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Issue 20/4 (2018)
C.Henderson, B.Perthame, P.Souganidis Super-linear propagation for a general, local cane toads model go
D.Apushkinskaya, S.Repin Thin obstacle problem: Estimates of the distance to the exact solution go
D.Lengeler Asymptotic stability of local Helfrich minimizers go
U.Dierkes, T.Jenschke, P.Pozzi Approximation of minimal surfaces with free boundaries go
R.Leitão, G.Ricarte Free boundary regularity for a degenerate problem with right hand side go
Issue 20/3 (2018)
M.Rizzi Schwarz P surfaces and a non local perturbation of the perimeter go
T.Jankuhn, M.Olshanskii, A.Reusken Incompressible fluid problems on embedded surfaces: Modeling and variational formulations go
J.da Silva, J.Rossi A limit case in non-isotropic two-phase minimization problems driven by $p$-Laplacians go
G.Bellettini, M.Paolini, F.Pasquarelli Triple covers and a non-simply connected surface spanning an elongated tetrahedron and beating the cone go
W.Xiang, Y.Zhang, Q.Zhao Two-dimensional steady supersonic exothermically reacting Euler flows with strong contact discontinuity over a Lipschitz wall go
Issue 20/2 (2018)
C.Chen, Y.Choi, X.Ren Bubbles and droplets in a singular limit of the FitzHugh–Nagumo system go
J.Dalphin Uniform ball property and existence of optimal shapes for a wide class of geometric functionals go
L.Lombardini Approximation of sets of finite fractional perimeter by smooth sets and comparison of local and global s-minimal surfaces go
M.Henry, D.Hilhorst, C.Muratov A multiple scale pattern formation cascade in reaction-diffusion systems of activator-inhibitor type go
Issue 20/1 (2018)
H.Antil, C.Rautenberg Fractional elliptic quasi-variational inequalities: Theory and numerics go
M.Negri, E.Vitali Approximation and characterization of quasi-static $H^1$-evolutions for a cohesive interface with different loading-unloading regimes go
M.Bonnivard, A.Lemenant, V.Millot On a phase field approximation of the planar Steiner problem: Existence, regularity, and asymptotic of minimizers go
J.Prüss, G.Simonett The Verigin problem with and without phase transition go
B.Bogosel, V.Bonnaillie-Noël Minimal partitions for $p$-norms of eigenvalues go
Issue 19/4 (2017)
Y.Bernard, G.Wheeler, V.Wheeler Rigidity and stability of spheres in the Helfrich model go
A.Djurdjevac Advection-diffusion equations with random coefficients on evolving hypersurfaces go
C.Chalons, M.Delle Monache, P.Goatin A conservative scheme for non-classical solutions to a strongly coupled PDE-ODE problem go
S.Melchionna, E.Rocca Varifold solutions of a sharp interface limit of a diffuse interface model for tumor growth go
G.Chen, J.Chen, M.Feldman Stability and asymptotic behavior of transonic flows past wedges for the full Euler equations go
Issue 19/3 (2017)
M.Cicalese, G.Leonardi, F.Maggi Sharp stability inequalities for planar double bubbles go Queiroz, H.Shahgholian A free boundary problem with log–term singularity go
L.Monsaingeon Numerical investigation of the free boundary regularity for a degenerate advection-diffusion problem go
A.Chambolle, M.Novaga, B.Ruffini Some results on anisotropic fractional mean curvature flows go
B.Schweizer Hysteresis in porous media: Modelling and analysis go
N.Alibaud, G.Namah On the propagation of a periodic flame front by an Arrhenius kinetic go
Issue 19/2 (2017)
E.Bretin, S.Masnou A new phase field model for inhomogeneous minimal partitions, and applications to droplets dynamics go
M.Safdari On the shape of the free boundary of variational inequalities with gradient constraints go
C.Lederman, N.Wolanski Weak solutions and regularity of the interface in an inhomogeneous free boundary problem for the $p(x)$-Laplacian go
M.Chiricotto, L.Giacomelli Weak solutions to thin-film equations with contact-line friction go
T.Laux, D.Swartz Convergence of thresholding schemes incorporating bulk effects go
Issue 19/1 (2017)
H.Antil, M.Hintermüller, R.Nochetto, T.Surowiec, D.Wegner Finite horizon model predictive control of electrowetting on dielectric with pinning go
T.Miura Zero width limit of the heat equation on moving thin domains go
