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Online First: The following articles are published online first and will appear in a RMI issue.

Characterization of the essential spectrum of the Neumann–Poincaré operator in 2D domains with corner via Weyl sequences
Eric Bonnetier and Hai Zhang
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (403 KB)
Domains for Dirac–Coulomb min-max levels
Maria J. Esteban, Mathieu Lewin and Éric Séré
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (604 KB)
Irreducible polynomials over finite fields produced by composition of quadratics
David Rodney Heath-Brown and Giacomo Micheli
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (189 KB)
On the local monodromy of $A$-hypergeometric functions and some monodromy invariant subspaces
María-Cruz Fernández-Fernández
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (273 KB)
On the geometry of the singular locus of a codimension one foliation in $\mathbb P^n$
Omegar Calvo-Andrade, Ariel Molinuevo and Federico Quallbrunn
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (315 KB)
From Gaussian estimates for nonlinear evolution equations to the long time behavior of branching processes
Lucian Beznea, Liviu I. Ignat and Julio D. Rossi
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (340 KB)
Minimal energy solutions to the fractional Lane–Emden system: Existence and singularity formation
Woocheol Choi and Seunghyeok Kim
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (487 KB)
Existence results on $k$-normal elements over finite fields
Lucas Reis
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (298 KB)
Multifractal phenomena and packing dimension
Frédéric Bayart and Yanick Heurteaux
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (448 KB)
Mass-critical inverse Strichartz theorems for 1d Schrödinger operators
Casey Jao, Rowan Killip and Monica Vișan
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (391 KB)
A maximal restriction theorem and Lebesgue points of functions in $\mathcal F(L^p)$
Detlef Müller, Fulvio Ricci and James Wright
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (206 KB)
Gaffney–Friedrichs inequality for differential forms on Heisenberg groups
Bruno Franchi, Francescopaolo Montefalcone and Elena Serra
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (585 KB)