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Issue 15/2 (2021)
B.Duchesne, R.Tucker-Drob, P.Wesolek CAT(0) cube complexes and inner amenability go
B.Hayes Relative entropy and the Pinsker product formula for sofic groups go
W.van Limbeek Structure of normally and finitely non-co-Hopfian groups go
M.Chaudkhari Confined subgroups of Thompson's group $F$ and its embeddings into wobbling groups go
S.Hermiller, D.Holt, T.Susse, S.Rees Automaticity for graphs of groups go
J.Bannon, J.Cameron, K.Mukherjee Noncommutative joinings II go
K.Joecken, J.Lafont, L.Sánchez Saldaña Virtually cyclic dimension for 3-manifold groups go
S.Barbieri On the entropies of subshifts of finite type on countable amenable groups go
J.Bowman Iterated monodromy groups of Chebyshev-like maps on $\mathbb{C}^n$ go
K.Li, P.Nowak, J.Špakula, J.Zhang Quasi-local algebras and asymptotic expanders go
J.Dibble Abelian subgroups of the fundamental group of a space with no conjugate points go
B.Stucky Cubulating one-relator products with torsion go
Issue 15/1 (2021)
P.Fima, S.Moon, Y.Stalder Homogeneous actions on the random graph go
S.Kwon, S.Lim Limiting distribution of geodesics in a geometrically finite quotients of regular trees go
S.Fairchild A higher moment formula for the Siegel–Veech transform over quotients by Hecke triangle groups go
S.Arora, E.Martínez-Pedroza Subgroups of word hyperbolic groups in rational dimension 2 go
S.Han, W.Yang Generic free subgroups and statistical hyperbolicity go
S.Han, W.Yang Erratum to "Generic free subgroups and statistical hyperbolicity" go
M.Valiunas Acylindrical hyperbolicity of groups acting on quasi-median graphs and equations in graph products go
Z.Lángi Centering Koebe polyhedra via Möbius transformations go
J.Koivisto, D.Kyed, S.Raum Measure equivalence and coarse equivalence for unimodular locally compact groups go
D.Kasprowski, K.Li, W.Lück K- and L-theory of graph products of groups go
J.Beyrer, E.Fioravanti, M.Incerti-Medici CAT(0) cube complexes are determined by their boundary cross ratio go
A.Martin Acylindrical actions on CAT(0) square complexes go
Issue 14/4 (2020)
F.Berlai, B.Robbio A refined combination theorem for hierarchically hyperbolic groups go
K.Schreve, E.Stark Nonplanar graphs in boundaries of CAT(0) groups go
M.Loving Length spectra of flat metrics coming from $q$-differentials go
D.Cohen Lamplighters admit weakly aperiodic SFTs go
J.Mutanguha Hyperbolic immersions of free groups go
N.Petrosyan, T.Prytuła Bestvina complex for group actions with a strict fundamental domain go
A.Bar-Natan Arcs on punctured disks intersecting at most twice with endpoints on the boundary go
A.Hadari Non virtually solvable subgroups of mapping class groups have non virtually solvable representations go
A.Margolis Quasi-isometry classification of right-angled Artin groups that split over cyclic subgroups go
S.Anan'in, P.Chiovetto A couple of real hyperbolic disc bundles over surfaces go
A.Engel On the Hochschild homology of $\ell^1$-rapid decay group algebras go
F.Catanese, A.Demleitner The classification of hyperelliptic threefolds go
M.Dussaule, I.Gekhtman Entropy and drift for word metrics on relatively hyperbolic groups go
Issue 14/3 (2020)
D.Ben-Ezra The congruence subgroup problem for the free metabelian group on $n\geq4$ generators go
A.Nicas, D.Rosenthal Finitely $\mathcal{F}$-amenable actions and decomposition complexity of groups go
B.Tshishiku, G.Walsh On groups with $S^2$ Bowditch boundary go
V.Proietti A note on homology for Smale spaces go
S.Popa, D.Shlyakhtenko Representing interpolated free group factors as group factors go
H.Kammeyer, R.Sauer $S$-arithmetic spinor groups with the same finite quotients and distinct $\ell^2$-cohomology go
C.Garban Inverted orbits of exclusion processes, diffuse-extensive-amenability, and (non-?)amenability of the interval exchanges go
C.Löh Cost vs. integral foliated simplicial volume go
G.Wilkes Classification of pro-$p$ PD$^2$ pairs and the pro-$p$ curve complex go
S.White, R.Willett Cartan subalgebras in uniform Roe algebras go
E.Detomi, M.Morigi, P.Shumyatsky Words of Engel type are concise in residually finite groups. Part II go
J.Athreya, I.Konstantoulas Lattice deformations in the Heisenberg group go
R.Flores, J.Rodríguez On localizations of quasi-simple groups with given countable center go
R.Johansen, A.Sørensen, W.Szymański The polynomial endomorphisms of graph algebras go
D.Futer, S.Taylor, W.Worden Random veering triangulations are not geometric go
Issue 14/2 (2020)
A.Babai, K.Fathalikhani, G.Fernández-Alcober, M.Vannacci On self-similar finite $p$-groups go
J.Jaerisch, K.Matsuzaki Weighted cogrowth formula for free groups go
K.Matsuzaki, Y.Yabuki, J.Jaerisch Normalizer, divergence type, and Patterson measure for discrete groups of the Gromov hyperbolic space go
C.Reid Equicontinuity, orbit closures and invariant compact open sets for group actions on zero-dimensional spaces go
C.Deninger $p$-Adic limits of renormalized logarithmic Euler characteristics go
C.Llosa Isenrich, R.Tessera On the Dehn functions of Kähler groups go
D.Kielak, E.Pierro On the smallest non-trivial quotients of mapping class groups go
R.Re, P.Ursino Universal minimal flow in the theory of topological groupoids go
M.Sunderland Linear progress with exponential decay in weakly hyperbolic groups go
R.Skipper, B.Steinberg Lamplighter groups, bireversible automata, and rational series over finite rings go
Y.Zou, R.Qiu Finiteness of mapping class groups: locally large strongly irreducible Heegaard splittings go
B.Bowditch Large-scale rank and rigidity of the Weil–Petersson metric go
S.Ballas, L.Marquis Properly convex bending of hyperbolic manifolds go
Ş.Gül, J.Uria-Albizuri Grigorchuk–Gupta–Sidki groups as a source for Beauville surfaces go
L.Bartholdi, I.Mitrofanov The word and order problems for self-similar and automata groups go
Issue 14/1 (2020)
D.Francoeur On the subexponential growth of groups acting on rooted trees go
S.Harvey, E.Tweedy Co-rank of weakly parafree 3-manifold groups go