R.Scala A weak formulation for a rate-independent delamination evolution with inertial and viscosity effects subjected to unilateral constraint go
K.Deckelnick, H.Grunau, M.Röger Minimising a relaxed Willmore functional for graphs subject to boundary conditions go
Issue 18/4 (2016)
B.Wirth On the Gamma-limit of joint image segmentation and registration functionals based on phase fields go
K.Ishii, M.Kimura Convergence of a threshold-type algorithm using the signed distance function go
K.Sturm A structure theorem for shape functions defined on submanifolds go
J.Babadjian, D.Henao Reduced models for linearly elastic thin films allowing for fracture, debonding or delamination go
N.Hamamuki, E.Ntovoris A rigorous setting for the reinitialization of first order level set equations go
Issue 18/3 (2016)
R.Hynd, H.Mawi On Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equations with convex gradient constraints go
D.Kraft A Hopf–Lax formula for the time evolution of the level-set equation and a new approach to shape sensitivity analysis go
M.Calle, C.Cuesta, J.Velázquez Interfaces determined by capillarity and gravity in a two-dimensional porous medium go
P.Laurençot, C.Walker On a three-dimensional free boundary problem modeling electrostatic MEMS go
F.Lippoth On the justification of the quasistationary approximation of several parabolic moving boundary problems – Part II go
Issue 18/2 (2016)
N.Aguillon Capturing nonclassical shocks in nonlinear elastodynamic with a conservative finite volume scheme go
F.Lippoth, G.Prokert Stability of equilibria of a two-phase Stokes-osmosis problem go
M.Iglesias, Y.Lu, A.Stuart A Bayesian level set method for geometric inverse problems go
H.Garcke, C.Hecht, M.Hinze, C.Kahle, K.Lam Shape optimization for surface functionals in Navier-Stokes flow using a phase field approach go
S.Alama, L.Bronsard, I.Topaloglu Sharp interface limit of an energy modelling nanoparticle-polymer blends go
Issue 18/1 (2016)
G.Charpiat, G.Nardi, G.Peyré, F.Vialard Piecewise rigid curve deformation via a Finsler steepest descent go
B.Gilding, J.Goncerzewicz The porous media equation in an infinite cylinder, between two infinite parallel plates, and like spatial domains go
Z.Li, H.Mikayelyan Fine numerical analysis of the crack-tip position for a Mumford–Shah minimizer go
P.Dondl, K.Bhattacharya Effective behavior of an interface propagating through a periodic elastic medium go
J.Rossi, P.Wang The limit as $p \to \infty$ in a two-phase free boundary problem for the $p$-Laplacian go
Issue 17/4 (2015)
C.Davis, S.Walker A mixed formulation of the Stefan problem with surface tension go
B.Muha, S.Čanić Fluid-structure interaction between an incompressible, viscous 3D fluid and an elastic shell with nonlinear Koiter membrane energy go
G.Francfort, A.Giacomini, J.Marigo The taming of plastic slips in von Mises elasto-plasticity go
M.Bugeanu, H.Harbrecht A second order convergent trial method for a free boundary problem in three dimensions go
D.Goldman, A.Volkmann On the regularity of stationary points of a nonlocal isoperimetric problem go
G.Anger, Y.Shao, G.Simonett On the regularity of the interface of a thermodynamically consistent two-phase Stefan problem with surface tension go
Issue 17/3 (2015)
A.Terracina Two-phase entropy solutions of forward–backward parabolic problems with unstable phase go
G.Ricarte, J.da Silva Regularity up to the boundary for singularly perturbed fully nonlinear elliptic equations go
J.Díaz On the ambiguous treatment of the Schrödinger equation for the infinite potential well and an alternative via flat solutions: The one-dimensional case go
C.Elliott, T.Ranner A computational approach to an optimal partition problem on surfaces go
E.Jordá, E.Teixeira, J.Urbano Optimal regularity at the free boundary for the infinity obstacle problem go
G.Mercier, M.Novaga Mean curvature flow with obstacles: Existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions go
Issue 17/2 (2015)
A.Tedeev, V.Vespri Optimal behavior of the support of the solutions to a class of degenerate parabolic systems go
A.Alphonse, C.Elliott, B.Stinner On some linear parabolic PDEs on moving hypersurfaces go
