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Issue 76/3 (2021)
N.A’Campo A natural construction for the real numbers go
S.Kiss, B.Bíró Two remarkable triangles of a triangle and their circumcircles go
G.Abrams, P.Ánh A matrix viewpoint for various algebraic extensions go
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Issue 76/2 (2021)
D.Ismailescu, M.Kim, E.Wang On the maximum area of inscribed polygons go
F.Pausinger, D.Vartziotis On the symmetry of finite sums of exponentials go
Đ.Paunić A short synthetic proof of Thébault’s theorem go
M.Lukarevski Mollweide's formula and circumcevians of the incenter go
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Issue 76/1 (2021)
E.Makai, Jr., T.Tarnai A colouring problem for the dodecahedral graph go
P.Thurnheer Special orthogonal integer bases and representations by sums of squares go
E.Behrends Lügner und die Gruppe $(\mathbb{Z}_2)^n$ go
D.de Castro Infinitude of primes: Euclid’s proof using angles between lattice vectors go
M.Hassani, M.Ketabi Maclaurin series by integration go
M.Mahmoudi A proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra using Hurwitz’s theorem go
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Issue 75/4 (2020)
J.Jäger Begegnung zwischen klassischen Mittelwerten und Kegelschnitten go
S.Chen, E.Pearse The irrationality measure of $\pi$ as seen through the eyes of cos($n$) go
M.Lukarevski, D.Marinescu An inequality for cevians and applications go
L.Heinrich On the Inequalities of Grüss–Čebyshev and Kantorovich: A Probabilistic Approach go
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Issue 75/3 (2020)
C.Hammond Ratios, roots, and means: A quartet of convergence tests go
Y.Kottegoda, A.Mastropietro, S.Duong Characteristics of modulo one sequences go
D.Poulakis An application of Euclidean algorithm in cryptanalysis of RSA go
M.Lukarevski, G.Wanner Mixtilinear radii and Finsler–Hadwiger inequality go
A.de Camargo A proof of the Schwarz theorem on mixed partial derivatives via elementary approximation theory go
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Issue 75/2 (2020)
K.Mönius Constructions of isospectral circulant graphs go
M.Leppmeier Drittes Hilbertsches Problem und Dehn-Invariante – Eine Elementarisierung mit Kugeldreiecken go
J.Hiriart-Urruty Mean value theorems and convexity: An example of cross-fertilization of two mathematical items go
F.Lemmermeyer A simple proof of the infinitude of primes go
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Issue 75/1 (2020)
A.Melman A unifying framework for generalizations of the Eneström–Kakeya theorem go
F.Liebaug, K.Spindler Logical equivalence of the fundamental theorems on operators between Banach spaces go
A.Schreiber Mittelwerte als Minima go
A.Witkowski Inequalities of Levin–Stečkin, Clausing and Chebyshev revisited go
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Issue 74/4 (2019)
P.Henry, G.Wanner Zigzags with Bügi, Bernoulli, Euler and the Seidel–Entringer–Arnol’d triangle go
C.Aebi Another Wolstenholme-type congruence go
H.Alzer A series representation for $\pi$ go
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Issue 74/3 (2019)
D.Ismailescu, P.Laskawiec Dense packings with nonparallel cylinders go
N.Strasser, A.Weng Magische Eigenschaften linearer Rekursionen go
E.Behrends Tupel aus $n$ natürlichen Zahlen, für die alle Summen verschieden sind, und ein Maßkonzentrations-Phänomen go
P.Pamfilos A characterization of the focals of hyperbolas go
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Issue 74/2 (2019)
C.Dombrowsky, M.Fradon, S.Rœlly Packungen aus Kreisscheiben. Wie eine wahrscheinlichkeitstheoretische Sichtweise eine geometrische Analyse vervollständigen kann go
D.Blinkiewicz, P.Rzonsowski, B.Szydło Parallelograms inscribed in a pair of confocal ellipses go
F.Sigrist Les problèmes de Fermat et Lemoine go
P.Pamfilos A short proof of Morley’s theorem go
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Issue 74/1 (2019)
I.Baoulina On the unsolvability of certain equations of Erdős–Moser type go
J.Kramer, A.von Pippich Logarithm and dilogarithm go
W.Hertzog Über eine Interpolation von Mittelwertfunktionen go
P.Bundschuh Über $k$-freie Zahlen in arithmetischen Folgen go
F.Lemmermeyer Composite values of irreducible polynomials go
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Issue 73/4 (2018)
A.Simonič Calculus style proof of Poncelet’s theorem for two ellipses go
C.Elsner, J.Spilker The Lucas property for linear recurrences of second order go
M.Fortman, K.Kupiec, M.Rawlings, E.Treviño Walking on rational numbers and a self-referential formula go
