings and Schurian generated categories go
D.Voiculescu Almost normal operators mod Hilbert–Schmidt and the $K$-theory of the algebras $E \Lambda (\Omega)$ go
V.Hinich, D.Lemberg Noncommutative unfolding of hypersurface singularity go
D.Cisinski, G.Tabuada Lefschetz and Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch formulas via noncommutative motives go
G.Cortiñas Cyclic homology, tight crossed products, and small stabilizations go
Issue 8/3 (2014)
O.Pfante A Chern–Simons action for noncommutative spaces in general with the example SUq(2) go
M.Batanin, M.Markl Crossed interval groups and operations on the Hochschild cohomology go
A.Savin, B.Sternin Index of elliptic operators for diffeomorphisms of manifolds go
R.Conti, G.Morsella Asymptotic morphisms and superselection theory in the scaling limit go
E.Kakariadis, E.Katsoulis Isomorphism invariants for multivariable C*-dynamics go
M.Benameur, I.Roy Leafwise homotopies and Hilbert-Poincaré complexes I. Regular HP-complexes and leafwise pull-back maps go
I.Dell'Ambrogio Equivariant Kasparov theory of finite groups via Mackey functors go
A.Connes, C.Consani On the arithmetic of the BC-system go
Issue 8/2 (2014)
K.Ebrahimi-Fard, D.Manchon On an extension of Knuth’s rotation correspondence to reduced planar trees go
F.Sukochev, A.Usachev, D.Zanin Dixmier traces generated by exponentiation invariant generalised limits go
M.Marcolli, R.Thorngren Thermodynamic semirings go
H.Wang L2-index formula for proper cocompact group actions go
J.Bhowmick, F.D'Andrea, B.Das, L.Dąbrowski Quantum gauge symmetries in noncommutative geometry go
B.Ćaćić, M.Marcolli, K.Teh Coupling of gravity to matter, spectral action and cosmic topology go
E.Herscovich, A.Solotar, M.Suárez-Álvarez PBW-deformations and deformations à la Gerstenhaber of N-Koszul algebras go
S.Smith The space of Penrose tilings and the noncommutative curve with homogeneous coordinate ring kx,y〉/(y2) go
L.Liu, S.Wang, Q.Wu Twisted Calabi–Yau property of Ore extensions go
Issue 8/1 (2014)
A.Rennie, R.Senior The resolvent cocycle in twisted cyclic cohomology and a local index formula for the Podleś sphere go
R.Ji, C.Ogle, B.Ramsey On the Hochschild and cyclic (co)homology of rapid decay group algebras go
E.Beggs, T.Brzeziński Line bundles and the Thom construction in noncommutative geometry go
C.Mrozinski Quantum groups of GL(2) representation type go
L.Foissy, J.Novelli, J.Thibon Polynomial realizations of some combinatorial Hopf algebras go
M.Dadarlat Group quasi-representations and almost flat bundles go
D.Zhang Projective Dirac operators, twisted K-theory, and local index formula go
K.Thomsen The groupoid C*-algebra of a rational map go
A.Gaarde Noncommutative residue of projections in Boutet de Monvel’s calculus go
S.Neshveyev, S.Rustad Bost–Connes systems associated with function fields go
Issue 7/4 (2013)
P.Bergh, D.Jorgensen Tate-Hochschild homology and cohomology of Frobenius algebras go
V.Gayral, R.Wulkenhaar Spectral geometry of the Moyal plane with harmonic propagation go
O.Uuye Homotopical algebra for C*-algebras go
I.Frenkel, A.Zeitlin Quantum group GLq(2) and quantum Laplace operator via semi-infinite cohomology go
U.Bunke, T.Schick Differential orbifold K-theory go
X.Yu, Y.Zhang Calabi-Yau pointed Hopf algebras of finite Cartan type go
F.Fathizadeh, M.Khalkhali Scalar curvature for the noncommutative two torus go
P.Hajac, A.Rennie, B.Zieliński The K-theory of Heegaard quantum lens spaces go
Issue 7/3 (2013)
B.Durhuus, A.Sitarz Star product realizations of κ-Minkowski space go
Z.Xie The odd-dimensional analogue of a theorem of Getzler and Wu go
K.Teh Nonperturbative spectral action of round coset spaces of SU(2) go
S.Dave An equivariant noncommutative residue go
S.Dăscălescu, M.Iovanov, C.Năstăsescu Path subcoalgebras, finiteness properties and quantum groups go
