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Issue 63/1 (2017)
M.Radziwiłł, K.Soundararajan Selberg’s central limit theorem for log $|\zeta(\tfrac 12+it)|$ go
A.Bonifant, J.Milnor On real and complex cubic curves go
S.Trautwein A survey of the GIT picture for the Yang–Mills equation over Riemann surfaces go
J.Kahane, E.Saias Sur l’exemple d’Euler d’une fonction complètement multiplicative de somme nulle go
R.Torres An equivalence between pseudo-holomorphic embeddings into almost-complex Euclidean space and CR regular embeddings into complex space go
G.Lehrer, R.Zhang Invariants of the special orthogonal group and an enhanced Brauer category go
S.Kwasik, R.Schultz Branched coverings and equivariant smoothings of 4-manifolds go
B.Miesch The Cartan–Hadamard Theorem for metric spaces with local geodesic bicombings go
Commission Internationale de l’Enseignement Mathématique go
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Issue 62/3 (2016)
M.Bucher, R.Frigerio, T.Hartnick A note on semi-conjugacy for circle actions go
T.Covolo, J.Michel Determinants over graded-commutative algebras, a categorical viewpoint go
A.Merkurjev, J.Tignol Excellence of function fields of conics go
M.Karoubi, C.Weibel On the covering type of a space go
D.Simmons The Hurwitz continued fraction expansion as applied to real numbers go
R.Shafikov, A.Sukhov Rational approximation and Lagrangian inclusions go
S.Garoufalidis, T.Lê A survey of $q$-holonomic functions go
H.Geiges, J.Gonzalo Pérez Transversely holomorphic flows and contact circles on spherical 3-manifolds go
Commission Internationale de l’Enseignement Mathématique go
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Issue 62/1 (2016)
E.Bédos, P.de la Harpe Erratum pour: “Moyennabilité intérieure des groupes: définitions et exemples” go
L.Marquis Erratum: Exemples de variétés projectives strictement convexes de volume fini en dimension quelconque go
V.Ramírez An example of a non-algebraizable singularity of a holomorphic foliation go
S.Matsumoto Basic partitions and combinations of group actions on the circle: A new approach to a theorem of Kathryn Mann go
M.Popa Kodaira–Saito vanishing and applications go
N.Dobbs Line, spiral, dense go
L.Studer Note on the distortion of $(2, q)$-torus knots go
R.Bøgvad, B.Shapiro On mother body measures with algebraic Cauchy transform go
K.Aleshkin, A.Izosimov Euler equations on the general linear group, cubic curves, and inscribed hexagons go
P.Py Some noncoherent, nonpositively curved Kähler groups go
Y.Benoist, H.Oh Fuchsian groups and compact hyperbolic surfaces go
H.Duminil-Copin, V.Tassion A new proof of the sharpness of the phase transition for Bernoulli percolation on $\mathbb Z^d$ go
B.Mühlherr, R.Weiss Galois involutions and exceptional buildings go
E.Getzler The derived Maurer–Cartan locus go
A.de Roton, B.Saffari, H.Shapiro, G.Tenenbaum Sur le principe d’incertitude pour les familles orthonormales de $L^2(\mathbb R)$ go
E.Bombieri Solution of the Ree group problem. A lecture at Rutgers University in 1979 go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Renewal of the ICMI Executive Committee go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education in Hamburg – the biggest ICME so far go
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Issue 61/3 (2015)
V.Schreiber, A.Veselov, J.Ward In search for a perfect shape of polyhedra: Buffon transformation go
S.Martineau Ergodicity and indistinguishability in percolation theory go
R.Grigorchuk, R.Kravchenko, A.Olshanskii Constructions of torsion-free countable, amenable, weakly mixing groups go
R.Wade The lower central series of a right-angled Artin group go
M.Amchislavska, T.Riley Lamplighters, metabelian groups, and horocyclic products go
S.Diverio, E.Rousseau The exceptional set and the Green–Griffiths locus do not always coincide go
V.Matveev, M.Troyanov Isometries of two dimensional Hilbert geometries go
A.Guichardet La trace de Dixmier et autres traces go
E.Brugallé Pseudoholomorphic simple Harnack curves go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. The 2015 ICMI Awards. Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Medals go
M.Bartolini Bussi, X.Sun Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. ICMI Study 23: Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers go
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Issue 61/1 (2015)
Daniel Coray go
L.van den Dries, I.Goldbring Hilbert’s 5th Problem go
M.Müger On Karamata’s proof of the Landau–Ingham Tauberian theorem go
