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Issue 21/9 (2019)
J.Kitagawa, Q.Mérigot, B.Thibert Convergence of a Newton algorithm for semi-discrete optimal transport go
A.Polishchuk, M.Van den Bergh Semiorthogonal decompositions of the categories of equivariant coherent sheaves for some reflection groups go
R.Schäfke, M.Singer Consistent systems of linear differential and difference equations go
P.Giulietti, C.Liverani Parabolic dynamics and anisotropic Banach spaces go
J.Park, B.Poonen, J.Voight, M.Wood A heuristic for boundedness of ranks of elliptic curves go
S.Boucksom, T.Hisamoto, M.Jonsson Uniform K-stability and asymptotics of energy functionals in Kähler geometry go
Issue 21/8 (2019)
P.Berger Properties of the maximal entropy measure and geometry of Hénon attractors go
G.Chambers Proof of the Log-Convex Density Conjecture go
H.Baik, S.Kim, T.Koberda Unsmoothable group actions on compact one-manifolds go
J.Bismut Eta invariants and the hypoelliptic Laplacian go
P.Germain, F.Rousset Long wave limit for Schrödinger maps go
Issue 21/7 (2019)
Y.Wang The energy of a deterministic Loewner chain: Reversibility and interpretation via SLE$_{0+}$ go
J.Thorne Elliptic curves over $\mathbb{Q}_\infty$ are modular go
J.Chu, V.Tosatti, B.Weinkove The Monge–Ampère equation for non-integrable almost complex structures go
K.Slutsky Regular cross sections of Borel flows go
P.Duarte, S.Klein Continuity, positivity and simplicity of the Lyapunov exponents for quasi-periodic cocycles go
P.Blagojević, F.Frick, G.Ziegler Barycenters of polytope skeleta and counterexamples to the Topological Tverberg Conjecture, via constraints go
T.Duyckaerts, C.Kenig, F.Merle Scattering profile for global solutions of the energy-critical wave equation go
A.Salehi Golsefidy Super-approximation, II: the $p$-adic case and the case of bounded powers of square-free integers go
Issue 21/6 (2019)
S.Dyatlov Improved fractal Weyl bounds for hyperbolic manifolds (with an appendix by David Borthwick, Semyon Dyatlov and Tobias Weich) go
W.Donovan, M.Wemyss Twists and braids for general 3-fold flops go
J.Chai Bessel functions and local converse conjecture of Jacquet go
I.Losev Cacti and cells go
V.Blomer Spectral summation formula for GSp(4) and moments of spinor $L$-functions go
J.Buczyński, T.Januszkiewicz, J.Jelisiejew, M.Michałek Constructions of $k$-regular maps using finite local schemes go
A.Mondino, A.Naber Structure theory of metric measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds go
A.Seppi Maximal surfaces in Anti-de Sitter space, width of convex hulls and quasiconformal extensions of quasisymmetric homeomorphisms go
Issue 21/5 (2019)
C.Bellettini, G.Tian Compactness results for triholomorphic maps go
V.Apostolov, G.Maschler Conformally Kähler, Einstein–Maxwell geometry go
G.Chambers, Y.Liokumovich Optimal sweepouts of a Riemannian 2-sphere go
Y.Choie, Y.Park, D.Zagier Periods of modular forms on $\Gamma_0(N)$ and products of Jacobi theta functions go
Y.Liu Bounding cubic-triple product Selmer groups of elliptic curves go
O.Feldheim, Y.Spinka Long-range order in the 3-state antiferromagnetic Potts model in high dimensions go
D.Ghioca, K.Nguyen, H.Ye The Dynamical Manin–Mumford Conjecture and the Dynamical Bogomolov Conjecture for split rational maps go
Issue 21/4 (2019)
C.Laurent, M.Léautaud Quantitative unique continuation for operators with partially analytic coefficients. Application to approximate control for waves go
D.Ayala, J.Francis, N.Rozenblyum A stratified homotopy hypothesis go
M.Aschenbrenner, L.van den Dries, J.van der Hoeven The surreal numbers as a universal $H$-field go
T.Lupu Convergence of the two-dimensional random walk loop-soup clusters to CLE go
H.Lenstra, Jr., C.Pomerance Primality testing with Gaussian periods go
Issue 21/3 (2019)
Y.Harpaz Integral points on conic log K3 surfaces go
Q.Chen, J.Jost, L.Sun, M.Zhu Estimates for solutions of Dirac equations and an application to a geometric elliptic-parabolic problem go
C.Li Stability conditions on Fano threefolds of Picard number 1 go
F.Durand, A.Frank, A.Maass Eigenvalues of minimal Cantor systems go
S.Jitomirskaya, I.Kachkovskiy All couplings localization for quasiperiodic operators with monotone potentials go
P.Colmez Correspondance de Langlands locale $p$-adique et changement de poids go
O.Taïbi Arthur's multiplicity formula for certain inner forms of special orthogonal and symplectic groups go
D.Eisenbud, I.Peeva, F.Schreyer Tor as a module over an exterior algebra go
A.Auel, U.First, B.Williams Azumaya algebras without involution go
M.Stoll Uniform bounds for the number of rational points on hyperelliptic curves of small Mordell–Weil rank go
Issue 21/2 (2019)
A.Figalli, R.Neumayer Gradient stability for the Sobolev inequality: the case $p\geq 2$ go
V.Cyr, B.Kra Counting generic measures for a subshift of linear growth go
J.Lafont, S.Wang Barycentric straightening and bounded cohomology go
C.Chang, M.Papanikolas, J.Yu An effective criterion for Eulerian multizeta values in positive characteristic go
S.Eberhard, F.Manners, R.Mrazović Additive triples of bijections, or the toroidal semiqueens problem go
R.Lucà, K.Rogers Average decay of the Fourier transform of measures with applications go
M.Drmota, C.Mauduit, J.Rivat Normality along squares go
B.Jaye, F.Nazarov Reflectionless measures for Calderón–Zygmund operators II: Wolff potentials and rectifiability go
J.Case, C.Hsiao, P.Yang Extremal metrics for the $Q^\prime$-curvature in three dimensions go
Issue 21/1 (2019)
J.Dubédat Double dimers, conformal loop ensembles and isomonodromic deformations go
P.Kronheimer, T.Mrowka Tait colorings, and an instanton homology for webs and foams go
J.Carrillo, Y.Choi, M.Hauray, S.Salem Mean-field limit for collective behavior models with sharp sensitivity regions go
K.Böröczky, M.Ludwig Minkowski valuations on lattice polytopes go
Y.Lima, O.Sarig Symbolic dynamics for three-dimensional flows with positive topological entropy go
J.Hom, T.Lidman A note on positive-definite, symplectic four-manifolds go
M.Hochman Every Borel automorphism without finite invariant measures admits a two-set generator go
Issue 20/12 (2018)
T.Gee, F.Herzig, D.Savitt General Serre weight conjectures go
C.Abraham, J.Le Gall Excursion theory for Brownian motion indexed by the Brownian tree go
N.Dang, G.Rivière Equidistribution of the conormal cycle of random nodal sets go
D.Damanik, M.Goldstein, W.Schlag, M.Voda Homogeneity of the spectrum for quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators go
Issue 20/11 (2018)
J.Suh Vanishing theorems for mixed Hodge modules and applications go
A.Canonaco, P.Stellari Uniqueness of dg enhancements for the derived category of a Grothendieck category go
S.Dasgupta, M.Spieß Partial zeta values, Gross's tower of fields conjecture, and Gross–Stark units go
C.Manon The algebra of conformal blocks go
I.Halupczok, Y.Yin Lipschitz stratifications in power-bounded $o$-minimal fields go
G.Grillo, M.Muratori, F.Punzo The porous medium equation with measure data on negatively curved Riemannian manifolds go
W.Gan, L.Lomelí Globalization of supercuspidal representations over function fields and applications go
Issue 20/10 (2018)
J.Brüdern, T.Wooley Arithmetic harmonic analysis for smooth quartic Weyl sums: three additive equations go
P.Giulietti, B.Kloeckner, A.Lopes, D.Marcon The calculus of thermodynamical formalism go
R.van Handel Chaining, interpolation, and convexity go
A.Chernikov, S.Starchenko Regularity lemma for distal structures go
E.Hrushovski, B.Martin, S.Rideau Definable equivalence relations and zeta functions of groups (with an appendix by Raf Cluckers) go
D.Loughran The number of varieties in a family which contain a rational point go
Issue 20/9 (2018)
P.Hieronymi A tame Cantor set go
S.Eliahou Wilf’s conjecture and Macaulay’s theorem go
A.Freitas, J.Freitas, M.Magalhães Convergence of marked point processes of excesses for dynamical systems go
K.Jochemko, R.Sanyal Combinatorial positivity of translation-invariant valuations and a discrete Hadwiger theorem go
T.Dreyfus, C.Hardouin, J.Roques Hypertranscendence of solutions of Mahler equations go
S.Brendle, G.Huisken Mean curvature flow with surgery of mean convex surfaces in three-manifolds go
C.Mautner, S.Riche Exotic tilting sheaves, parity sheaves on affine Grassmannians, and the Mirković–Vilonen conjecture go
Issue 20/8 (2018)
T.Hytönen, A.Rosén Bounded variation approximation of $L_p$ dyadic martingales and solutions to elliptic equations go
F.Schuster, T.Wannerer Minkowski valuations and generalized valuations go
J.Balogh, H.Liu, M.Sharifzadeh, A.Treglown Sharp bound on the number of maximal sum-free subsets of integers go
S.Friedberg, D.Ginzburg Descent and theta functions for metaplectic groups go
L.Santocanale, F.Wehrung The equational theory of the weak Bruhat order on finite symmetric groups go
A.Avila, D.Cheraghi Statistical properties of quadratic polynomials with a neutral fixed point go
Issue 20/7 (2018)
U.Andrews, J.Knight Strongly minimal theories with recursive models go
S.Lester, K.Matomäki, M.Radziwiłł Small scale distribution of zeros and mass of modular forms go
J.Vold Rennemo Homology of Hilbert schemes of points on a locally planar curve go
T.Lyons, W.Xu Inverting the signature of a path go
J.Lewis, K.Nyström Quasi-linear PDEs and low-dimensional sets go
B.Bukh, D.Conlon Rational exponents in extremal graph theory go
J.Bober, L.Goldmakher, A.Granville, D.Koukoulopoulos The frequency and the structure of large character sums go
Issue 20/6 (2018)
N.Lerner, T.Nguyen, B.Texier The onset of instability in first-order systems go
D.Armentano, C.Beltrán, P.Bürgisser, F.Cucker, M.Shub A stable, polynomial-time algorithm for the eigenpair problem go
L.Barto Finitely related algebras in congruence modular varieties have few subpowers go
T.Dyckerhoff, M.Kapranov Triangulated surfaces in triangulated categories go
T.Altınel, J.Wiscons Recognizing PGL$_3$ via generic 4-transitivity go
Issue 20/5 (2018)
