EMS Monograph Award

The EMS Monograph Award is assigned every two years to the author(s) of a monograph in any area of mathematics that is judged by the selection committee to be an outstanding contribution to its field. The prize is endowed with 10.000 Euro, and the winning monograph is published by the EMS Publishing House in the series EMS Tracts in Mathematics.

Submission of manuscripts

The monograph must be original and unpublished, written in English, and should not be submitted elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on the submission. The second award will be announced in 2016, the deadline for submissions is 30 June 2015.

Monographs should preferably be typeset in TeX. Authors should send a pdf file of the manuscript by email to:


Scientific Committee

John Coates
Pierre Degond
Carlos Kenig
Jaroslav Nesetril
Michael Roeckner
Vladimir Turaev