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Issue 93/4 (2018)
D.Davis, W.Hooper Periodicity and ergodicity in the trihexagonal tiling go
Y.Lamzouri, S.Lester, M.Radziwiłł An effective universality theorem for the Riemann zeta function go
C.De Lellis, A.Marchese, E.Spadaro, D.Valtorta Rectifiability and upper Minkowski bounds for singularities of harmonic $Q$-valued maps go
T.Gelander, A.Levit Local rigidity of uniform lattices go
M.Entov, Y.Ganor, C.Membrez Lagrangian isotopies and symplectic function theory go
Issue 93/3 (2018)
I.Itenberg, D.Zvonkine Hurwitz numbers for real polynomials go
D.Kotschick, T.Vogel Engel structures and weakly hyperbolic flows on four-manifolds go
G.Ricotta, E.Royer Kloosterman paths of prime powers moduli go
M.Deraux Non-arithmetic ball quotients from a configuration of elliptic curves in an Abelian surface go
A.Erschler, N.Ozawa Finite-dimensional representations constructed from random walks go
P.Seidel Connections on equivariant Hamiltonian Floer cohomology go
M.Dajczer, T.Kasioumis, A.Savas-Halilaj, T.Vlachos Complete minimal submanifolds with nullity in Euclidean spheres go
Issue 93/2 (2018)
L.Marchese, R.Treviño, S.Weil Diophantine approximations for translation surfaces and planar resonant sets go
T.Fernós, J.Lécureux, F.Mathéus Random walks and boundaries of CAT(0) cubical complexes go
S.Hensel Rigidity and flexibility for handlebody groups go
M.Şengün, S.Siksek On the asymptotic Fermat’s last theorem over number fields go
S.Crovisier, E.Pujals Strongly dissipative surface diffeomorphisms go
V.Pecastaing Lorentzian manifolds with a conformal action of SL(2,R) go
Issue 93/1 (2018)
D.Cristofaro-Gardiner, R.Hind Symplectic embeddings of products go
N.Lazarovich On regular CAT(0) cube complexes and the simplicity of automorphism groups of rank-one CAT(0) cube complexes go
J.Choe, A.Fraser Mean curvature in manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded from below go
F.Déglise, W.Nizioł On $p$-adic absolute Hodge cohomology and syntomic coefficients. I go
C.Böhning, H.Graf von Bothmer On stable rationality of some conic bundles and moduli spaces of Prym curves go
R.Grigorchuk, M.Musat, M.Rørdam Just-infinite $C^*$-algebras go
O.Amini, D.Cohen-Steiner A transfer principle and applications to eigenvalue estimates for graphs go
Issue 92/4 (2017)
T.Barthelmé, S.Fenley Counting periodic orbits of Anosov flows in free homotopy classes go
M.Bridgeman, R.Canary Simple length rigidity for Kleinian surface groups and applications go
T.Walpuski A compactness theorem for Fueter sections go
D.Thompson Generalized $\beta$-transformations and the entropy of unimodal maps go
P.Hintz Boundedness and decay of scalar waves at the Cauchy horizon of the Kerr spacetime go
B.Kahn Torsion order of smooth projective surfaces (with an appendix by J.-L. Colliot-Thélène) go
Issue 92/3 (2017)
P.dos Santos, R.Hardt, J.Lewis, P.Lima-Filho An explicit cycle map for the motivic cohomology of real varieties go
V.Horita, M.Sambarino Stable ergodicity and accessibility for certain partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with bidimensional center leaves go
C.Bonatti, J.Zhang Transverse foliations on the torus $\mathbb T^2$ and partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms on 3-manifolds go
A.Obus A generalization of the Oort conjecture go
M.Björklund, K.Bulinski Twisted patterns in large subsets of $\mathbb Z^N$ go
Issue 92/2 (2017)
M.Borodzik, M.Hedden, C.Livingston Plane algebraic curves of arbitrary genus via Heegaard Floer homology go
A.Kappes, M.Möller Cutting out arithmetic Teichmüller curves in genus two via Theta functions go
B.Rodgers Tail bounds for counts of zeros and eigenvalues, and an application to ratios go
A.Boyer, D.Mayeda Equidistribution, ergodicity and irreducibility associated with Gibbs measures go
I.Oppenheim Vanishing of cohomology with coefficients in representations on Banach spaces of groups acting on buildings go
Issue 92/1 (2017)
V.Gadre, J.Maher, G.Tiozzo Word length statistics for Teichmüller geodesics and singularity of harmonic measure go
V.Chernousov, P.Gille, A.Pianzola A classification of torsors over Laurent polynomial rings go
R.Mukamel Fundamental domains and generators for lattice Veech groups go
J.Pila On a modular Fermat equation go
I.Klep, J.Volčič Free loci of matrix pencils and domains of noncommutative rational functions go
A.Hammerlindl Ergodic components of partially hyperbolic systems go
M.Cantrell Differentiability of integrable measurable cocycles between nilpotent groups go
Issue 91/4 (2016)
A.Minasyan, P.Zalesskiĭ Virtually compact special hyperbolic groups are conjugacy separable go
L.Florit, W.Ziller Nonnegatively curved Euclidean submanifolds in codimension two go
A.Bounemoura Nekhoroshev’s estimates for quasi-periodic time-dependent perturbations go
M.Schütt Dynamics on supersingular K3 surfaces go
E.Hellmann Families of $p$-adic Galois representations and $(\phi, \Gamma)$-modules go
J.Conant, A.Hatcher, M.Kassabov, K.Vogtmann Assembling homology classes in automorphism groups of free groups go
A.Seppi Minimal discs in hyperbolic space bounded by a quasicircle at infinity go
Issue 91/3 (2016)
R.Venerucci On the $p$-converse of the Kolyvagin–Gross–Zagier theorem go
Y.Chekanov, F.Schlenk Lagrangian product tori in symplectic manifolds go
E.Arbarello, A.Bruno, G.Farkas, G.Saccà Explicit Brill–Noether–Petri general curves go
D.Laackman, A.Merkurjev Degree three cohomological invariants of reductive groups go
J.Huang, K.Jankiewicz, P.Przytycki Cocompactly cubulated 2-dimensional Artin groups go
A.Kar, M.Sageev Ping Pong on CAT(0) cube complexes go
M.Bolognesi, A.Massarenti Moduli of abelian surfaces, symmetric theta structures and theta characteristics go
Issue 91/2 (2016)
M.Bestvina, K.Bromberg, K.Fujiwara Bounded cohomology with coefficients in uniformly convex Banach spaces go
B.Schmidt, K.Shankar, R.Spatzier Positively curved manifolds with large spherical rank go
A.Le Boudec Groups acting on trees with almost prescribed local action go
N.Freitas On the Fermat-type equation $x^3 + y^3 = z^p$ go
R.Casals, F.Presas On the strong orderability of overtwisted 3–folds go
S.Gupta, M.Wolf Quadratic differentials, half-plane structures, and harmonic maps to trees go
K.Marin $C^r$-density of (non-uniform) hyperbolicity in partially hyperbolic symplectic diffeomorphisms go
Issue 91/1 (2016)
S.Akbulut, D.Ruberman Absolutely exotic compact 4-manifolds go
A.Kislev Hofer growth of $C^1$-generic Hamiltonian flows go
A.Kocsard, R.Potrie Livšic theorem for low-dimensional diffeomorphism cocycles go
F.Ledrappier, Y.Lima, O.Sarig Ergodic properties of equilibrium measures for smooth three dimensional flows go
L.Merlin Minimal entropy for uniform lattices in product of hyperbolic planes go