M.Chu Special subgroups of Bianchi groups go
M.Chornyi, K.Juschenko, V.Nekrashevych On topological full groups of $\mathbb Z^d$-actions go
F.Paulin, U.Shapira On continued fraction expansions of quadratic irrationals in positive characteristic go
L.Bartholdi, S.Sidki Self-similar products of groups go
J.Li, D.Wise No growth-gaps for special cube complexes go
S.Barlak, G.Szabó Approaching the UCT problem via crossed products of the Razak–Jacelon algebra go
C.Leininger, A.Reid Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms not arising from branched covers go
P.Ghosh Limits of conjugacy classes under iterates of hyperbolic elements of Out($\mathbb F$) go
A.Kiefer On units in orders in 2-by-2 matrices over quaternion algebras with rational center go
M.Belolipetsky, C.Dória Free subgroups of 3-manifold groups go
O.Baker, T.Riley Cannon–Thurston maps, subgroup distortion, and hyperbolic hydra go
R.Ricks Boundary conditions detecting product splittings of CAT(0) spaces go
D.Constantine, J.Lafont, D.Thompson The weak specification property for geodesic flows on CAT(–1) spaces go
Issue 13/4 (2019)
M.Boileau, S.Friedl Grothendieck rigidity of 3-manifold groups go
A.Kechris, V.Quorning Co-induction and invariant random subgroups go
D.Malicet, K.Mann, C.Rivas, M.Triestino Ping-pong configurations and circular orders on free groups go
R.Sasyk, A.Törnquist, S.Vaes Non-classification of free Araki–Woods factors and $\tau$-invariants go
D.Dona The Weisfeiler–Leman algorithm and the diameter of Schreier graphs go
S.Witzel, M.Zaremsky The Basilica Thompson group is not finitely presented go
J.Belk, J.Hyde, F.Matucci On the asynchronous rational group go
M.Hagen, N.Touikan Panel collapse and its applications go
T.Bywaters, S.Tornier Willis theory via graphs go
J.Aramayona, T.Ghaswala, A.Kent, A.McLeay, J.Tao, R.Winarski Big Torelli groups: generation and commensuration go
Y.Qiu Ergodic measures on infinite skew-symmetric matrices over non-Archimedean local fields go
A.Bernshteyn Building large free subshifts using the Local Lemma go
V.Salo No Tits alternative for cellular automata go
A.Genevois Embeddings into Thompson's groups from quasi-median geometry go
Issue 13/3 (2019)
J.Brock, K.Bromberg, R.Canary, C.Lecuire, Y.Minsky Local topology in deformation spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds II go
N.Guelman, I.Liousse Distortion in groups of affine interval exchange transformations go
P.Cecchi, M.Cortez Invariant measures for actions of congruent monotileable amenable groups go
J.Matz Limit multiplicities for ${\mathrm {SL}}_2(\mathcal{O}_F)$ in ${\mathrm {SL}}_2(\mathbb{R}^{r_1}\oplus\mathbb{C}^{r_2})$ go
E.Kin, H.Shin Small asymptotic translation lengths of pseudo-Anosov maps on the curve complex go
T.Giordano, I.Putnam, C.Skau $\mathbb{Z}^{d}$-odometers and cohomology go
G.Niblo, N.Wright, J.Zhang A four point characterisation for coarse median spaces go
A.Savini The $\omega$-Borel invariant for representations into SL$(n,\mathbb{C}_\omega)$ go
C.Connell, S.Wang Positivity of simplicial volume for nonpositively curved manifolds with a Ricci-type curvature condition go
J.Behrstock, C.Druţu Badea Higher dimensional divergence for mapping class groups go
S.Mousley Exotic limit sets of Teichmüller geodesics in the HHS boundary go
P.Murillo Systole of congruence coverings of arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds go
I.Ivrissimtzis, N.Peyerimhoff, A.Vdovina Trivalent expanders, $(\Delta – Y)$-transformation, and hyperbolic surfaces go
Issue 13/2 (2019)
D.Voiculescu A remark about supramenability and the Macaev norm go
Á.Backhausz, B.Gerencsér, V.Harangi Entropy inequalities for factors of IID go
M.Durham Elliptic actions on Teichmüller space go
W.Lederle Coloured Neretin groups go
A.Ghaani Farashahi Fourier–Stieltjes transforms over homogeneous spaces of compact groups go
T.Meyerovitch, V.Salo On pointwise periodicity in tilings, cellular automata, and subshifts go
G.Arzhantseva, C.Cashen, D.Gruber, D.Hume Negative curvature in graphical small cancellation groups go
S.Knopf Acylindrical actions on trees and the Farrell–Jones conjecture go
T.Hartnick, A.Sisto Bounded cohomology and virtually free hyperbolically embedded subgroups go
R.Geoghegan, E.Swenson On semistability of CAT(0) groups go
T.von Puttkamer, X.Wu On the finiteness of the classifying space for the family of virtually cyclic subgroups go
J.Marché, M.Wolff Six-point configurations in the hyperbolic plane and ergodicity of the mapping class group go
Issue 13/1 (2019)
A.Le Boudec, P.Wesolek Commensurated subgroups in tree almost automorphism groups go
T.Aougab, I.Biringer, J.Gaster Determining the finite subgraphs of curve graphs go
W.Floyd, W.Parry, K.Pilgrim Modular groups, Hurwitz classes and dynamic portraits of NET maps go
B.Liang Dynamical correspondences of $L^2$-Betti numbers go
N.Aubrun, S.Barbieri, S.Thomassé Realization of aperiodic subshifts and uniform densities in groups go
R.Coulon, V.Guirardel Automorphisms and endomorphisms of lacunary hyperbolic groups go
C.Lacoste Dimension rigidity of lattices in semisimple Lie groups go
V.Alekseev, M.Finn-Sell Sofic boundaries of groups and coarse geometry of sofic approximations go
A.Zucker Big Ramsey degrees and topological dynamics go
J.Button Aspects of non positive curvature for linear groups with no infinite order unipotents go
E.Shi, L.Zhou Topological transitivity and wandering intervals for group actions on the line $\mathbb R$ go
R.Blasco-García, C.Martínez-Pérez, L.Paris Poly-freeness of even Artin groups of FC type go
S.Thomas Topological full groups of minimal subshifts and the classification problem for finitely generated complete groups go
I.Levcovitz A quasi-isometry invariant and thickness bounds for right-angled Coxeter groups go
Issue 12/4 (2018)
H.Pieters The boundary model for the continuous cohomology of Isom$^+ (\mathbb H^n)$ go
D.Wise Some virtual limit groups go
