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Volume 13, Issue 4, 2016, pp. 2941–2973
DOI: 10.4171/OWR/2016/52

Published online: 2017-12-20

Mini-Workshop: Computations in the Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups

Eva Bayer-Fluckiger[1], Philippe Elbaz-Vincent[2] and Graham Ellis[3]

(1) EFPL, Lausanne, Switzerland
(2) Université Grenoble Alpes, Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France
(3) National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Explicit calculations play an important role in the theoretical development of the cohomology of groups and its applications. It is becoming more common for such calculations to be derived with the aid of a computer. This mini-workshop assembled together experts on a diverse range of computational techniques relevant to calculations in the cohomology of arithmetic groups and applications in algebraic $K$-theory and number theory with a view to extending the scope of computer aided calculations in this area.

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Bayer-Fluckiger Eva, Elbaz-Vincent Philippe, Ellis Graham: Mini-Workshop: Computations in the Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups. Oberwolfach Rep. 13 (2016), 2941-2973. doi: 10.4171/OWR/2016/52