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Issue 29/3 (2018)
J.Noguchi An application of the value distribution theory for semi-abelian varieties to problems of Ax–Lindemann and Manin–Mumford types go
F.Cavalletti, A.Mondino Isoperimetric inequalities for finite perimeter sets under lower Ricci curvature bounds go
G.Comi BMO-type norms and anisotropic surface measures go
K.Kefi, V.Rădulescu Small perturbations of nonlocal biharmonic problems with variable exponent and competing nonlinearities go
E.Angelini, L.Chiantini, N.Vannieuwenhoven Identifiability beyond Kruskal’s bound for symmetric tensors of degree 4 go
M.Chipot, L.De Cave New techniques for solving some class of singular elliptic equations go
A.Pratelli, E.Radici On the planar minimal BV extension problem go
F.Giannetti, G.Moscariello $W^{2,2}$-solvability of the Dirichlet problem for a class of elliptic equations with discontinuous coefficients go
Issue 29/2 (2018)
P.Baldi, M.Berti, E.Haus, R.Montalto KAM for gravity water waves in finite depth go
R.Laface, P.Pokora On the local negativity of surfaces with numerically trivial canonical class go
L.Montoro, F.Punzo, B.Sciunzi Pointwise estimates for solutions of semilinear parabolic inequalities with a potential go
P.Corvaja, U.Zannier On the existence of covers of $\mathbb P_1$ associated to certain permutations go
T.Ferragut, C.Petronio Elementary solution of an infinite sequence of instances of the Hurwitz problem go
A.Fehm Three counterexamples concerning the Northcott property of fields go
E.Parini, B.Ruf On the Moser–Trudinger inequality in fractional Sobolev–Slobodeckij spaces go
V.Chiadò Piat, S.Nazarov, K.Ruotsalainen Spectral gaps and non-Bragg resonances in a water channel go
Y.Fujishima, J.Habermann Stability for parabolic quasi minimizers in metric measure spaces go
N.Gigli, L.Tamanini Second order differentiation formula on RCD$(K,N)$ spaces go
L.Boccardo, L.Orsina Regularizing effect of the lower order terms in some elliptic problems: old and new go
Issue 29/1 (2018)
F.Cardin, L.Masci A Morse index invariant reduction of non-equilibrium thermodynamics go
G.Del Piero An axiomatic framework for the mechanics of generalized continua go
M.Brocato A continuum model of interlocking structural systems go
P.Podio-Guidugli On Professor Grioli’s last riddle: What boundary and initial conditions make sense for microstructured continua? go
E.Çalışkan, P.Rueda Compactness and $s$-numbers for polynomials go
S.Marano, S.Mosconi, N.Papageorgiou On a $(p,q)$-Laplacian problem with parametric concave term and asymmetric perturbation go
V.Ambrosio, T.Isernia Sign-changing solutions for a class of Schrödinger equations with vanishing potentials go
G.Pipoli Inverse mean curvature flow in quaternionic hyperbolic space go
J.Calvi, L.Tilatti On the spline transform of step-wise functions go
J.Tyagi Eigenvalue problem for fractional Kirchhoff Laplacian go
M.Röckner, B.Wu, R.Zhu, X.Zhu Stochastic heat equations with values in a Riemannian manifold go
Issue 28/4 (2017)
N.Fusco, D.Pallara On the isoperimetric profile for a mixed Euclidean–Log-convex measure go
M.Amar, D.Andreucci, D.Bellaveglia The time-periodic unfolding operator and applications to parabolic homogenization go
L.Tartar H-measures and propagation effects go
L.Boccardo, L.Orsina, A.Ponce The role of interplay between coefficients in the $G$-convergence of some elliptic equations go
F.Colombini, N.Orrù, L.Pernazza On the regularity of the roots of a polynomial depending on one real parameter go
P.Bardsley, K.Barmak, E.Eggeling, Y.Epshteyn, D.Kinderlehrer, S.Ta'asan Towards a gradient flow for microstructure go
P.Lions, P.Souganidis Well-posedness for multi-dimensional junction problems with Kirchoff-type conditions go
M.Latorre, S.Segura de León Elliptic equations involving the 1-Laplacian and a total variation term with $L^{N,\infty}$-data go
G.Alberti, A.Massaccesi On some geometric properties of currents and Frobenius theorem go
S.Iula A note on the Moser–Trudinger inequality in Sobolev–Slobodeckij spaces in dimension one go
E.Mainini, M.Monteverde, É.Oudet, D.Percivale Newton’s aerodynamic for non-convex bodies go
Issue 28/3 (2017)
H.Gouin Continuum mechanics at nanoscale: A tool to study trees’ watering and recovery go
G.Toscani Continuum models in wealth distribution go
M.Caputo, M.Ciarletta, M.Fabrizio, V.Tibullo Melting and solidification of pure metals by a phase-field model go