P.Dani, E.Stark, A.Thomas Commensurability for certain right-angled Coxeter groups and geometric amalgams of free groups go
A.Juhász Relatively extra-large Artin groups go
A.Gournay Mixing, malnormal subgroups and cohomology in degree one go
A.Dudko On irreducibility of Koopman representations corresponding to measure contracting actions go
J.Tidmore Cocompact cubulations of mixed 3-manifolds go
M.Lupini, A.Panagiotopoulos Games orbits play and obstructions to Borel reducibility go
T.Hartnick, A.Talambutsa Relations between counting functions on free groups and free monoids go
Issue 12/3 (2018)
H.Bradford New uniform diameter bounds in pro-$p$ groups go
A.Hadari Homological shadows of attracting laminations go
N.Fullarton, A.Thomas Palindromic automorphisms of right-angled Artin groups go
E.Oregón-Reyes Properties of sets of isometries of Gromov hyperbolic spaces go
K.Juschenko, T.Zheng Infinitely supported Liouville measures of Schreier graphs go
F.Franceschini A characterization of relatively hyperbolic groups via bounded cohomology go
E.Kin, D.Rolfsen Braids, orderings, and minimal volume cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
D.Osajda, T.Prytuła Classifying spaces for families of subgroups for systolic groups go
A.Dantas, S.Sidki On self-similarity of wreath products of abelian groups go
L.Gilch, S.Müller, J.Parkinson Limit theorems for random walks on Fuchsian buildings and Kac–Moody groups go
S.Hermiller, C.Martínez-Pérez HNN extensions and stackable groups go
M.Feighn, M.Handel Algorithmic constructions of relative train track maps and CTs go
Issue 12/2 (2018)
L.Bowen, D.Hoff, A.Ioana von Neumann’s problem and extensions of non-amenable equivalence relations go
I.Smilga Proper affine actions in non-swinging representations go
B.Nucinkis, S.St. John-Green Quasi-automorphisms of the infinite rooted 2-edge-coloured binary tree go
Y.Algom-Kfir, C.Pfaff A dense geodesic ray in the Out$(F_r)$-quotient of reduced Outer Space go
M.Doucha Metric topological groups: their metric approximation and metric ultraproducts go
C.Neofytidis Fundamental groups of aspherical manifolds and maps of non-zero degree go
D.Woodhouse Classifying virtually special tubular groups go
B.Bowditch, M.Sakuma The action of the mapping class group on the space of geodesic rays of a punctured hyperbolic surface go
H.Baik, E.Samperton Spaces of invariant circular orders of groups go
L.Guyot Generators of split extensions of Abelian groups by cyclic groups go
Issue 12/1 (2018)
K.Matsuzaki Dynamics of Teichmüller modular groups and topology of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces of infinite type go
M.Zaremsky On normal subgroups of the braided Thompson groups go
A.Ballier, M.Stein The domino problem on groups of polynomial growth go
S.Estrada, J.Rodríguez Envelopes and covers for groups go
L.Bartholdi, D.Dudko Algorithmic aspects of branched coverings I/V. Van Kampen’s theorem for bisets go
M.Day, R.Wade Subspace arrangements, BNS invariants, and pure symmetric outer automorphisms of right-angled Artin groups go
F.Le Maître Highly faithful actions and dense free subgroups in full groups go
T.De Medts, A.Silva, K.Struyve Universal groups for right-angled buildings go
S.Witzel, M.Zaremsky Thompson groups for systems of groups, and their finiteness properties go
U.Hamenstädt, S.Hensel Stability in Outer space go
Issue 11/4 (2017)
S.Ivanov Linear programming and the intersection of free subgroups in free products of groups go
S.Dowdall, I.Kapovich, C.Leininger Endomorphisms, train track maps, and fully irreducible monodromies go
D.Kasprowski, H.Rüping Long and thin covers for flow spaces go
H.Kammeyer Approximating Novikov–Shubin numbers of virtually cyclic coverings go
H.Masai Fibered commensurability and arithmeticity of random mapping tori go
M.Cordes Morse boundaries of proper geodesic metric spaces go
M.Cantrell, A.Furman Asymptotic shapes for ergodic families of metrics on Nilpotent groups go
P.Dehornoy Which geodesic flows are left-handed? go
J.Schillewaert, K.Struyve On exceptional homogeneous compact geometries of type $\mathsf C_3$ go
C.Bleak, M.Quick The infinite simple group $V$ of Richard J. Thompson: presentations by permutations go
A.Ghaani Farashahi Abstract operator-valued Fourier transforms over homogeneous spaces of compact groups go
D.Degrijse, J.Souto Dimension invariants of outer automorphism groups go
M.Pollicott, P.Vytnova Critical points for the Hausdorff dimension of pairs of pants go
Issue 11/3 (2017)
A.Boyer Equidistribution, ergodicity and irreducibility in CAT(–1) spaces go
L.Marquis Coxeter group in Hilbert geometry go
S.Antoniuk, E.Friedgut, T.Łuczak A sharp threshold for collapse of the random triangular group go
G.Rousseau Almost split Kac–Moody groups over ultrametric fields go
D.Sawicki On equivariant asymptotic dimension go
U.Bader, T.Gelander Equicontinuous actions of semisimple groups go
D.Cohen, C.Goodman-Strauss Strongly aperiodic subshifts on surface groups go
T.Aougab, J.Gaster Curves intersecting exactly once and their dual cube complexes go
M.Bell, S.Schleimer Slow north-south dynamics on $\mathcal {PML}$ go
Issue 11/2 (2017)
A.Giralt Cubulation of Gromov–Thurston manifolds go
A.Le Boudec Locally compact lacunary hyperbolic groups go
G.Amir On the joint behaviour of speed and entropy of random walks on groups go
H.Chen, J.Labbé Limit directions for Lorentzian Coxeter systems go
K.Matsumoto, H.Matui Full groups of Cuntz–Krieger algebras and Higman–Thompson groups go
S.Caruso On the genericity of pseudo-Anosov braids I: rigid braids go
S.Caruso, B.Wiest On the genericity of pseudo-Anosov braids II: conjugations to rigid braids go
B.Frej, D.Huczek Minimal models for actions of amenable groups go
G.Freiman, M.Herzog, P.Longobardi, M.Maj, A.Plagne, Y.Stanchescu Small doubling in ordered groups: generators and structure go
D.Hume Embedding mapping class groups into a finite product of trees go
P.Wesolek, J.Williams Chain conditions, elementary amenable groups, and descriptive set theory go
