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Issue 5/4 (2018)
A.Algom Affine embeddings of Cantor sets on the line go
X.Chen, H.Volkmer On transfer operators on the circle with trigonometric weights go
A.Vince Global fractal transformations and global addressing go
A.Grigor'yan, M.Yang Determination of the walk dimension of the Sierpiński gasket without using diffusion go
Issue 5/3 (2018)
P.Alonso Ruiz, U.Freiberg, J.Kigami Completely symmetric resistance forms on the stretched Sierpiński gasket go
R.Falk, R.Nussbaum $C^m$ Eigenfunctions of Perron–Frobenius operators and a new approach to numerical computation of Hausdorff dimension: applications in $\mathbb R^1$ go
Issue 5/2 (2018)
B.Bowen, C.Strong, K.Golden Modeling the fractal geometry of Arctic melt ponds using the level sets of random surfaces go
T.Coulhon, L.Rogers Sobolev algebra counterexamples go
J.Malmquist, R.Strichartz Numerical integration for fractal measures go
Issue 5/1 (2018)
M.Lapidus, G.Radunović, D.Žubrinić Fractal tube formulas for compact sets and relative fractal drums: oscillations, complex dimensions and fractality go
Issue 4/4 (2017)
A.Gordon Discrete Schrödinger operators with potentials defined by measurable sampling functions over Liouville torus rotations go
D.Wu, T.Yamaguchi Hausdorff dimension of asymptotic self-similar sets go
I.Bondarenko, D.D'Angeli, T.Nagnibeda Ends of Schreier graphs and cut-points of limit spaces of self-similar groups go
N.Matte Bon Full groups of bounded automaton groups go
Issue 4/3 (2017)
G.Mantica, R.Peirone Attractors of iterated function systems with uncountably many maps and infinite sums of Cantor sets go
S.Troscheit On the dimensions of attractors of random self-similar graph directed iterated function systems go
C.Lai, Y.Wang Non-spectral fractal measures with Fourier frames go
Issue 4/2 (2017)
F.Greinecker Spatial equidistribution of combinatorial number schemes go
M.Roychowdhury Quantization and centroidal Voronoi tessellations for probability measures on dyadic Cantor sets go
R.Balka, Y.Peres Uniform dimension results for fractional Brownian motion go
A.Johansson, A.Öberg, M.Pollicott Ergodic theory of Kusuoka measures go
Issue 4/1 (2017)
J.Fraser, M.Pollicott Uniform scaling limits for ergodic measures go
L.Wedrich Hausdorff dimension of the graph of an operator semistable Lévy process go
Q.Deng, K.Lau Structure of the class of iterated function systems that generate the same self-similar set go
D.Çelik, Ş.Koçak, Y.Özdemir, A.Üreyen Graph-directed sprays and their tube volumes via functional equations go
Issue 3/4 (2016)
K.Falconer, P.Mattila Strong Marstrand theorems and dimensions of sets formed by subsets of hyperplanes go
K.Hare, K.Hare, K.Matthews Local dimensions of measures of finite type go
J.Fillman, Y.Takahashi, W.Yessen Mixed spectral regimes for square Fibonacci Hamiltonians go
R.Balka Dimensions of graphs of prevalent continuous maps go
Issue 3/3 (2016)
A.Ghenciu, R.Mauldin, M.Roy Conformal graph directed Markov systems: beyond finite irreducibility go
M.Hino Some properties of energy measures on Sierpinski gasket type fractals go
N.Frank, S.Webster, M.Whittaker Fractal dual substitution tilings go
Issue 3/2 (2016)
E.D'Aniello, T.Steele Attractors for iterated function systems go
H.Tanaka Asymptotic perturbation of graph iterated function systems go
D.Airey, B.Mance The Hausdorff dimension of sets of numbers defined by their $Q$-Cantor series expansions go
F.Lü, L.Xi Quasi-Assouad dimension of fractals go
Issue 3/1 (2016)
P.Allaart The infinite derivatives of Okamoto's self-affine functions: an application of $\beta$-expansions go
A.Rapaport On the Hausdorff and packing measures of slices of dynamically defined sets go
M.Hinz, L.Rogers Magnetic fields on resistance spaces go
Issue 2/4 (2015)
H.Rugh, L.Tan Kneading with weights go
T.Banakh, F.Strobin Embedding topological fractals in universal spaces go
T.Orponen On the packing measure of slices of self-similar sets go
Á.Farkas, J.Fraser On the equality of Hausdorff measure and Hausdorff content go
Issue 2/3 (2015)
K.Falconer Higher moments for random multiplicative measures go
A.Garijo, S.Godillon On McMullen-like mappings go
B.Solomyak Connectedness locus for pairs of affine maps and zeros of power series go
F.Ekström, T.Persson, J.Schmeling On the Fourier dimension and a modification go
Issue 2/2 (2015)
P.Arzt Measure theoretic trigonometric functions go
M.Kesseböhmer, S.Kombrink Minkowski content and fractal Euler characteristic for conformal graph directed systems go
Issue 2/1 (2015)
W.Liu, X.Yuan Spectral gaps of almost Mathieu operators in the exponential regime go
G.Deng, K.Lau, J.Luo Lipschitz equivalence of self-similar sets and hyperbolic boundaries II go
A.Chand, S.Katiyar, P.Viswanathan Approximation using hidden variable fractal interpolation function go
Issue 1/4 (2014)
W.Abram, J.Lagarias Intersections of multiplicative translates of 3-adic Cantor sets go
D.Damanik, J.Fillman, R.Vance Dynamics of unitary operators go
T.Jolivet, B.Loridant, J.Luo Rauzy fractals with countable fundamental group go
C.Chen, H.Koivusalo, B.Li, V.Suomala Projections of random covering sets go
Issue 1/3 (2014)
T.Bedford, S.Borodachov, J.Geronimo A topological separation condition for fractal attractors go
B.Bárány, M.Rams Dimension of slices of Sierpiński-like carpets go
Z.Buzcolich, S.Seuret Measures and functions with prescribed homogeneous multifractal spectrum go
M.Aoki, M.Fujimura, M.Taniguchi The shape of the dust-likeness locus of self-similar sets go
Issue 1/2 (2014)
P.Charmoy, Y.Peres, P.Sousi Minkowski dimension of Brownian motion with drift go
D.Pokorný, S.Winter Scaling exponents of curvature measures go
Y.Bugeaud, B.Wang Distribution of full cylinders and the Diophantine properties of the orbits in $\beta$-expansions go
Issue 1/1 (2014)
W.Li, R.Strichartz Boundary Value Problems on a Half Sierpinski Gasket go
W.Abram, J.Lagarias p-adic path set fractals and arithmetic go
A.Käenmäki, H.Reeve Multifractal analysis of Birkhoff averages for typical infinitely generated self-affine sets go