H.Martikainen, T.Orponen Characterising the big pieces of Lipschitz graphs property using projections go
T.Finis, E.Lapid An approximation principle for congruence subgroups go
C.Reiher, V.Rödl, M.Schacht On a Turán problem in weakly quasirandom 3-uniform hypergraphs go
M.Kashiwara, E.Park Affinizations and R-matrices for quiver Hecke algebras go
C.Garban, G.Pete, O.Schramm The scaling limits of near-critical and dynamical percolation go
R.Haslhofer, A.Naber Characterizations of the Ricci flow go
Issue 20/4 (2018)
S.Armstrong, P.Cardaliaguet Stochastic homogenization of quasilinear Hamilton–Jacobi equations and geometric motions go
C.Hacon, J.McKernan, C.Xu Boundedness of moduli of varieties of general type go
P.Keevash Counting designs go
T.Kuusi, G.Mingione Vectorial nonlinear potential theory go
M.Hairer, C.Labbé Multiplicative stochastic heat equations on the whole space go
Issue 20/3 (2018)
M.Junge, T.Mei, J.Parcet Noncommutative Riesz transforms – dimension free bounds and Fourier multipliers go
S.Hencl, A.Pratelli Diffeomorphic approximation of $W^{1,1}$ planar Sobolev homeomorphisms go
T.Alazard, P.Baldi, D.Han-Kwan Control of water waves go
T.Danka, V.Totik Christoffel functions with power type weights go
Issue 20/2 (2018)
G.Ciraolo, L.Vezzoni A sharp quantitative version of Alexandrov's theorem via the method of moving planes go
A.Enciso, D.Hartley, D.Peralta-Salas A problem of Berry and knotted zeros in the eigenfunctions of the harmonic oscillator go
L.Ma The vanishing conjecture for maps of Tor and derived splinters go
A.Berarducci, V.Mantova Surreal numbers, derivations and transseries go
M.Hitrik, J.Sjöstrand Rational invariant tori and band edge spectra for non-selfadjoint operators go
B.Antieau, T.Barthel, D.Gepner On localization sequences in the algebraic $K$-theory of ring spectra go
J.Rognes, S.Sagave, C.Schlichtkrull Logarithmic topological Hochschild homology of topological $K$-theory spectra go
Issue 20/1 (2018)
A.Granville, K.Soundararajan Large character sums: Burgess's theorem and zeros of $L$-functions go
A.Esterov Characteristic classes of affine varieties and Plücker formulas for affine morphisms go
T.Kaletha Rigid inner forms vs isocrystals go
M.Mimura Superrigidity from Chevalley groups into acylindrically hyperbolic groups via quasi-cocycles go
J.Freitag, T.Scanlon Strong minimality and the $j$-function go
E.Bayer-Fluckiger, T.Lee, R.Parimala Embeddings of maximal tori in classical groups and explicit Brauer–Manin obstruction go
S.Filip, G.Forni, C.Matheus Quaternionic covers and monodromy of the Kontsevich–Zorich cocycle in orthogonal groups go
G.Giacomin, H.Lacoin Pinning and disorder relevance for the lattice Gaussian free field go
Q.Lü, J.Yong, X.Zhang Erratum to “Representation of Itô integrals by Lebesgue/Bochner integrals” (J. Eur. Math. Soc. 14, 1795–1823 (2012)) go
Issue 19/12 (2017)
L.Caffarelli, S.Patrizi, V.Quitalo On a long range segregation model go
I.Efrat, E.Matzri Triple Massey products and absolute Galois groups go
Y.Tao, M.Winkler Critical mass for infinite-time aggregation in a chemotaxis model with indirect signal production go
C.Bordenave, A.Sen, B.Virág Mean quantum percolation go
T.Yasuda The wild McKay correspondence and $p$-adic measures go
P.Guan, L.Ni Entropy and a convergence theorem for Gauss curvature flow in high dimension go
D.Ben-Zvi, D.Nadler, A.Preygel Integral transforms for coherent sheaves go
M.Hoyois, S.Kelly, P.Østvær The motivic Steenrod algebra in positive characteristic go
K.Adiprasito, A.Björner, A.Goodarzi Face numbers of sequentially Cohen–Macaulay complexes and Betti numbers of componentwise linear ideals go
E.Lanneau, F.Valdez Computing the Teichmüller polynomial go
Issue 19/11 (2017)
S.Dowdall, I.Kapovich, C.Leininger McMullen polynomials and Lipschitz flows for free-by-cyclic groups go
D.Bucur, A.Henrot A new isoperimetric inequality for the elasticae go
O.Munteanu, J.Wang Conical structure for shrinking Ricci solitons go
J.Demailly, H.Gaussier Algebraic embeddings of smooth almost complex structures go
R.Dujardin, C.Favre The dynamical Manin–Mumford problem for plane polynomial automorphisms go
T.Geisser, A.Schmidt Tame class field theory for singular varieties over finite fields go
A.Gloria, F.Otto Quantitative results on the corrector equation in stochastic homogenization go
A.Saha On sup-norms of cusp forms of powerful level go
Issue 19/10 (2017)
E.Rips, Y.Segev, K.Tent A sharply 2-transitive group without a non-trivial abelian normal subgroup go
J.Alves, C.Dias, S.Luzzatto, V.Pinheiro SRB measures for partially hyperbolic systems whose central direction is weakly expanding go
P.Kurlberg, H.Ueberschär Superscars in the Šeba billiard go
Y.Peterzil, S.Starchenko Topological groups, $\mu$-types and their stabilizers go
K.Wang A new proof of Savin's theorem on Allen–Cahn equations go
V.Gadre Partial sums of excursions along random geodesics and volume asymptotics for thin parts of moduli spaces of quadratic differentials go
A.Baudisch, A.Martin-Pizarro, M.Ziegler A model-theoretic study of right-angled buildings go
D.Ciubotaru, X.He Cocenters and representations of affine Hecke algebras go
S.Lysenko Geometric Eisenstein series: twisted setting go
Issue 19/9 (2017)
R.Anno, T.Logvinenko Spherical DG-functors go
D.Eisenbud, D.Erman Categorified duality in Boij–Söderberg theory and invariants of free complexes go
H.Parlier, L.Pournin Flip-graph moduli spaces of filling surfaces go
M.Boyle, J.Buzzi The almost Borel structure of surface diffeomorphisms, Markov shifts and their factors go
D.Abramovich, Q.Chen, S.Marcus, J.Wise Boundedness of the space of stable logarithmic maps go
Y.Berest, G.Felder, S.Patotski, A.Ramadoss, T.Willwacher Representation homology, Lie algebra cohomology and the derived Harish-Chandra homomorphism go
Issue 19/8 (2017)
C.De Lellis, F.Ghiraldin, F.Maggi A direct approach to Plateau's problem go
Y.Morimoto, T.Yang, H.Zhao Convergence to self-similar solutions for the homogeneous Boltzmann equation go
T.Burness, R.Guralnick, J.Saxl On base sizes for algebraic groups go
F.Pakovich Solution of the parametric center problem for the Abel differential equation go
V.Georgescu, C.Gérard, D.Häfner Asymptotic completeness for superradiant Klein–Gordon equations and applications to the De Sitter–Kerr metric go
I.Bejenaru, S.Herr On global well-posedness and scattering for the massive Dirac–Klein–Gordon system go
S.Kumar Positivity in $T$-equivariant $K$-theory of flag varieties associated to Kac–Moody groups go
O.Pocovnicu Almost sure global well-posedness for the energy-critical defocusing nonlinear wave equation on $\mathbb R^d$, $d=4$ and $5$ go
Issue 19/7 (2017)
Y.Yao, A.Zlatoš Mixing and un-mixing by incompressible flows go
J.Vázquez, Pablo, F.Quirós, A.Rodríguez Classical solutions and higher regularity for nonlinear fractional diffusion equations go
I.Heckenberger, L.Vendramin The classification of Nichols algebras over groups with finite root system of rank two go
J.Bell, S.Launois, O.León Sánchez, R.Moosa Poisson algebras via model theory and differential-algebraic geometry go
I.Ciocan-Fontanine, B.Kim Higher genus quasimap wall-crossing for semipositive targets go
K.Eisenträger, A.Shlapentokh Hilbert's Tenth Problem over function fields of positive characteristic not containing the algebraic closure of a finite field go
M.Abouzaid The family Floer functor is faithful go
Issue 19/6 (2017)
C.Voisin On the universal CH$_ 0$ group of cubic hypersurfaces go
V.Lie Pointwise convergence of Fourier series (I). On a conjecture of Konyagin go
P.Guarino, Melo Rigidity of smooth critical circle maps go
J.Fox, J.Pach, A.Sheffer, A.Suk, J.Zahl A semi-algebraic version of Zarankiewicz's problem go
P.Csikvári Lower matching conjecture, and a new proof of Schrijver's and Gurvits's theorems go
J.Helton, I.Klep, S.McCullough The tracial Hahn–Banach theorem, polar duals, matrix convex sets, and projections of free spectrahedra go
W.Bergweiler, A.Eremenko On the Bank–Laine conjecture go
Issue 19/5 (2017)
K.Bou-Rabee, M.Larsen Linear groups with Borel's property go
J.Bourgain, A.Kontorovich Beyond expansion II: low-lying fundamental geodesics go
T.Kulczycki On concavity of solutions of the Dirichlet problem for the equation $(-\Delta)^{1/2} \varphi = 1$ in convex planar regions go
I.Coskun, J.Huizenga, M.Woolf The effective cone of the moduli space of sheaves on the plane go
O.Guédon, A.Litvak, A.Pajor, N.Tomczak-Jaegermann On the interval of fluctuation of the singular values of random matrices go
M.Bruveris, F.Vialard On completeness of groups of diffeomorphisms go
M.Young Weyl-type hybrid subconvexity bounds for twisted $L$-functions and Heegner points on shrinking sets go
H.Kraft, A.Regeta Automorphisms of the Lie algebra of vector fields on affine $n$-space go
E.Le Donne, S.Rigot Besicovitch covering property for homogeneous distances on the Heisenberg groups go
Issue 19/4 (2017)
S.Dipierro, O.Savin, E.Valdinoci All functions are locally $s$-harmonic up to a small error go
J.Azzam, S.Hofmann, J.Martell, K.Nyström, T.Toro A new characterization of chord-arc domains go
M.Kassmann, A.Mimica Intrinsic scaling properties for nonlocal operators go
P.Achar, A.Henderson, D.Juteau, S.Riche Modular generalized Springer correspondence II: classical groups go
B.Späth A reduction theorem for Dade’s projective conjecture go
M.Ballard, D.Deliu, D.Favero, M.Isik, L.Katzarkov Homological projective duality via variation of geometric invariant theory quotients go
P.Koskela, J.Xiao, Y.Zhang, Y.Zhou A quasiconformal composition problem for the $Q$-spaces go
C.Li, S.Li, K.Saito, Y.Shen Mirror symmetry for exceptional unimodular singularities go
R.Guralnick, F.Herzig, P.Tiep Adequate subgroups and indecomposable modules go
Issue 19/3 (2017)
A.Chiodo, G.Farkas Singularities of the moduli space of level curves go
S.Casalaina-Martin, S.Grushevsky, K.Hulek, R.Laza Extending the Prym map to toroidal compactifications of the moduli space of abelian varieties (with an appendix by Mathieu Dutour Sikirić) go