G.Tabuada Chow motives versus noncommutative motives go
J.Venselaar Classification of spin structures on the noncommutative n-torus go
S.Smith, M.Van den Bergh Noncommutative quadric surfaces go
E.Segal The closed state space of affine Landau–Ginzburg B-models go
X.Tang, Y.Yao, W.Zhang Hopf cyclic cohomology and Hodge theory for proper actions go
Issue 7/2 (2013)
O.Gabriel K-theory, cyclic cohomology and pairings for quantum Heisenberg manifolds go
Y.Berest, A.Ramadoss, X.Tang The Picard group of a noncommutative algebraic torus go
A.Canonaco, D.Orlov, P.Stellari Does full imply faithful? go
J.Davis, W.Lück The topological K-theory of certain crystallographic groups go
K.van den Dungen, W.van Suijlekom Electrodynamics from noncommutative geometry go
M.Lesch, C.Neira Jiménez Classification of traces and hypertraces on spaces of classical pseudodifferential operators go
O.Gabriel, M.Grensing Six-term exact sequences for smooth generalized crossed products go
M.Laca, S.Neshveyev, M.Trifković Bost–Connes systems, Hecke algebras, and induction go
D.Kyed, A.Thom Applications of Følner's condition to quantum groups go
M.Whittaker Spectral triples for hyperbolic dynamical systems go
J.Brodzki, G.Niblo, J.Špakula, R.Willett, N.Wright Uniform local amenability go
Issue 7/1 (2013)
A.Connes On the spectral characterization of manifolds go
N.Andruskiewitsch, J.Cuadra On the structure of (co-Frobenius) Hopf algebras go
M.Hassanzadeh, B.Rangipour Equivariant Hopf Galois extensions and Hopf cyclic cohomology go
W.Paravicini The spectral radius in $\mathcal{C}_0(X)$-Banach algebras go
W.Paravicini A generalised Green–Julg theorem for proper groupoids and Banach algebras go
W.Paravicini The Bost conjecture and proper Banach algebras go
R.Willett Some ‘homological’ properties of the stable Higson corona go
U.Franz, A.Skalski, R.Tomatsu Idempotent states on compact quantum groups and their classification on $\mathrm{U}_q(2)$, $\mathrm{SU}_q(2)$, and $\mathrm{SO}_q(3)$ go
A.Tanasă, D.Kreimer Combinatorial Dyson–Schwinger equations in noncommutative field theory go
T.Crisp The Bost–Connes phase transition and unitary representations go
Issue 6/4 (2012)
R.Kaufmann, S.Khlebnikov, B.Wehefritz-Kaufmann The geometry of the double gyroid wire network: quantum and classical go
C.Pinzari, J.Roberts A theory of induction and classification of tensor C*-categories go
G.Cornelissen, Jong The spectral length of a map between Riemannian manifolds go
G.Donadze, N.Inassaridze, E.Khmaladze, M.Ladra Cyclic homologies of crossed modules of algebras go
D.Kyed, P.Sołtan Property (T) and exotic quantum group norms go
R.Sharp Spectral triples and Gibbs measures for expanding maps on Cantor sets go
J.Cuntz, X.Li Erratum to “C*-algebras associated with integral domains and crossed products by actions on adele spaces” go
Issue 6/3 (2012)
O.Ben-Bassat Gerbes and the holomorphic Brauer group of complex tori go
F.Fathizadeh, M.Khalkhali The Gauss–Bonnet theorem for noncommutative two tori with a general conformal structure go
G.Böhm, D.Ştefan A categorical approach to cyclic duality go
I.Gálvez-Carrillo, A.Tonks, B.Valette Homotopy Batalin–Vilkovisky algebras go
P.Hajac, A.Kaygun, B.Zieliński Quantum complex projective spaces from Toeplitz cubes go
Issue 6/2 (2012)
M.Protin, P.Resende Quantales of open groupoids go
E.Christensen, C.Ivan, E.Schrohe Spectral triples and the geometry of fractals go
B.Yalkinoglu On Bost–Connes type systems and complex multiplication go
M.Kapranov Real mixed Hodge structures go Goursac, T.Masson, J.Wallet Noncommutative ε-graded connections go
J.Zhang A “natural” graded Hopf-algebra and its graded Hopf-cyclic cohomology go
Issue 6/1 (2012)
V.Lafforgue La conjecture de Baum–Connes à coefficients pour les groupes hyperboliques go
Issue 5/4 (2011)