E.Gluskin, Y.Ostrover Asymptotic equivalence of symplectic capacities go
N.Bhaskhar On Serre’s injectivity question and norm principle go
N.Semenov Motivic construction of cohomological invariants go
Issue 90/4 (2015)
P.Eyssidieux, D.Mégy Sur l’application des périodes d’une variation de structure de Hodge attachée aux familles d’hypersurfaces à singularités simples go
B.Kirchheim, E.Spadaro, L.Székelyhidi Jr. Equidimensional isometric maps go
W.Bergweiler, N.Fagella, L.Rempe-Gillen Hyperbolic entire functions with bounded Fatou components go
R.Liu Triangulation of refined families go
E.Brugallé, N.Puignau On Welschinger invariants of symplectic 4-manifolds go
K.Ventullo On the rank one abelian Gross–Stark conjecture go
Issue 90/3 (2015)
A.Némethi, G.Pintér Immersions associated with holomorphic germs go
C.Böhm On the long time behavior of homogeneous Ricci flows go
D.Aulicino Teichmüller discs with completely degenerate Kontsevich–Zorich spectrum go
G.Avramidi, T.Nguyên Phan Flat cycles in the homology of €$\Gamma$ \ SL$_m \mathbb R$ / SO($m$) go
N.Karpenko, Z.Reichstein A numerical invariant for linear representations of finite groups go
D.Gabai, M.Trnkova Exceptional hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
Issue 90/2 (2015)
C.Boissy Connected components of the strata of the moduli space of meromorphic differentials go
D.Studenmund Abstract commensurators of lattices in Lie groups go
S.Hersonsky Discrete harmonic maps and convergence to conformal maps, I: Combinatorial harmonic coordinates go
D.Grimm Lower bounds for Pythagoras numbers of function fields go
L.Bessières, G.Besson, S.Maillot Long time behaviour of Ricci flow on open 3-manifolds go
F.Borer, L.Galimberti, M.Struwe “Large” conformal metrics of prescribed Gauss curvature on surfaces of higher genus go
G.González-Diez, S.Reyes-Carocca The arithmeticity of a Kodaira fibration is determined by its universal cover go
P.Charollois, S.Dasgupta, M.Greenberg Integral Eisenstein cocycles on $\mathbf {GL}_n$, II: Shintani’s method go
R.Shafikov, A.Sukhov Germs of singular Levi-flat hypersurfaces and holomorphic foliations go
Q.Yin Finite-dimensionality and cycles on powers of $K3$ surfaces go
Issue 90/1 (2015)
V.Humilière, R.Leclercq, S.Seyfaddini New energy-capacity-type inequalities and uniqueness of continuous Hamiltonians go
D.Rössler On the group of purely inseparable points of an abelian variety defined over a function field of positive characteristic go
A.Djament, C.Vespa Sur l’homologie des groupes d’automorphismes des groupes libres à coefficients polynomiaux go
C.Ciliberto, M.Mendes Lopes, X.Roulleau On Schoen surfaces go
M.Hong, G.Tian, H.Yin The Yang–Mills $\alpha$-flow in vector bundles over four manifolds and its applications go
A.Dubouloz Flexible bundles over rigid affine surfaces go
M.Bialy Effective bounds in E. Hopf rigidity for billiards and geodesic flows go
A.Abbondandolo, L.Macarini, G.Paternain On the existence of three closed magnetic geodesics for subcritical energies go
T.Dymarz Envelopes of certain solvable groups go
K.Irie Periodic billiard trajectories and Morse theory on loop spaces go
Issue 89/4 (2014)
P.Ozsváth, A.Stipsicz, Z.Szabó Knots in lattice homology go
S.Wang Le système d’Euler de Kato en famille (I) go
L.Ji, R.Mazzeo, W.Müller, A.Vasy Spectral theory for the Weil–Petersson Laplacian on the Riemann moduli space go
V.Blomer, J.Buttcane, N.Raulf A Sato–Tate law for GL (3) go
L.Mazet, H.Rosenberg On minimal spheres of area 4$\pi$ and rigidity go
P.Albers, U.Frauenfelder, J.Solomon A $\Gamma$-structure on Lagrangian Grassmannians go
L.Kennard Positively curved Riemannian metrics with logarithmic symmetry rank bounds go
B.Fayad, A.Katok Analytic uniquely ergodic volume preserving maps on odd spheres go
É.Fouvry, S.Ganguly, E.Kowalski, P.Michel Gaussian distribution for the divisor function and Hecke eigenvalues in arithmetic progressions go
Issue 89/3 (2014)
J.Hom The knot Floer complex and the smooth concordance group go
Y.Lekili, M.Maydanskiy The symplectic topology of some rational homology balls go
P.D'Aquino, A.Macintyre, G.Terzo From Schanuel’s Conjecture to Shapiro’s Conjecture go
C.Aquino, H.Fernandes de Lima On the geometry of horospheres go
R.Rosas Constructing equivalences with some extensions to the divisor and topological invariance of projective holonomy go
T.Lee Embedding functors and their arithmetic properties go
T.Lê Homology torsion growth and Mahler measure go
I.Samet On the number of finite subgroups of a lattice go
Issue 89/2 (2014)
M.Guest, H.Sakai Orbifold quantum D-modules associated to weighted projective spaces go
J.Duval, D.Gayet Riemann surfaces and totally real tori go
S.Fischler, T.Rivoal On the values of $G$-functions go
É.Gaudron, G.Rémond Théorème des périodes et degrés minimaux d'isogénies go
C.Frances Removable and essential singular sets for higher dimensional conformal maps go
A.Sambarino Quantitative properties of convex representations go
G.Forni, C.Matheus, A.Zorich Zero Lyapunov exponents of the Hodge bundle go
Issue 89/1 (2014)
J.Lott, N.Sesum Ricci flow on three-dimensional manifolds with symmetry go
M.Boileau, J.Rubinstein, S.Wang Finiteness of 3-manifolds associated with non-zero degree mappings go
E.Shelukhin The action homomorphism, quasimorphisms and moment maps on the space of compatible almost complex structures go
L.Gavrilov, F.Pakovich Moments on Riemann surfaces and hyperelliptic Abelian integrals go
S.Diverio, A.Ferretti On a conjecture of Oguiso about rational curves on Calabi–Yau threefolds go
R.Jones, M.Manes Galois theory of quadratic rational functions go
D.Harbater, J.Hartmann, D.Krashen Local-global principles for Galois cohomology go
A.Alarcón, R.Souam Harmonic diffeomorphisms between domains in the Euclidean 2-sphere go
Issue 88/4 (2013)
R.Coulon Outer automorphisms of free Burnside groups go
J.Anderson, C.Lecuire Strong convergence of Kleinian groups: the cracked eggshell go
M.Brunella A characterization of Inoue surfaces go
T.Lidman On the infinity flavor of Heegaard Floer homology and the integral cohomology ring go
P.Biran, M.Khanevsky A Floer–Gysin exact sequence for Lagrangian submanifolds go
C.McMullen Entropy on Riemann surfaces and the Jacobians of finite covers go
F.Andreatta, O.Brinon Acyclicité géométrique de Bcris go
G.Racher Injective modules and amenable groups go
Issue 88/3 (2013)
W.Dison, T.Riley Hydra groups go
J.Serre Un critère d’indépendance pour une famille de représentations $\ell$-adiques go
A.Duncan Finite groups of essential dimension 2 go
G.Farkas, A.Verra The classification of universal Jacobians over the moduli space of curves go
P.Schneider, O.Venjakob A splitting for K1 of completed group rings go