R.van der Hofstad, A.Nachmias Hypercube percolation go
F.Ardila, F.Rincón, L.Williams Positively oriented matroids are realizable go
A.Brini, G.Carlet, S.Romano, P.Rossi Rational reductions of the 2D-Toda hierarchy and mirror symmetry go
G.Lecué, S.Mendelson Sparse recovery under weak moment assumptions go
M.Gidea, la Llave Perturbations of geodesic flows by recurrent dynamics go
Issue 19/2 (2017)
I.Heckenberger, L.Vendramin A classification of Nichols algebras of semisimple Yetter–Drinfeld modules over non-abelian groups go
T.Browning, D.Heath-Brown Forms in many variables and differing degrees go
F.Cagnetti, M.Colombo, G.De Philippis, F.Maggi Essential connectedness and the rigidity problem for Gaussian symmetrization go
J.Calvo, J.Campos, V.Caselles, Ó.Sánchez, J.Soler Qualitative behaviour for flux-saturated mechanisms: travelling waves, waiting time and smoothing effects go
T.Iwaniec, J.Onninen Limits of Sobolev homeomorphisms go
R.Ghiloni, A.Tancredi Algebraicity of Nash sets and of their asymmetric cobordism go
K.Krupchyk, G.Uhlmann Absolute continuity of the periodic Schrödinger operator in transversal geometry go
A.Abbondandolo, L.Macarini, M.Mazzucchelli, G.Paternain Infinitely many periodic orbits of exact magnetic flows on surfaces for almost every subcritical energy level go
T.Venkataramana Hypergeometric groups of orthogonal type go
M.Guardia, V.Kaloshin Erratum to “Growth of Sobolev norms in the cubic defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation” go
Issue 19/1 (2017)
F.Caravenna, R.Sun, N.Zygouras Polynomial chaos and scaling limits of disordered systems go
A.Bondarenko, S.Tikhonov Bernstein inequalities with nondoubling weights go
R.Cluckers, L.Lipshitz Strictly convergent analytic structures go
F.Baudoin, N.Garofalo Curvature-dimension inequalities and Ricci lower bounds for sub-Riemannian manifolds with transverse symmetries go
J.Berndt, C.Olmos, S.Reggiani Compact homogeneous Riemannian manifolds with low coindex of symmetry go
J.Mináč, N.Tân Triple Massey products and Galois theory go
A.Rinot Hedetniemi's conjecture for uncountable graphs go
Issue 18/12 (2016)
S.Sam Orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras, Koszul duality, and a complete intersection analogue of the Eagon–Northcott complex go
A.Ioana Orbit equivalence and Borel reducibility rigidity for profinite actions with spectral gap go
I.Kossovskiy, R.Shafikov Divergent CR-equivalences and meromorphic differential equations go
A.Chernikov, I.Kaplan, S.Shelah On non-forking spectra go
P.Aluffi Segre classes as integrals over polytopes go
S.Terracini, G.Verzini, A.Zilio Uniform Hölder bounds for strongly competing systems involving the square root of the laplacian go
A.Buryak, S.Shadrin, D.Zvonkine Top tautological group of $\mathcal M_{g,n}$ go
J.Kinnunen, P.Lindqvist, T.Lukkari Perron's method for the porous medium equation go
X.Cabré, X.Ros-Oton, J.Serra Sharp isoperimetric inequalities via the ABP method go
Issue 18/11 (2016)
J.Ottem On subvarieties with ample normal bundle go
I.Bárány, J.Matoušek, A.Pór Curves in $\mathbb R^d$ intersecting every hyperplane at most $d+1$ times go
H.Flenner, S.Kaliman, M.Zaidenberg A Gromov–Winkelmann type theorem for flexible varieties go
F.Forstnerič Noncritical holomorphic functions on Stein spaces go
G.Lyubeznik, A.Singh, U.Walther Local cohomology modules supported at determinantal ideals go
D.Dos Santos Ferreira, Y.Kurylev, M.Lassas, M.Salo The Calderón problem in transversally anisotropic geometries go
T.Ekholm, K.Honda, T.Kálmán Legendrian knots and exact Lagrangian cobordisms go
Issue 18/10 (2016)
C.Diemer, L.Katzarkov, G.Kerr Symplectomorphism group relations and degenerations of Landau–Ginzburg models go
A.Hubery, H.Krause A categorification of non-crossing partitions go
J.Féjoz, M.Guardia, V.Kaloshin, P.Roldán Kirkwood gaps and diffusion along mean motion resonances in the restricted planar three-body problem go
F.Martin Overconvergent subanalytic subsets in the framework of Berkovich spaces go
Issue 18/9 (2016)
A.De Sole, V.Kac, D.Valeri Structure of classical (finite and affine) $\mathcal W$-algebras go
M.Bridson The strong profinite genus of a finitely presented group can be infinite go
L.Baratchart, A.Borichev, S.Chaabi Pseudo-holomorphic functions at the critical exponent go
M.Ghisi, M.Gobbino, A.Haraux Optimal decay estimates for the general solution to a class of semi-linear dissipative hyperbolic equations go
C.Perin, R.Sklinos Forking and JSJ decompositions in the free group go
E.Serra, P.Tilli A minimization approach to hyperbolic Cauchy problems go
S.Alexakis, A.Shao Bounds on the Bondi energy by a flux of curvature go
A.Mielke, R.Rossi, G.Savaré Balanced Viscosity (BV) solutions to infinite-dimensional rate-independent systems go
Issue 18/8 (2016)
S.Jabuka, S.Naik Periodic knots and Heegaard Floer correction terms go
A.Alarcón, F.López Complete bounded embedded complex curves in $\mathbb C^2$ go
C.Lin, J.Wei, L.Zhang Local profile of fully bubbling solutions to $\mathrm {SU} (n+1)$ Toda systems go
S.Selberg, A.Tesfahun Null structure and local well-posedness in the energy class for the Yang–Mills equations in Lorenz gauge go
U.Shapira, B.Weiss Stable lattices and the diagonal group go
R.Reis, M.Weiss Rational Pontryagin classes and functor calculus go
J.Lott, Z.Zhang Ricci flow on quasiprojective manifolds II go
D.Aulicino, D.Nguyen, A.Wright Classification of higher rank orbit closures in ${\mathcal H^{\mathrm{odd}}(4)}$ go
Issue 18/7 (2016)
P.Achar, A.Henderson, D.Juteau, S.Riche Modular generalized Springer correspondence I: the general linear group go
S.Marshall $L^p$ norms of higher rank eigenfunctions and bounds for spherical functions go
C.Scheiderer Sums of squares of polynomials with rational coefficients go
M.Bhupal, B.Ozbagci Symplectic fillings of lens spaces as Lefschetz fibrations go
I.Cheltsov, J.Park, J.Won Affine cones over smooth cubic surfaces go
H.Andréasson, H.Ringström Proof of the cosmic no-hair conjecture in the $\mathbb T^3$-Gowdy symmetric Einstein–Vlasov setting go
Issue 18/6 (2016)
X.Chen, J.Holmer On the Klainerman–Machedon conjecture for the quantum BBGKY hierarchy with self-interaction go
C.Raicu Representation stability for syzygies of line bundles on Segre–Veronese varieties go
Y.Bugeaud, A.Durand Metric Diophantine approximation on the middle-third Cantor set go
C.Wockel, C.Zhu Integrating central extensions of Lie algebras via Lie 2-groups go
C.Imbert, L.Silvestre Estimates on elliptic equations that hold only where the gradient is large go
T.Abe, M.Barakat, M.Cuntz, T.Hoge, H.Terao The freeness of ideal subarrangements of Weyl arrangements go
J.Kaczorowski, A.Perelli Twists and resonance of $L$-functions, I go
B.Krötz, H.Schlichtkrull Finite orbit decomposition of real flag manifolds go
Issue 18/5 (2016)
P.Caputo, E.Lubetzky, F.Martinelli, A.Sly, F.Toninelli Scaling limit and cube-root fluctuations in SOS surfaces above a wall go
D.Borthwick, C.Guillarmou Upper bounds for the number of resonances on geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds go
Y.Privat, E.Trélat, E.Zuazua Optimal observability of the multi-dimensional wave and Schrödinger equations in quantum ergodic domains go
D.Hernandez, B.Leclerc A cluster algebra approach to $q$-characters of Kirillov–Reshetikhin modules go
Issue 18/4 (2016)
A.Fink, L.Moci Matroids over a ring go
D.Gayet, J.Welschinger Betti numbers of random real hypersurfaces and determinants of random symmetric matrices go
L.Bienvenu, N.Greenberg, A.Kučera, A.Nies, D.Turetsky Coherent randomness tests and computing the $K$-trivial sets go
A.Booker Simple zeros of degree 2 $L$-functions go
A.Némethi, B.Sigurdsson The geometric genus of hypersurface singularities go
C.Batty, R.Chill, Y.Tomilov Fine scales of decay of operator semigroups go
Issue 18/3 (2016)
F.Hamel, J.Nolen, J.Roquejoffre, L.Ryzhik The logarithmic delay of KPP fronts in a periodic medium go
A.Kuznetsov, A.Polishchuk Exceptional collections on isotropic Grassmannians go
J.Wang, P.Yu A large data regime for nonlinear wave equations go
M.Marcolli, G.Tabuada Noncommutative numerical motives, Tannakian structures, and motivic Galois groups go
A.Merkurjev Degree three cohomological invariants of semisimple groups go
Issue 18/2 (2016)
R.Laza The KSBA compactification for the moduli space of degree two $K$3 pairs go
R.Lipshitz, D.Treumann Noncommutative Hodge-to-de Rham spectral sequence and the Heegaard Floer homology of double covers go
T.Kempton Sets of $\beta$-expansions and the Hausdorff measure of slices through fractals go
A.Lerario Complexity of intersections of real quadrics and topology of symmetric determinantal varieties go
B.Avelin, U.Gianazza, S.Salsa Boundary estimates for certain degenerate and singular parabolic equations go
N.Lev, J.Ortega-Cerdà Equidistribution estimates for Fekete points on complex manifolds go
Issue 18/1 (2016)
O.Randal-Williams Resolutions of moduli spaces and homological stability go
M.Eichmair, L.Huang, D.Lee, R.Schoen The spacetime positive mass theorem in dimensions less than eight go
K.Matomäki Real zeros of holomorphic Hecke cusp forms and sieving short intervals go
B.Khesin, F.Soloviev The geometry of dented pentagram maps go
D.Feng On the topology of polynomials with bounded integer coefficients go
F.Cao, M.Gyllenberg, Y.Wang Group actions on monotone skew-product semiflows with applications go
Issue 17/12 (2015)
L.DeVille, E.Lerman Modular dynamical systems on networks go
Y.Benoist, T.Kobayashi Tempered reductive homogeneous spaces go
S.Margolis, F.Saliola, B.Steinberg Combinatorial topology and the global dimension of algebras arising in combinatorics go
E.Kuwert, T.Lamm, Y.Li Two-dimensional curvature functionals with superquadratic growth go
L.Bartholdi Self-similar Lie algebras go
E.Cabezas-Rivas, B.Wilking How to produce a Ricci flow via Cheeger–Gromoll exhaustion go
Issue 17/11 (2015)
D.Coronel, J.Rivera-Letelier High-order phase transitions in the quadratic family go