J.Koivisto Non-amenability and visual Gromov hyperbolic spaces go
U.Bader, B.Duchesne, J.Lécureux Almost algebraic actions of algebraic groups and applications to algebraic representations go
S.Ghosh Anosov structures on Margulis spacetimes go
Issue 11/1 (2017)
A.Pinto A splitting theorem for spaces of Busemann non-positive curvature go
L.Bartholdi Representation zeta functions of self-similar branched groups go
M.Bardestani, C.Karimianpour, K.Mallahi-Karai, H.Salmasian Faithful representations of Chevalley groups over quotient rings of non-Archimedean local fields go
Y.Suzuki Construction of minimal skew products of amenable minimal dynamical systems go
P.Wesolek A note on relative amenability go
J.Deré Gradings on Lie algebras with applications to infra-nilmanifolds go
T.Ito Isolated orderings on amalgamated free products go
K.Auinger The geometry of profinite graphs revisited go
S.Lawton, L.Louder, D.McReynolds Decision problems, complexity, traces, and representations go
M.Bucher, A.Talambutsa Minimal exponential growth rates of metabelian Baumslag–Solitar groups and lamplighter groups go
E.Csóka, G.Lippner Invariant random perfect matchings in Cayley graphs go
B.Hayes Independence tuples and Deninger's problem go
D.Otera, V.Poénaru Finitely presented groups and the Whitehead nightmare go
J.Paupert, P.Will Real reflections, commutators, and cross-ratios in complex hyperbolic space go
W.Pho-On Infinite unicorn paths and Gromov boundaries go
F.Diana, P.Nowak Eilenberg swindles and higher large scale homology of products of trees go
Issue 10/4 (2016)
M.Hull Small cancellation in acylindrically hyperbolic groups go
T.Dymarz, X.Xie Day’s fixed point theorem, group cohomology and quasi-isometric rigidity go
Y.Antolín, A.Minasyan, A.Sisto Commensurating endomorphisms of acylindrically hyperbolic groups and applications go
M.Levin, U.Shapira, B.Weiss Closed orbits for the diagonal group and well-rounded lattices go
F.Cerocchi, A.Sambusetti A quantitative bounded distance theorem and a Margulis’ lemma for $\mathbb Z^n$-actions, with applications to homology go
V.Gadre, S.Schleimer The curves not carried go
Y.Watanabe Uniform local finiteness of the curve graph via subsurface projections go
M.Artigiani, L.Marchese, C.Ulcigrai The Lagrange spectrum of a Veech surface has a Hall ray go
Issue 10/3 (2016)
C.Löh, C.Pagliantini Integral foliated simplicial volume of hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
R.Hanlon, E.Martínez-Pedroza A subgroup theorem for homological filling functions go
G.Link Asymptotic geometry in higher products of rank one Hadamard spaces go
G.Golan Tarski numbers of group actions go
B.Nica, J.Špakula Strong hyperbolicity go
K.Das, R.Tessera Integrable measure equivalence and the central extension of surface groups go
M.Duchin, K.Jankiewicz, S.Kilmer, S.Lelièvre, J.Mackay, A.Sánchez A sharper threshold for random groups at density one-half go
M.Tointon Characterisations of algebraic properties of groups in terms of harmonic functions go
U.Baumgartner, J.Ramagge, G.Willis Scale-multiplicative semigroups and geometry: automorphism groups of trees go
Issue 10/2 (2016)
A.Garrido Abstract commensurability and the Gupta–Sidki group go
I.Bumagin, J.Macdonald Effective coherence of groups discriminated by a locally quasi-convex hyperbolic group go
D.Ben-Ezra The congruence subgroup problem for the free metabelian group on two generators go
T.Terragni On the growth of a Coxeter group go
T.Alexoudas, B.Klopsch, A.Thillaisundaram Maximal subgroups of multi-edge spinal groups go
J.Behrstock, M.Hagen Cubulated groups: thickness, relative hyperbolicity, and simplicial boundaries go
C.Horbez A short proof of Handel and Mosher's alternative for subgroups of Out$(F_N)$ go
R.Luisto, P.Pankka Rigidity of extremal quasiregularly elliptic manifolds go
S.Das, M.Mj Semiconjugacies between relatively hyperbolic boundaries go
C.Cashen, J.Tao Growth tight actions of product groups go
J.Malestein, A.Putman Pseudo-Anosov dilatations and the Johnson filtration go
Ł.Grabowski Irrational $l^2$ invariants arising from the lamplighter group go
M.Moran Finite-dimensionality of $\mathscr Z$-boundaries go
Issue 10/1 (2016)
Dedications go
A.Guilloux Yet another $p$-adic hyperbolic disc: Hilbert distance for $p$-adic fields go
E.Militon Actions of groups of homeomorphisms on one-manifolds go
C.Rivas, R.Tessera On the space of left-orderings of virtually solvable groups go
K.Wortman An infinitely generated virtual cohomology group for noncocompact arithmetic groups over function fields go
T.Austin Integrable measure equivalence for groups of polynomial growth go
A.Lubotzky, R.Meshulam, S.Mozes Expansion of building-like complexes go
Y.Lodha, J.Moore A nonamenable finitely presented group of piecewise projective homeomorphisms go
I.Lysenok, A.Miasnikov, A.Ushakov Quadratic equations in the Grigorchuk group go
P.Przytycki, P.Schwer Systolizing buildings go
B.Bowditch Some properties of median metric spaces go
I.Bauer, R.Pignatelli Product-quotient surfaces: new invariants and algorithms go
U.Hamenstädt Hyperbolic relatively hyperbolic graphs and disk graphs go
J.Świątkowski The dense amalgam of metric compacta and topological characterization of boundaries of free products of groups go
J.Préaux The conjugacy problem in groups of non-orientable 3-manifolds go
Issue 9/4 (2015)
J.Belk, B.Forrest A Thompson group for the basilica go
C.Wang, S.Wang, Y.Zhang, B.Zimmermann Embedding surfaces into $S^3$ with maximum symmetry go
L.Saloff-Coste, T.Zheng Random walks on nilpotent groups driven by measures supported on powers of generators go
I.Oppenheim Property (T) for groups acting on simplicial complexes through taking an “average” of Laplacian eigenvalues go
A.Gournay Boundary values, random walks, and $\ell^p$-cohomology in degree one go
F.Catanese, M.Lönne, F.Perroni The irreducible components of the moduli space of dihedral covers of algebraic curves go
D.Degrijse, N.Petrosyan Bredon cohomological dimensions for groups acting on CAT(0)-spaces go