T.Lengyel How to find your soulmate: Set your goal vs. aim at dating sites go
G.Wanner F. Commandino, de centro gravitatis solidorum, 1565 go
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Issue 73/3 (2018)
H.Jolany An extension of the Lobachevsky formula go
U.Manz Jakob Hermanns Lösung des Kepler-Problems mit einer Erhaltungsgrösse go
H.Hunt Elfen, A.Perkins, P.Sahoo A few simple Levi-Civita functional equations on groups go
U.Stammbach Zur Entstehung der Mengenlehre II: Aus Briefen zwischen Richard Dedekind und Georg Cantor go
A.Schreiber Eine Dobiński-Reihe für die Anzahl surjektiver Abbildungen go
J.Müller, T.Müller 3 in 1: A simple way to prove that $e^r$, ln($r$) and $\pi^2$ are irrational go
K.Spindler A short and elementary proof of the structure theorem for finitely generated modules over PIDs go
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Issue 73/2 (2018)
K.Voss Tetraeder mit inhaltsgleichen Seitenflächen go
D.Marinescu, M.Mihai, G.Wanner Distances in rectangles and parallelograms go
P.Pollack Thue’s lemma in $\mathbb Z[i]$ and Lagrange’s four-square theorem go
Y.Ginosar Tile the group go
U.Stammbach Zur Entstehung der Mengenlehre I: Aus Briefen zwischen Richard Dedekind und Georg Cantor go
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Issue 73/1 (2018)
B.Kennedy Finding periodic solutions without finding eigenvalues go
C.Richter Tiling by incongruent equilateral triangles without requiring local finiteness, Part II go
C.Csapodi, N.Hegyvári On some irrational decimal fractions, revisited go
I.Martinjak, D.Stanić A short combinatorial proof of derangement identity go
R.Brawer An algorithm for nontransitive partitions go
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Issue 72/4 (2017)
P.Henry, G.Wanner Johann Bernoulli and the cycloid: A theorem for posterity go
L.Halbeisen Über ein Theorem von Hans Läuchli go
Đ.Paunić On the sums of Fibonacci and Lucas sequences or the art of cancelling $1−x$ go
G.Wanner Gerretsen and the Finsler–Hadwiger inequality go
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Issue 72/3 (2017)
C.Albertini, M.Huber Die Gregorianische Kalenderreform, Teil 2 go
F.Qi Parametric integrals, the Catalan numbers, and the beta function go
F.Pausinger Lattices modulo $N$ with long shortest distances go
H.Knolle Papagenos Wunsch und die Mathematik go
R.Hošek Expressing the remainder of the Taylor polynomial when the function lacks smoothness go
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Issue 72/2 (2017)
C.Albertini, M.Huber Die Gregorianische Kalenderreform, Teil 1 go
R.Baumann, T.Wihler A note on Sassenfeld matrices go
N.Benyahia-Tani, S.Bouroubi, O.Kihel An effective approach for integer partitions using exactly two distinct sizes of parts go
K.Mikami, J.O'Hara, K.Sugahara Triangles with sides in arithmetic progression go
Đ.Paunić, G.Wanner On the proof of Ptolemy’s Lemma go
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Issue 72/1 (2017)
N.Hungerbühler Editorial note go
M.Lukarevski An alternate proof of Gerretsen’s inequalities go
M.Sahoo Density property of certain sets and their applications go
Z.Bahri Alternative investigation into “Surprising sinc sums and integrals” go
D.Veljan The AM-GM inequality from different viewpoints go
G.Wanner From Pappus to Kocik’s diagram for relativistic velocity addition go
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Issue 71/4 (2016)
B.Klaassen Rotationally symmetric tilings with convex pentagons and hexagons go
G.Morrow, G.Oman, A.Salminen Game show shenanigans: Monty Hall meets mathematical logic go
J.Cufí, A.Reventós A lower bound for the isoperimetric deficit go
D.de Castro The Axiata mapping problem and symmetry implications on cuspidal conchoids go
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Issue 71/3 (2016)
J.Waldvogel Jost Bürgi’s Artificium of 1586 in modern view, an ingenious algorithm for calculating tables of the sine function go
P.Thurnheer Spezielle, orthogonale Gitterbasen im $\mathbb R^3$ go
T.Amdeberhan, X.Guan, L.Jiu, V.Moll, C.Vignat A series involving Catalan numbers: Proofs and demonstrations go
A.Sasane, V.Ufnarovski Alternative proofs for Kocik’s geometric diagram for relativistic velocity addition go
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Issue 71/2 (2016)
A.Chávez-Cáliz, J.López-López Tiling by hyperbolic dominoes go
H.Helmstetter, N.Oswald Hurwitz’s counting isomers of alkanes go
O.Marrero Finding vector-space bases at random go
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Issue 71/1 (2016)
J.Pedersen, H.Walser Pascal, Fibonacci, and geometry go
U.Bäsel, R.Baillie Sinc integrals and tiny numbers go