N.Manganaro Riemann problems for viscoelastic media go
T.Arima, T.Ruggeri, M.Sugiyama, S.Taniguchi Galilean invariance and entropy principle for a system of balance laws of mixture type go
P.Falsaperla, A.Giacobbe, G.Mulone On the hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic stability of an inclined layer heated from below go
A.Celletti, F.Paita, G.Pucacco Twist and non-twist regimes of the oblate planet problem go
F.Gargano, M.Sammartino, V.Sciacca Singular behavior of a vortex layer in the zero thickness limit go
A.Fischle, P.Neff Grioli’s Theorem with weights and the relaxed-polar mechanism of optimal Cosserat rotations go
O.Manita Estimates for transportation costs along solutions to Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov equations with dissipative drifts go
G.Bini, F.Favale An unbounded family of log Calabi–Yau pairs go
Issue 28/2 (2017)
B.Straughan Uniqueness and stability in triple porosity thermoelasticity go
E.Pucci, G.Saccomandi On the equations governing nonlinear symmetric Kirchhoff’s elastic rods go
S.Rionero Upper and lower estimates of multicomponent convection instability threshold via auxiliary Bénard problems go
R.Knops New frontiers in Zanaboni’s formulation of Saint-Venant’s principle go
A.Ciappi Integral points on the complement of the branch locus of projections from hypersurfaces go
G.Iurato Analytical mechanics and Levi-Civita’s parallel transport go
A.Alberico, G.di Blasio, F.Feo Comparison results for nonlinear anisotropic parabolic problems go
P.Baldi, E.Haus, C.Mantegazza Networks self-similarly moving by curvature with two triple junctions go
A.Ballester-Bolinches, J.Beidleman On some permutable embeddings of subgroups of finite groups go
K.Ho Modular interpolation and modular estimates of the Fourier transform and related operators go
G.De Philippis, N.Fusco, A.Pratelli On the approximation of SBV functions go
Issue 28/1 (2017)
F.Giannetti Sharp geometric quantitative estimates go
V.Agostiniani, L.Mazzieri Comparing monotonicity formulas for electrostatic potentials and static metrics go
S.Rionero Dynamic of thermo-MHD flows via a new approach go
L.Escauriaza, S.Montaner Some remarks on the $L^p$ regularity of second derivatives of solutions to non-divergence elliptic equations and the Dini condition go
D.Lombardo On the analytic bijections of the rationals in [0,1] go
D.Castorina, C.Mantegazza Ancient solutions of semilinear heat equations on Riemannian manifolds go
A.Braides, L.Kreutz Optimal bounds for periodic mixtures of nearest-neighbour ferromagnetic interactions go
C.Capone, A.Fiorenza, A.Kałamajska Strongly nonlinear Gagliardo–Nirenberg inequality in Orlicz spaces and Boyd indices go
L.Beirão da Veiga, F.Brezzi, L.Marini, A.Russo Serendipity face and edge VEM spaces go
G.Comi, M.Torres One-sided approximation of sets of finite perimeter go
Issue 27/4 (2016)
C.Ronco, F.Garzotto, J.Kim, A.Fasano, I.Borsi, A.Farina Modeling blood filtration in hollow fibers dialyzers coupled with patient’s body dynamics go
T.Ricciardi, R.Takahashi, G.Zecca, X.Zhang On the existence and blow-up of solutions for a mean field equation with variable intensities go
G.Cupini, E.Lanconelli On an inverse problem in potential theory go
B.Brandolini, F.Chiacchio, D.Krejčiřík, C.Trombetti The equality case in a Poincaré–Wirtinger type inequality go
A.Tesei On a model for the nexus between resource wealth and political regimes go
L.Ambrosio, A.Mondino Gaussian-type isoperimetric inequalities in RCD $(K, \infty)$ probability spaces for positive $K$ go
H.Brezis, H.Nguyen The BBM formula revisited go
P.Lions, P.Souganidis Viscosity solutions for junctions: well posedness and stability go
Issue 27/3 (2016)
G.Greco, S.Mazzucchi, E.Pagani Peano on definition of surface area go
L.D'Onofrio, A.Popoli, R.Schiattarella Duality for $A_\infty$ weights on the real line go
H.Rafeiro, S.Samko On maximal and potential operators with rough kernels in variable exponent spaces go
M.Carozza, F.Giannetti, F.Leonetti, A.Passarelli di Napoli A sharp quantitative estimate for the surface areas of convex sets in $\mathbb R^3$ go
F.Farroni Continuity estimates for $p$-Laplace type operators in Orlicz–Zygmund spaces go
J.Korvenpää, T.Kuusi, G.Palatucci Hölder continuity up to the boundary for a class of fractional obstacle problems go
Issue 27/2 (2016)
A.Visintin On Fitzpatrick’s theory and stability of flows go
P.Podio-Guidugli A notion of nonlocal Gaussian curvature go
