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Geometry and Topology of Surfaces
Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics

Sebastian Baader (Universität Bern, Switzerland)

Geometry and Topology of Surfaces

ISBN print 978-3-98547-000-6, ISBN online 978-3-98547-500-1
DOI 10.4171/ZLAM/26
March 2021, 86 pages, softcover, 17 x 24 cm.
29.00 Euro

These lecture notes cover the classification of hyperbolic structures and measured foliations on surfaces in a minimalist way. While the inspiration is obviously taken from the excellent books Primer on mapping class groups and Travaux de Thurston sur les surfaces, the author aimed at including a little bit more of hyperbolic trigonometry, including a proof of Basmajian's identity on the orthogeodesic spectrum, while keeping the rest short.

Keywords: mapping class group, Dehn twist, pseudo-Anosov diffeomorphism, hyperbolic surface, Basmajian identity, measured foliation, Teichmüller theory, Thurston classification