E.Backelin, K.Kremnitzer Singular localization of $\mathfrak{g}$-modules and applications to representation theory go
G.Ciraolo, R.Magnanini, S.Sakaguchi Symmetry of minimizers with a level surface parallel to the boundary go
M.Lock, J.Viaclovsky Anti-self-dual orbifolds with cyclic quotient singularities go
S.Bouc The Roquette category of finite $p$-groups go
J.Brüdern, T.Wooley Cubic moments of Fourier coefficients and pairs of diagonal quartic forms go
P.Caprace, Cornulier, N.Monod, R.Tessera Amenable hyperbolic groups go
D.Castorina, M.Sanchón Regularity of stable solutions of $p$-Laplace equations through geometric Sobolev type inequalities go
Issue 17/10 (2015)
F.Costantino, J.Marché Generating series and asymptotics of classical spin networks go
M.Bolognesi, N.Giansiracusa Factorization of point configurations, cyclic covers, and conformal blocks go
A.Bartel, T.Dokchitser Brauer relations in finite groups go
M.Blair, C.Sogge On Kakeya–Nikodym averages, $L^p$-norms and lower bounds for nodal sets of eigenfunctions in higher dimensions go
S.Popov, A.Teixeira Soft local times and decoupling of random interlacements go
C.Mauduit, J.Rivat Prime numbers along Rudin–Shapiro sequences go
I.Angiono A presentation by generators and relations of Nichols algebras of diagonal type and convex orders on root systems go
Y.Du, B.Lou Spreading and vanishing in nonlinear diffusion problems with free boundaries go
Issue 17/9 (2015)
J.Bourgain, H.Brezis, P.Mironescu A new function space and applications go
M.Bidaut-Véron, Q.Nguyen Stability properties for quasilinear parabolic equations with measure data go
M.Gursky, A.Malchiodi A strong maximum principle for the Paneitz operator and a non-local flow for the $Q$-curvature go
S.Cappell, S.Weinberger, M.Yan Topological classification of multiaxial $U(n)$-actions (with an appendix by Jared Bass) go
I.Kim, P.Pansu Flexibility of surface groups in classical simple Lie groups go
J.Fang, X.Zhao Bistable traveling waves for monotone semiflows with applications go
Y.Sano, C.Tipler Extremal metrics and lower bound of the modified K-energy go
G.Lehrer, R.Zhang The Brauer category and invariant theory go
C.Sabot, P.Tarrès Edge-reinforced random walk, vertex-reinforced jump process and the supersymmetric hyperbolic sigma model go
D.Masser, U.Zannier Torsion points on families of simple abelian surfaces and Pell's equation over polynomial rings (with an appendix by E. V. Flynn) go
Issue 17/8 (2015)
L.Ambrosio, S.Di Marino, G.Savaré On the duality between $p$-modulus and probability measures go
Y.Martel, F.Merle, P.Raphaël Blow up for the critical gKdV equation. II: Minimal mass dynamics go
L.Erdős, H.Yau Gap universality of generalized Wigner and $\beta$-ensembles go
F.De Marchis, I.Ianni, F.Pacella Asymptotic analysis and sign-changing bubble towers for Lane–Emden problems go
N.Templier Hybrid sup-norm bounds for Hecke–Maass cusp forms go
Issue 17/7 (2015)
N.Alikakos, G.Fusco A maximum principle for systems with variational structure and an application to standing waves go
C.Böhning, H.Graf von Bothmer, L.Katzarkov, P.Sosna Determinantal Barlow surfaces and phantom categories go
D.Grantcharov, J.Jung, S.Kang, M.Kashiwara, M.Kim Crystal bases for the quantum queer superalgebra go
E.Bayer-Fluckiger Isometries of quadratic spaces go
V.Colin, S.Sandon The discriminant and oscillation lengths for contact and Legendrian isotopies go
A.Nahmod, G.Staffilani Almost sure well-posedness for the periodic 3D quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation below the energy space go
S.Thomas A descriptive view of unitary group representations go
V.Barbu, M.Röckner An operatorial approach to stochastic partial differential equations driven by linear multiplicative noise go
Issue 17/6 (2015)
D.De Silva, O.Savin Regularity of Lipschitz free boundaries for the thin one-phase problem go
H.Nguyen Cloaking via anomalous localized resonance for doubly complementary media in the quasistatic regime go
E.Breuillard, B.Green, R.Guralnick, T.Tao Expansion in finite simple groups of Lie type go
A.Avila, M.Viana, A.Wilkinson Absolute continuity, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity I: geodesic flows go
A.Pomponio, D.Ruiz A variational analysis of a gauged nonlinear Schrödinger equation go
R.Jerrard, D.Smets On the motion of a curve by its binormal curvature go
C.Aistleitner, I.Berkes, K.Seip GCD sums from Poisson integrals and systems of dilated functions go
Issue 17/5 (2015)
E.Milman Sharp isoperimetric inequalities and model spaces for the Curvature-Dimension-Diameter condition go
A.Figalli, D.Jerison Quantitative stability for sumsets in $\mathbb R^n$ go
Y.Deng Invariance of the Gibbs measure for the Benjamin–Ono equation go
H.Matano, F.Punzo, A.Tesei Front propagation for nonlinear diffusion equations on the hyperbolic space go
P.LeFloch, J.Smulevici Weakly regular $T^2$-symmetric spacetimes. The global geometry of future Cauchy developments go
Issue 17/4 (2015)
J.Draisma, R.Eggermont Finiteness results for Abelian tree models go
P.Blagojević, B.Matschke, G.Ziegler Optimal bounds for the colored Tverberg problem go
S.Hensel, P.Przytycki, R.Webb 1-slim triangles and uniform hyperbolicity for arc graphs and curve graphs go
P.Bousquet, A.Ponce, J.Van Schaftingen Strong density for higher order Sobolev spaces into compact manifolds go
S.Ibrahim, N.Masmoudi, K.Nakanishi Trudinger–Moser inequality on the whole plane with the exact growth condition go
A.Mohammadi, H.Oh Matrix coefficients, counting and primes for orbits of geometrically finite groups go
P.Feehan, T.Leness Witten's Conjecture for many four-manifolds of simple type go
A.Eisenmann Counting arithmetic subgroups and subgroup growth of virtually free groups go
P.Paradan Quantization commutes with reduction in the non-compact setting: the case of holomorphic discrete series go
D.Jiang, C.Nien, S.Stevens Towards the Jacquet conjecture on the Local Converse Problem for $p$-adic $\mathrm {GL}_n$ go
S.Bandyopadhyay, B.Dacorogna, S.Sil Calculus of variations with differential forms go
Issue 17/3 (2015)
G.d'Antonio, E.Delucchi Minimality of toric arrangements go
M.Wibmer Skolem–Mahler–Lech type theorems and Picard–Vessiot theory go
V.Dotsenko, S.Shadrin, B.Vallette De Rham cohomology and homotopy Frobenius manifolds go
J.Bagaria, C.Casacuberta, A.Mathias, J.Rosický Definable orthogonality classes in accessible categories are small go
I.Burban, T.Henrich Vector bundles on plane cubic curves and the classical Yang–Baxter equation go
J.Cuntz, S.Echterhoff, X.Li On the K-theory of the C*-algebra generated by the left regular representation of an Ore semigroup go
P.Nowak Poincaré inequalities and rigidity for actions on Banach spaces go
Issue 17/2 (2015)
T.Blossier, A.Martin-Pizarro, F.Wagner Géométries relatives go
F.Bauer, M.Keller, R.Wojciechowski Cheeger inequalities for unbounded graph Laplacians go
S.Hochgerner, T.Ratiu Geometry of non-holonomic diffusion go
K.Cieliebak, E.Volkov First steps in stable Hamiltonian topology go
H.Andersen, V.Mazorchuk Category $\mathcal O$ for quantum groups go
E.Mossel, J.Neeman Robust optimality of Gaussian noise stability go
Issue 17/1 (2015)
S.Crovisier, M.Sambarino, D.Yang Partial hyperbolicity and homoclinic tangencies go
V.Blomer, D.Milićević Kloosterman sums in residue classes go
M.Guardia, V.Kaloshin Growth of Sobolev norms in the cubic defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation go
M.Magee Quantitative spectral gap for thin groups of hyperbolic isometries go
P.Balmer Stacks of group representations go
Issue 16/12 (2014)
S.Goette Adiabatic limits of Seifert fibrations, Dedekind sums, and the diffeomorphism type of certain 7-manifolds go
H.Lacoin, F.Simenhaus, F.Toninelli Zero-temperature 2D stochastic Ising model and anisotropic curve-shortening flow go
O.García-Prada, J.Heinloth, A.Schmitt On the motives of moduli of chains and Higgs bundles go
C.Leininger, S.Schleimer Hyperbolic spaces in Teichmüller spaces go
D.Panyushev Abelian ideals of a Borel subalgebra and root systems go
Issue 16/11 (2014)
A.Mas, X.Tolsa Variation for the Riesz transform and uniform rectifiability go
G.Gentili, S.Salamon, C.Stoppato Twistor transforms of quaternionic functions and orthogonal complex structures go
A.Ionescu, B.Pausader Global solutions of quasilinear systems of Klein–Gordon equations in 3D go
J.Apraiz, L.Escauriaza, G.Wang, C.Zhang Observability inequalities and measurable sets go
K.Irie Hofer–Zehnder capacity of unit disk cotangent bundles and the loop product go
Issue 16/10 (2014)
M.Mendes Lopes, R.Pardini, G.Pirola Brill–Noether loci for divisors on irregular varieties go
O.Angel, A.Kechris, R.Lyons Random orderings and unique ergodicity of automorphism groups go
P.Dodos, V.Kanellopoulos, K.Tyros A density version of the Carlson–Simpson theorem go
G.Verchota Strongly elliptic linear operators without coercive quadratic forms
I. Constant coefficient operators and forms
D.Li, Y.Wu The Cauchy problem for the two dimensional Euler–Poisson system go
Issue 16/9 (2014)
R.Göbel, D.Herden, S.Shelah Prescribing endomorphism algebras of $\aleph_n$-free modules go
G.Farkas, S.Grushevsky, R.Salvati Manni, A.Verra Singularities of theta divisors and the geometry of $\mathcal A_5$ go
J.Geronimo, P.Iliev Fejér–Riesz factorizations and the structure of bivariate polynomials orthogonal on the bi-circle go
M.Bhargava, M.Satriano On a notion of “Galois closure” for extensions of rings go
A.Avila, S.Jitomirskaya, C.Sadel Complex one-frequency cocycles go
K.Lin, X.Luo, S.Yau, H.Zuo On a number theoretic conjecture on positive integral points in a 5-dimensional tetrahedron and a sharp estimate of the Dickman–De Bruijn function go
F.Germinet, F.Klopp Spectral statistics for random Schrödinger operators in the localized regime go
Issue 16/8 (2014)
S.Barone, S.Basu On homotopy types of limits of semi-algebraic sets and additive complexity of polynomials go
W.Kucharz Approximation by continuous rational maps into spheres go
M.Usher Submanifolds and the Hofer norm go