O.De Deken, W.Lowen Abelian and derived deformations in the presence of ℤ-generating geometric helices go
C.Medori, A.Tomassini On small deformations of paracomplex manifolds go
S.Deprez, S.Vaes A classification of all finite index subfactors for a class of group-measure space II1 factors go
K.De Commer Comonoidal W*-Morita equivalence for von Neumann bialgebras go
G.Tabuada Universal suspension via noncommutative motives go
P.Hajac, U.Krähmer, R.Matthes, B.Zieliński Piecewise principal comodule algebras go
Issue 5/3 (2011)
B.Iochum, C.Levy Tadpoles and commutative spectral triples go
J.Cuntz, X.Li K-theory for ring C*-algebras attached to polynomial rings over finite fields go
J.Kaad A calculation of the multiplicative character go
O.Uuye Multiplicativity of the JLO-character go
A.Banerjee Hopf action and Rankin–Cohen brackets on an Archimedean complex go
N.Kowalzig, H.Posthuma The cyclic theory of Hopf algebroids go
Issue 5/2 (2011)
A.Polishchuk Kernel algebras and generalized Fourier–Mukai transforms go
W.Winter Strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras are $\mathcal{Z}$-stable go
V.Mathai, J.Rosenberg A noncommutative sigma-model go
H.Li Appendix to V. Mathai and J. Rosenberg’s paper “A noncommutative sigma-model” go
Issue 5/1 (2011)
J.Cuntz, X.Li C*-algebras associated with integral domains and crossed products by actions on adele spaces go
E.Cagnache, T.Masson, J.Wallet Noncommutative Yang–Mills–Higgs actions from derivation-based differential calculus go
L.Menichi Van den Bergh isomorphisms in string topology go
E.van Erp The index of hypoelliptic operators on foliated manifolds go
I.Androulidakis, G.Skandalis Pseudodifferential calculus on a singular foliation go
Issue 4/4 (2010)
C.Bai Double constructions of Frobenius algebras, Connes cocycles and their duality go
S.Lavallée, D.Perrin, V.Retakh, C.Reutenauer Codes and noncommutative stochastic matrices go
H.Grosse, F.Vignes-Tourneret Quantum field theory on the degenerate Moyal space go
P.Kasprzak The Heisenberg–Lorentz quantum group go
Issue 4/3 (2010)
J.Aastrup, S.Melo, B.Monthubert, E.Schrohe Boutet de Monvel’s calculus and groupoids I go
H.Abbaspour, T.Tradler, M.Zeinalian Algebraic string bracket as a Poisson bracket go
K.Uchino Twisting on associative algebras and Rota–Baxter type operators go
M.Pichot, S.Vassout Le coût est un invariant isopérimétrique go
A.Pal, S.Sundar Regularity and dimension spectrum of the equivariant spectral triple for the odd-dimensional quantum spheres go
T.Lambre Dualité de Van den Bergh et structure de Batalin–Vilkoviskiĭ sur les algèbres de Calabi–Yau go
M.Zadeh Index theory and partitioning by enlargeable hypersurfaces go
Issue 4/2 (2010)
A.Hamilton Noncommutative geometry and compactifications of the moduli space of curves go
H.Strohmayer Prop profile of bi-Hamiltonian structures go
M.Batanin Locally constant n-operads as higher braided operads go
J.Jawdat, R.Plymen R-groups and geometric structure in the representation theory of SL(N) go
T.Brzeziński, L.El Kaoutit, C.Lomp Non-commutative integral forms and twisted multi-derivations go
Issue 4/1 (2010)
P.Sołtan Quantum SO(3) groups and quantum group actions on M2 go
T.Krajewski, V.Rivasseau, A.Tanasă, Z.Wang Topological graph polynomials and quantum field theory
Part I: heat kernel theories
R.Ji, C.Ogle, B.Ramsey Relatively hyperbolic groups, rapid decay algebras, and a generalization of the Bass conjecture go
S.Echterhoff, H.Emerson, H.Kim A Lefschetz fixed-point formula for certain orbifold C*-algebras go
Issue 3/4 (2009)
M.Solleveld Periodic cyclic homology of reductive p-adic groups go
P.Chakraborty, V.Mathai The geometry of determinant line bundles in noncommutative geometry go
D.Fiorenza, M.Manetti A period map for generalized deformations go
Issue 3/3 (2009)
T.Banica, R.Vergnioux Fusion rules for quantum reflection groups go
