Quantum Topology

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Volume 4, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 411–445
DOI: 10.4171/QT/44

Published online: 2013-11-15

|ZKup|=|ZHenn|2 for lens spaces

Liang Chang[1] and Zhenghan Wang[2]

(1) University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
(2) University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

M. Hennings and G. Kuperberg defined quantum invariants $Z_{\rm Henn}$ and $Z_{\rm Kup}$ of closed oriented 3-manifolds based on certain Hopf algebras, respectively. We prove that $|Z_{\rm Kup}|=|Z_{\rm Henn}|^2$ for lens spaces when both invariants are based on factorizable finite dimensional ribbon Hopf algebras.

Keywords: Knots, 3-manifolds, Hopf algebras, TQFT

Chang Liang, Wang Zhenghan: |ZKup|=|ZHenn|2 for lens spaces. Quantum Topol. 4 (2013), 411-445. doi: 10.4171/QT/44