Issue 9/3 (2015)
N.Koban, J.McCammond, J.Meier The BNS-invariant for the pure braid groups go
J.Cannizzo The boundary action of a sofic random subgroup of the free group go
S.Gouëzel, F.Mathéus, F.Maucourant Sharp lower bounds for the asymptotic entropy of symmetric random walks go
S.Maloni, F.Palesi, S.Tan On the character variety of the four-holed sphere go
G.Gandini, S.Meinert, H.Rüping The Farrell–Jones conjecture for fundamental groups of graphs of abelian groups go
B.Seward Ergodic actions of countable groups and finite generating partitions go
L.Bowen Weak density of orbit equivalence classes of free group actions go
C.Bonatti, É.Farinelli Centralizers of $C^1$-contractions of the half line go
L.Bowen Invariant random subgroups of the free group go
I.Kim, S.Kim, T.Kuessner Homological and Bloch invariants for $\mathbb Q$-rank one spaces and flag structures go
Issue 9/2 (2015)
T.Haettel Compactification de Thurston d’espaces de réseaux marqués et de l’espace de Torelli go
V.Gerasimov, L.Potyagailo Non-finitely generated relatively hyperbolic groups and Floyd quasiconvexity go
M.Bourdon, B.Kleiner Some applications of $\ell_p$-cohomology to boundaries of Gromov hyperbolic spaces go
G.Ben-Simon, T.Hartnick Quasi-total actions and translation numbers go
S.Kionke, J.Schwermer On the growth of the first Betti number of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
T.Coulbois, A.Hilion, P.Reynolds Indecomposable $F_N$-trees and minimal laminations go
V.Guirardel, G.Levitt Splittings and automorphisms of relatively hyperbolic groups go
Issue 9/1 (2015)
B.Beeker Multiple conjugacy problem in graphs of free abelian groups go
R.Palma On the growth of Hermitian groups go
M.Mainkar Graphs and two-step nilpotent Lie algebras go
I.Oppenheim Vanishing of cohomology and property (T) for groups acting on weighted simplicial complexes go
E.Artal Bartolo, J.Cogolludo-Agustín, D.Matei Arrangements of hypersurfaces and Bestvina–Brady groups go
B.Duchesne Superrigidity in infinite dimension and finite rank via harmonic maps go
R.Canary, A.Magid Dynamics on PSL(2, $\mathbb C$)-character varieties: 3-manifolds with toroidal boundary components go
M.Lee Dynamics on the PSL(2, $\mathbb C$)-character variety of a twisted $I$-bundle go
Y.Kida Stability in orbit equivalence for Baumslag–Solitar groups and Vaes groups go
T.Davis, A.Olshanskii Relative subgroup growth and subgroup distortion go
S.Taylor Right-angled Artin groups and Out($\mathbb F_n$) – I. Quasi-isometric embeddings go
D.Kielak Groups with infinitely many ends are not fraction groups go
S.Friedl, S.Vidussi Thompson's group $F$ is not SCY go
Issue 8/4 (2014)
M.Cortez, S.Petite Invariant measures and orbit equivalence for generalized Toeplitz subshifts go
S.Geninska The limit set of subgroups of arithmetic groups in $\mathrm{PSL} (2, \mathbb C)^q \times \mathrm{PSL} (2, \mathbb R)^r$ go
H.Izeki Fixed-point property of random quotients by plain words go
M.Tanaka Property $(T_B)$ and Property $(F_B)$ restricted to a representation without non-zero invariant vectors go
B.Okun, R.Scott The Atiyah conjecture for the Hecke algebra of the infinite dihedral group go
A.Kar, N.Nikolov Rank gradient and cost of Artin groups and their relatives go
S.Raum On the classification of free Bogoljubov crossed product von Neumann algebras by the integers go
S.Dowdall, R.Kent IV, C.Leininger Pseudo-Anosov subgroups of fibered 3-manifold groups go
Issue 8/3 (2014)
Editorial go
L.Bartholdi, A.Erschler Imbeddings into groups of intermediate growth go
G.Baumslag, R.Mikhailov Residual properties of groups defined by basic commutators go
M.Benli, R.Grigorchuk, Y.Vorobets On growth of random groups of intermediate growth go
E.Breuillard Geometry of locally compact groups of polynomial growth and shape of large balls go
M.Bridson, H.Wilton The isomorphism problem for profinite completions of finitely presented, residually finite groups go
P.Caprace, N.Monod Relative amenability go
Y.Cornulier Subgroups approximatively of finite index and wreath products go
D.Creutz, Y.Shalom A normal subgroup theorem for commensurators of lattices go
M.Larsen, A.Lubotzky, C.Marion Deformation theory and finite simple quotients of triangle groups II go
A.Myropolska, T.Nagnibeda On transitivity and (non)amenability of Aut $F_n$ actions on group presentations go
A.Navas Groups, orders, and laws go
V.Nekrashevych Hyperbolic groupoids: metric and measure go
A.Olshanskii, D.Osin $C$*-simple groups without free subgroups go
D.Voiculescu Countable degree-1 saturation of certain $C$*-algebras which are coronas of Banach algebras go
Issue 8/2 (2014)
J.Athreya, F.Paulin Logarithm laws for strong unstable foliations in negative curvature and non-Archimedian Diophantine approximation go
N.Bergeron, P.Linnell, W.Lück, R.Sauer On the growth of Betti numbers in $p$-adic analytic towers go
L.Bowen, A.Nevo A horospherical ratio ergodic theorem for actions of free groups go
H.Cunha, N.Gusevskii A note on trace fields of complex hyperbolic groups go
A.Dudko, K.Medynets Finite factor representations of Higman–Thompson groups go
I.Kapovich, K.Rafi On hyperbolicity of free splitting and free factor complexes go
D.Kochloukova, C.Martínez-Pérez Sigma theory for Bredon modules go
E.Leuzinger Optimal higher-dimensional Dehn functions for some CAT(0) lattices go
P.Linnell, D.Witte Morris Amenable groups with a locally invariant order are locally indicable go
M.Marcinkowski, P.Nowak Aperiodic tilings of manifolds of intermediate growth go
D.Milan, B.Steinberg On inverse semigroup $C^*$-algebras and crossed products go
D.Nguyen On the topology of $\mathcal{H}(2)$ go
C.Reid Endomorphisms of profinite groups go
L.Sabalka, D.Savchuk On the geometry of the edge splitting complex go
Issue 8/1 (2014)
J.Alonso Measure free factors of free groups go
G.Amir, B.Virág Positive speed for high-degree automaton groups go
F.Atalan, M.Korkmaz Automorphisms of curve complexes on nonorientable surfaces go
R.Atanasov Geometric two-dimensional duality groups go
