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Issue 3/1 (2019)
C.Bleak, M.Brin, M.Kassabov, J.Moore, M.Zaremsky Groups of fast homeomorphisms of the interval and the ping-pong argument go
M.Kassabov, V.Kuperberg, T.Riley Soficity and variations on Higman’s group go
G.Wiggins Presentations of categories of modules using the Cautis–Kamnitzer–Morrison principle go
Issue 2/4 (2018)
A.Olshanskii Polynomially-bounded Dehn functions of groups go
M.Sapir The isoperimetric spectrum of finitely presented groups go
Issue 2/3 (2018)
P.Schwer Root operators, root groups and retractions go
A.Conca, E.De Negri, E.Gorla Cartwright–Sturmfels ideals associated to graphs and linear spaces go
N.White The monodromy of real Bethe vectors for the Gaudin model go
J.Xia A partial order on bipartitions from the generalized Springer correspondence go
Issue 2/2 (2018)
T.Gerber, E.Norton The $\mathfrak{sl}_\infty$-crystal combinatorics of higher level Fock spaces go
N.Iyudu, S.Shkarin Quadratic automaton algebras and intermediate growth go
A.Appel, I.Egilmez, M.Hogancamp, A.Lauda A DG-extension of symmetric functions arising from higher representation theory go
Issue 2/1 (2018)
S.Ivanov On joins and intersections of subgroups in free groups go
K.Coulembier, M.Ehrig The periplectic Brauer algebra II: Decomposition multiplicities go
A.Smoktunowicz, L.Vendramin On skew braces (with an appendix by N. Byott and L. Vendramin) go
D.Segal Remarks on profinite groups having few open subgroups go
Issue 1/4 (2017)
P.Dehornoy, F.Wehrung Multifraction reduction III: The case of interval monoids go
L.Poulain d'Andecy Young tableaux and representations of Hecke algebras of type ADE go
Issue 1/3 (2017)
P.Dehornoy Multifraction reduction II: Conjectures for Artin–Tits groups go
E.Zelmanov Lie algebras and torsion groups with identity go
Issue 1/2 (2017)
S.Garrabrant, I.Pak Words in linear groups, random walks, automata and P-recursiveness go
S.Sam, A.Snowden Infinite rank spinor and oscillator representations go
P.Dehornoy Multifraction reduction I: The 3-Ore case and Artin–Tits groups of type FC go
Issue 1/1 (2017)
V.Jones Some unitary representations of Thompson’s groups $F$ and $T$ go
G.Lusztig The canonical basis of the quantum adjoint representation go
M.Ershov Kazhdan groups whose FC-radical is not virtually abelian go
B.Elias Quantum Satake in type $A$. Part I go