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Add all authors, in the same order as in the paper and with their accurate addresses.
The addresses are used by EMS-PH to send the proofs of the article.

Short CV:
Apart from short announcements and letters to the editor, all articles in the Newsletter are followed by a short presentation of the authors (no more than 70 words for each one of them). You are encouraged to submit a short description of ALL authors, comprising affiliation, essential steps in their career as well as distinctions, particularly with a view to your article. For the sake of convenience, we appreciate if this text is also included in the main file of the article. If in doubt, you will find many examples in the online editions of the Newsletter. If for some reason you prefer that your cv does not appear, please write "Not applicable".


After clicking the submit button you will receive an email with instructions for submitting the files of your paper, so please provide a valid e-mail address.