B.Hamour, F.Murat Quasilinear problems involving a perturbation with quadratic growth in the gradient and a noncoercive zeroth order term go
L.Barreira, D.Dragičević, C.Valls Nonuniform hyperbolicity and one-sided admissibility go
V.Marcucci, G.Pirola Erratum: Points order 2 on theta divisors go
Issue 27/1 (2016)
A.Hyder Existence of entire solutions to a fractional Liouville equation in $\mathbb R^n$ go
A.Iannizzotto, S.Mosconi, M.Squassina A note on global regularity for the weak solutions of fractional $p$-Laplacian equations go
S.Vishkautsan Residual periodicity on the Markoff Surface go
M.Bonacini, R.Cristoferi Local and global minimality issues for a nonlocal isoperimetric problem on $\mathbb R^N$ go
S.Conti, M.Focardi, F.Iurlano Some recent results on the convergence of damage to fracture go
M.Eleuteri, P.Marcellini, E.Mascolo Lipschitz continuity for energy integrals with variable exponents go
S.Barile, A.Salvatore Some results on weighted subquadratic Lane–Emden Elliptic Systems in unbounded domains go
G.Łysik Higher order Pizzetti’s formulas go
V.De Cicco A new nonautonomous chain rule in BV go
G.Furioli, A.Pulvirenti, E.Terraneo Sharp cooling rates in nonlinear friction equations go
D.Stürzer, A.Arnold Erratum on ‘‘Spectral analysis and long-time behaviour of a Fokker–Planck equation with a non-local perturbation’’ go
Issue 26/4 (2015)
A.Boccuto, D.Candeloro, A.Sambucini Henstock multivalued integrability in Banach lattices with respect to pointwise non atomic measures go
F.Paronetto A Harnack’s inequality and Hölder continuity for solutions of mixed type evolution equations go
S.Dipierro, E.Valdinoci A density property for fractional weighted Sobolev spaces go
L.Biasco, L.Chierchia On the measure of Lagrangian invariant tori in nearly-integrable mechanical systems go
A.Schikorra, T.Shieh, D.Spector $L^p$ theory for fractional gradient PDE with $VMO$ coefficients go
F.Duzgun, K.Soltanov Existence, uniqueness and behaviour of solutions for a nonlinear diffusion equation with third type boundary value condition go
R.Capitanelli, M.Vivaldi Quasi-filling fractal layers go
A.Passarelli di Napoli Regularity results for non-autonomous variational integrals with discontinuous coefficients go
Issue 26/3 (2015)
J.Rakotoson Linear equation with data in non standard spaces go
B.Bartolome The Skolem-Abouzaïd theorem in the singular case go
P.Mironescu, W.Sickel A Sobolev non embedding go
L.Battaglia, G.Mancini A note on compactness properties of the singular Toda system go
V.Bögelein, F.Duzaar, N.Fusco A sharp quantitative isoperimetric inequality in higher codimension go
Issue 26/2 (2015)
L.Esposito, B.Kawohl, C.Nitsch, C.Trombetti The Neumann eigenvalue problem for the $\infty$-Laplacian go
P.Cannarsa, G.Da Prato, G.Metafune, D.Pallara Maximal regularity for gradient systems with boundary degeneracy go
P.Cavaliere, Lucia, A.De Simone Functions determining locally solid topological Riesz spaces continuously embedded in $L^0$ go
G.Molica Bisci, D.Repovš On doubly nonlocal fractional elliptic equations go
R.Černý Moser-Trudinger inequality in grand Lebesgue space go
G.Busoni, L.Prati Some remarks on a linearized Schrödinger equation go
L.Boccardo A failing in the Calderon-Zygmund theory of Dirichlet problems for linear equations with discontinuous coefficients go
H.Brezis New approximations of the total variation and filters in Imaging go
Issue 26/1 (2015)
V.De Cicco Lower semicontinuity for nonautonomous surface integrals go
S.Mongodi, G.Tomassini Transversally pseudoconvex semiholomorphic foliations go
V.Benci, E.Bottazzi, M.Di Nasso Some applications of numerosities in measure theory go
S.Cingolani, M.Degiovanni, G.Vannella On the critical polynomial of functionals related to $p$-area (for $1 < p < \infty$) and $p$-Laplace $(1 < p≤2)$ type operators go
S.Marano, N.Papageorgiou On a Dirichlet problem with $p$-Laplacian and asymmetric nonlinearity go
R.Molle, D.Passaseo Multiplicity of solutions of nonlinear scalar field equations go
A.Kulik, M.Scheutzow A coupling approach to Doob’s theorem go
L.Arutyunyan, E.Kosov Sets of admissible shifts of convex measures go
A.Pratelli A survey on the existence of isoperimetric sets in the space $\mathbb R^N$ with density go
Issue 25/4 (2014)
T.Kuusi, G.Mingione, Y.Sire A fractional Gehring lemma, with applications to nonlocal equations go
M.Struwe The supercritical Lane–Emden equation and its gradient flow go
