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Issue 2/2 (2018)
T.Gerber, E.Norton The $\mathfrak{sl}_\infty$-crystal combinatorics of higher level Fock spaces go
N.Iyudu, S.Shkarin Quadratic automaton algebras and intermediate growth go
A.Appel, I.Egilmez, M.Hogancamp, A.Lauda A DG-extension of symmetric functions arising from higher representation theory go
Issue 2/1 (2018)
S.Ivanov On joins and intersections of subgroups in free groups go
K.Coulembier, M.Ehrig The periplectic Brauer algebra II: Decomposition multiplicities go
A.Smoktunowicz, L.Vendramin On skew braces (with an appendix by N. Byott and L. Vendramin) go
D.Segal Remarks on profinite groups having few open subgroups go
Issue 1/4 (2017)
P.Dehornoy, F.Wehrung Multifraction reduction III: The case of interval monoids go
L.Poulain d'Andecy Young tableaux and representations of Hecke algebras of type ADE go
Issue 1/3 (2017)
P.Dehornoy Multifraction reduction II: Conjectures for Artin–Tits groups go
E.Zelmanov Lie algebras and torsion groups with identity go
Issue 1/2 (2017)
S.Garrabrant, I.Pak Words in linear groups, random walks, automata and P-recursiveness go
S.Sam, A.Snowden Infinite rank spinor and oscillator representations go
P.Dehornoy Multifraction reduction I: The 3-Ore case and Artin–Tits groups of type FC go
Issue 1/1 (2017)
V.Jones Some unitary representations of Thompson’s groups $F$ and $T$ go
G.Lusztig The canonical basis of the quantum adjoint representation go
M.Ershov Kazhdan groups whose FC-radical is not virtually abelian go
B.Elias Quantum Satake in type $A$. Part I go