P.Pozzi Computational anisotropic Willmore flow go
K.Yeressian Nondegeneracy in the obstacle problem with a degenerate force term go
I.Bright, M.Torres The integral of the normal and fluxes over sets of finite perimeter go
J.Vázquez The mesa problem for the fractional porous medium equation go
Issue 17/1 (2015)
J.Fischer Estimates on front propagation for nonlinear higher-order parabolic equations: An algorithmic approach go
C.Brett, C.Elliott, M.Hintermüller, C.Löbhard Mesh adaptivity in optimal control of elliptic variational inequalities with point-tracking of the state go
D.Gomes, S.Patrizi Obstacle mean-field game problem go
C.Qin, X.Chen, X.Lai, W.Yu Regularity of free boundary arising from optimal exercise of perpetual executive stock options go
D.Apushkinskaya, N.Uraltseva On regularity properties of solutions to the hysteresis-type problem go
N.Fusco, V.Julin On the regularity of critical and minimal sets of a free interface problem go
Issue 16/4 (2014)
H.Kasumba, K.Kunisch, A.Laurain A bilevel shape optimization problem for the exterior Bernoulli free boundary value problem go
B.Perthame, F.Quirós, M.Tang, N.Vauchelet Derivation of a Hele–Shaw type system from a cell model with active motion go
S.Racca, R.Toader A variational model for the quasi-static growth of fractional dimensional brittle fractures go
T.Asai, Y.Giga On self-similar solutions to the surface diffusion flow equations with contact angle boundary conditions go
J.De los Reyes, G.Stadler A nonsmooth model for discontinuous shear thickening fluids: Analysis and numerical solution go
Issue 16/3 (2014)
C.Cheng, D.Coutand, S.Shkoller Global existence and decay for solutions of the Hele–Shaw flow with injection go
N.Chemetov, W.Neves On a generalized Muskat–Brinkman type problem go
S.Challal, A.Lyaghfouri, J.Rodrigues, R.Teymurazyan On the regularity of the free boundary for quasilinear obstacle problems go
H.Abels, D.Lengeler On sharp interface limits for diffuse interface models for two-phase flows go
L.Brasco, E.Lindgren, E.Parini The fractional Cheeger problem go
Issue 16/2 (2014)
M.Vierling Parabolic optimal control problems on evolving surfaces subject to point-wise box constraints on the control – theory and numerical realization go
L.Berselli, D.Córdoba, R.Granero-Belinchón Local solvability and turning for the inhomogeneous Muskat problem go
C.Bianchini, A.Henrot, P.Salani An overdetermined problem with non-constant boundary condition go
M.Alfaro, P.Alifrangis Convergence of a mass conserving Allen–Cahn equation whose Lagrange multiplier is nonlocal and local go
J.Barrett, L.Prigozhin Lakes and rivers in the landscape: A quasi-variational inequality approach go
Issue 16/1 (2014)
J.Andrews, A.Vladimirsky Deterministic control of randomly-terminated processes go
J.LeCrone Stability and bifurcation of equilibria for the axisymmetric averaged mean curvature flow go
D.Antonopoulou, G.Karali, E.Orlandi A Hilbert expansion method for the rigorous sharp interface limit of the generalized Cahn–Hilliard equation go
A.Chen, J.Darbon, G.Buttazzo, F.Santambrogio, J.Morel On the equations of landscape formation go
Issue 15/4 (2013)
G.Anger, G.Simonett, R.Zacher On the qualitative behaviour of incompressible two-phase flows with phase transitions: The case of equal densities go
M.Giga, Y.Giga On the role of kinetic and interfacial anisotropy in the crystal growth theory go
A.Braides, G.Scilla Motion of discrete interfaces in periodic media go
J.Andersson, E.Lindgren, H.Shahgholian Optimal regularity for the parabolic no-sign obstacle type problem go
Issue 15/3 (2013)
H.Hardering Numerical approximation of capillary surfaces in a negative gravitational field go
X.Chen, H.Jiang Regularity of expanding front and its application to solidification/melting in undercooled liquid/superheated solid go
P.Secchi, Y.Trakhinin Well-posedness of the linearized plasma-vacuum interface problem go
B.Akers, D.Ambrose, J.Wright Traveling waves from the arclength parameterization: Vortex sheets with surface tension go
R.Borsche, R.Colombo, M.Garavello On the interactions between a solid body and a compressible inviscid fluid go
Issue 15/2 (2013)