A.Cherry, D.Olejniczak, Q.Zhang Counting the number of round-robin tournament schedules go
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Issue 70/4 (2015)
W.Schramm Eine alternative Produktdarstellung für die Kreisteilungspolynome go
E.Behrends The mystery of the number 1089 – how Fibonacci numbers come into play go
R.Mortini, R.Rupp On a family of pseudohyperbolic disks go
M.Deveau, H.Teismann Would real analysis be complete without the fundamental theorem of calculus? go
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Issue 70/3 (2015)
W.Stadje On the convergence of thinned harmonic series go
J.Jerónimo-Castro A characterization of the ellipse related to illumination bodies go
R.Lovas, I.Mező Some observations on the Furstenberg topological space go
S.Felten, S.Müller-Stach A diophantine equation for sums of consecutive like powers go
C.Aebi, G.Cairns Wolstenholme again go
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Issue 70/2 (2015)
J.Hiriart-Urruty, P.Laurent A characterization by optimization of the orthocenter of a triangle go
U.Abel A new Faà di Bruno type formula go
C.Vignat, V.Moll A probabilistic approach to some binomial identities go
U.Bäsel Buffon’s problem with a pivot needle go
J.Itoh, J.Rouyer, C.Vîlcu On the theorem of the three perpendiculars go
Z.Ibragimov, D.Salimova On an inequality in $l_p(\mathbb C)$ involving Basel problem go
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Issue 70/1 (2015)
R.Alperin The Gergonne and Soddy lines go
G.Köhler, J.Spilker Harmonische Partitionen mit Nebenbedingungen go
P.Pollack Euler and the partial sums of the prime harmonic series go
D.Jankov Maširević, S.Miodragović Geometric median in the plane go
E.Gwynne, R.Kravchenko On Beckner’s inequality for Gaussian measures go
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Issue 69/4 (2014)
E.Behrends Fibonacci goes magic go
D.Ritelli, A.Scimone Some hidden harmonies between new and old geometric loci go
A.Albouy, Y.Fu Some remarks about Descartes’ rule of signs go
Y.Shi, X.Gong Linear functional equations involving Babbage’s equation go
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Issue 69/3 (2014)
J.Waldvogel Jost Bürgi and the discovery of the logarithms go
H.Struve, I.Witzke Die Regel von l’Hôpital go
M.Filaseta Is Every Polynomial with Integer Coefficients Near an Irreducible Polynomial? go
F.Fillastre Polygons of the Lorentzian plane and spherical simplexes go
G.Jameson Inequalities comparing $(a+b)^p−a^p−b^p$ and $a^{p−1}b+ab^{p−1}$ go
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Issue 69/2 (2014)
C.Nara Continuous flattening of some pyramids go
H.Bergold Eine Verallgemeinerung des Satzes von Pohlke go
G.Nicollier, A.Stadler Limit shape of iterated Kiepert triangles go
H.Länger A simple recursion for power sum polynomials go
R.Guckel Asymptotisches Verhalten der Lösungen inhomogener linearer Differenzengleichungen zweiter Ordnung mit konstanten Koeffizienten go
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Issue 69/1 (2014)
B.Herrera Gómez The Feuerbach circle and the other remarkable circles of the cyclic polygons go
H.Schmid Two curious integrals and a graphic proof go
A.Chaves, D.Marques An explicit family of $U_m$-numbers go
A.Upadhyay Contractible Hamiltonian cycles in triangulated surfaces go
V.Pambuccian The Green-Tao theorem on primes in arithmetical progressions in the positive cone of $\mathbb Z [X]$ go
B.Ćurgus, A.Dijksma A proof of the main theorem on Bezoutians go
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Issue 68/4 (2013)
N.Dimitrov On some results related to Napoleon configurations go
A.Zorzi Euclid’s theorem: a bit more go
W.Pestman Two statistical coverage problems in estimating the variance of a population go
R.Pink Frobenius conjugacy classes associated to $q$-linear polynomials over a finite field go
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Issue 68/3 (2013)
J.Akiyama, I.Sato On the diagonal weights of inscribed polytopes go
W.Knapp On Korselt’s criterion for Carmichael numbers go
U.Hertrich-Jeromin, A.King, J.O'Hara On the Möbius geometry of Euclidean triangles go
V.Shevelev, J.Spilker Up-down coefficients for permutations go
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Issue 68/2 (2013)
F.Sigrist Zurich 1940 go
M.Ayad, O.Kihel A new class of permutation polynomials of $\mathbb F_q$ go
K.Wirth, A.Dreiding Tetrahedron classes based on edge lengths go
G.Shephard Families of polyhedra go
J.O'Hara Isoperimetric characterization of the incenter of a triangle go
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Issue 68/1 (2013)