S.Morier-Genoud, V.Ovsienko, S.Tabachnikov SL$_2 (\mathbb Z)$-tilings of the torus, Coxeter–Conway friezes and Farey triangulations go
D.Li-Bland, E.Meinrenken On the Van Est homomorphism for Lie groupoids go
F.Fontenele, F.Xavier The index of isolated umbilics on surfaces of non-positive curvature go
B.Nica A true relative of Suslin’s normality theorem go
V.Florens, G.Massuyeau A functorial extension of the abelian Reidemeister torsions of three-manifolds go
A.Enge Bilinear pairings on elliptic curves go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Inaugural Emma Castelnuovo Award for excellence in the practice of mathematics education go
A.Watson, M.Ohtani Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. ICMI study Task design in mathematics education: An outline of progress go
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Issue 60/3 (2014)
R.Coulangeon, G.Nebe Maximal finite subgroups and minimal classes go
O.Romaskevich On the incenters of triangular orbits on elliptic billiards go
T.Yu The number of vertices of a tropical curve is bounded by its area go
E.Hrushovski, F.Loeser, B.Poonen Berkovich spaces embed in Euclidean spaces go
P.Guillot An elementary approach to dessins d’enfants and the Grothendieck–Teichmüller group go
J.Black, A.Quéguiner-Mathieu Involutions, odd degree extensions and generic splitting go
J.Cannizzo On invariant Schreier structures go
J.Duval Sur la théorie d’Ahlfors des surfaces go
G.Nardi Schauder estimate for solutions of Poisson’s equation with Neumann boundary condition go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Nominations sought for the First ICMI Emma Castelnuovo Award go
G.Gueudet Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education – An invitation to read go
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Issue 60/1 (2014)
S.Mondal Systole and $\lambda_{2g–2}$ of closed hyperbolic surfaces of genus $g$ go
C.McMullen Moduli spaces in genus zero and inversion of power series go
B.Fuglede Hyperorthogonal family of vectors and the associated Gram matrix go
J.Burelle, T.Kaszynski, T.Drumm, W.Goldman Crooked halfspaces go
S.Friedl, T.Kitayama The virtual fibering theorem for 3-manifolds go
L.Ji Well-rounded equivariant deformation retracts of Teichmüller spaces go
D.Ferrand, D.Laksov On the structure of endomorphisms of projective modules go
H.Hauser, D.Wagner Alternative invariants for the embedded resolution of purely inseparable surface singularities go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. The Klein Project go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Discussion Document for the Twenty-third ICMI Study. Primary mathematics Study on whole numbers go
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Issue 59/3 (2013)
Q.Wei Subtleties of the minimax selector go
P.Corvaja, D.Masser, U.Zannier Sharpening 'Manin-Mumford' for certain algebraic groups in dimension 2 go
I.Babenko, S.Bogatyi On topological properties of the formal power series substitution group go
D.Roy Une version effective du théorème de Lindemann-Weierstrass par des méthodes d'indépendance algébrique go
J.Kahane Sur un ensemble de Besicovitch go
U.Lang, V.Schroeder On Toponogov's comparison theorem for Alexandrov spaces go
A.Choudhry Quintuples of positive integers whose sums in pairs or in triples are squares go
S.Baader Positive braids of maximal signature go
N.Katz Sato–Tate in the higher dimensional case: Elaboration of 9.5.4 in Serre's $N_x(p)$ book go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Renouvellement du Comité Exécutif go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. The 2009, 2011 & 2013 ICMI Awards. Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Medals go
Issue 59/1 (2013)
N.Bardy-Panse, C.Charignon, S.Gaussent, G.Rousseau Une preuve plus immobilière du théorème de «saturation» de Kapovich–Leeb–Millson go
B.Candelpergher, M.Coppo Le produit harmonique des suites go
V.Tsanov Triangle groups, automorphic forms, and torus knots go
G.Shephard How to turn a tetrahedron into a cube and similar transformations go
L.Bowen, A.Nevo Geometric covering arguments and ergodic theorems for free groups go
A.Sisto Projections and relative hyperbolicity go
B.Deroin Almost-periodic action on the real line go
T.Gelander Limits of finite homogeneous metric spaces go
Issue 58/3 (2012)
E.Casas-Alvero Roots of complex polynomials and foci of real algebraic curves go
M.Einsiedler, E.Lindenstrauss, P.Michel, A.Venkatesh The distribution of closed geodesics on the modular surface, and Duke's theorem go
M.Brunella Some remarks on meromorphic first integrals go