M.Grasmair, M.Muszkieta, O.Scherzer An approach to the minimization of the Mumford–Shah functional using $\Gamma$-convergence and topological asymptotic expansion go
T.Aiki, A.Muntean A free-boundary problem for concrete carbonation: Front nucleation and rigorous justification of the $\sqrt{{t}}$-law of propagation go
C.Gruber, C.Vogl, M.Miksis, S.Davis Anomalous diffusion models in the presence of a moving interface go
G.Dziuk, D.Kröner, T.Müller Scalar conservation laws on moving hypersurfaces go
J.Escher, P.Guidotti, C.Walker Two-phase flow in rotating Hele-Shaw cells with Coriolis effects go
Issue 15/1 (2013)
R.Rossi, T.Roubíček Adhesive contact delaminating at mixed mode, its thermodynamics and analysis go
H.Abels, M.Wilke Well-posedness and qualitative behaviour of solutions for a two-phase Navier–Stokes-Mullins–Sekerka system go
M.Kimura, D.Tagami, S.Yazaki Polygonal Hele–Shaw problem with surface tension go
J.Alibert, G.Bouchitté, I.Fragalà, I.Lucardesi A nonstandard free boundary problem arising in the shape optimization of thin torsion rods go
F.Camilli, D.Schieborn, C.Marchi Eikonal equations on ramified spaces go
Issue 14/4 (2012)
N.Balzani, M.Rumpf A nested variational time discretization for parametric Willmore flow go
Y.Achdou, M.Falcone A semi-Lagrangian scheme for mean curvature motion with nonlinear Neumann conditions go
M.Zaal Cell swelling by osmosis: A variational approach go
D.Bucur, G.Buttazzo, U.Stefanelli Shape flows for spectral optimization problems go
M.Korzec, A.Münch, B.Wagner Anisotropic surface energy formulations and their effect on stability of a growing thin film go
V.Solonnikov Free boundary problems of magnetohydrodynamics in multi-connected domains go
Issue 14/3 (2012)
M.Boulakia, E.Schwindt, T.Takahashi Existence of strong solutions for the motion of an elastic structure in an incompressible viscous fluid go
M.Allen, A.Petrosyan A two-phase problem with a lower-dimensional free boundary go
J.Barrett, K.Deckelnick Existence and approximation of a nonlinear degenerate parabolic system modelling acid-mediated tumour invasion go
N.Forcadel, C.Imbert, R.Monneau Uniqueness and existence of spirals moving by forced mean curvature motion go
S.Amstutz, N.Van Goethem Topology optimization methods with gradient-free perimeter approximation go
Issue 14/2 (2012)
P.Mucha Regular solutions to a monodimensional model with discontinuous elliptic operator go
Y.Sire, E.Valdinoci Density estimates for phase transitions with a trace go
A.Mellet, J.Nolen Capillary drops on a rough surface go
C.Liu, N.Sato, Y.Tonegawa Two-phase flow problem coupled with mean curvature flow go
B.Matioc, G.Prokert Hele–Shaw flow in thin threads: A rigorous limit result go
S.Bartels, G.Dolzmann, R.Nochetto, A.Raisch Finite element methods for director fields on flexible surfaces go
Issue 14/1 (2012)
E.Bonnetier, E.Bretin, A.Chambolle Consistency result for a non monotone scheme for anisotropic mean curvature flow go
B.Schweizer Instability of gravity wetting fronts for Richards equations with hysteresis go
R.Alicandro, M.Cicalese, L.Sigalotti Phase transitions in presence of surfactants: From discrete to continuum go
W.Dreyer, J.Giesselmann, C.Kraus, C.Rohde Asymptotic analysis for Korteweg models go
Issue 13/4 (2011)
J.De los Reyes, M.Hintermüller A duality based semismooth Newton framework for solving variational inequalities of the second kind go
A.Meirmanov The Muskat problem for a viscoelastic filtration go
A.Cesaroni, M.Novaga, E.Valdinoci Curve shortening flow in heterogeneous media go
M.Grasselli, D.Pražák Longtime behavior of a diffuse interface model for binary fluid mixtures with shear dependent viscosity go
H.Alt, G.Witterstein Distributional equation in the limit of phase transition for fluids go
Issue 13/3 (2011)
J.Haehnle Numerical approximations of the Mumford–Shah functional for unit vector fields go
C.Geldhauser, M.Novaga A semidiscrete scheme for a one-dimensional Cahn–Hilliard equation go
P.Colli, P.Laurençot A phase-field approximation of the Willmore flow with volume constraint go
W.Ring, L.Rondi Reconstruction of cracks and material losses by perimeter-like penalizations and phase-field methods: numerical results go