C.Kimberling, P.Moses Bishop curves and orthogonal trajectories go
H.Deligny, P.Jolissaint Relations de récurrence linéaires, primitivité et loi de Benford go
V.Dlab Structure of a group related to a Napoleon tessellation go
G.Lükő On the mean length of the diagonals of an $n$-gon go
R.Mortini The Fàa di Bruno formula revisited go
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Issue 67/4 (2012)
C.Richter Tiling by incongruent equilateral triangles without requiring local finiteness go
S.Ali, M.Deutsche Cohen The phi-ratio tests go
P.Corvaja, C.Petronio, U.Zannier On certain permutation groups and sums of two squares go
K.MacMillan, J.Sondow Divisibility of power sums and the generalized Erdős–Moser equation go
S.Abu-Saymeh, M.Hajja Equicevian points on the altitudes of a triangle go
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Issue 67/3 (2012)
E.Engeler, N.Hungerbühler, J.Makowsky Remembering Ernst Specker (1920–2011) go
A.Blass Developments from Ernst Specker’s Work in Set Theory go
R.Renner, S.Wolf Ernst Specker and the Hidden Variables go
K.Lieberherr, E.Specker Complexity of Partial Satisfaction II go
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Issue 67/2 (2012)
E.Wittmann Elementarisierung von Benkos Lösung des 3. Hilbertschen Problems go
A.Laradji, M.Mignotte, N.Tzanakis Elementary Trigonometric Sums related to Quadratic Residues go
J.Sondow A simple counterexample to Havil’s “reformulation” of the Riemann Hypothesis go
D.Vartziotis, S.Huggenberger Iterative geometric triangle transformations go
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Issue 67/1 (2012)
O.Knill A discrete Gauss-Bonnet type theorem go
T.Amdeberhan, V.de Angelis, M.Lin, V.Moll, B.Sury A pretty binomial identity go
F.Pillichshammer A generalisation of a result of de la Vallée Poussin go
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Issue 66/4 (2011)
Z.Szilasi Notes on the Cevian nest property and the Newton property of projective planes go
T.Müller Ist die Folge der Primzahl-Quersummen beschränkt? go
D.Francke Gleichschenklige Teildreiecke im regelmäßigen Vieleck go
M.Hajja, P.Krasopoulos Two more triangle centers go
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Issue 66/3 (2011)
K.Schlude, E.Specker Zum Problem der Damen auf dem Torus go
V.Protasov Generalized closing theorems go
P.Pollack The Möbius transform and the infinitude of primes go
C.Fuchs Angle trisection with Origami and related topics go
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Issue 66/2 (2011)
J.Sander, J.Steuding, R.Steuding Diophantine aspects of the Calkin-Wilf iteration go
G.Kuba Counting topologies go
C.Kimberling Mean distances on a sphere go
L.Wimmer Cyclic polygons in non-Euclidean geometry go
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Issue 66/1 (2011)
L.Fukshansky Revisiting the hexagonal lattice: on optimal lattice circle packing go
M.Jovanović, V.Jovanović Convexity of elementary functions with applications to inequalities go
K.Draziotis Practical solution of the diophantine equation Xnr+Yn = q go
W.Hertzog Eine besondere Familie von Polynomen go
W.Pestman Two elementary statistical coverage problems go
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Issue 65/4 (2010)
J.Kramer Vorwort des Herausgebers go
E.Bolthausen Bernoullis Gesetz der Großen Zahlen go
F.Lemmermeyer Euler, Goldbach, and “Fermat’s Theorem” go
G.Frederickson Hugo Hadwiger’s influence on geometric dissections with special properties go
R.Kellerhals Ludwig Schläfli – ein genialer Schweizer Mathematiker go
M.Kreck Differenzierbare Strukturen und die Kervaire-Invariante go
M.Ojanguren, J.Scherer Georges de Rham et le problème d’homéomorphie des rotations go
G.Mislin Hopf-Faserungen und Hopf-Invariante go
U.Stammbach Gleichverteilung modulo Eins go
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Issue 65/3 (2010)
T.Narasimhan Laplace, Fourier, and stochastic diffusion go
A.Biswas On a certain problem of Ulam and its generalization go
P.Cachot, M.Meier, M.Steiner-Curtis, U.Wüst Eulersche Knicklast go
L.Gallardo On a remark of Makowski about perfect numbers go
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Issue 65/2 (2010)
H.Alzer A trigonometric double-inequality go
C.Blatter Ein konkretes Modell der reellen Zahlen go
J.Pahikkala On contraharmonic mean and Pythagorean triples go
K.McGown, H.Parks An elementary proof of a generalization of Bernoulli’s formula go
D.Marques Algebraic numbers of the form P(T)Q(T) with T transcendental go
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Issue 65/1 (2010)
W.Pestman Classification of bivariate measures of linear association go
