L’Enseignement Mathématique

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Volume 64, Issue 1/2, 2018, pp. 65–88
DOI: 10.4171/LEM/64-1/2-3

Published online: 2019-05-23

Checkerboard graph monodromies

Sebastian Baader[1], Lukas Lewark[2] and Livio Liechti[3]

(1) Universität Bern, Switzerland
(2) Universität Bern, Switzerland
(3) Universität Bern, Switzerland

We associate an open book with any connected plane checkerboard graph, thus providing a common extension of the classes of prime positive braid links and positive tree-like Hopf plumbings. As an application, we prove that the link type of a prime positive braid closure is determined by the linking graph associated with that braid.

Keywords: Positive braid, linking graph, monodromy, Artin group, Coxeter element, arborescent link

Baader Sebastian, Lewark Lukas, Liechti Livio: Checkerboard graph monodromies. Enseign. Math. 64 (2018), 65-88. doi: 10.4171/LEM/64-1/2-3