T.Coulbois, A.Hilion Rips induction: index of the dual lamination of an $\mathbb{R}$-tree go
M.Fluch, I.Leary An Eilenberg–Ganea phenomenon for actions with virtually cyclic stabilisers go
D.Girão Rank gradient in co-final towers of certain Kleinian groups go
O.Kharlampovich, B.Khoussainov, J.Cannizzo From automatic structures to automatic groups go
D.McCune Semigroups arising from asynchronous automata go
K.Nakamura The girth alternative for mapping class groups go
G.Robertson Harmonic cochains and K-theory for $\tilde{A}_2$-groups go
R.Strebel A sufficient condition for finite presentability of abelian-by-nilpotent groups go
Issue 7/4 (2013)
A.Bendikov, B.Bobikau, C.Pittet Spectral properties of a class of random walks on locally finite groups go
C.Bleak, H.Bowman, A.Gordon Lynch, G.Graham, J.Hughes, F.Matucci, E.Sapir Centralizers in the R. Thompson group $V_n$ go
N.Gill, L.Pyber, I.Short, E.Szabó On the product decomposition conjecture for finite simple groups go
F.Dahmani, K.Fujiwara, V.Guirardel Free groups of interval exchange transformations are rare go
G.Kokarev On geodesic homotopies of controlled width and conjugacies in isometry groups go
C.Martínez-Pérez, B.Nucinkis Bredon cohomological finiteness conditions for generalisations of Thompson groups go
N.Brady, W.Dison, T.Riley Hyperbolic hydra go
R.Young Filling inequalities for nilpotent groups through approximations go
Issue 7/3 (2013)
T.Austin, A.Naor, R.Tessera Sharp quantitative nonembeddability of the Heisenberg group into superreflexive Banach spaces go
M.Brandenbursky, J.Kędra Quasi-isometric embeddings into diffeomorphism groups go
P.Caprace, G.Zadnik Regular elements in CAT(0) groups go
D.Degrijse, N.Petrosyan Commensurators and classifying spaces with virtually cyclic stabilizers go
T.Gelander, Y.Minsky The dynamics of $\operatorname{Aut}(F_n)$ on redundant representations go
C.Houdayer, S.Popa, S.Vaes A class of groups for which every action is W$^*$-superrigid go
I.Ivrissimtzis, N.Peyerimhoff Spectral representations of vertex transitive graphs, Archimedean solids and finite Coxeter groups go
D.Kerr Sofic measure entropy via finite partitions go
J.Moore Fast growth in the Følner function for Thompson’s group $F$ go
A.Nevo, M.Sageev The Poisson boundary of CAT(0) cube complex groups go
A.Sisto Tree-graded asymptotic cones go
E.Swenson On cyclic CAT(0) domains of discontinuity go
E.Toinet Conjugacy $p$-separability of right-angled Artin groups and applications go
Issue 7/2 (2013)
U.Bader, A.Furman, R.Sauer Efficient subdivision in hyperbolic groups and applications go
M.Banagl Isometric group actions and the cohomology of flat fiber bundles go
I.Bondarenko, N.Bondarenko, S.Sidki, F.Zapata On the conjugacy problem for finite-state automorphisms of regular rooted trees (with an appendix by Raphaël M. Jungers) go
S.Garion, Y.Glasner Highly transitive actions of $\operatorname{Out}(F_n)$ go
E.Guentner, R.Tessera, G.Yu Discrete groups with finite decomposition complexity go
A.Ioana, Y.Shalom Rigidity for equivalence relations on homogeneous spaces go
D.Janzen, D.Wise Cubulating rhombus groups go
E.Looijenga Connectivity of complexes of separating curves go
L.Louder Scott complexity and adjoining roots to finitely generated groups go
J.Souza Chain recurrence in $\beta $-compactifications of topological groups go
T.Ito, B.Wiest Erratum to “How to read the length of a braid from its curve diagram” go
Issue 7/1 (2013)
L.Bartholdi (Self-)similar groups and the Farrell–Jones conjectures go
I.Belegradek, G.Hruska Hyperplane arrangements in negatively curved manifolds and relative hyperbolicity go
M.Bourdon, B.Kleiner Combinatorial modulus, the combinatorial Loewner property, and Coxeter groups go
B.Bowditch An upper bound for injectivity radii in convex cores go
C.Conley, A.Kechris Measurable chromatic and independence numbers for ergodic graphs and group actions go
D.Kotschick, C.Löh Groups not presentable by products go
D.Vavrichek The quasi-isometry invariance of commensurizer subgroups go
Issue 6/4 (2012)
Y.Antolín, L.Ciobanu, N.Viles On the asymptotics of visible elements and homogeneous equations in surface groups go
I.Benjamini, O.Schramm, Á.Timár On the separation profile of infinite graphs go
G.Gandini Cohomological invariants and the classifying space for proper actions go
F.Gautero A non-trivial example of a free-by-free group with the Haagerup property go
H.Izeki, T.Kondo, S.Nayatani N-step energy of maps and the fixed-point property of random groups go
M.Kapovich Arithmetic aspects of self-similar groups go
C.Novak Interval exchanges that do not occur in free groups go
A.Thomas Existence, covolumes and infinite generation of lattices for Davis complexes go
Issue 6/3 (2012)
T.Bandman, S.Garion, F.Grunewald On the surjectivity of Engel words on PSL(2,q) go
Q.Mérigot, T.Barbot Anosov AdS representations are quasi-Fuchsian go
M.Davis, B.Okun Cohomology computations for Artin groups, Bestvina–Brady groups, and graph products go
L.Guyot, Y.Stalder Limits of Baumslag–Solitar groups and dimension estimates in the space of marked groups go
U.Hamenstädt Isometry groups of proper CAT(0)-spaces of rank one go
Issue 6/2 (2012)
M.Aka Profinite completions and Kazhdan’s property (T) go
I.Benjamini, S.Müller On the trace of branching random walks go
M.Clay, C.Leininger, J.Mangahas The geometry of right-angled Artin subgroups of mapping class groups go
M.Kassabov, F.Matucci The simultaneous conjugacy problem in groups of piecewise linear functions go
F.Ledrappier Analyticity of the entropy for some random walks go
A.Minasyan Hereditary conjugacy separability of right-angled Artin groups and its applications go
S.Thomas Universal Borel actions of countable groups go
Issue 6/1 (2012)
J.Barnard, N.Brady, P.Dani Super-exponential 2-dimensional Dehn functions go
A.Alvarez, D.Gaboriau Free products, orbit equivalence and measure equivalence rigidity go
J.Harlander Hyperbolic alternating virtual link groups go