A.Ostermann, G.Wanner A dynamic proof of Thébault’s theorem go
H.Maimani, M.Pournaki, S.Yassemi Rings which are generated by their units: a graph theoretical approach go
A.Hinz A straightened proof for the uncountability of ℝ go
D.Bell Poisson’s remarkable calculation – a method or a trick? go
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Issue 64/4 (2009)
G.Shephard Another generalisation of Napoleon's theorem go
O.Marrero Block designs with near-minimal number of blocks go
D.Anderson, S.Chapman, W.Smith On a property of the division algorithm and its application to the theory of non-unique factorizations go
K.Wirth, A.Dreiding Edge lengths determining tetrahedrons go
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Issue 64/3 (2009)
B.Grünbaum An enduring error go
M.Baillif Curves of constant diameter and inscribed polygons go
C.Richter Families of irreptiles go
R.Høibakk, D.Lukkassen Power means with integer values go
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Issue 64/2 (2009)
B.Farhi Formulas giving prime numbers under Cramér’s conjecture go
E.Strekalovskiy Folgen von Höhenfußpunktdreiecken und ihre Grenzpunkte go
A.Agnew, A.Bobe, W.Boskoff, L.Homentcovschi, B.Suceavă The equation of Euler's line yields a Tzitzeica surface go
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Issue 64/1 (2009)
U.Krause Compromise, consensus, and the iteration of means go
F.Luca On the greatest prime factor of sides of a Heron triangle go
A.Schreiber B-adische Teilbarkeitstests im Vergleich go
P.Jolissaint Loi de Benford, relations de récurrence et suites équidistribuées II go
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Issue 63/4 (2008)
C.Aebi, G.Cairns Catalan numbers, primes, and twin primes go
M.Hajja, M.Spirova A new line associated with the triangle go
C.Soland Géométrie plane: Une axiomatique centrée sur la distance go
B.Sury An interesting consequence of the Heisenberg construction go
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Issue 63/3 (2008)
S.Hofmann, G.Schuster, J.Steuding Euclid, Calkin & Wilf — Playing with rationals go
R.van Luijk The diameter of the circumcircle of a Heron triangle go
J.Ash Mean value theorems for differences go
L.Heinrich On the Miquel point of simplices go
R.Høibakk, D.Lukkassen Crossed ladders and power means go
A.Pauly Flächen mit lauter Nabelpunkten go
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Issue 63/2 (2008)
Y.Bugeaud, F.Luca, M.Mignotte, S.Siksek Fibonacci numbers at most one away from a perfect power go
M.Villarino On the Archimedean or semiregular polyhedra go
Y.Du, R.Ding On maximum area polygons in a planar point set go
D.Osthus, R.Watkinson A simple solution to Ulam's liar game with one lie go
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Issue 63/1 (2008)
A.Sommariva The generating identity of Cauchy–Schwarz–Bunyakovsky inequality go
D.Veljan, V.Volenec Thébault's theorem go
B.Herrera Gómez The conics of Lucas' configuration go
C.Blatter In Dreiecken einbeschriebene Dreiecke go
Z.Lu Erdös–Mordell-type inequalities go
A.Gut, J.Waldvogel The feet of the altitudes of a simplex go
J.Hancl, J.Sustek, R.Nair, P.Rucki, D.Bodyagin On summing to arbitrary real numbers go
H.Wegner An elementary approach to the location of the maximum Stirling number(s) of the second kind go
S.Deschauer Über eine bemerkenswerte Eigenschaft von Dezimalbrüchen und gewissen anderen Systembrüchen go
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Issue 62/4 (2007)
J.Kramer Zum 300. Geburtstag von Leonhard Euler go
N.Schappacher Der nahe und der ferne Euler go
H.Koch Der Briefwechsel von Leonhard Euler und Christian Goldbach go
Y.Pétermann Une preuve de 1/2+1/3+1/5+1/7+1/11+&c.=l.l inspirée par Euler go
W.Gautschi Leonhard Eulers Umgang mit langsam konvergenten Reihen go
G.Ziegler, C.Blatter Euler's polyhedron formula — a starting point of today's polytope theory go
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Issue 62/3 (2007)
G.Maze, L.Minder A new family of almost identities go
L.Szabó, Z.Ujváry-Menyhárt Smallest limited snakes go
C.Richter Affine congruence by dissection of intervals go
G.Köhler, J.Spilker Idempotente Zahlen go
D.Tonien A simple visual proof of the Schröder-Bernstein theorem go
Y.Hashimoto A short proof of Morley's theorem go
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C.Blatter, G.Wanner Note from the Editorial Board: Note on rectangles with vertices on prescribed circles go
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Issue 62/2 (2007)
E.Kulanin, O.Faynshteyn Victor Michel Jean-Marie Thébault zum 125. Geburtstag am 6. März 2007 go