S.Fenley Rigidity of pseudo-Anosov flows transverse to $\mathbb{R}$-covered foliations go
J.Rebelo, H.Reis Separatrices for $\mathbb{C}^2$ actions on 3-manifolds go
L.Pirio, F.Russo Varieties $n$-covered by curves of degree $\delta$ go
S.Kumar Geometry of orbits of permanents and determinants go
Issue 88/2 (2013) Bobadilla, M.Marco-Buzunáriz Topology of hypersurface singularities with 3-dimensional critical set go
V.Ferrer, I.Vainsencher Degenerate singularities of one dimensional foliations go
P.Jossen Detecting linear dependence on an abelian variety via reduction maps go
D.Osajda A construction of hyperbolic Coxeter groups go
I.Hambleton, S.Pamuk, E.Yalçın Equivariant CW-complexes and the orbit category go
M.Ghomi Vertices of closed curves in Riemannian surfaces go
F.Charles Remarks on the Lefschetz standard conjecture and hyperkähler varieties go
J.Landsberg, L.Manivel, N.Ressayre Hypersurfaces with degenerate duals and the Geometric Complexity Theory Program go
U.Shapira Grids with dense values go
Issue 88/1 (2013)
M.Borovoi, C.Demarche Manin obstruction to strong approximation for homogeneous spaces go
C.Riedtmann, G.Zwara Orbit closures and rank schemes go
D.Calegari, C.Gordon Knots with small rational genus go
T.Brendle, A.Hatcher Configuration spaces of rings and wickets go
B.Smyth, G.Tinaglia The number of constant mean curvature isometric immersions of a surface go
P.Koskela, P.Lammi Gehring–Hayman Theorem for conformal deformations go
M.Bestvina, T.Church, J.Souto Some groups of mapping classes not realized by diffeomorphisms go
R.Canary, P.Storm Moduli spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds and dynamics on character varieties go
Issue 87/4 (2012)
T.Nguyên Phan Smooth (non)rigidity of cusp-decomposable manifolds go
N.Shanmugalingam, X.Xie A rigidity property of some negatively curved solvable Lie groups go
K.Bringmann, C.Conley, O.Richter Jacobi forms over complex quadratic fields via the cubic Casimir operators go
L.Fehér, A.Némethi, R.Rimányi Equivariant classes of matrix matroid varieties go
A.Alarcón, I.Fernández, F.López Complete minimal surfaces and harmonic functions go
M.Geck On the Kazhdan–Lusztig order on cells and families go
A.Aizenbud, N.Avni, D.Gourevitch Spherical pairs over close local fields go
R.Cluckers, G.Comte, F.Loeser Local metric properties and regular stratifications of p-adic definable sets go
J.Colliot-Thélène, R.Parimala, V.Suresh Patching and local-global principles for homogeneous spaces over function fields of p-adic curves go
Issue 87/3 (2012)
J.Burgos Gil, E.Feliu Higher arithmetic Chow groups go
A.Avila, M.Resende Exponential mixing for the Teichmüller flow in the space of quadratic differentials go
A.Balog, V.Blomer, C.Dartyge, G.Tenenbaum Friable values of binary forms go
G.Knieper New results on noncompact harmonic manifolds go
G.Ben Simon, T.Hartnick Reconstructing quasimorphisms from associated partial orders and a question of Polterovich go
E.Chesebro, J.DeBlois, H.Wilton Some virtually special hyperbolic 3-manifold groups go
Issue 87/2 (2012)
B.Solomon Surfaces with central convex cross-sections go
M.Asaoka, E.Dufraine, T.Noda Homotopy classes of total foliations go
M.Longo Anticyclotomic Iwasawa’s Main Conjecture for Hilbert modular forms go
F.Amoroso, E.Viada Small points on rational subvarieties of tori go
M.Clay, A.Pettet Current twisting and nonsingular matrices go
L.Charles, J.Marché Multicurves and regular functions on the representation variety of a surface in SU(2) go
M.Damian Floer homology on the universal cover, Audin’s conjecture and other constraints on Lagrangian submanifolds go
T.Colding, W.Minicozzi II Smooth compactness of self-shrinkers go
C.Stroppel, B.Webster 2-block Springer fibers: convolution algebras and coherent sheaves go
Issue 87/1 (2012)
M.Zavidovique Strict sub-solutions and Mañé potential in discrete weak KAM theory go
A.Oancea, C.Viterbo On the topology of fillings of contact manifolds and applications go
K.Büyükboduk Height pairings, exceptional zeros and Rubin’s formula: the multiplicative group go
S.Burgdorf, C.Scheiderer, M.Schweighofer Pure states, nonnegative polynomials and sums of squares go
T.Tsuboi On the uniform perfectness of the groups of diffeomorphisms of even-dimensional manifolds go
S.Akbulut The Dolgachev surface go
Issue 86/4 (2011)
C.Leininger, M.Mj, S.Schleimer The universal Cannon–Thurston map and the boundary of the curve complex go
T.Dinh, V.Nguyên Comparison of dynamical degrees for semi-conjugate meromorphic maps go
B.Balasubramanyam, M.Longo Λ-adic modular symbols over totally real fields go
C.Mok Heegner points and p-adic L-functions for elliptic curves over certain totally real fields go
J.Cruz, E.Esteves Bounding the regularity of subschemes invariant under Pfaff fields on projective spaces go
P.Jammes Prescription de la multiplicité des valeurs propres du laplacien de Hodge–de Rham go
K.Iohara, Y.Koga Erratum to “Central extensions of Lie superalgebras” (Comment. Math. Helv. 76 (2001), 110–154) go
Issue 86/3 (2011)
R.Tessera Asymptotic isoperimetry on groups and uniform embeddings into Banach spaces go
N.Broaddus, B.Farb, A.Putman Irreducible Sp-representations and subgroup distortion in the mapping class group go
L.Ambrosio, M.Katz Flat currents modulo p in metric spaces and filling radius inequalities go
A.Broustet, G.Pacienza Rational connectedness modulo the non-nef locus go
J.Carlson, E.Friedlander, A.Suslin Modules for ℤ/p × ℤ/p go
J.Espinar, H.Rosenberg Complete constant mean curvature surfaces in homogeneous spaces go
A.Lowrance The Khovanov width of twisted links and closed 3-braids go
L.Funar, C.Kapoudjian The braided Ptolemy–Thompson group is asynchronously combable go
Issue 86/2 (2011)
S.Wenger The asymptotic rank of metric spaces go
J.Diller, R.Dujardin, V.Guedj Dynamics of meromorphic mappings with small topological degree II: Energy and invariant measure go
J.González Rovira, J.Lario Modular elliptic directions with complex multiplication (with an application to Gross’s elliptic curves) go
J.Bernstein, C.Breiner Conformal structure of minimal surfaces with finite topology go
A.Coward, M.Lackenby Unknotting genus one knots go
M.Mendes Lopes, R.Pardini Severi type inequalities for irregular surfaces with ample canonical class go
H.Eynard On the centralizer of diffeomorphisms of the half-line go
B.Calmès, J.Hornbostel Push-forwards for Witt groups of schemes go
J.Blanc Elements and cyclic subgroups of finite order of the Cremona group go
Issue 86/1 (2011)
S.Baader Asymptotic concordance invariants for ergodic vector fields go
J.Fasel Some remarks on orbit sets of unimodular rows go
D.Huybrechts, E.Macrì, P.Stellari Formal deformations and their categorical general fibre go
M.Bridson, K.Vogtmann Actions of automorphism groups of free groups on homology spheres and acyclic manifolds go
