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EM summary

Editorial guidelines

The Elemente der Mathematik favor publications of the following kind:
  • surveys on important developments in mathematics and its applications,
  • stimulating expositions of more specialized mathematical problems and subjects,
  • reports on mathematical progress and new mathematical methods and applications in other sciences.

Apart from the choice of subjects, the quality of presentation will decide on the suitability of an article for publication in the journal. Without restriction, we endorse the advice given in this context by Mathematics Magazine: Say something new in an appealing way, or say something old in a refreshing way. But say it intelligibly, presuming a minimum of technical vocabulary. A clear and lively style appropriate for the intended audience will substantially further the understanding of the subject matter.

New problems should be submitted together with a solution, and of course should not be offered to another journal simultaneously.


Die Elemente der Mathematik legen besonderen Wert darauf, Manuskripte der folgenden Art zu veröffentlichen:
  • Artikel, welche einen Überblick über wichtige Entwicklungen in der Mathematik und ihrer Anwendungen vermitteln;
  • Beiträge, welche sich auf anregende Weise mit spezielleren Fragen und Problemstellungen beschäftigen;
  • Berichte über neue Fortschritte in der Mathematik sowie neuartige Anwendungen der Mathematik in anderen Fachgebieten.

Nicht allein Themenwahl und Inhalt entscheiden, ob sich ein Manuskript zur Veröffentlichung in unserer Zeitschrift eignet, sondern ebensosehr die Qualität der Darstellung. Der Rat, den das Mathematics Magazine in diesem Zusammenhang gibt, gilt uneingeschränkt auch hier: Say something new in an appealing way, or say something old in a refreshing way. But say it intelligibly, presuming a minimum of technical vocabulary. Ein klarer, lebendiger und der Leserschaft angepasster Stil erleichtert den Zugang zum dargestellten Stoff erheblich.

Neue Aufgaben sollen jeweils zusammen mit einer Lösung eingereicht und selbstverständlich nicht gleichzeitig einer anderen Zeitschrift angeboten werden.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors are kindly asked to submit their manuscripts in German, French, English or Italian online on the web page:


Manuscripts related to the problem section should be sent to:

Dr. Stefan Grieder
Grebelackerstrasse 4
CH-8057 Zürich

Your paper will be refereed and thereafter accepted, returned for revision or rejected.

Elemente display a very brief CV of the author(s) and a short introduction of the article's subject; authors will be asked to make suggestions for both.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Format of manuscript

Once your article is accepted, you will be asked to submit it in TeX or LaTeX format. Other formats cannot be accepted. Authors are advised to use a standard 10 point font, a text width of 125 mm and page depth of 185 mm (without headers, 195 mm including headers).

Please avoid the use of style files and macros, and use only standard packages.

The title page should include the name, affiliation and address (together with e-mail address) of each author and a short abstract.

Footnotes should be avoided.

Figures have to be submitted in printing quality in pdf, eps, or jpg format. To avoid distortion from rescaling, figures must not be wider than 125 mm. Figure files should not refer to non-standard fonts. Figures in color will be converted to grayscale for the printed version. Exceptions are possible if the author is willing to contribute the extra costs of color printing. However, color figures will appear in their original form in the electronic online version of Elemente.

All figures, tables, etc. should be numbered, with the insertion place clearly indicated.

References should be listed at the end of the manuscript in the form: author(s) followed by surnames, title of paper, journal title (abbreviated in accordance with Mathematical Reviews), volume number, year of publication in parentheses, and page numbers. For books, indicate also the publisher. The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order. Items not cited in the text should not appear in the list.

Copyright and Offprints

It is a condition of publication in the Journal that authors assign copyright to the Swiss Mathematical Society. This ensures that requests from third parties to reproduce articles are handled efficiently and consistently and will also allow the article to be as widely disseminated as possible. In assigning copyright, authors may use their own material in other, non-commercial publications provided that the Journal is properly acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Authors of papers published in the Journal will be entitled to 30 free offprints, to be shared between authors of joint papers. Extra copies of offprints may be purchased if ordered on the form sent to the corresponding author with the proofs.