B.Lemmens Variations of a combinatorial problem on finite sets go
M.Banister, J.Chaika, S.Chapman, W.Meyerson On a result of James and Niven concerning unique factorization in congruence semigroups go
W.Jarczyk, W.Zhang Also set-valued functions do not like iterative roots go
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Note from the Editorial Board go
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Issue 62/1 (2007)
U.Schäfer Wie erklärt man ein Nash-Gleichgewicht? go
K.Wirth, A.Dreiding Kants Hand, Chiralität und konvexe Polytope go
E.Ionascu, P.Stanica Extreme values for the area of rectangles with vertices on concentrical circles go
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Issue 61/4 (2006)
J.Barr, S.Rao The n-queens problem in higher dimensions go
Z.Čerin Regular heptagon's intersections circles go
D.Bridges, P.Schuster A simple constructive proof of Kronecker's Density Theorem go
C.Schütz Ein Extremalproblem für einbeschriebene Dreiecke go
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Issue 61/3 (2006)
G.Kuba Wie plausibel ist die Kontinuumshypothese? go
A.Schleiermacher Über einen Satz von Jacob Steiner go
Z.Su, R.Ding On a conjecture about relative lengths go
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Issue 61/2 (2006)
K.Nagarajan, R.Sridharan On Brahmagupta's and Kummer's quadrilaterals go
G.Wanner The Cramer-Castillon problem and Urquhart's `most elementary´ theorem go
R.Dalang Une démonstration élémentaire du théorème central limite go
B.Odehnal Three points related to the incenter and excenters of a triangle go
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Issue 61/1 (2006)
N.Hungerbühler, M.Nüsken Delian Metamorphoses go
P.Thurnheer Zum Satz von Dirichlet go
M.Pournaki An extension of a result of Gauss to finite groups: a linear algebraic approach go
W.Janous A short note on the Erdös-Debrunner inequality go
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Issue 60/4 (2005)
S.Szabó Affine regular polygons go
T.Müller Note on the diophantine equation 1 + 2p + (2p)2 + · · · + (2p)n = yp go
R.Mortini Einige Anmerkungen zum Fortsetzungssatz von Tietze go
R.Baggenstos Ein Beitrag zu den Diophantischen Approximationen reeller Zahlen go
J.Rooin Ky Fan's inequality with binomial expansion go
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Issue 60/3 (2005)
H.Pieper Der Euler des 19. Jahrhunderts: C.G. Jacob Jacobi go
G.Kuba Eine konkrete Menge der Kardinalität Aleph-1 go
L.Halbeisen, S.Halbeisen Avoiding arithmetic progressions in cyclic groups go
H.Wegner Stirling numbers of the second kind and Bonferroni's inequalities go
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Issue 60/2 (2005)
C.Elsholtz, C.List A simple proof of Sen's possibility theorem on majority decisions go
K.Smoczyk A representation formula for the inverse harmonic mean curvature flow go
J.Rung, J.Werner Summen aufeinander folgender Quadrate, die ein Quadrat ergeben go
R.Satnoianu The principle of the isosceles triangle for geometric inequalities go
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Issue 60/1 (2005)
H.Koch Periodische Positionsbrüche und elementare Zahlentheorie go
P.Jolissaint Loi de Benford, relations de récurrence et suites équidistribuées go
V.Pambuccian Euclidean geometry problems rephrased in terms of midpoints and point-reflections go
H.Länger An interesting application of algebra to genetics go
K.Spindler A short proof of the formula of Faà di Bruno go
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Issue 59/4 (2004)
A.Dubickas, J.Steuding The polynomial Pell equation go
G.Wanner Elementare Beweise des Satzes von Morley go
C.Elsner Höhere Mathematik an der Balkenwaage go
M.Skalba Two conjectures on primes dividing 2^a + 2^b + 1 go
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Issue 59/3 (2004)
G.Köhler, J.Spilker Irrationale Dezimalzahlen go
M.Radić Some relations concerning triangles and bicentric quadrilaterals in connection with Poncelet's closure theorem when conics are circles not one inside of the other go
M.Huber, A.Vogt Die Ära des J.J. Scaliger und das Alter der Welt. Ein Stück Kalendermathematik go
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Issue 59/2 (2004)
W.Wolking Eine Anwendung der Inversion in der Molekularbiologie go
W.Pigulla Konvergenzbeschleunigung mit Hilfe von Kettenbrüchen go
H.Riede Über das Diagonalenverhältnis bei Sehnenvierecken oder: Ein Analogon zum Satz des Ptolemaios go
M.Meiringer Betrachtungen zum Satz von Bernstein go
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Issue 59/1 (2004)
