Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré D

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Online First: The following articles are published online first and will appear in a AIHPD issue.

Linguistic matrix theory
Dimitrios Kartsaklis, Sanjaye Ramgoolam and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
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Isomorphism of weighted trees and Stanley's isomorphism conjecture for caterpillars
Martin Loebl and Jean-Sébastien Sereni
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (288 KB)
Local properties of the random Delaunay triangulation model and topological models of 2D gravity
François David, Séverin Charbonnier and Bertrand Eynard
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (878 KB)
Conformal Blocks, $q$-combinatorics, and quantum group symmetry
Alex Karrila, Kalle Kytölä and Eveliina Peltola
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