S.Rionero Heat and mass transfer by convection in multicomponent Navier–Stokes mixtures: absence of subcritical instabilities and global nonlinear stability via the Auxiliary System Method go
P.Bussotti, R.Pisano Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica "Jesuit" Edition: The Tenor of a Huge Work go
F.Farroni, L.Greco, G.Moscariello Estimates for $p$-Laplace type equation in a limiting case go
Issue 25/3 (2014)
L.Angeloni, G.Vinti Convergence and rate of approximation in $BV^{\varphi}(\mathbb R^N_+)$ for a class of Mellin integral operators go
D.Moroni, M.Salvetti, A.Villa The genus of the configuration spaces for Artin groups of affine type go
K.O'Grady Computations with modified diagonals go
T.Arima, A.Mentrelli, T.Ruggeri Extended thermodynamics of rarefied polyatomic gases and characteristic velocities go
M.Guzzo, L.Chierchia, G.Benettin The steep Nekhoroshev’s Theorem and optimal stability exponents (an announcement) go
A.Fasano, L.Anfuso, I.Borsi Mathematics helps assessing the risks of esophageal thermal lesions in pulmonary veins isolation by means of cryoablation go
G.Da Prato, A.Lunardi, L.Tubaro Surface measures in infinite dimension go
C.De Concini, P.Möseneder Frajria, P.Papi, C.Procesi On special covariants in the exterior algebra of a simple Lie algebra go
Issue 25/2 (2014)
G.Metafune, C.Spina A degenerate elliptic operator with unbounded diffusion coefficients go
R.Molle, D.Passaseo On the first curve of the Fučík spectrum for elliptic operators go
I.Borsi, G.Busoni, A.Fasano, M.Primicerio Social-economical mobility and redistribution policy go
B.Velichkov A note on the monotonicity formula of Caffarelli–Jerison–Kenig go
F.Punzo, T.Savitska Local versus nonlocal interactions in a reaction-diffusion system of population dynamics go
Issue 25/1 (2014)
S.Checcoli, F.Veneziano, E.Viada On torsion anomalous intersections go
M.Franciosi, E.Tenni The canonical ring of a 3-connected curve go
D.Stürzer, A.Arnold Spectral analysis and long-time behaviour of a Fokker-Planck equation with a non-local perturbation go
G.Afrouzi, M.Mirzapour, V.Rădulescu Existence and multiplicity results for anisotropic stationary Schrödinger equations go
Issue 24/4 (2013)
A.Cialdea, F.Lanzara Stability of solutions of evolution equations go
L.Pottmeyer Heights and totally real numbers go
Z.Chatzidakis, D.Ghioca, D.Masser, G.Maurin Unlikely, likely and impossible intersections without algebraic groups go
L.Fusi, A.Monti, A.Farina, M.Primicerio Mathematical model for calcium carbonate acid mine drainage reaction: a multiple time scale approach go
C.Capone, M.Formica, R.Giova, R.Schiattarella On the regularity theory of bi-Sobolev mappings go
Issue 24/3 (2013)
E.Musso, L.Nicolodi On Small-type formulae for curves in PSL$(2, \mathbb C$) go
I.Mitrea, M.Mitrea Boundary value problems and integral operators for the bi-Laplacian in non-smooth domains go
E.Caliceti, S.Graffi Convergent quantum normal forms, $\mathcal PT$-symmetry and reality of the spectrum go
G.Staglianò On special quadratic birational transformations whose base locus has dimension at most three go
P.Baldi, M.Berti, R.Montalto A note on KAM theory for quasi-linear and fully nonlinear forced KdV go
Issue 24/2 (2013)
P.Ellia Chern classes of rank two globally generated vector bundles on $\mathbb P^2$ go
V.Casarino, P.Ciatti Restriction estimates for the full Laplacian on Métivier groups go
S.Kawaguchi Canonical vector heights on $K3$ surfaces – A nonexistence result go
M.Berti, L.Biasco, M.Procesi Existence and stability of quasi-periodic solutions for derivative wave equations go
W.Craig, A.Selvitella, Y.Wang Birkhoff normal form for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation go
M.Procesi, C.Procesi, B.Van Nguyen The energy graph of the non-linear Schrödinger equation go
M.Moskowitz A note on subgroups of cofinite volume go
Issue 24/1 (2013)
M.Leitman, P.Villaggio Parabolic tunnels in a heavy elastic medium go
I.Tavkhelidze, C.Cassisa, J.Gielis, P.Ricci About "Bulky" Links, generated by Generalized Möbius Listing's bodies $GML^{n}_{3}$ go
V.Solonnikov, M.Vivaldi Mixed type, nonlinear systems in polygonal domains go
G.Toscani An information-theoretic proof of Nash’s inequality go
G.Kresin Sharp and maximized real-part estimates for derivatives of analytic functions in the disk go
L.Ambrosio, A.Figalli, E.Runa On sets of finite perimeter in Wiener spaces: reduced boundary and convergence to halfspaces go