E.Fuchs, C.Meiri, P.Sarnak Hyperbolic monodromy groups for the hypergeometric equation and Cartan involutions go
E.Aichinger, P.Mayr, R.McKenzie On the number of finite algebraic structures go
M.del Pino, F.Mahmoudi, M.Musso Bubbling on boundary submanifolds for the Lin–Ni–Takagi problem at higher critical exponents go
O.Benoist Quelques espaces de modules d'intersections complètes lisses qui sont quasi-projectifs go
Issue 16/7 (2014)
T.Ricciardi, T.Suzuki Duality and best constant for a Trudinger–Moser inequality involving probability measures go
M.Larsen, A.Lubotzky, C.Marion Deformation theory and finite simple quotients of triangle groups I go
L.Döring, R.Ignat, F.Otto A reduced model for domain walls in soft ferromagnetic films at the cross-over from symmetric to asymmetric wall types go
N.Fournier, M.Hauray, S.Mischler Propagation of chaos for the 2D viscous vortex model go
C.De Lellis, L.Székelyhidi Jr. Dissipative Euler flows and Onsager's conjecture go
R.Frank, M.Lewin, E.Lieb, R.Seiringer Strichartz inequality for orthonormal functions go
Issue 16/6 (2014)
T.Jin, Y.Li, J.Xiong On a fractional Nirenberg problem, part I: blow up analysis and compactness of solutions go
X.Wang Counterexample to the convexity of level sets of solutions to the mean curvature equation go
G.Pisier Quantum expanders and geometry of operator spaces go
A.Marian, D.Oprea On the strange duality conjecture for abelian surfaces go
N.Anantharaman, F.Macià Semiclassical measures for the Schrödinger equation on the torus go
J.Bourgain, A.Bulut Almost sure global well-posedness for the radial nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the unit ball II: the 3d case go
Issue 16/5 (2014)
A.Malchiodi, L.Martinazzi Critical points of the Moser-Trudinger functional on a disk go
A.Elgart, M.Shamis, S.Sodin Localisation for non-monotone Schrödinger operators go
R.Farnsteiner Jordan types for indecomposable modules of finite group schemes go
S.Brendle, S.Chen An existence theorem for the Yamabe problem on manifolds with boundary go
I.Gordon, I.Losev On category $\mathcal{O}$ for cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebras go
V.Moroz, C.Muratov Asymptotic properties of ground states of scalar field equations with a vanishing parameter go
Issue 16/4 (2014)
J.Demailly, S.Dinew, V.Guedj, P.Hiep, S.Kołodziej, A.Zeriahi Hölder continuous solutions to Monge–Ampère equations go
Y.Wang, P.Yung A subelliptic Bourgain–Brezis inequality go
G.Navarro, B.Späth On Brauer’s Height Zero Conjecture go
A.Skorobogatov, Y.Zarhin The Brauer group and the Brauer–Manin set of products of varieties go
J.Vázquez Barenblatt solutions and asymptotic behaviour for a nonlinear fractional heat equation of porous medium type go
A.Dimca, R.Hain, S.Papadima The abelianization of the Johnson kernel go
S.Mendelson, G.Paouris On the singular values of random matrices go
T.Kuusi, G.Mingione The Wolff gradient bound for degenerate parabolic equations go
Issue 16/3 (2014)
G.Francfort, A.Giacomini On periodic homogenization in perfect elasto-plasticity go
J.Burgos Gil, G.Freixas i Montplet, R.Liţcanu Generalized holomorphic analytic torsion go
J.Fernando, J.Gamboa, J.Ruiz Finiteness problems on Nash manifolds and Nash sets go
A.Cianchi, V.Maz'ya Gradient regularity via rearrangements for $p$-Laplacian type elliptic boundary value problems go
N.Nikolov, D.Segal On normal subgroups of compact groups go
Issue 16/2 (2014)
G.Alberti, S.Bianchini, G.Crippa A uniqueness result for the continuity equation in two dimensions go
M.Finkelberg, L.Rybnikov Quantization of Drinfeld Zastava in type $A$ go
J.Jung Sharp bounds for the intersection of nodal lines with certain curves go
M.Witte On a noncommutative Iwasawa main conjecture for varieties over finite fields go
B.Allison, S.Berman, A.Pianzola Multiloop algebras, iterated loop algebras and extended affine Lie algebras of nullity 2 go
O.Yakimova One-parameter contractions of Lie-Poisson brackets go
Issue 16/1 (2014)
N.Burq, N.Tzvetkov Probabilistic well-posedness for the cubic wave equation go
F.Canto-Martín, H.Hedenmalm, A.Montes-Rodríguez Perron-Frobenius operators and the Klein-Gordon equation go
K.Beauchard, P.Cannarsa, R.Guglielmi Null controllability of Grushin-type operators in dimension two go
F.Callegaro, I.Marin Homology computations for complex braid groups go Fernex, R.Docampo Jacobian discrepancies and rational singularities go
Issue 15/6 (2013)
Z.Reichstein, A.Vistoli A genericity theorem for algebraic stacks and essential dimension of hypersurfaces go
S.Friedl, S.Vidussi A vanishing theorem for twisted Alexander polynomials with applications to symplectic 4-manifolds go
G.Liao, M.Viana, J.Yang The entropy conjecture for diffeomorphisms away from tangencies go
P.Balmer Modular representations of finite groups with trivial restriction to Sylow subgroups go
B.Helffer, T.Hoffmann-Ostenhof On a magnetic characterization of spectral minimal partitions go
L.Erdős, S.Fournais, J.Solovej Stability and semiclassics in self-generated fields go
V.Gerasimov, L.Potyagailo Quasi-isometric maps and Floyd boundaries of relatively hyperbolic groups go
E.Brugallé, N.Puignau Enumeration of real conics and maximal configurations go
M.Bestvina, A.Eskin, K.Wortman Filling boundaries of coarse manifolds in semisimple and solvable arithmetic groups go
J.Lewis, K.Nyström, A.Vogel On the dimension of $p$-harmonic measure in space go
C.Berkesch Zamaere, D.Erman, M.Kummini, S.Sam Tensor complexes: multilinear free resolutions constructed from higher tensors go
R.Gardner, D.Hug, W.Weil Operations between sets in geometry go
L.Migliorini, V.Shende A support theorem for Hilbert schemes of planar curves go
I.Rodnianski, J.Speck The nonlinear future stability of the FLRW family of solutions to the irrotational Euler–Einstein system with a positive cosmological constant go
M.Hochman Erratum to “Geometric rigidity of $\times m$ invariant measures” (J. Eur. Math. Soc. 14, 1539–1563 (2012)) go
Issue 15/5 (2013)
N.Alon, A.Moitra, B.Sudakov Nearly complete graphs decomposable into large induced matchings and their applications go
J.Bourgain, N.Burq, M.Zworski Control for Schrödinger operators on 2-tori: rough potentials go
J.Luk The null condition and global existence for nonlinear wave equations on slowly rotating Kerr spacetimes go
L.Caffarelli, F.Soria, J.Vázquez Regularity of solutions of the fractional porous medium flow go
I.Morris, N.Sidorov On a devil’s staircase associated to the joint spectral radii of a family of pairs of matrices go
I.Tyomkin On Zariski's theorem in positive characteristic go
M.Struwe The critical nonlinear wave equation in two space dimensions go
V.Blomer On the 4-norm of an automorphic form go
M.Chen, Q.Zhang On a question of Demailly-Peternell-Schneider go
J.Byeon, K.Tanaka Semi-classical standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations at structurally stable critical points of the potential go
C.Kenig, F.Lin, Z.Shen Estimates of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions in periodic homogenization go
P.Corvaja, U.Zannier Greatest common divisors of $u-1, v-1$ in positive characteristic and rational points on curves over finite fields go
G.Dal Maso Generalised functions of bounded deformation go
Issue 15/4 (2013)
A.Figalli, Y.Kim, R.McCann Regularity of optimal transport maps on multiple products of spheres go
M.Aizenman, S.Warzel Resonant delocalization for random Schrödinger operators on tree graphs go
C.McMullen Navigating moduli space with complex twists go
M.Barchiesi, F.Cagnetti, N.Fusco Stability of the Steiner symmetrization of convex sets go
R.Lipshitz, P.Ozsváth, D.Thurston A faithful linear-categorical action of the mapping class group of a surface with boundary go
N.Curien, W.Werner The Markovian hyperbolic triangulation go
F.Cellarosi, Y.Sinai Ergodic properties of square-free numbers go
E.Letellier Quiver varieties and the character ring of general linear groups over finite fields go
B.Lian, R.Song, S.Yau Periodic integrals and tautological systems go
J.Le Rousseau, M.Léautaud, L.Robbiano Controllability of a parabolic system with a diffuse interface go
Issue 15/3 (2013)
G.Amir, O.Angel, B.Virág Amenability of linear-activity automaton groups go
B.Totaro Line bundles with partially vanishing cohomology go
A.Porretta, L.Véron Separable solutions of quasilinear Lane–Emden equations go
D.Wehlau Invariants for the modular cyclic group of prime order via classical invariant theory go
N.Bez, K.Rogers A sharp Strichartz estimate for the wave equation with data in the energy space go
M.Boulakia, S.Guerrero Local null controllability of a fluid-solid interaction problem in dimension 3 go
R.Bass A stability theorem for elliptic Harnack inequalities go
J.Van Schaftingen Limiting Sobolev inequalities for vector fields and canceling linear differential operators go
A.Mielke, U.Stefanelli Linearized plasticity is the evolutionary $\Gamma$-limit of finite plasticity go
A.Bruno, M.Mella The automorphism group of $\overline{M}_{0,n}$ go
J.Etnyre, L.Ng, V.Vértesi Legendrian and transverse twist knots go
Q.Chen, J.Jost, G.Wang, M.Zhu The boundary value problem for Dirac-harmonic maps go
H.Cao, J.Keller About the Calabi problem: a finite-dimensional approach go
G.Calsamiglia, B.Deroin, S.Frankel, A.Guillot Singular sets of holonomy maps for algebraic foliations go
M.Cicalese, G.Leonardi Best constants for the isoperimetric inequality in quantitative form go
Issue 15/2 (2013)
E.Lubetzky, F.Martinelli, A.Sly, F.Toninelli Quasi-polynomial mixing of the 2D stochastic Ising model with “plus” boundary up to criticality go
A.Bonfiglioli, E.Lanconelli Subharmonic functions in sub-Riemannian settings go
V.Colin, K.Honda Reeb vector fields and open book decompositions go
R.Juhlin, B.Lamel Automorphism groups of minimal real-analytic CR manifolds go
I.Itenberg, V.Kharlamov, E.Shustin Welschinger invariants of small non-toric Del Pezzo surfaces go
O.Blanco, M.Sánchez, J.Senovilla Structure of second-order symmetric Lorentzian manifolds go
S.Basu, A.Gabrielov, N.Vorobjov Semi-monotone sets go
