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Issue 8/4 (2021)
I.Chio, R.Roeder Chromatic zeros on hierarchical lattices and equidistribution on parameter space go
M.Laradji, M.Mishna, K.Yeats Some results on double triangle descendants of $K_5$ go
S.Agarwala, C.Marcott Wilson loops in SYM $\mathcal{N}=4$ do not parametrize an orientable space go
Issue 8/3 (2021)
A.Holroyd, Z.Li Constrained percolation in two dimensions go
R.Pascalie, C.Pérez-Sánchez, R.Wulkenhaar Correlation functions of U($N$)-tensor models and their Schwinger–Dyson equations go
F.Bencs, E.Davies, V.Patel, G.Regts On zero-free regions for the anti-ferromagnetic Potts model on bounded-degree graphs go
Issue 8/2 (2021)
H.Guo, M.Jerrum Perfect simulation of the hard disks model by partial rejection sampling go
G.Regts, B.Sevenster Mixed partition functions and exponentially bounded edge-connection rank go
A.Jiménez Polynomial degeneracy for the first $m$ energy levels of the antiferromagnetic Ising model go
N.Torri, Q.Berger Beyond Hammersley’s Last-Passage Percolation: a discussion on possible local and global constraints go
F.Cunden, A.Dahlqvist, N.O'Connell Integer moments of complex Wishart matrices and Hurwitz numbers go
C.Chubb, S.Flammia Statistical mechanical models for quantum codes with correlated noise go
Issue 8/1 (2021)
M.Russkikh Dominos in hedgehog domains go
A.Jagannath, S.Sen On the unbalanced cut problem and the generalized Sherrington–Kirkpatrick model go
I.Friend, J.Kostiuk, Y.Zhang Enumerative gadget phenomena for (4, 1)-adinkras go
J.Harnad, B.Runov Constellations and $\tau$-functions for rationally weighted Hurwitz numbers go
Issue 7/4 (2020)
M.Golz Contraction of Dirac matrices via chord diagrams go
Y.Zhang A unified enumeration of 1-dimension garden algebras and valise Adinkras go
N.Nekrasov Magnificent four go
L.Chen, N.Curien, P.Maillard The perimeter cascade in critical Boltzmann quadrangulations decorated by an $O(n)$ loop model go
J.Chen, J.Kudler-Flam Laplacian growth and sandpiles on the Sierpiński gasket: limit shape universality and exact solutions go
Issue 7/3 (2020)
S.Karp, L.Williams, Y.Zhang Decompositions of amplituhedra go
B.Durhuus, T.Jonsson The structure of spatial slices of 3-dimensional causal triangulations go
R.Dahmen, A.Schmeding Lie groups of controlled characters of combinatorial Hopf algebras go
Issue 7/2 (2020)
K.Motegi Izergin–Korepin analysis on the wavefunctions of the $U_q(\mathrm {sl}_2)$ six-vertex model with reflecting end go
M.Berghoff Feynman amplitudes on moduli spaces of graphs go
K.Adiprasito, B.Benedetti A Cheeger-type exponential bound for the number of triangulated manifolds go
M.Glick, R.Inoue, P.Pylyavskyy Soliton cellular automata associated with infinite reduced words go
Issue 7/1 (2020)
E.Peltola Basis for solutions of the Benoit & Saint-Aubin PDEs with particular asymptotics properties go
O.Bernardi, É.Fusy Unified bijections for planar hypermaps with general cycle-length constraints go
Issue 6/4 (2019)
S.Chhita, P.Ferrari, F.Toninelli Speed and fluctuations for some driven dimer models go
J.Dousse, V.Féray Weighted dependency graphs and the Ising model go
M.Hihn, K.Yeats Generalized chord diagram expansions of Dyson–Schwinger equations go
M.Fukuda, I.Nechita Enumerating meandric systems with large number of loops go
Issue 6/3 (2019)
S.Charbonnier, F.David, B.Eynard Local properties of the random Delaunay triangulation model and topological models of 2D gravity go