K.Biswas, M.Mj Pattern rigidity in hyperbolic spaces: duality and PD subgroups go
M.Gutierrez, A.Piggott, K.Ruane On the automorphisms of a graph product of abelian groups go
N.Touikan The fully residually $F$ quotients of $F *\langle x,y \rangle$ go
Issue 5/4 (2011)
T.Banakh, I.Zarichnyi Characterizing the Cantor bi-cube in asymptotic categories go
R.Coulon Asphericity and small cancellation theory for rotation families of groups go
C.Maclachlan Commensurability classes of discrete arithmetic hyperbolic groups go
K.Wortman Quasi-isometries of rank one S-arithmetic lattices go
Issue 5/3 (2011)
E.Le Donne Geodesic manifolds with a transitive subset of smooth biLipschitz maps go
P.Haïssinsky, C.Dumitrașcu Finite type coarse expanding conformal dynamics go
D.Kerr, H.Li Bernoulli actions and infinite entropy go
B.Wiest How to read the length of a braid from its curve diagram go
R.Young Homological and homotopical higher-order filling functions go
Issue 5/2 (2011)
Editorial go
M.Abért, A.Jaikin-Zapirain, N.Nikolov The rank gradient from a combinatorial viewpoint go
I.Bauer, F.Catanese The moduli space of Keum–Naie surfaces go
B.Bekka, A.Lubotzky Lattices with and lattices without spectral gap go
N.Boston, J.Ellenberg Random pro-$p$ groups, braid groups, and random tame Galois groups go
E.Breuillard, B.Green, T.Tao Suzuki groups as expanders go
M.Bridson, H.Wilton On the difficulty of presenting finitely presentable groups go
K.Bux, M.Ershov, A.Rapinchuk The congruence subgroup property for Aut $F_2$: A group-theoretic proof of Asada’s theorem go
F.Calegari, M.Emerton Mod-$p$ cohomology growth in $p$-adic analytic towers of 3-manifolds go
T.Finis, E.Lapid On the Arthur–Selberg trace formula for GL(2) go
G.Harder Interpolating coefficient systems and $p$-ordinary cohomology of arithmetic groups go
M.Kassabov Subspace arrangements and property T go
D.Long, A.Reid Grothendieck’s problem for 3-manifold groups go
N.Nikolov, D.Segal Powers in finite groups go
G.Schul, A.Shalev Words and mixing times in finite simple groups go
J.Schwermer Geometric cycles, Albert algebras and related cohomology classes for arithmetic groups go
M.Stoll Reduction theory of point clusters in projective space go
Issue 5/1 (2011)
L.Bowen Orbit equivalence, coinduced actions and free products go
L.Bowen Stable orbit equivalence of Bernoulli shifts over free groups go
M.Feighn, M.Handel The Recognition Theorem for Out(Fn) go
Y.Fuertes, G.González-Diez, A.Jaikin-Zapirain On Beauville surfaces go
I.Leary, M.Saadetoğlu The cohomology of Bestvina–Brady groups go
V.Nekrashevych, G.Pete Scale-invariant groups go
S.Schleimer The end of the curve complex go
K.Struyve (Non)-completeness of ℝ-buildings and fixed point theorems go
C.Walsh The action of a nilpotent group on its horofunction boundary has finite orbits go
Issue 4/4 (2010)
Editorial go
T.Bandman, F.Grunewald, B.Kunyavskii, N.Jones Geometry and arithmetic of verbal dynamical systems on simple groups go
G.Baumslag, C.Miller III, G.Ostheimer Subgroups of free metabelian groups go
J.Behrstock, T.Januszkiewicz, W.Neumann Quasi-isometric classification of some high dimensional right-angled Artin groups go
M.Bridson, D.Groves, J.Hillman, G.Martin Cofinitely Hopfian groups, open mappings and knot complements go
J.Button Largeness of LERF and 1-relator groups go
A.Duncan, I.Kazachkov, V.Remeslennikov Automorphisms of partially commutative groups I: Linear subgroups go
M.Edjvet, G.Williams The cyclically presented groups with relators xixi+kxi+l go
D.Holt Garside groups have the falsification by fellow-traveller property go
J.Howie Can Dehn surgery yield three connected summands? go
M.Liebeck, N.Nikolov, A.Shalev A conjecture on product decompositions in simple groups go
I.Lysenok, A.Myasnikov, A.Ushakov The conjugacy problem in the Grigorchuk group is polynomial time decidable go
S.Majewicz, M.Zyman On the extraction of roots in exponential A-groups go
V.Nekrashevych Free subgroups in groups acting on rooted trees go
W.Neumann On Leighton’s graph covering theorem go
V.Petrogradsky, I.Shestakov, E.Zelmanov Nil graded self-similar algebras go
S.Pride Universal diagram groups with identical Poincaré series go
Issue 4/3 (2010)
O.Bogopolski, E.Ventura A recursive presentation for Mihailova’s subgroup go
L.Bowen The ergodic theory of free group actions: entropy and the f-invariant go
M.Brin The free group of rank 2 is a limit of Thompson’s group F go
A.Brunner, S.Sidki Abelian state-closed subgroups of automorphisms of m-ary trees go
C.Cashen Quasi-isometries between tubular groups go
A.Clay Isolated points in the space of left orderings of a group go
T.Delzant, P.Papasoglu Codimension one subgroups and boundaries of hyperbolic groups go
L.Funar, D.Otera On the wgsc and qsf tameness conditions for finitely presented groups go
M.Hagen, D.Wise Special groups with an elementary hierarchy are virtually free-by-ℤ go
Issue 4/2 (2010)
L.Bartholdi, la Harpe Representation zeta functions of wreath products with finite groups go
R.Bieri, R.Geoghegan Sigma invariants of direct products of groups go
R.Bieri, R.Geoghegan, D.Kochloukova The Sigma invariants of Thompson’s group F go
S.Kim On right-angled Artin groups without surface subgroups go
S.Moon Amenable actions of amalgamated free products go
S.Rafalski Immersed turnovers in hyperbolic 3-orbifolds go
M.Vorobets, Y.Vorobets On a series of finite automata defining free transformation groups go
Issue 4/1 (2010)
U.Baumgartner, G.Schlichting, G.Willis Geometric characterization of flat groups of automorphisms go
A.Belov, R.Mikhailov Free subalgebras of Lie algebras close to nilpotent go
M.Bestvina, M.Feighn A hyperbolic Out(Fn)-complex go
D.Calegari, K.Fujiwara Stable commutator length in word-hyperbolic groups go
S.Cleary, M.Elder, A.Rechnitzer, J.Taback Random subgroups of Thompson’s group F go
I.Hambleton, J.Hausmann Equivariant bundles and isotropy representations go
A.Navas, C.Rivas Describing all bi-orderings on Thompson’s group F go
D.Shenfeld On semisimple representations of universal lattices go
