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Volume 14, Issue 6, 2012

Higher-dimensional cluster combinatorics and representation theory
Steffen Oppermann and Hugh Thomas
pp. 1679–1737
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (399 KB)

The structure of a local embedding and Chern classes of weighted blow-ups
Anca M. Mustaţă and Andrei Mustaţă
pp. 1739–1794
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (400 KB)

Representation of Itô integrals by Lebesgue/Bochner integrals
Qi Lü, Jiongmin Yong and Xu Zhang
pp. 1795–1823
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (235 KB)

On the Lawrence–Doniach model of superconductivity: magnetic fields parallel to the axes
Stan Alama, Lia Bronsard and Etienne Sandier
pp. 1825–1857
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (262 KB)

On a new normalization for tractor covariant derivatives
Matthias Hammerl, Petr Somberg, Vladimír Souček and Josef Šilhan
pp. 1859–1883
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (243 KB)

Geometric optics and instability for NLS and Davey–Stewartson models
Rémi Carles, Eric Dumas and Christof Sparber
pp. 1885–1921
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (277 KB)

Finite-energy sign-changing solutions with dihedral symmetry for the stationary nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Monica Musso, Frank Pacard and Juncheng Wei
pp. 1923–1953
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (233 KB)

$\mathcal L$-invariants and Darmon cycles attached to modular forms
Victor Rotger and Marco Adamo Seveso
pp. 1955–1999
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (388 KB)

The Kähler Ricci flow on Fano manifolds (I)
Xiuxiong Chen and Bing Wang
pp. 2001–2038
Abstract | Full-Text PDF (281 KB)