N.Požár Long-time behavior of a Hele-Shaw type problem in random media go
F.Punzo On support of solutions to singular nonlinear parabolic equations in bounded domains go
N.Dirr, P.Dondl, M.Scheutzow Pinning of interfaces in random media go
F.Lippoth On the blow-up mechanism of moving boundary problems go
Issue 13/2 (2011)
D.Caraballo Local simplicity, topology, and sets of finite perimeter go
A.Brancolini, S.Solimini On the Hölder regularity of the landscape function go
D.De Silva Free boundary regularity for a problem with right hand side go
K.Hermsdörfer, C.Kraus, D.Kröner Interface conditions for limits of the Navier–Stokes–Korteweg model go
M.Šilhavý The effective energy in the Allen–Cahn model with deformation go
R.Iagar, P.Laurençot, J.Vázquez Asymptotic behaviour of a nonlinear parabolic equation with gradient absorption and critical exponent go
Issue 13/1 (2011)
T.Blesgen, I.Chenchiah A generalized Cahn–Hilliard equation incorporating geometrically linear elasticity go
T.van Noorden, C.Eck Phase field approximation of a kinetic moving-boundary problem modelling dissolution and precipitation go
I.Durus, A.Lux Analysis and simulation of debonding membranes go
C.Brauner, J.Hulshof, L.Lorenzi Rigorous derivation of the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation from a 2D weakly nonlinear Stefan problem go
M.Ghisi, M.Gobbino On the evolution of subcritical regions for the Perona–Malik equation go
X.Ren, J.Wei A toroidal tube solution to a problem involving mean curvature and Newtonian potential go
P.Sternberg, I.Topaloglu On the global minimizers of a nonlocal isoperimetric problem in two dimensions go
Issue 12/4 (2010)
E.Carlini, M.Falcone, R.Ferretti Convergence of a large time-step scheme for mean curvature motion go
Ł.Bolikowski, M.Gokieli, N.Varchon The Neumann problem in an irregular domain go
A.Novick-Cohen, A.Shishkov The thin film equation with backwards second order diffusion go
J.Dobrosotskaya, A.Bertozzi Wavelet analogue of the Ginzburg–Landau energy and its Γ-convergence go
X.Chen, D.Hilhorst, E.Logak Mass conserving Allen–Cahn equation and volume preserving mean curvature flow go
K.Deckelnick, F.Schieweck Error analysis for the approximation of axisymmetric Willmore flow by C1-finite elements go
Issue 12/3 (2010)
J.Andersson Boundary regularity for a parabolic obstacle type problem go
M.Webster, P.Guidotti Nonlinear stability analysis of a two-dimensional diffusive free boundary problem go
G.Anger, G.Simonett On the two-phase Navier–Stokes equations with surface tension go
C.De Zan, P.Soravia Cauchy problems for noncoercive Hamilton–Jacobi–Isaacs equations with discontinuous coefficients go
F.Smarazzo Long-time behaviour of two-phase solutions to a class of forward-backward parabolic equations go
Issue 12/2 (2010)
J.Portegies, M.Peletier Well-posedness of a parabolic moving-boundary problem in the setting of Wasserstein gradient flows go
F.Morgan, A.Ros Stable constant-mean-curvature hypersurfaces are area minimizing in small L1 neighborhoods go
Y.Kusaka On a free boundary problem describing the phase transition in an incompressible viscous fluid go
J.Barrett, H.Garcke, R.Nürnberg Parametric approximation of surface clusters driven by isotropic and anisotropic surface energies go
M.Bertsch, R.Dal Passo, M.Mimura A free boundary problem arising in a simplified tumour growth model of contact inhibition go
C.Liu, N.Sato, Y.Tonegawa On the existence of mean curvature flow with transport term go
Issue 12/1 (2010)
P.Baldi, J.Toland Bifurcation and secondary bifurcation of heavy periodic hydroelastic travelling waves go
D.Ambrose, M.Lopes Filho, H.Nussenzveig Lopes, W.Strauss Transport of interfaces with surface tension by 2D viscous flows go
S.Bartels, R.Müller A posteriori error controlled local resolution of evolving interfaces for generalized Cahn–Hilliard equations go
K.Ishige, P.Salani Convexity breaking of the free boundary for porous medium equations go
S.Walker, A.Bonito, R.Nochetto Mixed finite element method for electrowetting on dielectric with contact line pinning go
Issue 11/4 (2009)