J.Fu, Z.Wang, D.Wu Semilinear equations, the $\gamma_k$ function, and generalized Gauduchon metrics go
K.Phung, G.Wang An observability estimate for parabolic equations from a measurable set in time and its applications go
Issue 15/1 (2013)
D.Arcara, A.Bertram Bridgeland-stable moduli spaces for $K$-trivial surfaces go
Y.Bugeaud, P.Hubert, T.Schmidt Transcendence with Rosen continued fractions go
F.Germinet, A.Klein A comprehensive proof of localization for continuous Anderson models with singular random potentials go
H.Castro, J.Dávila, H.Wang A Hardy type inequality for $W^{m,1}_0(\Omega)$ functions go
J.Carlson, N.Mazza, J.Thévenaz Endotrivial modules over groups with quaternion or semi-dihedral Sylow 2-subgroup go
F.Bracci, D.Zaitsev Dynamics of one-resonant biholomorphisms go
P.Constantin, D.Córdoba, F.Gancedo, R.Strain On the global existence for the Muskat problem go
M.Berti, P.Bolle Quasi-periodic solutions with Sobolev regularity of NLS on $\mathbb T^d$ with a multiplicative potential go
M.Mendel, A.Naor Markov convexity and local rigidity of distorted metrics go
Issue 14/6 (2012)
S.Oppermann, H.Thomas Higher-dimensional cluster combinatorics and representation theory go
A.Mustaţă, A.Mustaţă The structure of a local embedding and Chern classes of weighted blow-ups go
Q.Lü, J.Yong, X.Zhang Representation of Itô integrals by Lebesgue/Bochner integrals go
S.Alama, L.Bronsard, E.Sandier On the Lawrence–Doniach model of superconductivity: magnetic fields parallel to the axes go
M.Hammerl, P.Somberg, V.Souček, J.Šilhan On a new normalization for tractor covariant derivatives go
R.Carles, E.Dumas, C.Sparber Geometric optics and instability for NLS and Davey–Stewartson models go
M.Musso, F.Pacard, J.Wei Finite-energy sign-changing solutions with dihedral symmetry for the stationary nonlinear Schrödinger equation go
V.Rotger, M.Seveso $\mathcal L$-invariants and Darmon cycles attached to modular forms go
X.Chen, B.Wang The Kähler Ricci flow on Fano manifolds (I) go
Issue 14/5 (2012)
N.Keller A tight quantitative version of Arrow’s impossibility theorem go
O.Ivanovici Counterexamples to the Strichartz inequalities for the wave equation in general domains with boundary go
T.Duyckaerts, C.Kenig, F.Merle Universality of the blow-up profile for small type II blow-up solutions of the energy-critical wave equation: the nonradial case go
J.Bourgain, A.Gamburd A spectral gap theorem in SU$(d)$ go
J.Brodzki, G.Niblo, N.Wright Pairings, duality, amenability and bounded cohomology go
M.Liebeck, D.Segal, A.Shalev The density of representation degrees go
M.Hochman Geometric rigidity of $\times m$ invariant measures go
C.Haberl Minkowski valuations intertwining the special linear group go
A.Johansson, A.Öberg, M.Pollicott Unique Bernoulli g-measures go
N.Mok Extension of germs of holomorphic isometries up to normalizing constants with respect to the Bergman metric go
M.Abért, N.Nikolov Rank gradient, cost of groups and the rank versus Heegaard genus problem go
Issue 14/4 (2012)
J.Amorós, M.Manjarín, M.Nicolau Deformations of Kähler manifolds with nonvanishing holomorphic vector fields go
C.Ausoni, J.Rognes Algebraic $K$-theory of the first Morava $K$-theory go
Y.Lee, R.Pandharipande Algebraic cobordism of bundles on varieties go
Y.Su, R.Zhang Generalised Jantzen filtration of Lie superalgebras I go
A.Felikson, M.Shapiro, P.Tumarkin Skew-symmetric cluster algebras of finite mutation type go
M.Hedden, P.Kirk, C.Livingston Non-slice linear combinations of algebraic knots go
D.Cimasoni Discrete Dirac operators on Riemann surfaces and Kasteleyn matrices go
B.Noris, H.Tavares, S.Terracini, G.Verzini Convergence of minimax structures and continuation of critical points for singularly perturbed systems go
A.Nahmod, T.Oh, L.Rey-Bellet, G.Staffilani Invariant weighted Wiener measures and almost sure global well-posedness for the periodic derivative NLS go
Issue 14/3 (2012)
R.Guralnick, P.Tiep A problem of Kollár and Larsen on finite linear groups and crepant resolutions go
O.Kharlampovich, A.Myasnikov Limits of relatively hyperbolic groups and Lyndon’s completions go
D.Iglesias-Ponte, C.Laurent-Gengoux, P.Xu Universal lifting theorem and quasi-Poisson groupoids go
S.Ball On sets of vectors of a finite vector space in which every subset of basis size is a basis go
K.Raschel Counting walks in a quadrant: a unified approach via boundary value problems go
Q.Dai, N.Trudinger, X.Wang The mean curvature measure go
D.Tamaki The Salvetti complex and the little cubes go
D.Ellis, Y.Filmus, E.Friedgut Triangle-intersecting families of graphs go
R.Bamler Construction of Einstein metrics by generalized Dehn filling go
C.Mourougane Families of hypersurfaces of large degree go
K.Auinger, I.Dolinka, M.Volkov Matrix identities involving multiplication and transposition go
M.Friedman, R.Lehman, M.Leyenson, M.Teicher On ramified covers of the projective plane II: Generalizing Segre’s theory go
Issue 14/2 (2012)
G.Freixas i Montplet An arithmetic Hilbert–Samuel theorem for pointed stable curves go
B.Tsaban, L.Zdomskyy Hereditarily Hurewicz spaces and Arhangel'skii sheaf amalgamations go
J.Brundan, C.Stroppel Highest weight categories arising from Khovanov's diagram algebra IV: the general linear supergroup go
R.Oberlin, A.Seeger, T.Tao, C.Thiele, J.Wright A variation norm Carleson theorem go
A.Ghosh, P.Sarnak Real zeros of holomorphic Hecke cusp forms go
Z.Izhakian, E.Shustin Idempotent semigroups and tropical algebraic sets go
D.Fiorenza, D.Iacono, E.Martinengo Differential graded Lie algebras controlling infinitesimal deformations of coherent sheaves go
M.Gekhtman, M.Shapiro, A.Vainshtein Poisson geometry of directed networks in an annulus go
T.Peternell Varieties with generically nef tangent bundles go
Issue 14/1 (2012)
B.Howard, J.Millson, A.Snowden, R.Vakil The ideal of relations for the ring of invariants of n points on the line go
A.Avila, J.Bochi, D.Damanik Opening gaps in the spectrum of strictly ergodic Schrödinger operators go
L.Allermann Tropical intersection products on smooth varieties go
N.Berger Slowdown estimates for ballistic random walk in random environment go
C.Fuchs, U.Zannier Composite rational functions expressible with few terms go
V.Banica, L.Vega Scattering for 1D cubic NLS and singular vortex dynamics go
F.Zak Asymptotic behaviour of numerical invariants of algebraic varieties go
P.Varjú Expansion in $SL_d(\mathcal{O}_K/I)$, $I$ square-free go
J.Pereira The characteristic variety of a generic foliation go
Issue 13/6 (2011)
D.Ben-Zvi, T.Nevins D-bundles and integrable hierarchies go
R.Ortega, F.Ruiz del Portal Attractors with vanishing rotation number go
J.Fromentin Every braid admits a short sigma-definite expression go
N.Fusco, A.Pratelli On a conjecture by Auerbach go
V.Kharchenko Right coideal subalgebras of Uq+ (so2n+1) go
A.Linshaw Invariant theory and the $\mathcal{W}_{1+\infty}$ algebra with negative integral central charge go
P.Eyssidieux, C.Simpson Variations of mixed Hodge structure attached to the deformation theory of a complex variation of Hodge structures go
F.Durand Cobham's theorem for substitutions go
Issue 13/5 (2011)
N.Castellana, J.Crespo, J.Scherer Noetherian loop spaces go
A.Dalibard Stability of periodic stationary solutions of scalar conservation laws with space-periodic flux go
L.Caporaso, F.Viviani Torelli theorem for stable curves go
A.Lubotzky Finite simple groups of Lie type as expanders go
G.Besson, G.Courtois, S.Gallot Uniform growth of groups acting on Cartan–Hadamard spaces go
J.Li, X.Zhang The gradient flow of Higgs pairs go
O.Biquard, R.Mazzeo A nonlinear Poisson transform for Einstein metrics on product spaces go
D.Gérard-Varet, N.Masmoudi Homogenization in polygonal domains go
Issue 13/4 (2011)
S.Solecki Gδ ideals of compact sets go
M.Kalafat Scalar curvature and connected sums of self-dual 4-manifolds go
J.Stoppa, G.Székelyhidi Relative K-stability of extremal metrics go
E.Aubry, C.Guillarmou Conformal harmonic forms, Branson–Gover operators and Dirichlet problem at infinity go
A.Némethi The Seiberg–Witten invariants of negative definite plumbed 3-manifolds go
S.Artstein-Avidan, V.Milman Hidden structures in the class of convex functions and a new duality transform go
E.Hrushovski, A.Pillay On NIP and invariant measures go
N.Nikolov, L.Pyber Product decompositions of quasirandom groups and a Jordan type theorem go
P.Brosnan, Z.Reichstein, A.Vistoli Essential dimension of moduli of curves and other algebraic stacks go
V.Komornik, A.Lai, M.Pedicini Generalized golden ratios of ternary alphabets go
R.Cluckers, L.Lipshitz Fields with analytic structure go
Issue 13/3 (2011)
S.Rollenske The Kuranishi space of complex parallelisable nilmanifolds go
T.Duyckaerts, C.Kenig, F.Merle Universality of blow-up profile for small radial type II blow-up solutions of the energy-critical wave equation go
J.Streets, G.Tian Hermitian curvature flow go
G.Mondello Riemann surfaces with boundary and natural triangulations of the Teichmüller space go
L.Beznea Potential-theoretical methods in the construction of measure-valued Markov branching processes go
M.Casanellas, R.Hartshorne ACM bundles on cubic surfaces go
F.Dekking, B.Kuijvenhoven Differences of random Cantor sets and lower spectral radii go
H.Helfgott Growth in SL3(ℤ/pℤ) go
Issue 13/2 (2011)
J.Matoušek, M.Tancer, U.Wagner Hardness of embedding simplicial complexes in ℝd go
F.Acquistapace, A.Díaz-Cano Divisors in global analytic sets go
J.Renault Uniform value in dynamic programming go
M.Sapir, I.Špakulová Almost all one-relator groups with at least three generators are residually finite go
F.Hamel, L.Roques Uniqueness and stability properties of monostable pulsating fronts go
R.Guralnick, W.Kantor, M.Kassabov, A.Lubotzky Presentations of finite simple groups: a computational approach go
G.Mingione Gradient potential estimates go
G.Bini, J.Harer Euler characteristics of moduli spaces of curves go
Issue 13/1 (2011)
G.Barles, E.Chasseigne, C.Imbert Hölder continuity of solutions of second-order non-linear elliptic integro-differential equations go
