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Quasi-Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations on the $d$-Dimensional Torus
EMS Monographs in Mathematics

Massimiliano Berti (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
Philippe Bolle (Avignon Université, France)

Quasi-Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations on the $d$-Dimensional Torus

ISBN print 978-3-03719-211-5, ISBN online 978-3-03719-711-0
DOI 10.4171/211
October 2020, 374 pages, hardcover, 16.5 x 23.5 cm.
69.00 Euro

Many partial differential equations (PDEs) arising in physics, such as the nonlinear wave equation and the Schrödinger equation, can be viewed as infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems. In the last thirty years, several existence results of time quasi-periodic solutions have been proved adopting a "dynamical systems" point of view. Most of them deal with equations in one space dimension, whereas for multidimensional PDEs a satisfactory picture is still under construction.

An updated introduction to the now rich subject of KAM theory for PDEs is provided in the first part of this research monograph. We then focus on the nonlinear wave equation, endowed with periodic boundary conditions. The main result of the monograph proves the bifurcation of small amplitude finite-dimensional invariant tori for this equation, in any space dimension. This is a difficult small divisor problem due to complex resonance phenomena between the normal mode frequencies of oscillations. The proof requires various mathematical methods, ranging from Nash–Moser and KAM theory to reduction techniques in Hamiltonian dynamics and multiscale analysis for quasi-periodic linear operators, which are presented in a systematic and self-contained way. Some of the techniques introduced in this monograph have deep connections with those used in Anderson localization theory.

This book will be useful to researchers who are interested in small divisor problems, particularly in the setting of Hamiltonian PDEs, and who wish to get acquainted with recent developments in the field.

Keywords: Infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems, nonlinear wave equation, KAM for PDEs, quasi-periodic solutions and invariant tori, small divisors, Nash–Moser theory, multiscale analysis