K.Karlsen, O.Wallin A semilinear equation for the American option in a general jump market go
A.Greco, B.Kawohl On the convexity of some free boundaries go
M.Beneš, M.Kimura, S.Yazaki Second order numerical scheme for motion of polygonal curves with constant area speed go
G.Witterstein Two-component viscous flows with density-dependent transition layer go
T.Valkonen Optimal transportation networks and stations go
Issue 11/3 (2009)
Y.van Gennip, M.Peletier Stability of monolayers and bilayers in a copolymer-homopolymer blend model go
D.Slepčev Linear stability of selfsimilar solutions of unstable thin-film equations go
R.Moser On the energy of domain walls in ferromagnetism go
C.Mora-Corral Continuum limits of atomistic energies allowing smooth and sharp interfaces in 1D elasticity go
E.Nunzio Spadaro Uniform energy and density distribution: diblock copolymers’ functional go
Issue 11/2 (2009)
R.Argiolas, F.Ferrari Flat free boundaries regularity in two-phase problems for a class of fully nonlinear elliptic operators with variable coefficients go
J.Barrett, L.Prigozhin Partial L1 Monge–Kantorovich problem: variational formulation and numerical approximation go
C.Cancès, T.Gallouët, A.Porretta Two-phase flows involving capillary barriers in heterogeneous porous media go
C.Eck, M.Fontelos, G.Grün, F.Klingbeil, O.Vantzos On a phase-field model for electrowetting go
S.Cacace, A.Garroni A multi-phase transition model for dislocations with interfacial microstructure go
J.Haslinger, K.Ito, T.Kozubek, K.Kunisch, G.Peichl On the shape derivative for problems of Bernoulli type go
Issue 11/1 (2009)
H.Alt, W.Alt Phase boundary dynamics: transitions between ordered and disordered lipid monolayers go
K.Glasner, I.Kim Viscosity solutions for a model of contact line motion go
A.Braides, C.Zeppieri Multiscale analysis of a prototypical model for the interaction between microstructure and surface energy go
J.Escher, B.Matioc A moving boundary problem for periodic Stokesian Hele–Shaw flows go
N.Le Regularity and nonexistence results for some free-interface problems related to Ginzburg–Landau vortices go
C.Imbert Level set approach for fractional mean curvature flows go
Issue 10/4 (2008)
A.Mennucci, A.Yezzi, G.Sundaramoorthi Properties of Sobolev-type metrics in the space of curves go
C.Lederman, D.Oelz A quasilinear parabolic singular perturbation problem go
E.Vondenhoff Long-time asymptotics of Hele–Shaw flow for perturbed balls with injection and suction go
F.Maddalena, D.Percivale Variational models for peeling problems go
G.Nadin, B.Perthame, L.Ryzhik Traveling waves for the Keller–Segel system with Fisher birth terms go
P.Pozzi Anisotropic mean curvature flow for two-dimensional surfaces in higher codimension: a numerical scheme go
Issue 10/3 (2008)
S.Esedoglu, S.Ruuth, R.Tsai Threshold dynamics for high order geometric motions go
A.Chambolle, M.Novaga Implicit time discretization of the mean curvature flow with a discontinuous forcing term go
X.Ren, J.Wei The critical mass constraint in the Cahn–Hilliard equation go
X.Chen, B.Hu Viscosity solutions of discontinuous Hamilton–Jacobi equations go
H.Yin On a free boundary problem modelling inductive-heating processes go
M.Bertsch, C.Nitsch Traveling wave solutions of a nonlinear degenerate parabolic system from petroleum engineering go
B.Boutin, C.Chalons, F.Lagoutière, P.LeFloch Convergent and conservative schemes for nonclassical solutions based on kinetic relations. I go
Issue 10/2 (2008)
R.Grzhibovskis, A.Heintz A convolution thresholding scheme for the Willmore flow go
M.Rieger Higher dimensional problems with volume constraints—Existence and Γ-convergence go
M.Conti, V.Felli Coexistence and segregation for strongly competing species in special domains go
C.Chalons, P.Goatin Godunov scheme and sampling technique for computing phase transitions in traffic flow modeling go
P.Cardaliaguet, O.Ley On the energy of a flow arising in shape optimization go
A.Friedman A multiscale tumor model go
Issue 10/1 (2008)
S.Biton, P.Cardaliaguet, O.Ley Nonfattening condition for the generalized evolution by mean curvature and applications go