A.Avila, M.Lyubich, W.Shen Parapuzzle of the multibrot set and typical dynamics of unimodal maps go
D.Anderson, S.Griffeth, E.Miller Positivity and Kleiman transversality in equivariant K-theory of homogeneous spaces go
E.Zuazua Switching control go
V.Felli, A.Ferrero, S.Terracini Asymptotic behavior of solutions to Schrödinger equations near an isolated singularity of the electromagnetic potential go
S.Yau Rigidity of CR morphisms between compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds go
A.Alvino, V.Ferone, C.Nitsch A sharp isoperimetric inequality in the plane go
N.Xi Kazhdan–Lusztig basis and a geometric filtration of an affine Hecke Algebra, II go
T.Bartsch, P.Polacik, P.Quittner Liouville-type theorems and asymptotic behavior of nodal radial solutions of semilinear heat equations go
S.Brendle A note on Ricci flow and optimal transportation go
Issue 12/6 (2010)
W.Crawley-Boevey Kac's Theorem for weighted projective lines go
J.Stubbe Universal monotonicity of eigenvalue moments and sharp Lieb–Thirring inequalities go
T.Champion, L.De Pascale The Monge problem for strictly convex norms in ℝd go
P.Etingof, V.Ginzburg Noncommutative del Pezzo surfaces and Calabi-Yau algebras go Oliveira Filho, F.Vallentin Fourier analysis, linear programming, and densities of distance avoiding sets in ℝn go
P.Topping Ricci flow compactness via pseudolocality, and flows with incomplete initial metrics go
S.Fomin, G.Mikhalkin Labeled floor diagrams for plane curves go
L.Berlyand, V.Rybalko Solutions with vortices of a semi-stiff boundary value problem for the Ginzburg–Landau equation go
D.Huybrechts Chow groups of K3 surfaces and spherical objects go
M.del Pino, M.Musso, F.Pacard Bubbling along boundary geodesics near the second critical exponent go
Issue 12/5 (2010)
V.Millot, A.Pisante Symmetry of local minimizers for the three-dimensional Ginzburg–Landau functional go
K.Soundararajan, M.Young The second moment of quadratic twists of modular L-functions go
O.Druet, P.Laurain Stability of the Pohožaev obstrucion in dimension 3 go
L.Caffarelli, J.Roquejoffre, Y.Sire Variational problems with free boundaries for the fractional Laplacian go
F.Bourgeois, A.Oancea Fredholm theory and transversality for the parametrized and for the S1-invariant symplectic action go
A.Garroni, G.Leoni, M.Ponsiglione Gradient theory for plasticity via homogenization of discrete dislocations go
L.Chiantini, C.Ciliberto On the dimension of secant varieties go
A.Kleshchev, A.Ram Homogeneous representations of Khovanov–Lauda Algebras go
Z.Chen, P.Kim, R.Song Heat kernel estimates for the Dirichlet fractional Laplacian go
Issue 12/4 (2010)
I.Benjamini, N.Berestycki Random paths with bounded local time go
L.Dupaigne, A.Farina Stable solutions of −∆u = f(u) in ℝN go
B.Adamczewski, Y.Bugeaud Transcendence measures for continued fractions involving repetitive or symmetric patterns go
R.Guralnick, M.Harris, N.Katz Automorphic realization of residual Galois representations go
M.Liebeck, E.O'Brien, A.Shalev, P.Tiep The Ore conjecture go
Y.Kim, R.McCann Continuity, curvature, and the general covariance of optimal transportation go
S.Ivanov, I.Minchev, D.Vassilev Extremals for the Sobolev inequality on the seven-dimensional quaternionic Heisenberg group and the quaternionic contact Yamabe problem go
Issue 12/3 (2010)
J.Cha Link concordance, homology cobordism, and Hirzebruch-type defects from iterated p-covers go
D.Monticelli Maximum principles and the method of moving planes for a class of degenerate elliptic linear operators go
M.Barlow, R.Bass, T.Kumagai, A.Teplyaev Uniqueness of Brownian motion on Sierpiński carpets go
D.Eisenbud, F.Schreyer Cohomology of coherent sheaves and series of supernatural bundles go
B.Klartag On nearly radial marginals of high-dimensional probability measures go
G.Farkas, K.Ludwig The Kodaira dimension of the moduli space of Prym varieties go
B.Guan, J.Spruck Hypersurfaces of constant curvature in hyperbolic space II go
Issue 12/2 (2010)
Y.Du, H.Matano Convergence and sharp thresholds for propagation in nonlinear diffusion problems go
C.Wendl Compactness for embedded pseudoholomorphic curves in 3-manifolds go
M.Conder, J.Širáň, T.Tucker The genera, reflexibility and simplicity of regular maps go
M.Hochman A ratio ergodic theorem for multiparameter non-singular actions go
J.Lindenstrauss, D.Preiss, J.Tišer Fréchet differentiability of Lipschitz functions via a variational principle go
B.Ruf, P.Srikanth Singularly perturbed elliptic equations with solutions concentrating on a 1-dimensional orbit go
B.Sturmfels, Z.Xu Sagbi bases of Cox–Nagata rings go
S.Fournais, B.Helffer Bulk superconductivity in Type II superconductors near the second critical field go
W.Neumann, J.Wahl The end curve theorem for normal complex surface singularities go
X.Han, J.Li Symplectic critical surfaces in Kähler surfaces go
S.Basu, D.Pasechnik, M.Roy Bounding the Betti numbers and computing the Euler–Poincaré characteristic of semi-algebraic sets defined by partly quadratic systems of polynomials go
Issue 12/1 (2010)
F.Callegaro, D.Moroni, M.Salvetti The K(π,1) problem for the affine Artin group of type Bn and its cohomology go
F.Bracci, M.Contreras, S.Díaz-Madrigal Pluripotential theory, semigroups and boundary behavior of infinitesimal generators in strongly convex domains go
H.Nakada On the Lenstra constant associated to the Rosen continued fractions go
U.Kohlenbach, L.Leuştean Asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex hyperbolic spaces go
A.Avila, S.Jitomirskaya Almost localization and almost reducibility go
A.Akhmedov, S.Baldridge, R.Baykur, P.Kirk, B.Park Simply connected minimal symplectic 4-manifolds with signature less than −1 go
A.Cañada, S.Villegas Lyapunov inequalities for Neumann boundary conditions at higher eigenvalues go
B.Miller, C.Rosendal Descriptive Kakutani equivalence go
V.Maz'ya Estimates for differential operators of vector analysis involving L1-norm go
L.Bartholdi Gardens of Eden and amenability on cellular automata go
R.Iagar, J.Vázquez Anomalous large-time behaviour of the p-Laplacian flow in an exterior domain in low dimension go
Issue 11/6 (2009)
I.Kim, P.Pansu Local rigidity in quaternionic hyperbolic space go
S.Filippas, A.Tertikas, J.Tidblom On the structure of Hardy–Sobolev–Maz'ya inequalities go
G.Averkov, G.Bianchi Confirmation of Matheron's conjecture on the covariogram of a planar convex body go
R.Killip, T.Tao, M.Vișan The cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation in two dimensions with radial data go
K.Dajani, C.Kraaikamp, W.Steiner Metrical theory for α-Rosen fractions go
A.Porretta, L.Véron Separable p-harmonic functions in a cone and related quasilinear equations on manifolds go
P.Lisca, P.Ozsváth, A.Stipsicz, Z.Szabó Heegard Floer invariants of Legendrian knots in contact three-manifolds go
R.Frank, M.Loss, T.Weidl Pólya's conjecture in the presence of a constant magnetic field go
L.Caporaso Geometry of the theta divisor of a compactified jacobian go
B.Kang, D.Oh Formal power series rings over a π-domain go
Issue 11/5 (2009)
B.Driver, L.Gross, L.Saloff-Coste Holomorphic functions and subelliptic heat kernels over Lie groups go
Y.Rollin, M.Singer Construction of Kähler surfaces with constant scalar curvature go
P.Cannarsa, Y.Yu Singular Dynamics for Semiconcave Functions go
A.Henrici, T.Kappeler Resonant normal form for even periodic FPU chains go
J.Bourgain, A.Gamburd Expansion and random walks in SLd(ℤ/pnℤ): II go
A.Cianchi, N.Fusco, F.Maggi, A.Pratelli The sharp Sobolev inequality in quantitative form go
Issue 11/4 (2009)
R.Jerrard, P.Sternberg Critical points via Γ-convergence: general theory and applications go
V.Tosatti Limits of Calabi–Yau metrics when the Kähler class degenerates go
A.Baldi, B.Franchi, M.Tesi Hypoellipticity, fundamental solution and Liouville type theorem for matrix-valued differential operators in Carnot groups go
I.Dolgachev, J.Keum K3 surfaces with a symplectic automorphism of order 11 go
X.Cabré, J.Terra Saddle-shaped solutions of bistable diffusion equations in all of ℝ2m go
R.Göbel, D.Herden, S.Shelah Skeletons, bodies and generalized E(R)-algebras go
J.Espinar, J.Gálvez, G.Soler López Hypersurfaces in ℍn+1 and conformally invariant equations: the generalized Christoffel and Nirenberg problems go
Issue 11/3 (2009)
E.Swartz Face enumeration—from spheres to manifolds go
D.Gay, M.Symington Toric structures on near-symplectic 4-manifolds go
A.Dimca, A.Suciu Which 3-manifold groups are Kähler groups? go
B.Poonen Existence of rational points on smooth projective varieties go
Z.Wang, H.Zhou Positive solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with deepening potential well go
W.Wang Stability of closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in 6 go
D.Hernández Ruipérez, A.López Martín, F.Sancho de Salas Relative integral functors for singular fibrations and singular partners go
E.Bombieri, J.Bourgain On Kahane's ultraflat polynomials go
Issue 11/2 (2009)
L.Rifford, E.Trélat On the stabilization problem for nonholonomic distributions go
P.Mattila, J.Verdera Convergence of singular integrals with general measures go
A.Szankowski Three-space problems for the approximation property go
D.Kelmer, P.Sarnak Strong spectral gaps for compact quotients of products of PSL(2,ℝ) go
C.Pauly, C.Scheven Polarizations of Prym varieties for Weyl groups via abelianization go
L.Ignat, E.Zuazua Convergence of a two-grid algorithm for the control of the wave equation go
W.Kucharz Cycles on algebraic models of smooth manifolds go
N.Reading, D.Speyer Cambrian fans go
Issue 11/1 (2009)
J.Krieger, W.Schlag Non-generic blow-up solutions for the critical focusing NLS in 1-D go
H.Beirão da Veiga On the Ladyzhenskaya�Smagorinsky turbulence model of the Navier�Stokes equations in smooth domains. The regularity problem go
P.Souplet Single-point blow-up for a semilinear parabolic system go
L.Florit, W.Ziller On the topology of positively curved Bazaikin spaces go