J.Andersson, H.Shahgholian, G.Weiss The singular set of higher dimensional unstable obstacle type problems go
Issue 23/4 (2012)
G.Tralli Double Ball Property for non-divergence horizontally elliptic operators on step two Carnot groups go
G.Da Prato, M.Röckner Well posedness of Fokker–Planck equations for generators of time-inhomogeneous Markovian transition probabilities go
S.Borghesi, G.Tomassini Hyperbolicity for Deligne-Mumford analytic stacks and Brody’s theorem go
V.Napolitano, D.Olanda Sets of type (3, $h$) in PG(3, $q$) go
F.Capone, R.De Luca Onset of convection for ternary fluid mixtures saturating horizontal porous layers with large pores go
S.Hencl, K.Rajala Openness and discreteness for mappings of finite distortion go
A.Passarelli di Napoli Bisobolev mappings and homeomorphisms with finite distortion go
P.Koskela, J.Malý, T.Zürcher Luzin’s condition (N) and Sobolev mappings go
V.Ferone, C.Nitsch, C.Trombetti A remark on optimal weighted Poincaré inequalities for convex domains go
G.Alberti Generalized N-property and Sard theorem for Sobolev maps go
Issue 23/3 (2012)
V.Maz'ya Representations and estimates for inverse operators in the harmonic potential theory for polyhedra go
T.Shaposhnikova Inequality for entire functions involving their maximum modulus and maximum term go
A.Gachechiladze, R.Gachechiladze, D.Natroshvili Frictionless contact problems for elastic hemitropic solids: Boundary variational inequality approach go
C.Galati On the existence of curves with a triple point on a $K$3 surface go
V.Marcucci, G.Pirola Points of order two on theta divisors go
X.Roulleau Quotients of Fano surfaces go
Issue 23/2 (2012)
L.Boccardo, G.Croce, L.Orsina A semilinear problem with a $W^{1,1}_0$ solution go
R.Quintanilla, G.Saccomandi Phragmén–Lindelöf alternative of exponential type for the solutions of a fourth order dispersive equation go
F.Leonetti, P.Petricca Local integrability for solutions to some quasilinear elliptic systems go
J.Keum Toward a geometric construction of fake projective planes go
G.Capriz, E.Fried, B.Seguin Constrained ephemeral continua go
F.Amoroso, U.Zannier Some remarks concerning the rank of mapping tori and ascending HNN-extensions of abelian groups go
L.Caporaso Compactified Jacobians of Néron type go
Issue 23/1 (2012)
M.Pulvirenti, E.Rossi The 2-$D$ constrained $NS$ equation and stochastic vortex theory go
L.Greco, G.Zecca A version of Gehring lemma in Orlicz spaces go
G.Gaiffi, M.Serventi Poincaré series for maximal De Concini–Procesi models of root arrangements go
G.Bellettini, V.Beorchia, M.Paolini Completeness of Reidemeister-type moves for surfaces embedded in three-dimensional space go
E.Vesentini A spectral Schwarz lemma, II go
Issue 22/4 (2011)
S.Kleiman, R.Piene, I.Tyomkin Enriques diagrams, arbitrarily near points, and Hilbert schemes go
G.Urzúa Arrangements of rational sections over curves and the varieties they define go
K.Oguiso, F.Perroni Automorphisms of rational manifolds of positive entropy with Siegel disks go
M.Squassina On a result by Boccardo-Ferone-Fusco-Orsina go
L.Boccardo, G.Croce, L.Orsina $W^{1,1}_0$ minima of noncoercive functionals go
A.Athanassoulis, T.Paul, F.Pezzotti, M.Pulvirenti Strong semiclassical approximation of Wigner functions for the Hartree dynamics go
Issue 22/3 (2011)
S.Rionero Stability of ternary reaction-diffusion dynamical systems go
A.Marino Metodi topologici, disequazioni variazionali e traiettorie di rimbalzo elastico go
F.Catanese, M.Lönne, F.Perroni Irreducibility of the space of dihedral covers of the projective line of a given numerical type go
L.Ambrosio, G.De Philippis, B.Kirchheim Regularity of optimal transport maps and partial differential inclusions go
P.Cannarsa, G.Da Prato Stochastic viability for regular closed sets in Hilbert spaces go
R.Knops, P.Villaggio Illustrations of Zanaboni’s formulation of Saint-Venant’s principle go
G.Busoni, A.Fasano, A.Mancini, M.Primicerio Modelling social dynamics of a structured population go
G.Dal Maso, C.Larsen Existence for wave equations on domains with arbitrary growing cracks go
A.Ambrosetti, C.Sbordone Editorial Note go
Issue 22/2 (2011)
V.Benci, D.Fortunato Hamiltonian formulation of the Klein–Gordon–Maxwell equations go
S.Spagnolo Propagation of analyticity for a class of nonlinear hyperbolic equations go
S.Bolotin, P.Rabinowitz A note on hybrid heteroclinic solutions for a class of semilinear elliptic PDEs go
