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Volume 8, Issue 1, 2011

Organized by: Jeff Kahn, Angelika Steger and Benjamin Sudakov
pp. 5–83
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (714 KB)

Set Theory
Organized by: Sy-David Friedman, Menachem Magidor and W. Hugh Woodin
pp. 85–140
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (511 KB)

Mini-Workshop: Dynamics of Trace Maps and Applications to Spectral Theory
Organized by: David Damanik and Anton Gorodetski
pp. 141–167
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (287 KB)

Mini-Workshop: Mathematical Analysis for Peridynamics
Organized by: Etienne Emmrich, Max Gunzburger and Richard B. Lehoucq
pp. 169–199
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (3695 KB)

Mini-Workshop: Nonlinear Least Squares in Shape Identification Problems
Organized by: Marc Dambrine, Frank Hettlich and Roland Potthast
pp. 201–239
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (748 KB)

Stochastic Analysis in Finance and Insurance
Organized by: Dmitry Kramkov, Martin Schweizer and Nizar Touzi
pp. 241–292
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (464 KB)

Trends in Mathematical Imaging and Surface Processing
Organized by: Vicent Caselles, Martin Rumpf, Guillermo Sapiro and Peter Schröder
pp. 293–348
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (2032 KB)

Topological and Geometric Combinatorics
Organized by: Anders Björner, Gil Kalai, Isabella Novik and Günter M. Ziegler
pp. 349–423
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (659 KB)

Geometric Quantization in the Non-compact Setting
Organized by: Lisa Jeffrey, Xiaonan Ma and Michèle Vergne
pp. 425–521
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (847 KB)

Representation Theory of Quivers and Finite Dimensional Algebras
Organized by: William Crawley-Boevey, Bernhard Keller, Henning Krause and Oeyvind Solberg
pp. 523–608
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (836 KB)

Mini-Workshop: The Homotopy Interpretation of Constructive Type Theory
Organized by: Steve Awodey, Richard Garner, Per Martin-Löf and Vladimir Voevodsky
pp. 609–638
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (300 KB)

Mini-Workshop: History of Numerical and Graphical Tables
Organized by: Renate Tobies and Dominique Tournès
pp. 639–689
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (458 KB)

Mini-Workshop: Level Sets and Depth Contours in High Dimensional Data
Organized by: Mia Hubert, Jun Li, Wolfgang Polonik and Robert J. Serfling
pp. 691–717
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (283 KB)

Automorphic Forms: New Directions
Organized by: Stephen S. Kudla and Joachim Schwermer
pp. 719–779
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (585 KB)

The Renormalization Group
Organized by: Margherita Disertori, Joel Feldman and Manfred Salmhofer
pp. 781–824
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (461 KB)

Geometric Numerical Integration
Organized by: Ernst Hairer, Marlis Hochbruck, Arieh Iserles and Christian Lubich
pp. 825–900
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (1561 KB)

Operator Algebras and Representation Theory: Frames, Wavelets and Fractals
Organized by: Palle E.T. Jorgensen, Gitta Kutyniok, Gestur Olafsson and Sergei Silvestrov
pp. 901–978
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (876 KB)