M.Loebl, J.Sereni Isomorphism of weighted trees and Stanley's isomorphism conjecture for caterpillars go
D.Kartsaklis, S.Ramgoolam, M.Sadrzadeh Linguistic matrix theory go
F.Ferrari The large $D$ limit of planar diagrams go
A.Karrila, K.Kytölä, E.Peltola Conformal blocks, $q$-combinatorics, and quantum group symmetry go
Issue 6/2 (2019)
O.Amini The exchange graph and variations of the ratio of the two Symanzik polynomials go
J.Forsgård On dimer models and coamoebas go
N.Curien, G.Kozma, V.Sidoravicius, L.Tournier Uniqueness of the infinite noodle go
B.Audoux, A.Couvreur On tensor products of CSS codes go
W.Chorney, K.Yeats $c_2$ invariants of recursive families of graphs go
Issue 6/1 (2019)
E.Guitter Eulerian triangulations: two-point function and hull perimeter statistics go
T.Balaban, J.Feldman, H.Knörrer, E.Trubowitz Power series representations for complex bosonic effective actions. III. Substitution and fixed point equations go
M.Loebl Binary linear codes via 4D discrete Ihara–Selberg function go
F.Friedli The bundle Laplacian on discrete tori go
S.Govindarajan, A.Guttmann, V.Subramanyan On a square-ice analogue of plane partitions go
Issue 5/4 (2018)
R.Hudson, Y.Pei On a causal quantum stochastic double product integral related to Lévy area go
T.Lam, P.Pylyavskyy, R.Sakamoto Rigged configurations and cylindric loop Schur functions go
J.Casse Edge correlation function of the 8-vertex model when $a + c = b + d$ go
Issue 5/3 (2018)
J.Zuber Horn's problem and Harish-Chandra's integrals. Probability density functions go
R.Coquereaux, J.Zuber From orbital measures to Littlewood–Richardson coefficients and hive polytopes go
N.Pétrélis, N.Torri Collapse transition of the interacting prudent walk go
R.Hudson, U.Schauz, Y.Wu Moments of quantum Lévy areas using sticky shuffle Hopf algebras go
Issue 5/2 (2018)
A.Procacci, R.Sanchis Perfect and separating hash families: new bounds via the algorithmic cluster expansion local lemma go
A.Eichhorn, T.Koslowski Flowing to the continuum limit in tensor models for quantum gravity go
A.Coja-Oghlan, W.Perkins Belief propagation on replica symmetric random factor graph models go
C.Radin, K.Ren, L.Sadun A symmetry breaking transition in the edge/triangle network model go
C.Radin Phases in large combinatorial systems go
Issue 5/1 (2018)
C.Córdova, S.Shao Counting trees in supersymmetric quantum mechanics go
I.Bousbaa, A.Chouria, J.Luque A combinatorial Hopf algebra for the boson normal ordering problem go
F.Menous, F.Patras Right-handed Hopf algebras and the preLie forest formula go
E.Aas, S.Linusson Continuous multi-line queues and TASEP go
Issue 4/4 (2017)
J.Courtiel, K.Yeats Terminal chords in connected chord diagrams go
S.Chhita, P.Ferrari A combinatorial identity for the speed of growth in an anisotropic KPZ model go
C.Boutillier, J.Bouttier, G.Chapuy, S.Corteel, S.Ramassamy Dimers on rail yard graphs go
Issue 4/3 (2017)
L.Chen Basic properties of the infinite critical-FK random map go
Z.Li Conformal invariance of dimer heights on isoradial double graphs go
D.Chelkak, D.Cimasoni, A.Kassel Revisiting the combinatorics of the 2D Ising model go
C.Doran, K.Iga, G.Landweber An application of cubical cohomology to Adinkras and supersymmetry representations go
Issue 4/2 (2017)
É.Fusy, E.Guitter Comparing two statistical ensembles of quadrangulations: a continued fraction approach go
E.Guitter The distance-dependent two-point function of triangulations: a new derivation from old results go