T.Kuusi, G.Mingione Nonlinear potential estimates in parabolic problems go
F.Smarrazzo, A.Tesei Some recent results concerning a class of forward-backward parabolic equations go
P.Pucci, V.Rădulescu Combined effects in quasilinear elliptic problems with lack of compactness go
C.Sbordone, R.Schiattarella Critical points for Sobolev homeomorphisms go
M.Berti, P.Bolle Quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations on Td go
V.Mantova Involutions on Zilber fields go
Issue 22/1 (2011)
A.Ambrosetti Editorial go
A.Ambrosetti Osservazioni sui teoremi di inversione globale go
S.Graffi, L.Zanelli Global parametrices for the Schrödinger propagator and geometric approach to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation go
B.Abdellaoui, S.Bouguima, I.Peral An obstacle problem with gradient term and asymptotically linear reaction go
V.Coti Zelati, M.Nolasco Existence of ground states for nonlinear, pseudo-relativistic Schrödinger equations go
G.Capriz, E.Fried The ephemeral nature of Navier–Stokes-$\alpha\beta$ continua go
C.Bereanu, P.Jebelean, J.Mawhin Variational methods for nonlinear perturbations of singular ϕ-Laplacians go
Issue 21/4 (2010)
A.Malchiodi Variational methods for singular Liouville equations go
F.Punzo, A.Tesei On a semilinear parabolic equation with inverse-square potential go
V.Barbu Existence for semilinear parabolic stochastic equations go
L.Ambrosio, G.Da Prato, D.Pallara BV functions in a Hilbert space with respect to a Gaussian measure go
S.Weintraub Involutions, Humbert surfaces, and divisors on a moduli space go
E.Priola, F.Wang A sharp Liouville theorem for elliptic operators go
Issue 21/3 (2010)
G.d'Antonio, G.Gaiffi Symmetric group actions on the cohomology of configurations in ℝd go
E.Bombieri, P.Habegger, D.Masser, U.Zannier A Note on Maurin’s Theorem go
R.Aron, G.Botelho, D.Pellegrino, P.Rueda Holomorphic mappings associated to composition ideals of polynomials go
L.Ambrosio La teoria dei perimetri di Caccioppoli–De Giorgi e i suoi più recenti sviluppi go
S.Borghesi, G.Tomassini Brody hyperbolicity and homotopy go
N.Bernardes Jr., D.Pombo Jr. Mackey convergence and bornological topological modules go
G.Greco, S.Mazzucchi, E.Pagani Peano on derivative of measures: strict derivative of distributive set functions go
N.Fusco Equilibrium configurations of epitaxially strained thin films go
Issue 21/2 (2010)
E.Arbarello, M.Cornalba Jenkins−Strebel differentials go
L.Lussardi A Stampacchia-type inequality for a fourth-order elliptic operator on Kähler manifolds and applications go
F.Giannetti, A.Passarelli di Napoli Regularity results for minimizers of integral functionals with nonstandard growth in Carnot–Carathéodory spaces go
G.Furioli, E.Terraneo Remarks on the H Theorem for a non involutive Boltzmann like kinetic model go
P.Mariano Physical significance of the curvature varifold-based description of crack nucleation go
Issue 21/1 (2010)
M.Betta, A.Mercaldo Continuous dependence on the data for nonlinear elliptic equations via symmetrization go
G.Da Prato Optimal regularity results in spaces of Hölder continuous functions for some infinite dimensional Ornstein−Uhlenbeck semigroup go
A.Malchiodi New classes of entire solutions for semilinear elliptic problems in ℝn go
B.Ricceri Multiplicity of global minima for parametrized functions go
A.Porretta The ‘‘ergodic limit’’ for a viscous Hamilton−Jacobi equation with Dirichlet conditions go
L.Salvadori, F.Visentin Recent results on the stability of time dependent sets and their application to bifurcation problems go
M.Biroli Subelliptic Hamilton–Jacobi equations: the coercive stationary case go
Issue 20/4 (2009)
A.Clop, P.Koskela Orlicz–Sobolev regularity of mappings with subexponentially integrable distortion go
D.Mundici Recognizing the Farey–Stern–Brocot AF algebra go
L.Dieulefait The level 1 case of Serre’s conjecture revisited go
S.Rionero Stability-Instability criteria for nonautonomous systems go
E.DiBenedetto, U.Gianazza, V.Vespri Alternative Forms of the Harnack Inequality for Non-Negative Solutions to Certain Degenerate and Singular Parabolic Equations go
A.Alvino On a Sobolev-type inequality go
P.Cavaliere, Lucia On Brooks–Jewett, Vitali–Hahn–Saks and Nikodým convergence theorems for quasi-triangular functions go
A.Alvino, V.Ferone, C.Nitsch A sharp isoperimetric inequality in the plane involving Hausdorff distance go
P.Villaggio Deep foundations go
Issue 20/3 (2009)
A.Ambrosetti Editorial note go