D.Kaschek, N.Neumaier, S.Waldmann Complete positivity of Rieffel’s deformation quantization by actions of ℝd go
S.Echterhoff, R.Nest, H.Oyono-Oyono Fibrations with noncommutative fibers go
M.Gomez Aparicio Représentations non unitaires, morphisme de Baum–Connes et complétions inconditionnelles go
J.Pearson, J.Bellissard Noncommutative Riemannian geometry and diffusion on ultrametric Cantor sets go
D.Jordan, E.Larson On the classification of certain fusion categories go
Issue 3/2 (2009)
X.Tang, Y.Yao A universal deformation formula for ℋ1 without projectivity assumption go
K.Ebrahimi-Fard, D.Manchon, F.Patras A noncommutative Bohnenblust–Spitzer identity for Rota–Baxter algebras solves Bogoliubov’s recursion go
B.Noohi Explicit HRS-tilting go
S.Mahanta, W.van Suijlekom Noncommutative tori and the Riemann–Hilbert correspondence go
D.Perrot Localization over complex-analytic groupoids and conformal renormalization go
Issue 3/1 (2009)
J.Kaminker, X.Tang Hopf algebroids and secondary characteristic classes go
A.Ramadoss Integration over complex manifolds via Hochschild homology go
J.Aastrup, J.Grimstrup, R.Nest On spectral triples in quantum gravity II go
J.Brodzki, G.Niblo, N.Wright Partial translation algebras for trees go
P.Bieliavsky, R.Gurau, V.Rivasseau Noncommutative field theory on rank one symmetric spaces go
L.Di Vizio Local analytic classification of q-difference equations with |q| = 1 go
Issue 2/4 (2008)
A.Ramadoss Some notes on the Feigin–Losev–Shoikhet integral conjecture go
N.Ciccoli, R.Fioresi, F.Gavarini Quantization of projective homogeneous spaces and duality principle go
B.Wang Geometric cycles, index theory and twisted K-homology go
Issue 2/3 (2008)
É.Blanchard, R.Rohde, M.Rørdam Properly infinite C(X)-algebras and K1-injectivity go
R.Kaufmann Moduli space actions on the Hochschild co-chains of a Frobenius algebra II: correlators go
A.Kaygun The universal Hopf-cyclic theory go
M.Movshev Cohomology of Yang–Mills algebras go
Issue 2/2 (2008)
A.Carey, J.Phillips, A.Rennie, F.Sukochev The Chern character of semifinite spectral triples go
W.Gan, T.Schedler The necklace Lie coalgebra and renormalization algebras go
V.Gayral, J.Gracia-Bondí­a, J.Várilly Fourier analysis on the affine group, quantization and noncompact Connes geometries go
Issue 2/1 (2008)
P.Hai, B.Kriegk, M.Lorenz N-homogeneous superalgebras go
D.Essouabri, B.Iochum, C.Levy, A.Sitarz Spectral action on noncommutative torus go
A.Tanasă, F.Vignes-Tourneret Hopf algebra of non-commutative field theory go
Issue 1/4 (2007)
M.Laca, N.Larsen, S.Neshveyev Phase transition in the Connes–Marcolli GL2-system go
V.Gayral, J.Jureit, T.Krajewski, R.Wulkenhaar Quantum field theory on projective modules go
T.Timmermann Pseudo-multiplicative unitaries on C*-modules and Hopf C*-families I go
Issue 1/3 (2007)
S.Launois, T.Lenagan The first Hochschild cohomology group of quantum matrices and the quantum special linear group go
S.Mendes, R.Plymen Base change and K-theory for GL(n) go
R.Kaufmann Moduli space actions on the Hochschild co-chains of a Frobenius algebra I: cell operads go
C.Bär Conformal structures in noncommutative geometry go
Issue 1/2 (2007)
B.Jacob Bost–Connes type systems for function fields go
F.D'Andrea, L.Dąbrowski, G.Landi, E.Wagner Dirac operators on all Podleś quantum spheres go
R.Berger, R.Taillefer Poincaré–Birkhoff–Witt deformations of Calabi–Yau algebras go
K.Jung, D.Shlyakhtenko Any generating set of an arbitrary property T von Neumann algebra has free
entropy dimension ≤ 1
Issue 1/1 (2007)
V.Dolgushev, D.Tamarkin, B.Tsygan The homotopy Gerstenhaber algebra of Hochschild cochains of a regular algebra is formal go
P.Piazza, T.Schick Bordism, rho-invariants and the Baum–Connes conjecture go
M.Dadarlat The homotopy groups of the automorphism group of Kirchberg algebras go