D.Phong, J.Song, J.Sturm, B.Weinkove On the convergence of the modified Kähler–Ricci flow and solitons go
A.Erschler Poisson–Furstenberg boundary of random walks on wreath products and free metabelian groups go
D.Gabai, R.Meyerhoff, P.Milley Mom technology and volumes of hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
M.Mazzucchelli The Lagrangian Conley conjecture go
Issue 85/4 (2010)
C.McMullen Dynamics on the unit disk: Short geodesics and simple cycles go
P.Horn The non-triviality of the Grope filtrations of the knot and link concordance groups go
A.Galateau Une minoration du minimum essentiel sur les variétés abéliennes go
A.Avila, J.Bochi, J.Yoccoz Uniformly hyperbolic finite-valued SL(2,ℝ)-cocycles go
F.Lemma A norm compatible system of Galois cohomology classes for GSp(4) go
E.Kerman, N.Şirikçi Maslov class rigidity for Lagrangian submanifolds via Hofer’s geometry go
Issue 85/3 (2010)
J.Lott Dimensional reduction and the long-time behavior of Ricci flow go
E.Friedman On the integro-differential equation satisfied by the p-adic log Γ-function go
M.Davis, J.Dymara, T.Januszkiewicz, J.Meier, B.Okun Compactly supported cohomology of buildings go
G.Prasad, A.Rapinchuk Local–global principles for embedding of fields with involution into simple algebras with involution go
F.Jouve The large sieve and random walks on left cosets of arithmetic groups go
S.Akbulut, K.Yasui Small exotic Stein manifolds go
Issue 85/2 (2010)
R.Axelsson, G.Schumacher Geometric approach to the Weil–Petersson symplectic form go
B.Schmidt, J.Souto A characterization of round spheres in terms of blocking light go
R.Langevin, J.O'Hara Conformal arc-length as ½-dimensional length of the set of osculating circles go
J.Smillie, B.Weiss Finiteness results for flat surfaces: large cusps and short geodesics go
V.Suresh Bounding the symbol length in the Galois cohomology of function fields of p-adic curves go
C.Wendl Automatic transversality and orbifolds of punctured holomorphic curves in dimension four go
G.Ellis, E.Sköldberg The K(π,1) conjecture for a class of Artin groups go
T.Ashikaga Local signature defect of fibered complex surfaces via monodromy and stable reduction go
J.Kaczorowski, G.Molteni, A.Perelli A converse theorem for Dirichlet L-functions go
Issue 85/1 (2010)
P.Derbez Topological rigidity and Gromov simplicial volume go
M.Traizet On minimal surfaces bounded by two convex curves in parallel planes go
E.Cabral Balreira Foliations and global inversion go
D.McDuff Monodromy in Hamiltonian Floer theory go
C.Martínez-Pérez, B.Nucinkis Virtually soluble groups of type FP go
K.Bux, A.Mohammadi, K.Wortman SLn(ℤ[t]) is not FPn − 1 go
A.Vasiu Reconstructing p-divisible groups from their truncations of small level go
O.Fabert Contact homology of Hamiltonian mapping tori go
Issue 84/4 (2009)
M.Damian Constraints on exact Lagrangians in cotangent bundles of manifolds fibered over the circle go
A.Nabutovsky, R.Rotman The length of the second shortest geodesic go
C.Boissy Configurations of saddle connections of quadratic differentials on ℂℙ1 and on hyperelliptic Riemann surfaces go
R.Gurjar Some topological properties of quotients modulo semisimple algebraic groups go
Y.Félix, S.Halperin, J.Thomas The structure of homotopy Lie algebras go
G.Rémond Intersection de sous-groupes et de sous-variétés III go
V.Ginzburg, B.Gürel Periodic orbits of twisted geodesic flows and the Weinstein–Moser theorem go
A.Berrick, M.Matthey Stable classical groups and strongly torsion generated groups go
Issue 84/3 (2009)
C.Löh, R.Sauer Simplicial volume of Hilbert modular varieties go
B.Moonen Relations between tautological cycles on Jacobians go
C.Druţu Relatively hyperbolic groups: geometry and quasi-isometric invariance go
D.Hoffman, B.White The geometry of genus-one helicoids go
V.Humilière Hamiltonian pseudo-representations go
D.Kotschick, S.Terzić Chern numbers and the geometry of partial flag manifolds go
T.Cochran, S.Friedl, P.Teichner New constructions of slice links go
A.Degtyarev Zariski k-plets via dessins d’enfants go
R.Souam, E.Toubiana Totally umbilic surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifolds go
Issue 84/2 (2009)
E.Aubry Diameter pinching in almost positive Ricci curvature go
H.Schenck, Ş.Tohǎneanu Freeness of conic-line arrangements in ℙ2 go
A.Minasyan Groups with finitely many conjugacy classes and their automorphisms go
J.Lafont, I.Ortiz Lower algebraic K-theory of hyperbolic 3-simplex reflection groups go
C.Weibel NK0 and NK1 of the groups C4 and D4
Addendum to “Lower algebraic K-theory of hyperbolic 3-simplex reflection groups” by J.-F. Lafont and I. J. Ortiz
J.Espinar, J.Gálvez, H.Rosenberg Complete surfaces with positive extrinsic curvature in product spaces go
M.Kerber, H.Markwig Counting tropical elliptic plane curves with fixed j-invariant go
P.Albers, H.Hofer On the Weinstein conjecture in higher dimensions go
P.Caprace Amenable groups and Hadamard spaces with a totally disconnected isometry group go
Issue 84/1 (2009)
A.Bernig A product formula for valuations on manifolds with applications to the integral geometry of the quaternionic line go
M.Xiong, A.Zaharescu Selmer groups and Tate–Shafarevich groups for the congruent number problem go
M.Usher Kodaira dimension and symplectic sums go
I.Itenberg, V.Kharlamov, E.Shustin A Caporaso–Harris type formula for Welschinger invariants of real toric Del Pezzo surfaces go
W.Kucharz Transcendental submanifolds of projective space go
L.Menichi String topology for spheres go
P.Przytycki EG for systolic groups go
I.Emmanouil Group splittings and integrality of traces go
P.Gille, Z.Reichstein A lower bound on the essential dimension of a connected linear group go
P.Nowak Zero-in-the-spectrum conjecture on regular covers of compact manifolds go
Issue 83/4 (2008)
D.Garbin, J.Jorgenson, M.Munn On the appearance of Eisenstein series through degeneration go
U.Buijs, A.Murillo The rational homotopy Lie algebra of function spaces go
S.Schleimer Polynomial-time word problems go
D.Ornstein, B.White Genus-one helicoids from a variational point of view go
G.Reviron Rigidité topologique sous l'hypothèse « entropie majorée » et applications go
B.Bekka, la Harpe Irreducibly represented groups go
D.Barlet Reparamétrisation universelle de familles f-analytiques de cycles et théorème de f-aplatissement géométrique go
G.Tian, J.Viaclovsky Volume growth, curvature decay, and critical metrics go
G.Prasad On the Kneser–Tits problem for triality forms go
P.Ionescu On manifolds of small degree go
Issue 83/3 (2008)
G.Casale Le groupoïde de Galois de P1 et son irréductibilité go
P.Jammes Prescription du spectre du laplacien de Hodge–de Rham dans une classe conforme go
P.Topping Relating diameter and mean curvature for submanifolds of Euclidean space go