R.Strebel Burckhardtsche Bestimmung der Raumgruppen II go
J.Almira, N.Del Toro, M.Jimenez More on a topological mean value theorem go
M.Bayat, H.Teimoori A generalization of Mason's theorem for four polynomials go
K.Sastry Analogies are interesting! go
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Issue 58/4 (2003)
Editorial: Zum 100. Geburtstag von J. J. Burckhardt go
G.Frei Johann Jakob Burckhardt zum 100. Geburtstag am 13. Juli 2003 go
R.Strebel Burckhardtsche Bestimmung der Raumgruppen I go
G.Frei Zur Geschichte der Arithmetik der Algebren (1843-1932) go
A.Verdun Leonhard Eulers Einführung und Anwendung von Bezugssystemen in Mechanik und Astronomie go
Aufgaben go
Issue 58/3 (2003)
T.Lengyel, G.Tollisen On minimizing distance by the road less traveled go
B.Weißbach Der Starrheitssatz und die Deltaeder go
J.Rooin AGM inequality with binomial expansion go
A.Schultz 60°-Verwandte der pythagoreischen Zahlentripel go
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Issue 58/2 (2003)
N.Hungerbühler, J.Kramer, Y.Reichelt The Abel Prize - the new coronation of mathematical careers go
N.Hungerbühler, M.Struwe A one-way function from thermodynamics and applications to cryptography go
R.Jerrard, J.Wetzel Triangles in squares go
G.Boros, M.Joyce, V.Moll A transformation of rational functions go
Aufgaben go
Issue 58/1 (2003)
A.Duma, M.Stoka Problems of 'Buffon type' for polygonal strips go
A.Lesfari Le théorème d'Arnold-Liouville et ses conséquences go
F.Guéritaud A note on Steiner symmetrization of hyperbolic triangles go
J.Spilker Die Ziffern der Fibonacci-Zahlen go
R.Stärk Zum Satz des Ptolemaios go
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Issue 57/4 (2002)
L.Fraiture, K.Spindler Spherical goniometry and spacecraft attitude determination go
O.Marrero, P.Pasles Binary matrices go
M.Schmutz Mercatorkarte und hyperbolische Geometrie go
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Issue 57/3 (2002)
M.Aigner Die Millenniumsprobleme go
J.Kramer Die Riemannsche Vermutung go
M.Grötschel P = NP? go
J.Brüning Die Vermutung von Poincaré go
R.Seiler Die Navier-Stokes-Gleichung go
J.Kramer Die Vermutung von Birch und Swinnerton-Dyer go
E.Vogt Existenz von Quanten-Yang-Mills-Theorien mit Massenlücke go
H.Kurke Die Hodge-Vermutung go
Aufgaben go
Issue 57/2 (2002)
A.Abdulle, G.Wanner 200 years of least squares method go
D.Neuenschwander Covariograms of convex bodies in the plane: A remark on Nagel's theorem go
W.Stadje Some constrained optimization problems in elemetary statistics go
M.Caragiu Zero sets of polynomials: one versus two variables go
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Issue 57/1 (2002)
J.Klose Ein funktionentheoretischer Beweis für Masons Nullstellensatz go
L.Kohaupt Error estimate for the Jacobi method adapted to the weak row sum resp. weak column sum criterion go
V.Moll, J.Nowalsky, L.Solanilla The story of Landen, the hyperbola and the ellipse go
B.Herrera Gómez The notable configuration of inscribed equilateral triangles in a triangle go
J.Almira, N.Del Toro, M.Jimenez Another topological proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra go
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Issue 56/4 (2001)
H.Geiges Beweis des Satzes von Morley nach A. Connes go
M.Aassila RETRACTED: Some results on Heron triangles go
C.Blatter Rationale duale Billards go
O.Marrero A test statistic whose derivation is simple and unusual go
M.Barot, L.de Teresa Estimating the size of a union of random subsets of fixed cardinality go
R.Gologan Derivatives and irreducible polynomials go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 56/3 (2001)
H.Havlicek, H.Lenz Another simple proof for the existence of the small Witt design go
R.Powers, P.Sahoo Triangle congruence and the Moulton plane go
S.Rao A note on the St. Petersburg paradox go
R.Nillsen Irrational rotations motivate measurable sets go
M.Longuet-Higgins On the principal centers of a triangle go
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Issue 56/2 (2001)
H.Hunziker Albert Einsteins Maturitätsprüfung in Mathematik 1896 go
H.Länger Matrices with a strictly dominant eigenvalue go
A.Gulyás, L.Szabó Disjoint empty convex polygons in planar point sets go
E.Assaf, S.Gueron Characterization of regular Diophantine quadruples go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 56/1 (2001)
D.Neuenschwander On the Representation of Permutations as Products of Transpositions go
A.Blunck Moufang-Ebenen. Ruth Moufang und ihr Beitrag zu den Grundlagen der Geometrie go
A.Siegel Some Dido-type Inequalities go
L.Hitt, X.Zhang Dynamic Geometry of Polygons go