J.Li, M.Wang Liouville theorems for self-similar solutions of heat flows go
Issue 10/4 (2008)
J.Van Schaftingen Estimates for L1-vector fields under higher-order differential conditions go
L.Escauriaza, C.Kenig, G.Ponce, L.Vega Hardy's uncertainty principle, convexity and Schrödinger evolutions go
R.Ignat, F.Otto A compactness result in thin-film micromagnetics and the optimality of the Néel wall go
I.Bejenaru, D.Tataru Large data local solutions for the derivative NLS equation go
J.Bourgain, A.Gamburd Expansion and random walks in SLd(ℤ/pnℤ): I go
G.Bellettini, L.Mugnai Some aspects of the variational nature of mean curvature flow go
M.Crainic, I.Moerdijk Deformations of Lie brackets: cohomological aspects go
F.Da Lio, N.Forcadel, R.Monneau Convergence of a non-local eikonal equation to anisotropic mean curvature motion. Application to dislocations dynamics go
W.Johnson, G.Schechtman Multiplication operators on L(Lp) and lp-strictly singular operators go
J.Dolbeault, A.Laptev, M.Loss Lieb–Thirring inequalities with improved constants go
Issue 10/3 (2008)
S.Albeverio, A.Daletskii, A.Kalyuzhnyi Random Witten Laplacians: traces of semigroups, L2-Betti numbers and index go
Y.Feler Spaces of geometrically generic configurations go
J.Bertoin A second order SDE for the Langevin process reflected at a completely inelastic boundary go
T.Ekholm Rational symplectic field theory over ℤ2 for exact Lagrangian cobordisms go
S.Chanillo, C.Kenig Weak uniqueness and partial regularity for the composite membrane problem go
T.Ekholm, R.Frank Lieb–Thirring inequalities on the half-line with critical exponent go
E.Tadmor, D.Wei On the global regularity of subcritical Euler–Poisson equations with pressure go
L.Bartholdi, M.Neuhauser, W.Woess Horocyclic products of trees go
B.Poonen The moduli space of commutative algebras of finite rank go
B.Tsaban, L.Zdomskyy Scales, fields, and a problem of Hurewicz go
Issue 10/2 (2008)
D.Li, Y.Sinai Blow ups of complex solutions of the 3D Navier–Stokes system and renormalization group method go
U.Hamenstädt Bounded cohomology and isometry groups of hyperbolic spaces go
M.Larsen, A.Lubotzky Representation growth of linear groups go
I.Shestakov, E.Zelmanov Some examples of nil Lie algebras go
Y.Lee Invariance of tautological equations I: conjectures and applications go
A.Cap Infinitesimal automorphisms and deformations of parabolic geometries go
J.Van Schaftingen, M.Willem Symmetry of solutions of semilinear elliptic problems go
M.Mendes Lopes, R.Pardini Numerical Campedelli surfaces with fundamental group of order 9 go
S.Klainerman, I.Rodnianski Sharp L1 estimates for singular transport equations go
M.Erdoğan, M.Goldberg, W.Schlag Strichartz and smoothing estimates for Schrödinger operators with large magnetic potentials in R3 go
L.Makar-Limanov, J.Yu Degree estimate for subalgebras generated by two elements go
J.Francoise, N.Roytvarf, Y.Yomdin Analytic continuation and fixed points of the Poincaré mapping for a polynomial Abel equation go
Issue 10/1 (2008)
J.Bourgain, W.Wang Quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear random Schrödinger equations go
E.Montefusco, B.Pellacci, M.Squassina Semiclassical states for weakly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger systems go
C.Bandle, J.von Below, W.Reichel Positivity and anti-maximum principles for elliptic operators with mixed boundary conditions go
M.Fila, M.Winkler Single-point blow-up on the boundary where the zero Dirichlet boundary condition is imposed go
I.Benjamini, A.Sznitman Giant component and vacant set for random walk on a discrete torus go
K.Thas, D.Zagier Finite projective planes, Fermat curves, and Gaussian periods go
H.Nguyen Further characterizations of Sobolev spaces go
G.Mondello A remark on the homotopical dimension of some moduli spaces of stable Riemann surfaces go
M.Belolipetsky, M.Farber Homological category weights and estimates for cat1(X,ξ) go
Issue 9/4 (2007)
J.Bourgain, G.Kozma One cannot hear the winding number go
V.Drensky, J.Yu The Strong Anick Conjecture is true go
E.Leichtnam, X.Tang, A.Weinstein Poisson geometry and deformation quantization near a strictly pseudoconvex boundary go
F.Catanese, F.Tonoli Even sets of nodes on sextic surfaces go
D.Foschi Maximizers for the Strichartz Inequality go
H.Glover, D.Marusic Hamiltonicity of cubic Cayley graphs go
S.Vidussi On the number of components of the symplectic representatives of the canonical class go
I.Dynnikov, B.Wiest On the complexity of braids go
H.Hofer, K.Wysocki, E.Zehnder A general Fredholm theory I: a splicing-based differential geometry go
P.D'Ancona, D.Foschi, S.Selberg Null structure and almost optimal local regularity for the Dirac-Klein-Gordon system go
J.Robbin, D.Salamon Corrigendum: A construction of the Deligne–Mumford orbifold (J. Eur. Math. Soc. 8, 611–699 (2006)) go
Issue 9/3 (2007)
M.Badiale, V.Benci, S.Rolando A nonlinear elliptic equation with singular potential and applications to nonlinear field equations go
S.Serfaty Vortex collisions and energy-dissipation rates in the Ginzburg–Landau heat flow. Part II: The dynamics go
O.Glass On the controllability of the 1-D isentropic Euler equation go
A.Premet Enveloping algebras of Slodowy slices and the Joseph ideal go
M.Chang, J.Solymosi Sum-product theorems and incidence geometry go
B.Brandolini, C.Trombetti Comparison results for Hessian equations via symmetrization go
F.Germinet, P.Hislop, A.Klein Localization for Schrödinger operators with Poisson random potential go
W.Buczynska, J.Wisniewski On the geometry of binary symmetric models of phylogenetic trees go
Issue 9/2 (2007)
S.Serfaty Vortex collisions and energy-dissipation rates in the Ginzburg–Landau heat flow.
Part I: Study of the perturbed Ginzburg–Landau equation
G.Leoni, M.Morini Necessary and sufficient conditions for the chain rule in Wloc1,1(RN; Rd) and BVloc(RN; Rd) go
M.Mendel, A.Naor Ramsey partitions and proximity data structures go
J.Bourgain, H.Brezis New estimates for elliptic equations and Hodge type systems go
F.Da Lio, B.Sirakov Symmetry results for viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear uniformly elliptic equations go
P.Donatini, P.Frosini Natural pseudodistances between closed surfaces go
Issue 9/1 (2007)
A.Poliakovsky Upper bounds for singular perturbation problems involving gradient fields go
L.Bonavero, C.Casagrande, S.Druel On covering and quasi-unsplit families of curves go
P.Jørgensen Existence of Gorenstein projective resolutions and Tate cohomology go
R.Moser The inverse mean curvature flow and p-harmonic functions go
P.Bernard, B.Buffoni Optimal mass transportation and Mather theory go
Y.Félix, J.Thomas, M.Vigué-Poirrier Rational string topology go
K.Dajani, Vries Invariant densities for random β-expansions go
Issue 8/4 (2006)
P.Constantin, K.Domelevo, J.Roquejoffre, L.Ryzhik Existence of pulsating waves in a model of flames in sprays go
V.Magnani Characteristic points, rectifiability and perimeter measure on stratified groups go
J.Robbin, D.Salamon A construction of the Deligne-Mumford orbifold go
Issue 8/3 (2006)
A.Brancolini, G.Buttazzo, F.Santambrogio Path Functionals over Wasserstein Spaces go
M.Chang On sum-product representations in $\Bbb Z_q$ go
W.Kaup, D.Zaitsev On local CR-transformations of Levi-degenerate group orbits in compact Hermitian symmetric spaces go
M.Menshikov, A.Wade Random walk in random environment with asymptotically zero perturbation go
S.Conti, G.Dolzmann, B.Kirchheim, S.Müller Sufficient conditions for the validity of the Cauchy-Born rule close to SO(n) go
G.Reyes, J.Vázquez A weighted symmetrization for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations in inhomogeneous media go
Issue 8/2 (2006)
Preface go
B.Abdellaoui, I.Peral A note on a critical problem with natural growth in the gradient go
.Adimurthi, F.Robert, M.Struwe Concentration phenomena for Liouville's equation in dimension four go
D.Arcoya, J.Carmona On two problems studied by A. Ambrosetti go
A.Bahri A remark on the bifurcation diagrams of superlinear elliptic equations go
H.Berestycki, L.Rossi On the principal eigenvalue of elliptic operators in $\R^N$ and applications go
J.Byeon, Z.Wang Spherical semiclassical states of a critical frequency for Schrödinger equations with decaying potentials go
M.Chaves, J.García-Azorero On bifurcation and uniqueness results for some semilinear elliptic equations involving a singular potential go
J.Dolbeault, M.Esteban, É.Séré General results on the eigenvalues of operators with gaps, arising from both ends of the gaps. Application to Dirac operators go
P.Felmer, S.Martínez, K.Tanaka On the number of positive solutions of singularly perturbed 1D NLS go
J.Gossez, D.Guedes de Figueiredo, P.Ubilla Multiplicity results for a family of semilinear elliptic problems under local superlinearity and sublinearity go
J.Gámez, J.Ruiz-Hidalgo Sharp estimates for the Ambrosetti-Hess problem and consequences go
Y.Li, A.Li A fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem on manifolds with boundary go
Y.Li, L.Nirenberg A geometric problem and the Hopf Lemma. I go
Y.Long Multiplicity and stability of closed geodesics on Finsler 2-spheres go
H.Matano, P.Rabinowitz On the necessity of gaps go
J.Mawhin The periodic Ambrosetti-Prodi problem for nonlinear perturbations of the p-Laplacian go
J.Serrin A maximum principle for mean-curvature type elliptic inequalities go
C.Stuart Uniqueness and stability of ground states for some nonlinear Schrödinger equations go
Issue 8/1 (2006)
P.Michor, D.Mumford Riemannian geometries on spaces of plane curves go
G.Aletti, E.Merzbach Stopping Markov processes and first path on graphs go
M.Zambon Submanifold averaging in riemannian and symplectic geometry go
M.Belloni, P.Juutinen, B.Kawohl The p-Laplace eigenvalue problem as p goes to infinity in a Finsler metric go
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Issue 4/4 (2002)
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Issue 4/2 (2002)
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