Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova

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Volume 123, 2010, pp. 211–231
DOI: 10.4171/RSMUP/123-11

Published online: 2010-06-30

GAGA for DQ-Algebroid

Hou-Yi Chen[1]

(1) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Let X be a smooth complex projective variety with associated compact manifold Xan. If AX is a DQ-algbroid on X, then there is an induced DQ-algebroid AXan on Xan. We show that the natural functor from the derived category of bounded complexes of AX-modules with coherent cohomologies to the derived category of bounded complexes of AXan-modules with coherent cohomologies is an equivalence.

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Chen Hou-Yi: GAGA for DQ-Algebroid. Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova 123 (2010), 211-231. doi: 10.4171/RSMUP/123-11