The European Mathematical Society Publishing House is offering an online version of their entire book collection. For a complete and up-to-date list of books, and access to the online versions, please consult the book section on our homepage.

Subscriptions can be ordered directly through the EMS Publishing House, any bookseller or subscription agent. General ordering terms see order information.

Your benefits are:
  • More than 140 works, all published between 2004 and the present
  • More than 50'000 pages of high quality texts
  • All books downloadable (pdf)
  • Multi-authored books are offered both as complete work and individual articles
  • Subscription is valid campus wide, no restriction on downloads or number of institute members
  • Access control by IP addresses only, no login required
  • For subscribers, renewal subscriptions are available at a much reduced price
  • For subscribers, there is an option to receive a print copy of each book, upon publication, for an atttractive flat fee

Price for 2016 subscription (first time): 5290 Euro (discount of more than 40% on the cumulated list price (paper versions) of currently 10230.00 EURO)

Special benefits for subscribers in 2016:
  • Access immediately after subscription, starting October 2015
  • For a flat fee of 3900 Euro you will receive a paper copy of each book published from 2004 to 2015
  • For a flat fee of 500 Euro you will receive a paper copy of each book published in 2016, delivered upon publication
  • Renewal subscription for 2016: 900 Euro