A.Thom Examples of hyperlinear groups without factorization property go
Issue 3/4 (2009)
L.Bartholdi, F.Pochon On growth and torsion of groups go
K.Bux, R.Charney, K.Vogtmann Automorphisms of two-dimensional RAAGS and partially symmetric automorphisms of free groups go
K.Dekimpe, K.Verheyen Anosov diffeomorphisms on infra-nilmanifolds modeled on a free 2-step nilpotent Lie group go
A.Ioana, A.Kechris, T.Tsankov Subequivalence relations and positive-definite functions go
Issue 3/3 (2009)
F.Dahmani, K.Fujiwara Copies of one-ended groups in mapping class groups go
A.Duncan, A.Vdovina Square-free words as products of commutators go
D.Groves, H.Wilton Enumerating limit groups go
D.Kochloukova Profinite completions of orientable Poincaré duality groups of dimension four and Euler characteristic zero go
A.Minasyan, A.Olshanskii, D.Sonkin Periodic quotients of hyperbolic and large groups go
P.Przytycki, J.Świątkowski Flag-no-square triangulations and Gromov boundaries in dimension 3 go
L.Sabalka On rigidity and the isomorphism problem for tree braid groups go
Issue 3/2 (2009)
M.Abért, Y.Glasner Most actions on regular trees are almost free go
J.Blanc Linearisation of finite Abelian subgroups of the Cremona group of the plane go Cornulier Infinite conjugacy classes in groups acting on trees go
M.Davis Examples of buildings constructed via covering spaces go
B.Hughes Local similarities and the Haagerup property (with an appendix by Daniel S. Farley) go
E.Martínez-Pedroza Combination of quasiconvex subgroups of relatively hyperbolic groups go
A.Thom Low degree bounded cohomology and L2-invariants for negatively curved groups go
Issue 3/1 (2009)
C.Bleak A minimal non-solvable group of homeomorphisms go
M.Clay Deformation spaces of G-trees and automorphisms of Baumslag–Solitar groups go
D.Krammer The conjugacy problem for Coxeter groups go
M.Mihalik, S.Tschantz Visual decompositions of Coxeter groups go
Issue 2/4 (2008)
I.Agol, M.Belolipetsky, P.Storm, K.Whyte Finiteness of arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups go
M.Gromov Entropy and isoperimetry for linear and non-linear group actions go
R.Lyons, M.Pichot, S.Vassout Uniform non-amenability, cost, and the first ℓ2-Betti number go
Issue 2/3 (2008)
L.Bartholdi, V.Nekrashevych Iterated monodromy groups of quadratic polynomials, I go
U.Baumgartner, J.Ramagge, B.Rémy Contraction groups in complete Kac–Moody groups go
L.Guyot, Y.Stalder Limits of Baumslag–Solitar groups go
I.Kapovich, P.Schupp On group-theoretic models of randomness and genericity go
M.Kapovich, J.Millson A path model for geodesics in Euclidean buildings and its applications to representation theory go
Issue 2/2 (2008)
T.Ceccherini-Silberstein, G.Elek Minimal topological actions do not determine the measurable orbit equivalence class go
F.Dahmani, A.Yaman Symbolic dynamics and relatively hyperbolic groups go
D.Farley The action of Thompson's group on a CAT(0) boundary go
F.Haglund, J.Świątkowski Separating quasi-convex subgroups in 7-systolic groups go
C.Liedtke Natural central extensions of groups go
J.Masters Kleinian groups with ubiquitous surface subgroups go
N.Ozawa Weak amenability of hyperbolic groups go
S.Thomas On the complexity of the quasi-isometry and virtual isomorphism problems for finitely generated groups go
Issue 2/1 (2008)
I.Belegradek, D.Osin Rips construction and Kazhdan property (T) go
J.Birman, V.Gebhardt, J.González-Meneses Conjugacy in Garside groups II: structure of the ultra summit set go
Ś.Gal Asymptotic dimension and uniform embeddings go
N.Gordeev, F.Grunewald, B.Kunyavskii, E.Plotkin A commutator description of the solvable radical of a finite group go
J.Conant, K.Vogtmann Morita classes in the homology of Aut(Fn) vanish after one stabilization go
Issue 1/4 (2007)
Editorial go
M.Aschbacher, R.Guralnick, Y.Segev Elementary abelian 2-subgroups of Sidki-type in finite groups go
S.Dolfi, M.Herzog, G.Kaplan, A.Lev The size of the solvable residual in finite groups go
E.Farjoun, R.Göbel, Y.Segev, S.Shelah On kernels of cellular covers go
G.Glauberman A partial extension of Lazard's correspondence for finite p-groups go
R.Guralnick, W.Kantor, M.Kassabov, A.Lubotzky Presentations of finite simple groups: profinite and cohomological approaches go
A.Juhász Magnus intersections of one-relator free products with small cancellation conditions go
J.Kempe, L.Pyber, A.Shalev Permutation groups, minimal degrees and quantum computing go
A.Lucchini, F.Menegazzo, M.Morigi Complements of the socle in monolithic groups go
A.Mann Growth conditions in infinitely generated groups go
A.Mann, C.Praeger, Á.Seress Extremely primitive groups go
D.Segal Variations on a theme of Burns and Medvedev go
Issue 1/3 (2007)
G.Baumslag, C.Miller III, D.Troeger Reflections on the residual finiteness of one-relator groups go
J.Birman, V.Gebhardt, J.González-Meneses Conjugacy in Garside groups I: cyclings, powers and rigidity go
I.Chatterji, G.Niblo A characterization of hyperbolic spaces go
M.Davis, T.Januszkiewicz, I.Leary The ℓ2-cohomology of hyperplane complements go
A.Dranishnikov, V.Schroeder Aperiodic colorings and tilings of Coxeter groups go
D.Groves, J.Manning Fillings, finite generation and direct limits of relatively hyperbolic groups go
Issue 1/2 (2007)
D.Calegari Denominator bounds in Thompson-like groups and flows go
E.Godelle Représentation par des transvections des groupes d'Artin–Tits go
V.Guirardel, G.Levitt Deformation spaces of trees go
D.Osajda Connectedness at infinity of systolic complexes and groups go
A.Yaman A short note on Dynkin groups and convergence groups go
Issue 1/1 (2007)
G.Baumslag, C.Miller III The isomorphism problem for residually torsion-free nilpotent groups go
A.Berlatto, S.Sidki Virtual endomorphisms of nilpotent groups go
A.Erschler Automatically presented groups go
M.Kapovich, B.Kleiner The weak hyperbolization conjecture for 3-dimensional CAT(0)-groups go
F.Martin, A.Valette On the first Lp-cohomology of discrete groups go