D.Kay, V.Styles, R.Welford Finite element approximation of a Cahn–Hilliard–Navier–Stokes system go
L.Mugnai, M.Röger The Allen–Cahn action functional in higher dimensions go
A.Karakhanyan On the Lipschitz regularity of solutions of a minimum problem with free boundary go
F.Maestre, A.Münch, P.Pedregal Optimal design under the one-dimensional wave equation go
G.Dziuk, C.Elliott Eulerian finite element method for parabolic PDEs on implicit surfaces go
Issue 9/4 (2007)
S.Bartels, A.Prohl Stable discretization of scalar and constrained vectorial Perona–Malik equation go
P.Neff, K.Chelminski A geometrically exact Cosserat shell-model for defective elastic crystals. Justification via Γ-convergence go
J.Taylor, J.Cahn Shape accommodation of a rotating embedded crystal via a new variational formulation go
A.Cheviakov, M.Ward A two-dimensional metastable flame-front and a degenerate spike-layer problem go
Y.Maekawa On a free boundary problem of viscous incompressible flows go
Issue 9/3 (2007)
M.Negri Convergence analysis for a smeared crack approach in brittle fracture go
L.Lévi Obstacle problems for a coupling of quasilinear hyperbolic-parabolic equations go
A.Ros Stable periodic constant mean curvature surfaces and mesoscopic phase separation go
E.Varvaruca Some geometric and analytic properties of solutions of Bernoulli free-boundary problems go
R.Monneau A transport formulation of moving fronts and application to dislocation dynamics go
B.Bourdin Numerical implementation of the variational formulation for quasi-static brittle fracture go
Issue 9/2 (2007)
J.Barrett, H.Garcke, R.Nürnberg A phase field model for the electromigration of intergranular voids go
C.Brändle, F.Quirós, J.Vázquez Asymptotic behaviour of the porous media equation in domains with holes go
J.Elschner, J.Rehberg, G.Schmidt Optimal regularity for elliptic transmission problems including C1 interfaces go
A.Monteillet Integral formulations of the geometric eikonal equation go
P.Krejcí, E.Rocca, J.Sprekels A nonlocal phase-field model with nonconstant specific heat go
Issue 9/1 (2007)
M.Katsoulakis, G.Kossioris, O.Lakkis Noise regularization and computations for the 1-dimensional stochastic Allen–Cahn problem go
H.Abels On generalized solutions of two-phase flows for viscous incompressible fluids go
M.Fontelos, A.Muñoz A free boundary problem in glaciology: The motion of grounding lines go
K.Djie An upper bound for the waiting time for doubly nonlinear parabolic equations go
M.Focardi, M.Gelli Asymptotic analysis of Mumford–Shah type energies in periodically perforated domains go
E.Teixeira Uniqueness, symmetry and full regularity of free boundary in optimization problems with volume constraint go
F.Santambrogio Optimal channel networks, landscape function and branched transport go
Issue 8/4 (2006)
E.Paolini, E.Stepanov Optimal transportation networks as flat chains go
M.Conti, S.Terracini, G.Verzini Uniqueness and least energy property for solutions to strongly competing systems go
F.Andreu, N.Igbida, J.Mazón, J.Toledo A degenerate elliptic-parabolic problem with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditions go
G.Bellettini, M.Chermisi, M.Novaga Crystalline curvature flow of planar networks go
K.Glasner Homogenization of contact line dynamics go
Issue 8/3 (2006)
C.Mascia, A.Porretta, A.Terracina Qualitative behaviour for one-dimensional strongly degenerate parabolic problems go
A.Vladimirsky Static PDEs for time-dependent control problems go
C.Brauner, M.Frankel, J.Hulshof, V.Roytburd Stability and attractors for the quasi-steady equation of cellular flames go
Y.Giga, T.Ohtsuka, R.Schätzle On a uniform approximation of motion by anisotropic curvature by the Allen–Cahn equations go
J.Barrett, L.Prigozhin Dual formulations in critical state problems go
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Issue 8/2 (2006)
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Issue 8/1 (2006)
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Issue 7/4 (2005)
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Issue 7/3 (2005)
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Issue 7/2 (2005)
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Issue 7/1 (2005)