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Issue 55/4 (2000)
P.Ventura Araújo How to Turn All Lights Out go
G.Wirsching Über das 3n + 1 Problem go
V.Moll, P.Neill, J.Nowalsky, L.Solanilla A Property of Euler's Elastic Curve go
D.Jordan, M.Steiner-Curtis Ist das Öffnen eines Notenständers trivial? go
Aufgaben go
Issue 55/3 (2000)
N.Snyder An Alternate Proof of Mason's Theorem go
Y.Kupitz, H.Martini On the Equations x^y = y^x go
F.van Lamoen Triangle Centers Associated with Rhombi go
J.Puchta, J.Spilker Die Thue-Morse-Folge go
M.Deaconescu Adding Units Mod n go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 55/2 (2000)
A.Hraskó Poncelet-type Problems, an Elementary Approach go
K.Schütte Ein Beitrag zu einem Problem von gerichteten Graphen go
M.Grote Am Rande des Unendlichen: Numerische Verfahren für unbegrenzte Gebiete go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 55/1 (2000)
P.Bühlmann Von Daten zu Stochastischen Modellen go
I.Kleiner From Fermat to Wiles: Fermat's Last Theorem Becomes a Theorem go
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Issue 54/4 (1999)
Die diskreten Gruppen euklidischer Bewegungen in der Ebene go
L.Halbeisen, S.Halbeisen Über das Mischen von Spielkarten, ein mathematisches Menu go
B.Weißbach Über (n + 1)-Seite in n-dimensionalen affinen Räumen go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 54/3 (1999)
U.Stammbach Die harmonische Reihe: Historisches und Mathematisches go
E.Behrends Faire Entscheidungen go
L.Halbeisen, N.Hungerbühler Powers and Polynomials in ${\Bbb Z}_m$ go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 54/2 (1999)
S.Lang Bruhat-Tits-Räume go
A.Schultz Inseln der Ordnung unter den Primzahlen - Primzahlserien in Polynomen go
O.Marrero Statistical Independence and Model Choice: An Example go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 54/1 (1999)
R.Ineichen Zufall und Wahrscheinlichkeit - einst ganz getrennt, jetzt eng verbunden go
E.Behrends Über das Fälschen von Würfeln go
K.Schlude Bemerkung zu beschränkt homogenen Funktionen go
D.Poulakis A simple method for solving the diophantine equation Y^2 = X^4 + aX^3 + bX^2 + cX + d go
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Issue 53/4 (1998)
G.Frei Zum Gedenken an Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (2.2.1903-12.1.1996) go
B.van der Waerden Wie der Beweis der Vermutung von Baudet gefunden wurde go
C.Richter Partitioning Balls into Topologically Equivalent Pieces go
P.Bühlmann Mathematische Paradigmen in der Finanzwirtschaft go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 53/3 (1998)
O.Knill On Nonconvex Caustics of Convex Billiards go
W.Pestman Teaching the Independence of $\bar X$ and $S^2$ go
Z.Čerin Regular Hexagons Associated to Triangles with Equal Centroids go
D.Treiber Zur Kurvendiskussion der Potenzsummenpolynome go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 53/2 (1998)
J.Kramer Über den Beweis der Fermat-Vermutung II go
W.Schuster Die Transformation einer geschlossenen Kurve in eine Ellipse go
H.Joss Messrechnen: 350 Jahre Rechenschieber go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 53/1 (1998)
R.Lang Die Anziehung einer Kugel nach Newton go
I.Kleiner From Numbers to Rings: The Early History of Ring Theory go
P.Chakraborty Planar Rectangular Sets and Steiner Symmetrization go
Aufgaben go
Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 52/4 (1997)
W.Meier, O.Staffelbach Kryptographie und elliptische Kurven go
W.Hürlimann Fonctions extrémales et gain financier go
H.Wellstein Eine Zählformel für Dreiecke go
Aufgaben go
Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 52/3 (1997)
H.Geiges Mannifgaltige Geometrien go
J.Cofman Catalan Numbers for the Classroom? go
P.Schöpf Flächentreue C^1-Abbildungen sind Isometrien go
C.Kimberling Best Lower and Upper Approximates to Irrational Numbers go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 52/2 (1997)
M.Struwe Sattelpunkte oder Variationsprinzipien in Geometrie und Mechanik go
R.Lang Über die Bestimmung von Leitfähigkeiten durch Oberflächenmessungen go
C.Graf, P.Paukowitsch Möglichst dichte Packungen aus kongruenten Drehzylindern mit paarweise windschiefen Achsen go
L.Szabó A Simple Proof for the Jordan Measurability of Convex Sets go
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Bücher und Computersoftware go
Issue 52/1 (1997)
S.Lang Globale Integration lokal integrierbarer Vektorfelder go
R.Suter Coxetergruppen go
J.Robertson, W.Webb Extensions of Cut-and-Choose Fair Division go
D.Duverney Irrationalité de la somme des inverses de la suite Fibonacci go
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