H.Kojima Logarithmic plurigenera of smooth affine surfaces with finite Picard groups go
L.Mazet, M.Traizet A quasi-periodic minimal surface go
D.Benois, L.Berger Théorie d'Iwasawa des représentations cristallines II go
A.Bolsinov, B.Jovanović Magnetic flows on homogeneous spaces go
Issue 83/2 (2008)
N.Dutertre Curvature integrals on the real Milnor fibre go
J.Woolf Witt groups of sheaves on topological spaces go
P.Pansu Cohomologie Lp et pincement go
S.Artstein-Avidan, V.Milman, Y.Ostrover The M-ellipsoid, symplectic capacities and volume go
P.Ellia, D.Franco, L.Gruson Smooth divisors of projective hypersurfaces go
I.Bauer, F.Catanese A volume maximizing canonical surface in 3-space go
A.Pulemotov The Hopf boundary point lemma for vector bundle sections go
M.Scharlemann Generalized Property R and the Schoenflies Conjecture go
M.Dahl On the space of metrics with invertible Dirac operator go
Issue 83/1 (2008)
A.Haas The distribution of geodesic excursions into the neighborhood of a cone singularity on a hyperbolic 2-orbifold go
J.Block, S.Weinberger On the generalized Nielsen realization problem go
S.Sabourau Asymptotic bounds for separating systoles on surfaces go Cornulier Dense subgroups with Property (T) in Lie groups go
J.Fernando On Hilbert’s 17th Problem for global analytic functions in dimension 3 go
N.Arcozzi, A.Montanari Stability of isometric maps in the Heisenberg group go
A.Buan, R.Marsh, I.Reiten Cluster mutation via quiver representations go
C.Scheven, C.Pauly On Frobenius-destabilized rank-2 vector bundles over curves go
J.Liu Jenkins–Strebel differentials with poles go
Issue 82/4 (2007)
D.Wise Complete square complexes go
R.Bell, D.Margalit Injections of Artin groups go
G.Besson, G.Courtois, S.Gallot Inégalités de Milnor–Wood géométriques go
S.Ohta On the measure contraction property of metric measure spaces go
N.Mohan Kumar, A.Rao, G.Ravindra Arithmetically Cohen–Macaulay bundles on hypersurfaces go
S.Baldridge, P.Kirk On symplectic 4-manifolds with prescribed fundamental group go
A.Ghigi, J.Kollár Kähler-Einstein metrics on orbifolds and Einstein metrics on spheres go
F.Costantino, R.Frigerio, B.Martelli, C.Petronio Triangulations of 3-manifolds, hyperbolic relative handlebodies, and Dehn filling go
Issue 82/3 (2007)
H.Tamvakis Arakelov theory of even orthogonal Grassmannians go
D.Burns, A.Hayward Explicit units and the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture, II go
F.Castel Centralisateurs d'éléments dans les PD(3)-paires go
D.Kleinbock, G.Tomanov Flows on S-arithmetic homogeneous spaces and applications to metric Diophantine approximation go
S.Bouc The functor of units of Burnside rings for p-groups go
M.Aprodu, J.Nagel Non-vanishing for Koszul cohomology of curves go
D.Futer, J.Purcell Links with no exceptional surgeries go
S.Orlik The continuous cohomology of period domains over local fields go
Issue 82/2 (2007)
M.Clay A fixed point theorem for deformation spaces of G-trees go
S.Fenley Laminar free hyperbolic 3-manifolds go
J.Bertrand Pincement spectral en courbure de Ricci positive go
T.Sato, T.Suzuki Asymptotic non-degeneracy of the solution to the Liouville–Gel’fand problem in two dimensions go
S.Kan Complete hyperbolic Stein manifolds with prescribed automorphism groups go
A.Larcanché Topologie locale des espaces de feuilletages en surfaces des variétés fermées
de dimension 3
R.Silhol On some one parameter families of genus 2 algebraic curves and half twists go
G.Carron, M.Herzlich Erratum to "The Huber theorem for non-compact conformally flat manifolds" go
Issue 82/1 (2007)
P.Symonds Permutation complexes for profinite groups go
C.Bavard Invariant d'Hermite isotrope et densité des réseaux orthogonaux lorentziens go
N.Brady, J.Crisp CAT(0) and CAT(-1) dimensions of torsion free hyperbolic groups go
B.Daniel Isometric immersions into 3-dimensional homogeneous manifolds go
P.Storm The barycenter method on singular spaces go
B.Colbois, J.Grosjean A pinching theorem for the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on hypersurfaces of the Euclidean space go
M.Develin, J.Martin, V.Reiner Rigidity theory for matroids go
M.Davis, J.Meier Erratum to "The topology at infinity of Coxeter groups and buildings" go
Issue 81/4 (2006)
T.Li An algorithm to find vertical tori in small Seifert fiber spaces go
C.Leidy Higher-order linking forms for knots go
R.Gaspar Existence of quasi-periodic solutions for elliptic equations on a cylindrical domain go
F.Avkhadiev, C.Pommerenke, K.Wirths Sharp inequalities for the coefficients of concave schlicht functions go
A.Björn A weak Kellogg property for quasiminimizers go
S.Bonnot Topological model for a class of complex Hénon mappings go
S.Papadima, A.Suciu When does the associated graded Lie algebra of an arrangement group decompose? go
G.Stojanovic, S.Tabachnikov Non-existence of n-dimensional T-embedded discs in R2n go
D.Cohen, P.Orlik Gauss-Manin connections for arrangements, IV. Nonresonant eigenvalues go
G.Arzhantseva, V.Guba, M.Sapir Metrics on diagram groups and uniform embeddings in a Hilbert space go
D.Kochloukova Some Novikov rings that are von Neumann finite and knot-like groups go
A.Gabard Sur la représentation conforme des surfaces de Riemann à bord et une caractérisation des courbes séparantes go
Issue 81/3 (2006)
T.Colding, N.Hingston Geodesic laminations with closed ends on surfaces and Morse index; Kupka–Smale metrics go
M.Leitschkis Pointwise taut Riemannian manifolds go
B.Koehler, M.Kühnel On invariance and Ricci-flatness of Hermitian metrics on open manifolds go
Y.Ollivier Growth exponent of generic groups go
P.Caldero, F.Chapoton Cluster algebras as Hall algebras of quiver representations go
E.Goren, P.Kassaei The canonical subgroup: a "subgroup-free" approach go
M.Pichot Semi-continuity of the first l2-Betti number on the space of finitely generated groups go
L.Alías, M.Dajczer Uniqueness of constant mean curvature surfaces properly immersed in a slab go
W.Franzsen, R.Howlett, B.Mühlherr Reflections in abstract Coxeter groups go
F.Martín, S.Morales Complete proper minimal surfaces in convex bodies of R3, II. The behavior of the limit set go
Issue 81/2 (2006)
P.Castillon An inverse spectral problem on surfaces go
G.Paternain, J.Petean Zero entropy and bounded topology go
K.Fujiwara, K.Nagano, T.Shioya Fixed point sets of parabolic isometries of CAT(0)-spaces go
S.Pauls H-minimal graphs of low regularity in H1 go
W.Dwyer, J.Greenlees, S.Iyengar Finiteness in derived categories of local rings go
S.Najib, P.Han Bubbling location for F-harmonic maps and inhomogeneous Landau–Lifshitz equations go
J.Bellaïche Sur la compatibilité entre les correspondances de Langlands locale et globale pour U(3) go