E.Magenes Apertura dei lavori go
L.Boccardo A Calderon–Zygmund theory for infinite energy minima of some integral functionals go
R.Pignatelli Some (big) irreducible components of the moduli space of minimal surfaces of general type with pg = q = 1 and K2 = 4 go
P.Mariano The relative power and its invariance go
V.Benci, D.Fortunato Existence of hylomorphic solitary waves in Klein–Gordon and in Klein–Gordon–Maxwell equations go
L.Caffarelli Surfaces minimizing nonlocal energies go
Issue 20/2 (2009)
A.Ambrosetti Systems of nonlinear Schrödinger equations. A survey go
J.García-Azorero, J.Manfredi, I.Peral, J.Rossi The limit as p → ∞ for the p-Laplacian with mixed boundary conditions and the mass transport problem through a given window go
R.Musina Existence and multiplicity results for a weighted p-Laplace equation involving Hardy potentials and critical nonlinearities go
C.Cinti Uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for a class of hypoelliptic ultraparabolic operators go
C.Wall Plücker formulae for curves in high dimensions go
F.Duzaar, G.Mingione Gradient estimates in non-linear potential theory go
Issue 20/1 (2009)
I.Borsi, A.Farina, R.Gianni, M.Primicerio Continuous dependence on the constitutive functions for a class of problems describing fluid flow in porous media go
P.Facchi Multipartite entanglement in qubit systems go
K.Leonard Efficient representation in spaces of plane curves go
A.Schinzel, U.Zannier On the number of terms of a power of a polynomial go
Issue 19/4 (2008)
J.Kristensen, G.Mingione Boundary regularity of minima go
L.Martinazzi Conformal metrics on ℝ2m with constant Q-curvature go
L.Moci Combinatorics and topology of toric arrangements defined by root systems go
E.Vesentini A spectral Schwarz lemma go
M.Degli Espositi, S.Graffi, S.Isola On the notion of ergodicity for finite quantum systems go
H.Brezis On a conjecture of J. Serrin go
A.Parmeggiani A remark on the semiclassical Fefferman–Phong inequality for certain systems of PDEs go
Issue 19/3 (2008)
Y.Fu, Q.Dai Positive solutions of the Robin problem for semilinear elliptic equations on annuli go
D.Castorina, I.Fabbri, G.Mancini, K.Sandeep Hardy–Sobolev inequalities and hyperbolic symmetry go
M.Lesimple, T.Valent Transversality of equivariant mappings with closed associated differential forms on G-manifolds go
P.Villaggio Axial impact on a semi-infinite elastic rod go
C.Mercuri Positive solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger–Poisson systems with radial potentials vanishing at infinity go
Y.Bugeaud An explicit lower bound for the block complexity of an algebraic number go
L.Ambrosio, P.Bernard Uniqueness of signed measures solving the continuity equation for Osgood vector fields go
G.Da Prato, A.Debussche On the martingale problem associated to the 2D and 3D stochastic Navier–Stokes equations go
Issue 19/2 (2008)
J.Masamune Vanishing and conservativeness of harmonic forms of a non-compact CR manifold go
V.Coti Zelati, M.Macrì Homoclinic solutions to invariant tori in a center manifold go
F.Esposito, A.Maffei On a theorem of Schmid go
P.Contucci, F.Unguendoli Correlation inequalities for spin glass in one dimension go
J.Pila, U.Zannier Rational points in periodic analytic sets and the Manin–Mumford conjecture go
E.Caliceti, S.Graffi A criterion for the reality of the spectrum of PT-symmetric Schrödinger operators with complex-valued periodic potentials go
Issue 19/1 (2008)
C.Bonanno, S.Graffi, S.Isola Spectral analysis of transfer operators associated to Farey fractions go
L.Younes, P.Michor, J.Shah, D.Mumford A metric on shape space with explicit geodesics go
G.Denham A note on de Concini and Procesi's curious identity go
A.Malchiodi Entire solutions of autonomous equations on Rn with nontrivial asymptotics go
P.Corvaja, U.Zannier On the maximal order of a torsion point on a curve in Gnm go
Issue 18/4 (2007)
P.Mariano Geometry and balance of hyperstresses go
U.Boscain, S.Polidoro Gaussian estimates for hypoelliptic operators via optimal control go
G.Di Cerbo Remarkable identities related to the Riemann zeta function go
J.Masamune Conservative principle for differential forms go
E.DiBenedetto, U.Gianazza, V.Vespri Intrinsic Harnack inequalities for quasi-linear singular parabolic partial differential equations go
A.Dimca Characteristic varieties and constructible sheaves go
A.Malchiodi, C.Ndiaye Some existence results for the Toda system on closed surfaces go
