rsmup - Instructions for authors

RSMUP summary

Instructions for Authors

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts, according to the instructions below, either to the member of the Editorial Board whose research field is closest to the subject of the paper, or to the Editorial Office:

Prof. Corrado Marastoni
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Padova
Via Trieste, 63
35121 Padova
Fax: +39 049 827 1499

Electronic submission of manuscripts in pdf form is strongly encouraged. Exceptionally, manuscripts can be submitted in two clear hard copies by ordinary mail.

Manuscripts presented for publication can be written in Italian, English or French. A summary in English is required if the paper is not written in English. The accompanying letter should include: title of paper; number of pages; name, affiliation and address (together with email address) of each author; indication of the corresponding author.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published before and that it has neither been submitted to another journal, nor will it be before receipt of the answer from the Board of the Rendiconti.

The RSMUP class file for LaTeX2e

In case the paper is accepted for publication, the Journal strongly encourages authors to make available LaTex files for typesetting purposes.

To prepare the article, you are encouraged to use the journal’s LaTeX style files (right-click the link and select ‘save link target as’ to download), which may facilitate the production procedure. The folder contains

  • a short description of the content,
  • a reference manual (for advanced users, but also in case of troubles),
  • one single file for the class,
  • a folder containing an example,
  • a limited number of optional support files (for the bibliography and the French language).

There is also, for advanced users, a file that includes the fonts used by the class. This is however optional.

Graphical items should be prepared as eps (encapsulated PostScript) files and included by using the graphicx package.

The title page should include the name, affiliation and address (together with e-mail address) of each author and

The author to whom proofs should be sent should be marked as the corresponding author.

To avoid distortion from rescaling, figures must not be wider than 125 mm. They should be sent as EPS file (encapsulated postscript), or as fair copy on paper, suitable for direct photographic reproduction without major reduction. All figures, tables, etc. should be numbered, with the insertion place clearly indicated.


Authors will be granted an opportunity to correct the galley proofs once before publication. Excessive changes will be charged.


If an article is accepted for publication, the authors must waive any right concerning the publication of their article to the Rendiconti in the person of its Editor-in-Chief (a waiver form will be sent along with the letter of acceptance). In assigning copyright, authors may use their own material in other, non-commercial publications provided that the Journal is properly acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Authors of papers published in the Journal will be entitled to a pdf file of their contribution. Copies of offprints may be purchased in batches of 50 if ordered in advance of production of the corresponding issue, but no later than when the proofs are returned. Prices are available on request from the publisher (