D.Cerveau Quelques exemples élémentaires de feuilletages holomorphes et d'hypersurfaces Levi-plates go
M.Demazure Résultant, discriminant go
F.Ivorra, J.Sebag Géométrie algébrique par morceaux, $K$-équivalence et motifs go
Issue 58/1 (2012)
L.Marquis Exemples de variétés projectives strictement convexes de volume fini en dimension quelconque go
H.Wilton Alternating quotients of free groups go
B.Conrad Weil and Grothendieck approaches to adelic points go
T.Fisher Some bounds on the coefficients of covering curves go
T.Ceccherini-Silberstein, M.Coornaert, J.Dodziuk The surjectivity of the combinatorial Laplacian on infinite graphs go
V.Turaev, L.Vainerman The Tambara-Yamagami categories and 3-manifold invariants go
H.Tamvakis The theory of Schur polynomials revisited go
A.Hatcher, D.Margalit Generating the Torelli group go
G.Levitt, V.Metaftsis Rank of mapping tori and companion matrices go
A.Pelayo, T.Ratiu Circle-valued momentum maps for symplectic periodic flows go
Issue 57/3 (2011)
P.Dehornoy Les nœuds de Lorenz go
B.Casselman Dirichlet's calculation of Gauss sums go
P.Popescu-Pampu Le cerf-volant d'une constellation go
M.Belliart Actions localement libres rigides de groupes de Lie nilpotents go
S.Matsumoto, H.Nakayama Continua as minimal sets of homeomorphisms of $S^2$ go
P.Maciak, J.Morales Siegel's mass formula and averages of Dirichlet $L$-functions over function fields go
Issue 57/1 (2011)
F.Laudenbach A note on the Chas-Sullivan product go
F.Fillastre From spaces of polygons to spaces of polyhedra following Bavard, Ghys and Thurston go
K.Melnick A Frobenius theorem for Cartan geometries, with applications go
A.Choudhry Quadratic Form made a Perfect Power by a New Composition Theorem on Arbitrary Quadratic Forms go
N.Ressayre A short geometric proof of a conjecture of Fulton go
Y.Coudène Sur l'ergodicité du flot géodésique en courbure négative ou nulle go
J.Schwermer, O.Vukadin The stable rank of arithmetic orders in division algebras – an elementary approach go
É.Ghys Sur la coupe des vêtements. Variation autour d'un thème de Tchebychev go
Issue 56/3 (2010)
E.Bombieri, N.Katz A Note on lower bounds for Frobenius traces go
B.Bowditch Notes on tameness go
S.Kebekus, S.Kousidis, D.Lohmann Deformations along subsheaves go
E.Lerman Orbifolds as stacks? go
J.Allouche, A.Glen Extremal properties of (epi)Sturmian sequences and distribution modulo $1$ go
T.Eisner A "typical" contraction is unitary go
B.Hodgson Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Modifications à l'énoncé de mandat de la CIEM go
Issue 56/1 (2010)
M.Reeder Torsion automorphisms of simple Lie algebras go
L.Ribes, B.Steinberg A Wreath Product Approach to Classical Subgroup Theorems go
A.Skorobogatov Del Pezzo surfaces of degree 4 and their relation to Kummer surfaces go
A.Höring Positivity of direct image sheaves a geometric point of view go
F.González-Acuña, C.Gordon, J.Simon Unsolvable problems about higher-dimensional knots and related groups go
J.Wilson Free subgroups in groups with few relators go
B.Hodgson Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Renouvellement du Comit excutif de la CIEM go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Discussion Document for the Twenty-First ICMI Study go
Issue 55/3 (2009)
P.Clark Elliptic Dedekind Domains Revisited go
M.Brunella Sur les feuilletages de l'espace projectif ayant une composante de Kupka go
M.Artebani, I.Dolgachev The Hesse pencil of plane cubic curves go
H.Flenner, S.Kaliman, M.Zaidenberg On the Danilov-Gizatullin Isomorphism Theorem go
L.Pirio Sur la linéarisation des tissus go
M.Chaperon, D.Meyer On a theorem of René Thom in Géométrie Finie go
M.Chaperon On the Cauchy-Kowalevski Theorem go
G.Ginot, P.Xu Cohomology of Lie $2$-groups go
K.Stacey Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Looking back to the Future of the Teaching and Learning of Algebra go
Issue 55/1 (2009)
M.Garay Finiteness and constructibility in local analytic geometry go
E.Meinrenken On the quantization of conjugacy classes go
D.Flath, T.Halverson, K.Herbig The Planar Rook Algebra and Pascal's Triangle go
H.Geiges A contact geometric proof of the Whitney-Graustein theorem go
S.Alexander, R.Bishop, R.Ghrist Capture pursuit games on unbounded domains go
P.Arés-Gastesi, T.Venkataramana The Big Picard Theorem and other results on Riemann surfaces go
M.Raczek, J.Tignol Ternary cubic forms and Etale algebras go
G.Bor, R.Montgomery $G_2$ and the rolling distribution go
Commission Internationale de l'Enseignement Mathématique. Discussion Document for the Twentieth ICMI Study go