F.Mercuri, F.Podestà, J.Seixas, R.Tojeiro Cohomogeneity one hypersurfaces of Euclidean Spaces go
N.Diamantis, R.Sreekantan Iterated integrals and higher order automorphic forms go
Issue 81/1 (2006)
W.Banks, F.Luca, I.Shparlinski Arithmetic properties of φ(n)/λ(n) and the structure of the multiplicative group modulo n go
F.Digne Présentations duales des groupes de tresses de type affine à go
A.Dubouloz Embeddings of Danielewski surfaces in affine space go
M.Entov, L.Polterovich Quasi-states and symplectic intersections go
H.Alencar, Carmo, W.Santos Erratum to "A gap theorem for hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature one" go
F.Schlenk Applications of Hofer's geometry to Hamiltonian dynamics go
L.Maxim Intersection homology and Alexander modules of hypersurface complements go
D.Cerveau, A.Lins-Neto, F.Loray, J.Pereira, F.Touzet Algebraic Reduction Theorem for complex codimension one singular foliations go
D.Chataur, J.Scherer Fiberwise localization and the cube theorem go
B.Rémy, M.Ronan Topological groups of Kac--Moody type, right-angled twinnings and their lattices go
T.Dinh, N.Sibony Distribution des valeurs de transformations méromorphes et applications go
M.Ghomi Tangent bundle embeddings of manifolds in Euclidean space go
Issue 80/4 (2005)
A.Baker, B.Richter On the $\Gamma$-cohomology of rings of numerical polynomials go
K.Fissmer, U.Hamenstädt Spectral convergence of manifold pairs go
Y.Liu A prime analogue of the Erdös--Pomerance conjecture for elliptic curves go
C.Abbas, K.Cieliebak, H.Hofer The Weinstein conjecture for planar contact structures in dimension three go
A.Alekseev, A.Lachowska Invariant *-products on coadjoint orbits and the Shapovalov pairing go
W.Meeks, H.Rosenberg The theory of minimal surfaces in $M \times \mathbb{R}$ go
P.Seidel, I.Smith The symplectic topology of Ramanujam's surface go
C.Frances Lorentzian Kleinian groups go
I.Kapovich, P.Schupp Delzant's $T$-invariant, Kolmogorov complexity and one-relator groups go
Issue 80/3 (2005)
A.Casamayou-Boucau Surfaces de Riemann parfaites en genre 4 et 6 go
D.Borthwick, C.Judge, P.Perry Selberg's zeta function and the spectral geometry of geometrically finite hyperbolic surfaces go
F.Ronga, T.Vust Diffeomorfismi birazionali del piano proiettivo reale go
V.Matveev Lichnerowicz-Obata conjecture in dimension two go
G.Ellis, G.Williams On the cohomology of generalized triangle groups go
J.Rivera-Letelier Points périodiques des fonctions rationnelles dans l'espace hyperbolique $p$-adique go
S.Baader Hopf plumbing and minimal diagrams go
L.Paoluzzi Conway irreducible hyperbolic knots with two common covers go
S.Maksymenko Path-components of Morse mappings spaces of surfaces go
Issue 80/2 (2005)
J.Demailly, T.Eckl, T.Peternell Line bundles on complex tori and a conjecture of Kodaira go
L.Mendes, J.Pereira Hilbert modular foliations on the projective plane go
C.Vernicos The macroscopic spectrum of nilmanifolds with an emphasis on the Heisenberg groups go
E.Flapan, R.Naimi, J.Pommersheim, H.Tamvakis Topological symmetry groups of graphs embedded in the 3-sphere go
A.Navas Quelques nouveaux phénomènes de rang 1 pour les groupes de difféomorphismes du cercle go
M.Bourdon, F.Martin, A.Valette Vanishing and non-vanishing for the first $L^p$-cohomology of groups go
G.McNinch Optimal $SL(2)$-homomorphisms go
S.Akbulut, H.King Transcendental submanifolds of ${\mathbb R}{\mathbb P}^n$ go
F.Berteloot, C.Dupont Une caractérisation des endomorphismes de Lattès par leur mesure de Green go
Issue 80/1 (2005)
A.Maffei Quiver varieties of type A go
Y.Nikolayevsky Two theorems on harmonic manifolds go
H.Goda, T.Kitano, T.Morifuji Reidemeister torsion, twisted Alexander polynomial and fibered knots go
L.Potyagailo, E.Vinberg On right-angled reflection groups in hyperbolic spaces go
C.Galindo, F.Monserrat The cone of curves associated to a plane configuration go
A.Campillo, F.Delgado, S.Gusein-Zade Poincaré series of curves on rational surface singularities go
F.Farrell, J.Lafont EZ-structures and topological applications go
C.Böhm Non-existence of homogeneous Einstein metrics go
T.Kim An infinite family of non-concordant knots having the same Seifert form go
A.Furman Outer automorphism groups of some equivalence relations go
D.Feichtner-Kozlov Resonance category go
L.Paoluzzi Erratum to 'On pi-hyperbolic knots and cyclic branched coverings' go
Issue 79/4 (2004)
J.Fernández de Bobadilla Topological finite-determinacy of functions with non-isolated singularities go
F.Morel Sur les puissances de l' idéal fondamental de l' anneau de Witt go
A.Glutsyuk Simultaneous metric uniformization of foliations by Riemann surfaces go
C.Bonatti, C.Matheus, M.Viana, A.Wilkinson Abundance of stable ergodicity go
A.Adem, J.Davis, Ö.Ünlü Fixity and free group actions on products of spheres go
S.Cantat Difféomorphismes holomorphes Anosov go
M.Traizet A balancing condition for weak limits of families of minimal surfaces go
A.Conca, J.Herzog, T.Hibi Rigid resolutions and big Betti numbers go
P.Sankaran, V.Uma Erratum go
Issue 79/3 (2004)
Y.Chiang, W.Hayman Estimates on the growth of meromorphic solutions of linear differential equations go
E.Lanneau Hyperelliptic components of the moduli spaces of quadratic differentials with prescribed singularities go
K.Honda, W.Kazez, G.Matić On the Gabai-Eliashberg-Thurston Theorem go
A.Dzhumadildaev N-commutators go
K.Cieliebak, V.Ginzburg, E.Kerman Symplectic homology and periodic orbits near symplectic submanifolds go
L.Dũng Tráng, M.Tosun Combinatorics of rational singularities go
C.De Concini, C.Procesi, M.Salvetti On the equation of degree 6 go
D.Ruberman, N.Saveliev Rohlin's invariant and gauge theory, I. Homology 3-tori go
T.Okuma On (-P P)-constant deformations of Gorenstein surface singularities go
Issue 79/2 (2004)
P.Le Calvez Une version feuilletée du théorème de translation de Brouwer go
P.Gilmer, G.Masbaum, P.van Wamelen Integral bases for TQFT modules and unimodular representations of mapping class groups go
J.Winkelmann Realizing connected Lie groups as automorphism groups of complex manifolds go
F.Brito, P.Chacón, A.Naveira On the volume of unit vector fields on spaces of constant sectional curvature go
A.Fino, M.Parton, S.Salamon Families of strong KT structures in six dimensions go
L.Makar-Limanov, P.van Rossum, V.Shpilrain, J.Yu The stable equivalence and cancellation problems go
C.Riedtmann, G.Zwara On the zero set of semi-invariants for tame quivers go
N.Bergeron, D.Gaboriau Asymptotique des nombres de Betti, invariants $l^2$ et laminations go
J.Schröer Varieties of pairs of nilpotent matrices annihilating each other go
H.Rui, C.Xi The representation theory of cyclotomic Temperley-Lieb algebras go
Issue 79/1 (2004)
P.Forrester, D.McAnally Pieri-type formulas for the non-symmetric Jack polynomials go