Issue 18/3 (2007)
R.Musina On the regularity of weak solutions to H-systems go
A.Amadori, B.Brandolini, C.Trombetti Viscosity solutions of the Monge–Ampère equation with the right hand side in Lp go
E.Vesentini Linear isometries of some function algebras go
P.Pucci, R.Servadei On weak solutions for p-Laplacian equations with weights go
A.Martinez A general effective Hamiltonian method go
J.Wei, T.Weth Nonradial symmetric bound states for a system of coupled Schrödinger equations go
P.Corvaja, J.Hancl A transcendence criterion for infinite products go
G.Anastassiou, J.Goldstein Ostrowski type inequalities over Euclidean domains go
Issue 18/2 (2007)
M.Lesimple, T.Valent Transversality of covariant mappings admitting a potential go
P.Drábek, A.Kufner Hardy inequality and properties of the quasilinear Sturm–Liouville problem go
Y.Feler Configuration spaces of tori go
D.Bambusi, M.Degli Espositi, S.Graffi Uniform convergence of the Lie–Dyson expansion with respect to the Planck constant go
T.Adamowicz The Grötzsch problem in higher dimensions go
A.Kolesnikov Modified log-Sobolev inequalities and isoperimetry go
Issue 18/1 (2007)
M.Girardi, M.Matzeu Existence of periodic solutions for some second order quasi-linear Hamiltonian systems go
A.Mancini, M.Primicerio, Y.Yang A mathematical model of frying processes go
L.Ambrosio, F.Santambrogio Necessary optimality conditions for geodesics in weighted Wasserstein spaces go
C.Böhning Canonical surfaces in P4 with pg=pa=5 and K2=11 go
A.Shishkov, L.Véron The balance between diffusion and absorption in semilinear parabolic equations go
P.Rabinowitz, J.Su, Z.Wang Multiple solutions of superlinear elliptic equations go
M.Cornalba The Picard group of the moduli stack of stable hyperelliptic curves go
Issue 17/4 (2006)
P.Caldiroli, M.Guida Closed curves in R3 with prescribed curvature and torsion in perturbative cases — Part 2: Sufficient conditions go
G.Evéquoz, C.Stuart Bifurcation points of a degenerate elliptic boundary-value problem go
W.Huang, S.Yau, X.Zhang Positivity of the Bondi mass in Bondi's radiating spacetimes go
L.Miller On exponential observability estimates for the heat semigroup with explicit rates go
S.Spagnolo, G.Taglialatela Some inequalities of Glaeser-Bronšteĭn type go
T.MATSUYAMA Asymptotic profiles for the Kirchhoff equation go
G.Da Prato, M.Röckner Dissipative stochastic equations in Hilbert space with time dependent coefficients go
Issue 17/3 (2006)
J.García-Azorero, J.Manfredi, I.Peral, J.Rossi Steklov eigenvalues for the $\infty$-Laplacian go
A.Visintin Homogenization of doubly-nonlinear equations go
E.DiBenedetto, U.Gianazza, V.Vespri Local clustering of the non-zero set of functions in $W^{1,1}(E)$ go
P.Caldiroli, M.Guida Closed curves in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$ with prescribed curvature and torsion in perturbative cases. Part 1: Necessary condition and study of the unperturbed problem go
A.Dancer Weak convergence, local bifurcations and uniqueness theorems go
P.Baldi, M.Berti Periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations for asymptotically full measure sets of frequencies go
F.Mahmoudi, A.Malchiodi Concentration at manifolds of arbitrary dimension for a singularly perturbed Neumann problem go
Issue 17/2 (2006)
Preface go
P.Villaggio A theory of plastic splashing go
A.Calabri, C.Ciliberto, F.Flamini, R.Miranda Degenerations of scrolls to unions of planes go
C.Bisi, G.Gentili Schröder Equation in Several Variables and Composition Operator go
F.Catanese Surface classification and local and global fundamentals groups, I go
C.De Concini, C.Procesi A curious identity and the volume of the root spherical simplex go
G.Moscariello, C.Sbordone, F.Murat Approximating the inverse matrix of the G-limit through changes of variables in the plane go
F.Baldassarri Étale and crystalline beta and gamma functions via Fontaine's periods go
Issue 17/1 (2006)
M.Badiale, S.Rolando A note on nonlinear elliptic problems with singular potentials go
G.Amendola, M.Fabrizio Free energies and Fichera’s quasi-static problem for materials with fading memory go
L.Biasco, L.Di Gregorio Periodic solutions of Birkoff-Lewis type for the nonlinear wave equation go
C.Bandle, J.von Below, W.Reichel Parabolic problems with dynamical boundary conditions: eigenvalue expansions and blow up go
T.Bartsch, M.Degiovanni Nodal solutions of nonlinear elliptic Dirichlet problems on radial domains go