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Issue 6/4 (2004)
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Issue 6/3 (2004)
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Issue 6/2 (2004)
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Issue 6/1 (2004)
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Issue 5/4 (2003)
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Issue 5/3 (2003)
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Issue 5/2 (2003)
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Issue 5/1 (2003)
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Issue 4/4 (2002)
I.Capuzzo Dolcetta, S.Finzi Vita, R.March Area-preserving curve-shortening flows: from phase separation to image processing go
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Issue 4/3 (2002)
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Issue 4/2 (2002)
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Issue 4/1 (2002)
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L.Jiang Analysis of pricing American options on the maximum (minimum) of two risk assets go
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Issue 3/4 (2001)
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Issue 3/3 (2001)
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Issue 3/2 (2001)
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D.Hömberg, A.Khludnev, J.Sokolowski Quasistationary problem for a cracked body with electrothermoconductivity go
A.Friedman, B.Hu, J.Velazques A Stefan problem for a protocell model with symmetry-breaking bifurcations of analytic solutions go
M.Beneš Mathematical analysis of phase-field equations with numerically efficient coupling terms go
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Issue 3/1 (2001)
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M.Chipot On the continuity of the free boundary in some class of two-dimensional problems go
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Issue 2/4 (2000)
K.Deckelnick, G.Dziuk Error estimates for a semi-implicit fully discrete finite element scheme for the mean curvature flow of graphs go
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Issue 2/3 (2000)
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D.Hilhorst, E.Logak, R.Schätzle Global existence for a non-local mean curvature flow as a limit of a parabolic-elliptic phase transition model go
I.Denisova Evolution of compressible and incompressible fluids separated by a closed interface go
M.Frankel, L.Gross, V.Roytburd Thermo-kinetically controlled pattern selection go
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Issue 2/2 (2000)
K.Deckelnick Error bounds for a difference scheme approximating viscosity solutions of mean curvature flow go
C.Elliott, V.Styles Flux pinning and boundary nucleation of vorticity in a mean field model of superconducting vortices go
A.Bonnet, R.Monneau Distribution of vortices in a type-II superconductor as a free boundary problem: existence and regularity via Nash-Moser theory go
P.Tilli On a constrained variational problem with an arbitrary number of free boundaries go
Issue 2/1 (2000)
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Issue 1/2 (1999)
V.Solonnikov On the justification of the quasistationary approximation in the problem of motion of a viscous capillary drop go
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R.Dal Passo, L.Giacomelli, A.Novick-Cohen Existence for an Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard system with degenerate mobility go
A.Veeser Error estimates for semi-discrete dendritic growth go
Issue 1/1 (1999)
P.Lions Parallel algorithms for the solution of variational inequalities go
R.Alicandro, A.Braides, J.Shah Free-discontinuity problems via functionals involving the L1-norm of the gradient and their approximations go
G.Bellettini, M.Novaga, M.Paolini Facet-breaking for three-dimensional crystals evolving by mean curvature go
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P.Cermelli, M.Gurtin, G.Leoni Energies for incoherent films: an analytical approach go
D.Chopp, J.Sethian Motion by intrinsic Laplacian of curvature go