A.Hénaut Formes différentielles abéliennes, bornes de Castelnuovo et géométrie des tissus go
M.Entov Commutator length of symplectomorphisms go
T.Cochran, K.Orr, P.Teichner Structure in the classical knot concordance group go
D.Cimasoni A geometric construction of the Conway potential function go
H.Chu, S.Hu, M.Kang Noether's problem for dihedral 2-groups go
P.Jørgensen Auslander-Reiten theory over topological spaces go
Y.Hamidoune, A.Plagne A new critical pair theorem applied to sum-free sets in Abelian groups go
A.Elduque Quaternions, octonions and the forms of the exceptional simple classical Lie superalgebras go
Issue 78/4 (2003)
T.Umeda Application of Koszul complex to Wronski relations for $U(\frak{gl}_n)$ go
M.Crainic Differentiable and algebroid cohomology, Van Est isomorphisms, and characteristic classes go
H.Marzougui, E.Salhi Structure of foliations of codimension greater than one go
F.Golse, P.Lochak An infinitesimal trace formula for the Laplace operator on compact Riemann surfaces go
M.Forester On uniqueness of JSJ decompositions of finitely generated groups go
M.Bridson Combings of groups and the grammar of reparameterization go
M.Katz Four-manifold systoles and surjectivity of period map go
A.Constantin, B.Kolev Geodesic flow on the diffeomorphism group of the circle go
C.Berger, I.Moerdijk Axiomatic homotopy theory for operads go
A.Sikora Analogies between group actions on 3-manifolds and number fields go
E.Blanc Laminations minimales résiduellement à 2 bouts go
J.Lott Some geometric properties of the Bakry-Émery-Ricci tensor go
A.Veeravalli Une remarque sur l' inégalité de McKean go
Issue 78/3 (2003)
H.Schenck Elementary modifications and line configurations in P^2 go
P.Mounoud Dynamical properties of the space of Lorentzian metrics go
T.Kawamura The effective surjectivity of mod l Galois representations of 1- and 2-dimensional abelian varieties with trivial endomorphism ring go
E.Carlini, J.Chipalkatti On Waring's problem for several algebraic forms go
D.Marín Moduli spaces of germs of holomorphic foliations in the plane go
P.Sankaran, V.Uma Cohomology of toric bundles go
T.Januszkiewicz, J.Świątkowski Hyperbolic Coxeter groups of large dimension go
R.Charney, D.Peifer The ${\Cal K}(\pi ,1)$-conjecture for the affine braid groups go
L.Bonavero, C.Casagrande, O.Debarre, S.Druel Sur une conjecture de Mukai go
O.Saeki Fold maps on 4-manifolds go
T.Püttmann, A.Rigas Presentations of the first homotopy groups of the unitary groups go
Issue 78/2 (2003)
F.Bihan Asymptotic behaviour of Betti numbers of real algebraic surfaces go
S.Cupit-Foutou Classification of two-orbit varieties go
N.Wallach Generalized Whittaker vectors for holomorphic and quaternionic representations go
A.Ram, A.Shepler Classification of graded Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups go
I.Shimada Fundamental groups of algebraic fiber spaces go
M.Lackenby The canonical decomposition of once-punctured torus bundles go
F.Mangolte Cycles algébriques et topologie des surfaces bielliptiques, réelles go
S.Racanière Restriction map in a regular reduction of $\mathbf{SU}(n)^{2g}$ go
J.Welschinger Real structures on minimal ruled surfaces go
Issue 78/1 (2003)
D.Bullock, J.Kania-Bartoszynska, C.Frohman The Yang-Mills measure in the Kauffman bracket skein module go
F.Johnson Stable modules and Wall's D(2)-problem go
F.Bleher, T.Chinburg Applications of versal deformations to Galois theory go
J.Landsberg, L.Manivel On the projective geometry of rational homogeneous varieties go
P.Balmer Vanishing and nilpotence of locally trivial symmetric spaces over regular schemes go
E.Leuzinger Kazhdan's property (T), $L^2$-spectrum and isoperimetric inequalities for locally symmetric spaces go
A.Bodin Invariance of Milnor numbers and topology of complex polynomials go
R.Kottwitz, M.Rapoport On the existence of F-crystals go
Z.Reichstein SAGBI bases in rings of multiplicative invariants go
J.Chabert, S.Echterhoff, H.Oyono-Oyono Shapiro's lemma for topological K-theory of groups go
Issue 77/4 (2002)
S.David, P.Philippon Minorations des hauteurs normalisées des sous-variétés de variétés abeliennes II go
C.Sutton Isospectral simply-connected homogeneous spaces and the spectral rigidity of group actions go
S.Katok, A.Katok, K.Schmidt Rigidity of measurable structure for $\mathbb Z^d$-actions by automorphisms of a torus go
M.Davis, J.Meier The topology at infinity of Coxeter groups and buildings go
M.Ghomi, B.Solomon Skew loops and quadric surfaces go
G.Guibert Espaces d'arcs et invariants d'Alexander go
S.Encinas, H.Hauser Strong resolution of singularities in characteristic zero go
N.Dutertre Courbures et singularités réelles go
Issue 77/3 (2002)
S.Fenley Foliations, topology and geometry of 3-manifolds: R-covered foliations and transverse pseudo-Anosov flows go
S.Cappell, R.Lee, E.Miller A perturbative SU(3) Casson invariant go
M.Belliart On the dynamics of certain actions of free groups on closed real analytic manifolds go
H.Alencar, Carmo, W.Santos A gap theorem for hypersurfaces of the sphere with constant scalar curvature one go
J.Quint Divergence exponentielle des sous-groupes discrets en rang supérieur go
L.Paris Artin monoids inject in their groups go
Issue 77/2 (2002)
F.Zheng Kodaira dimensions and hyperbolicity of nonpositively curved compact Kähler manifolds go
M.Ozawa Closed incompressible surfaces in the complements of positive knots go
G.Kleineidam Algebraic convergence of function groups go
D.Allcock, E.Freitag Cubic surfaces and Borcherds products go
G.Tian, X.Zhu A new holomorphic invariant and uniqueness of Kähler-Ricci solitons go
D.Fisher, R.Zimmer Geometric lattice actions, entropy and fundamental groups go
D.Pickrell, E.Xia Ergodicity of mapping class group actions on representation varieties, I. Closed surfaces go
C.Bohr, R.Lee Homology cobordism and classical knot invariants go
A.Banyaga Some properties of locally conformal symplectic structures go
F.Dal’Bo, I.Kim Marked length rigidity for symmetric spaces go
T.Ekholm, A.Szücs On the triple points of singular maps go
Issue 77/1 (2002)
P.Haïssinsky Pincement de polynômes go
F.Calderón Moreno, D.Mond, L.Narváez Macarro, M.Calderón-Moreno Logarithmic cohomology of the complement of a plane curve go
G.Katz Harmonic forms and near-minimal singular foliations go
A.Skopenkov On the Haefliger-Hirsch-Wu invariants for embeddings and immersions go
T.Kawamura Relations among the lowest degree of the Jones polynomial and geometric invariants for a closed positive braid go
P.Papasoglu, K.Whyte Quasi-isometries between groups with infinitely many ends go
M.Halic GW invariants and invariant quotients go
G.Carron, M.Herzlich The Huber theorem for non-compact conformally flat manifolds go
Issue 76/4 (2001)