E.Guitter The distance-dependent two-point function of quadrangulations: a new derivation by direct recursion go
Issue 4/1 (2017)
K.Matveev, L.Petrov $q$-randomized Robinson–Schensted–Knuth correspondences and random polymers go
Issue 3/4 (2016)
B.Dittrich, J.Hnybida Ising model from intertwiners go
T.Epelbaum, F.Gelis, B.Wu From lattice Quantum Electrodynamics to the distribution of the algebraic areas enclosed by random walks on $\mathbf Z^2$ go
H.Saigo, H.Sako The arcsine law and an asymptotic behavior of orthogonal polynomials go
I.Crump, M.DeVos, K.Yeats Period preserving properties of an invariant from the permanent of signed incidence matrices go
Issue 3/3 (2016)
R.Gurau, G.Schaeffer Regular colored graphs of positive degree go
O.Mandelshtam Multi-Catalan tableaux and the two-species TASEP go
C.Moore The phase transition in random regular exact cover go
Issue 3/2 (2016) Tilière Bipartite dimer representation of squares of 2d-Ising correlations go
N.Delfosse, G.Zémor A homological upper bound on critical probabilities for hyperbolic percolation go
A.Ponsaing, P.Zinn-Justin Type $\widehat{\mathrm C}$ Brauer loop schemes and loop model with boundaries go
Issue 3/1 (2016)
J.Ambjørn, T.Budd Multi-point functions of weighted cubic maps go
M.Lis A short proof of the Kac–Ward formula go
T.Helmuth Loop-weighted walk go
Issue 2/4 (2015)
É.Fusy, E.Guitter The two-point function of bicolored planar maps go
B.Jones, K.Yeats Tree hook length formulae, Feynman rules and B-series go
Issue 2/3 (2015)
S.Tate A solution to the combinatorial puzzle of Mayer’s virial expansion go
C.Dunkl, J.Luque Clustering properties of rectangular Macdonald polynomials go
M.Saniga, H.Havlicek, F.Holweck, M.Planat, P.Pracna Veldkamp-space aspects of a sequence of nested binary Segre varieties go
Issue 2/2 (2015)
D.Cimasoni Kac–Ward operators, Kasteleyn operators, and s-holomorphicity on arbitrary surface graphs go
R.Gurau, T.Krajewski Analyticity results for the cumulants in a random matrix model go
Issue 2/1 (2015)
V.Bonzom, F.Combes Tensor models from the viewpoint of matrix models: the cases of loop models on random surfaces and of the Gaussian distribution go
S.Carrozza Discrete renormalization group for SU(2) tensorial group field theory go
Issue 1/4 (2014)
P.Bleher, T.Bothner Calculation of the constant factor in the six-vertex model go
J.Ellis-Monaghan, I.Moffatt A note on recognizing an old friend in a new place: list coloring and the zero-temperature Potts model go
V.Bonzom, F.Combes The calculation of expectation values in Gaussian random tensor theory via meanders go
Issue 1/3 (2014)
J.Bouttier, É.Fusy, E.Guitter On the two-point function of general planar maps and hypermaps go
D.Manchon, M.Belhaj Mohamed The Bialgebra of specified graphs and external structures go
J.Ambjørn, L.Chekhov The matrix model for dessins d'enfants go
Issue 1/2 (2014)
F.David, B.Eynard Planar maps, circle patterns and 2D gravity go
B.Audoux An application of Khovanov homology to quantum codes go
G.Borot Formal multidimensional integrals, stuffed maps, and topological recursion go
Issue 1/1 (2014)
S.Caracciolo, A.Sportiello Noncommutative determinants, Cauchy–Binet formulae, and Capelli-type identities II. Grassmann and quantum oscillator algebra representation go
M.Klazar, M.Loebl, I.Moffatt The Potts model and chromatic functions of graphs go
G.Grimmett, A.Holroyd, Y.Peres Extendable self-avoiding walks go
J.Ben Geloun, S.Ramgoolam Counting tensor model observables and branched covers of the 2-sphere go