H.Nakayama Transitively twisted flows of 3-manifolds go
P.Røgen Embedding and knotting of flat compact surfaces in 3-space go
A.Arabia Relèvements des algèbres lisses et de leurs morphismes go
G.Dloussky, K.Oeljeklaus, M.Toma Surfaces de la classe $ \mathrm{VII_{0}} $ admettant un champ de vecteurs, II go
V.Cavalier, D.Lehmann Localisation des résidus de Baum-Bott, courbes généralisées et K-théorie (I: feuilletages dans $ {\Bbb C}^2 $) go
R.Garibaldi The Rost invariant has trivial kernel for quasi-split groups of low rank go
P.Biran, K.Cieliebak Symplectic topology on subcritical manifolds go
J.Diller Invariant measure and Lyapunov exponents for birational maps of P^2 go
R.Aehle, C.Riedtmann, G.Zwara Complexity of degenerations of modules go
Issue 76/3 (2001)
D.Holcman Solutions nodales sur les variétés Riemanniennes non localement conformément plates à bord go
V.Heiermann Une formule de Plancherel pour l'algèbre de Hecke d'un groupe réductif p-adique go
P.Koskela, J.Onninen, J.Tyson Quasihyperbolic boundary conditions and capacity: Hölder continuity of quasiconformal mappings go
R.Chirivì Deformation and Cohen-Macaulayness of the multicone over the flag variety go
A.Beliakova, C.Blanchet Modular categories of types B, C and D go
J.Puchta On triangular billiards go
L.Ma, J.Wei Convergence for a Liouville equation go
J.Lurie On simply laced Lie algebras and their minuscule representations go
R.Ibáñez, P.Tiep, A.Tralle, L.Ugarte Erratum go
Issue 76/2 (2001)
L.Miller-Van Wieren On Nehari disks and the inner radius go
B.Klingler Un théorème de rigidité non-métrique pour les variétés localement symétriques hermitiennes go
E.Giroux Structures de contact sur les variétés fibrées en cercles au-dessus d'une surface go
M.Brion On orbit closures of spherical subgroups in flag varieties go
M.Reni, B.Zimmermann Hyperbolic 3-manifolds as cyclic branched coverings go
D.Wise The residual finiteness of positive one-relator groups go
E.Berkove, D.Juan-Pineda, K.Pearson The lower algebraic K-theory of Fuchsian groups go
V.Colin Une infinité de structures de contact tendues sur les variétés toroïdales go
Issue 76/1 (2001)
J.Schlenker Einstein manifolds with convex boundaries go
S.Maillot Quasi-isometries of groups, graphs and surfaces go
J.Snoussi Limites d'espaces tangents à une surface normale go
R.Ibáñez, P.Tiep, A.Tralle, L.Ugarte On symplectically harmonic forms on six-dimensional nilmanifolds go
K.Iohara, Y.Koga Central extensions of Lie superalgebras go
A.Veeravalli On the first Laplacian eigenvalue and the center of gravity of compact hypersurfaces go
P.Dehornoy The group of self-distributivity is bi-orderable go
Issue 75/4 (2000)
C.McMullen Hausdorff dimension and conformal dynamics II: Geometrically finite rational maps go
V.Strassen Asymptotic degeneration of representations of quivers go
R.Pink Strong approximation for Zariski dense subgroups over arbitrary global fields go
H.Glover, C.Jensen Geometry for palindromic automorphism groups of free groups go
F.Hélein, P.Romon Weierstrass representation of Lagrangian surfaces in four-dimensional space using spinors and quaternions go
K.Siburg Symplectic invariants of elliptic fixed points go
M.Bourdon, H.Pajot Rigidity of quasi-isometries for some hyperbolic buildings go
Issue 75/3 (2000)
J.Schultens Additivity of tunnel number for small knots go
B.Deng On a problem of Nazarova and Roiter go
B.Kim Universal octonary diagonal forms over some real quadratic fields go
G.Levitt, M.Lustig Periodic ends, growth rates, Hölder dynamics for automorphisms of free groups go
C.Gordon, Y.Wu Annular Dehn fillings go
G.Baumslag, M.Bridson, C.Miller III, H.Short Fibre products, non-positive curvature, and decision problems go
L.Rodríguez, H.Rosenberg Rigidity of certain polyhedra in $ {\bold R}^3 $ go
Z.Balogh, M.Bonk Gromov hyperbolicity and the Kobayashi metric on strictly pseudoconvex domains go
Issue 75/2 (2000)
B.Leeb, P.Scott A geometric characteristic splitting in all dimensions go
A.Schmitt Walls for Gieseker semistability and the Mumford-Thaddeus principle for moduli spaces of sheaves over higher dimensional bases go
J.Crisp The decomposition of 3-dimensional Poincaré complexes go Carmo, M.Ritoré, A.Ros Compact minimal hypersurfaces with index one in the real projective space go
G.Dloussky, K.Oeljeklaus, M.Toma Surfaces de la classe VII0 admettant un champ de vecteurs go
A note on degenerate corank-one singularities of integrable Hamiltonian systems go
F.Cano, R.Moussu, F.Sanz Oscillation, spiralement, tourbillonnement go
J.Lott Invariant currents on limit sets go
V.Marenich Addendum to: Riemannian submersions of open manifolds which are flat at infinity go
Issue 75/1 (2000)
D.Burns On the equivariant structure of ideals in abelian extensions of local fields (with an appendix by W. Bley) go
W.Lickorish Skeins, SU(N) three-manifold invariants and TQFT go
R.Kenyon, J.Smillie Billiards on rational-angled triangles go
D.Gabai Combinatorial volume preserving flows and taut foliations go
V.Ushakov The explicit general solution of trivial Monge-Ampère equation go
A.Berger, I.Stassen The skein relation for the $ (\frak g_2,V) $-link invariant go
M.Farber Lusternik--Schnirelman theory for closed 1-forms go
K.Brown, J.Meier Improper actions and higher connectivity at infinity go
J.Choe, M.Soret Nonexistence of certain complete minimal surfaces with planar ends go
Issue 74/4 (1999)
J.Etnyre, R.Ghrist Gradient flows within plane fields go
M.Culler, P.Shalen Boundary slopes of knots go
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Issue 74/3 (1999)
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Issue 74/2 (1999)
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. Isotopy and invariants of Albert algebras go
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Issue 74/1 (1999)
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R.Brooks Platonic surface go
Issue 73/4 (1998)
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Issue 73/3 (1998)
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Issue 73/2 (1998)
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Issue 72/4 (1997)
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Issue 72/3 (1997)
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F.Chazal Sur les feuilletages algébriques de Rolle go
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Issue 72/2 (1997)
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Issue 72/1 (1997)
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F.Knop Symmetric and non-symmetric quantum Capelli polynomials go
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J.Lieberum For a fixed Turaev shadow Jones-Vassiliev invariants depend polynomially on the gleams go
A.Berenstein, A.Zelevinsky Total positivity in Schubert varieties go